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Other Topics and the Prerelease / Re: Longing of the Wind instumentation
« on: September 30, 2020, 03:52:40 pm »
Mathew Valente has some videos on his youtube channel where he does basically exactly that. He calls it "uncompressing" the songs.

Mathew was the composer for Chrono Resurrection, by the way. He has some videos about that as well where he plays through what existed of the old demo.

Other Topics and the Prerelease / Re: Longing of the Wind instumentation
« on: September 29, 2020, 01:21:52 pm »
It's definitely pizzicato strings. More specifically it's apparently a Kurzweil K1200 Pro II sample.

EDIT: This document attempts to... document... the source of samples used in a bunch of SNES games. There are a bunch of Chrono Trigger samples identified in there.

The date on the special edition magazine cover is 9/15/94.

Did you get my scans to load? It looks like you edited out the part about the links not working, but if I need to upload them somewhere else I can try. I use imgbox because it doesn't compress the hell out of large images like imgur does.

Speaking of material requiring translation, did you see these?

I tried translating Next Gate Part 8

Scanned in an old preview/ad from the 9/23/94 issue of Weekly Famitsu and tried translating that as well

I'll stop derailing this thread now.

The images posted as an embed at the top of this thread seem related to the room in the bottom right box in the Next Gate 8 scans.  The blurb for the image in Next Gate 8 says it's a location related to techs. Not sure what to make of that, but it seems ripe for speculation. I also kind of wonder if these were meant to be the interior counterpart to the floating "ice" tileset.

I've been meaning to get these scanned and uploaded for a while, but I kept procrastinating because I'm a good-for-nothing lazybones. Now seems as good a time as any. Posting them in this thread because they contain a lot of the same shots (like that future overworld), but from a different source. These are from the V Fes '94 special edition magazine.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12

Chrono Trigger Modification / "Unused" BRR Instrument Sample
« on: July 19, 2020, 11:49:42 pm »
When Geiger was writing his offsets guide he seems to have mistakenly assumed that the BRR samples start with "(00) Silence". They actually start with "(01) Clap". As a result the labels for the samples in the offsets guide are all off by one. The last valid instrument is actually 3E, which seems to be a cuica.

I put "unused" in quotes because it actually does show up in the instrument table for the "song" "{4C} Lavos Breath", but that song is all crazy noise effects that I don't have a full understanding of. It never actually plays it as a straight instrument sample.

I tried doing another one. This one is mostly just a mix of the 1000AD house tiles with the less-broken 2300AD tiles from the last one.

I did have to steal a few tiles from the 600AD house tiles, like the red soup and the pitcher on the large table. There are a few new things, like the larger picture frames and the little wrenches on the floor. Some things were modified, like making the mouths of the pots below the big window a little smaller, and reducing the thickness of the side trim on the wood columns between the windows.

I didn't do much to the character sprites. It's especially noticeable for Crono whose stance is totally wrong. I did give Marle pink hair though.

Looking at it again now I can see a few things I missed, like a groove around the edges of the small table that I think should be removed, but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

I did notice something kind of strange about the layer 3 tiles for the light coming through the big window.

In the prerelease ROM there are little lit up bits for the light hitting the curtains, but they're placed a few tiles too high. You can see them as little spikes protruding into the black (dark brown) empty part around the edges of the map. Instead of fixing them for the final game they seem to have just removed them completely. Probably not news around these parts, but it was new to me. For this mockup I just moved them down to where they should be.

EDIT: I guess it's not really the light hitting the curtains. It's more like light hitting the inner walls of the window alcove or whatever you call it.

That's the one!

Yeah at first I thought it might have been some kind of artifact from the photography or printing process, but the pink hair seems pretty consistent across screenshots and publications. There's some art of Marle with alternate colors as well, but it's almost an inversion of this (white hair, purple clothes).

Yeah, I thought that was interesting too. My Japanese knowledge is extremely limited, so I was using a combination of Google Translate and DeepL machine translation.  I'm pretty sure they both gave me the phrase "end of time". It seems like an odd question to me. Why would the fact that it looks like a spaceship mean it's the end of time? The exact Japanese phrasing used doesn't seem to match the location we know as "The End of Time" though, so I don't know if there's a connection there. I think they might have been going for something like "this is obviously the far-flung future, surely we won't be going any farther!" maybe? Like it's the end meaning it's as far in the future as we'll go? I don't know.

I changed the thread title because I've done another one of these and I don't really think they deserve separate threads.

This time it's this unknown 2300 location, with a bonus not-so-spikey Crono sprite.

This tileset is interesting. At first glance it looks pretty much like any other future location from the final game, but there are a bunch of differences. The door and the little hatches with the ladders sticking out are smaller. The hatches also have steps leading up to them, suggesting maybe they were actual functioning exits, and there's a closed-lid version. The vertical girders/rafters are narrower. Those two square grates on the floor near Crono are completely new. I'm probably forgetting stuff. Maybe the most interesting difference is that this early version of the future tileset isn't as broken.

Here's a gif that flashes back and forth between the busted up final tiles and the "fixed" ones I made to match the screenshot (where applicable).

Makes me wonder if the future scenario was once a little less dystopian.

Overall this one required a lot more actual drawing, and is therefore surely a lot less accurate. It was fun to do though. I love prototype stuff like this.

If anyone knows OKD, we would murder to get better scans of those pages.

Not OKD, but I managed to get these pages scanned. Also made an attempt at a translation.

Original Japanese:


Man, these screenshots are so cool.  8)

Other Topics and the Prerelease / Re: Omokage Bridge
« on: July 05, 2020, 09:03:46 pm »
Could Omokage have been the original name of Truce Village? I could see 'Truce' being a Woosley-esque translation of 'Trace.'

Maybe? There's a scan of an EGM article on this site that refers to Crono's hometown as "Stoal". Could just be the EGM writer getting confused or making things up, but I wonder if the town's name changed at some point near the end of development.

EDIT: I checked and Truce in the Japanese version is トルース (Toruusu) so "Truce" is a pretty straightforward translation. Unless you meant a Woolsey-esque translation on the part of the Japanese developers, which I guess is possible.

I assume you did this in Photoshop or another picture editing program (and not via hacking; ie Temporal Flux).

You would be correct. I haven't really looked into it much, but I think you'd have to create custom graphics packs to get all of those background tiles on the same screen, even if you didn't care about including my edits. And you'd definitely need a custom palette for at least the leaves. There's nothing about the structure of the map that couldn't be done in TF though.

Speaking of which, here's a fun fact: one of the leaf tiles in the right set of leaves is actually two tiles on top of each other. One with no transparency on the bottom layer, and one with transparency on the top layer. It took me forver searching for that "one tile" before I figured it out.

Other Topics and the Prerelease / Omokage Bridge
« on: July 04, 2020, 08:39:55 pm »
I've developed a bit of an obsession lately with the "alpha" footage/screenshots that are out there. Hopefully my posts aren't coming across as spammy.

So, there's a point in the V Fes '94 Video where everyone's talking, and there's gameplay footage playing on the big monitors in the background. What appears to be Crono, Robo, and Ayla cross a bridge over a river that runs through the continent. At each end of the bridge a location label pops up.

The only place I've really seen this discussed is The Cutting Room Floor page, and they just show a really low-res capture and say that it's hard to read. I have a slightly better one I've been staring at for a while and I think I know what it says.

The text on the top and bottom is screencapped from the video (the only difference is the bottom is deinterlaced, which didn't make much difference). In the middle is my recreation of the same text using the final game's font. It's a little blurry because I stretched it horizontally to try and match the aspect ratio from the video.

I think it says おもかげ橋 or Omokagebashi/Omokage Bridge. The only part I'm really not sure about is the 橋 on the end. The kanji character in the video seems a little simpler/like it's lacking some bits. The overall shape seems right though, and 橋 is the same character for bridge used in the final game's label for Zenan Bridge.

There is apparently a real bridge in Japan called Omokage bridge as well, although it's written as 面影橋. I tried looking up the meaning of Omokage/面影. This site says it means "face; looks; vestiges; trace" and gives the following example sentences:
This town still retains something of the old days.

Hollywood isn't what it used to be.

At her age, she still preserved the appearance of a young girl.

The village is now different from what it used to be.
Seems like kind of a melancholy/nostalgic word.

Later I was looking at some screenshots from magazines and it occurred to me that this bridge that shows up a couple of times is probably Omokage Bridge as well.

I don't know whose tombstones those are, but their presence kind of fits the vibe of those Omokage example sentences above in my opinion. The larger of the two tombstones seems to be the unused tombstone sprite from the Prerelease ROM that Vehek posted about here, so that's kind of neat as well.

I guess that's it. I don't really have an "in conclusion" for this. It's just some odds and ends that have been floating around in my head. Hopefully it's not all stuff that's been discussed to death. If it has I couldn't find those discussions.

Oh, I didn't know where else to mention this, so here's a random tidbit: The bridge in the shots above with the tombstones is 16 pixels/two tiles (subtiles I guess in TF terms?) narrower (meaning vertically on screen) than Zenan Bridge.

Random tidbit #2: I think maybe a playable version of this (or possibly a video tape) may have been sent around at some point. I'm basing this entirely on the fact that we have two shots that seem to be from different moments in the same battle. If it was just a mockup I'd think there'd probably only be one. That's just wild speculation though.

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