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General Discussion / Re: FFVI for 3DS in celebration of 25 years?
« on: January 29, 2012, 08:23:04 pm »
Sounds like a rumor or fanwank to me, It would be really weird to fully remake FF6 because it is by no mean that popular in Japan compared to 3 or 4.

Yeah, that would be infinitely better. Square Enix should hire Ahruon to bring Amano's artwork to life with beautiful, beautiful sprites. Well, one can dream.

Realistically speaking, When they remake they will ask themselves just one question; to be chibi/toon or full proportioned which extend to game's areas.

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: July 24, 2011, 03:06:21 am »
Is it me or world maps/overworlds just completely disappeared from games now.
Tales of Xillia won't feature a complete overworld  :(

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Want a new Chrono game?
« on: February 06, 2011, 05:34:49 am »
Uh, DKC was Rare, not Nintendo..."retro revival" is just the gaming industry's term for "reboot", which you may have noted is also happening elsewhere and has been for a while now....

As for SE, I think they're just letting Nomura do w/e since they know it'll make 'em moneys and because they've always got DQ to fall back on (& them KH games are pretty popular too I hear and they also publish all Taito & Eidos games now...) if the FF moneytrain ever does anything but chug along...I just want FFVI for 3DS.
Chrono, Saga and other Square/Enix IPs aren't expanding because producers who work on these games aren't interested in making games anymore. Tanaka isn't interested in Chrono that is why we don't have a new Chrono game. Also, outside of Nomura, no producer at Square-Enix has produced a real hit in years. It really has nothing to do with the sales of the DS remake and everything to do with there not being any team leader at Square-Enix who wants to spearhead a Chrono series.

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: January 18, 2011, 12:37:52 pm »
All trailers here from fan event
FFXIII-2 this year (JPN) on PS360

Versus XIII from Kingdom hearts team on PS3

Type0 on PSP (2 UMDs) this summer

Anyone has Dissidia's trailer?

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: January 18, 2011, 06:15:09 am »

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: January 13, 2011, 10:38:00 am »
Oh, Godammit. FFXIII was awful. Why are they making another one?
1-Reuse old environmental assets.
2-Tweak the battle system
3-Profit in less than two years of development ?

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: January 13, 2011, 04:06:57 am »
Not surprised at all, If Versus XIII is an exclusive title then they need to make a more mainstream-ish FF title, FFXIII has a lot of unused elements (Locations, summons and skills) so here we go...

I have finished 5 chapters of the game and i will tell you this is not a Parasite Eve game and it is not even a Parasite Eve 3 to begin with.

Yeah, when I've heard people talk about 3rd Birthday they usually try to state, regardless of opinion of the game, that it isn't Parasite Eve 3...from what I've seen I can't disagree...idk why they chose to slap "Kinda Parasite Eve" on this, but I guess even FF had it's own wacky spin-offs here and there....
FF in much much much better situation than PE. An FF title is an adventure set in an entirely new world with no connection to previous entries , they make spin-off for example like Versus XIII to let unique elements shine like being realtime and based on real world locations like Venice and Tokyo. On the other hand, PE cast tied with real world calender which mean you need to deal with timeline changes that is parallel to our world. Making "Parasite Eve 3" will only lead to some kind of cloning both Aya and Eve just to deal with timeline (PE2) thought T3B isn't better they almost want her to be immortal.

In my opinion, It is what it is, but let the sequel more grounded to reality than pushing the sci-fi and fantasy aspects "less Mindf*ck please"  and i want "world map" make it an adventure in real world and it will be game of forever...

Any news on this matter?
You mean the director? so far nothing beyond that he welcome feedback. he is generally open for suggestion.
PE fans were frustrated with the story more or less like PE2.
New comers felt like they didn't know enough about anything.
FF fans took this as a chance to criticize faults of Toriyama's writing in FF and praise Nojima.

Currently i am replaying both PE2 and T3B, both share the same flaws regard scenario except people took this as a chance to shit on
Toriyama, people don't want him to lead any of SQEX projects.

yes once again it's a far leap, but that's about all we have nowadays for those hoping for a new chrono game. IMO, monolith is more qualified to develop chrono break if they get mitsuda and katou on board than square-enix would be

True that, (and Kato and Mitsuda collaborating with Monolith should be a no-brainer, as both have done so on separate occasions) but unfortunately SquEnix owns the rights to the Chrono name, not Monolith. I would love to see them outsource development to Monolith, but I think that's even less likely than a third game materializing.
Monolith = 80% Nintendo + 20% Bamco

They've been wanting to make the Parasite Eve a new, full-on franchise, so if they are killing her it is probably either temporary or more of an ambiguous death. :)
The truth :/

Edit: Looks like the director taking feedback :>

I have a lot of thought about T3B.

-I have finished 5 chapters of the game and i will tell you this is not a Parasite Eve game and it is not even a Parasite Eve 3 to begin with.

-If you are only care about story or expect deep experience then i am sorry, this is by far the lowest story and scenario i have ever encounter from SQEX. This is coming from me, who say KHBBS is GOTY2010 and TWEWY is GOTY2008, i am by no mean a blind hater.

-The whole scenario is done by Motomu Toriayama, he fuck it all up, to me the story feels like every bizarre scenario from (PE2,MGS2,SO3.Xenogears,Xenoblade,...) meld together but done by Toriyama who can't write halfway-decent dialog to save his life .

-On the other hand, action is fun, shooting/evading(parry similar to 3rd strike) mechanics are great, bosses are great, there are some pretty nice set pieces in the stages, and the music is killer and customization is solid similar to Materia and SMT demon fusing combined together but not as wide as KHBBS in terms of skills and magic, the enemies are quit good with patterns similar to Onimusha's enemies, the tone/atmosphere feels like PE even if it changes once you advance in the game and the game mechanics outshine on high level play and new plus .

- I will tell you from now on, This is just a good action game starring Aya Bera Lol, if you are hoping for half-decent Parasite Eve or RPG or even passable scenario, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. If the scenario wasn't bizarre then i would recommend it.

- To say SQEX ruined/killed Aya Brea/PE, it's a bit of an understatement to call. it is just the scenario is utter garbage in T3B as whole.

-If you are a passionate fan, here are both producer and director:, tell them Toriyama's scenario is BS get a good writer,  I really wish they ditch all the character/drama aspects completely, and just make more action packed to link the stages. Players and Aya fans would probably appreciate it more.

I will try to answer any question.

That's true. Hasn't Chrono Trigger DS surpassed 1 million copies by now? And didn't that happen after the "If you want a sequel, buy more copies!" remark? That remake did bring  Chrono to a new generation of gamers, and gave people who missed it a chance to play it, so wouldn't it make sense to port the next game over? We haven't heard anything from Square when CTDS hit 1 million copies, have we?
It is down to a very small number of producers/directors to make a decision. The real question should be asked is there anyone who want to work on Chrono series ? 

What about CC ?

I think it has to do with Tokita for some reason that dude gone full force on mobile development as well as remakes  :?
I am not sure what happened to old executive producers like (Tanaka, Kitase , Tokita , Kawazu ) they been so slow to produce games.

Looks like a cell phone port, but my money's on an iPod/iPhone/iPad release in the West. Since Square Enix is doing some (minor) graphical updates for Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy IV, maybe Dark Matter will be a little flashier this time around?
Did you play Tactics Ogre PSP? because the attention to detail was way beyond my expectations, I won't call it minor.

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