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General Discussion / "Best" version of Chrono Trigger to buy?
« on: March 20, 2008, 08:17:03 pm »
I'm interested in re-purchasing Chrono Trigger in order to experience it again, but I'm unsure of which version to get. I own the PS3 and it has backwards compatibility with PSX games (but not PS2 games, since I have no emotion chip); my ideal version should include the new anime-cut-scenes.

I figured it's best to ask this community since you are all fans of the game. I've heard the Final Fantasy Chronicles edition contains long loading times. The 1999 re-release isn't released in NA, but I'm thinking I can get an imported version, assuming it has faster load times -- is the load time not an issue with the 1999 edition, or is it just as slow as the 2001 re-release? If the 2001 release's load times aren't THAT bad, I might consider getting this instead, just because I get to also enjoy Final Fantasy IV since I've never played it. But I'm waiting on confirmation of the load times I have to endure.

There is also a Greatest Hits re-release of the 2001 edition Final Fantasy Chronicles, and I'm wondering if Sony has resolved the load-time issues in this re-release, or is it basically the exact same disc repackaged, with no changes?

I'm reading the Wiki on Chrono Trigger at Wikipedia, and it states the many Extras that come with the 1999 release. I've also read that the 2001 release has many extras, but I'm wondering if they're the SAME extras, and if not, what are the differences in the Extras? Maybe I can weigh the options and consider which one is suited for me (maybe different endings, depending on which edition)

One extra I like from the 1999 one is the ability to earn stuff "not sure what stuff means" if I complete the different endings. Is this the same with the 2001 edition, or exclusive to the other?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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