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Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: December 21, 2021, 01:30:07 pm »
The actual script is done.  I'm going to try to record later.  I'll use a wind sock and a bunch of other noise reduction techniques i learned while doing radio garbage. Almost all the scenery is done.  There are enemy edits i want to do first.  New enemies i don't want to show yet because this time they look pretty good.   The inside of lavos is now wet and goopy. The voice cast is pretty cut and dry.  We have an Ayla, a Lori, a gasper, a melchoir  and a really great ozzie. They guy who plays ozzie is also our vocal director.  Can you say flava flav free floor fries really fast? well that's part of the vocal warm up. I voiced agent 86 last time but it was one line.  So if you think you've got the voice of an agent let me know.  So what happens next?  Well the levels get put together instead of test levels. The  final screen of reptite rage is accurate to the story.  I'm also making additional blocks of story so i can use the help menu as a Story menu. Since every playable character has their own menu I can switch it between levels so that there is always some menu content as well as lots of level content. The only thing that remains unknown to the player is agent 86's mission.   it's pretty easy to guess. I have to draw a picture of galactea docked and partially submerged because it's a big boat too i guess.  Some things won't change.  Like the sound menu cats, those are 12 by 12 cats from an original 16 by 16 and it's really hard to chop anything like that and have it still look like what it is.   so i'm looking at something like 20 sprite pictures that are super easy to do basically a sticker book. At least six more enemies and maybe if i'm missing a wall or two a couple of those. With the enemies it's pretty easy too. than i just sort of put everything where it needs to go. I don't know when it's going to be done, however there is an end plan that should lead into a nice really easy to sprite out 100 level fourth game that is mostly just a shooter because that would be cool. How do the characters play you ask?  Well, Agent 86 is good and shooty with some tricks and reworked older weapons to look better and on scale. Ayla is a beast will face more enemies that are easier to kill usually and she's able to easily run through gunfire.  Lori has an array of weapons that favor chucking lots of bullets or single strike zeal magic.  I had this whole plan for lori learning mystic type magic like crimson rain but it didn't make sense because lori is not a nice person. One of the hardest parts deciding what they would say and how much of it they should or can say. so i keep those things short but i make sure there is some kind of conversation instead of people asking questions about questions.  That's it until i get a demo or something really cool to show you.  I'm not going to work, i'm doing this. 

Kajar Laboratories / Re: Enhansa Edition
« on: November 21, 2021, 08:01:49 pm »
This is some good news, i'm glad i logged in today.

Fan Fiction / Re: Crimson Cold War: Agency
« on: November 21, 2021, 11:21:32 am »
Thank you very much.  I don't know how to do that sort of stuff.  I'll learn how though.  This story shouldn't be cannon to what i'm writing for Galactae since the idea has changed since i started working on it.  Still... when it comes to timelines, what is canonical is up to you.  Thanks for the support. 

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: September 16, 2021, 03:18:40 pm »
It's been since july i guess and really I've been slower because everything in life is so good i don't really have a reason to get messed up to the point where I can't remember anything.   This could affect the quality of the game.  I liked the imaginative assumption based story telling where things only make enough sense for people to try to make sense of it.  It's fun to pretend.  So i'm going to follow my messed up notes and change a bunch of stuff.  Originally i had planned on one or two levels per character you follow, but messed up me made a great note about how that might pull the player too far from the story and the characters they like to play.  So each time you switch characters that gives me a chance to change 100% of the assets.  I've been so obsessed about the two stages you fight lavos that it almost means making 20 of the same game i already did.  You would think i might grab any old tile but i'm starting to get proud a bit and i want things perfect or something.  I want to give the player tons of enemies to kill.  And i did... In previous games have areas that had few enemies or big mazes or tiny mazes that are hard to get out of.   I wanted to give the player a chance to think about where they might be in the lore of chrono trigger.  Since i have things i can use audio triggers for I don't have to do that.  I can make clear goals. The goal is always to make it to the end.  It's the context that's important.  So if you know a character you care about is in danger you might hurry to the end event of the level creating a sort of tension. So i'll show you some screens and explain some things you won't see.   Lucca and Magus do not exist here, of course they put up a hard fight but it appears they don't exist in world where time travel existed before lavos could be discovered to any degree of science.  No ocean palace needed to be built.  No sun stone needed to be recharged as all Zeal's problems could be solved through a multiverse they knew how to pull items out of. Zeal's total control of a series of timelines comes to an end when agent 86 shows up in 1999 on the day of lavos.   The short story i wrote was a prelude to some other stuff where agent 86 kills a bunch of agent 86's but rick and morty did that and now i'd rather something else.  Is the story cannon anyway? sure why not. What is cannon is the first thing the Gurus created, that being a temporal catch, a concept from the unofficial sequel and somewhat how the end of time works.  Agent 86 often comes from the catch or similar functioning portal sometimes seemingly set up on purpose.  I just learned a thing called sub pixel animation and i'm going to apply that to anything I can, like the stone statue enemies. I don't have to for anything i didn't make because those are already so friggen perfect.   Do i need help? probably but probably not.  I gotta make all these levels... It's like you saw the space ship already... so i gotta do that and a couple more pictures of this ship that totally isn't something i saw on my desk and traced. I don't want to reuse the corridor sprites even though they are in the black bird.  I need something new and than a bunch more.  For some clarity the three characters you play as want each other dead. The reasons will be clear to the player.  The dialogue can't be super heavy, well it can but it shouldn't be. The thing that is certain is that Ozzie will have his war one way or the other. You probably won't see toma there because the thing he wanted to do has been accomplished. I played reptite rage again just the other day, I still like it and it makes me want to finish this project. but it's like... gotta make a prison and i gotta make fish.  It seems to big and i don't want to rush. These pictures are of diagonal joined stuff i wanted to look good.  I want new trees too.  But... those old ones are still pretty good.  maybe a nuclear winter edit would be easier.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: June 30, 2021, 03:06:05 am »
So this is the big man.  He's big and he doesn't look too bad. I've completed a whole bunch of assets and stuff. Yes you shall enter lavos's interior.  It's going to look like something other than a cave.  I will keep at it.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: April 03, 2021, 06:52:13 pm »
This is the title screen.  I wanted that star trek layout.  This cover is artistically correct to the story i'm telling.  I'm still working on it.  It is looking good and feeling good.  It's hard to start laying out the story but i'm sure all the characters will learn what they have to and get to where they need to go. Do you like the ship? it's the Galactea.  Or is Ayla the Galactea, not the ship the phenomenon. unfortunately only 3am me will know until release. I can't read 3AM me's notes so i have to remain in the dark.

Site Updates / Re: Schala Edition v2.1 patch
« on: February 17, 2021, 02:44:42 am »
I just noticed this!  Thank you.

Fan Fiction / Crimson Cold War: Agency
« on: February 17, 2021, 01:54:10 am »
This is a story I wrote about my fan game.  It will help shed light on the events leading up to the game.  If you don't know where agent 86 is from than you could probably have a good time playing Flame of eternity.  It's a other chrono trigger game that I like a whole bunch.

Crimson Cold War: Agency

It wasn't a moment ago that Agent 86 was fighting to protect the timeline from certain change when he emerged in a small poorly lit room.  This small room marked the beginning of a thousand ends. He yanked open the door and before him stood a man dressed in the same uniform as him. The architecture looked to be magically cut stone from zeal but the computer console built into the wall belied this being the magical kingdom of Zeal. 

Agent 86 was suprised when the man before him spoke in an accent foreign to anything he had heard in his entire life.  "Took a bit of tumble there eh boy?" The agent said quickly

"I'm not sure." Agent 86 met the gaze of the other agent and he found they looked nearly identical.

The other agent laughed "Lord Tunderin', I'm you and you're me.  Now right yourself eh boy?"

Agent 86 didn't want to make too many assumptions at this point but he had to find out what he could if he was going to get back to the mission.  "How many of uz are zere?" He asked

"Oh gosh! A handful or two.  I'm the welcome mat."  He said than motioned toward the door. "The gurus are here they can explain it more what I can.  Talk to them through here."  He opened the door for the new arrival.

Without a word he stepped into the main chamber of Zeal's version of Chronopolis. Other Agent 86 copies worked feverishly at the consoles. At the end of the room was a tunnel into which was a familiar purple distortion. The edge of the tunnel was filled with machinery that was holding open an aperture through time. It was more than that.

Gasper reached his hand out as he approached.  "Greetings stranger, I'm not surprised to see your kind here." he laughed.  His aged face was trustworthy but he spoke sternly and seriously. "you are likely eager to get back but it isn't that easy.  You are from an alternate timeline.  You are here because we tried to build something to catch objects lost in time.  At first we wanted to build something to test all possibilities but... It seems to just bring more Agent 86's."

Agent 86 pointed at the portal.  "Vat about zat? does zat still vork?" he asked.

Gasper closed he eyes and sighed. "I don't know.  In reality that portal could go a anywhere. It likely isn't a safe trip." he said gruffly.

A stalwart agent to the end Agent 86 started walking toward the portal. "excuze me guru I must return to zee mission."  He said as respectfully as he could but he knew this was not his guru.

Melchoir who was classically dressed in zeal finery blocked his path. "Please... It isn't safe.  If you are going to step into certain oblivion..."  He said holding out a gun by it's barrel and offered it to Agent 86. "No world is perfect.  This is a prototype dream gun.  In this age there else is nothing like it. This is all I can do to help.  You are a brave soul to charge in.  Braver than your peers.  They are working together to try to calibrate the portal and create a way to return to their specific timelines.  Where ever you end up... Be safe."  He cleared the way for Agent 86 when the new weapon was received.

The third Guru, Belthasar smiled meekly but shook his head.  He thought this was foolhardy. No man should step through.  If he steps through he might step through a thousand times.  There was no question that a man could step though. The question was whether there was another timeline to meet him or not.

Agent 86 didn't hesitate. As he walked the distortion got further away. The walls repeated and became foggy.  He looked back to see himself looking back. Quickly he turned his head forward again fearing to meet his own gaze once again.  It didn't take long for him to walk into something.

Falling backward he found himself in the same dark room as before.  Perhaps he was simply transported back to the same place.  Collecting himself he opened the door.

A mean square jawed gaurd standing next to what looked like a Lasher.  The gaurds coat of arms was from the nation of Porre.  The two soldiers noticed agent 86 right away.  Drawing weapons they approached.

Agent 86 had no time to think.  He fired the dream gun at the Lasher, killing him. As the Lasher fell bright bolts exploded in rapid succession around the doorway he was using for cover. Pulling the door halfway shut for more cover he returned fire.  Bright flashes of indeterminable colour ripped through the guard's armor and turned a section of his chest into jelly.  He hollered and fell dead against the wall.

It was the same building.  It wasn't under control of anyone with good intentions though. There is another portal.  There is always another portal. The situation he so brazenly walked into was going to repeat. Each time is was going to get worse.

Find out what happens next but beating Crimson Cold War and Reptite Rage. 

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: February 17, 2021, 12:09:00 am »
Thank you for your support.  No it's not dead.  Although everyone on the day of Lavos is having a hard time. It will be no spoiler that this game takes place in a world where they didn't kill Lavos.  Today I also finished an enemy animation  I'm trying not to reuse a bunch of the old game without making stuff like the computers a whole lot nicer and useful for showing what is happening in the world.  Since a lot of textures can be swapped per level I can use these screens for a few things.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: February 14, 2021, 01:43:43 am »
I've changed the intro music to something better and public domainy and you have never heard anything like it.  After every chapter the menu music will have a cool new song. I've picked something very near to me.  Just like chrono trigger it got me through the bad times. It's all good times now.  The help screen will contain the stats and current level of the character you are playing.  There is no actual level up system but things will change nearly every level. The character stats will be as close to chrono trigger as i can.  I'll look up how damage is calculated so that i can try to match stats properly even though it doesn't matter.  There will be voiced dialogue in the missions.  I have a lot of sprites now too I might dump the assets online. 

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: February 13, 2021, 03:08:41 am »
some screen shot  updates to show you how it's going.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: December 10, 2020, 12:30:59 pm »
I fixed that picture again.  I completed 4 of ayla's weapons 2 of lori's weapons and i might as well redo agent 86's weapons.   I have enough stuff to do the thing.  I'm not going to rush anything. I tried this other thing where a Nu runs from out of the darkness and kills the player but than i decided that was terrifying so i didn't.  It's starting to look a lot nicer than it ever did before.  That is good.  I did a test of ayla's weapons and beat reptite rage with them and that was a ton of fun.  I might just release that too but it seems redundant. i do racing now... I need to break... break early... wait to gear down...

Chrono News / Re: Chrono Trigger Promotional Store Video Ripped!
« on: December 05, 2020, 03:46:17 pm »
That would be cool to see. 

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: December 04, 2020, 08:44:49 pm »
Thats aweful... I had to fix that.  Srry.  This is better.  Sometimes it doesn't occur to me that art is hrd.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: December 04, 2020, 02:35:42 am »
These are some of the status bars i'm thinking of using they look ok.  I'll try to work on them more.

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