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Chrono Cross HD Edition / Re: RetroArch Setup
« on: February 22, 2022, 01:18:35 pm »
Hey. I decided to replay Chrono Cross for the first time since I traded in my PS3 for a PS4 and lost access to my PSN version and stumbled onto your project. I've never used Retroarch before but I set it up according to the instructions in your folder and the game seems to be working great except element use freezes the game (sound and charging animation still playing) without any recourse to unfreeze it. Element use by the party always freezes the game, while element use by enemies sometimes freezes the game, if that matters. I'm unsure how to best troubleshoot it and googling hasn't done much to help me out. Does any of the tech folks on the project have any ideas?

Thanks for your efforts- I've always loved Cross and am very bummed out that I have no standard recourse to play it at this time.

Hey, thanks for dropping by!

Unfortunately, I have not heard of that issue. My guess is that it is due to some incompatibility between the RetroArch settings I suggested and your computer (different hardware is going to require different settings). Play around with the settings a bit, starting with putting CD Access Method and CD Loading Speed back to default and GPU Resolution to 2x. Let me know if that works.

I've had one other person have issues getting RetroArch to work as well, though for different a reason (which we never figured out!). In the end, I simply gave them a copy of my entire RetroArch folder as I have it set up, and it worked. So we can certainly try that for you as well.

Hey all. I was having the exact same problem as VoShay, where I would cast an element and get stuck in the cast animation. I tried all sorts of things including downloading Kodokami's RetroArch file. Downloading this mostly worked, the bug still happened but it happened much less frequently. However, I could not get the Widescreen Mode Hack to work properly. The displayed world was not aligning with the collision and geometry properly, and forcing 16:9 without the Widescreen Mode Hack turned on just stretched the 4:3 image which was ugly.

Aside from the "casting crash" of the more modern RetroArch, it displays everything perfectly in widescreen without having to turn on the Widescreen Mode Hack, which misaligns the world. The game is just gorgeous this way, so I really wanted to figure out the "casting crash". I was about to post here asking for some ideas when I saw Kodokami's suggestion quoted above about testing switching back to the defaults of CD Access Mode and CD Loading Speed. I decided to test it before I posted asking for help. Changing the CD Access Mode didn't work, so I set it back to the recommended Pre-Cache, but switching the CD Loading Speed back to the native default of 2x DID work. I have been trying for an hour to reproduce the bug but cannot.

I just wanted to post here to help anyone who was having this same issue. I will edit this if the bug isn't truly gone and I have just been lucky. I also wanted to thank Kodokami and everyone who has worked on this amazing project. The game looks so gorgeous I still cannot believe it. I was doing a ePSXe setup and it looked like total trash compared to this, even on the best settings with shaders and all that. Thank you!

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