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Characters, Plot, and Themes / I have three theories =D
« on: February 04, 2011, 10:56:40 pm »
Hi =D  first of all, I have to apologize because my English isn't very good so I hope you understand what Iím trying to say on this thread

1st Theory

WellÖI was thinking that in fact Chrono and Marle donít died in the fall of guardia, thanks maybe to the protection of the pendant that Marle have, just like in the fall of zeal/ocean palace disaster where the pendant protected Marle and company from the calamity, yeah, you can say that Schala transported them to safety, in some way thatís true, but she only move them to the earth, but donít protect them from lavos rise or the magic kingdom falling, and its important to remember that when Marle and company wakes after the disaster, the earthbound chief says that the pendant was founded on her shoulder like protecting her.

And if we remember that the pendant of kid also protect she from dead or disasters rewinding time a little, we can think that maybe it do the same with Chrono and Marle, maybe sending them to another era, the end of time or simply to a safer place in that era.

So this is a possible theory of what maybe happened, thinking of course that Chrono and Marle survived, which could make sense to the fact that in the orphanage are drawings of them and that in a letter Lucca talk about her friends, and presumably she doesnít write that letter until kid was more than just a baby, and thinking that kid come to 1004 a.d and its improbable that Lucca writes that letter while the fall of guardia, so I think that are many chances to marle and chrono survived the fall.

And for Lucca well, I donít think that Lynx have the power to kill she, but I believe that in the other hand Lucca committed suicide, no because she going to die anyway in the hands of lynx but because her dead was necessary to project kid, knowing that after all, when schala were saved from the time devourer, the time since 12 0000 bc was changed.

2nd theory

After the reunification of dimensions, itís necessary that at least one of the two/same persons on each dimension itís still alive at the time of the reunification.

In another words, if a person died in dimension A but itís still alive in dimension B,  or its still alive in A and B, after the reunification that person going to be still alive, but, if that person dies in the two dimensions, even if the reunification happened, that person canít return to life.

And thank to this we can think that, in one dimension for example, Lucca B were killed by lynx or committed suicide, but in the another dimension she is still alive, and maybe this Lucca A never took part of project kid or was in contact with her another self.

In the same way, we can think in Lynx A and B, he died in the two dimensions and because of that he canít return to life, which means that he canít kill Lucca in 2015.

For last, I think that the Kid that saved Serge from Lynx is not the future kid that we see in the game, that because the Kid that save Serge was the Kid from his dimension, and no the kid from the other dimension(the kid we play), that because Kid canít travel from the dimensions, but she can travel in time and maybe thanks to Lucca A(the Lucca that donít died) intervention.

And thatís maybe the reason of why Kid looks that different at the end of Chrono Cross, because the Kid we see in the end itís a Kid reunificated with from the other dimension itself, and/or the Kid from the future that save serge, and, she looks more refined and with an elegant dress because that Kid was raised for Lucca A to be a lady and the dress can be a gift from marle and chrono.

3rd theory

About Kid blonde hair and blue eyes, I think that the reason of that its exactly because of the fusion with lavos and the dragon god, I believe that thinking in the game of DS and the Dream Devourer, that because we can see that when Lavos make contact and fuse with schala, it changes hes color from green to red, meaning that some kind of genetic mix happened, but schala in this moment wasnít altered, its in the moment that the dream devourer absorbs the dragon god and changed to the time devourer when schala was changed from the blue eyes and blond hair girl that we see, maybe this was on this way because the dragon god was more compatible with schala that with lavos, maybe because the two was some kind of pure and good beings.

Thinking a moment about this, can merge another idea,  that when the dream devourer and especially schala make contact and fused with the dragon god and begin to be changed, in this particular moment, she awakes a little from lavos spell and with all the hope and love of his body clones herself and send her clon to 1004.

For last, Serge can make schala wakes again, I think that this is because two reasons, he had contact with the schala clone and, the most important, he itís a chrono trigger, he is alive while he was supposed to be dead, because I think that to reach the perfection the time devourer needs four parts.

1.-A being that can live all the eras nd have the power to drain energy and life from another beings. - LAVOS
2.-A being that was supposed to be alive and had an important rol in the timeline.-SCHALA
3.-A being that can control the elements and more important, was from an alternate dimension. DRAGON GOD
4.-A being that was supposed to be dead and its alive, killing another timeline.- SERGE

Thatís why schala heard the crying of serge, because she and the time devourer itself was somehow connected with he so it can be perfectioned, and because of that, when Serge touched the frozen flame that conection was sealed and that momento give to the dragon god a chance to awake in the same way schala wake two year before, and create a seven dragon, using his own dna and part of the schala dna, in another word, to create Harle.

WellÖI know I write a lot and maybe not to well or can sound a little crazy but wellÖthis are my theories, y hope you understand my writing and of course that understand my theories too XD

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