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Chrono Trigger: Prelude to a Dream RPGMaker Project / Re: Video Update!
« on: September 09, 2011, 06:20:49 pm »
You remind me of that guy from That 70's Show in speech and looks LOL. Congrats on getting married 8)

l'll spread this video around too when I get the chance. Reason people like your stuff and Shift as well is because it's been a long time since a organized team has created something wonderful and original for RPG maker and fans filling in the gaps of the chronoverse which was sorely needed. This site and it's people as I can tell will be fulfilling that long awaited dream.

Btw I know someone who can help you progress this with ease, I believe he's quite intelligent too when I played his games since he used alot of custom coding, though manner of speech text wise in his uh another story lol. He's the maker of the Final Tear Series, though it was on the RPG maker site, there had been certain drama and was taken down. If you want you can contact him via website. Type in Final Tear 3 in google and you will find it, he's a great guy and I believe he would be a good addition to your team, I believe might be able to help you with complex coding that RPG makers struggle with.

I noticed the rpg maker forums for these games were dead. :picardno

So I decided to join this site finally to show support lol.  :)

Was wondering what progress has been made so far for both? Btw I'am Kaliesto, I'm new and it's nice to meet you all.

EDIT: Oops I apologize I noticed that users shouldn't make topics in this unless it's the team. I'm quite sorry since I just noticed it was all Lance topics, so I figured. :( Sorry about that.

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