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Hi :) If anyone can update the Chrono Cross Fieldscript Notes
I found what the Command :  FE 6D - Unknown     does!

FE 6D - Recover Stars to max !

If you look in the decompiled script, let's say

you can find
0x037E: HEAL_GROUP(249)
0x0382: opFE6D()

it is always with the Heal Group/Cure Ailement function!

*It is possible to prevent the opFE6D() if you set it to 0C0C you will not recover star's when you go at the inn/serge's bed !
But I've encounter a little issue, when decompiling/recompile Termina's Inn (Home)
using PurpleCat Tools   :(
The room is corrupt, everything is fine until you try to sleep at the Inn, control's stopped and you're stuck forever :/  but all the other Inns work!

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: CC Enemyedit: Max HP Possible?
« on: Yesterday at 04:40:02 am »
Nice finding glennxserge , that sure will be useful to know when scaling the difficulty for a hack!
Let us know what you find with Lynx!

Heyy y'all finally some new discovery!

Here's the Weapon-Armor-Accessory Forge Price!!  8)
I made a little doc explaining how it works

It is located just before the Weapon/Armor/Accessory  Character Restriction/Equipable

Somehow we still can't edit the price of all Secondary Material (Eyeball, Humour, Scale...)
And we haven't found the Sell Price yet  :o  still under study

The way Element Price Buy/Sell works is it takes the Price of the Element and divide it by 4 and round it down.

Buy = 1670
Sell = 417 -> (417.5)

(most element price finishes by 0, 2 ,5 or 7  expected for a few)
I assume it is the same for Weapon/Armor/Access since every(so far) Sell Price finishes by 0, 2, 5 or 7

Hopefully we'll have some result soon!

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Make Slash a 100% Playable Char
« on: November 19, 2020, 05:20:58 am »
So I manage to open slash .mdl and edit the UV to fit 128x128!
but now I don't know how to export it to .mdl file :o

How do revert it to .mdl ?
I remember seeing something about .md2 but not sure where

Chrono Cross Modification / Make Slash a 100% Playable Char
« on: November 16, 2020, 05:10:01 am »
Hi everyone, long time!

So I'm trying to make Slash become a fully playable character.
I think I have all the right tools for it and I'm really close but I still have 1 major issue and 1 minor issue

I manage to "extract" Slash Overworld model and Texture(.Tim) from
1928.room_524_bend_of_time_-_spekkios_room.script.cpt (in sector 115254)

Major issue : Slash Overworld uses a .Tim format 128x256
while all PC uses a .Tim format 128x128

I edited the Slash Texture using Photoshop (Tim Plugin) to set the size to 128x128

(I put both texture, Slash Overworld & Battle Model in the .rar)

I know that if I only do this, Slash Model will not apply the texture properly, so I have to edit the model so it can map the 128x128 texture, I don't know how to do that .
While reading some post I found the remap.exe , it seems to be exactly what I need to do but I can't figure how remap.exe works properly  :shock:
And remap seems to be using Battle Model only, can it work for Overworld Models too?

Minor issue : Whenever Slash is in the second character spot, he became all explody/glitchy lol! I have no Idea what causes that or how to start to fix it   :?
here's a video of it :

Slash in battle is 99.99% complete , I only need to remove the blinking eyes and it's 100% done! (I saw a post on that somewhere I think) Still not a major issue tho
Here's Slash in battle fully working :

*** I just thought of a possible solution to my Major issue
What if I could point to another Texture from the Overworld Model?

How does a Model (.mdl) knows which Texture (.Tim) to use?
Does it uses the first file it sees directly after the .mdl? (unlikely)
Is it called by a pointer? (I hope it uses that)
Or maybe it's the texture that knows which model it has to go to? (less logical answer)

If I look at Pierre's model and texture
overworld_model_Pierre.mdl   Y   CD Sector 6727 = 00D23800 (Length 7440)  (uses 15 Block = 7800)
overworld_texture_Pierre.tim   Y   CD Sector 6742 = 00D2B000 (Length 4220)  (uses 09 Block = 4800)

I would need to make Pierre.mdl to use(point to) Overworld texture_slash.tim   Y   0E18EA78 to 0E196C97 = 8220 (would use 17 Block = 8800)
which is very far away from the Player Character Field Files List  (for reference) I wonder if it is possible

I'm working on this at the moment! If anyone knows how a Mdl calls it's texture, maybe that would work :o !

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Element Base Damages?
« on: November 09, 2020, 05:15:15 am »
 @glennxserge  That chart is pretty neat! No sadly I don't have much more doc on this matter :o
but most of it has been documented by now! Last thing I was trying to do is to find the cost of Armor/Weapon/Acc. Forge & Sell,  it's nice that there's a wide range of element modes!

@hexhexhex you're right my bad I didn't understood what you meant, I didn't knew about the damage equation!

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: CC Enemyedit: Max HP Possible?
« on: November 09, 2020, 05:05:30 am »
If I remember well, the way enemy HP's are set, depends on the number of character you have in your party when fighting , go and try fighting the Beach Bum on a new game with Serge only, then try with Serge and Poshul, and then with 3 char, you should see a difference, also when doing a new game plus it does x2 to all HP I believe

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Element Base Damages?
« on: August 14, 2020, 11:09:13 pm »
Yaa it's pretty cool actually you can also put more then one debuff at the same time, also apply stats boost, I remember trying to make a full list of it.

Stats Boost Element
FF FF FF FF XX XX XX XX 00 01 00 00
List of Stats

40 00 00 00 = Att.
80 00 00 00 = Hit%
00 01 00 00 = Def
00 02 00 00 = Evd.
00 04 00 00 = M.Att.
00 08 00 00 = M.Def

ex : C0 00 00 00 = Att. + Hit%

Debuff Status Element
01 01 00 00(80 20 04 00)1C 00 32 00 14 00 00 00
2B 00 44 00 FF FF FF FF 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 40
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

80 20 04 00 => 00 calls a list for status
32 = 50% of 00 00 10 00 = Confused
01 00 00 00 = Poison
08 00 00 00 = Burns
10 00 00 00 = Sprain
20 00 00 00 = Flu

00 01 00 00 = Afraid
00 20 00 00 = Fatigued
00 40 00 00 = Asleep
00 00 02 00 = Darkness
00 00 10 00 = Confused
00 00 20 00 = Frozen
00 00 00 04 = Cursed
00 00 00 02 = Dizzy

80 20 04 02 => 02 calls another list of status?
32 = 50% of
80 00 00 00 = Curse+Darkness+1hit kill?
20 00 00 00 = Curse or Darkness?
01 00 00 00 = Poison or Darkness?

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Temporal Flux Plugins
« on: June 12, 2020, 05:59:59 pm »
Ohhhhh Thanks a bunchh Mauron !!!   8)  8)  8)
It worked perfectly!  :D Thank you for taking your time for this  : 3

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Temporal Flux Plugins
« on: June 03, 2020, 08:23:46 pm »
Oh wow Thanks Mauron! It did unequip her weapons  8) !
that part looks good now! But (there's a but xD) I thought it* would be solved by removing Ayla's weapon, let me explain

When we get in the Blackbird, I manage to make Ayla unable to start a battle unless she gets her equipment back , by editing event  089C (7F00D1, 80, set) to (7F00D1, 08, reset)
*Im not entirely sure what it does but it seems to work for what we had in mind, but she still had her weapon equip. Now it looks perfect thanks to you! (We want Ayla's weapon to be switchable like the other)*

The Real issue is , Ayla will start fighting whenever she Or another char in the party acquire his/her equipment back, *Lets say I put Robo in first char slot, then I only get his Equipment then start a battle, she will be able to fight regardless if she has a weapon or not equip but she can't start a battle on her own :o :o   

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Temporal Flux Plugins
« on: June 03, 2020, 01:32:10 am »
Hi guys!
Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but I have a question for you Mauron! :D

I was wondering if you could help with a little problem we're having with Ayla's Weapon
In the BlackBird Cell's Script (Location 173)  there's a event that unequips all Weapon/Helm/Armor/Acc from everyone, except it doesn't works on Ayla's Weapon, so I tried to trick the game by equipping another type of weapon to Ayla then remove all her Item but in vain (like seen in this picture)   looks like "Ayla weapon's" are uncheck for this function  :o  .

Do you know a solution for this?

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Element Base Damages?
« on: May 20, 2020, 12:50:31 pm »
Ahh my bad, I wasn't sure what you wanted , you're looking to change the formula for damage
 is that it?
I think just changing that number and editing Magic Def on enemies should do the trick!
Cause yes you we're right about the "base" damage multiplier of the element you posted

like Aquabeam 12 (0C)
and Iceberg 38 (26)

And for the 2048 & 2352 format,
If you say your iso is about 707MB, then you're on 2352 format
you work mainly in hex just as I do, so try and find these value

00 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 00 02 01 02
00 00 08 00 00 00 08 00

if you go 930(Hexa) offset further you'll see
00 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 00 02 02 02
00 00 08 00 00 00 08 00

those act as separators
and they are actually 130(Hexa) bytes long
heres a pic of the 1 separator

You can ignore those , don't edit them it will make your disc crash upon loading it.
It essentially does nothing different, I think the format 2352 works on most emulator as the 2048 format doesn't, but working in 2048 does have its advantage when editing specific thing! Altho I mainly work on 2352 format as I don't have to convert it back to 2352 before testing!
So yes offset will be different depending on you're format, also there could be some version of the game that offset might be a bit off (like japan and english version)! Oh and there's no other format then 2048 and 2352 that I know of :P

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Element Base Damages?
« on: May 16, 2020, 05:16:11 am »
Hi Hexhex,
I just want to confirm your findinds, Indeed the data sheet I made was for Format 2352
you're probably working with format 2048 making the disk slightly smaller , so the offset are a bit off, I remember wanting to make the list for format 2048, its not hard just take a little bit of time to do,
You said you're not sure about the f variable ,

If we look at Aquabeam
01 01 00 00 80 80 01 00 0C 00 00 00 14 00 00 00
20 00 77 00 FF FF FF FF 00 00 00 00 20 00 00 20
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

the 6th Byte in element correspond to its Color
using this Table
Table 2:
80 = Blue
20 = Red
40 = Yellow
04 = Green
10 = Black
08 = White

and it works just looking at Iceberg for ex:
01 01 00 80 90 80 06 00 26 00 00 00 14 00 00 00
25 00 22 00 FF FF FF FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 80
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

also I think Blackhole as a chance to 1 hit Kill any regular mobs (no boss or mini boss I think)
maybe its only white color foes but I think it apply to all of them!

If you have any other question let us know!

**Oh also have you notice that the Element data are spread on 2 Blocks
The first block is the Data that will be show in the in-game menu, like when you allocate your element to your characters. The Second block is the Data use in Battle, so you have to change Both if you want a clean hack!  Both Block will be identical ! Make sure you keep it that way when editing  8)

First Block start at
002694D4 (Aquabeam)  -Formart 2352-
~00‬21983B  (00219C7C not sure why its a tiny bit offset from my calcul)‬
 (Aquabeam)  -Formart 2048- (Please correct me If im wrong, I usually use 2352 format to work mainly,

the Second block start at
13BA00F4 (Aquabeam)  -Formart 2352-
~112D483B (112D4C7C) (Aquabeam)  -Formart 2048-

Hey guys, I can't figure out how to edit the Price of items
Let's say I want to edit :

Rainbow Axe    Forge = 24,000    Sell = 10,957
Here's a few other number

Bone Axe  150     245
Iron Axe   560     522
Silver Axe 2,000  1,210
Stone Axe 7,980  3,987

I've changed every 10957 in the iso (2ACD, and in little-indian CD2A) both didn't work.
I tried doing 10957 x 2 , sometime it uses 1/2 the value, I can't remember where I've seen it for money but I think it's related to Newgame+ (just like enemy's HP do) didn't work either,
I also found out in the script to buy the Masterhammer for 10000 (2710) or (1027), the value was actually (10A7) , so I looked for (CDAA)
if 2710 -> 1027  -> 10A7
   2ACD -> CD2A -> CDAA
Still no luck changing every CDAA in game (lots of visual glitch but price didn't changed) xP

Scanning through
0197.smith_shop_goods_list.out   Y   5698   Y   5698
0198.smith_shop_costs_list.out   Y   5700   Y   5700

I made these lists

I Found that the number of mats it cost to forge the corresponding Item, will affect the Forge Price but Not the Sell Price. (I listed the mats price in the Weapon Forge Cost)
The way it calculates the price of an Item is using the (let's call it) "Main" mats and multiplies it buy the number of total mats. (Sorry sounds dump at first) but here's an example :
If I make an item cost 10x Bones and 1x Rainbow Shell to forge, the price will be the same as 11 Rainbow Shell (11 x 2400 = 26400)

I'll keep looking around

I think it should be somewhere there.

I have all the Element Shop listed, it's very easy to edit Element price :o but sadly it is not build the same way as blacksmith's Shop >.<

Ideally I'd like to change everything (Forge/Sell)
If anyone knows something about this don't hesitate to let us know : )  thx!

Kajar Laboratories / Re: Recognition for hackers
« on: November 23, 2019, 12:57:32 am »
Hi y'all , just wanna give a cheer to all the hacker here and everyone who share their knowledge and time on this forum!
^-^ I love this community  :D keep it upp!!

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