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I found out a few years ago about a certain CD called "Dragon Ball Jump Original CD" that included (in addition to Dragon Ball information, quizzes, talks and other stuff), an interview between Toriyama sensei, Sakaguchi sensei  and Horii sensei regarding Chrono Trigger. Further info can be found here: . I have seen the CD on Japan stores every now and then (unfortunately without enough money to get it so far)… I was wondering if the Compendium has the information about this item already or if trying to get it would be a good addition. Pease let me know  :wink: .

Hi! I'm coming back after a long hiatus and I was wondering which Next Gate issues are still missing  :) .
Best wishes!

If this is true, then that means that Lucca is 19 compared to Crono and Marle's 17 and 16. Pretty cool. Meanwhile, Glenn is 40 years old! Which, of course, means...



Come on!  :) Being fair, we old people need to have some fictional characters our age too! :wink: (Most JRPG characters are created thinking of teenagers or people in their early 20’s maximum (And, personally speaking, 40 years old still gives me a good range…), and 40 years old men can be quite appealing    8)))...

Whoa, these are a real treasure, thanks for collecting and saving them Angerona!

Is that Ayla doing a science experiment in Sept 1995? Or does cooking sometimes just require safety goggles in Japan...?

Actually I believe she’s Midori Yamabuki from Toriyama’s manga “Doctor Slump” =)… Knowing the manga she already knows something will go terribly wrong with the cooking :wink:

I decided to look at the CT OAV Manga “Next Gate” pages since Angerona uploaded some more pages recently. It looks like they're the original source of the character ages/heights/weights. One source of them, at least.

So far, I've found these characters' info:
  • Frog: Next Gate 15
  • Ayla: Next Gate 16
  • Magus: Next Gate 18
The remaining ones are probably in the magazines yet-to-be-scanned.

Robo’s info is there as well:
Next Gate 17
175 cm tall and a weight of 189 kilos.

My bet is the August 1996 magazine should include further info about one of the main girls (Probably Lucca). Unfortunately the other issue from the same year I got is previous to the characters’ profiles release, but let’s hope it will include something interesting =S…
It's been good to see around again, Vehek.

What do they mean by "Next Gate ..."?
They are articles that were published parallel to the Chrono Trigger manga release on the pages of the V-Jump magazine from 1995 to 1997. They provide some extra information about CT that wasn’t published anywhere else as far as I know (Sometimes with interesting data, others not so much).

You can find here the issues that have been acquired and scanned here:
In my opinion this one is particularly interesting, since includes some black and white image that were created by the production staff during the game’s development (Including Ayla and Kino taking care of a bunch of kids).

Here is a sketch of the Tyrano Lair drawn before the pixel graphics were created.

However, lots of info seem to be related to the main characters of the manga (Nuu and Mamo), so I don’t think it will be  very relevant (But unfortunately I’m not enough proficient in Japanese to say it for sure =S…)

As for April 8th 2012:

Issues that still need to be acquire and scanned:
August 1995
October 1995
November 1995
December 1995
February 1996
June 1996
July 1996

Issues that have been acquired but still need to be received and scanned:
April 1996*
August 1996*
March 1997*
June 1997*
I expect to receive those in 1 ½ months.

Chrono Series Tarot Card Project / Re: Cups Suit: Page of Cups - Janus
« on: December 21, 2011, 10:05:06 pm »
No suggestions on the improvement, symbolism and background? XD

I really like it. Personally I’m fan of a more complex coloring style myself (more shading levels, bouncing lights, etc.) but this one works really well. Probably the only thing I would do would be changing a couple colors and make Janus skin a little liver and a bit pinker or yellower (I love pale Janus but  I feel the color is too similar to Alfador’s lilac fur… I feel that creating a more noticeable difference between both could work better. However f Janus is already in the process of becoming Magus this tonal gamma would totally make sense (Though personally I  would like to avoid the grayish skin tone of the Playstation release, somehow it feels wrong.) Also, it could be that a purplish light is affecting the general color schema (in that case the yellow parts should be more affected by that light). Other than that, I would probably make Alfador’s left eye a little bigger vertically, more similar in size to the right eye. Finally, I feel Janus’ neck is a bit too tick for someone as young as him. Maybe I would make it a bit thinner (without falling in the usual anime/manga/videogames excess of super thin and anatomically impossible necks) but at the end it would really depend of the particular age you are depicting ^^.
I can’t say anything about symbolism right now because I need to actually sit down and read the posts first but I will make sure to come back to you =).

Sorry for my absence, mates. I'm actually waiting for Angerona. XD

I'm terribly sorry for the absence, Tushantin. I spent a couple days trying to make an alternate coloring of your Janus lineart. To make a longstory short, I ended up feeding my artistic blockage and now I can't seem to be able to draw a single line. Until the last day of the year I will get into reclusion until I manage to finish a secret santa piece I promised (and ideally the Kiriban I have been owing for over a year) and I will be back with some sketches during the first days of the next year (Fortunately I got a couple weeks of vacations after that so I should be able to come up with something valuable, hopefully). I will make sure to login during the following days and comment. Right now I'm heading to the Janus card post.

Chrono Series Tarot Card Project / Re: General Tarot Discussion thread
« on: December 11, 2011, 05:15:59 pm »
I'm leaving for today but I promise to stay in touch  :wink:!

Chrono Series Tarot Card Project / Re: General Tarot Discussion thread
« on: December 11, 2011, 04:48:13 pm »
Fine, choose your pick.  :P Sai or Illustrator. I'd prefer Sai for more control, but Illustrator because it's vector so high-res.

If it’s for the line art only I would say let’s try with Sai (with a very high resolution)and see how things work out (I believe Sai has an option for using vectors with the linework layers so maybe we could use it  =)).

Chrono Series Tarot Card Project / Re: General Tarot Discussion thread
« on: December 11, 2011, 04:15:49 pm »
I usually ink and do the gray-scale coloring with Sai and add colors an effects in Photoshop   :wink:, but I can use illustrator as well.

Chrono Series Tarot Card Project / Re: General Tarot Discussion thread
« on: December 11, 2011, 04:05:40 pm »
@Angerona: I'm so sorry!  :cry: I didn't know you wanted to do this one. You can take over if you like. I'll PM you the lineart. Of course, if you'd prefer your sketches instead, well... it's a challenge!  8)

Apologies again to tushantin for accidentally ignoring his explicit instructions XD
Okay, now I seriously feel you're trolling me! XD (The instructions have changed based on the alignment, and may again later)

@Manly Man: Hah, looks like illustration's ahead. Let's see what others choose, then we'll go with that.

Ha ha ha, please don’t worry, you are doing an excellent job ! I think it would be much better if we develop this together as co-workers (I have been wanting to collaborate with you in an artwork for a long time ^^), so please keep working on it and I will do the same and let's exchange ideas! Also  I will start working with sketches of the other cards that have been settled already =) as well (slowly because I still have some work to do this week but I will do my best not to neglect the project again! ).

Chrono Series Tarot Card Project / Re: General Tarot Discussion thread
« on: December 11, 2011, 03:43:23 pm »
Another questions: Would you guys prefer "illustration style" art, Cel-Shade, or deeper painting like this?

EDIT: Sorry, fixed it. Somehow it didn't attach the file... So yeah, choose your poison, people.

Ha ha ha, you beat me in my favorite character’s card (It’s my entire fault for neglecting my responsibilities)!!!!I love the concept you are developing … I attach a few quick sketches I did based on your idea (they have a thousand mistakes, though). The idea would be portraying a teenager Janus or a kid Janus (either way works for me)? My personal color choice would be illustration style or a deeper painter style, like the one of the artists you mentioned a while ago. Is there a chance I could contribute with the coloring of this particular card =)?

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