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Hi there. I heard about the thing where you can only walk or that you can't fire.  1st level just collect the purple things and press space on the purple pillar. if you collect a weapon and can't fire just restart your computer and it'll shoot fine after. I don't know what causes this.  i'll be around if any more questions pop up.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: June 05, 2020, 07:53:38 pm »
So far everything is working ok and i've been working on stone and stain glass stuff that will be in the temple of spoiler.  This temple will contain a lot of the history of zeal to that point and beyond.  Agent 86 who is now stuck, will be focused on using this knowledge to find his way home. I will tell some of his story through narration as he progresses through. Don't worry about shooting stuff as there will be lots of that, i'm not losing focus and you can still have a quick game of course.  What about lori? to answer that question i will say that Ayla is strongest.  I could, if i wanted to, communicate properly and write things down in an ordered and structured manner but i will just do that thing where I talk about something else for a bit. I'm sure you've seen the end screen of reptite rage.  Ayla is not happy, her home is destroyed and her friends fates are uncertain. The start is now the finish and the forces which conspired to prevent this cataclysm have failed to kill the one thing they were looking for all along, agent 86.  He is the cause. He was there already and his return shattered an evil empire. As always he is alone in a world he remembers a thousand versions of. Did you know I forgot to turn off the map function in reptite rage? yeah you can press F1 and see the map! isn't that something? couldn't you use that to get an early dream gun? it doesn't matter i'm sure there is one on timeline 5 or 6 anyway right at the beginning.  I didn't forget... I just didn't say anything.  Now that you know about the map i'm sure you'll be killed by slashers because you couldn't be bothered to look up from your hud. By now you are a solid agent and no longer have need for such devices. So now you are up to speed and know everything you need to about Lori. Did you find all the red stone? really only one guy has it. Ayla isn't just going for revenge either.  Ayla is strongest.  You will play these characters individually and they will have their own arcs.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: May 31, 2020, 05:11:52 am »
Ah... the 4am zone.   It is time to share some things.  These are some tiles that are to be used for the floating islands.  Zeal in 1999 if it had made it there is fun to make. Don't you wonder what will be up there waiting awake me? probably the horrors or magic and science. Will this be a fun and beautiful location? Anyway i'm going to bed.  My science officer is attempting to create a make shift solar sail in an attempt to generate power. I got lots done but no spoiler textures for you today just some architecture.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: May 22, 2020, 02:51:04 pm »
Thanks, between racing and inquisitor I've had my hands full.  It's like I got all day now but still not enough time to do everything.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: May 22, 2020, 12:47:36 pm »
My update this morning.  I finished building some architecture  That I couldn't use because it was too big and beyond what i normally use.  So I decided to chop it as i wasn't willing to let it go. These 64 by 64 tiles are the result.   

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: May 21, 2020, 09:18:26 pm »
I have been toiling.  I have come up with 2 wall tiles today. As I was looking at the Arris dome for the colours to match other colors and all that I saw this head.  I have attempted to reconstruct what it may have looked liked.  I couldn't find anything on it in basic searches.  I may use it as a plot point if it is merely a coincidence. Still... Mysteries... Anyway i'll show tiles when i have lots of them. for now there is only more questions.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: May 21, 2020, 03:34:50 am »
This is the portrait for Lori.  I flipped marles portrait and made blocks of where stuff was supposed to be. I zoomed it out and it looks ok. More to come as i work.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: May 19, 2020, 09:36:06 pm »
I have an intro song. I gotta get a pack of smokes and thank a bassist. This MP3 is an original.  I want to make it the intro music. I will work harder on it as I will try to record more when time is permitted.  I already made a bunch of time machines but an unknown assailant keeps breaking in and murdering the occupants only to escape.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: May 16, 2020, 05:39:12 pm »
This is the mystery tile that has no earthy buisness being there.  It shouldn't be there and I don't know why it is there.  If you have this mystery tile as well let me know.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: May 16, 2020, 04:31:42 pm »
So the 4 walking animations.  2 attacks and 5 death frames are done. on this one sprite.  I didn't include the tail or the wings because stylistically i got a lot of grey there and having more grey stuff in back could hurt the design.  If Anyone has a way to make this a little better I welcome that, but still this is the first whole sprite i've done.  I've got some panels I cut out too.  Also regarding that Crimson cold war glitch.  I'm going to get a screen shot of that in a bit.  I must expedition through the game once more.  Agent 86 wasn't high level in the first game and he doesn't turn very fast.  I'm going to pull out a metranome after that and attempt to clocktrack some simple guitar stuff. That is not a hopeful project but the song about making clock tracks was pretty clear on how to do it.  I have no idea how to make a midi file without a yamaha keyboard and a special cable.  I'm not musically inclined but i will make the attempt nonetheless. 

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: May 15, 2020, 09:42:19 am »
So i stay up all night doing this walking animation  than i put it in the wrong order because tired me is a terrible person to awake me. Using all my stuff and not asking about snacks... just eating them. Anyway this is last nights progress.  I should be online most of the day.  That is much closer to what i was thinking of.  These statues lift.  I'm going to post progress as I go this time around. 

Submissions / Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: May 14, 2020, 03:31:03 pm »
I am working on a 3rd installment of my FPS chrono trigger fan series.  This will be a battle between Agent 86, Agent 86, Ayla and a new character I have named Lori, if you have a better name or input I welcome it.  An important part of the story is the statues that appeared throughout the first two games.  These statues never had a character sprite that could walk around and attack the player.  So I am making this and more. I would like to ask the community if they would like to help in this regard.  I have a base model that i will use and i'm using the 64 by 32 pixel grid with 3 tone colors on the sprite 3 color tones per color used.  This has proven to be a challenge as statues are stone. so if you have a submission that is better I would really love to include that.  I need the statue Enemies to be muscular and have the red/purple glowie sort of cracks.  I would like to have a male and female version.  The female ones will likely be modeled a little after ayla and use an all 4's style run animation.  Also I think something is wrong with my version of Crimson Cold war as a default wall texture or an unknown texture can be found near the end of one of the levels. I'll post a screenshot of that.  Also i'm pretty hammered when i work on this project because i don't want to remember the levels before i play them, so if you want to be a level designer i do welcome that.  If you have any wall panel edits you would like to do that is also welcome.  Below is the resource i'm using for the statue sprite.  This game will not be about separate timelines.  It will take place in the cataclysm caused by the events of the first two games in a reality that agent 86 doesn't belong in.  so roughly 15 weapons will be needed as there will be 3 characters that you will play as in this next game.

Hint: If you have both games you can cross the saves between them but the weapons and items will still work as they are supposed to for the game you are in, i'm sure you can find that useful. 

Submissions / Re: Next FPS: Reptite Rage
« on: November 07, 2019, 08:20:34 pm »
Sure that would be great!   These are the two titles screens if you want to use them for that.

Submissions / Re: Next FPS: Reptite Rage
« on: November 05, 2019, 03:34:43 pm »
Reptite Rage.

So there it is.  The second game in this fps series. I stayed up changing things and making small adjustments. blending trees and making the trees the trees the trees... Oh something you should know. It's tabb to change weapons. space to open doors... I feel like i shouldn't have to tell anyone this.  It's in the help file for the first game.  you can get that one here. too.  so in total about 37 levels. Have fun ripping around time.  Save ammo... but also use it for what it's for. srry iz late...  maybe i'll do a ayla game next.

Crimson Cold War

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