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Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: I want to change sprites?
« on: June 01, 2018, 04:01:26 am »
Sorry I've been so busy the last few days, I didn't see this amazing tutorial!

I'm gonna try it for myself ASAP.

Thanks so much Mage!

Chrono Trigger Modification / I want to change sprites?
« on: May 27, 2018, 02:42:31 am »
So I first played crimosn echoes like 9ish years ago now. (I somehow got the leaked version from 2011 early I think... not really sure cause I've only ever played the version I have from that time, which didn't have any chapter select at the start but then again I didn't have acess to New Game plus when the game was finished).

Ever since playing it/ watching the youtube playthrough I've always wanted to make a few tweaks to make the version I had more complete.

One of the things I really wanna do is add in the unique sprites for characters like Sorrin. But I have no clue how to go about doing that. I'm in Temproal Flux right now and all I can find is options to edit the text in menus or edit locations on the map. I can't find any menu that will allow me to alter sprites.

Can somone help me on this? 

I actually wanted to ask about the green haired party member from the demo. I belive she apeared in Chronopolis in Lance's Prelude to a Dream Demo. Since I heard that this was meant to be a shared universe I thought I'd ask about that.

I'd help but I can't code or map or anything XD. Only thing I'd be good for is beta testing and maybe helping to write/ revise the story.

The short reason was that we wanted CE to be a technical showcase of everything up to that point. When Geiger made that Temporal Flux teaser back in 2004, which teased the idea of having Toma and Schala in your party, having a different party member because a killer innovation. Since the 8th character wasn't feasible, and since we knew replacing any member with Schala would offend the dearest fans of that party member, human Glenn was the best way to do this.

But yeah, it was just going to be explained that thanks to the conciliatory nature of everything after CT (and based on Magil replying that Glenn, in fact, wasn't his enemy in Radical Dreamers by being silent on the topic), the thrust would be that Magus lifted the spell.

Thanks for responding Zeality, I'm a huge fan. I guess it makes sense as a showcase, was wondering whether this would happen during the story or wheter Glenn would be introduced as a human. (techs like slurp made me wonder). I think it's a shame the flames of eternity people included human glenn and didn't explain it, but then they did stuff like making Agent 12, Agent 86 so IDK.

wow thanks for sharing that. The first demo you guys made captured my imagination with the snow bound kingdom of Zeal. I also loved the magical academy and seeing the kingdom in it's prime.

But yeah that's not what I expected haha.

You say that it's meant to be compatible with Crimson Echoes but what about with Prophets' Guile? Cause in that it's said by an NPC that Zeal rose to the sky many generations before the downfall of Zeal.
The demo started with Norstien teaching a class at the academy when Calaspera attacks. They evacuate the school but Norstien's brother dies there. Then he is given a task by the gurus I think, and we had to track down the terrorists. I spent a lot of time exploring Zeal tho. I loved the details like the End of time being based off of a waterfall area near Zeal palace.

Anyway, I didn't expect Norstien to heel turn like that, I thought he'd be like Melchior, stranded in 1000 AD with no way back, so he makes the most of it by putting on a magic show.
I do like the backstory of the two sisters and the mystics being created via Zeal experimentation.
I figured the game was building to the rediscovery of the Frozen Flame and that's why the cold war accelerated. Like there would be a battle over it and Zeal wins, cementing their dominance. Then King Zeal would touch it and disappear as shown in Crimson Echoes.  I guess it could also send Zeal skyward granting his wish for the county before his wife’s greed dooms it. I had assumed that Queen Zeal only became 100% the villain after her husband “dies” and that the protagonists would object to the Calasperans being enslaved to build the ocean palace.

As for the playable characters, I really loved the 3 we got in the demo. I didn't expect Norstien to become an antagonist tho, I thought he'd gradually learn to let go of his brother's death, become a calmer and see the truth of Zeal Corruption. Only to be cursed by Queen Zeal and thrown into the future by the chrono shift.

Either way it’s cool to get some closure on this game. It’d be amazing if anything could be released but either way I appreciate the effort so much.

But I'm fairly sure Crimson Echoes starts by saying it's a sequel to the SNES version, not the DS or the PS1.

Hey I'm a massive fan of crimson echoes but I always wondered why Human Glenn was planned?
The sprites are shown in the credits of the Youtube play through and flames of eternity actually went with a human version of Frog. I always wondered how this was meant to happen in storyline and from a technological PO. Like Frog remains a frog in all the endings of CT where Magus survives as far as I was aware. Was there gonna be a side quest where you could convince Magus to transform Frog back? (would be neat to explore Cyrus getting the Masamune I guess). But I don't think it'd be technically possible.

Darn I've been looking forward to shift for years : (

But I understand how hard fan productions are. Real life always comes first. Is there anyway to release what was already made? Maybe condencing the story to being something brief the length of Prophet's Guile? Or heck just release an out line of where the story is going, I really wanna know how norstien ended up like he was in Chrono Trigger.

Kajar Laboratories / Re: Chrono Trigger Prequel Project finished!
« on: November 19, 2016, 10:28:08 pm »
Link is down : (

General Discussion / I Am Setsuna
« on: November 02, 2016, 08:13:11 pm »
I heard this is a brand new game that is "a love letter to chrono trigger". Has anyone played it? If so, is there any truth to it and do you recomend it for chrono fans who aren't usually big RPG players?

Chrono Shift RPGMaker Project / Re: Chrono Shift General Progress Thread
« on: October 06, 2015, 12:11:57 am »
If you wanna prove your not dead I suggest getting the project moved to the upcoming fan projects section cause atm it's in the abandoned category

OK I understand, keep up the good work!!

That's fantastic, thanks for letting me know, I was scared when I saw Shift on the canceled projects page, please keep the fans updated because it's been forever and it's hard to know what info is the most current

I can't tell you how happy I am to hear this(no joke my eyes are watery), after following this project for years, checking at least once a month sometimes once a week that it was alive, my heart was broken when I saw it canceled on the fan projects page. Please keep up the good work. I'm really eagerly anticipating this, is there a link to the site that has the actual updates for us fans? I don't want to get misinformed again. Also if you guys need beta testers when it's done I'll gladly volunteer. Thank you for not dropping the project!! Are you guys close to making another demo? or is there going to be nothing till the release? Speaking of that, could you tell us if the release going to be months away or years away? (approximately). BTW those sprites look awesome.

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