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Chrono Trigger Modification / chrono trigger sprites edits
« on: May 31, 2005, 12:03:15 pm »
Quote from: Chickenlump
I know there not 'real' edits, but hey... the CT hacking scene is just getting started... and Terra can be my mother any day of the week. ^_^

learn the SNES assembly language insead of letting other people do all the hard work for you :(

Does anyone remember that in Zeal (enhasa and kajar, right?) you had to open the books in a certain order to get to the hidden rooms?  There were only three books, Wind (Obviously Heaven/Lightning), Fire, and Water, if I recall correctly, and Shadow was omitted.  I'm not sure if this is relevant, though :\ .

These are a product directly derived from the fact that Lavos was destroyed and Crono's timeline continued on to 2300 to a point at which there was time travel, and people decided to do a test of social engineering, right?  (This is all from the inference of the game, which I haven't played in a few years.)  I would assume that since El Nido inherently could not be contained as a microcosm even with the utmost precautions (yeah, there was the whole time crash thing lorl), and the people outside of El Nido had contact with the people inside well before the time crash, so it may be that elements originated in El Nido due to the paradoxial nature of its existence (if you can travel in time, does that mean time goes both ways?) as well as the fact that the Reptites had derived their own mysticism from the base elements (Think not of COLOURS but of NATURE!!).  Could it be then that Heaven/Lightning is a source of creation, and Shadow is a source of destruction?  If this is the case, then it is very possible that the Draconic Elements are derived from Heaven/Lightning, (diverging into White, Green and Yellow), Fire (red), Water (blue), and Shadow (black)?

I've got more that I'd like to add, but I'd like to make sure that my mind isn't quite so full of misinformation as it tends to be.

Site Updates / Announcing ThaSauce, A VG Music Arrangement News Hub
« on: May 08, 2005, 06:54:41 am »
Quote from: Another Messageboard

Note: If you're already registered, you may have to clear your browser cache at this time to view some minor updates

What IS "ThaSauce"?
Some people might remember from a few monthes ago I mention an idea about making a site that was the center of information for the entire community. A site where you could get all your OCReMix, VGMix, Anime ReMix, etc etc etc etc, information all in 1 place. Updates on Competitions, songs, buzz, all that good stuff, probably even updates on games, and game soundtracks, as well as reviews of both. Kinda like a Slashdot Game Arrangement Community style. Users submit news, which is moderated and posted all in 1 convient place complete with RSS feeds.

Why'd it take so long?
When I originally mentioned the idea I talk briefly with Protricity about possibly holding off and just being part of HIS upcoming site, as it would be easier on the community anyway. Well Prot's site (last I heard) is on indefinite hold while he sorts out a few things which is why I wanted to start a trial run of MY site, just to make sure everything works out OK and to actually see if I can get people involved. If/when Prot gets his site going, he still thinks both our ideas can exist with in 1 site, and we're not TOO settled in, then there is still a pretty decent possibility of a move, BUT for now, as I said, trial run.

Why "ThaSauce"?
ThaSauce is a working title, really. It's kind of the first thing we've come up with that's not a COMPLETE joke. It comes from my IRL friends call me "The RamaSauce" (a play on TheRamaniscence), but also kind fits for a news site. "That's that sauce!" "Spreadin' the sauce!" "Mix up all the infoz from all the sites together and get ThaSauce!" Yea, corny I know...but it works for now, and it's subject to change. If you have any suggestions regarding the name or ANYTHING else, plz let us know.

Why not "TheSauce"?
TheSauce.COM, .NET, and .ORG are all taken. So that's why I decided on ThaSauce, because, if I DO decide to KEEP that name, is still availible.

Note: We are accepting donations for domain registration. I believe we need something around or below $10 a month for a year.

Why the does the Logo look like gay? And why isn't it centered?
Yea yea, I know. We're working with what we have, that's CLEARLY a temporary logo until I figure out a bit more about this theme itself. There are other themes availible on the user's screen which MAY or MAY NOT be kept, but for now they're there, so feel free to use them.

There's a forums button...but the forums aren't there, why? (Certain themes)
Right now a lot of the page design is still under construction. A lot of things might be lacking in content or may be completely empty or inactive. Right now we're only stressing the news parts more than anything else. As for the forums themselves, I don't particularly see the need for another forums, except for maybe a question and answer basis. The idea of ThaSauce is to create a friendly center of information as kind of an example of the community. It's been my experience that forums will generally breed hatred, and trolls. Granted the comments on the news articles can generally do the same, it'd be a lot easier to contain.

Note: Trolling and general harassment WILL NOT be tolerated in any way, though I won't be nazi about it and go removing comment privelages for having differing opinions.

Who's in charge here?
Well obviously there's myself(SgtRama), and Fusion2004 who's hosting the site and taking care of site related issues. In addition right now there's also Mythril Nazgul, Suzumebachi, and Garian. In the near future I do hope to contact more people about becoming moderators, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. (And plz, don't PM us, we'll PM you >_<)

How can I help?
SUBMIT CONTENT. Like for rilla. The most important thing to keeping this site going is an involved user base. The main admins and moderators will submit news every now and then but it's important that people who have news, that they think might be relevant, write out a story and submit it!!

What kind of news are you looking for?
-Updates on community competitions such as OCRI, ORC, DoD, etc, etc.
-Updates on upcoming games and/or game sountracks
-Reviews of new games and/or game soundtracks
-News generally pretaining to the community (such as Harmony becoming a judge)

Make sure all your news stories are WELL WRITTEN or at LEAST legible, also if you could insert links in the text where relevant, that'd be great too (see current news articles for examples.)

Note: New/Good songs on VGMix, Anime Remix, OCR, KWED, etc, etc, are welcome to news posts and encourage, but DO NOT plug your own songs, and PLEASE MAKE SURE that you actually REVIEW THE SONG and explain WHY YOU think it's worth announcing to the community. Your submission WILL be reviewed, and the song checked before it is actually posted. Also please do not announce something someone else has already announced

Known Issues:
-DO NOT TRY TO MAKE A USER NAME WITH A SPACE IN IT, you won't be able to login. It's a bug we've been looking into.
-If you're using IE you sometimes get logged out...constantly. No idea as to why yet.
-When submitting a news story with Firefox, some people can not input into the "Story text" box. If this happens you can either
A) Just write it out as you'd like in the extended text, and an admin will edit it before approvel
B) Press the "HTML" button on the bottom left hand of the box, and enter your story in HTML

I felt that this news should reach both the VG Music Arrangement community as well as VG Fansites.  News and links are highly encouraged.  Cheers.

Quote from: TheCompendium
You last visited on Fri Dec 12, 2003 9:51 pm
The time now is Sun May 08, 2005 9:45 am

Weird, I thought the forums would've been redone, so I first tried registering a new account!

General Discussion / Do you draw?
« on: December 12, 2003, 05:36:07 pm »
like, isn't that from the episode thta they went to duff gardens and she got drunk?

General Discussion / Ouch.
« on: December 09, 2003, 09:38:06 pm »
Quote from: warmgun
I can't look at eggs and ramen any more.

i pity you.

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