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Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Temporal Flux Plugins
« on: August 18, 2022, 12:02:41 am »
Wow! Thank god Mauron for this, that's amazing!
It worked instantly!!! :D

Alright so this brings us to our other issue regarding Attack Power display, Marle and Lucca both uses a different formula to show and calculate their damage and current Attack Power. Would it be possible to edit that formula?
I know editing it would change the display for both character but it is totally fine with what were trying to achieve.
What we want exactly is to have the same damage and display formula that Crono has for Marle and Lucca, except it would takes HIT into consideration instead of PWR.

I think because Ayla can't equip any weapon, her display uses a different formula, since we added weaps for her, the damage she was doing didn't correspond to the displayed values anymore! so we had to change it to match a similar character in strength (like Crono!)

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Temporal Flux Plugins
« on: August 15, 2022, 06:05:56 pm »
Hi Mauron! Long time :3
Sry this isn't really related to TF plugins but, would you happen to know where we should look for the display of Ayla's "Attack Power" in menu status screen. (Not her PWR, but the Attack Power does indeed depends on her PWR.)
We changed her stat growth and now her Attack Power's display is erroneous and we can't find where the "calcul" for the display is  o: 
We would ideally just have her using the same "calcul display" as Crono or Glenn, their displays works just fine!

I assume yes @zsnesw, shouldn't be much of a trouble
I believe there's some cheat code you can use to enable early items like that!

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Element Grid Growth Formula
« on: August 15, 2022, 05:36:43 pm »
Sup Glennxserge! Long time!
I thought I shared this doc before somewhere but not 100% sure so I'll post it here

here's some info/test I did when looking how the element grid we're working. We, just like you couldn't figure out what determined which grid gets open at "x" lvl, but we did figure a few things out and just needed to do some more testing to hope finding an answer to this :D 
anyway hope this can help somehow, feel free to use/edit anything in there!

Im thinking maybe we should try to find some similar bytes in those blocks with characters that has similar Element Grid Growth, like Grobyc and Karsh I think? they have the same grid I believe, things like that would be worth being checked out!

Hey Hairo
I tried a few time to edit text using Terminal Tool but always encountered some error, but I might have another solution for your problem, if your CD1 Iso length is 702MB
try opening it in an Hex editor (I use Hxd) simply drag and drop your Iso in it and go to :
offset 00068D6B
you should see the following values
33 5A 59 50 20 44 62 5A 5D 4F => Relative alphabet values
B   o   n   e       S   w  o   r    d  => In game name display
those values are the "Bone Sword" name, using this table as the relative alphabet

But I have to warn you , Ideally make a name that has the same amount of letter, or less. If you have 10 letter and only need 7, make sure you fill the 3 other with 20 (space), it should look fine in the UI but make sure you dont overlap, you need additionnal modification for longer/new name!

Once you've done it on CD1 , just look for the same values in CD2 (you can search in the hex edtior, just copy paste the line your looking for in CD2!)

Hey guys! Sorry for taking so much time to give new updates, luckily last week we managed to add Dario to the status screen!! It was much more complicated then we expected it to be, but the result is pretty satisfying!

Here's a preview  :)

as seen we are still having issues with the blinking texture, we made lots of test and have learn much about it but still we are trying to find a solution so it can be "flawless"! Ideally  :lol:

I am currently working on Dario battle stance & jumping missing animation and he will be ready to have a patch for use!!!! I'll do my best to release it as soon as possible!

You're right Zeality, I tried to download your link

it didn't work at first on google chrome for some reason I can't figure but works perfectly on another browser (Firefox/Microsoft Edge) hmm strange (maybe it is just my google chrome)

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Dario & Slash are now 100% Playable!
« on: March 18, 2021, 01:19:28 am »
I really Really wish I could answer that easily, but I've been short on time recently due to my new job and real life issues, haven't worked in 2-3 month almost on CC  >.< 
Truth is we could try to add a bunch of new custom weapons, make new playable Char, make new scenario/side quests, but that could be "endless" hehe!

But we are close to having done the MOST part, real quick what's left on the "to do list"
-2 new custom weapon and modified 1 or 2
-listing every chest/loot/pickup item, with the hex values to edit the content (about 10% as been done xP)
-Remove the Eyes Blinking battle animation for the new Playable Chars (have and Idea but didn't test it yet)
-Create Dario Overworld's jumping/falling/landing animation (maybe a week of work)
-If possible (but not necessarily needed) the Selling values of all Weapon/Armor/Accessory
-the biggest piece left is to know how to make custom enemy scripts/edit the Battlescript

all the info on the battlescript are here
as you can see in the parameters list there are a bunch of function still left to be discover, I'll have to do some testing (maybe alot hehe).

-when this is all done, we have to make sure that everything works on both CD's, then we can start the actual testing! Scaling difficulty and having definite location for chest/specific item.
We'll probably release some kind a BETA version at this point!
I'm sorry I don't have a date for this, but I'm guessing it could probably be done by the end of the year if I can find the time and all the testing goes well!    :wink:

As I mention most of the Hack have been completed, it took almost 5 years to gather everything we needed  :P  and now that we have almost all of it working, I'm extremmmely looking forward to finish this Hack!!!  8)

***Oh and here's a link to see all the development that only registered user can see on this post!

A-Maziiiiiiingg  8) Thank you Mauron!! SO much possibilities unlocked now!   :wink:

*Just tested it from a fresh rom, M.Def works even after leveling two level!!! Ill try the other stats soon :D

**Thanks Boo the Gentleman Caller, I sure love it too! Always been thrilled with Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross  :D , so many good things has been done and so many still left to do  8)  :lol:

 :o You are right Mauron, I just tested it and it overwrite when the PC level's up, what is that second set of data? Is it related to the PC stats growth?
Do you have a solution for this?  :shock:

Chrono Trigger Modification / Stam/Hit/Evade/Mg.Def Tabs now working!!
« on: March 11, 2021, 02:15:26 am »
Hey guys, I just found out that someone has made a little patch to edit the Stats that Tabs gives!!! It works it's amaziiiingg!!  :o :o :o

you can download the patch here :

it's very easy to use, you need to download Asar.exe first from SMW to apply the "patch.asm" (well known Mario Hacking Forum) :

To apply the patch, simply open Axar.exe :
it will ask "Enter Patch Name" -> Drag and drop "patch.asm" then press enter
now it will ask "Enter Rom Name" -> Drag and drop your rom
and there you go! but this patch by default make Tabs gives +2 stats

I just found out how to edit the "patch.asm" so you can change the amount!
I open it in HxD (hex editor) , if you look at the end you'll see (look at image below)

so for exemple : If I want to make Power tabs to give 1 Power and 1 Stam

you will have this

%IncreaseStatBy1($000B, $63) ; power.
%IncreaseStatBy1($000C, $63) ; stamina.

you can simply remove the line if you want only 1 Power or 1 Stam

%IncreaseStatBy1($000B, $63) ; power.
%IncreaseStatBy1($000C, $63) ; stamina.

So what we have here is not actually "new" tabs, we are still limited to 3 different Tabs maximum, but we can make combination of any stats!! (I think)!
I haven't tried to put 5 stats in one tabs yet, but this is amaziiiing! We will convert Speed tabs to Hit tabs in our hack!! :D

Shoutout to Phi for this wonderful tool! Huge thanks!

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Temporal Flux Plugins
« on: January 26, 2021, 09:21:00 pm »
 :D Then we are on the same boat hehe, so many things on the shelves  :P
Thanks for all the progress you do and replying so fast!
I'll keep an eye on this post  :wink:

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Temporal Flux Plugins
« on: January 24, 2021, 10:01:05 pm »
Hi Mauron! Long time  :D
I was wondering if you had any luck working on "other stats Tab" (like Hit/Stam/Evade)

With Warrior Workshop, I'm working on an update that will allow speed growth or fixed power/stamina/hit/evade/magic/magic defense, or setting individual stat caps for those stats.

The current tab code works as follows:

- If item CD is used, add 1 to power.
- If item CE is used, add 1 to magic.
- Otherwise, add 1 to speed.

The data for tabs is as follows.
CD: 02 0B 01 00
CE: 02 0E 01 00
CF: 00 00 00 00

I'll add expanded tabs to my project list.

That would be really awesome!  8)

I apologize if this is in the wrong post for this : o

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Dario & Slash are now 100% Playable!
« on: January 03, 2021, 05:21:50 pm »
Here our custom event of Dario joining the party! (Text will probably be re-edit as it is only a demo!)

I wanted to show that he won't join you unless you talk to him with Riddel in your party  :D
And also if he's not in your party, he will be waiting at the Cabin!

Since I'm currently working on the Status Screen Model I didn't show it in the video, also we probably will make Dario innate color Yellow, and we have to set his 3 Tech (already complete!)
*Small error I saw, his name doesn't show when you talk to him without Riddel in your party  :picardno  (easy to fix!)

Hey guys, happy new year!
In this post I will provide the necessary tools and explain how to switch Dario with an existing Character, I think you can switch Dario with any Playable Character, (I haven't tested all of them, but so far it works for every Char I tested). This post will be updated upon request or if I manage a better way to explain it :)

In this Example I will switch Dario with Turnip. (like we intend to do in our hack!)

There are many things to change in order to have a fully workable PC :
1 ) Overworld Texture/Model
2 ) Battle Texture/Model/Weapons (if)/Battle Animation (.DRP)
3 ) In Game Menu Status Screen -> Same as Battle Texture/Model
4 ) In Game Menu Status Screen Description
5 ) Menu Big Rectangle Image
6 ) End of Battle Big Rectangle Image (turns out is it not the same, either this one or the Rename Character Screen Rectangle Image, I know one of them is smaller/less detailed)
7 ) Speaking Portrait Image
8 ) Default Name
9 ) Default Innate Color (If needed)
I think that's about it but I might forget something (remember the post is "In Progress"  :D )

(Concerning the In Game Menu Status Screen Models, The Battle Model is much bigger than in the Status Screen, for exemple I'll use Serge. Serge's Battle Model have 22 Different Animation while his Status Screen Model only have 4 (the 4 different you can see in the menu are :
1) Standing Still
2) Running to Enemy
3) Waiting on Attack
4) I believe it is the "weaken/Low HP" animation (but I am still working on it, atm I'm making Dario Model for the Status Screen (4 Anim instead of hmm I think it is also 22 Anim for Dario Battle)

So first thing first,
I will start with switching the Battle Texture/Model/Weapons/Battle Animation
In order to easily switch a PC, I use the ISO(or Img) Format 2048 (If you are not familiar with Format, see this page for more Info!

Basically there are 2 type of Format :
1) 2048  -> this format can't be read by most Emulator (so I only work with it to do the changes I need, then convert it to 2352.)

2) 2352 -> this format can be read by most Emulator (if not all of them?)

It defines the size of every sector.

So how can I get an ISO format 2048 to work with ? :
You need to use the famous PurpleCat Tools, here's a link to my PurpleCat tool , if I remember well there was an issue with dumping CD2 so I had to edit one of the file (maybe I'm wrong, but this version works 100% so it's fine)

In order to make PurpleCat work, you need to have Perl (Perl (command line))
I think there are no tutorial/explanation on how to make Perl work on ChronoCompendium, so I'll explain in detail what needs to be done before being able to Switch any Character!

To install Perl, download and install this version (Perl
(strawberry-perl- you can either download it on their main website or from my google drive link (for Windows/I work with Windows) :

(I am thinking of making a video tutorial for Perl Installation as it can get a bit tricky for those unfamiliar with CMD.exe/command Prompt, but I'll make it as simple as possible in this post!)

Once you have downloaded Perl 5.16 -> Installed it, you should be able to launch it from the windows start menu (press windows button , type : Perl
you should see :  Perl (command line)

now you have the black screen windows, you should see  the line
now type     perl -MCPAN -e "shell"
it will prompt you to the CPAN configuration, once it is done
Type     install List::MoreUtils
it will install the utilities needed to make PurpleCat works! (it take a couple of minutes, let it do his installation)

Once it is done you can start using PurpleCat! So in the PurpleCat Folder you should find
builder.bat (Use to build an ISO format 2048 from a Dumped ISO -> Using dump.bat)
dump.bat (Use to dump a regular ChronoCross Iso/Img)

(Whenever you are dumping/building CD1 or CD2 , make sure you Edit your Dump.bat and Builder.bat (can be edited in Notepad/Notepad++) so it correspond to the CD# you're working with. By default it is set for the CD1

Default dump.bat for CD1
 perl -iso=Chrono_Cross_CD1.img -tablefile=out_addrs.csv

if you want it to work for CD2 , put this line instead
 perl -iso=Chrono_Cross_CD2.img -tablefile=out_addrs_2.csv

Chrono_Cross_CD1.img      should be the name of your Original ChronoCross ISO
(I don't know If I can/have the right to provide a link for the Original CC Iso I am working with, I will ask ChronoCompendium if I can!)

Default builder.bat for CD1
 perl -tablefile=out_addrs.csv

if you want it to work for CD2 , put this line instead
 perl -tablefile=out_addrs_2.csv -cd2

So now that your builder.bat, dump.bat and Perl are ready, and you have an Original ISO/IMG of chronocross in your PurpleCat folder,   open Perl command
navigate to the PurpleCat folder in Perl, (let's say your PurpleCat folder is on your Desktop)
Type :     cd C:\Users\Username\Desktop\PurpleCat
you should see the new line

once you are here, type       dump.bat
(make sure you have your ISO named the same as in the dump.bat line! (mine is Chrono_Cross_CD1.img)

it will dump the CD1 into a folder name   "files" , inside it are all the .out files seen in the Modification Main Page
"File number"
I won't go into details as it is not what we are looking for (Switching Dario with Turnip!)
so once you have your "files" folder, go back in Perl command , and Type     builder.bat
now this will build a new iso in the PurpleCat Folder (always named cd1.iso , even if you build the CD2 , it will name it cd1.iso)

Now this cd1.iso is in Format 2048! Which We need to switch Dario and Turnip easily!
(I know this is a huge post , but every details are important! I couldn't just assumed everyone knows how to get a 2048 format so I'm making this as much detailed as possible, to avoid any confusion!, Let me know if there are things you aren't sure/understand so far!)

Now you need and Hex Editor (I use HxD) you can download it on their main website or from my link :

super friendly to use, takes no place, works like a charm.
so once you have opened HxD  (see picture #1 at bottom of the post)
you can just drag and drop your "cd1.iso" in it  (see picture #2 at bottom of the post)

Now we are getting close to our goal!
If you look in the upper-left part in HxD you will see the   Offset (h)  this is the corresponding line , for exemple : Turnip Texture starts at Offset  1186E800 (press CTRL+G in HxD to get the "Go to Offset" tab -> Type in   1186E800 then enter, it will put you at the Offset)

You should see at this line 
02 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 3C 82 00 00 68 94 00 00

this is the first line of Turnip Texture.
Turnip Texture starts at 1186E800 and finish at 11878000 (9800 Long)
1186E800 + 9800 = 11878000

Oh and before doing that you need Dario Battle Texture/Model/Anim(.DRP)
here's a link to them, I have edited Dario original Battle Texture/Model in order to have it work perfectly use these :

Ok so , to switch Turnip's Texture
1) Drag and drop Dario_Swordless.atim in HxD and press CTRL+A it should look like (See picture #3) , at the mid-bottom of HxD you can see the selected Length (Dario Texture Length is 8230 long)

2) go to line 1186E810  (yes 1186E810 , you need to leave the first line of the Texture intact. I will go in detail later on that, but for now , go to line 1186E810 then press  CTRL+E  (open the Select Block tab) in the tab you will see

in length put   8230  , then press Enter, it will select 8230 from the beginning of Turnip Texture
Now , Copy and Paste Dario_Swordless.atim (8230 long) in the Offset selected in cd1.iso)
you can just do  CTRL+C  (Dario_Swordless.atim) -> CTRL+V (cd1.iso)
or right click then copy (Dario_Swordless.atim) -> right click then paste (cd1.iso)
(That's why I want to make a Tutorial Video  :P )

Okay once you have copied the data, simply Save (CTRL+S) the cd1.iso, and go to line 11878000  this is Turnip's Model first line
06 00 00 00 20 00 00 00 C0 64 00 00 80 67 00 00

Now do the same as the previous step for the Texture, but copy
Dario_Battle_Model_With_Weapon.out (F800 long)
in cd1.iso
from line 11878000 to 118877FF (F800 long)

this will replace Turnip's Model for Dario!

and you have to do it one more time for Dario_DRP (F000 long)
go to line  12BFA800   Turnip's Battle Animation
starts with
64 72 70 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 00 00 3C 00 00 00
same thing, copy past Dario_DRP in cd1.iso !

one more thing need to be done for Dario's Model to work,
Go to Offset 0000F338   -> you should see these four values  F0 30 02 A7
change the A7 for 84  , if you don't do this, the game will crash at the beginning of the battle!!
Doing this "enables" Dario model, I have no Idea why/how it works really, I know the first three bytes are the sector pointer (F03002 is readed as 0230F0 which is the sector at which Turnip Model is located, I have no idea what the fourth byte does, but I know that if you don't put 84 It will not work! (84 is from Serge Model, he has 84 and Dario works in it.. :o ) or 5A (Guile Model uses 5A and I think it worked for Dario too, but yeah we don't need further info on this hehe)

Alright, we are getting there everyone  :lol:  one more steps left.
Our last step is to convert our Iso (2048) back in Iso (2352)

there is one program I am familiar with for this, it's IsoBuster (I use version 4.6, Here's a link for it

(Version 4.3 also works I think, there are probably other similar tools that would work but I only know this one)

(When you open IsoBuster, it ask for Registration Email, just hit cancel/remind me later,
another window pop too, just say no.)

once it is open, you can drag and drop your cd1.iso you should have (See Picture #4)
Now right click Session 1 -> Extract Session 1 <Content> -> Extract RAW data (2352 bytes/block) (*iso)     (choose the Last option)
it will ask where to create a new folder -> named "Session 1", inside it will be the new Iso named "Track 01.iso"

There you go you finally have you New Iso in format 2352 readable for most emulator.
And if you take turnip in your party and go in a battle, it will be Dario!  8)

I will definitely make a video tutorial for this, as this is only the first part, It is the most "complicated" but you pretty much have to do this for the other changes, like Overworld Texture/Model, In Game Menu Status Screen Texture/Model.

I will be making full Tutorial on this matter, for now let me know if this has been clear enough, if there are question/detail I should address, I am all ear!

*** Oh and if anyone is familiar on how to make a patch, just like the Magus Unmasked patch, it would be fantastic, it'll be much friendlier to use. I have no idea where to start to do such thing, so feel free if you want to make one  :)

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