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News Submissions / Theatrhythm Final Bar Line
« on: January 30, 2023, 04:30:43 pm »
I don't know anything about this game, but it's getting some Chrono content:

1. Laura Shigihara sings "Schala's Theme," "Corridors of Time," and "On The Other Side." Sarah Alainn sings "Radical Dreamers" and "To Far Away Times."

2. I always assumed the lyrics were Japanese.

3. "On The Other Side" is based on "Epilogue - To My Dear Friends" from Chrono Trigger.

Welcome tot he party!

Quote from: Miguel
   Yes... I've been here
   in this very place...
   For 14 years...
   It wasn't like this
   when I got here, though...
   An incident that occurred
   10 years ago, transformed
   it into the Dead Sea.
This is Home World's Miguel speaking. He remembers the Sea of Eden becoming the Dead Sea, so I don't know where the idea that he died came from.

Quote from: Chronopolis Computer
   Ever since the formation of
   the Dead Sea 10 years ago...
   FATE has been unable to intervene
   directly with World 01.
   The best FATE could do was cross
   the dimension and receive data
   through the Records of Fate.
   And with much difficulty, FATE
   succeeded in binding Miguel
   to the Dead Sea as a watchman...
Another World's Miguel is unaccounted for, but I don't see anything in the script to suggest that he replaced his Home World version in the Dead Sea.

I think Miguel's encyclopedia entry needs an edit to clear up this confusion.

The Lithosphere Investigation Report is weird. It's dated 2300 AD and shows a picture of the Day of Lavos, but speaks of Lavos as if it had yet to awaken:

Quote from: Monitor
   2300 A.D.
   Lithosphere Investigation Report
   - Report no. 27 -
   [Unknown Life Force,
    Parasitic to the Planet]
   Geologic Stratum Result - 65,000,000 B.C.
   Code - '"Lavos"'

   Slumbering deep beneath the crust...
   When Lavos awakes, this planet will...

Anybody else experiencing lots of crashes on the Steam version? Whenever I launch the game it shows a warning about "Insufficient VRAM" even though my computer more than meets the recommended requirements.

I just farmed the Viper Manor Bluffs for copper, then when I tried to return to town the game crashed. It's happened before, and always when changing areas. The autosave feature should prevent stuff like this, but instead it seems to be the thing causing it. Crashes are always annoying, but this one was particularly disheartening because of the time and copper I lost.

Does anyone know a solution, or should I just wait to see if this gets patched?

Was Belcha's wife's pan always triangular?

Other changes I've noticed so far:
  • Minor differences in the conversation with Leena at Opassa Beach. Nothing big, just stuff like "all the time" becoming "often" and some changes to punctuation.
  • The short scene where Poshul rejoins you after being kicked off the cliff by Peppor is skipped.
  • Mojo no longer adds "-om" to his speech.

Mojo does still say "-om" occasionally.

Maybe, but there seems to be other differences. Earlier in the thread there's a quote that Kid said slightly different. And I could have sworn some of the early dialogue with Una was different too...

Quote from: Una (Original)
Don't tell her I said
so, but my sister's
a bit uptight, you know?
Could you, like, break
her in a little? You know,
make her act a little
more ladylike?

Quote from: Una (New)
Don't tell her I said
so, but my sister's a
bit too quick to lash out.
Could you, like, make
her be a little nicer
to me?


Quote from: Google Translate
New key art released by Nobuteru Yuki, who was in charge of character design ‼️🎨✨

 It is also used on the cover of Famitsu-san, which was announced today on 4/7 (Thursday) 🙌 and will be released on the same day as this work ☝️ .
 There are also valuable development secret stories, so please check them out 📘✨ .

Hopefully somebody can acquire a copy of this magazine for the Compendium.

I don't understand the "uproar". Outside of a handful of the songs, my understanding was that most of the OST was more or less the same. I assumed terms like "refined" just meant it was going to be the same music, just slightly higher sound quality. Kind of like, whether a song is MP3 or FLAC quality, it's still the same song ultimately.

It's because that handful of songs was so bad, and Square wasn't clear that they would be part of a separate album. People were worried that the new versions would replace the originals in the game itself.

Chrono News / Re: Rumor - Chrono Cross Remaster
« on: March 31, 2022, 04:47:55 pm »
Yes, it's fan art. Here's a link to the original (DeviantArt, very much NSFW).

If somebody is claiming this is box art or something, that's super shady.


Now that I've had time to sit down and listen to this a few times, I have to say I like the Radical Dreamers intro and hate the rest. I doubt it's a coincidence that the one song I like is the only one credited to Yasunori Mitsuda.

You might want to temper expectations a bit. Sometimes it's just social media interns answering stuff like this. And a lot of the questions out there are like "What's your favorite character and why?" and "Will there be physical copies of the game released?" type stuff. It doesn't appear many are asking about the type of stuff we tend to dig into here. Not many "What is Zoah's true identity" type ones.

Yeah, I doubt they'll answer any lore stuff since it would be potential spoilers, so I just asked whether there will be any bonus features like the ones included in re-releases of Chrono Trigger.

But I do have a list of questions I'd love to see answered, originally posted in this thread:
  • Who or what are the ghostly children? Are they the ghosts of the Chrono Trigger team (since "Lucca" addresses Kid personally) or are they walking infodumps summoned by the Entity for some inexplicable reason (since they know things those characters couldn't possibly have known while alive)?

  • Who or what are the ghostly researchers in Chronopolis? Some will react to your presence and answer questions while others seem ignorant of anything that's happened since just before the Time Crash.

  • What are the implications of the Darkness Beyond Time? Did Crono and his friends really cause the people of 2300 AD to be sent there by preventing the Day of Lavos? Are those people aware of their plight, suffering for eternity, or were those same souls born into the happy future instead?

    (In other words, is there one Doan, blissfully ignorant of the original future, or are there two Doans, one born into the happy future and another suffering forever in the Darkness Beyond Time?)

  • Did Kid merge with Schala at the end? If so, that's terrible—you freed Schala from being forcibly merged with another being, only to have the same thing happen to Kid, who was even less deserving of such a fate.

  • How were the timelines merged? Did Home World's history simply overwrite Another World's? If so, that's terrible—wouldn't it doom Another World's people to the Darkness Beyond Time?

  • How did Guardia fall, and what are the fates of Crono, Marle, and Lucca? This only tangentially touches the plot of Chrono Cross (via Kid's backstory), but come on, it's something Chrono Trigger fans NEED to know.

  • Was the Time Crash intentional? If so, how did Belthasar possibly foresee the extremely complex sequence of events that would eventually lead to the creation of the Chrono Cross? Indeed, how did he know that the Chrono Cross could even exist, let alone that it would be the exact thing necessary to free Schala? Even with the benefit of FATE's spacetime monitoring at his disposal, this level of knowledge seems nothing short of godlike.

  • If the Time Crash was not intentional, was everything that happened simply the result of extraordinary luck and Belthasar "winging it?"

  • Did the Time Crash send Chronopolis back 10,000 years to 7,600 BC, or 14,400 years to 12,000 BC? This isn't crucial to the plot, but it's an annoying discrepancy.

  • What's the deal with the ape skeleton on the display in Chronopolis? It directly contradicts what we're shown in Chrono Trigger—that humans in 65,000,000 BC were anatomically identical to modern ones. Ayla was a hot babe, not a monkey. And grammar issues aside, she seemed perfectly capable of understanding everything that was going on. Not only that, she had some of the deepest insights of the whole cast. So I think the whole business about the Frozen Flame speeding up human cranial development, thus making humanity the offspring of Lavos and extraneous to the planet, needs to be dropped. It would make much more sense if the Frozen Flame was the catalyst that enabled humans to use magic, and magical ability was the aberration instead of brain size.

  • Was the Frozen Flame the "strange red rock" mentioned in the book in Belthasar's secret room at Enhasa? If so, did the writers plan the Frozen Flame from the very beginning, or was that passage referring to Dreamstone, and the fact that it could also be interpreted to mean the Frozen Flame was just a happy accident? (This is just a personal curiosity, it probably couldn't be covered in the game without breaking the fourth wall.)

It's weird that they're changing some of the terms in the script, I doubt there will be major differences tho. Then again, what was wrong with Chrono Trigger DS's script? It was much closer to the original japanese than Woolsey. I understand the frustration at changing some terms for nostalgic people, but I liked it.

There were a couple of places where the new translation added clarity. Gaspar's infamous line
One of you is close to someone who needs help... Find this
caused so much confusion over the years that I was glad to see it changed.

There was also the part where an old man gives you a hint for the Masamune fight, but it's no help because he refers to "EnergyWhirls" when he should be warning you about tornadoes.

Outside of those two occasions, I can't think of anywhere the new script was an improvement over the original. It was incredibly dry overall, and in places it was downright stilted.

But I didn't mean to derail the conversation, which should be about the Chrono Cross remaster. I'm just worried about why they wouldn't announce a retranslation when they've been upfront about other changes (and giving players the ability to revert those changes).

I'm guessing they don't want to give the impression Kid is referring to the fortune teller as her mother, since that's what mum can mean. Other than a term for silence. Also, in context, Kid is likely talking down on the fortune teller, which "dearie" as a slang term can be used for condescension.
I suppose that's possible, although I doubt anyone would get that impression. I hope I'm just overreacting and this is the only change they've made to the script.

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