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Title: My old CT Flash animations.
Post by: MastaSin on March 04, 2012, 11:58:52 pm

Hi, well I would like to share my old fan projects here, this are my very first flash animations.

It's about Chrono Trigger of course, what happened after the game and before Chrono cross (kind of...) My little mini-series. Anyway they are really bad in frame-rate and stuff because they were my first animations, they are slow and my grammar was really bad, I was learning English language at the moment, so...sorry for the massive typos.

This old series of mine, was animated and published on Newgrounds around 2004 or 2005, so this are pretty old files. ;p

TimeWarp series.

Timewarp (

Timewarp2 (

TimeWarp3 (

TimeWarp4 (

TimeWarp5 ( (Ending.)

This was my latest animation a new series about Tata but I never had the chance to finish it since I lost my interest for the lack of Chrono Trigger support and started it with a Halo sprited series.

 (ÁTata (Unfinished)[/url)