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Can't really say for sure.  I never really kept count.  It seems my normal gaming sequence used to be as follows.

Play CT/CC all the way through
New RPG and a 1st person shooter
Play CT/CC all the way through
Play some new adventure game

Now it is more like...

Play 12 Sky (MMORPG)
Take a break and play CT/CC/RD
Back to 12 Sky
Take a break and play CT/CC/RD

I must say the chrono series truly is the only series I can never get enough of.  I will have every re-make and origional game in the series in mint condition until the day I die.  I do have a life outside of chrono and 12 Sky, but I take pride in those two gaming aspects.

~Lord Chrono~

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Question about FATE and the FF
« on: August 20, 2008, 08:53:56 am »
  When did this sorry tale
   all begin...?
   Was it 10 years ago, when
   you almost drowned here?
   Or was it 14 years ago, when
   you were wounded by that
   panther demon that attacked
   ...resulting in you being
   carried to Chronopolis where
   you came into contact with
   FATE and the Frozen Flame...?
   Or perhaps it was even 2,400
   years in the future, when the
   Time Crash hurled Chronopolis
   back to prehistoric times?
   Or even it could have been
   12,000 B.C., when an ancient
   magical kingdom met its end
   after trying to use Lavos...?

   Each is close to being
   And yet, at the same time,
   so far from the right answer!
   The true beginning was during
   the destruction of the ancient
   Kingdom of Zeal!
   As the palace collapsed around
   her, Princess Schala was sucked
   into a dimensional vortex along
   with the Lavos Mammon Machine.
   Schala and Lavos became unified
   into one even more powerful
   entity that would evolve into
   the Devourer of Time.
   Filled with the hatred and
   sadness of Lavos, half of
   Schala's mind became set on
   destroying all of existence.
   Yet at the same time, the
   other half of her mind
   desired to save the universe
   and to be rescued herself.
   As Schala fell through the
   time gate in this condition,
   she heard your crying
   echoing through time...
   That is when her story and
   yours began to intertwine...
   It is also when the past and
   the future began to intersect,
   and when the world became
   divided into two...

This was what origionally got me thinking it took place in 12,000 BC.

After a long and interesting debate on this, I must say you have proven your point.  You have presented info on several levels to make the truth known and I thank you for that.  After reading your last post I can safly say I was wrong.  Thank you for clearing this up as I would hate to have misunderstood a part to the story of my favorite series.

~Lord Chrono~

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: ...fnuck
« on: August 09, 2008, 04:07:30 pm »
Ok cool.  I figured it was probably a typo.  Still kinda funny to point out though. :P

~Lord Chrono~

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: ...fnuck
« on: August 09, 2008, 02:26:13 pm »
But he said it was his first time fighting Miguel.  Doesn't that rule out the possibility of New Game +?

~Lord Chrono~

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: ...fnuck
« on: August 09, 2008, 12:18:36 pm »
First time against him was with an all black party, Harley and Grobyc. I did it but man it was a pain and a half. I like challenges.

How did you use Grobyc when you don't even get him till after the battle with Miguel?

~Lord Chrono~

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Question about FATE and the FF
« on: August 08, 2008, 08:54:07 pm »
It says his future was split in twain, not the dimensions.  By that it simply means that in one world his future was to die and in another his future was to live.  It began when past, present, and future began to intersect and this disturbance created the dimensional split.  Also, while the game was played through two dimensions, there are many more out there.  Don't you think if a life and death situation caused the split there would only be the two?

Keep in mind that if the split happend in 1010AD then Dinopolis couldn't exist in any dimension.  This is because the age of Azala was LONG before any of these events took place and would not be affected by such a small split.

Chronopolis had already existed and went through the time crash in the far future and was tossed back in time to the distant past.  At this point the Battle between Dinopolis and Chronopolis took place.  It wasn't till much later AFTER Chronopolis beat Dinopolis that El Nido was even created.  That being said I don't think the initial dimensional disturbance took place when Serge was killed.  Especially since the Dinopolis dimension existed before 1010AD and the battle of Dinopolis and Chronopolis happend before the creation of El Nido.  Remember, before FATE created El Nido that entire area was nothing but ocean and was known completly as the Sea of Eden.  Also FATE was monitoring activities in BOTH dimensions and lost its hold on Serge's homeworld when Lynx failed to kill Serge and the Dead Sea was created.  Miguel was then put there as a "watchman" to make sure no one would come into contact with the FF.  All of this info can be found by talking with EVERY NPC in chronopolis.

You did refresh my memory and correct me on one key point that slipped my mind and makes me wonder.  It was not the dimensional split that caused the Dead Sea to form but instead was the failed attempt to kill Serge.  This resulted in the Dead Sea being formed to reflect what I believe to be the future of that world due to Serge's existence.  The transformation was probably brought forth by the FF itself as I can't think of anything else that has the power to do something like that.  After all, the FF was the initial link between Serge and the "new Lavos".  The Miguel from Homeworld was killed when the Dead Sea came about and the Miguel from Another World was put there as the "watchman".


Perhaps there is some truth behind both theories.  Maybe the initial dimensions were caused by one thing (RD timeline, Dinopolis timeline, and Chronopolis timeline) and the Homeworld and Another World of the Chronopolis timeline did indeed originate from when Lynx kills Serge, resulting in a split of that one timeline.  I still see a problem with this theory however.  Why is it that when Crono goes back in time to save the world it affects the REAL world where when Kid does it to save Serge it only saves him in the alternate world?  That just doesn't add up to me.  Until I can find an answer to that I have to go with the theory I posted above the EDIT.

I must say this has turned into a very interesting conversation.  Anything else to add?

~Lord Chrono~

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Question about FATE and the FF
« on: August 08, 2008, 06:29:15 pm »
Actually, the dimensions split occurred when Serge was almost killed by Lynx, several years after he became "Arbiter." It wasn't until the Dimensional Split that the Dead Sea was formed, so for a few years there was only one Frozen Flame and Serge was the Arbiter to it.

Actually it was mentioned at the end of the game by the Crono child that the dimensional split happend when Schala was sucked into the dimensional vortex and was sent to the Darken Beyond Time, not when Serge almost drowned (which is when Lynx attempted to kill/did kill him).  The disturbance caused by the fusion between Schala, the Mammon Machine, and Lavos was so great it spanned through all timelines.  Taking that into perspective it is not possible for there to have been only one flame at any point.

To be clear, when Lavos was defeated it was sent to the Darkness Beyond Time which is how the Schala was intercepted and the fusion began.

The theory you present makes the dimension where dinopolis was pulled from impossible.  Just some food for thought.

To note, "Arbiter" is a security clearance level in Chronopolis. It is a status granted by the research center, not the Frozen Flame (though to be fair, there are a few small indications that there is a secondary use of the term "arbiter" in the game that the FF does determine). So, when the dimensions split and Chronopolis was replaced with the Tower of Geddon, the very place that had "Arbiter" as a level of authority in its security systems was removed from Home World. Thus, with no security system, Serge couldn't very well have that status there.

Yes the term "Arbiter" was a security measure, but Serge was still chosen by the FF to trigger something and was the only person with that kind of bond.  This is pointed out by the Crono, Lucca, and Marle children in the Dead Sea.

To note, the Frozen Flame in the Radical Dreamer dimension is totally different than the FF in the Chrono Cross dimensions. In RD the Frozen Flame is dreamstone, which is not part of Lavos. In CC, the Frozen Flame is part of Lavosí body that broke off.

Your point with the RD FF...fair enough.

Actually, no.

1) The Frozen Flame is a part of Lavos but we have no idea where that part came from (might have been the outer shell, but it might not have been).
2) It is likely that the Frozen Flame was unique. Lavos' corpse was still somewhere in the real world; if any part of its body could become a Frozen Flame, FATE would have been after the big enchilada, not the tiny taco. As such, chances are the Frozen Flame was a unique and possibly an important component of Lavosí whole. But there are almost certainly no other Frozen Flames that we don't know about (there could be, but it is quite unlikely).

As far as the FF being unique...the story could go either way on this.  As you said, it was never specified which part of Lavos it came from.

Maybe. The Dead Sea is also identified as the timeline that Crono & Co destoryed, coming back into existance. It was a future, but it isn't clear as to if it was the future of Home World.

You are correct, the Dead Sea may not have been the future of Homeworld.  But my point was that the Dead Sea was a reflection of the future that COULD have been and therefore couldn't be present in the "real" world.

~Lord Chrono~

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Question about FATE and the FF
« on: August 08, 2008, 04:08:17 pm »
I would be happey to answer these questions for you.


FATE did not use the FF to power itself.  FATE used the FF to conduct time experiments which resulted in the time crash which hurled Chronopolis back in time.  When Chronopolis was pulled back, Dinopolis was also pulled back.  Dinopolis was the future Reptite city of Azala's decendents from another dimension.  During the war with Dinopolis FATE used the FF to seal the Dragon God, which came from Dinopolis, into the six weaker Dragon Gods you fought earlier.  This is why the Dragon Gods wanted you to defeat FATE and release the FF.  FATE was nothing more than the giant super computer of Chronopolis and probably had another powersource (which would explain why a giant electrical storm was able to knock FATE offline temporarily).

When Serge became the Arbiter, FATE only lost control over homeworld (probably because Chronopolis only existed in another world after Serge came into contact with the flame).  This also marked the creation of the Dead Sea where Miguel was used as a "watchmen" to look over homeworld.  There was in fact a FF in both dimensions also.  There was one in Chronopolis and one in the Dead Sea, which was destroyed.  As a matter of fact, one of the duties FATE charged to Miguel was to make sure no one came into contact with the FF at the core of the Dead Sea.  Remember back to what Miguel said before he died.  "It would seem FATE has made up its mind.  FATE would rather destroy the Dead Sea and the flame along with it than allow its enemies to come into contact with it."  Or something like that anyway.  In fact there is also a third FF that exists in the RD dimension which was proven to exist in the digital diary in Chronopolis.  The FF was nothing more than a shard from the outter shell of Lavos so there may be many more we don't even know about (*hint hint* to possible SE spies out there).

And finally, there is only one Dead Sea.  Serge's Homeworld is the alternate dimension of what COULD have been.  That being said it makes sense why the Dead Sea (reflection of the future that would have been) is in homeworld.  Also if you go by the Sea of Eden in Another World (real world) you can see Chronopolis inside.  There of course is no way to get in there from Another World which is why you have to go the the Dead Sea ruins in Homeworld and use the FATE distortion there to cross dimensions within the Sea of Eden.

I hope this helps shed some light on your quesions.  I know the first playthrough can be a bit confusing for some.

~Lord Chrono~

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: ...fnuck
« on: August 08, 2008, 03:02:06 pm »
I had some trouble on the usual bosses people get stuck on my first time through.  Garai, Miguel, and the Time Devourer (form one) were my biggest problem points.  Dario got me a few times...that is until I figured out that using white elements on him = Death.

Now when I play through the game on regular mode I often wonder how those bosses gave me problems in the past.  Once you figure out the tricks behind beating certain bosses you will find yourself progressing through the game much more smoothly.

~Lord Chrono~

I would say just play through and enjoy the story itself your first time through.  Go for all your characters in the New Game +.  The characters you get just playing through are tied in well with the story (though side storys and character development is lax).  Kid has a good side story of course and IMO Glenn shows the most character development out of everyone.  Fargo and Karsh have a small side quest involving them personally, but nothing ginormous.  Though many of the other charaters you get playing strait through fit in the overall plot, there really isn't that much depth behind them.

Just go with the styles and characters you prefer out of the initial bunch for the best experience is what I suggest.  Think of all the other optional characters as nothing more than a side quest for fun.

~Lord Chrono~

Sorry, I got overly excided with that one only to realize that it was just pit with a hacked appearence after re-reading the article on this site (how embarrasing).  Thats what I get for only skimming over it the first time.  I have taken that point out of my post.

My theory, however, remains unchanged.

~Lord Chrono~

Personally, I believe a new chrono game is on the horizon.  The signs are all around us.  For one we have a CT remake even after we have seen one on the PS1.  Secondly and perhaps more importantly we have the trademark "Echos of Time" suddenly appearing with no official word of what it goes with.  Taking that into consideration, I have come to the theory that SE is re-pumping the chrono name in preparation for something big.

My guess is that not long after the release of the CT DS port we will hear about a new chrono game being devoloped while the chrono name is still fresh in everyone's mind.  It could all just be coincodence but something tells me these two "signs" are linked together and are part of a much larger plan.

Yes I know, I dream big.  At the same time however I have a feeling that this dream will soon become reality.

~Lord Chrono~

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Echoes of Time
« on: July 29, 2008, 02:02:45 pm »
That made me smile.

~Lord Chrono~

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