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Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Want a new Chrono game?
« on: October 09, 2021, 01:28:58 am »
...the ending of Chrono Cross never really addressed any of the open issues of Chrono trigger.

It told us what happened to both Schala & Lavos...

Everything in life has some sort of a closure...

Really? You live a blessed life then, friend...👀👀👀

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Re: The Backasaurus?
« on: October 07, 2021, 12:53:23 am »
I moved down to Florida some 10-odd years ago now & relationship-adopted 5 cats. I'm still in the relationship & own 5 cats, but as of today none of those original 5. Cinnamon, Saucy (whom this thread is partially named after), Licky, Bitsy & Milo were great cats who will be missed...RIP 😢

General Discussion / Re: Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake
« on: October 04, 2021, 06:15:52 am »
Would love to see all 16-Bit era RPGs remade this way. I do always wonder about how much better CT's World Map sprites could look...

She looks a lot like Lyn from Fire Emblem.

I wanna know why the kid on the cover is using the 2nd Player controller...🤔

General Discussion / Re: Quote Digest
« on: October 04, 2021, 05:48:18 am »
The Jacket & Domino are two of my fav Kiera Knightly movies. I believe she has topless scenes in both, not that they're amazing or anything, just a random fact floating in the noggin...😅

I think I mentioned playing Control back when it came out on Game Pass, but recently got the Ultimate Edition for the Alan Wake content DLC. I really enjoy the boss fights or more precisely I like that the difficulty seems mostly self-imposed in that any time I've felt any frustration all I've had to do is shift around some equipment bonuses...

Kind of looking forward to the Alan Wake Remaster. RIP Verizon in-game ads!

How is it one sided?...I'm focusing mostly on games that members of the CT/CC team mostly did while they were relatively close together and still apart of Squaresoft.

Question self-answered! It was Square *and* Enix. You say all those people worked on those other games but exclude the art director because he's prolific? Personally I just don't see how many of those people really matter to Chrono's heart & soul. The only 3 I care about are Kato, Mitsuda & Toriyama...No Another Eden seems like a glaring oversight as it's seen now as the series successor. I have a sore spot for ignoring Enix because of all the idiots who blamed them after the merger for stuff like X-2 or whatever else about Square decisions that were made that they didn't like. Don't mind me, uh, er...[/rant]

What? Not going to list every single Dragon Quest & Dragonball game ever made? The CT team was made up of the Dream Team of both Square & Enix. So yeah, they all worked on tons of other projects, but pretty much none altogether like they did for CT...It's why we tend to get excited for Kato & Mitsuda pairing up whenever they do. Honestly it's kind of weird how one-sided this list is for Square games...🤔

Also, finally beat Alan Wake on nightmare mode and finished it with 100% (a rarity for me), and have moved on to Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Surprisingly better than the first Alan Wake game, and I'm now 100% ready for the Remedy shared universe. Gonna have to play Control next.

Big Alan Wake fan. Still hope they make AW2: Barry Wheeler's Revenge or something. Control is definitely a must. Pretty much Alan Wake with some funky super powers and instead of a spooky forest town it's a spooky government installation. I still haven't beaten it, but mainly because Game Pass has been KILLING IT with all the great titles available.

Which brings me to the other 3rd Person shooter with superpowers I've been playing, Outriders. It scratches that Mass Effect/The Division-meets-Destiny itch pretty well. I gave up on Destiny because it just felt like bungle-after-bungle from Bungie. The abilities in Outriders feel satisfying and the crafting system is on point. The only thing I have against it is the impossibility bad map screen, which is all but useless.

I essentially came back right now to complain about ...

I think you came to gloat about how you blatantly ignore messages regarding admin support over on Discord. You ignore messages on the Compendium, on Xbox Live, and on Discord.

I haven't had a computer with Discord access since I moved 3 years ago or so. Haven't been on it since, sorry for not replying. Just seemed pointless to say, "Oh...idk?". 🤷‍♂️

Then there's the whole 'silent protagonist' thing...Do they artfully navigate around any spoken Crono dialogue like nudity in Austin Powers? Give him a voice & lines not present in the game? Make him mute? I feel like this conversation has been had here at some point...😅

I essentially came back right now to complain about FFXII. For starters, I only just started it sometime last year and last I recall not-Setzer & Bunny Girl just officially joined my party, so I'm not through much. I really wanted to give it a chance even though I largely dislike arpgs, I heard there was a way to essentially make it turn-based...but gods I didn't realize how drastic the change would be to relatively benign aspects of the game. Most glaring is dungeon design. I have similar reservations with DQXI, which while still classic turn-based battles occur all enemy spawn locations are on the field. I've never understood gamers' fascination with this concept. It turns every map from a cool D&D campaign design to every shitty open world MMO map you've ever seen...I also tried XV...🤮🤮🤮

I'll eventually go back (to XII, not XV! lol), but for now I've got the HD remasters of VII~X-2 and I am absolutely *SWOONING* over Octopath Traveler! Eff VIIR, this is how V & VI's remakes (how dare they skip!) should look! 😅

Weird to bring up TOIE when you're worried about straying from the original & using GT as an example. They were responsible for that AND all the CT anime cut scenes as well (don't forget Crono's weird grown-up Goku proportions). Toriyama himself or nothing. Plenty of his designs do great in CG...

What would be weird about a CT anime would be the inevitable choices of what would or wouldn't be changed because of game logic. i.e. Party would anyone *have* to get stuck in the EoT occasionally? 🤔

Polling / Re: Worst RPG Ever
« on: December 03, 2019, 06:26:31 pm »
I loved SD3, but hated both SaGa Frontiers (yes, I was one of those suckers that gave Square another shot and bought the sequel...). The grind in SD3 was real. Mostly just for the final equip & class upgrades. Random drops for randomized items (that I think could have even dropped items for the characters you *didn't* choose)...As for the characters' development, there's 3 pairs whose stories will most intertwine, but the ending fights depend on your 1st choice. So yeah at least 1 party member will feel like odd man out. I felt that way about Secret of Mana's trio (only moreso), so always figured it was just the series...

Live-a-Live is the only RPG that really nailed the branching multi-character storyline.

CT's battle system also made relatively heavy use of proximity attacks. Wanna hit Lavos' Core with Area Bomb? Gonna have to make sure Robo's in the right spot in the lineup! In conjunction with the seamless battle transitions it gave every new fight a little extra thrill of its own.

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