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Time, Space, and Dimensions / *shrugs*
« on: January 11, 2004, 02:32:35 am »
Perhaps a stupid idea.... but what if we combined the two theories? Temporal inertia controlled by the Entity. Assuming the Entity exists in another spacial dimension, we don't know the kinds of powers (or limit of said powers) it has in the world. (This would also solve the problem of the Entity not interfering to detain Lavos, besides the ones already mentioned)

Not only that, SOME sort of interference had to have been used. If Marle had disappeared the second someone saw her, the search would have been called off--and Marle would have instantly disappeared. The search team would continue and find Marle, and call off the search.... The loop had to have been delayed, else it would have simply spun around endlessly.

But note that this interference ties in directly to the existance of the person. Perhaps memories are more resistant to tampering, since they shape existance itself...

Articles / Magus and Schala: The Eternal Tragedy
« on: January 09, 2004, 02:03:19 am »
One tiny technicality. (please forgive me if it's been said before) Magus's dispassionate statement, "What a pity... We weren't able to change a thing," actually popped up when he was looking at himself. We never know what he's thinking about Schala, for when he looks at her, he merely says the disturbed RPG standby, "..........."

In fact, that's about ALL he ever says about Schala. Talk to him when he's been floored by Lavos, and her name plus a few nifty "..."'s are all he can say. Personally, I think he can't come to terms with his feelings about her.

Also significant is how he never refers to specific events in his previous life directly. "I once lived there. But I was a different person then...."

That's it. Everything else he tells you about is approx. 20 years after his separation. Not only that, but his little speech at the North Cape is just about all you ever get from him that doesn't just say "I'm arrogant and out for revenge," but ironically, it's the material for most of his fanfiction.

To top it all off, aforementioned time period is when he's the most emotionally vulnerable in the past 20 years. I mean, think about it.

<look into Magus's mind>
After failing his first attempt to summon Lavos, fate gives him another chance. He cunningly wins the support of the queen, relying not just on predictions but on acting ability (this can be inferred; I wouldn't make a guy in a hooded cape an important advisor even if he COULD predict the future unless I thought I had some security) waits for his moment, and attempts to block the interference of the time travelers who thwarted him before. (most villainous of him, if I do say so myself)

And then he blows it. Again. He gambles the life and safety of his sister on his ability to defeat Lavos and loses. He even loses a chunk of his powers (also inferred). He has nothing left but his pendant and his life (I mean Schala, not Zeal, no matter what he says) lies on the bottom of the sea.

</look into Magus's mind>

Then there's the very fact that he lets you kill him if you say "yes." Even though he could just fly away, he gasps out how to revive Crono and promptly bites the dust, leaving only his momento of Schala behind.

But THAT'S NOT ALL! Despite being at his most depressed, he still hasn't told you his true name! You've inferred it from a flashback. He NEVER uses the name of Janus in ANY part of the game. Janus is dead to him, and possibly unmourned. After all....... Schala might not be the only one with guilt problems 'round here.... (of course, this theory rests on Janus's "sleeping" powers; that he was unable or unwilling to use them to save Schala and so blames himself. Which is still under debate)

But I digress, and it's getting late, and I don't even know if this is still open to discussion. So g'night.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / There an easy answer to this?
« on: January 09, 2004, 01:30:22 am »
Hmm.... I held onto the half-baked idea that somehow, AFTER CC, the pendant makes its way into Marle's line by being carried by a random time traveler, a la Soul Reaver. (I need to play those games; I'm taking that example on faith)

I guess some of those other things could work too. >_>

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