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It's nice having hope again, albeit very slim hope.

General Discussion / Re: The Thread for Writers
« on: November 13, 2013, 09:43:37 am »
I'm definitely not of the same kin as everyone else in the thread. Writing for me is more of a release than anything else. I have ideas but never really act on them. The only thing I am actually working on is a novelization of Chrono Trigger. It's the only topic I can muster the attention for long enough to get pen on paper. (I prefer handwriting first drafts) I'm not that far, but I'm plugging along. It's hard finding the time to write, with so much going on. But I am writing, and I might even write some more today.

That is certainly an incredible find! Now to wonder about a remake with Gaspar as a PC...

Lavos as a God like figure would be an interesting story but I don't really know how you could make a game out of that. With the planetary travel you can make all sorts of crazy creature based on what Lavos did to perfect them to make his DNA the best. It's akin to spore in that regard, expect the played wouldn't be the one making the evolutions. Just thinking that Lavos arrived in 65 billion BC makes me wonder how many plaents others could have infected and how much MORE powerful those Lavos's could be. Every time Lavos advances it's DNA and makes more spawn they grow stronger. Then the spawn leave and find and new plant and get stronger. This cycle repeating like that can lead to some incredible Lavos adaptations.


I played Baiten Katos Origins and hated it. The gameplay was fun, and I enjoyed the artwork. But the story was so bad. SO BAD. I had to make sure Kato didn't have any involvement with the game otherwise I would have cried for three days straight at the death of a true visionary. Ugh, just thinking about that game makes me shudder.

The story alone doesn't make a Chrono game. Yes, if you were only picking one aspect of the series to keep story is a great choice. But to truly make a Chrono game you need the story to be deep and meaningful with the music bringing each new area to life and leave a lasting memory in your mind. Good call gatotsu(Saito is gangster) on adding Honne, I forgot he was with Monosoft. I definitely agree with you there. The artist style of the series is as essential to completing the core that makes all the games so solid.

ShoeM I misspoke there, when I said Lavos I meant other Lavos aliens. Not the Lavos that found Earth. I wouldn't want to involve too much time travel in the game as it would complicate things heavily. I would want it to focus more on the varied struggles of each planet that becomes "infected" by an adult Lavos. The only time travel I envision would be to recruit on Earth early on in the game.

gatotsu, Dragon Age Origins is the game you should play. It is a very technical Action RPG that involves heavy tactics and character teamwork. Made by Bioware, so it's high quality. It's either that or Diablo II.

Yeah after thinking about it longer (I got three hours of sleep last night so I didn't really thin to hard about this) an MMO wouldn't make sense. Something akin to Dragon Age's combat system would be interesting, but with multi techs and broader ability/spell trees to develop.

Most likely the reasoning behind not making every character able to be recruited was that the game would have been too short. BY having so many characters it makes it nearly impossible to delve into the deep and complex story that the final Cross product came out to be. I think that the game would had suffered greatly if it hadn't been changed.

I'll probably get booed off the board for this, but I don't even require Mitsuda. As long as the story lives up to what Trigger and Cross have done.

You must hate music.

Sourkeys mistaken comment about putting Chrono in space gave me an idea for a new game. Make a Chrono MMO where you hunt Lavos throughout the galaxy. Instead of the natural western MMO style of create your own character there could be just a plethora of teammates like in Cross, but with more character development. The updates could involve new planets that are invaded by Lavos Spawn. If obsidian made that game I would be first in line.

Great question! These types of topics always appeal to me.

~ Allow Magus to have double and rockless triple techs. Yes I understand that it helped support his character development by having only single techs, but at the same time I was always turned off from using him because of that. Like nang said, the multi techs are what gave Trigger's combat system a lasting personality. Giving Magus those options would have made team building an even more varied success.

~ Marle should have had a group heal instead of Frog. Cure 2 is so rarely needed with her healing power, most of the time a group heal would be more profitable to use in situations where a teammate is at very low health. Frog should have got the single target spells, making him the healer for the group is so sad. You want to smash with Frog, not sit back and heal. 

~ Give Ayla a sidequest with some development to her character! I was always disappointed that she was given no love. You'd think with the upcoming ice age the staff would have something to work with. I understand that she is hard to write for but c'mon they should have at least tried! (sigh)

~ Definitely cut it down to between fifteen and twenty characters. The oversaturation of people to have to pay attention to draws away from the main story arc. Making a complicated story is one thing, but surrounding that complex core is a outer shell of minor characters that if you happen to recruit will bring in flavorful but overall meaningless fluff to the story.

~A greater variety of multi techs would have made battle less redundant. When I first started the game I envisioned this grand new version of the Trigger battle system. It ended up being quite vanilla until a boss fight where the games mechanics really shine. One of the things that made the New Game + so fun was the ability to try out teams you hadn't before and try techs out you hadn't really used much or at all. This somehow got lost in the translation and it is a shame really.

It certainly is an interesting idea...however, I don't really think they would follow through with it. The question was answered with such haste that it was obvious he thought of his answer on the spot. It's not exactly like he made a public announcement during a conference.

If SE did sack up and put some effort into the series my sentiments are basically carried by forum. Kato + Mitsuda = Min requirements for Chrono game, period.

I agree, the key chain looks great. Will the key chain only come in the combo or will it also be sold solo?

I always sort of saw it as his (Magus) wanting to know it (the use of the Time Egg) was possible. He even got to see Schala again...but to Magus, first thing's first: taking down for that line, was there a de-Woosley'd version or was that the basic sentiment in the original script as well...?

Oh, and for some reason I want Lucca's middle name to be Eleanor now, maggiekarp...

Wouldn't you think that if he had any inclination that it did work that he would have used it to save Schala? If you have Magus with you when you make the switch he says something along the lines of "What a waste, nothing is changed at all." I don't have the script in front of me since I'm at work but I know he says something near to that. So, with that wouldn't you think that he would just find Gaspar himself and try and convince him to use the egg on Schala?

It definitely is an interesting question. Without any serious time to think about it, I'd have to say they probably took geological studies. Even in 1000 there were significant earthquakes, over time as technology improved they had to have started a geological scientific branch of the kingdom.

As for the mystics, they had to have been killed in the original attack by Lavos. He came out so close to where Medina was located in 1000 and 600 that there could be no way anything could have survived the assault near ground zero.

V basically took the words from my mouth. It's not a drastically better version, but it has an updated script and new content. Any Chrono series fan should play it.

You got whacked, 'cuz you're weak.
Now did he actually mean that line, or was he just trying to insult Crono for the heck of it? Look at it from an angry wizard's point of view: He showed a moment of weakness in admitting that he needed these people's help (by joining them), and that was probably a major hit to his ego. Especially after losing a battle he had spent at least a decade preparing for. So, once Crono is alive and the team's gaining steam, Magus starts tossing around insults to make it feel like he's still in control.
Magus also mentioned that he would kill the team if they ever got in his way, and that never happened, so he must not believe they're actually weak.
I don't see it that way at all. He realizes without his full powers (after being drained) he has no chance of defeating Lavos. He would have to spend another twenty or so years to regain that strength, and by then he'll be nearly fifty. Not really a good age to be trying to solo Lavos. He sees this group of powerful warriors (They beat him already once) that also got wrecked. Much like his association with the Mystics when he was sent back to 600 it was completely for his own gain. Yes, he helped revive Crono. I thought of that more as a "Hey I'll help you out so you can trust me in the group" more so than anything else.

I definitely do not see it as some giant change of character where he realizes he isn't as powerful as he thought he was and becomes nicer and blah blah blah. I always saw it as him coming to terms to the fact that Lavos was far more powerful than he even imagined. 7 against 1 is way better than 1 on 1. Magus is such a cold calculating person. The only time where he really let emotions affect his decision making is when he "spared" the group when he was the prophet.

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