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I keep eying Growlanser Generations....... What did you end up landing on?

You should definitely check out Growlanser Generations I know it took me years to pick it out of my collection and actually play it. I finished Growlanser II and it was really short so if you're looking for a quick romp around it should be up your alley. I have to go back someday and do all the character branches! I'm 8 hours into Growlanser III just mindlessly grinding.

I'm actually doing a bit of something right now. So I got a new Sony Bravia T.V. which's 4k and my god! games look so nice on it. The previous T.V. I had been using I kinda pressed down too hard on while I was cleaning it and it kinda I think broke the screen so it had this fuzziness on it it didn't deter me from playing games but it was nice to replace it with a brand-new one. I dunno too much about hardware how-to's but this 4k T.V. looks really nice when playing even older games on it!

So right now I'm playing Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for PS3. It's suuuper fun so far, I was kinda hesitant about using monsters in battle but it's not even an issue it's fun. It reminds me of Lufia 2 how you can feed items to your capsule monsters to help them grow stronger. Totally cool!

I ordered a PS2toHDMI converter which I'm waiting on the delivery on this afternoon cause the new T.V. doesn't have the composite switches for the PS2 - I was looking to hook that up as well and maybe play some games on it.

Hullo. I beat Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. It was a really short game I was surprised. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Combat was cool and the story was decent-ok. I liked the ending. Apparently it seems the game is so short cause they want you to re-play it but once is good enough for me right now. Officially I have finished the Breath of Fire series yay!

I actually dunno what Iím gonna play next. Iíll have to rummage through my PS1-PS2 collection. Probably something like Suikoden V or Growlanser III.

Hey sorry for the dbl post.

I just beat Breath of Fire IV. 38:54. (again, PS1 on PS3) It felt good to finally knock this one out as itís always been nagging at me to finish it for so so many years now. Iíve always liked the Breath of Fire series itís constantly-consistently been there with me as a kid. Overall I enjoyed II and III the most although 4 was really fun too.

Right now, I guess Iíll try popping in BoF: Dragon Quarter and see how I like it. Cheers everyone!!

I just beat Breath of Fire III. (PS1 version on PS3) Really good game. I would definitely recommend it to any RPG player out there for a good time. Really brought me back to the days when I was still a kid and shopping at the mall going to Electronics Boutique. 1997, y'all.

I'll probably just continue with the series now and boot up Breath of Fire IV since I'm not really doing anything else. Have always loved the BoF series.

I just beat Dragon Quest 8. Um pretty epic stuff. It almost was overwhelming, but I'm glad I pulled through. Moving onto something else probably Suikoden V?

Wonderful! It warms my heart to read that so many other gamers out there are fans of the Lunar series as well! Boo is right, it really is such a feel-good series he seems to have a better idea of the kind of game it truly is I just always play it at least once-a-year! (either L:SSSC or L:EBC)

I've gotten to know Boo a little better on Discord and I'm touched that fans of the Chrono series/games are so nice... I tended to be a little skittish and shy away from video game messageboards when I was younger so meeting people as an adult and finding out they are so nice makes me glad I reached out.

Have a nice day y'all! :)

Hey! I actually never think about gaming with other people I have to be the one to do everything and I have to be the one with the controller in my hand. I like to do everything myself. Playing only RPGs is a good reason for me to be by myself. Whenever other people wanna game with me I always say Iím only into RPGs and I only have one controller.

Iím only interested in the text (I can do without the gameplay) and I like to pretend Iím sort of an amateur, at home researcher.

But yeah I think Silver Star Story Complete will be just fine. I always start Christmas morning around 8:00 A.M. but sometimes I do start a few days earlier depending on my mood. Itís a very Christmas RPG. Itís been a Christmas tradition at the house for as long as I remember ever since I was a teenager. TBH, if youíre burned out from playing RPGs all year long itís a really nice way to ďresetĒ or refresh your brain. Iíll be playing the PS1 version on PlayStation 3.

You should definitely try to play The Silver Star I think youíll like it more than the PS1 version.

Yeah, I heard Silver Star Harmony was actually a decent remake, I have it for PSP. No, they never fleshed out the Four Heroes only through mention from various NPCs talking about which one was their favorite or what-not. The only big deal about Ghaleon was that he was one of the Four Heroes.

I like to play in front of a T.V. I only play portable in my car sometimes before work or something.

Iím looking forward to this project as well. As I am doing backlog, I do sometimes go back and re-play an RPG I really enjoyed or is just due for a re-play.

Iíll pencil this into my schedule this year. Looking forward to it, man!

This makes me excited all the time:


No lie, I will do a LUNAR playthrough with you this winter! We can sync up offline or here or whatever and make it a fun little event. You may play quicker than I do, but I'll totally do it! We've chatted about it before and LUNAR is one of my absolute favorite games of all time. To me it's the ultimate comfort food of jRPGs.

What, for you, is the penultimate version of Silver Star? The OG? Complete? Harmony? The Legend GBA remake?! INQUIRING MINDS MUST KNOW!
Ok. Done deal. I'd love it if we can start a thread and just post our thoughts in there, we can also chat about it on Discord! 🙂

TBH, whenever I think "LUNAR" I automatically, my mind automatically goes to LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete (PS1) but, if I had my Sega CD working I'd be playing LUNAR: The Silver Star all day-right now. Whenever other gamers wanna talk about Lunar I just bring up SSSC.

Oh, don't worry about whether or not you can keep up I like to do longplays of my favorite RPG games aka trying to roll the clock into 100 hours I love reading the text from all of Working Designs' RPGs just over and over and analyzing and memorizing it and discussing it. I was planning on doing some sorta FAQ on it or just doing something with the text of L:SSSC.

I'll try to look up online how to fix the Sega CD and if I can just do it myself. Also, I have Silver Star Harmony but I've never played it so we can do something with that too if you want as well.

Since you wanna do a joint with me for Lunar, I'll play an RPG of your liking with you if you want as well like Chrono Trigger? Chrono Cross? Anything, it doesn't matter.

When we do- do it I think as long as we can get a thread started we won't have to worry about the time difference. I'm on Discord too as well so just hit me up. Don't ditch me cause I'm really not a flake when people wanna do plans! :)

Hey, guys! It's been awhile since I last posted.

Welcome back, friend! I enjoy reading your gaming backlog journey - I live vicariously through you! I'm curious to hear your DQVIII thoughts.
Omg, hearing you say that makes me life, friendo! Yeah, usually I play LUNAR for Christmas but I didn't this year so that messed me up I was just watching a whole buncha Survivor until I realized whoa I need to do something.

This's actually my third attempt at trying to beat DQ8 I always stop around the time you get the sabrecat but I'm so intent on beating it this time I just grind and grind on Neos island for money from the Gold Golems I've literally only been doing just that for the last 3 days. I'm just waiting for Angelo to learn Multiheal then I'll move on to the Dark Ruins.

I actually like DQ8 it's not hard for me to play it I loved Dragon Warrior VII (PS1) and this game reminds me so much of it so that's motivation to finish the game.

Tbh, before I didn't feel right even playing DQ8 knowing I had DW7 and hadn't beat it.

^ I remember I enjoyed Fallout 3 for PS3 when I first played it.

Hey, guys! It's been awhile since I last posted. I took a break after the new year but I'm back in my gaming routine again. Now I'm playing Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. (PS2) It's going swimmingly.

I'm also playing Suikoden V (PS2) on the side.

I never got to beat Vagrant Story cause we had a blackout and the save file corrupted but that was on PS2 I'll try it again on PS3.


^ Millenia's spells were great. I liked how it'd cut to an anime cutscene right in the middle of battle, I thought that was pretty tight. Yes! I played it right when it first came out too for the Dreamcast and beat it, but this one is the PS2 version. The one for DC was a burned copy my friend gave me and I always felt a little guilty owning that. 😛

I really want to get Grandia III now. I know I've played it before cause I remember the mother & son but I dunno what happened to it.

I popped in Vagrant Story. It's one of the handful of RPGs I need to beat to finish off my PS1 collection for my backlog journey, and it's going pretty great so far.

Done w/ Grandia II for PS2. Loved everything about it.

Stupefied as to what to play next. Maybe Xenosaga 2 or Shadow Hearts 3?

Hey, guys it's been awhile since I posted! Since I posted last I've managed to beat Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice (PS2) and Tales of Destiny II (PS1). Both were really good games.

Right now I'm playing Grandia II for the PS2 and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Cheers!!

Whoo!! I 100% completed Suikoden III (PS2) last night! Got all 108 Stars of Destiny. The game makes much more sense when you collect everyone and it's more rewarding.

Next, I'll probably tackle Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King or Growlanser Generations (I'm such a bad Working Designs fan).

Congrats on Suikoden 2. Great game, recently watched a friend stream it and got hit with all the feels. Just a damn good storyline with great characters.

I know I should be concentrating on RPGs I haven't beaten at all but I really want to 100% complete some games that are just sitting around.

Damn, that hits hard. I just finished a replay of Xenosaga 3, despite the Xenoblades asking me why I haven't finished/played them yet.

Suikoden II is always a banger for me. I was rushing through it this time because I wanted to get to other games, but whenever I have the time to go through it all relaxed it definitely hits all the right buttons for me. Sometimes I wonder why the game itself is so rare and at a high price but whenever I play it it makes sense why that is. It's probably one of my favorite RPGs on the PS1. (I have a ton of favorites though for that system.) Usually I don't like very political/strategic warfare type storylines but Suikoden II does it well. I just love the message it delivers about friendship and family being important.

Lol. If I'm being honest here's what happens. So ever since I got a Backloggery I marked off all the games I've beaten before right? For some RPGs I truly can't remember since it's been so long. I know I should focus on games I haven't beaten at all but I love 100% completing games and then checking it off. To be honest, I just can't remember anymore if I beat the game when I was a teenager so I play it again now, hehe. ^_^

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