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General Discussion / Re: A Reminder
« on: April 09, 2007, 09:06:41 pm »
...I am tempted to answer the questions in detail.  However, I am one of the people here who is old enough to remmeber those wonderful religion fights we had a while back.  I don't wish to renew hositilies on the matter, as last time, it practically drove me from the Compendium.  Maybe I'll give my answers later.  Maybe.

General Discussion / Re: Gundam Seed
« on: April 03, 2007, 07:47:31 pm »
Nu's fin funnel can block beams?  How exactly does it do that?  I havn't seen Char's Counter Attack that much, but I don't remmeber it ever doing anything like that.

And which series is the Turn A Gundam from?

Nu's fin funnel makes a tetrahedron formation then it creates a beam barrier.

Turn A Gundam(CC or Correct Century) is suppose to be the last gundam series uniting the 5 gundam universes(UC or Universal Century, AW or After Wars(Gundam X), FC or Future Century(G Gundam) & lastly AC or After Colony(Gundam Wing).  This gundam series was written & directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino the granddaddy of all gundam series.

Here's the gist of the story....

This series combines the melodrama anime of the 80's with a touch of mecha anime.  To me its a fairly good anime but this is just my opinion.
Does the Nu Gundam do that in Char's Counter Attack?  I don't remmeber it ever doing that.

But in that regards, the Akatsuki can do something similar to that.  If Mwu was up to the task, I think that Gundam would be able to beat the Wing Zero, since I don't think it's buster rifle would work on it.  But for some retarded reason, beam swords to, while beam weapons don't, so he might get beaten in close combat, due to the Zero System.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 12
« on: April 03, 2007, 01:10:36 am »
@cupn00dles:  WAHHH I HAVE TO POST THE SAME THING MORE THAN ONCE!!!!!  And your post don't bother me at all so I keep replying to them  :(:(:(:(


Having more female gamers would be nice, but gaming companies would rather make what makes money.  And really, I'd rather not play a game with a 'realistic' attractive female, because the vast majority of females (and males) wouldn't fit the role of an RPG hero.

Is it sexist?  If I walk around campus here, I see girls in minishirts, tight fitting clothing, revealing clothing, and things like that.  Women, for whatever reason (blame society if you must), want to look attractive.  And some are incredible teases.

But what this comes down to, is that games are fantasy.  Fiction.  People want to watch what they like.  They want attractive characters.  They want characters that can do the impossible.  They don't want an ordinary woman who is mild in appearance.

This applies to men and women.

For example, take this:  I've never played a game where a fat man was the main character.  They are always fit, and most of the time, built very well.  Is this sending a similar message to men?  That they have to be the warriors, that they have to be built guys who run around and shoot eye lasers?  Why can't we get a more realistic male lead.  One who doesn't exericise, who sits on the couch all day and drinks beer?  Maybe he is fat.  Maybe bald.

But do we really want a character like that?

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 12
« on: April 02, 2007, 08:35:11 pm »
I don't see game companies making women wearing revealing clothing, or having large busts to be an insult at all.  It's called catering to your target audience.  As in, males.  If there were more female gamers, you would probably either see less of that, or more, I dunno, men with their shirts off?

Regardless, people want to like what they see in their games.  I don't want a fat, no chest zombie as a female lead character.  I would want a female lead who is attractive.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 12
« on: April 02, 2007, 06:10:46 pm »
Ashe and Balthier were the only two real high points to the game. I loved their voices, the quality of the voice acting, and their characters.

Everyone else can take a hike, especially Fran...for some reason she disgusts me. Maybe it's the voice actress...or maybe it's just my own personal distaste for how video games always dress females in as little clothing as possible.
Fran's clothing is one of her pluses.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 12
« on: April 02, 2007, 05:51:46 pm »
You didn't think Tifa in FF7 was any good?  I would say Aeris too, but she gets killed.

So far, I'm just not liking the characters as much.  Balthier seems to be the best character (character wise, unit wise I haven't used him much), and I cannot stand Vaan.  He is like an even worse Titus.  Panenlo seems to be a filler character so far.  I HOPE Fran gets some more development, because I like her.  I like Basch though, and hopefully something interesting with her happens soon.

Ashe seems okay, but I need to see more out of her.

General Discussion / Re: Gundam Seed
« on: April 02, 2007, 05:09:21 pm »
Nu's fin funnel can block beams?  How exactly does it do that?  I havn't seen Char's Counter Attack that much, but I don't remmeber it ever doing anything like that.

And which series is the Turn A Gundam from?

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 12
« on: April 02, 2007, 02:35:18 am »
Yeah, you don't care, and that is why you keep responding in rather long posts.  And not only that, but in both of them, you make yourself look like a complete, condescending ass.  I mean, normally when people DO care, they just blow it off.

Breaking down a singular discussion into branches makes it harder for the users to keep up with people's arguments, makes some users unnecessarily re-write their points and has the single de facto usefulness of giving shallow posters an oportunity to re-bash or re-"lol sephirots teh funksta" on a determined subject.
WAHHH I have to type things more than once!!!  Deal with it.

Too bad, Sherlock.
Yeah, because you don't care about this at all.  I mean, why else would you dedicate so much thought into two posts.

I don't give a shit about what you think about making other topics.  If I want to make a topic about something, I'll make the damn topic.  You can cry about it all you want.

General Discussion / Re: Gundam Seed
« on: April 02, 2007, 02:27:06 am »
In terms of Armaments, I think it goes Wing Zero, Freedom, Nu.

Wing Zero's twin buster rifle is capable of destroying an entire space colony in one blast.

Strike Freedom has several beam cannons all over the suit.  I think the Strike Freedom has 5 on the body, then all the Dragoons....

Nu has a beam rifle, and I guess they call them the fin funnels.

If the Wing Zero didn't have that Buster Rifle, Freedom would have the most in terms of fire power.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 12
« on: March 31, 2007, 08:07:09 pm »
I don't see how creating a new topic after a subject DID die pollutes the forum.  And I'm not going to argue this any further, as it is a retarded arguement.  I don't see why the hell you would type so much about something trivial, about me saying how I don't like necroposting, when neither of us have a say in it.

Let's stop derailing this topic.

Fran.  Does she ever do anything?  Other than be a bunny girl?

General Discussion / Re: Gundam Seed
« on: March 31, 2007, 08:03:46 pm »
There were 5 original gundams in Wing, then they got Zero and Epyon, and Deathsythe Hell and Altron.  Not even counting the 3 versions of Tallgeese.

So, which ones of those were you considering "convential", or did I miss your point somehow?

General Discussion / Re: Gundam Seed
« on: March 31, 2007, 05:58:39 pm »
You think the other gundams in Wing would be stronger than something like the Strike Freedom?  Heavyarms for example, would get it's ass handed to it by any SEED gundam, since their Phase Shift armor blocks conventional, non-beam weaponry.  And the Deathsythe Hell seems to have most of it's potiental in defense, with limited ranged attacks at all.

The Strike Freedom has tons big cannons on it, and can send out those laser-bit things to attack from all directions, not to mention its incredibly fast.

Nu Gundam had similar laser-flying around thingers, and like...  Amuro pushed an asteriod away from a collision course with the Earth practically alone.

But Wing Zero is definitely the strongest.  Not only because it's guns can destroy an entire colony in one blast (that could be dodged), but because the Zero System or whatever reads your oppenent's mind or something.  Epyon would probably be in this tier as well, since its supposed to do something similar.

Maybe Kira or Athrun's SEED mode, or Amuro's Newtype ability, would compensate for that, I dunno.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 12
« on: March 31, 2007, 05:51:18 pm »
Yeah, well I hate necroposting.  Dead topics are dead, no reason to revive them.  After I had left here, I was suprised that topics that I had debated the crap on in the anaylsis section are still somewhat active.  It may be allowed, I just don't like the idea.

Does Fran ever get a bigger part in the story?  I mean, she is a bunny girl.  They can't possibly squander the potiental for a bunny girl, can they?

General Discussion / Re: Gundam Seed
« on: March 31, 2007, 02:49:28 am »
If you guys had to rank the strongest Gundams, spanning all the series, how would you rank them?  And this assumes their default pilot, like Hiro in Wing Zero, Amuro in Nu Gundam, Kira in Strike Freedom.

General Discussion / Re: Gundam Seed
« on: March 30, 2007, 12:36:26 am »
Bish, Duo is the exception!  He actually was a character, not a gay robot.

Gundam SEED is tons better than GSD.  Kira had tons of development in that (SEED).  In GSD, Kira just flew around and unplugged other people's controllers.  You have Cagalli who had tons of development in Gundam SEED, and although cried the first half of GSD, came around in the end.  Athrun got worse in GSD, and didn't come around till like the final storyarc of the series.

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