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Thanks for the comments in regards to CTNP.

I'll make the best of whatever comes out of this.  There are always options, no matter what the outcome.  The idea right now is to further probe SE with communications to see if there are further responses or indications that anything could ever come of it.  The Japanese mindset is very different than what we're used to.  Sometimes "no" doesn't mean "never" (except when coming in the form of a C&D, of course).  Sometimes they push back so as to gauge persistence and determine how serious a person really is about a particular venture.  My objective is to determine if any of these tactics are being played here.  While trying to figure that out, yes, I will continue working on the novel.

As always, I will be sure to keep everyone updated through and Zeality.


CE team: I'm very sorry to hear about this, guys.  You worked very hard to get to this point, and I personally believe that the basis for this C&D is questionable.  However, I think you've made the right decision not to ignore it.  You don't want to go up against a corporation in a legal battle.  With our murky legal system, that sort of situation is trying in the best of times.

I certainly don't see any harm in continuing to communicate with them in the interest of negotiating a solution.  I think SE has become way too harsh in this particular situation and greatly risks upsetting a large fan base by making this move.  If you have the drive to keep going, then I think it's worth further discussions.

I'm kind of curious.  From the community at large, is anyone here LESS likely to buy an SE game as a result of this kind of behavior?

From what you've already been through, you probably already have SE's contact info for the Japanese headquarters.  If not, send me an email to and I'll be happy to share with you the info that I have.

Fan Project News/Updates / Re: The Wait Continues
« on: March 28, 2009, 11:37:28 pm »
Who hasn't voted?  Go HERE if not.  :)

Fan Project News/Updates / Re: The Wait Continues
« on: March 23, 2009, 10:07:53 pm »
Ramsus, that's a good idea.  I just modified the post.

Chrono 99, let's just press forward assuming that's NOT the biggest concern.

Fan Project News/Updates / Re: The Wait Continues
« on: March 23, 2009, 12:32:24 am »
The presentation packet was sent in the beginning of January.

Fan Project News/Updates / Re: The Wait Continues
« on: March 22, 2009, 11:43:05 pm »
Thanks for the well wishes!

Yes, the project has existed for 12 years, though there were significant periods of downtime in the past.  The entire history of the project's progress has been spotty, but it's probably more fair to say that current efforts have existed for over 8 years and that the last 2-3 years have seen the greatest productivity.  In all of this time, however, I could only begin to describe the experience, contacts, friendships, tactics, and support that we have gained.

Fan Project News/Updates / The Wait Continues
« on: March 22, 2009, 11:01:05 pm »
     For those of you who missed the January update on the Chrono Trigger Novel Project website, the detailed presentation packet that was in the works for quite some time was finally sent to the corporate office of Square-Enix.  This brings us to today's update:

     Naturally, as discussions ensue with Square-Enix about the fate of this project as we know it, updates and activity are fairly sparse.  The main thing that everyone is looking for is that next big update, the answer to the question: will they say yes or no?  While that determination is being made, I've decided to start what will hopefully be an interesting discussion in the CTNP Forum, which basically focuses around one central question: Should the "unthinkable" happen, what do you think the CTNP should do next?  This is a project that has existed in some capacity now for over 12 years and has positioned itself as a regular, well-known part of the Chrono community.  It is, in fact, the longest standing project still maintaining an active status and following.  Therefore, I've decided that putting this question out there publically is an entirely appropriate thing to do, regardless of what happens in the end.  For this, please refer to two locations in the forum: one for general discussion and one for a poll (be sure to go to both).

     Since many of the visitors here may prefer to discuss it in the Compendium forum, I'm fine with that, too (despite my usual preference to try and keep discussions in one place).  I do ask that everyone at least take the poll.  However, this is mostly a discussion that will need to take place amongst the community with limited direct involvement from me, due to the current situation.  Furthermore, please note that this entire subject is only for interesting interim conversation.  In no way is it meant to signify any response or actual planned direction for the project.  Thanks to everyone for their involvement!

     Discuss in the CTNP Forum
     Take the Poll

I certainly will!  Communication with Square has certainly commenced.  I'll let the community know of any significant updates.

(Sorry for the late reply.  I tend to check the CTNP forum and only this one when I'm putting up an update.  I need to be better about that.)

Yeah, that's the effect we were looking for.  I knew Miqe would be the one for the job, and I'm obviously very grateful that he's been able to oblige.  Thanks!

In the process of preparing our presentation documents package for Square-Enix, several relatively minor (though some significant) updates have been made to the Demo Chapters (Chapters 2-5) of the Chrono Trigger Novel.  If you haven't read them in the past or just have an itch to do so again, you'll want to download the new Demo Release 5.

"Finalized" drafts of Chapters 1-7 have also just been released to a group of individuals for the project's first "beta read."  Most of these individuals are self-proclaimed readers and not current fans of the game, though at least one is an old fan.  Through this effort, printed forms of these chapters have been distributed with special note pages so that the readers can jot down their thoughts and reactions as they read through the text.  Following this process, which is slated to end by August 11, all notes will be gathered and used to make any final changes (if necessary) to these chapters before sending them as part of the SE package.

For those of you who have read Chapter 4 of the Demo Chapters, you know that the two captive soldiers (Ian and Jonas) in Manoria Abbey have been given more active roles in the novel.  To personify them along with the rest of the Chrono Trigger cast, I have called upon my friend Miqe to create character portraits for these and other characters who don't already have this particular honor.  Below are the fully colored portraits of both Ian and Jonas.  Portraits of more characters are also on the drawing board, including Fritz Grancourt, Elaine Bellecote, Marle's maidservant Mary, and Pierre Levasseur.


Finally, some speculation has begun about Square's sudden trademark of the name "Echoes of Time."  Is this simply a subtitle for the upcoming Nintendo DS release, does this point to a possible new game in the series, or is it completely unrelated?  Only time will tell, though we'd love to hear your thoughts at the CTNP forum (as well as the Compendium's, I'm sure).  See the article here.

Discuss post at CTNP Forum
CTNP Forum
CTNP Website

Wow, thanks for letting me know about the broken links.  There were discrepancies in picture names vs. the links.  This is one of the few pages that I've put other people in charge of updating in the past, so I can only assume that had something to do with it.  Anyway, I went through all of the links and fixed the bad ones.  Let me know if you see any more!

And, V_Translanka, I'm pretty sure DreamAuthentics CAN do that.  As for how much it would cost, I have no idea.  It would DEFINITELY be awesome, though!

(Oh, and I'm getting rid of the table tags so this doesn't look so screwed up on the front page.  I don't like what it does to the layout, but that's better than looking like bad code, I suppose.)

Finally, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Can anyone explain why this post looks okay in the forum and not on the front page of the site?


     Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at the CTNP!  In keeping with the Christmas spirit, please enjoy this presentation by Linus van Pelt, friend of Charlie Brown.

     Now, getting to the update (wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?), we've got lots of new stuff.  In fan submissions, we have finally received Alejandro's sixth installment to the exclusive "Fourth Relevant Truth" fan-fiction series, as well as an English translation of Crono Bird's rendition of the first chapter of Chrono Trigger, told as a first-person narrative.  We have a new addition to the fan art page (Magus fans beware: you won't like it).  And, we have added a brand new and wholly unique section called "Fan Craft," which was inspired by the CTNP Handbag sent in by MagusChild.  We'd love to see more creative fan crafts like this one!

     We are very proud to announce our affiliation with DreamAuthentics, our first official corporate affiliate and a truly awesome company specializing in personal video arcade cabinets.  Check out their information here.  Also be sure to check out their ranking in the Top 10 Holiday Geek Gifts for the 2007 season.

     The CTNP will be making its second appearance at MAGFest 6, taking place January 3-7, 2008 in Alexandria, VA.  Jeremy ("Pezman"), Committee and Editorial Team member, will represent the project during the event.  We're very excited to be hosting an event this year, which will be a dramatic reading of one of the Demo Chapters that Saturday (1/6) at 11am.  This will be something to see, and we're doing what we can to be sure this event gets recorded.  If we can pull it off, it will definitely make its way to the site.

     Finally, we have some general updates.  Of particular importance are updates to our petition and support pages.  First, the petition is now being considered a supplemental part (as opposed to the sole part) of "Operation Ultimate Victory," which has been redefined as a specific strategy leading to the project's success.  OpUV essentially encompasses our strategy and efforts leading to the successful completion of this project.  This effort reflects the current strategy of the project, which scales back a bit from our previously heavy focus on the petition.  Of course, we still want people to sign, but we are no longer committing so many resources solely to this effort (this includes removal of the prize structure), because we feel that there are other matters of greater importance.  More details about the whole OpUV effort can be viewed here.  Other updates have been made to the Committee, Support Team, and Petition Info pages.

     And, to top it all off, we have a new poll in Wayne's Question about Frog's speech in the novel.  Enjoy!

Fan Project News/Updates / Re: CTOSV
« on: October 26, 2007, 12:50:49 am »
Sorry to hear that, Wiesty.  Projects like that (especially the more they rely on others) are very challenging to keep alive.  Just the same, I wish you the best in all of your other current and future endeavors.

Chrono Compendium Discussion / Re: The very first Compendium Chronology
« on: October 16, 2007, 11:49:58 pm »
Such humble beginnings, and just look at where the site is now!  CC is often considered THE haven of everything Chrono.  Well done on a site loved by many!

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