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It's been a couple years since I posted here so I try to revive this topic by posting new concept ideas.

Regarding the guardia line and time periods theirs relevance are as follows:

7600 BC = start of guardia line

1 AD = start of Guardia Kingdom.

New Character Information Ideas: The Commander of the Kingsguard of Baron (Later in the story he becomes lord commander of the Baron armed forces, second to the King).

Cecil Guardia* (Adopted, original surname Debrune) Time period - 7600 BC

A brilliant soldier and Commander who has distinguished himself leading Baron Troops in the war against Asteria, he gradually rose through the ranks due to sheer heroism and courage in battle. He grew up in Guardia village, a small town in the northwestern continent then subject to the Kingdom of Baron, the people of guardia are very pious and contribute funds (derived from the local mine) to the ecclesiastical city of Trucania to the west; they also help contribute manpower to the armies of baron. The Kingsguard of the King of Baron tends to recruit extensively from the inhabitants of Guardia and of the (not shown) surrounding forest

Cecil is not originally from Guardia however, all he knows is that he was adopted and that his Father named Finn and was a commander from the City-state of Turania on the imperial Continent who took up arms against Asteria early in the war and was killed by Asteria. The Rest of his Finn's family was also killed except for Cecil and his Older Sister who were evacuated away by the King of Baron at Finn's request shortly before the battle of Turania. The City of Turania was also destroyed. When he was a teenager, his sister informed him that she was going to travel to look for the secret of how to kill Asteria and that it would be many years before they see each other again, she the departed for parts unknown and Cecil has not heard from her Since (the sister would be another recruitable character). Cecil has made it his life mission that he would not rest until the Empire has been defeated and Asteria has been brought to Justice.

When the New heroes of Time arrive in this time period they quickly learn of the great war and side with the allied forces lead by Baron. They Reunite Cecil with his sister (who has learned several powerful magical abilities along the way) and help with battles that are being fought to prevent Asteria from gaining the Crystals. They Find the Sword of the Oldest of the mystical Sword Spirits, Doreen which is the only weapon forged by man capable of defeating Asteria.

During the course of these battles Cecil learns several fundamental secrets about himself that temporarily creates doubts about his life's mission but presses ahead once Asteria gains control of the crystals through long-range raids on their holdings. After Lakarian City is destroyed by Asteria's new weapon and She also gains control of the sun stone to begin her ritual; Cecil and the heroes of Time leads the remaining allied forces to launch an all out offensive on Midgar, Asteria's Capital. While the allied forces battle the imperials outside the city, the Party slips into the city and reaches and ascends the tower of Babil a massive tower with 66 levels.

When the party reaches the 66th level they confront Asteria; She offers Cecil to betray his companions so that He and his sister can rule at "their rightful place" at her side. Cecil Refuses and the in the final battle Asteria is slain by Cecil wielding the Doreen sword, but before she dies Cecil tells her to order the unconditional surrender of all imperial forces which she does. When Asteria dies however King Zeal and Dalton unexpectedly appear and summons the energy initiated by Asteria's ritual to warp time itself and bring two new lands into this era. After the battle Midgar crumbles into the Ground and the Surrender of the survivors is organized. Cecil Joins the New Heroes of Time in their overall fight against Lavos, King Zeal and Dalton.

When Cecil Returns to his time period he builds a memorial to the war, and in a remote location also builds a small shrine to pray for the rest and redemption for Asteria's soul. He then Returns to Guardia Village and takes his name Guardia as his permanent surname. He Marries his friend Tifa who lives in Guardia and have many descendants.

* Regarding the first name this May Be subject to Change regarding current ideas other proposed names for him so far are Isildur, Cloud, or Paul.

Also Current Ideas for Asteria's Physical appearance; Basically Scarlet from FF7 except her dress is black, Her hair is Blue instead of Blond and she wears gloves with Spikes on her sleeves. She also has a demonic alternate form as well. Due to the strong magical energies that Emanate through her, she looks no older than her early 30s even though she was buried under ancient ruins for thousands of years and has lived since being found for over 60 years. Her personal weapon is a deadly dark whip/dark sword which shapes shifts depending on what she wants it to do. The whip form looks like quistis whip from ff8 except that it is spiked. The sword form resembles sephiroths sword from FF7.

Regarding Cecil: I implied certain things that I've refrained from mentioning outright regarding Cecil and His sisters backstory. Another implication is Cecil's Connection to all future time periods that include Guardia.

Dalton and His Plans:

After his defeat by the heroes during the campaign against lavos: Dalton was stranded in 1000 AD, where he plotted his revenge against Crono and his companians. He secretly arrived at porre and began stirring up that region's resentments against guardia. At some point between 1000AD and 1005AD he was rediscovered by King Zeal and Initiated into his plans which he agreed with however he secretly began pursuing his own plans as well.

In 1005AD he lead the Porre campaign in which resulted in the conquest of Guardia which culminated in the duel with Crono after which Crono disappeared, Dalton however claims to have killed him, Marle escaped into the forest to lead a guerilla war against the Porre occupation. Shortly afterwards Dalton left The present/renaissance time period altogether and returned to antiquity where he set up a fortress and group of followers and lead skirmishes with Janus and and the survivors loyal to the Last village and other settlements. These however were inconclusive.

The Arrival of the New heroes of time (Xavier and his party) in antiquity forced a change in Dalton's plans and he abandoned his fortress after several battles with the group. Around this time Dalton became aware of the powerful temporal and magical energy centered around the 7000s BC. Believing Lavos had something to do with it, he informed King Zeal about this as well. Meanwhile Dalton initiated his new plan in which agents loyal to him would secretly undermine the efforts of the Janus's knights of the roundtable in order to eventually create a world order that operated on Dalton's principles of unlimited power. The secret Order of Archpriests which infiltrated various chapters of the Ruling Church during the post-zeal era and after the final collapse of the Church in the late 10th millennium BC, secretly funded the development of terrible weaponry such as magitek power weapons and vehicles, etc. This order seems to have been an original creation of Dalton's. When Asteria assumed power in the kingdom of babel and reorganized into the empire of Midgar which kicked off the great war (this will be described in detail in a later entry) the archpriests were among the first the swear loyalty to her efforts.

Although the order was defeated along with the empire when the New Heroes of Time arrived in the Magitek era and helped the Commander of the Baron Kingsguard (who Later also became lord commander of baron's armed forces and leader of the anti-imperial alliance but this will be discussed in detail later) bring about victory of the nations of the world against the empire. The Remnants of the order of Archpriests continue to corrupt the world from generation to generation, for example it was a humanoid mystic member of order who convinced mystic leader Ozzie to declare war on the Human nations in the late 6th century AD.

Ideas For 1025 AD: When Porre conquered Guardia, the battle culminated in a duel between Dalton and Chrono after which Chrono disappeared. Emperor Dalton Claims to have killed him but he also disappeared soon afterwards. Porre However reveres Dalton and displays an empty throne at the palace the porreans built for Dalton. Marle escaped and continues to fight a bitter guerrilla war in the forest of guardia. The party when they arrive in this era is able to recuit her to the team. However Marle would be a much more cynical and grizzled character in this game idea (more like ayla was). My current idea is that Marle doesn't join the party at first but is recruited later in the game when evidence that chrono may still be alive is found by the heroes.

New ideas for 7600 BC and ties in back to 12000 BC (Part 1 Introduction): New faction apart from the period factions already mentioned: The Eternal Kingdom.

The Eternal Kingdom; A kingdom of sorcerers and demons that once briefly cast a black shadow over the world shortly after the Old Continent was destroyed. According to legend it was destroyed soon afterwards by a team of powerful heroes and it and the fortress that the kingdom resided in was submerged underwater and never heard from again. However not everything as what it seems, for 4400 years the fallen angel who was its queen had secretly surived and has been rebuilding her demonic armies in secret.

Retaining some semblance of the dark psychic connection to the timestream that had been granted to her by the destroyer abomination to which she sold her soul and sacrificed her first kingdom to in order to create the eternal kingdom she knew that significant turbulence of the timestream existed in the period around 7600 BC. The queen also retained her immortality granted by the destroyer but in a wounded state since her defeat by the original heroes all those millennia before. When the Magitek wars broke out and raged throughout the planet during the half century leading up to 7600 BC, the fallen queen accelerated her preparations, knowing that the time to reveal herself and her kingdom was drawing near.

As the Magitek war waged the queen sensed the presence that somehow of a version of one of her children from her former life leading this war for her child's own goals, as well as the coaltion that assembled against her. When the new heroes of time arrived in this era and helped the lord commander of baron (the chosen one of this era) and the great war started to turn against Asteria and her empire. The queen makes her move, revealing herself to Asteria, revealing her secret kingdom to Asteria and pledging it's demonic armies to asteria's empire in exchange for Asteria submitting to the queens Ritual, telling her that she sensed asterias innermost thoughts and she already knows about Asteria's ritual plans and that the Queen's ritual is the correct version of the ritual.

Requests for thoughts on Current ideas, as well as request for beginning thoughts for 1999 AD characters:
I Remember From Chrono Crisis concept that Xavier Ashtear was supposed to somehow have nightmares about lavos even though lavos was supposed to already be defeated and the 1999 AD was supposed to be set some time before the day of Lavos. Request Concept ideas for what kicks off the Main plot (equivalent to when the time accident sent Marle to 600 AD and Chrono and lucca had to follow her in CT).

I've been quite lazy regarding posting new ideas here but, Here are some new Ideas regarding possible general conceptual plotlines for various time periods.

11975 BC: Baby steps to rebuild civilization

7600 BC: Unfinished business/Saving the past/Fighting a great evil/Time Crash.

1 AD: Guiding The Beginning of a new era.

1025 AD: Retaking control/Inspiring the return of freedom.

1999 AD: The present/Saving the Future/Those chosen by fate itself to save the planet

2400 AD: The Future/Cementing the defeat of Lavos/Chronopolis.

Don't really have any ideas for 65 million BC or 600 AD as their story lines had already played out in CT.

Still working on the Prophecy book story/fanfiction, but first at the moment i'll elaborate or my ideas on the origin of the Guardia vs Porre conflict.

In my conception Guardia unifies the planet under Cerdic Guardia who is a Ruthless warlord but also brimming with the ideal of a unified peace under his rule, as in crimson echoes. Unlike in Crimson echoes the war is fought mostly against then Ruling Choras empire, not Porre. However Guardia only enters the war to overthrow Choras relatively late, say only in the last few years of the conflict while Porre had been fighting against Choras for 20 years or more. Thus, in the minds of the Porreans, THEY should have ruled the unified kingdom, not Guardia because they did the heavy lifting for most of the unification war while Guardia only entered the war relatively late in the conflict and took over everyone instead. Thus there is an undercurrent of resentment within the Guardian kingdom between Guardia and Porre from the beginning pretty much.

Sounds interesting! Are these:

1.) Legit prophecies that exist beyond space-time and time line change shenanigans, or
2.) Are these prophecies that exist as a result of someone in the far past having knowledge of the future

A bit of Both actually, the idea i'm leaning towards is that that Jasper reveals that he wrote down the prophecy book after having a series of visions as a young man, long before he becomes the guru of time. The story idea I'm thinking of right now is that When marle remembers taking a copy of the book and shows the rest of the party the book. Jasper reveals that he originally wrote said book and that their adventures is not fully over and would be also be completed by a new group of heroes that arrive later on and their combined efforts is what anchors and consolidates lavos' defeat.

The prophecy book in the short story would be series of passages originally written by young Jasper. Each passage would be about a specific time period and include several Time periods that weren't in Chrono Trigger and how it relates to how humans can eventually free themselves from the threat of the "Dark Star".

I'll post the short story and how it ties in CT's and CC's stories and how it relates with my proposed concept at a later date.

Sorry that I haven't posted recently, I've decided that i'll probably not do the proposed retcon mentioned in the last post. Instead I plan to post a fanfic short story which links my proposed conceptions with standard CT/CC canon.

Premontions of completed adventures: Shortly after the encounter with the "Dream Devourer", Crono and the crew gather at the end of time to discuss what to do next. When Marle shows the team a copy of a strange prophecy book she secretly stowed with her way back when the gang first visited zeal. Jasper reveals that their mission is not over and their fight will later be joined by other heroes and their efforts together is what ensures that the threat of Lavos is defeated for good.

I've decided to Retcon the timeline mentioned here. I will repost the excerpts revised timeline of the zeal and post-zeal eras. Also the Great war Lasts much longer now, closer to 500 years instead of the 35 to 50 years that was in the original draft idea. Location info would remain mostly the same, however.

Another Concept Idea: Lavos' backup Plan, King Zeal and the nightmares of Xavier Ashtear.

Time-Split Schala or Schala doppelgangers: A conceptual debate and input requested.

I'm Split on concept Ideas for Asteria: Would it make more sense for her to be a split off version of Schala after the ocean palace; or should she be a Schala doppelganger.

The proposed doppelganger idea would be, that the timestream itself would regards Schala's fate after the ocean palace as a tragedy and attempts to correct it by having be born a girl with powerful and identical magic abilities as schala as well as nearly identical appearance every 1500 years or so. Each doppelganger would have their own separate personality like Kid did, but would be born with the (locked) memories a schala and any preceding doppelgangers, the memories unlocking once the doppelganger reaches young adulthood. In this version, Asteria would simply be a doppelganger who happened to insane and being given her powers would be the start of her evil.

Year recording conventions from the time of Zeal To Guardia:

During the Zeal Kingdoms reign there were two separate conventions. The first one was (Year number) Oz (of Zeal) which was dominant through most of the zeal period. The second Year timekeeping convention was (year Number) OL (of Lavos), This convention became the dominant one used during the last two centuries of Zeal's existence. For example the Fall of Zeal occurred in 12000 BG/1000 OZ/64988000 OL.

After Zeal Fell the Survivors (except Dalton who intended to use OD (of dalton)) unanimously declared that time would be recorded using the AZ (after zeal) convention. This was the main convention Until the great battle against asteria in 7600 BG. This apocalyptic showdown that was the culmination of nearly 50 years of war and resulted in the destruction of Asteria's empire as well as the nation-state of Lakarian city (one of the prominent members of the anti-imperial coalition) and the general exhaustion of all other nations on the planet. In the peace conference in which the surrender of those imperials who survived was organized, the church delegation of Trucania city proposed a new time recording convention of ABA (after the battle against Asteria) which was accepted by the nation-states.

The ABA recording convention began to decline after 1500 BG/6100 ABA, because by this point large swaths of the historical records had been lost by this point and enough time had passed and other fights, wars and conflicts had occured that overshadowed earlier conflicts in the consiousness of the existing generations, that the War against Asteria had long passed into the realm of the mythological, Most nations in the final two millennia before Guardia's unification of the nations based their era dates on important events specific to that nation.

When Cerdic Guardia defeated The Choras empire in 1 AG/7600 ABA, he decreed a new era recording in that the year would be year one of the Guardia Peace. This convention continued even after the fall of Guardia in the 11th Century AG and is still used in Xavier Ashtear's time in 1999.

You know, I never really thought the period between 12000BC and 0AD could be interesting, but this is great! You mix the end of the ice age and dawn of advanced civilization quite well. I assume the world (societal and architectural) wouldn't look like the middle ages (600AD-1000AD), right? What would technology and architecture look like during these eras?

My idea is that Although Humans lose magic after Zeal falls, they would try to get those abilities back and are partially successful. However doing so creates a unsustainable society in the very long term. The premise here is this eventually results in a devastating great war, after which Humans realize that they must carry out technological advancement without Magic. Which results in a purely natural Human civilization and the final loss of Magic use by Humans. Humans rebuild after the great war without Magic, however the seeds of much later conflicts (such as the mystic war in 600 ad) have already been sown.

My conception of 11975 BC is that would look very much like Crimson echoes 11995 BC except that there is now more than one Settlement although the last village is still there, and more landmasses has risen as the years passed since the fall of zeal. Dalton Has a palace in one continent and Janus has a castle on another where his knights are gathered.

By 7600 BC the world maps looks similar to what it does in Later eras, although the Ice age is largely over the map should have the tundra-like appearance that Crimson echoes 1 AD does. Asteria's capital of Babel/Babylon would be very advanced and should have a pallette on the world map that indicates that. There is also a floating City (cloud Carpet) which would be in between the central continent and the Choras continent. Other regions should look similar to what they do in 600ad and 1000ad. Choras exists during this time period but should be smaller than it is later to it not having risen to great power status yet. The continent where Guardia is at in later eras is dominated by Baron and Trucania, although there is a small mining village called Guardia where Guardia castle is in much later eras. Guardia forest exists but is called Baron Forest this era with Trucania forest being located west of Baron forest. There is an advanced looking Aerial platform (that looks like the blackbird's port in 12000 bc) on what later becomes lucca's island, the red wings base. On the southwestern Continent there is the Cities of Dorino in the northern part, Lakarian City on the coast of the central part of southwestern continent, with the town of Porre (although porre is much smaller in this era) is the far south. In the Northeastern (mystic) continent is mostly covered by forests although deep in the interior you would see the outline of a town (similar to laruba is 65000000 BC). The Forest is accessible but not the town (which you must travel through the forest maze to reach). The Sun keep exists is it does in other eras, in the skies next to that their is another floating level, asteria's floating fortress, The Sun Palace (where you fight son of sun in CT) is visible but is just beneath the waves ( it becomes accessible later on). The giants claw island is present but instead of that level there is only a small human village which you only visit once and is then destroyed (in a scene inspired by the first scene of star wars: force awakens and is also the party's introduction to this level, also somewhat inspired by the scene in FF6 where Kefka ambushes the party and espers at thamasa.) Just North of that but south of the Babel Continent is the imperial prison (which you visit only once and escape from, immediately after the village scene).

The Post-war Map looks somewhat different. The City of Babylon is gone and Lakarian City has been destroyed. The city of Cloud Carpet has been beached on the northern coast of the Choras continent and Asteria's fortresses and prisons are gone. There are several Magitek decommissioning sites where if you visit them you see there are workers being supervised by a church official who says that the Crystals are being hidden and the advanced war tech is being destroyed in order to prevent it from ever being used for evil again. Also the Sun Palace island is no longer accessible, and Chronopolis and Dinopolis are present on the world map and can be unlocked.

The History of Magic after the Fall of Zeal Part 1: From the Fall of zeal to the prelude of Asteria's rise to power (excerpt):

Part 1: 12000 BC to 11975 BC; Survivors gradually rebuild new society Most Humans lose their Magical abilities but, those who few had Innate magic or learned Elemental magic can still use them (Dalton and his goons could still use magic in CT). Janus Returns and settles in this era. He battles with Dalton who settles in an abandoned palace that resurfaces several years after the disaster. At the end of this period Dalton is defeated and Janus creates a Knights of the roundable type-organization to regulate Remaining Magic use and artifacts. Afterwards as more landmasses emerge from beneath the waves, these areas are settled by humans in masse. The area of the original last village is abandoned by humans as is eventually settled by mystics.

Part 2: 11975 BC to 9200 BC; Remaining Magic continues to dwindle although occassional magic innates are found in each generation due to the gene resurfacing occasionally. Innates are sent to the Rountable Keep to be trained, The Knights of the roundtable gradually becomes something more akin to the medieval church. Toward the End of this period The First elemental crystals are rediscovered after having been lost to history since the fall of zeal. Another discovery is that the ground and minerals in areas in the vicinity of the crystals have mineable magic that can unlock the latent ancestral magic use in humans that has been lost since shortly after the fall of zeal. Attempts by the church to suppress this discovery leads to the next era.

Part 3: 9200 BC to 9000 BC. The Unlocking wars, this was an era of religious types wars fought over the right to unlock magic using the new minerals dubbed "magicite", This pitted the forces loyal to the Church against the reformists. Eventually the reformists triumphed in 9000 BC and the hold of the Church was broken. The Church cedes the right to unlock magic but shortly afterwards their leadership flees en masse to the Forest of Trucania in western forests of the Northwestern continent where they become a spirtual type order. There they build the ecclesitiastical city of Trucania where the Church leaders reside and keep their most cherished knowledge (as well as those dangerous knowledges to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands) , the church remnants in Trucania are protected by the Kingdom of baron which is located in the eastern part of the same continent (Baron is located where the city of truce is located in a much later era with Baron castle being where truce canyon/millennial fair is at). Wholesale advancement in new tech capable of unlocking latent magical abilities occurs. After the Unlocking wars the return of Peace as well as technological advancement facilitates new trade Networks. Chocobos become a primary mode of transportation.

Part 4: 9000 BC to 7650 BC. With the collapse of Church rule, magicite use and exploitation becomes a more freely used commodity. The discovery of More magicite deposits results in the discovery of More and More Crystals until eventually All eight have been rediscovered. Various Local wars break out over magicite deposits and over possession of the crystals. This Results in the Growth of Military grade Magic (known as "magitek") and partially successful attempt to reverse engineer magic into technology. Success is also made infusing magic into select warriors. This marks the beginning of an arms race between the nations of the world. Toward the end of this period the magic renaissance takes and even darker turn however, after the discovery around 8000 BC of the ability to cobble together monster parts to glean out magic use from said parts, this becomes known as "Synthetic Magicite" or Spiritnite. Raiding of Mystic settlements to kidnap people for spirtnite nearly causes all out war, however due to heavy losses on both sides, a larger war is avoided, however a "spirtnite shipping trade" develops as mystic criminals, dissidents and the occasional kidnapped wayward fiend are shipped to human settlements to be killed or sometimes used as living weapons. The Spritnite trade is dominated by the New Floating city of Cloud carpet (located over the oceans between the central continent and the Choras continent, the city is able float due to being powered by the air crystal), later on the growing kingdom of Babel (located in the central Continent) becomes a major customer of the Cloud Carpet Traffickers. Toward the very end of this period the Kingdom of Babel Proclaims itself an empire and begins local campaigns against other polities on the central continent with the objective of forced unification.

I know it has been months since I posted here but, here are New conceptual ideas for this as a minor snippet:

A history of Magic of the Kingdom of Zeal (excerpt)

Part 1: The Founding of Zeal and the discovery and use of the 8 elemental crystals

Part 2: The gradual superseding of the Crystals in favor of the Sun stone, also the development of the distinction of magic users and non-magic innate humans.

Part 3: The Overuse of the Sun stone which forces the search for a new power source, the discovery of the sleeping lavos and the beginning of Lavos worship in zeal. Toward the end of this period, the Frozen Flame is rediscovered.

Final Part: The Kingdom become dependent on Lavos energy for magic which eventually leads to it's destruction and fall. Before this the distinction between Magic Users and Non-users has been made into official castes (the enlightened and earthbound ones seen in CT). With the kingdom using lavos energy to power their magic, both the elemental crystals and even the sun stone to some extent are largely forgotten, and are lost entirely after the fall of zeal. Fall of Zeal of course occurs when they begin tapping directly into lavos itself, triggering its awakening in 12000 BC.

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