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Title: Gilbert's Synth, a Final Fantasy 4 remix
Post by: chi_z on March 06, 2010, 02:12:17 am
Well I don't think I can put submissions from other game series in there, so I'll post it in general. I took the 4 measure-long motive from the Final Fantasy series, typically titled "The Prelude"(what plays at the title screen). The title comes from the fact that, in Final Fantasy 4, there was a song titled "Gilbert's Lute". The remix does not use Gilbert and his damn lute though, I just wanted a catchy name that fit, it's all prelude. I added my own persona to it by including a harp and synth solo not in the actual song. It's still in the same key though, so as to maintain consistency. Lemme know what you dudes and gals think