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You should definitely do a quick run of Final Fantasy VI if you have the time! I never feel bad when I get the itch to play it since it's definitely a house favorite!

I actually really do love Final Fantasy VI ever since I was a little kid. I just find it so romantic,--I dunno why!! I think because it uses a lot of sepia-tones, and there's always little things in the background like flowered vases and things like that that your eye can't help but catch every now-and-then. I also love the setting I dunno how to describe it, but I've heard it called 'steampunk', many times all over. It seems kinda modern to me but also old-fashioned in a way. Like it's not as modern as say the Persona series but it still seems classical in a way.

I pretty much already know the game by heart and I know exactly what to do and exactly where to go. I just need to collect all the Rages this time and try not to miss any of Strago's Lores. I also know how to get all the Espers. Although for the esper Ragnarok I am debating right now whether to get the magicite for a complete Esper list or opt for the sword which I very rarely seldom do, maybe once. I heard you can always teach Ultima using the Paladin's Shield (Cursed Shield) from Narshe in order to have a complete magic list. Any input on what I should do, haha?

I'm kinda odd and just don't want float on Gau lol. I guess you are right float isn't necessarily a bad thing I guess I need to just get over it. Ok, so Strago and Quina are Blue Mages, got it.

Ok, I want to do another run-through of Chrono Trigger using New Game + feature sometime soon, I never knew that Ayla got upgraded fists when she reached level 99, so that was news to me! Oh, I always thought you had to run through the game multiple times to get all the endings. *scratches head*

Oh, I see. See, I've loved Final Fantasy VI to death I always catch myself re-playing it usually to just enjoy the story but I've never really done a 100% complete playthrough,--I dunno why. This time I really wanted to enjoy the game as well as just try to get and do everything just so I can finally put the game away for the time being haha. I always find myself going back to FFVI for some reason or another but I have so many other RPGs to get through I can't afford to spend more time with it because well I can't forget my other games.

Yeah, I always read that you can demolish the game with Gau if you know how to use him right in that he can be a formidable ally. I always ignored him as a kid cause I hated how you can't control him anymore once you pick a rage to use but now I'm just trying to see what's up with him! Collecting all the rages is actually kinda pretty fun too hehe. Mostly on the World of Balance, I catch myself using Stray Cat a lot. It used to BUG me all the time how Gau would wind up with the float status after a battle and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it so I avoid using flying rages now lol. So, Strago is more like Quina from Final Fantasy IX? I forget if they're called red or blue mages?

I've been into Chrono Trigger a lot too since I was little, which's why I came to this site but that game is hard to consider complete since you have so many endings to get. I've yet to touch on the New Game + feature as of yet but I want to sometime soon just to check it out. As for Chrono Cross, I just want to complete that game as well but it seems pretty hard. I think I can manage to do it eventually though.

Ooh, excellent. I've been meaning to dive back into the Xeno games. I was really into Xenogears back when I was younger but the only one I've ever finished was Xenosaga Episode 1 lol.

Yeah, I was on the Veldt the whole, entire day today mmh. I dunno why but ever since I got a Backloggery I've been obsessing with going back through each one of the RPGs in my collection and just re-playing them cause they have these little statistics that note which games you've "100% completed" and such. I have a really bad memory when it comes to which of my RPGs I've finished so I'm just gonna re-play them all just for fun and as a little challenge while everything's going on right now. *pant*

To be honest, everytime I play Final Fantasy VI, I always just ignore Gau and his stupid little rages cause I never much use him anyway but now I think he's almost kinda cool to use. I'm a little confused as to what's really the difference between Gau and his Rages, and Strago and his Lores--they seem almost kinda the same to me anyway haha. But I'm doing it just for fun, to see if I can even do it and to just finally note that I've done everything in the game, just for personal reasons.

Also, since we are at a Chrono site I've totally been meaning to go through Chrono Cross and try to get all the characters this time! I don't think I've ever done that, like for example I've always wanted to see Janice in action but everytime I play I can never get her. I also wanna finally give New Game + a shot for Chrono Trigger and get another ending. I really want to just perfect all of my Super Nintendo RPGs and put that console away.

Ooo, I've heard about the Xenoblade games do they have anything to do with Xenogears or Xenosaga? Because Xenogears is on my list of RPGs I still have yet to beat and I've beaten Xenosaga part 1 like twice but I haven't started part 2 yet. I don't have part 3 but I heard it's really hard to find these days and it could be pretty expensive if you do.

Right now, I'm still playing Final Fantasy VI for PS, I'm on the Veldt after going to Zozo for the first time to collect a few more Rages. Usually, I totally ignore Gau and his rages but I'm trying to do 100% completion and it actually is pretty fun going on the Veldt. I feel like it elongates the game a bit more, cause everytime I play the game feels super short.

Lol, I always get a little shuddered when the battle wipes me out in the first two turns cause I start thinking, "Maybe I'm underleveled or something?" while I wait for hopefully a continuation of the scene instead of a Game Over. Haha.

'Whether you win or lose/It doesn't matter' battles can be pretty annoying, especially if you want to read both the victory and defeated lines. *eye roll*

It's pretty funny when you get a super beefy guest character at lv. 99 with 9999 HP and he gets killed in a cutscene. It's just like. Um.

Lol, don't you love those?

I always fight with everything I have anyway, defending or trying to run away over and over seems kinda boring to me lol.

I actually bought Silver Star Harmony on PSN back when I first got a PSP Go, I was surprised to see it for sale online and I bought it immediately on a whim. I've always been meaning to give it a whirl since I am a huge LUNAR series fan. Now I definitely have to give it a playthrough.

Oh cool! It's nice to see they made a few new changes. I'm kind of guardedly optimistic about playing it though since I'm so used to the PlayStation version, I just wonder if I'll like it haha. I quite like and have grown fond of what Working Designs did so I'm just a little hesitant.

The only thing I'm looking forward to is finding out more backstory on the Four Heroes I'm glad they expanded their storyline for sure. Like I'm interested in Lemia's backstory a lot and how she came to be the leader of the Magic Guild.

I have Silver Star Harmony for PSP Go, but I've only played maybe five minutes of it I stay pretty true to the PlayStation Working Designs translation as I love it but I've heard that Victor Ireland (Pres. of Working Designs) actually got a lot of the original voice actors back to reprise their roles for the SSH incarnation, which's pretty neat. And I hear Jenny Stigile (the singing voice of Luna) actually did a new song for that as well. I've meant to go through, play through SSH but I just haven't had the time with me trying to clear my RPG backlog, but I love the LUNAR series so I will probably play it soon!

If you ever need any help collecting all of the bromides, I can help you with that anytime!

Yes, I have both the Sega CD and PlayStation version of Eternal Blue. I think both are fantastic. Unfortunately, my Sega CD isn't working right now otherwise I'd be playing it but I think the original is great! Eternal Blue Complete is really good, too! I usually play a LUNAR game every year for Christmas so I might be playing Eternal Blue Complete later on at the end of this year... If I get my Sega CD fixed, I might play the original. Either version is good to play. :)

Good ol' SSSC -- the pinnacle of the LUNAR series and one of the best games of its generation. I keep hoping for a LUNAR 3, but alas...
Ah, SSSC is one of my favorite RPGs, ever!!! I need to get my Sega CD fixed so I can play the originals, but I've always had a soft spot for the PlayStation version. I took my time this time, and I logged in at 103:20. I managed to do everything perfect, I think... It just felt really good to take my time and really let everything sink in for once. Always a great experience, whenever I play it.

I 100% completed LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete (PS) got all 13 Bromides and saw all four scenes at Althena's Springs. It sure felt good!

Now I want to 100% do everything possible for Final Fantasy VI. (Anthology, PS) I'm gonna try to get all the Rages/Lores and see all the scenes with Shadow and such, and do every side quest, teach everyone all the magic, etc.

I actually beat Breath of Fire for, I think, the very first time last night. I debated what to start today and I went ahead and popped-in Breath of Fire II since I've been aching to play that one. Both of them for SNES, btw!

Edit: I beat Breath of Fire II!

I'm taking a break from my backlog and going to start a re-play of a game I always enjoy, LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete (PSX), does anyone else here really like that RPG? It's my absolute favorite and I always play it come Christmas-time.

Vanguard Bandits is great! All of the games Working Designs did are excellent! I still haven't completed all the branches, either.

.hack//Infection I played and is very good but it kinda almost gives me a seizure sometimes. I really want to get more games in the series.

So I finished The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) and now I'm playing Breath of Fire for Super NES. This game makes me feel really nostalgic and homesick particularily.

Hey, guys! I finished Claude's game for Star Ocean: The Second Story (PSX)!

I started up The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) I'm at 21:00 and I just finished the Forest Temple.

Hi, Kitt! Welcome, I'm fairly new here myself! Lol, I've loved Chrono Trigger since I was a little kid, too. Omg, I loved FuncoLand I managed to get a couple of really good games there like Breath of Fire and Final Fantasy II. (U.S.)  It was always pretty cool how they had T.V.'s set inside the walls and you have to stand up to playtest the game you want to buy. I always thought it was a toy/computer store but I walked in on a whim one time and couldn't believe it actually led to a paradise of video games. The employees there were also always actually pretty cool.

Lol, that your brothers's first impressions were that it was boring! If I'm being really honest, that was my first reaction to RPGs too, but I trudged on and I found that I fell in love with the reading.

Anyway just wanted to say welcome again!

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