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Title: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 04, 2009, 10:21:55 pm
Don't know how worthwhile posting this is, especially after my last action
in this part of the forum was pulling apart someone else's fanfic in
excruciating detail, but my ineptitude might at least provide meager amusement
for someone. Anyway...

This started out as the potential script for a Chrono Cross mod that will
likely never now be attempted. It was intended to include:
-an actual speaking part for Serge, although he still (thinks) more than he talks
-Magus and Dario as playable characters (Guile is considered as a separate
 character and is not replaced by Magus)
-up to six PCs present in each cutscene (although the combat party would be limited to
 the normal three)
-elimination of some PCs who were not useful storywise (Funguy, frex) and demotion
 of some others to NPCs
-additional backstory for the characters who survive the cull

Blocks of text in italics are the same as they were in the original CC script.
How much there is of that sort of stuff varies from chapter to chapter. In some places,
I cut what was mostly game-tutorial material wholesale rather than bother to recopy it.
Markup in later chapters with decision trees is...hopefully self-explanatory. I'm going
to try my best to smoothe the messy bits out as I post.

I got as far as midway through the Termina/Guide to Viper Manor chapter before shelving
this (although some later material dealing with the Guile/Magus story branch also
exists). How much of it I post depends on how loudly people scream at me to stop. ;P

Chrono Cross as it should have been, or the nightmare of an insane purple cat? I leave
that for you to decide.

1. An Ancient Fort - Chasing phantoms in one's dreams...
Fort Dragonia (Dream)

[FMV:In the middle of a large mountain range lies
a huge fortress.  Surrounding the fortress are six dragon statues.]

[An elevator comes up to a hallway with two exits.  Three people step out
of the elevator.]

   What is it,
   You look troubled.
   this is it.
   There's no turning
   back, now!
   C'mon Serge,

[Kid turns and faces Serge.]

   Just you wait, Lynx!
   Today's gonna be the
   day of reckonin'!!!
   Say yer prayers!
   ...Not that it'll
   do ya any good!!!


   (Huh? What? How did I get here?
   Who are these people? And why
   does it feel like I should know
   know them? Well, I guess I
   should just go along with things
   for now. At least they seem to
   have some idea of what's going

[Serge comes out of the elevator and joins them.
They make their way through the first bit of the fort
and arrive on the balcony in the room with the
switch / crystal]

   What's that
   crystal like thing?

   Some kinda switch?
   So close and yet so far...

   I guess that means we have
   to get over to that other
   door...unless one of you has
   some rope.

   Rope! Bugger! I KNEW I'd
   forgotten something! Some
   thief I am.

   (She's a thief?! But she's
   ...kinda cute.)

[Eventually, they find their way to the ground
level in the same room and adjust the crystal /
switch, then take the teleporter up to the entrance
to the top level, which leaves them on a balcony,
facing a set of big double doors.]

   What the bloody hell
   just happened?

   What are we
   doin' out here?

   Wooooow! Bugger...!!!
   We're so high up!
   Is this thing floatin'!?

   Did it feel like your
   body passed through
   the floor just now?

   This sure is
   some fort...
   Eh, Serge?

   It's...kinda freaky...
   (What the heck am I doing

   You alright, mate?
   You've been actin'
   all weird.
   Who knows what's up
   ahead, so just stay
   on yer toes, eh!?

   Um...yeah. (Actually,
   I feel kinda weird. No,
   scratch that--really weird.
   All this sweat pouring off
   me. It's like that big door
   is the scariest thing in the
   world, but it's just a DOOR...)

[FMV:Kid's stabbing]
[Serge wakes up in Arni]
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on July 04, 2009, 10:53:22 pm

   Um...yeah. (Actually,
   I feel kinda weird. No,
   scratch that--really weird.
   All this sweat pouring off
   me. It's like that big door
   is the scariest thing in the
   world, but it's just a DOOR...

Dunno why, but that line is hilarious. I like that line.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 05, 2009, 09:50:50 pm
My version of Serge would probably flip out completely playing through
the Sealed Cave in Final Fantasy IV. All those vicious doors... (

2. Arni Village - Where the tides start to turn...

Max recruits: Serge only.
Recruitable: None. (Poshul has been removed.)

There's a lot of strictly optional dialog with people like Marge,
Leena, and Radius in this section.  For the time being, I'm ignoring
it all and dealing only with the main-line plot.

Serge's House, Arni (Home)


   Good morning, Serge!

   Come on, sleepy head!
   Get up!

   Ugh. (I feel like I didn't
   sleep at all. Still, I suppose
   I should get up--I did promise

[There are a bunch of system messages here that I'm not
going to interfere with.]



   Good morning,
   You're finally up.
   The sun's already
   reached high noon.

   NOON!? (Ulp! Leena's going
   to kill me!)

   By the way, didn't you
   have plans to meet with
   Leena this morning?

   Um, yeah. (Wait, don't
   tell me...)

   Leena came by to see if
   you were up, but you,
   young man, were still
   off in never-never land.

   (I knew it--I'm toast.)

   You shouldn't break
   promises like that.
   Girls can be pretty scary
   if you make them angry!

   (And Leena's scarier than

[Serge leaves the hut.]

Pier, Arni (Home)


[The boy goes bouncing into the water while Serge and
Leena watch.]

   You're late, Serge.
   Sleeping in as usual,
   I suppose?
   You promised you'd go
   get some Komodo dragon
   scales for my necklace,
   Since you were late,
   my mom asked me to
   baby-sit the kids!

   I'm sorry, Leena. It's
   just that I had this
   nightmare, and, well...
   (Damn, it looks like the
   truth isn't going to work.)
   ...Never mind.

   Sergey, Leena,
   look at me!

   C'mon, you guys
   should join us!
   It feels really good!

   Unlike the rest of
   you, we're not here
   to play!
   Don't swim out
   too far, now!

   Kids sure have
   it easy...
   Remember when we
   were like that?
   Not a single care
   or worry on our minds...
   How each day lasted
   an eternity, filled
   with newness, fun
   and excitement...
   That was...a long time ago.
   (Like back before our dads
   both disappeared...)

   But the important thing now
   is not our childhood but
   my Komodo-scale necklace!!!
   We have to face up
   to reality and live
   each day anew!!!
   (Here we go again...)

   So, I want you to go
   to Lizard Rock and
   get some scales for me!
   I would join you, but
   I still have to watch
   the kids...
   It's your fault you were late!
   Once you collect some
   Komodo dragon scales,
   I'll catch up with you
   at Opassa Beach.
   (To be fair, if she could
   come, she WOULD do some of
   the work--she's no slacker.
   But I really don't understand
   while all the girls are so
   crazy over those silly scales.)

   Is that OK with you, Serge?

   -->Sure, no problem!             |    -->Nah, forget it...
Leena:                              | Leena:
   Good!                            |    EXCUSE ME!?
   That's what I                    |    What did you just say?
   wanted to hear!                  |    Hm? Serge!?
   OK, then!                        |    Think about it!
   Don't just stand around!         |    It's your fault for
   Go collect some scales           |    sleeping in, you know!
   at Lizard Rock.                  |    Seeing as how you let
   Let's see...                     |    me down, I'd say you
   I think 3 should be enough.      |    owe me a couple hundred
   Good luck, Serge!                |    of those scales!
   I'm counting on you!             |    Now go! Go to Lizard
                                    |    Rock and get some

Serge:                              |    scales for me!
   (I am such a sucker...but        |    I'll let you off easy this
   I like to see her smile.)        |    time with only 3 scales.
                                    |    I'm counting on you, Serge.
                                    |    Good luck, OK?

                                    | Serge:
                                    |    (Urgh. Leena the Dragon strikes
                                    |    again! Well, I suppose I don't
                                    |    have a choice.)

   Once you get the
   scales, wait for me
   at Opassa Beach.
   It's just a bit south
   of Lizard Rock.
   I'll come by as soon as
   I'm done baby-sitting!
   I'll look forward to it.
   (As if I'd forget where to
   find Opassa...)

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Post by: mav on July 05, 2009, 11:27:22 pm
   (To be fair, if she could
   come, she WOULD do some of
   the work--she's no slacker.
   But I really don't understand
   while all the girls are so
   crazy over those silly scales.)
The wording there seems awkward...Is it "while all the girls..." or "why all the girls"?

Anyhow, this seems pretty solid. Heh, even with this small addition of lines Serge seems radically different--in a good way. So far everything seems okay, it looks like you're making Serge out to be a regular Joe, in terms of dialog. Keep at it; once there's more to read I'll offer [more] criticism.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 06, 2009, 07:42:55 am
Oops... Yep, it's supposed to be "why".  Don't know how that managed to sneak through to this stage.

I've always thought that Serge should start out as just an ordinary guy, with his character changing and maturing over the course of the game--which isn't the sort of thing that's easy to put across with a "silent protagonist" dumb-show.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on July 06, 2009, 06:41:37 pm
It sounds really good! I like Serge's lines--mental and verbal.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 06, 2009, 08:24:02 pm
Thanks.  If people keep encouraging me, I may even get around to tackling the remainder of the script.

3. Opassa Beach - A calling from beyond time...

Max recruits: Serge only.
Recruitable: None.
Opassa Beach (Home)

   There you are!

[She comes in from offscreen to stand
beside Serge.]

   Sorry I'm late.
   I hope you didn't
   wait too long, Serge.

   Just a few minutes--really,
   it isn't a big deal.
   It sure has been a long time
   since we last came here...
   We used to come all the time.

   (Before I almost drowned that
   time... She's right: that WAS
   a while ago. I don't think I've
   been back here since.)
   Well? How'd it go?
   Did you get the
   Komodo dragon scales?

   Well, there were a few monsters,
   but it wasn't really a big deal.

[He hands her the scales.]
   Oh, they're beautiful!
   I'll be able to make a
   great necklace with these.

   Thank you,

   You're welcome. (Mostly. I
   still think she should have
   gotten them herself. I mean,
   I'm not really her boyfriend,
   despite what everyone thinks--
   it's just that we've known each
   other forever...)
   The sea never changes,
   does it...?
   It's been rolling in and out,
   like this, since long before
   we were born.
   It's been here for eternity,
   it seems...
   It's probably seen many things...
   Heard many things...
   It'll probably keep rolling
   in and out, in and out,
   long after our lifetime...
   Without a single change...

   Hey, Serge...
   Remember we used to
   sit and talk like this
   when we were kids?
   With the gentle sea
   breeze and the tranquil
   sound of the waves?
   Just the two of us...

   Do you still remember that day?

   ~~~I don't remember              |    ~~~I remember
Leena:                              | Leena:
   Oh...                            |    Really!?
   Then I guess you forgot          |    You do...?
   about the promise we made...     |

                                    | Serge:
Serge:                              |    Of course I do. (Actually, I
   Sorry. (Yeah, I remember that    |    have no idea what she's talking
   day--but the water's really the  |    about, but whatever. I don't
   only thing I remember about it.) |    want to disappoint her.)
Leena:                              | Leena:
   Well, I guess it                 |    So, Serge, you
   can't be helped.                 |    haven't forgotten
   We were so young...              |    about the promise
   On top of that, you almost       |    we made that day!?
   drowned back then.               |    Hehee......
   It was a traumatic time for you. |    That makes me...
                                    |    happy.

Serge:                              |
   (Just a little bit, maybe,       | Serge:
   do you think?!                   |    (Ulp! I hope it wasn't)
   ...No, that's unfair. It was a   |     anything important!)
   while ago, and I guess I should  |
   have gotten over it by now.)     |

   But aren't
   memories strange?
   Just when you think that
   you've forgotten about
   something, it comes floating
   back into your heart.
   I guess it's just lying
   there in wait.
   Waiting for that right

   Why, we might even
   remember this very
   moment someday!
   In 10, 20 years...when we're
   all grown up and married,
   and have kids of our own...
   (Whoa! Married? KIDS?! Aren't
   you in a bit of a hurry here,

   Then one day...
   When that time comes,
   I wonder what kind of
   adults we'll be?
   What kind of life
   will I be leading...?

   I wonder what to make of this day...?

   ~~~We'll forget it eventually    |    ~~~We'll never forget this day!
Leena:                              | Leena:
   Yeah......                       |    Yeah...
   I guess so......                 |    I hope you're right.
   But......                        |
   That would be                    |
   really sad...                    |
   wouldn't it?                     |

Serge:                              |
   (I don't get it. "Sad"? It's     |
   just another ordinary day.)      |

   Um, Serge...
   There's been something
   I've been wanting to...

 [Kid, across the dimensions]

[Serge looks around, puzzled by the mysterious voice.]

   What the heck was that?!

   What's wrong, Serge?


   What the...? This is....?!

[FMV: Serge's panther vision.]

[The world warps around Serge, and he faints.]

 [Opassa Beach (Another)

[Old Man]
   What are you doing there,
   boy? It's dangerous
   to sleep out here.

[Serge wakes up on the beach to see an old man and a baby Komodo dragon near

   Wha...?  What just happened?

[Old Man]
   You alright, boy?
   What on earth are you
   doing lying down, anyway?
   For a second there,
   I thought you might
   have been a dead body,
   washed ashore.

   Urgh... No, but I think I'd feel
   better if I WERE dead. My head

[Serge gets up, and looks around for Leena.]

   Leena? Are you there? Leena?
   Damnit, this isn't funny!

[Old Man]
   Huh? Leena...?
   You were the only one
   I saw when I got here.
   Are you a friend of
   I believe she's in the
   village, babysitting.

   (I don't believe it--she just
   abandoned me here?! Okay, so I
   got up a bit late, but I got her
   her stupid scales anyway, didn't
   I?! Why this, all of a sudden?)

[Old Man]
   Well, I'd best be on my way.
   Anyway, if you're looking for Leena,
   you should stop by the village.
   You know, you shouldn't
   be playing out here, boy.
   Wouldn't want anything to
   happen to you, now.

Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 06, 2009, 10:18:58 pm
Ooh, very nice! This Serge is so enjoyable, and funny too. Even in these few lines, you did quite well in capturing the essence of a seventeen year-old seafaring kid. I already feel like he'll get hardened by all the upcoming tribulations he's going to face.

Keep at it!
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Post by: alfadorredux on July 07, 2009, 09:04:04 am
Now you're starting to make me worry that I may not be able to make further sections of this thing live up to its early promise.  :lol: But I actually sat down last night and completed the Guile-as-Viper-Manor-Guide chapter (and started on Nikki's). I may even get as far as Guldove one of these days.
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4. Arni Village - Nothing has changed but everything!

Max recruits: Serge only.
Recruitable: None.

Serge's House, Arni (Another)

[Young Man]
   Who the...?
   What are you doing
   in my house?
   My house isn't a playground
   for you kids, alright?
   Go play outside.

   YOUR house? Since when?
   Doesn't Marge live here?

[Young Man]
   Who the heck's that?
   I've lived in this
   house for 5 years now.
   Sorry, that name
   doesn't ring a bell.

   (What the hell is going on here?
   My mother just VANISHES in the
   time it takes me to get to
   Opassa and back? I wasn't
   unconscious THAT long, was I?)

Pier, Arni (Another)

   Leena! Finally! Maybe
   you can help me make sense
   out of all this! Dumping me
   on the beach was a mean trick,
   by the way. Don't do it again,

   Who are you?
   Have we met somewhere
   Are you from Termina?

  (What the...? She doesn't
  recognize me either?)
  Leena, it's ME, Serge!

   I'm sorry, but I don't
   know you--or anyone else
   named Serge, for that
   matter. Unless...

   Yeah, YOU!

   Don't be tryin' to
   pull any moves on
   our Leena, you jerk!

   Don't be silly!
   Don't go swimming out
   too far now, you hear!?


   I guess kids
   will be kids...

   Don't worry
   about them.

   Damnit, Leena... How can you not
   know who I am? If this is a
   joke, it isn't funny!

   I think that's my line, Serge...
   or whatever your name really is.

   You know...
   You look a lot like
   the boy who used to
   live next door to me...

   That boy...
   He drowned...
   when he was very young...
   This all happened 10 years ago.

   Soon after, his
   mother passed
   away, too...
   I was still very young
   back then, so I don't
   remember too well, but
   my mom says his name was...


   I keep telling you, I'M

   You're Serge!?
   Do you think sick jokes like
   this are funny?
   The boy is dead, don't you

   ...I'm sorry.  I didn't mean
   to hurt your feelings, but
   I'm...really confused. I mean,
   I fainted on Opassa Beach a
   couple of hours ago, and now
   everyone in Arni says they don't
   know me, when I've lived here
   all my life! Even worse, now
   you're telling me that I'm
   d...d...DEAD! And that my Mom's
   dead too!

   Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know,
   but something is VERY wrong!

[Serge is waving his hands around in the air and
generally acting like a raving lunatic.]

   Okay, okay, calm down. Sheesh,
   you're as bad as the little

   ...Look, if you still don't
   believe me about Serge, why
   don't you go have a look at
   his grave? It's on Cape Howl.
   Then, when you've convinced
   yourself that you can't be
   Serge, come back here, and I'll
   help you ask around and see if
   we can find someone who knows
   who you really are, okay?

   Um... Well, I guess it's
   somewhere to start. Thanks,
   (If I find that grave, I'll
   know for SURE that I'm crazy.
   And I don't even know which
   answer I'm hoping for!)

   Don't mention it.

[Serge leaves, headed for Cape Howl.  As he exits, the camera
pans momentarily back to Leena.]

   That boy--the real Serge...
   I guess I kinda liked him...
   If that boy were still
   alive today, I wonder
   what would've become of us?
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Post by: mav on July 07, 2009, 11:41:07 pm
What're you worrying for? Things are already on a nice track. Just look at Serge's growth when dealing with Leena: he goes from being a pissy kid, to someone almost actualized enough to consider himself insane. And that line "and I don't even know which answer I'm hoping for" is perfect for his situation--humorously cocky, yet fundamentally childish.

I think this is coming quite naturally for ya.
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Post by: kid123 on July 08, 2009, 05:24:39 am
I agree with mav.Nothing to be said here again.
The script afterward are self-considered as the hardest part because you need to write a good and plausible motive regarding
why he join Kid and gone through all those adventure afterward. If you manage to attain those requirement and keep the consistency along the script, you are officially my favorite writer.
Good luck !
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: anonymouse on July 08, 2009, 09:52:19 am
Hey, good job giving Serge's character some depth. That was a really big problem for me when I played CC--being unable to get a look into the protagonist's head. I mean, hey, he's fallen through dimensions, met a bunch of dragons, and remains dumb as a log throughout it all. I couldn't get any sense of character growth, which was bad. Your Serge is really shaping up to be somebody likable and realistic, in contrast. Lookin' forward to more!
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Post by: alfadorredux on July 08, 2009, 08:56:53 pm
Thanks for the encouragement, guys.

   5. Cape Howl - A reminder of one's former self...

   Max recruits: Serge only.
   Recruitable: Kid.

Cape Howl (Another)
[Serge examines the tombstone at the summit of Cape Howl]

   There's some writing
   on the tombstone.
   ~~~  R.I.P.  ~~~
   Our beloved Serge
   ~~ Died age 7 ~~

   ~  Nobody can take  ~
   anything away from him.
   ~Nor can anyone give~
   ~~anything to him.~~

   What came from the sea,
   has returned to the sea.

   What the...?! It's...real?

   So you must be Serge...
   The ghost of the boy
   who died 10 years ago.

[Karsh walks up with the Idiot Brigade in tow]

   I'm Serge, but I don't think
   I'm a ghost.

   (These people know who I am
   and were expecting to find me
   here? The more that happens,
   the less sense this all makes!)

   Whatever. If you're Serge, then
   you're the one General Viper's
   guest wants.
   But, Sir Karsh...
   Do you think it is truly true
   that this chap is a ghost?
   He seems like a perfectly
   perfect young boy to me...

   That doesn't matter!
   We found the boy here,
   just as '"he"' said we
   would, didn't we?

   Now seize him!

   (Damnit, this keeps getting
   worse and worse! Now some
   GENERAL wants me?!)

[They approach Serge.]

   Hold yer sea horses!!!

[FMV: Kid's intro]

   (Waitaminute! She's the one
   from my dream! The one I...
   Damnit, this doesn't make any
   sense EITHER.)

   Who the...?
   Outta the way, missy!
   You don't wanna get
   hurt, now, do you?
   Shut yer trap!
   You're the ones who'd
   betta get outta the way.
   ...You have a problem!?
   Do you have a shakin' idea
   who you're dealing with, missy?
   That's enough!!!
   Listen up, junior!
   Our orders are to
   take you in.

   I'm not going anywhere with you.
   If you meant me any good,
   you'd tell me what's going on!

   Really? Fine, then. I guess
   this axe o' mine will have
   to do the talkin'.

   For cryin' out loud...
   Would ya just shut up
   and get on with it...!
   I'm gonna kick yer
   sorry arses so hard
   you'll kiss the moons!

   Fair enough...
   You leave us no choice.
   You'll regret this, missy!

[Combat is engaged. I'm not going to bother changing the
Idiot Brigade's element tutorial, so I'm snipping it.]

[When Karsh et al. lose]

   S-Sir Karsh!
   I say we shake it on outta
   here, so that we can live
   to fight another day!
   Th-These aren't no
   ordinary brats we're
   dealing with...!

   Damn cowards!

   As for you, missy...!
   We won't forget this!

   Oooh, I'm sooo scaaared!
   I'll be happy to take
   you on, anytime!
   Think I'll lose to scum
   like you!? Hah!

   You alright, mate?

   Yeah, I think so--I mean,
   I'm confused, but I'm not

   Your name's Serge,
   ain't it?

   How did you know that?

   Those idiots were just
   telling it to the whole
   island, mate!

   Oh yeah, right. Um, what's
   your name?

   Oh, me?
   My name's...

[Name screen]

   Call me '"Kid."'
   Nice to meet ya.

   Same here, but... Why did you
   save me? I mean, you don't
   know me from King Guardia!

   I just couldn't stand by
   and watch those blokes
   gang up on you like that.
   They just pissed the
   bloody hell outta me.
   I wish I could've beat
   'em up some more!

   (Great. She's the violent type,
   like Leena...but I thought she
   was a thief?)
   (No, stupid, that's from the
   dream. Try to focus.)

   But why was that
   mob after ya?

   I have no idea. I've never
   seen any of them before...
   but it fits right in with
   all the other freaky stuff
   that's been happening to
   me today.

   Whaddaya mean you've never
   even met 'em before? Eh?
   Ahhh, forget it.

   Hey, Serge....!
   How about you and me
   team up for a while?
   That Karsh fella ain't
   gonna just leave you alone,
   that's for sure!

   And to tell ya the truth,
   I'm new to these islands...
   It's pretty lonely travelin'
   around here on me own.

   So, how 'bout it,
   Perhaps it was fate
   that we would meet
   up like this!

   ~~~Travel together               |    ~~~Refuse...
Serge:                             | Kid:
  (Well, I DO owe her for          |    Hang on!
  giving me a hand with            |
  those guys. And if I             | Kid:
  decide to go after them,         |    Are you tellin' me, you're gonna
  it would be nice to have         |    refuse the company of a lonely,
  some help.                       |    vulnerable, sweet little girl?
  ...I just hope she doesn't       | Serge:
   get mad as easily as             |    (I can't tell her that I don't
   Leena.)                          |    want to get too close to her
                                    |    'cause I dreamed of killing her.)
 Kid:                               |    Hey, I don't know you, and
   Beauty, mate!                    |    judging from what you did to
   That decides it then!            |    these guys, it seems like you
   We're real good mates now!       |    can be pretty dangerous.
Kid:                                | Kid:
   Anyways, it'll be                |    Sheesh, talk about yer back-
   gettin' dark soon.               |    handed compliments.
   I suggest we head to             |
   Arni and shack up                | Kid:
   for the night!                   |    I'll be headin' up north
                                    |    to a town called Termina.
 Kid:                               |
   Oh, and Serge.                   | Kid:
   Don't go tryin' any              |    It'll be gettin'
   funny stuff just                 |    dark pretty soon.
   coz I'm cute 'n all!             |    I suggest ya go find
                                    |    a place to shack up
Serge:                             |    for the night.
  (And if I tell her she isn't     |    Don't want ya to become
  THAT cute, she'll probably       |    Heckran bait, now.
  try to fillet me with that       |    Hehehe...
  knife of hers. Just like         |
  Leena. Why me?)                  | Kid:
                                    |    Well...
                                    |    See ya!

[muttermumble flippin' decision tree--I don't think there's any
need to give the player two chances to take/refuse Kid, since this
is for people who've already played through the original game...]

Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 08, 2009, 10:20:43 pm
[muttermumble flippin' decision tree--I don't think there's any
need to give the player two chances to take/refuse Kid, since this
is for people who've already played through the original game...]
I agree--turning Kid down once is enough.

I do have a couple suggestions/criticisms though...First off, Serge should be even more shocked that the tombstone was real--he needs to have that "I'm not in Kansas anymore" realization. Likewise maybe you should exploit the sexual tension between Serge and Kid a little more. I like that he's already comparing her to Leena, maybe his mind should take it a step further? Or maybe not...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 09, 2009, 01:19:41 pm
The sexual tension is supposed to build slowly, so nothing more on that front for a little while--possibly not until Guldove.

As for the other, I think I wrote it the way I did with the idea that Karsh would interrupt Serge before he managed to really freak out, but perhaps you're right. Attempted re-write:

   What the...?! It's...real?

[He falls to his knees]

   This...this is...I don't...
   What HAPPENED? I...I
   couldn' someone else
   ...could I? But...I know
   Arni, I RECOGNIZED the
   people there. I KNOW I
   lived there. Why didn't
   they...? And now this...

   So you must be Serge...
   The ghost of the boy
   who died 10 years ago.

[Karsh walks up with the Idiot Brigade in tow]

   I... (Gotta stop freaking
   out--this guy doesn't look
   too friendly. Deep breaths,
   right. I'm NOT buried under
   that stone, I'm alive, and
   I'm going to stay that way
   if I have anything to say
   about it!)

[He gets to his feet.]

   I'm Serge, but I don't think
   I'm a ghost.

   (These people know who I am
   and were expecting to find me
   here? The more that happens,
   the less sense this all makes!)
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 09, 2009, 02:17:04 pm
Very nice. I understand what you were doing before, but in my opinion it wouldn't take too long to freak out about being dead--Serge's rewritten reaction seems mighty appropriate. And I guess it's fine that you're not taking advantage of that sexual tension. I guess that's where Serge and I differ: if saw a girl that looked like Kid when I was seventeen, and she mentioned "shacking up" I'd be going ballistic with completely inappropriate thoughts.

Hah, I guess this says more about me than it does about Serge.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Boo the Gentleman Caller on July 09, 2009, 08:11:31 pm
Serge is still pretty much mute, seeing as how a lot of his dialogue is internal, hahaha...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 09, 2009, 08:37:00 pm
Heh. Well, I didn't think making him a chatterbox was appropriate.

Re: shacking up--It's the slang meaning of that phrase in North America
(which may not exist in El Nido) that's giving you those dirty thoughts,
I'd bet. ;P

The Serge/Leena dialog here is a bit rocky in spots, but I haven't yet
figured out how to fix it.

6. Heading North - In search of some answers...

Max recruits: Serge, Kid.
Recruitable: Leena (if Kid didn't join).

Cape Howl (Another)

[If they revisit the gravestone together (I think)]

   Is this yer grave, mate!?

   That's what it says.
   Kind of freaks me out.

   Am I really the ghost
   of someone who died
   10 years ago?

   What!? You died
   10 years ago?

   That's what people keep
   telling me, and I'm still
   not sure I'm not the one
   who's crazy.

   Whatever, mate.
   Look at you. You're
   as fit as a fiddle!
   So what exactly happened
   to ya 10 years ago?
   You don't remember?

   ~~~No, I don't                   |    ~~~Yes, I do
Kid:                                | Kid:
   Yeah, I didn't think so.         |    You remember!?
   You were just a li'l squirt      |    You do!?
   10 years ago.                    |    But you were just a li'l
   Of course you don't remember.    |    squirt 10 years ago.
   Oh, well...                      |    How can ya remember
   No worries, mate.                |    that far back?
   It's perfectly normal.           |

                                    | Serge:
Kid:                                |    Well, it was kind of a
   Cheer up, eh?                    |    memorable day.
   We'll find out what's            |    I almost drowned, and
   goin' on soon enough.            |    a couple of days later,
                                    |    my father disappeared.
Kid:                                |   
   No worries, mate.                | Kid:
                                    |    ...Yeah, that musta been
                                    |    some day, from the sound
                                    |    of it.

   Um, Kid?


   I wasn't going to tell you this,
   but if we're going to be
   travelling together, you
   probably should know. You see,
   for the past few weeks, I've
   been having this recurring dream
   about this fortress. You and I
   and some other person are trying
   to get through it to somewhere.
   And the dream always, always
   ends with me stabbing you.
   That's kind of freaky, but...
   A fortress, you say?

   It doesn't make much sense to
   me, either, but it kind of
   worries me.
   Git off it!
   Don't make me laugh!
   She'll be right, mate.
   I don't go down that
   easy, ya know?

Serge's House, Arni (Another)
[If Kid wasn't recruited]

[Leena opens the window blinds in Serge's room]

   Rise and shine!
   A new day awaits!


   I'm glad I found
   you here, though.
   Serge, right...?
   Kinda feels odd
   calling you that...

   You know...
   I've been thinking...
   Maybe you had some kind of
   accident and hit your head.
   That's why your memory's
   all messed up.
   You're really someone else,
   but you think you're the
   Serge who died 10 years ago.

   (That would explain everything
   except why I remember Arni, but
   no one here recognizes me. And
   then there's Karsh and his
   friends...but maybe whoever
   told them where to find me knew
   that I'd think I was Serge?
   Aack, I think my brain's going
   to explode!)

   I want to help you.
   I can't just leave
   you alone like this.
   You don't seem like
   such a bad person, either...
   You're planning to go
   to Termina, right?

   Well, yeah--I'm kind of
   hoping that someone there
   can tell me what's going on.
   (And I'm hoping that, if I
   understand what happened, I
   can fix it and bring Mom

   Then let me join you.
   I have some errands
   to run over there, anyway.

   And to tell you
   the truth...
   It feels like I've
   always known you...
   Sounds strange,
   doesn't it?

   ...No, it doesn't sound
   strange at all.

   Leena joined your party!

   Well, that's that!
   Shall we get going?
   Let's head to

[If Kid was recruited]
   Let's get our arses
   down to Termina!

   (Termina...I really
   hope someone there knows
   what's going on. It's pretty
   obvious no one in Arni does!
   I just hope that, once I
   figure everything out, I can
   put it back the way it was.
   I don't want Mom to be

   Oh yeah, mate...
   I nearly forgot...
   Let me give ya this.
   It's a Tele-Porter.
   You'll be able to switch
   yer party members from afar.
   A real handy gadget.
   All you have to do is...
   Ahh, it's a pain in the
   arse to explain...
   Look it up in the Menu.


   Serge received

Leena's House, Arni (Another)
[If Leena was recruited, and not Kid.}

[Leena's Grandma]
   Why, Leena.
   Do you know this boy?
   I haven't seen him
   around before...
   You already have him
   under your thumb?

   Er... (She's still the
   same busybody as ever.)

   No, grandma!
   It's not like
   that at all!

Fossil Valley (Another)
[I've left Skelly's intro in because I may want to
do something with him later on. Or not. We'll see.]

   Looks like I'm causin'
   quite a stir.
   I've been waitin'
   forever for someone
   like you!

   Like me? (Oh, man, what now?
   I've had enough of this crazy

   Yeah, I know.
   You and I are
   both dead, eh?
   I don't know how I
   ended up like this...
   I don't have a body and
   I don't remember a thing!
   You understand what I'm
   goin' thru, don't ya?

   Well, some of it, anyway.
   (I guess I could have ended
   up worse off after all...)

   But I have a feelin'
   everything will come
   back to me once I
   find my body parts.
   So, how 'bout it?
   Will ya help me find my body?
   ~~~Sure                          |   ~~~Not my thing...
   Nyak-nyak-nyak!!!                |   Fine...
   Yeah!?                           |   I guess you don't
   I'm heavier than I look,         |   wanna carry around
   but I hope ya don't mind!        |   a talkin' skull, eh?
   And don't swing me               |   Well, have it your way.
   around too much.                 |   Sorry, I frightened ya.
   I start feelin' nauseous.        |   It's about time I left
                                    |   these parts, anyway.
   [Member] received                |   See ya...
   Heavy Skull!                     |

[Back down near the exit from the valley...]

   Shake it!
   W-We can't just shake it on
   back to the manor like this...
   We failed in our mission!
   That was awfully awful,
   back there, Peppor.
   I want a rematch!

   B-By the way...
   Do you remember
   what kinda outfit
   he was shakin'?


   Just something justly
   like that, Peppor!

   O-Oh, you remember.
   So he looked like that, huh?

   Actually, it is him, Peppor!

   S-So you're sure about that?

   Oh, it's you two. (These guys
   are hopeless.)

   wonderful timing, Peppor!

   L-Let's shake it!
   W-We're really gonna
   shake it to you
   this time!!!
   Come at us with all
   your mightily might!
   W-We're really gonna
   shake it to you
   this time!!!

   (They couldn't do it WITH that
   guy Karsh's help, so how do they
   think they're going to manage

[Combat.  Again, I'm skipping the idiots' tutorial.]


   L-Let's shake it on
   outta here!

Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 09, 2009, 08:56:56 pm
Overall, that was pretty good. Only one part seemed a bit off (I bolded the parts in question):
   That's kind of freaky, but...
   A fortress, you say?

The wording doesn't sound like me at least...Maybe you should alter what was in the original script?
   Git off it!
   Don't make me laugh!
   She'll be right, mate.
   I don't go down that
   easy, ya know?
This seems like a non sequitur. Who's "she"? It's in the original script too, I just have no idea what Kid means by this statement--if you could shed some light, that'd help.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 09, 2009, 09:11:11 pm
Overall, that was pretty good. Only one part seemed a bit off (I bolded the parts in question):
   That's kind of freaky, but...
   A fortress, you say?

The wording doesn't sound like me at least...Maybe you should alter what was in the original script?

I never was happy with that line... Hmmm.

    You dreamed of stabbin' me?
    You sure your head's stuck on
    straight, mate?

   Git off it!
   Don't make me laugh!
   She'll be right, mate.
   I don't go down that
   easy, ya know?
This seems like a non sequitur. Who's "she"? It's in the original script too, I just have no idea what Kid means by this statement--if you could shed some light, that'd help.

I stumbled across the answer to that one just this morning--it's Aussie slang.  We would say, "Everything's gonna be all right," or something along those lines.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: GenesisOne on July 09, 2009, 10:01:08 pm
alfadorredux, I really liked your dialogue and giving each character a voice and the conflicts you put them through.  I liked Serge's realization of finding his own grave site from year back.  I especially liked your idea for those pun names, Solt and Peppor.

It felt kind of hard to separate the voices of Serge and Leena, though.  Try making their voices sound more unique.  In fact, do to Leena'd and Serge's voices what you did with Dragoon's and Karsh's.  That would be a vast improvement.

Also, you  have the tendency of putting subtext into your dialogue (subtext is unspoken text; it's what they mean, but don't say).

Your most prominent examples (in bold) include :

2. Arni Village - Where the tides start to turn...

   You're late, Serge.
   Sleeping in as usual,
   I suppose?

 What did you just say?
Hm? Serge!?
Think about it!
It's your fault for
sleeping in, you know!
Seeing as how you let
me down, I'd say you
owe me a couple hundred
of those scales!

Now go! Go to Lizard      
Rock and get some
 scales for me!
I'll let you off easy this
time with only 3 scales.
I'm counting on you, Serge.
Good luck, OK?

   Oh, they're beautiful!
  I'll be able to make a
   great necklace with these.

See what I'm getting at?  Cut the fat where it really counts, but don't overdo it.

Finally, there are instances of "on-the-nose" dialogue. I.E. it's implying that the characters don't know what they're talking about until they're told from the character.

Examples (in bold):

2. Arni Village - Where the tides start to turn...

   Good morning,
   You're finally up.
   The sun's already
   reached high noon.

   Leena came by to see if
   you were up, but you,
   young man, were still
   off in never-never land.

You are a great writer, and I'm not trying to shoot you down or anything like that.  Taking this criticism and making it work for you will greatly improve your writing.  I guarantee it.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on July 09, 2009, 10:13:16 pm
More exactly the dialogue was left unchanged, actually. It is that way in the game.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: anonymouse on July 09, 2009, 10:37:58 pm
Yeah, all italicized dialogue is from the original game.

Anyway, I've always found it a little weird that Serge would tell some strange girl right off the bat that he dreamed of stabbing her...wouldn't this scene be more appropriate if left to the final level of Fort Dragonia? It's even odder that Serge shows no reaction in the game when he starts to relive his dream...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 10, 2009, 09:05:11 am
I admit to not having been too careful about correcting the smaller infelicities in dialog from the original game--doing so wasn't my major purpose in writing this, so if a given line makes sense and doesn't get in the way of what I'm trying to do, I've mostly been leaving it alone. I can't take credit for Solt and Peppor, either.

About Serge telling Kid about the dream: I'm going to leave that there for now. I may reassess when I get as far as Fort Dragonia. Certainly, Serge is going to freak out when he realizes that his dream is coming to life. (One of the thing that irks me about CC is that Serge often doesn't even react non-verbally in places where it would be appropriate--there are times when just having him move his head as though he's looking around a room, or take a step back from something, or fall to his knees, would do vast amounts for making him look less like some kind of wooden doll, but they just didn't bother.)
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    You dreamed of stabbin' me?
    You sure your head's stuck on
    straight, mate?

Fantastic. Though I do agree with anonymouse, about it being awkward to mention already, I can see why you did that. Alternatively he could hint about the dream, without mentioning the stabbing and then he can finally mention it at Fort Dragonia. Although it's worth note that in the original script Kid mentions the dream here ("What...? Ya had a strange dream? You say ya might end up hurtin' me!?"), so obviously Serge did bring it up...

Oh and good find with the Aussie slang.
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The slang thing was a bit of a lucky find, actually--I tripped over it while trying to help a friend with her Chrono fanfic.

Anyway, this is the last chapter of the script that I have finished, but because of its length and construction, I'm splitting it into three parts. This is the section common to all the paths into Viper Manor (and even though I've ruthlessly cut chunks of interaction with people who are now NPCs, it's more than twice the length of  any of the previous chapters). I'll be posting Guile's path to Viper Manor tomorrow and Nikki's the day after...and after that, you may have to bear with me for a bit.

7. The Port Town of Termina - The pride of the Acacia Dragoons...
   Max recruits:[/B] Serge, Kid or Leena.
   Recruitable:[/B] Kid (if she didn't join earlier), Guile or Nikki. (I'm ditching
        Pierre's branch for the present, although I may attempt to tackle it sometime in
        the future. In any case, he has the least story-potential of the three guides,
        since Guile is linked with Magus.)

I've toned Korcha's dialect down, in an attempt to make him sound
uneducated but not idiotic.

Termina (Another)

[This happens right as Serge arrives in Termina, at the
flower stall to the left of the gate.]

   Sorry, I'm totally
   out of bellflowers.
   There's a big ruckus
   down in Fossil Valley.
   Men from the dragoons
   were setting road
   blocks in the valley.
   I'll get some in a
   few days, so come
   back again then.

Young man:
   You have my sincerest apologies.
   I understand we are here
   to protect you as Acacia
   Those knights should be done
   with their work shortly.

   Oh, that's alright.
   I can get my flowers
   from other places, too.
   Never mind that,
   I haven't seen Karsh
   around here lately.
   How is he doing?

Young man:
   He said he was going ghost-has
   hunting down south.
   I'm just a private, so I do
   not know for certain, but I
   heard a rumor that Lord
   Viper ordered him to go.

   A ghost!?
   Now that is something...
   I just hope it's not a
   sign of a coming disaster.
   If you ever see him,
   give him my regards.

Young man:
   I will do that.
   And I will be back, too.

[Glenn--the "Young Man"--walks away.]


[If Kid is in the party]

   Oi, did ya hear that?
   Karsh is that bastard
   we saw at the cape!?
   And that ghost he's
   Ain't that you, mate?

   I guess it must be.

   That means the Dragoons
   must know something. Let's
   poke around and see if we can
   find out what it is!


[If Kid has not been recruited, this scene happens a
little later on (with an additional variation if Serge
and Leena have already been to the inn?)

   Gawd, you're slow!?
   Ya made me wait forever.
   Makin' a lovely lady like......!?


   So that's it.

   I get it!
   This sheila over here
   is yer sweetie, eh?
   I'm right, ain't I?

   No, no, it isn't like that
   at all! (Is she...actually

   I'm just helping him out.

   No need to be shy!
   I'm not so bold as to break
   up lovers' tender moments.

   I told you, we're not... Ah,
   forget it. (Why don't girls
   ever listen to what you're
   telling them?!)

   I'm understandin'...
   I'll wait until yer little
   date's over.

   Boy, you amaze me.
   Oh well, I guess it ain't
   such a bad idea to walk
   around and clear up ya
   mind a bit.

   But geez,
   to go straight to the
   inn with a young girl...
   You're pretty slick
   for such an innocent
   lookin' boy!

   You know, comments like
   that say more about the
   person who's making them
   than the one she's making
   them to...

   Well then,
   have a bloody good time...!!!


[I'm not sure to whom this next line belongs.  It sounds
like something the old statue-polisher would say,
but isn't tagged for him in the script I'm using
as a base.]

   all squeaky clean.
   It's got to be
   extra clean for the
   coming festivities.

 [Old Man]
   Master Viper...
   I'm here to polish your
   statue again!!!

   Have you folks come to
   see the Viper Festival?

   Yeah, that's right. (It isn't
   like I can tell him I'm trying
   to figure out why the Dragoons
   think I'm a ghost...)

[Old Man]
   Termina is peaceful thanks
   to the watchful eye of our
   Master Viper.
   At times warm,
   at times strict,
   Master Viper watches over
   us always.

   With that said, of course
   the real Master Viper
   resides in his manor, along
   with his Acacia Dragoons.

   (The manor, huh? Sounds like
   my answers might be there...)

[Old Man]
   If you'll allow me to brag
   a little bit, I was invited
   to the manor a while back.
   It is a magnificent place...
   If there is a heaven on earth
   that would be it...

   (This guy's a loon...)

[Old Man]
   The manor is beautiful and its
   design incorporates the surrounding
   terrain to its advantage, making
   it an impenetrable fortress.
   On top of that, there are powerful
   soldiers standing guard in front of
   the main gates that can destroy
   any monster with just one blow!

   Well, an upright citizen
   like myself might be invited
   to the manor's garden party,
   but not so for you folks.
   The most you will get is a
   cold reception from the gate
   guards. Ho ho ho!


[If Kid is in the party, this will happen. For some reason,
there are a couple of variations of her speech, differing
only by a word or two. ::shrug::]

   Alright, that's settled!
   We've gotta sneak into
   Viper Manor.
   You gotta find out what
   the Acacia Dragoons are
   up to, right?
   And why that Karsh
   bloke was tryin' to
   capture ya?
   I've got some business
   there as well, so I'll
   go along with ya.

   ("Business"? If she really is
   a thief, I'm not sure I want to
   get mixed up in her "business",
   but if I'm going to be breaking
   into the place anyway...and the
   Dragoons HAVE been trying to
   kill or capture me... Damnit,
   this is complicated!)

   How 'bout it, Serge?

   ~~~OK, let's go!                 |    ~~~No, I won't go
Kid:                                | Kid:
   It's the obvious                 |    What're ya afraid of?
   choice, right?                   |

                                    | Serge:
Serge:                              |    Not wanting to get
   I guess so.                      |    filleted by the Acacia
   (Not really, but I don't see     |    Dragoons isn't good
   what else I can do. And if       |    enough for you?
   I don't go with her, I might     |
   never see Kid again...           | Kid:
   Why does it feel like that       |    Don't give me that rubbish.
   matters? I barely know her.)     |    You're a man, aren't ya?
                                    |    Don't ya wanna know what
                                    |    happened ten years ago,
                                    |    and what the hell's goin'
                                    |    on right now?

                                    | Serge:
                                    |    Yeah, but... Breaking and
                                    |    entering isn't right. (Man,
                                    |    that sounds lame.)
                                    | Kid:
                                    |    Yer only clues are that
                                    |    Acacia Dragoon mob and their
                                    |    leader, that Viper bloke.
                                    |    Any investigation into the
                                    |    Dragoons has gotta start with
                                    |    checkin' out Viper's manor.
   Accordin' to grandpa here,
   this Viper Manor's a mighty
   large place. Which also means
   it'll be easy to break into!
   There's gotta be more than
   one way in.

   Um...right. (I like this even
   less now...but I still need to
   understand what's going on, and
   I don't think they'll let me 
   talk to General Viper if I just
   walk up to the gate and ask...)

   If we don't plan this right,
   it'll cost us our lives.

   (I really wish she hadn't
   said that...)


[If Kid hasn't been recruited yet...]

[I think this variation is used if you haven't
recruited Kid yet, and then refuse to enter Viper Manor
with her. I've never tried that, so I'm just guessing at
the decision tree setup.]

   What're you afraid of?
...[this is identical to her part of the refusal speech above]...
   checkin' out Viper's manor.
   Come on Serge,
   let's go.

   ~~~OK, let's do it               |    ~~~No, I refuse
Kid:                                | Kid:
   Gawd, don't trouble me too       |    Ha, so that's how you're
   much, Serge.                     |    gonna be, eh?
   According to grandpa here,       |    You're gonna live the rest
...[etc, etc, as above, Kid joins]  |    of yer life in the shadows
                                    |    as a dead man's ghost.
                                    |    Is that right?
                                    |    I just don't think there's
                                    |    any need to--
                                    | Kid:
                                    |    You'll regret it!!!
                                    |    I'm partin' ways with ya
                                    |    here.
                                    |    But, 'cause I pity ya,
                                    |    I'll give ya this just in case.
                                    |    It's a Tele-Porter.
                                    |    This is a really handy gadget
                                    |    that allows ya to exchange
                                    |    party members from afar.
                                    |    The way ya use it is...
                                    |    Ah, forget it.
                                    |    Check it out for yerself.
                                    |    I hate explainin' the details.
                                    | [System]
                                    |    Serge received
                                    |    Tele-Porter!
                                    | Kid:
                                    |    Don't ya ever show that
                                    |    face of yers again, ya mug!
                                    |    See ya!!!


[If you recruit Kid here]

   Oh yeah, Serge.
   I'll leave this in yer
   hands, just in case.
   It's a Tele-Porter.
   This is a really handy gadget
   that allows ya to exchange
   party members from afar.
   The way ya use it is...
   Ah, forget it.
   Check it out for yerself.
   I hate explainin' the details.

   Thanks. (I don't get it, but

   Serge received
   Kid joined yer party!

   Alright then,
   call me anytime!
   Bob's yer uncle, eh!

Street Right of Entrance, Termina (Another)
[this occurs on first entrance--no changes until the end
except small tweaks to Korcha's accent, which I haven't

 [Strange Woman]
   Hello there! Come and
   see for yourself!
   This is the prize of all prizes,
   a rare catch, a live mermaid!
   This is what you call a
   real treasure.
   Remember that, kids.
   this one isn't for sale.
   She's my most valuable item.
[She uncovers the tank]

   So, what do you think?
   This isn't some stuffed
   animal or anything.
   She's really alive.
   Her pure, clear skin, like it's
   made from crystal. Her gem-like
   eyes. She is the ultimate
   collector's item!
   Nature's creations are
   indeed great.
   Such a beautiful thing...
   Is this thing really alive?
   Hey, come on!
   Look over this way!!!
   Oh, how beautiful she is...

[Korcha pops up and throws a rock at the kids]


   Hey, you!
   You think this is really
   How would YOU feel if you
   were trapped in a tank
   like that, being stared
   at every day, huh?

   Yikes, it's Korcha!!!

[They run. The woman covers up the tank]

 [Strange Woman]
   Korcha, not you again!?
   Don't you go bothering
   my customers.
   This is no place for the
   likes of you!
   Just leave now!!!

   Shut up!
   What customers!?
   You're sellin' a
   bunch of bull!
   Why didn't ya
   keep the tank
   uncovered when
   I showed up?

   Heeey everybody!!!
   This shop is a bunch of

 [Strange Woman]
   Sh-Shut your mouth!
   Don't you say such
   ridiculous things!!!
   Get back to your demi-human

   Heh, I won't take that from
   a sleaze-bag like you!

   Hey, you guys.
   You're not from around
   here, eh?
   Don't ya wander around
   too much, or you're gonna
   get burned.
   Just watch your back.

[Korcha jumps down off the walkway onto his boat, and

   What's with that guy?

 [Strange Woman]
   That's Korcha!
   He's from Guldove.
   I wonder why he hangs
   around here in Termina
   all the time?
   You shouldn't mess
   with the likes of him!
   I tell you...he's
   nothing but trouble!

[If they talk to the fortune teller]

 [Fortune Teller]
   Well this is interesting.
   You're not dead or
   anything are you?

   (Oh, great, not her too!)

[Fortune Teller]
   Has anybody called you back
   from the great beyond?
   You just might be the key
   to the destruction of this
   entire planet.
   I can't say for sure, but
   fate seems to have a great
   task for you.
   Be careful now, boy!

[If Kid is in the party]

   Hey, Serge,
   that's nothin' but rubbish.
   Let's hurry up and get movin'.

   It had BETTER be garbage--I'm
   not sure I could handle more

 [Fortune Teller]
   Hmm... You there!
   In your eyes, I perceive...
   both the look of a beauty
   and the look of a beast.
   Be mindful not to bring
   about your own end, my
   A dream lies in wait,
   reaching out to
   engulf you.
   Sorry, mum.
   I don't believe in
   fortune-tellin' at all.
   I make way for me own
   future by meself.

   (Somehow, I knew she'd say
   something like that.
   ...I wonder what she'd say
   if I told her she's cute
   when she's angry?)

 [Fortune Teller]
   Lassie, you should listen
   to your elder's advice.

   Ha, I don't give a damn.
   Let's go Serge.


Shrine Area, Termina (Another)

Young lady:
   So, she was out of
   That is unfortunate.
   Then let us pray
   without any flowers
   for today.

[If you happen to have collected the Bellflower
from Fossil Valley]

Young man:

[He walks over to Serge]

Young man:
   Is that a bellflower
   you have there?
   Would you be so kind as to
   give up that flower to us?
   We need a bellflower for
   our prayer.

   ~~~Give it for free              |    ~~~Ask for money                |    ~~~Sorry
                                    |                                    |
Young man:                          | Young man:                         | Young man:
   For free?                        |    How much would you like for it? |    Is there no way you will
   Are you sure?                    |    ~~~[Amount]                     |    part with it? We would
                                    |                                    |    really like to have it...
Serge:                              | Young man:                         |
   Well, we don't need it for       |    That is quite high.             | Serge:
   anything. Actually, I'm not even |    But...I agree.                  |    Uh... (Don't think I
   sure why I picked it.            |    Here, please check the amount.  |    want anything to do
                                    |                                    |   
with this guy...)
Young man:                          | Young man:                         |
   I thank you deeply.              |    You must be a very kind person  | Young lady:
                                    |    to part with this flower for    |    Stop.
   [Takes the flower]               |    so little.                      |    These people are also
                                    |    I will always remember your     |    in need of the flower.
                                    |    kindness.                       |    Dear sirs, please pardon
                                    |                                    |    us for the interruption.
                                    |    [Member] received               |    We are very sorry.
                                    |    [Amount] G from the young man!  |    Now, let us pray.
                                    |                                    |    Without the flowers,
                                    |                                    |    all we need is our hearts.

[if you gave them the flower]

Young lady:
   Dario, here is a bellflower
   that you used to love so much.
   Soon, the flower's seeds shall
   sprout, grow leaves,  and
   bloom flowers everywhere.
   And we shall age another year,
   while you will remain the same,
   in memory...

[She puts the flower on the grave]

[This section occurs with or without(?) the

Young man:

Young lady:
   It is such a mystery:
   this sword never rusts,
   even when left in the rain...
   It seems as if the souls of
   its masters live within it.

Young lady:
   Do you not think so,

   I have engraved in my memory
   the lives of my father and
   brother, who had wielded the
   sacred sword Einlanzer.

Young lady:
   Let us hope that is true...

   What do you mean by that?
   Miss Riddel, I cannot
   allow even you to...

   Do you not think there is
   something odd about the
   dragoons of late...?
   Daddy's face shows such
   anguish, and even Karsh
   was saying he was sent
   on a '"ghost-hunt"'...

   Miss Riddel...

   Everyone has been acting oddly,
   ever since that beastly
   guest arrived at the manor.


   Glenn, promise me
   to always keep the
   unclouded truth in sight.
   Do not be swayed by the
   The splendor of the Einlanzer
   must not be tarnished...

   ...As you wish.


   Oh, forgive me.
   I just found it a little
   awkward to hear you
   say such words...

   Miss Riddel,
   a chill wind has risen.
   Shall we return
   to the manor?

   Of course.

[If you gave them the Bellflower?? I've never remembered
to pick the darned thing, so I'm just guessing.]

Young lady:
   Please, let me offer you my
   gratitude as well.
   The souls that rest beneath this
   sword loved this flower in life.
   That is why we always bring
   some here when we pray here...

[Riddel and Glenn leave]

   You're welcome. (I wish I could
   do that for my Dad's spirit...
   take something he loved to his
   grave...but no one knows what
   happened to him. Heck, I don't
   even know why Mom insists he's
   dead. All anyone else will say
   is that he disappeared after
   that day...)


   ...and that guy
   rushed and hid it as
   soon as I got there.
   It was a hilarious sight!

   Hya hya hya,
   that's great!

   Oops, I've got customers.
   I'll get ya some BIG
   fish next time you come by.

   Alright, Korcha.
   But is it really gonna
   be big this time?
   You only ever catch small fry.
   Your boating skills are
   first class, but your fishing
   skills suck...

   Aw, shawdup!
   See ya.

[The demi-human leaves]

   Oh it's you guys.
   You're tourists, right?
   The festival's a waste of time.
   My name's Korcha.
   I'm here from Guldove,
   workin' as a ferryman.
   I can take you anywhere
   you like with this boat.
   I take money, but don't
   worry, it's not that much.
   My boatin' skills are quite
   famous around here, I
   guarantee a comfortable ride.

[Depending on who's in the party, with the leftmost person being preferred if s/he's there...
 (if Guile is present, the reaction will be completely different--see his sub-script)]

| Leena:                      | Serge:
   We've got business to take  |    We're kind of busy right |    Sorry, but we've still got stuff
   care of, so there's no time |    now, but we'll keep you  |    to do in Termina. Maybe later?
   for a pleasure cruise.      |    in mind.                 |
   See ya!                     |                             |

   If you ever want to get
   somewhere by boat, swing by.

[Snip Van and Zippa/Zappa, since they aren't plot-
relevant (or, in this version of events, recruitable)]

Lisa's Shop, Termina (Another)

[If Leena's in the party]

   Well, Leena!!!
   Long time no see!
   How are you?
   Since when did YOU have
   a boyfriend...
   It's not fair to keep
   me out of the loop!

   It''s nothing like that.
   He's...he's my cousin!!!

   Isn't that right, Serge?

   ~~~Yes                           |    ~~~No
Lisa:                               | Lisa:
   Hmmm, a cousin, eh?              |    Oh, so she's your
   Then, Serge,                     |    girlfriend?
   how about we leave               |    Hmmm...
   Leena here and you and           |    Well, if you still
   I go on a date?                  |    wanna go on a date,
                                    |    that's cool with me!

Serge:                              |
   Well, I'm kind of busy right     | Serge:
   now. Maybe some other time.      |    Um... (Damnit, Leena,
   (Damn, Leena STILL looks mad.)   |    say something!)

[If Kid is present]

   Sorry, sheila, but Serge has
   better things to do than
   squire you around town!

   Oh, sorry--YOU'RE his
   girlfriend, then. I thought
   you were a boy.

   A BOY?! You--

[Serge puts his arm between her and the
counter. Just in case.]


   Oh Lisa, stop that nonsense!
   Oops, before I forget,
   this is for you.
   Mom told me to say hi.

   Wow, thank you!
   Thank your mom for me.
   So Miss,
   how can I help you today?
   Don't expect any special deals
   just because we're friends!
  [Lisa's Dad]
    Why, if it isn't Leena.
    What a pleasant surprise!
    The little girl I knew is all
    grown up now. And what's this?
    Have you come to show
    your boyfriend off?
   Oh, you're so silly!

Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 11, 2009, 01:15:55 am
Wow...that was extensive. Honestly, I have no criticisms--Serge seemed in character, there were no grammatical hitches (to my knowledge), and everything made sense. I love the fact that Serge doesn't say much in this version, but prefers to keep things internal; it makes him very easy to relate to.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 11, 2009, 08:20:49 pm
Ugh...severe thunderstorms predicted here, and my head feels like someone's pounding
on it with a mallet, which means I'm not likely to get much work done on the Viper Manor
chapter tonight. I might even end up deliberately turning off my computer for the first
time in several years.

7a. Termina to Viper Manor: Guile's Path

Max recruits: Serge, Kid, Leena.
Recruitable: Guile.
The Dragon's Tail, Termina (Another)

   My name is Guile.
   I am having a certain bet
   with the fortune-teller by
   the bridge.
   If I can bring the item of
   proof from the manor
   within a week, I shall win.
   If I cannot, I shall lose,

   As there is a trick behind
   any mysterious magic...
   there is no such thing as an
   impregnable fortress in this
   world. A toast to my
   coming victory...!

   Are you saying you know a
   way into Viper Manor?

   That is correct...but if I
   may ask, what is your interest
   in the matter?

   Well, I need to talk to
   General Viper, and I don't
   think they're exactly going
   to let me through the front


[If Kid's in the party]

   And the general's got
   something I want.

   Hmm, so you have business
   at the manor as well...
   Gambling is a lot more
   interesting with higher
   What we need now is a
   seasoned sailor and
   a sturdy boat to cross
   the rough waters.
   If you can find one,
   leave the rest to me.
   I will guide you to
   Viper Manor.
   What will it be?
   ~~~Ask for his help              |    ~~~Wait a minute
 [System]                           | Guile:
   Guile enigmatically joined       |    I am but a free
   your party!                      |    wanderer...
                                    |    Call me if you
Guile:                              |    change your mind.
   Once you find a boat,            |
   leave the rest to me.            |
   I shall guide you.               |
   I believe the fortune-teller     |
   said the target for the bet      |
   is located in the manor's        |
   mess hall...                     |

[From this point on, I'm going to assume that Guile was chosen to

   (Why does it seem like every
   new person I meet lately who
   isn't trying to chop me in
   two is a thief?)

   There is no such thing as an
   impregnable fortress in this
   It is destined to be so...

   What we need now is a
   seasoned sailor and
   a sturdy boat.
   If you can find one,
   leave the rest to me.
   I will guide you to
   Viper Manor.

[If the Korcha scene has already happened]

Kid:                            | Leena:                    | Serge:
   Say, didn't that guy Korcha  |    Didn't that guy we saw |   (I think the guy who complained
   have a boat?                 |    earlier have a boat?   |    about the mermaid had a boat.)

Termina (Another)
[If the Korcha scene takes place with Guile present, at the
end of it, he will say (if you can call it that):]


[If the fortune teller is approached with Guile in the party]

 [Fortune Teller]
   Sir Guile, how was it?
   Did you find the item?

   Ma'am, do not rush me so.
   The deadline is not yet upon us.
   I will be going now.

 [Fortune Teller]
   Ho ho ho, words!
   My victory is only a
   matter of time!
   The item in question is in
   the dining room of the manor.
   Although, you'll never reach it!

Tombs, Termina (Another)

Kid:                              |
   Hey, you.                      |
    Can you take us to
   We want to get to Viper Manor. |
    Viper Manor?
   Can ya take us there?          |

   Viper Manor?
   What're ya gonna do up in
   that place?
   Ya gonna go steal treasure
   from the vaults or somethin'?

Kid:                              |
   Don't go snooping into         |
   yer customers' privacy.        |
    (Why's he so nosy?)
   Are ya gonna take us there     |
   or what?                       |

   As long as you can pay me,
   I'll take you anywhere you
   It's just that I don't know
   how to get to the manor.
   If you want to get there,
   bring someone who does.
   I shall guide you there.

   Are ya sure you can get
   into a place like that?

   Yes, trust me.
   All you need to do
   is prepare the boat.
   You got it.
   But, it'll cost ya!
   It's gonna be 100G.
   ~~~Pay it                      |   ~~~Don't pay
 [System]                         | Korcha:
   [Member] paid                  |    !?
   Korcha 100G!                   |    What, don't ya
                                  |    wanna go?
Korcha:                           |
   Come on, get on board.         |
   It's a little tight            |
   Later. We need to do a
   with four of us, but it'll     |
   bit more shopping.
   be a short trip.               |
   Don't ya worry about a thing.  |
   [They board the boat]          |

 [Viper Manor Bluffs (Another)]

[As they disembark]

   Don't ya think it's
   pretty dangerous!?


   (You could have mentioned
   that before...)

   We'll make it...

| Leena:                   | Serge:
   You sound confident...
|    Shouldn't we get this |    (Guess he likes rock
|    over with?            |    climbing...)
|                          |
   Alright, let's get     
| Leena:                   | Guile:
   our arses in gear.     
|    You'd better not look |    Shall we go? It would be
|    up my skirt, Serge!   |    best if we were to reach
|                          |    the top before dark.
[They begin the climb. At the top of the cliff...]

 [Acacia Dragoon]

   Begin stone toss!!!

[It starts raining rocks. When everyone makes it to the
top despite the rocks...]
 [Acacia Dragoon]
   They made it up!?

   Let this be the end of you!

[Combat is engaged. When the party wins...]

   Persistent, aren't ya!

   It's no use!
   Say good-bye!


   Have some of this!

   Darn it!


[He's thrown off the cliff by an avian monster.]


[They fight the birdy. After they win...]

| Leena:                  | Serge:
   Oi, Serge.     
|    Looks like we made   |   Looks like we're at the
   We're inside   
|    it...                |   top. (Which makes me officially
   the premises.   
|                         |   a criminal now, I guess. Damn!)
| Leena:                  |
|    There sure are a lot | Guile:
   Let's wait here
|    of guards around...  |   Indeed. We should wait until
   'til nightfall.
|    Maybe we should wait |   dark--it will be easier to slip
|    until it gets dark?  |   past the guards then.

Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 11, 2009, 09:20:34 pm
Very nice, the only line I had a problem with was this:
   And the general's got
   something I want.

Should Kid be mentioning this to someone she's just met? Even though Guile asked, but I think Kid should be even more ambiguous...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on July 11, 2009, 09:39:56 pm
Then again, Guile basically has the same objective as Kid's, just with a different item and purpose, so it may not sound that suspicious if Kid tells him that, especially that simplified.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on July 12, 2009, 01:48:23 am
[Serge is waving his hands around in the air and
generally acting like a raving lunatic.]

This is why your version is awesome: Serge actually does stuff! Actually has a personality!

Don't doubt yourself for a minute!
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on July 12, 2009, 02:37:06 am

Looks like we're at the top. (Which makes me officially a criminal now, I guess. Damn!)

Yeah, I can see that that would other him! One minute he's being asked awkward "in the future" questions by Leena, the next he's apparently DEAD, and now he's a criminal, to boot.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 12, 2009, 01:28:55 pm
Then again, Guile basically has the same objective as Kid's, just with a different item and purpose, so it may not sound that suspicious if Kid tells him that, especially that simplified.
Aye, it makes sense, but I could see it being more simplified. She essentially admits that she's going to steal from the general--that seems pretty bold. I dunno, I guess it's just preference. It's not like we don't know what she's after...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 12, 2009, 08:52:39 pm
Actually, there's nothing in Kid's remark that makes it definite that she's going to steal her target--for all Guile knows at this point, she could intend to walk right up to General Viper and ask to borrow it. (Yeah, I know, that's a weak excuse, but Guile's already admitted he's going there to steal something, so I doubt Kid would expect him to turn her in. In her place, I'd be more worried about the bartender.)

Anyway, I don't think I ever really did pin Nikki's voice down (his dialogue in the original script is mostly as formal as Guile's, but with obvious deviations...and to be honest, the formality doesn't fit him very well, IMHO). However, I stand by my claim that he has no clothes sense.  Then again, neither do half of the other Chrono Cross PCs.

8b. Termina to Viper Manor: Nikki's Path

Max recruits: Serge, Kid, Leena.
Recruitable: Nikki.

There are no stage directions in this section because I have no idea what they would be--sorry if the result is confusing. I haven't done Nikki's path in at least four years, and of the two Cross scripts I've been able to get my hands on, ZeaLitY's has no stage directions at all, and Sheamon's doesn't cover Nikki's path, just Guile's and Pierre's.

Magical Dreamers Ship, Termina (Another)

   This is my first time
   visiting Termina, so I
   was wandering around town
   promoting the band.
   Lively town, food's great,
   all in all, a pretty nice
   The concert's success seems
   almost guaranteed, but...
   Just between us,
   the main star, Nikki,
   is missing...
   Have you seen him around?
   We've found him in a daze
   quite a few times lately...
   It's like he was here in
   body, but not in spirit.
   But, man, without him, we're
   pretty stuck. We can't even
   start rehearsing for the show.
   Miki's supposed to be back
   soon from searching, but...

   How was it,
   did you find him?

   No, it's no use!!!
   I was able to track him
   up 'til he went into
   Shadow Forest, but...
   There were knights guarding
   the entrance of the forest,
   and I couldn't get in.
   Besides, I really didn't
   want to be in that creepy
   forest on my own.
   There's supposedly a way
   into Viper Manor at the end
   of the forest, but what is
   that idiot tryin' to do!?
   I see...
   So he definitely went
   into Shadow Forest...

   (Wait a sec...did he say
   'a way into Viper Manor?')

   Hey, I know!
   You guys can help me out!
   I'll lure the knights away
   from the entrance, then
   you can go into the forest
   and find Nikki!
   Pretty please? Won't you help
   out a pretty girl in distress?
   ~~~OK, rock on!                |    ~~~Wait just a minute...

Serge:                            | Serge:
   (Rock...on? Well I guess it's  |    Sorry, we're kind of busy...
   appropriate here...)           |
                                  | Miki:
Miki:                             |    Oh, that's too bad...
   Really?                        |    But if you change your mind,
   Oh, you're a lifesaver!        |    please let me know!
   OK, let's start moving!        |    Now, what should we do...

Shadow Forest (Another)
   Listen to my song!

   '"Ohhh oooh oooh...Ì
    Sweet sister of mine...Ì"'

   It's hopeless...
                  | Leena:                       | Serge:
   What's with him...?
|    Nice singing voice, but   |    Um...excuse me?
                       |    I'm not sure his head's   |
                       |    screwed all the way on... |

   You demons!

   I can't fend them
   off alone!
| Leena:                       | Serge:
   What the hell's           
|    Some kind of...vegetable  |    (I don't know what
   this thing...?           
|    monster? No, I guess it's |    that is, but it sure
|    an animal...              |    isn't going to win
|                              |    any beauty contests.
   The thing's fast asleep. 
| Leena:                       |    And it's in the way,
   What do we do now...?     
|    It's asleep... How can we |    too. Would yelling at
|    get past it?              |    it work? I don't see
                             |                              |    any ears...)
   It's you...

   What's this...?

| Leena:                    | Serge:
   Nice attitude, FREAK!
|    A gentleman would at   |    (Whatever it is that
   We saved yer life!   
|    least say 'Thank you', |    everyone likes about this
   You could at least   
|    you know.              |    guy, it isn't his manners!)
   thank us!?            |                           |

   You're off to
   Viper Manor, right?

   Take me with you.

| Leena:                     | Serge:
   Who the bloody hell       
|    Just who are you,       |    (I have a hunch this
   are you?                 
|    anyway?                 |    guy is Nikki--he does
|                            |    look like all the
| Leena:                     |    posters, anyway.)
|    ...Come to think of it, |
   I think I recognize       
|    aren't you the singer   | Serge:
   you from a poster         
|    who's on all those      |    Why do you want to go
   in Termina...             
|    posters in Termina?     |    to Viper Manor?
|                            |
| Leena:                     | Serge:
   And what business do you 
|    What could you possibly |    (I really hope I'm not
   have in Viper Manor?     
|    want at Viper Manor?    |    about to hear another
|                            |    weird story...)

   I believe...
   my sister is
   in there...

                         | Leena:           | Serge:
   Your sister...?   
       |    Your sister?  |    (His sister?)
   I'll let you in on a secret
   if you let me join your party.
   How about it?
   ~~~Sure                         |   ~~~Nah
Nikki:                             | Nikki:
   Rockin'!                        |    Noooooo...!
 [System]                          | Nikki:
   Nikki joined your band.         |    I'm tagging along whether
                                   |    you like it or not!
                                   |  [System]
                                   |    Nikki forced his
                                   |    way into your band.

   I'm the rockin' bard,

   How about a song?
   ~~~No, thanks
   ~~~Maybe later

| Leena:                | Serge:
   Alright, so what's this   
|    You said something |    So what's the secret
   secret you wanna tell us?
|    about a secret...? |    you said you'd tell me?

   In order to get inside Viper
   Manor, you have to go through
   the water vein further up...

 Kid:                           | Leena:                     | Serge:
   In case you didn't notice,   |    But how are we supposed |    I hope that means you
   mate, there's a muckin' ugly |    to get past that        |    know how to get past
   green monster in the way.    |    monster?                |    that monster.

   In order to move it, you
   have to feed it one of the
   monsters in the forest.
   I wasn't quite sure how
   to lure one to it, but
   then I found this
   It says to lure the
   monsters with their 
   favorite food.

 Kid:                         | Leena:                    | Serge:
    Favourite food? What does |   Somehow, I don't think  |    So what do we feed it?
    it eat, eyeballs?         |   it would go for my fish |    (And I really hope the
                              |   casserole...            |    answer isn't 'you'!)

   It's probably talking
   about the plant life
   growing in this forest.
   The plants are attracted
   to a certain aroma and
   then emit their pollen.
   There are a total of
   three monsters in all,
   each of which has its
   preference in food.

   Well, that's that.
   And now, for a song...

| Leena:                    | Serge:
   Alright, let's get goin'.
|    I'm sorry, but I don't |    (Does he think we're
                             |    think we have time for |    having a picnic?!)
                             |    that.                  |

   Wait for me!
   Shiwible... Shiwible...

Kid:                    | Leena:                  | Serge:
   What the heck's your |    Is it trying to say  |    (Okay, so I guess
   problem?             |    something?           |    it's awake...)

   I cAN't oFFer yOu anYtHiNg.
   PLeaSe foRgiVe mE...

   I'LL giVe yOu tHiS...
   PLeaSe foRgiVe mE...

   [Member] received the
   '"Skullduggery"' frame!

   ByE-ByE... ByE-ByE...

Shadow Forest--3rd(?) Screen (Another)



   (Great, another weirdo.
   A HALF-NAKED weirdo. Why
   couldn't he at least be
   a girl if he's going to
   wander around with almost
   no clothes on?)

   Rock on! That's a great

[Serge, lost for words, just shakes his head.]

   I AM Zoah, ONE OF

   (I think that guy Karsh
   and his friends were
   dragoons, although I
   don't remember them
   actually saying so. And
   I'll bet a nice fresh
   marlin to a bent
   fishhook that this
   guy knows who I am, too.)

   YOU ARE Serge.



[Combat--snip another element lesson]



Shadow Forest--Tunnel (Another)

| Nikki:
   We're at the     
|    Looks like a well up
   bottom of a       
|    there--I guess that
|    means this really is the
|    way into the Manor, just
|    like I heard.
   That means        |
   Viper Manor's     
| Nikki:
   right above us!   
|    This place is supposed
|    to be full of guards,
|    though, so we'd better
   Hey, mate, I say 
|    wait for nightfall. I'd
   we wait here     
|    like to play something
   'til nightfall.   
|    to pass the time, but
                     |    those guards might notice
                     |    if they heard music coming
                     |    from the well...
                     | Serge:
                     |    (Maybe there's some hope
                     |    for him after all.)

I will now be on hiatus for a day or two while I finish the script for the first half of the Viper Manor chapter--the sheer size of the thing requires that I break it into parts again, so I've arbitrarily chosen to divide it at the snake-statue-door.

Thanks for reading, everyone.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 12, 2009, 10:38:29 pm
Hmmm...not bad. Nikki didn't seem out of character (I tend not to recruit him, so I can't remember his voice too well). And all the reactions seemed appropriate; nothing stuck out, though I do think Serge should be a little more vocal here and a little less internal.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: anonymouse on July 13, 2009, 01:42:32 am
Nice! I like your additions to the script (particularly Nikki's approval of Zoah's non-outfit =P)

As for the stage directions, perhaps you could check with a walkthrough to match the actions with the words?
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on July 15, 2009, 12:54:33 am
though I do think Serge should be a little more vocal here and a little less internal.

Ditto. Especially the part where Kid/Leena are all "Your sister?" but Serge only thinks it. "(His sister?)"

It seems that he would also say it out loud.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: skylark on July 15, 2009, 12:58:34 am

A talking Serge. Interesting.

(At the Time Devourer fight.)

Serge: (Why do I feel this girl should be older and have blue hair?)

*gets shot*
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 15, 2009, 01:45:06 pm
Walkthroughs are 75% useless for stage directions, alas, because they tend to skip over what I need to know with a note like, "After some cutscenes..."

I'll try to keep a more careful eye on Serge's internalization tendencies from now on. Nikki's sub-chapter (well, okay, and part of Guile's) was the first thing I wrote after starting this project up again, so it hadn't been picked over as may times as the rest. And the more characters I'm juggling, the more difficult it is to keep them distinct (one of my goals for this mess is to remove as many as possible of the generic lines marked [Member] and replace them with something a bit more tailored, although I let those in the very first section slide on the grounds that I would have had to do something-teen possible lines, many of them for characters I don't really have a grip on yet).

Actually, Magus is the one who's most likely to ask about Schala's...dye job. He'll be turning up in the Guldove chapter.
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Post by: mav on July 15, 2009, 04:24:23 pm
Magus in Guldove, eh? That'll be exciting. It's gonna be such a challenge to deal with all these hat's off to ya.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 16, 2009, 09:20:31 pm
I'm a little scared, to be honest--even given the number of characters getting cut, I'm going to have a lot of people to handle. And if I screw up in writing Magus' lines, I'm likely to get lynched.  :lol:

I'm getting close, or at least closer, to the end of the first half of Viper Manor. Just have to figure out how to deal with the Karsh and ZOAH infodumps, mostly...
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Post by: alfadorredux on July 19, 2009, 08:36:45 pm
Well, it took until half-past forever, but here is the first half of the Viper Manor chapter--AKA the easy half, since all the really important plot revelation stuff by Belthasar and Lynx ended up in the second part. I apologize if Serge is maybe a little less verbal than he ought to be again this time--I'm trying to work on it, honestly.

I'm sure I botched at least one decision tree in here, probably somewhere around the treasure room.  Arrgh!

8. Viper Manor - Where lies the key to the past...

[P]Max recruits: Serge, Kid, Leena, and Guile or Nikki.
[P]Recruitable: None.

Viper Manor (Another)

[FMV: Nightfall at Viper Manor]

[If they manage to reach the front door before going to the

   It's locked.

  | Guile:                     | Nikki:
   Bloody hell!           
  |    Locked... If we wish    |    It's locked... That's
   I knew it was locked! 
  |    to enter, we must       |    just great.
                            |    obtain a key.           |
Serge:                      |                            | Serge:
   You can't pick it?       | Serge:                     |    One of the guards might
                            |    So who would have       |    have a key.
Kid:                        |    one? (We'll worry about |
   Not quick enough to keep |    how to get them to give | Nikki:
   from being spotted--it's |    it to us after we find  |    I think we should sneak
   a bloody good lock.      |    one... Damn, I AM       |    around a bit more first.
                            |    starting to think like  |    Why take on the guards
   |    a thief.)               |    if we don't have to?
   Serge, let's         
   |                            |
   check out back.       
   | Guile:                     | Serge:
   Maybe there'll be        |    Any servant should have |    (Because I want to get
   a window we can use,     |    one... I believe there  |    this over with?)
   or somethin'.            |    is a stable behind the  |
                            |    main building. We       |
                            |    should check there.     |

Viper Manor Stable (Another)
   Who are you?

   Oh yeah...
   You must be the
   new helpers I
   was told about.

   ~~~That's right

   Oh great. You're just in time.

   My back gave out recently...
   and I can't feed the dragons.
   I want you to take over for me.

Kid:                 | Guile:                  | Nikki:
    You got a key to |   If you happen to have |    Do you have a key
    the Manor?       |   a key to the Manor... |    to the manor?

   Sure do. Wouldn't mind givin' it
   to ya if you take on this job.

Kid:               | Leena:             | Guile:          | Nikki:
   Ace! Go for it, |    Give it a shot, |    Then we will |    Rockin'! Do it,
   Serge.          |    Serge--you're   |    make the     |    Serge!
                   |    good at this    |    attempt.     |
                   |    kind of thing.  |                 |

   Will you feed 'em?

[snip a bunch of dragon-feeding-game stuff.
Once Serge feeds the dragons successfully...]

   You'll find the key
   in the cupboard.
   Take it.

   And here's the gift
   that I promised.

[snip game rewards]
   [Member] found
   Manor Key!

Viper Manor Entryway (Another)
[If Kid was not recruited (?)]

   I'm glad I followed 'em.
   Not bad, fellas...
   Not bad...

   I'll just wait and
   see how things go.


[if they examine the door leading to the stairs]

   It won't open.

[It would be nice if a line could be selected at random from
the set of people in the party each time they check the door...]

Kid:                   | Guile:                 | Nikki:              | Leena:             | Serge:
  No keyhole...I don't |   How bizarre...the    |    Another locked   |   This general     |    Locked? Oh, great.
  have a hope in hell  |   door has neither     |    door? This is    |   sure has a       |    (I can't see a
  of picking this one  |   lock nor handle, yet |    SO not cool.     |   thing for locked |    keyhole, either.
  either, mate. Let's  |   it is obviously a    |    Guess we have to |   doors. I wonder  |    I guess we'll just
  look around--maybe   |   functional portal.   |    find someone who |   what he's trying |    have to poke around.
  there's another way  |   There must be some   |    knows how to     |   to hide...?      |    Viper must visit
  through here.        |   trick to opening it. |    open it.         |                    |    the rest of the
                       |                        |                     |                    |    house sometimes...)

Viper Manor Basement Cage Room (Another)
[After turning the snake-statue beside the keyholeless
door the wrong number of times and getting dropped
through the trapdoor.]

[If Kid is in the party]

 [Acacia Dragoon]

   (Oh, great, looks like we
   blew it this time...)

 [Acacia Dragoon]
   How'd you get past
   our security?
 [Acacia Dragoon]
   Heh heh... I can't believe you
   would fall for a trap like this...

   (Yeah, why don't you rub in
   the fact that I'm a bonehead?
   Damn--we were so close!)

 [Acacia Dragoon]
   What should we do
   with these fools?
 [Acacia Dragoon]
   What's so funny!?
   You dragoons are a
   bunch of dag-nuts!

  Is she trying to make them mad?)
 [Acacia Dragoon]
   You're askin' for it!
 [Acacia Dragoon]
   Take it easy.
   So you're afraid of us, eh?

 [Acacia Dragoon]
   This should be interesting.
   Let's teach 'em a lesson!
 [Acacia Dragoon]
   Open it up.

   (Oh, I get it now. Guess this
   isn't the first time Kid's
   been in a situation like

 [Acacia Dragoon]
   Man, don't be taken in
   by her fast talk.
   Bring it on, chums!
 [Acacia Dragoons]
   Now, get out!
   We'll teach you
   a lesson!

[Dust-up. The party wins]

  (Heh. And THEY were calling
  US dumb.) Thanks, Kid.

  Heheh, no problem, mate.


[If Kid is not in the party (I assume--I've never not
recruited her.) And yes, I'm being a bit over
the top with Serge's reaction here.]

 [Acacia Dragoon]
   I'll go ask the commander.

   Watch 'em.
   Enough of your ruckus!
   Quiet up in there!
[exit one dragoon]

 [Acacia Dragoon]
   I said, enough...

[Kid jumps the remaining dragoon, and
unlocks the cage]

   What are you guys doin'?
   You're pathetic.

   Unlike SOME people, we're
   not professional housebreakers.

Guile:                     | Leena:                        | Nikki:
   Serge, that was not     |    SERGE! How could you be so |    Serge, you've really
   called for. Young lady, |    rude? ...Sorry about that. |    got to learn how to
   I apologize on behalf   |    He got dropped on his head |    treat the ladies.
   of my companion.        |    as a child.                |    Sorry 'bout that, miss.

   Eh, no biggie.

   (She calls us pathetic,
   and I'M the one who gets
   told off?!)

[Kid unlocks the cage]

Kid:'s open.
   Gotta learn to take care
   of yerselves, eh?
   See ya.

   Oh, and don't go
   interferin' with me work.
   And, Serge, you can't
   do bugger all without me,
   so just take it easy, eh?

[Exit Kid]

   (Geez, I may not spend all
   my time breaking into other
   people's houses, but I'm not
   an idiot, either!)

 [Acacia Dragoon]
   How'd you get out!?
   Shut up and
   stay put!

   Come on!
   Who's the dag-nut?
   You want some!?

[I assume that either combat is joined, or Kid
leads the additional dragoon away--don't know which.]


Guile:                   | Nikki:
   We will be able to    |    Maybe if we dress
   move more freely      |    up in these guys'
   around the manor if   |    clothes, the other
   we disguise ourselves |    dragoons will think
   with these uniforms.  |    we belong here.

   (Ugh, I have to wear a

[If Kid and/or Leena are present]

   Guess we've got no choice,
   but purple ain't really
   me colour...

   You know, we haven't
   seen any girl dragoons...
   I think I'm going to have
   to bind my breasts to get
   into this stupid armour.
Viper Manor Basement Hallway (Another)
[I'm pretty sure you get this bit only if
Kid isn't in the party]

 [Acacia Dragoon]
   A red demon...
   got me...

 [Acacia Dragoon]
   It was horrible...
   It was a 9 ft tall monster,
   with huge protruding fangs...

   (It's too embarrassing to
   say it was a girl...)

   (Oh, man... I hope we don't
   run into anything like that!)

Treasure Vault, Viper Manor (Another)

[skip the Boxer Bros]
                  | Guile:                   | Leena:                  | Nikki:
             |    What I seek is not    |   I wonder if that      |   General Viper sure
      This is great!
     |    here...but it can     |   armour at the back    |   keeps a lot of old
                         |    do no harm to abscond |   of the room would     |   stuff down here.
                  |    with a few more of    |   fit me better than    |
      But it looks like
  |    the General's         |   this stupid           |   !? That vase...from
      the Frozen Flame
   |    possessions.          |   breastplate...What    |   Marbule?
      ain't here...
      |                          |   do you think, Serge?  |
                         | Serge:                   |                         |   [He looks inside one
   Serge:                |    So what you're saying | Serge:                  |   of the vases in the
      (The Frozen Flame? |    is that we might as   |   You could always try  |   jumble to the side]
      Is that what she's |    well steal him blind  |   it on... (It's usually|
      looking for?)      |    while we're here?     |   easier to agree with  | Nikki:
                         |                          |   her than to argue. I  |   No, guess not. But
   Kid:[/I]                  | Guile:                   |   still remember that   |   is that...?
      Ah well.
           |    Precisely.            |   time she threw me     |
      Let's just take
    |                          |   off the dock when we  | Serge:
      what's here.
       | Serge:                   |   were six...)          |   We still have to
                         |    (I don't remember     |                         |   find Viper, you
                         |    signing up for this.) | Leena:                  |   know.
                         |                          |   Fine, maybe I will.   |

[snip sword/shield/armor]
   There's treasure
   on the wall.

   ~~~Grab it |   ~~~Take it cautiously             |    ~~~Too scared to take it
              |   ~~~Take it nervously              |

  [And the    |                                     | Kid:                 | Guile:
  wall spins] | Guile:             | Nikki:         |  Why waste treasure  |   That might be
              |   It occurs to me  |   I don't like |  by leaving it for   |   of value. We
              |   that this might  |   the looks of |  that Viper bloke?   |   should take it.
              |   be a trap.       |   that.        |-----------------------------------------
              |                                     | Nikki:               | [muttermumble
              | Kid: (if she's there)               |   So you're just     | too narrow]
              |   Whatever!                         |   going to leave it? |
              |  Just grab it.                     |   Isn't that a waste?|
              |                                     |
              | [And the wall turns anyway...]      |

[Another messy decision-tree I probably didn't get right...]

Luccia's Lab, Viper Manor (Another)

[After taking the item from the wall, the wall opens up and dumps
everyone into a cage in the next room]

Leena:                  | Guile:                | Nikki:
   Serge, you need to   |   Perhaps that was    |   A trick wall... I
   be more careful!     |   not the wisest      |   wonder if we could
                        |   course of action... |   use something like
Serge:                  |   I now regret not    |   this in our next
   (She WOULD have to   |   having studied that |   performance...?
   rub it in. Sometimes |   spell for detecting |
   I think she thinks   |   traps.              | Serge:
   she's my mother.)    |                       |   Maybe we should
   You didn't exactly   | Serge:                |   worry about getting
   try to stop me from  |   It DOES sound like  |   out of here first.
   taking it, you know. |   it might have been  |
                        |   useful!             | Nikki:
Leena:                  |                       |   If you've got any
   Hmph!                |                       |   ideas about how to
                        |                       |   do that, I'll be
[She turns her back to  |                       |   happy to help...
Serge.]                 |                       |

   Just a minor slip-up!
   But look, we got the treasure.



   I see dat you are not
   really dragoons.

   How can you tell?

   No matter.
   Kom out.

Guile:                 | Nikki:
   Unexpected, to find |   Thanks for your
   help here... Who    |   help, Miss...
   are you?            |   uh....

   Vho said anything
   about helping?

   (Uh-oh. Suddenly
   I have a bad feeling
   about this.)

   I am the scientific
   genius of Viper Manor.
   Please, call me Luccia.

   You vill all be
   my guinea pigs.

   Can we PLEASE take a moment
   and talk about this?
   (I really, really don't
   want to be her guinea pig--
   she might turn me into
   something like that critter
   in the cage in the corner!)

   Have no fear--this vill
   not hurt a bit.


   Finish dem...

[Battle of the Bulbs. When the party wins,
Luccia lets them out of the cage.]

   You have exceeded my
   expectations by
   defeating my Bulbs.

   (Phew! Looks like we're
   not going to end up
   purple and tentacle-y
   after all.)

   Now, please leave.
   I must input dis battle
   data for future study...

   I'm busy.
   I vill let you go.
   Now leave.
[snip Pip--like Van, he is not recruitable]

   (Now what?!)

   I am extremely interested
   in all of you.
   I cannot leave right now, but
   kom by vhen you need my help.
   I am villing to help you.

   (I'm not sure I want to know
   what her idea of "help" is.)

   I'll be vaiting...

Mess Hall, Viper Manor (Another)

   It fell down again?
   How many times do
   I have to tell you?
   It' the right and the left.
   Got that?
   Better write this down
   before I forget.

   (Is he talking about...?!)

Barracks, Viper Manor (Another)

   I'd better write that down.

[Glenn writes the passcode on the wall]


[Serge et al. walk over and take a look
as soon as Glenn is out of the way]

   (YES! Now we can get through
   that door with the stupid
   snake statue!)


[If they talk to Glenn]

   Ever since that guest from
   Porre came, the general has
   been acting strange.
   If only I could consult my
   brother about this...

   (Wait a second..."guest
   from Porre"? Didn't that
   Karsh guy say it was "the
   general's guest" that
   wanted me...?)


Room, Viper Manor (Another)

[Harle is lying down in one of the ground-floor

   Se taire...
   Pleaze, shut up...

   (What's with her?)

Karsh's Room, Viper Manor (Another)

   (Ulp! That's the guy who
   attacked me before--"Karsh",
   I think. We might be in
   trouble again if he
   recognizes me...)

   Hey, you there!


   Don't just stand in the
   doorway, you dumbasses! If
   you need to talk to me,
   say something!

   (Phew, looks like the
   Dragoon suits are working.
   Maybe we can even get some
   information out of him.)


[Another massive mess, courtesy of Infodumps-R-Us]

   ~~~Who...are you?           |    ~~~Who is this Serge?     |   ~~~Who's General Viper?
                               |                              |
Karsh:                         | Karsh:                       |
   WHAT!? You dunno who I am!? |    Oh, you mean, junior.     |
   (It's probably a bit risky
   What are you, rookies!?     |    I had orders to bring in  |
   asking that, but I don't
                               |    the ghost of that boy who |
   remember ever hearing
Serge:                         |    died 10 years ago.        |    about him until all this
   Uh...pretty much. (It's     |    But we had unexpected     |    weirdness started happening...)
   better than letting on      |    company and he got away.  |
   that we're burglars.)       |                              | Karsh:
                               | Karsh:                       |    The general is the head of
Karsh:                         |    He seemed way too human   |    the Viper clan and has governed
   Well, listen up and         |    to be a ghost, though...  |    these islands for generations.
   don't forget!               |                              |
   I'm one of the 4 Devas of   |
Serge:                       | Serge:
   the Acacia Dragoons, headed |
   ...                       |    (Guess he doesn't suspect...
   by General Viper.           |
                             |    and now that he's brought it
   The name's Karsh!           | Karsh:                       |   
up, I do remember people in
   Gah-haha-ha-ha!             |    Aaah, I don't know what   |   
Arni talking about the Viper
                               |    that guest from Porre     |   
Clan. Mostly stuff about how
Serge:                         |    wants with him.           |    they were glad they'd been
   (It's a good thing this     |                              |    quiet lately...since "the
   guy doesn't wear hats--he'd | Serge:                       |    General" disappeared. Two
   have a hard time getting    |    (So this guy doesn't know |    generals in one family? They
   anything big enough for     |    anything either. I guess  |    must have a real thing for
   that swelled head!)         |    I really am going to have |    the military!)
                               |    to talk to the General... |
                               |    or the "guest from        | Karsh:
                               |    Porre". Why would some    |    But that's not all.
                               |    Porrean be interested in  |    When he was ordered to
                               |    me?)                      |    take up a new post
                               |                              |    on the main continent,
                               |                              |    he made quite an impact
                               |                              |    as the leader of the
                               |                              |    Acacia Dragoons and
                               |                              |    was promoted to general.
                               |                              |

                               |                              | Serge:
                               |                              |    (The continent...guess that
                               |                              |    that explains why he'd get
                               |                              |    visitors from Porre.)
                               |                              |
                               |                              | Karsh:   
                               |                              |    He has retired from the
                               |                              |    army since then and currently
                               |                              |    serves as the lord of El Nido.
                               |                              |
  ~~~Tell me about Viper Manor | ~~~What's this Frozen Flame?       |    ~~~Never mind...
                               |                                    |
Karsh:                         |
Serge:                             | Serge:
   This manor was built        |
  (The Frozen Flame... Lots        |    (If we talk for too
   by the general's ancestors  |
  of people in Termina said        |    long, he might start
   100 years ago,              |
  it was here. I don't             |    to suspect us...)
   when people first began     |
  believe all that stuff           |
   colonizing the El Nido      |
  they were spouting about         |
   Archipelago.                |
  miracles, but...)                |
                               |                                    |
Karsh:                         | Karsh:                             |
   Treat the place             |    Aaaah... That's a top-priority, |
   with respect!               |    classified secret.              |
                               |                                    |
Serge:                         | Serge:                             |
   (I guess that's all I'm     |    (A secret... That means that    |
   going to get--it would be   |    someone here thinks it really   |
   too suspicious if I tried   |    exists!)                        |
   to ask directly about the   |                                    |
   traps and whatnot...)       | Karsh:                             |
                               |    Its existence has been rumored  |
                               |    in the northern countries       |
                               |    for generations...              |
                               |    Legend claims it contains       |
                               |    mysterious powers which can     |
                               |    guide anima and change          |
                               |    history...                      |
                               |    But no details are known.       |
                               | Serge:                             |
                               |    (That means that the Frozen     |
                               |    Flame could explain all the     |
                               |    freaky stuff that's been        |
                               |    happening... Damn! I wish       |
                               |    this guy knew more.)            |


[Outside in the hallway, if Kid is in the group, and if Serge asked about
the Flame...]

   Y'know, mate, the Frozen
   Flame's pretty dangerous. Ya
   shouldn't just ask people
   about it.

Guile:                          | Serge:
   That implies that you have   |   I didn't think just ASKING
   some form of interest in it. |   could hurt anything.





   Ow... (Does he always shout
   like that?)

   ~~~Who are you?      |   ~~~Who are the 4 Devas?  |    ~~~Tell me about Dario          |    ~~~Never mind...
                        |                            |                                    |
Zoah:                   | Zoah:                      | Zoah:                              |
   (If I try to listen
   to this guy any
   longer, I'm gonna
   go deaf!)
                        |    AND I.                  |    DAUGHTER, MISS RIDDEL, AND      |
Serge:                  |                            |    WAS NEXT IN LINE TO BECOME      |
   (And I can't really  | Zoah:                      |    THE HEAD OF THE VIPER CLAN.     |
   ask, "So what's a    |    OUR LEADER, DARIO,      |    HOWEVER, HE DIED AN HONORABLE   |
   Deva?" without       |    DIED IN AN ACCIDENT     |    DEATH DURING HIS MISSION TO     |
   making him           |    3 YEARS AGO...          |    THE ISLE OF THE DAMNED,         |
   suspicious.)         |                            |    3 YEARS AGO.                    |
Serge:                     |                                    |
   He must have been       | Zoah:                              |
   really impressive for   |    KARSH WAS ON THAT               |
   you guys not to have    |    SAME MISSION, BUT REFUSES       |
   chosen a replacement.   |    TO SAY MUCH ABOUT IT.           |
                        |                            |    DARIO AND KARSH WERE            |
Zoah:                      |    CHILDHOOD FRIENDS, ALWAYS       |
   EL NIDO.                |    SOON AFTER HE WAS ENGAGED       |
                        |                            |    TO MISS RIDDEL.                 |
                        |                            |    MANY RUMORS HAVE SURFACED       |
                        |                            |    REGARDING HIS DEATH.            |
                        |                            |
                        |                            | Serge:                             |
                        |                            |    (It does sound kind of          |
                        |                            |    suspicious...but it doesn't     |
                        |                            |    have anything to do with us.)   |
                        |                            |                                    |

To be continued in Chapter 8b...

Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 19, 2009, 08:53:49 pm
Beautiful! This may just be the best portion I've read. Only one line sounded out of character:
   You know, we haven't
   seen any girl dragoons...
   I think I'm going to have
   to bind my breasts to get
   into this stupid armour.
I dunno, it just seems to un-ladylike for Leena. I dunno, I just can't see her saying breasts. Meh, whatever. The line made me chuckle, so it's all good.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on July 19, 2009, 09:05:44 pm
So, Pip is not recruitable, but Serge can still release him from the cage?

Because if it wasn't Pip during...

   Can we PLEASE take a moment
   and talk about this?
   (I really, really don't
   want to be her guinea pig--
   she might turn me into
   something like that critter
   in the cage in the corner

I can see why you didn't added dialogue for that.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 19, 2009, 09:59:23 pm
@mav: Well, she's got them, so I expect she calls them something... "bind my chest" would
be possible, I suppose, but I was afraid it would be too ambiguous.

@Acacia Sgt: Eh, I wrote that line without actually checking what was where in the lab.
Shame on me. Youtube, Youtube... Ah, here we are. ( Looks like Serge could be referring
either to Pip or the reddish Bulb in the cage next to the party.

I could have left the "release Pip" stuff in, I suppose, and just not had him appear on
the Invincible (or had him pop up at random in various places around El Nido as a
bouncy white Easter Egg, for that matter), but given the sheer amount of text in this
chapter, I was cutting everything I felt I could get away with.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 19, 2009, 11:51:24 pm
If you wanna work around the Pip issue, just have Serge say "those critters in the cages" as opposed to "that critter in the cage in the corner". And the breast thing really isn't an issue. Chest, breast, whatever; she's joking around anyway. I mean, she mentions the breastplate again in the treasure vault--so that could clarify things anyway...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 20, 2009, 08:59:33 am
"Those critters in the cages" it is, then.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 28, 2009, 08:41:56 pm
::sigh:: This ended up being nearly twice as long as the first part,
mostly because I added a lot of stuff and wasn't able to do much cutting.
I'm afraid Leena got a little short-changed here--I'll try to give her
some more dialogue in Guldove.

Viper Manor - Where lies the key to the past... (Part 2)

Max recruits: Serge, Kid, Leena, and Guile or Nikki.
Recruitable: None.

Library, Viper Manor (Another)

[Having gotten the passcode, Our Heroes head
up the stairs and along the lefthand passageway
to the library, where Marcy and Belthasar are
waiting--the latter is up on the balcony]

   So, like...
   What are you
   doin' here!?

   Dragoons aren't
   allowed up here,
   you know?

   Actually, we're not

   What are you talkin' about?

[They take off the dragoon suits]

   So, like...
   What's your point?

   (Okay, she's got me there--
   that was kind of dumb. It's
   just that she doesn't look
   dangerous, I guess. I mean,
   she's just a kid!)

Old Man:
   What is it, Marcy?
   Is someone there?

   Some weirdos.

Leena:               | Serge:
   Hey, didn't your  |    (She's sure got a nasty
   mother ever teach |    tongue on her--kinda
   you any manners?  |    reminds me of Leena...)

Old Man:
   Hmmm... Marcy,
   lower the ladder, please.

[Marcy pushes the switch to extend the ladder, and
Belthasar climbs down]
Old Man:
   If you did not know you
   were not allowed in here...

Old Man:
   Then you must not be
   one of our dragoons.

   That's what I just

Old Man:
   Oh my... You must be...
   Yes, yes...
   You must be Serge.
   My, how you have grown.


   Like, can I kill 'em, yet?

Old Man:
   Patience child, patience!
   I need to have a word
   with these people...

   Who are you, and how the
   hell do you know my name?!
   Are you this "guest from
   Porre" everyone's been
   talking about?

Old Man:
   No, no, I'm not the visitor
   from Porre. You will meet
   him in due time.

Old Man:
   Hmmm... How do I explain...?
   I guess you could say I am
   the prophet of time.

   The WHAT? Look, if you
   understand what's been
   happening to me, explain
   it. NOW.

   Young man, I can understand
   that you have been having a
   tiring and confusing time of
   things lately, but if you
   want me to provide you with
   answers, you are going to
   have to allow me time in
   which to speak.


   That's better. Now,
   listen carefully.

   The world is not just
   a single entity.
   Another world similar
   to our own exists in
   another dimension.
   There you will find what
   you might have become,
   a world of possibilities
   that might have existed,
   a whole history that has
   not been written yet...
   It is out there somewhere...
   We are simply unable to
   see, feel, or experience it.

   (Okay, but what does that
   have to do with me being
   dead?! So far, it all
   sounds like a bunch of
   useless mumbo-jumbo.)

[Fancy outer-space-type background with maps of Home and Another worlds]

   Serge... This world is not
   the world you grew up in.

   (Is that supposed to be some
   kind of joke?! Everything is
   the same here, except, well,
   me. And maybe the Dragoons.
   And... Um. I guess that
   maybe there are a lot of
   differences. Just little
   things... Maybe I AM in
   another world after all.)

   10 years ago, something
   happened that put your very
   soul teetering on the
   balancing scales of fate...
   with a fifty-fifty chance
   of life or death!
   This is when your future
   was split in twain.

   In your home world, you
   survived to live a happy
   and prosperous life.
   That is how you made it to
   the present point in time.
   However, here in this
   '"alternate"' world,
   you are, in fact,
   very dead and buried.
   You died 10 years ago, but
   this world's time line has
   flowed on regardless.
   You have no place in this world...
   Here, you are but a ghost
   brought back from the past!

   Wait a just a minute! You're
   making it sound like I'M the
   reason that there are two
   different worlds! That doesn't
   make sense! I mean, I'm just
   a fisherman...don't even have
   my own boat yet... I'm not
   anyone important.

   I understand the mechanics
   of the time split no more
   than you, young man.

   I do not know what
   happened 10 years ago...
   Nor can I guess what
   triggered your entrance
   into this world.

   (This guy's a lot of help--
   I've got more questions now
   than I did when he started,
   and all he seems to be able
   to say is, "I don't know"!)

   The locations where such
   divisions in the time-space
   continua occur are called,
   '"Where Angels Lose Their Way."'
   It is said that, there, the
   borders of two dimensions
   fluctuate in such a way as to
   make the passage between the
   parallel realities a possibility.
   Perhaps in this world,
   you are the missing piece
   from a giant puzzle.
   And maybe, just maybe...
   the vacuum created by
   your non-existence here
   has drawn you across the
   border between the dimensions
   to fill the void in that puzzle.
   Of course, no one can
   say for sure.

   So you're saying that there's
   a way back.

   It is possible. I lack
   sufficient understanding
   of the process that
   brought you here to be

[Background reverts to normal]

   However, it appears as though
   these 2 worlds are connected
   by some unknown force.
   Depending on the location,
   the 2 worlds influence each
   other in strange ways.

   I am quite certain there is a
   wormhole that connects the
   2 parallel worlds...

   (So there IS a way back--why
   is this guy trying to hide

   For your information, if
   you press the START button
   while on the world map,
   a menu window will appear
   that allows you to display
   which world you are in:
   Your Home World or
   Another World.
   Select ON to display this.

Kid:                              |
Leena:                      | Guile:                   | Nikki:
   If what you say's true, and    |    Another world... I guess |    Multiple realities... |    Other worlds...
   this world is an alternate     |    that means that there's  |    how fascinatingly     |    I wonder if there's
   reality...                     |    another Leena there who  |    mysterious!           |    a way for me to
                                  |    is your friend, right,   |                          |    build a world where
Kid:                              |    Serge?                   | Guile:                   |    Mom is still alive,
   Then why the bloody hell       |                             |    And the greatest      |    and Marcy and I...?
   did Serge die...?              | Leena:                      |    mystery of all is,    |
                                  |    The question is, what    |    what happened ten     | Nikki:
Kid:                              |    happened ten years ago   |    years ago to cause    |    I have to find
   The reason has to be somethin' |    to make this world turn  |    this peculiar set of  |    out what happened
   that happened 10 years ago!    |    out differently...?      |    circumstances?        |    ten years ago, so
                                  |                             |                          |    I can see if
                                  |                             | Guile:                   |    there's a way...
                                  |                             |    Excellent! I was      |
                                  |                             |    right to come here    | Marcy:
                                  |                             |    with you, Serge.      |    Like, what're you
                                  |                             |                          |    talking about, you
                                  |                             |                          |    weirdo?

   I...don't know if I care.

Kid:                           | Leena:      | Guile:                 | Nikki:
   What are you talkin' about, |    Serge... |    I cannot understand |    But why not?!
   mate?                       |             |    why you would not   |
                               |             |    wish to investigate |
                               |             |    such a mystery!     |

   I didn't ask to get mixed
   up in all this, you know.
   So what if there are two
   worlds? If I go back to my
   own world, maybe people
   will stop chasing me
   halfway to Guardia and
   everything will go back
   to normal!

Kid:                    | Guile:                    | Nikki:
   Are ya wimpin' out   |    I cannot believe that  |    I guess I can't blame
   on me before we even |    you are not at least   |    you, but it seems like
   get to the general?! |    a little curious as    |    a lot of wasted effort,
                        |    to how General Viper's |    if you know what I mean.
                        |    guest knew of you.     |

   ARGH! Yes, I'm curious
   about why they're looking
   for me, but I don't know if
   I'm curious ENOUGH to fight
   my way through the rest
   of this stupid building to
   talk to General Viper.
   It's...oh, how can I make
   you understand...

Guile:                       | Nikki: might wish to |    I think that they're
   consider this: Viper's    |    probably looking for
   guest has to be aware of  |    you because you're
   the other world.          |    from the other world.


Guile:                      | Nikki:
   You have said yourself   |    Can you think of another
   that there is nothing    |    reason?
   else exceptional about   |
   you--"just a fisherman"  | Serge:
   was your phrase, I       |
   believe. Your origin is  |
   the only thing I can     | Nikki:
   think of that would make |    And if you try to go back
   it worthwhile to send    |    to Opassa now, they'll
   one of the dragoon Devas |    probably just send someone
   after you. And to be     |    else after you anyway.
   aware of your origin,    |    They might even follow you
   this Porrean must also   |    through into YOUR world.
   be aware of the other    |
   world. Perhaps he can    |
   even travel there.       |

   (And if whoever-it-is
   wants me bad enough to
   follow me back to the
   other Arni, then Mom...
   I can't let that

   I...guess I should talk
   to Viper anyway. If I
   really do want to go
   back to my normal life,
   I need to get things
   straightened out. Before
   anyone gets hurt.

Kid:                    | Leena:             | Guile:                  | Nikki:
   That's more like it. |    If you're sure. |    Excellent. Shall we? |    That's the way.

   So, you will be moving
   on, then?

   No way I'm gonna let you!


[If Nikki is not in the group]

Kid:                         | Leena:                  | Guile:
   Shut up, you little brat! |    Kids like you should |    Do you truly believe
                             |    respect your elders! |    you can stop us?


[If Nikki is in the group]

   Is Marcy your real name?

   Like... Whatever...!

   You look just

   There's no doubt about it.
   You're my little sister!

   W-What's with you...?


   Can I!? Can I!?

   I guess it cannot be helped...
   This may be fate in itself.

Nikki:             | Kid:              | Leena:                      | Guile:
   You're going to |    We ain't here  |    That's it! I'm going     |    This is foolish.
   fight us? Why,  |    to play jacks! |    to give you the spanking |    We have no time
   Marcy?          |                   |    you've been asking for   |    for children's
                   |                   |    ever since you opened    |    games.
                   |                   |    your mouth!              |

   I advise you not to
   take Marcy lightly.

   This child is one of the
   4 Devas, the highest rank
   of the Acacia Dragoons.

Kid:                 |
   WHAT!?            |
   I thought there were
   This little brat? |
   no girl dragoons...

   (This is ridiculous! There's
   no way a kid like this can
   be as good a fighter as that
   Karsh guy! Or do all her
   opponents wimp out because
   they don't want to hurt a
   little girl?)

   Too late now.


[If Nikki is in the group]

   You must be kidding.
   Marcy, think it over.
I really don't want to
   hurt you!

   Shut up, shut UP,
   SHUT UP!!!
   I don't know you and
   I don't have a family!!!


   Say bye-bye!
[Combat is joined. During the battle...]
   You think you're so smart!
   Then how about this...?

   Why you...!?!
   That does it!

   I can't take thiiis!

   Take this!

   And this!

   And take that!

   And that!

[When the party wins:]

   It's not over yet!
   I'll get you next time!


[If Nikki is in the group]

   Marcy, come back!

[Exit Marcy]

   I can't believe...
   I haven't seen her since
   she was a baby, but back
   then, she was always
   laughing... What HAPPENED
   to her?!


[If Nikki is not in the group, Marcy just leaves]


   I did not think you would
   be able to defeat Marcy.

   I'm just glad we didn't
   have to hurt her too much.
   ...So what do we do now?

   Very well.
   I shall advise you
   of your next step.

   There are 8 pillars standing
   in the main hall.
   Behind the 2nd to last pillar
   on the left is a button
   to release the platform.

   Dragoons are not allowed
   up there, so it is best
   that you go up as you are.

   (It is? A wandering dragoon
   might get in a bit of trouble,
   but you'd think a burglar
   would be in a lot more... I
   guess he's trying to tell us
   that we're going to need to
   avoid being seen from this
   point on no matter what we're
   wearing. Oh, well, at least
   I'll get to ditch this stupid
   skirt-thing. If it gets
   tangled in my legs again, I
   think I'm going to scream.
   I don't know how girls

   Beware, however...
   There is a much stronger
   being you will encounter.

   (Stronger? Uh-oh... or am I
   jumping to conclusions? He
   said "being", not "enemy".)


[If Nikki is in the party]

   Before we go, can you
   tell me anything about

   Unfortunately, I know
   little about the child,
   other than that she is
   under the guardianship
   of Luccia, the Porrean
   scientist who serves
   General Viper.


[If they didn't meet Luccia]

   So where can I find
   Luccia? I need to talk
   to her!

   Her laboratory is in
   the basement of the


[Nikki takes a step toward the door,
but Serge blocks him.

   Whoa, Nikki, we can't
   go back down there
   right now.

   I guess you're right.

[Nikki scuffs the floor the way Kid does when
she fails to steal something]

   One way or the other,
   though, I'm going to
   find out what happened
   to make Marcy turn out
   this way. Even if I
   need to come back here
   again to do it!


[If Guile is in the party, he stops in the doorway and
turns back while the rest of the party leaves the room.]

   Pardon me, but if I
   might ask...?

   Yes, what is it?

   Where did you say you
   were from?

   I don't believe I ever
   did. Why do you ask?

   It is remind
   me of someone, in several
   subtle ways.

   And you wish to know if I
   share your friend's origins?

   I was hoping to... No, pay
   it no mind. It was as
   presumptuous to ask the
   question is it would be for
   me to call the man on whose
   behalf I asked it a friend.
   Even if I found some
   information for him, chances
   are that he would not thank
   me. My apologies for wasting
   your time, sir Prophet.

[Guile follows the rest of the party out, but the
camera remains inside the room for a moment more.]

   Could someone else from
   Zeal be in this time? FATE
   did not project... No, that
   young man must simply have
   been mistaken. Or perhaps
   he ran into Melchior...
   Yes, that must be it.


Viper Manor Pillared Hall (Another)

[When they re-enter this area, Harle is waiting for them.]

   Who the...?
   You are Serge?

   Er... Yeah, I'm Serge.
   (She the first person
   we've run into who's
   needed to ask!)

   You are even more
   sexzy zan I t'ought!
   Ooh la lah!

[It would be nice if Serge could blush here.]

   And who the bloody
   hell are you!?

   And zis vulgaire one
   must be Kid...
   You disgust me!

   Whadja say!?
   If you're gonna insult
   someone, you should at
   least speak propa English!

   (I hope that was a joke,
   but I'm not about to ask.
   It wouldn't be safe.)

   Je m'appelle Harle.
   I am ze right-hand
   harlequin to Monsieur Lynx.

   Who's "Monsieur Lynx"? (Is
   it just me, or does Kid know
   that name? I'd swear she
   flinched when I said it.)

   Serge, mon puce...
   If you lie down with a dog
   like zis femme, you will
   surely catch fleaz, non?

   (Wha...? Fleas? I can't
   understand half of what
   she's saying. I don't even
   dare nod, because Kid
   might get mad, and then
   I'd be in trouble. And
   she didn't answer my
   question, either.)

   I t'ink you can do much
   better if you gave her up!

   (Okay, that bit I got,
   but...piss off Kid on the
   advice of some weirdo who's
   done nothing to help me?
   I don't think so!)

   Actually, I suggest
   you all turn back.
   You should not defy him.

   What's yer problem...!?

   Pleaze, mon Serge.

   You haven't given me any
   reason to listen to you,
   you know. And I still don't
   know who this Lynx person

   I would hate to see
   anyt'ing sad happen to you.

   I've had it up ta
   here with you!!!
   You shut up!

   I am having a serious
   converzation wit' Serge!
   Why don't you mind your
   own buziness!

   Put up yer dukes!

   I'm gonna kick yer arse
   so hard, you'll kiss
   the moons!

   Kid, this really isn't
   a very good time--

Harle: [interrupting]
   You are ze one who iz
   going to have her
   derrière kicked! Non?

   Harle, or whatever your
   name is, could you please

Harle: [interrupts again]
   But alas... I cannot be
   caught fighting you here...

   Imagine ze trouble
   I would get into...!

   Au revoir, mon Serge!
   See you again!
   And Serge,
   pleaze dream of me!

[Harle leaves]

   (Dream...of her? Why would
   I want to? I mean, I suppose
   it's possible that she might
   be good-looking under all
   that paint, but between
   the makeup and that weird
   outfit, she might have
   also have been a Beach Bum
   for all I could tell.)

   What's her problem?


   Yeah, mate?

   You seemed to know about
   this Lynx person. Isn't
   it about time you told
   the rest of us what it is
   that you're doing here?

   There's something here
   that I want. As for Lynx...
   I don't know if he's the
   same one--not fer sure.
   Not yet. If he is, and
   we meet 'im...I'll show
   ya then.

   (Is it just me, or is she
   trying really hard to dodge
   around my questions?)
Viper's Quarters, Viper Manor (Another)

[They enter Viper's office and see the Dragon Tear
sitting in the middle of the desk]

   Did ya find somethin'?

   Sort of. Looks like a
   big, flashy crystal.

   Could this be...!?

[she examines it]

   It ain't the
   Frozen Flame.

   (So she really is looking
   for the Flame. I wonder
   why she wants it--Kid
   doesn't strike me as the
   kind of person to believe
   in miracles.)

   Don't see any other
   booty here, either.

   I guess I betta ask
   the general directly.

[General Viper enters the room from the secret door
behind the bookshelf]

   What is it you
   wish to ask me?


   (A secret door? Guess
   it goes along with all
   the silly traps and
   weird locks in the rest
   of the house...)

   My compliments on getting
   past my security.
   Now, may I ask you, who in
   heaven's name are you?

   So you're General Viper?
   Don't feign ignorance
   on me now!
   Why did ya send yer dragoons
   to get me mate Serge here!?

   (Why is she asking about
   me, and not the Flame? I'd
   have thought her business
   would be more important to
   her than mine...)

   My dragoons...?
   I'm afraid, my dear,
   I haven't the foggiest
   idea what you are
   talking about.

   She's talking about you
   sending Karsh to Cape
   Howl to capture me. Or
   maybe kill me--he came
   on pretty strong. We
   want to know how YOU
   knew that I was going
   to be there, and why
   you cared.

   Young man, I'm afraid
   that I'm still entirely
   mystified. I haven't
   sent Karsh anywhere in

Mystery Man:
   General, I believe
   these vermin are here
   to see me.

[Enter Lynx, through the same door as

Mystery Man:
   Well, it seems you have
   saved me the trouble
   of finding you!


   (So this is Lynx? He was
   the one looking for me?)

   Young girl... Are you...?

   What's the matter!?
   Cat got yer tongue!?
   I've finally caught you
   by the tail now, Lynx!
   I've come for two things...
   The Frozen Flame and
   yer life, ya murderer!!!

   (Uh-oh, this doesn't sound
   good... I guess he and Kid
   have some kind of history.)

   So you must be Kid, then...
   A member of the fearsome
   band of thieves known as
   Radical Dreamers, correct?
   Radical Dreamers...?
   This young lady...?

   (Radical Dreamers? I think
   I've heard of them, but I
   can't remember where...)

   Don't let her innocence
   fool you, General.
   She's quite ferocious...

   (Nice to know SOMEONE
   agrees with me about

   My arse...!
   After what you've done!

   I hate to disappoint you,
   but the Frozen Flame
   is not here.
   That fire lies hidden
   in the Sea of Eden,
   the place where past
   and future collide...

   ("Past and future..."?
   Oh, man, not more of this
   weird stuff again...
   Anyway, Kid looks really
   mad. The Frozen Flame
   must be really important
   to her.)

   Alright then...
   It looks like I'll have to
   put that part off 'til later.
   In the meantime, I'll settle
   my score with you, Lynx!
   Prepare to meet yer maker!

   Kid, I've still got questions
   for him, so please leave him

[Combat. The party defeats Lynx...who turns into a
catlike shadow beast. The real Lynx appears on the
other side of the room]

   It was just
   a shadow!

   Did you think I would be
   stupid enough to pick a
   fight with a rabid dog?
   Why, just a shadow of
   mine is enough to deal
   with the likes of you!

   Seems to me that WE dealt
   with IT--and Kid isn't a
   "rabid dog". (I just hope
   he doesn't take that as
   an invitation to a rematch,
   though, because I don't
   know if I could handle
   another fight like that
   right now.)


   Perhaps not rabid, but only
   a dog would be so
   ridiculously loyal to the
   memory of the dead.

   There's nothing ridiculous
   about being loyal to the
   memory of someone who was
   important to you. (Right,

   Now, will you tell me what
   the hell is going on? It's
   your fault that I'm in this
   world, isn't it?

   We predicted your arrival,
   but I'm afraid that we were
   not responsible for it. Nor
   is the causative agent known
   to us.

   (Back to square one--and
   who's "we", anyway?)

   So why did you send Karsh
   after me? That WAS you,
   wasn't it?

   I merely wanted to speak
   to you, Serge.

   Okay, but WHY?

   Because you are the key.

   Now, Serge...
   What do you desire
   from this world?
   Do you wish to live again?
   Do you want to erase your
   demise from the pages of

   (I admit that it would be
   nice if the me from this
   world wasn't dead, but I
   have a feeling that nothing
   Lynx offers comes without
   a whale-sized catch... Ugh,
   what's with that freaky
   crystal? It's making my
   eyes hurt!)

   What's wrong, Serge!?

[FMV: The Dragon's Tear gazes back into Serge.]

   (Ugh... What was that?! It
   felt like something was
   pulling at me, and then that
   weird building blowing up,
   and the wind and that...

   Listen to me...
   The end of the human
   world is nigh!
   When this time comes, Serge,
   there shall be a deep enmity
   between you and the world!
   This is not speculation
   or prediction...
   This is history!

   (What kind of nonsense is
   he spouting now? History?
   Something that hasn't
   happened yet can't be
   history... The end of the
   world? And I'M important
   in all this somehow? Why?
   It isn't like I'm some
   kind of hero or anything!)

[Two more shadow cats show up]

   This doesn't look good...

   You cannot escape.
   There is something
   I want to ask you...

   Then hurry up and ask it!
   (Maybe if he does, this
   will start to make sense!)

[Enter Riddel]

   About that voyage
   I have been planning...

[Kid grabs her and holds a knife to her throat]


   Don't move a whisker
   if you want this girl
   to live!

   (Trust Kid to seize the
   moment--if we're lucky,
   we might actually get out
   of here in one piece...
   but I still don't know why
   any of this is happening,
   damn it all!)

   Goodness gracious!
   Who are you!?
   My darling Riddel!!!
   Why, you dirty...!

   Shuddup, old-timer!
   Our lives are at stake here!
   There ain't nothin' dirty
   about savin' yer own life...!

   Just stay calm and quiet,
   and I won't hurt ya, OK...?
   I just need ya to come
   with us 'til we reach
   a safer place.

   You alright, Serge!?

   Pretty much.

   C'mon, let's bust
   outta here!

[They leave the room, Kid dragging Riddel with her]

Viper Manor Stairway (Another)

   Don't be foolish!
   Do you really think
   you can escape!?

[Karsh and a couple of other dragoons appear from

Guile:        | Nikki:
   Cut off... |    Damn, they're everywhere!

   (Oh, damn--looks like Karsh
   isn't going to listen to
   reason and let us go
   downstairs, no matter whose
   throat Kid's pointing her
   knife at. So we have to
   go up, but is there a way
   out from there?)

[Kid heads for the stairs going up]

   You fiend...!
   Take your dirty hands
   off Lady Riddel!

   Whaddaya take me for!?
   An idiot!?


   (You know, I don't think
   I've ever seen anyone
   turn purple before...)

   this way.

[They climb the stairs, trailing dragoons]

Roof Terrace, Viper Manor (Another)

[Serge et al. retreat across the balcony, with
Viper, Lynx, and their allies following. Lots of
little tiny bits of FMV are interspersed throughout
this part.]

   We have you now, you vermin.
   There is no way out of here.

   (Damn, I think he's right--
   we're cut off!)

   Bloody hell!

   Let's work out a deal.

   Release my daughter, and
   I shall let you walk away.
   How about it?

   Yeah, right!
   Can't trust ya!

   Are you willing to
   jump to your death?

   (If those are our choices...
   I just don't know, because
   it all depends on the "why"
   questions that I can't get
   anyone to answer! What is
   Lynx really trying to do?!)

[Kid looks over the edge of the balcony. Meanwhile,
Lynx is drawing his knife, then throws it at Kid and Riddel.]

   Look out!!!

[Kid pushes Riddel away, taking the thrown knife for her, and falls
over the edge of the balcony. Riddel escapes.



[Lynx slowly advances on Serge, who is staring down after Kid, as he begins to speak.]

   What do you live for...?

   What are you willing
   to die for...?

   I've been waiting for you,

   Waiting a long, long time
   for you...

   Now come to me, Serge!
   The Assassin of Time...


   Come to me, Serge.

Serge: [shaking his head]
   I still don't really know
   what this is about, but I
   do know this much: I'd
   rather die than help
   someone who'd attack Kid
   from behind, and put an
   innocent bystander like
   Riddel in danger by
   doing it!

[Serge jumps over the edge of the balcony, with the third party member following.]


[Serge et al. splash-land in the ocean below the bluffs.]

The Guldove chapter is going to be divided into four parts--the introductory material common to
all three routes, then the Guile/Magus route, the standard Save Kid route, and the standard Leave
Kid route, probably in that order. Hopefully, the first part of that won't take as long as this

Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 29, 2009, 12:13:09 am
Wow that was lengthy, but good overall. You tackled quite a bit of material and quite a few characters, and I think you did more than adequately. I do have a couple issues though. First off, I think a lot of the Prophet's new lines seemed unnecessary. Here are a couple of 'em:
Old Man:
   No, no, I'm not the visitor
   from Porre. You will meet
   him in due time.
   I understand the mechanics
   of the time split no more
   than you, young man.
   It is possible. I lack
   sufficient understanding
   of the process that
   brought you here to be
In my opinion, removing these lines will still allow the script to flow while simultaneously keeping the Prophet's revelations on the same course as they were originally in CC. Oh and he does seem like the kinda character who would continue rambling, even after being interrupted by Serge's questions. So try taking that into consideration.

One of Guile's lines bothered me too:
   Multiple realities...
   how fascinatingly     
The word choice here is really awkward. He should either say "how fascinating" or "how mysterious". Fascinatingly is just too strange sounding, and it comes off as unnatural.

Also, Serge's line before the fight may need revision:
   Kid, I've still got questions
   for him, so please leave him
This line isn't bad, I just think Serge should sound a little tougher...Maybe you could take out the "please". Hell he could try and show his pugnacious side at the same time by saying "let's leave him alive" or something...

As always, take my suggestions lightly, if at all. You did wonderfully with this bulk of text: Nikki and Marcy's interactions seemed spot on and most of the characters' voices seemed appropriate, aside from the suggestions I mentioned earlier. Oh and that little snippet between Guile and Belthasar really caught me off guard! I can't wait to see where that goes.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on July 29, 2009, 12:12:30 pm
...sounds like you're turning him into Magus after all! 8D Awesome!

This is really great stuff...I can imagine it'll get harder and more tedious the more characters get added, but I hope you'll finish the entire script someday! It'd be pretty epic to have Serge speak...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 29, 2009, 05:01:16 pm
@Katie Skyye: Guile, in my version of history, knows Magus and is responsible for him getting dragged
into what's happening, but they're not actually the same person, because I've always felt that their
personalities were too dissimilar for that to make sense. You'll see in a week or two, when I let Magus
have his grand entrance. (

::sigh:: By the time I hit the end, I'm going to be dealing with 20-25 PCs despite my attempts to cut
the cast down. Even with six people nominally in the party, that's going to mean producing 15-20
potential replacements for every "Member" line before I can guarantee that at least one of the
speakers is present. That's going to lead to some massive grid-alternative messes. Not to mention
that I want to give every PC at least one significant optional character-development scene. Granted, some
of them can share, but some of them might conceivably develop into full-blown sidequests... ::shudder::

@mav: I never ignore someone who manages to put his finger on some of the things that bother me about
my own writing.

Of the three Belthasar lines you quoted, the "I'm not the Porrean" one was put in very deliberately, and is
going to stay. The other two I was never really happy with, and I'll go back over that section tonight,
when the guys replacing our furnace have left and everything's quieted down a bit.

The Guile line... I put the "mysterious" in there because of his next line, I think, but you're right--it
sounds a "Fascinating" it is--I just hope no one thinks that it's a Star Trek allusion! (

Serge's line, however, was again written that way deliberately. Until the very end of this chapter, Serge
is letting himself get pushed around by outside events and other people--he's been letting his course
of action be suggested by (mostly) Leena and Kid. He isn't a leader or a hero yet, and on that basis
the "please" is hopefully in character. His refusal to go along with Lynx at the very end of the chapter
is supposed to be the first break in that pattern, and Guldove should involve him starting to take up
his responsibilities as best he can.

On a lighter note, I had a lot of fun writing the Guile-and-Belthasar scenelet. I always enjoy working in
foreshadowing stuff, probably because it's a bit evil. (
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on July 29, 2009, 05:12:37 pm
Of the three Belthasar lines you quoted, the "I'm not the Porrean" one was put in very deliberately, and is
going to stay. The other two I was never really happy with, and I'll go back over that section tonight,
when the guys replacing our furnace have left and everything's quieted down a bit.
Alrighty then--and to be honest, the Porre line was the one I liked the most out of those three anyway.  8)

The Guile line... I put the "mysterious" in there because of his next line, I think, but you're right--it
sounds a "Fascinating" it is--I just hope no one thinks that it's a Star Trek allusion!
Hah. Personally, Star Trek wouldn't be my first impression--I would immediately think Guile is just a little more theatrical than the average bloke, as long as he manages to stay out of flashy and flamboyant territory.

What you mentioned about Serge makes a lot of sense--he's still a young guy who's having all this thrown at him. It'll take some time for him to toughen up.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on July 29, 2009, 08:26:15 pm
Changes to the other two Belthasar lines (plus a little context):

   [...]I'm not
   anyone important.

   One's importance in the scheme
   of things is seldom obvious
   from the inside.

   I do not know what
   happened 10 years ago...

   So you're saying that there's
   a way back.

   A way back? Well...

[Background reverts to normal]

   It appears as though
   these 2 worlds are connected
   by some unknown force.

(The odd italicization of the last paragraph was caused by my cutting a leading "However".)

Hopefully, the above represents an improvement. At least Belthasar is no longer outright lying.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on August 02, 2009, 12:31:52 pm
Sounds good to me. And the way this Belthasar speaks, as opposed to how he spoke originally in CC, seems to be more fluent and less on the rambling side. It certainly makes him seem more human--so good job with that. It's pretty amazing how the simple addition of a few lines here or there makes such a difference.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on August 06, 2009, 05:42:35 pm
Since I intend to stick my nose in a book as soon as I leave the computer, which effectively
means that I'm going to be off-line for the rest of the day, I figured I'd post this a little
early, so that people would have time to admire my deathless prose (Ha!) before the Compendium
goes down for updating.

The Guldove chapter turned out to be so massive (>4000 lines, which is more than double
the length of the Viper Manor chapter) and so complex that I ended up splitting it in
six. This first part is the portion of the core story that's the same for all the possible
paths through this chapter. Parts two and three will be the Magus/Guile and Nikki/standard
methods of saving Kid, respectively; part four will be more material common to both the
Save Kid paths (there's just enough in there that isn't Mel's idiocy to make it worth
keeping as a separate section); and part five will be the normal "leave Kid to die" path.
Part six will contain stuff that isn't part of the core storyline (recruiting Luccia,
what happens if you return to Guldove-Home with Leena from Another in the party, etc.)

9. Guldove - Where ripples become waves... (Part I)

   Max recruits: Serge, Leena, and Nikki or Guile. (Kid is not in the party)
   Recruitable: None in this section.

Macha's House, Guldove (Another)]
[Serge awakens in a bed in Macha's house in Guldove.]

   You're finally awake?
   If you're looking for your
   friends, they're outside.

   Ugh...thanks. (Where am I?
   Guess I must've passed out
   after hitting the water...)

[Serge follows Macha's suggestion and goes outside]

Guldove (Another)

   Oi, Serge!
   Ya finally woke up, eh?

   Guess so.


[If they'd already met Korcha (or just if they'd
chosen Guile as a guide?)]

   Give yer thanks to Korcha.
   He's the one that saved us
   after we fell off the cliff.

   No sweat.
   It's just part of my job
   as a ferryman.

   But I have to admit, you
   caught me by surprise when you
   came fallin' from the sky.
   You're lucky that it was the
   sea that ya fell into and
   not the rocks!

   Actually, I figured I was
   going to break my neck on
   the way down. It was still
   better than the alternative,
   though. (I still can't
   believe what Lynx tried to


[If they didn't know Korcha]

Young villager:
   Looks like you're
   in good shape.
   My name's Korcha.
   I work as a ferryman
   around the Termina area.
   You're in a small village
   called Guldove, a little
   west of Termina.
   I was on my way here when I
   saw you guys in trouble, so
   I just picked you up and
   brought you back with me.

   Pleased to meet you, and
   thanks. (Guldove...I think
   I was here once before, as
   a little kid, with Dad and
   Uncle Miguel...I was so
   small that I don't remember
   much, though.)


   But geez, you're
   such a wuss!
   How could you get
   knocked out from
   such a short fall!?

   Hey, I've never fallen
   off anything higher than
   the mast of a fishing boat
   before, you know! I'm lucky
   I survived jumping off that
   cliff! (And I think I'm
   glad it was the middle of
   the night, too--if I'd been
   able to see how far it was
   to the water, I probably
   would have lost my nerve.)

Guile:                         | Nikki:                         | Leena:
   It was not an experience    |    I'll say. I can swim better |    So next time we go on
   that I would volunteer      |    than anyone I know, since   |    a date, let's try for
   to repeat.                  |    I'm half--er, anyway,       |    a romantic moonlit
                               |    Serge, where are we going   |    evening on the beach...
   Tell me, Serge, where do    |    from here? I figure I'll    |
   you intend to go from here? |    hang out with you a little  |    Seriously, though, I'd
                               |    longer.                     |    like to know what we're
                               |                                |    doing next.

   (Why is everyone looking at
   me all of a sudden?)

   Um... Well, going back to
   Viper Manor is out of the

   I'll say! You sure you're
   okay, mate?

   (I need to come up with
   something fast, or I'm
   going to look like an
   idiot... Wait! Didn't Lynx
   say something about...?)

   Kid, you're looking for
   the Frozen Flame, aren't
   you? Didn't Lynx say it
   was in the Sea of Eden?

   ...Guess you're too sharp
   to miss something like
   that. Yeah, I'm after the
   Flame--and Lynx's neck!
   But are ya tryin' to tell
   me that ya think that's
   where we should go next?
   That won't get ya any
   closer to finding out
   what's going on, will it?

   I don't think Lynx would
   have bothered finding out
   where the Frozen Flame was
   if it wasn't important to
   him somehow. That means
   that if we have it--

   --HE'll start following US
   around, and we won't have
   to play catch-up anymore!
   Mate, I like how you think.

Guile:                       | Nikki:                | Leena:
   It is certainly a better  |    Sounds good to me, |    First Viper Manor, and
   plan than anything I have |    man.  Let's rock!  |    now the Sea of Eden--I
   come up with--to the Sea  |                       |    have to admit, you sure
   of Eden, then!            |                       |    know how to show a girl
                             |                       |    a good time!

   Anyway, Kid...are you
   okay? I know Lynx hit
   you with that knife...

   A little graze like this...

[Kid collapses]


   Ugh, oh man!
   She's burnin' up!
   There's a clinic in this village.
   We should take her there.
   C'mon, I need your help, too!
Inner Room, Doctor's House, Guldove (Another)

   It seems the patient has been
   poisoned with Hydra venom.
   I would say the most she has
   to live is about two days...
   If we had some Hydra Humour
   we would be able to
   neutralize the poison...

   Doc, if we find this
   Hydra Humour, we
   can save this girl?
   Yes, but that's impossible now.
   Hydras are now extinct on
   El Nido...

   You're saying we need a hydra,
   but there are no more? What
   happened to them all?

   Hydras are very rare
   and valuable creatures.

   The blood, bones, meat...
   Every part is valuable.
   It's considered to be a
   panacea for various illnesses.
   That is the reason Hydras
   were hunted to extinction
   in El Nido.

   As a result, a whole species
   has been made extinct.
   Just to make a quick fortune.

   You're saying...that there's
   no way? That we just have to
   abandon Kid?

Guile:                         | Leena:                   | Nikki:
   Hydras were not yet extinct |    Could there be some   |    Seems to me that some
   on the mainland when I was  |    left on the mainland? |    guy from the mainland
   last there, although they   |    I know they've got    |    was trying to sell one
   were not common, either.    |    lots of stuff there   |    of my roadies hydra bits
   Surely there must be a way  |    that you can't get    |    last year... Couldn't we
   to obtain this Humour from  |    here... Korcha, you   |    get some of this Humour
   Guardia or Porre.           |    could get us there,   |    stuff from there?
                               |    right?                |

   ...That is not possible.
   The currents of El Nido are
   extremely dangerous, this
   time of year.
   It is highly improbable
   to cross the sea unless you
   are on a large vessel...

   (And anyway, getting there
   would take us weeks--it
   would be a miracle if Kid
   survived that long.)

[NOTE: This is the point at which the Magus/Guile
branch diverges from the other two. The remainder
of this section therefore takes place only in the
other two branches.]

   Even if you manage to get
   there, your chances of finding
   Hydra Humour are bleak...
   We do not have much time.

   (Two days... What can we
   do in two days?! Damn it,
   I didn't even get a chance
   to thank her yet! She saved
   our bacon TWICE back at the


[Doc starts to walk away]

   H-Hey, Doc!
   Where are you going!?
   Nothing's been resolved yet!

   Are you walking out on us?!

   ...Excuse me.
   I need to be alone
   for a while.

[He leaves]

   I don't believe it--that
   bastard just ran away!

[Serge takes a step toward the door, but either Leena (if she's
there) or Nikki (if she isn't) gets in his way.]

Leena:                       | Nikki:
   Serge, we need to talk    |    Whoa there, man, we
   about what we're going to |    need to figure out
   do. I mean, Kid gets on   |    what to do before you
   my nerves a bit, but we   |    go running off. I
   can't just leave her to   |    mean, we can't let Kid
   die...                    |    die, right?

   I don't see that there's
   anything we CAN do. None
   of us is a doctor...
   there aren't any hydras...
   That guy is our only hope,
   and from the look of it,
   he doesn't WANT to try
   to help.

[He walks over to the stool by Kid's bedside and flops down with his elbows
on his knees and his chin in his hands. The blocking party member moves
away from the door.]

   I-Is this some kinda joke?
   Wait right here.
   I'll go get the doctor back!

[Korcha starts to leave, but runs into Harle in the doorway.]

   Who the hell are you!?

   What'z this? No apologiez
   for bumping into moi?
   Ooh la lah, don't you
   know any mannerz?

[Harle enters]

   (Oh, great, this bimbo again?
   I'd better get up before she
   corners me here.)

[He gets up off the stool and sidles back over to his original position.]

   Ha haa, she is down
   for the count, just
   as I t'ought.

[She walks up to Serge]

   Serge, mon ami,
   why don't we just
   leave her be?

   Because I don't abandon
   my friends when they need

Leena:      | Nikki:
   Serge... |    Rock on, man!
            |    That's the way!

   But, mon Serge... what could
   you possibly see in a woman
   like her? She has no poize,
   no elegance, and her
   figure iz--

   I said she was my friend,
   not my GIRLFRIEND!

[Serge blushes. Meanwhile, Korcha has been peering intently
at Harle.]

   Who are you, and what's
   with that strange costume!?

   I have no buziness with
   no chicken-hawk.
   I am having a conversation
   wit' Serge.
   You're bothering moi, so
   keep your mout' shut.

   Why you...

   I ain't gonna let ya barge
   into this room and get away
   with all the stuff you've said!
   You've made me mad.
   I'll show ya some manners!
   I'm not gonna cut ya any slack
   just because you're a girl!

   Korcha, I don't know if that's
   a good idea... (I don't know
   for sure that she's any good
   in a fight, but I don't think
   Lynx would keep someone
   useless around...)

   Try if you dare.
   I am not so weak as to
   be caught by a chicken-hawk!

   Heh, you've got some nerve.
   You're gonna regret it!

[Korcha charges at Harle, who promptly vanishes.]


[Serge facepalms]

   (I was right--she's strong
   enough to treat someone
   like Korcha as a joke. I
   just wish I understood why
   she's so fascinated with me.)

   where'd she go?

   Ahahaha! You're amuzing.

[She reappears at Kid's bedside]

   Ahaha, such a simpleton.
   It's so much fun playing
   jokes on you.
   I was only here to see how
   she was doing, but I had
   fun while I was at it.

   (Why does it seem like
   everyone has it in for
   me right now?)

   So long, Serge,
   au revoir, mon ami!
   Please dream of moi
   every night!

[Harle vanishes]

   ...Tsk, she's a loon.
   What's her deal?
   I just don't get it.

   (Neither do I.)
   Yo, Serge, are all of
   your friends like that?

   She isn't a friend, just
   someone we met at Viper


   ...C'mon, go talk to her.

[Serge walks over to the bed]

   Kid, um, are you okay?
   (Damn, talk about the
   stupidest question to

   I'll leave this...with you.
   It's my favorite amulet.

   Kid, you shouldn't-- (Oops.
   Never mind what SHE shouldn't
   do--I shouldn't argue with
   her when she's this sick. I
   can give it back to her when
   she's better.) Okay, and,
   um, thanks.

   Serge received
   Astral Amulet.

   Remember what the...
   prophet said...
   Where all start? angels...lose
   their way...?
   ...Try to...remember...Serge.

   (Angelus Errare... The place
   that connects the two
   worlds... I guess it would
   have to be somewhere near
   Arni, but...)

   I'm feelin' a bit tired...
   I'm gonna rest up...
   for a while...

[She falls unconscious again]

   KID! Oh, hell, she's out
   cold again... I didn't

Leena:                     | Nikki:
   Serge, it's okay. We'll |    Calm down, man. There has
   find a way, somehow.    |    to be something we can do...

   You heard what the doc said.
   There are no more Hydras
   in this world.
   On top of that, there's no way
   to get to the mainland, and El
   Nido isn't that small a place.
   Are you gonna take a one-in-
   a-million chance to search for
   this thing, just to save a girl
   you barely even know?

   Hey, what're ya gonna do?
   ~~~...I don't know            |   ~~~Find a way to save her
   [Go to the Dump Kid branch]   | [Go to the Save Kid branch]

More to come (with a little luck, I should be finished with the
Magus/Guile branch early next week--I'm about halfway through now.)
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on August 10, 2009, 12:35:50 pm
Very nice; easy to follow, nothing seemed out of place or out of character. Things are gonna start getting real tough for you now: two branches to write, more characters to include...Heh, this'll be exciting.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on August 12, 2009, 12:46:41 am
If you don't mind, how are you organizing these? Do you have some sort of table or flow-chart or something, or is it all in MS Word?

Anyway, great segment! I'm really enjoying these! I'm hoping to beat the game before you finish re-writing wish me luck! I've just rid Marbule of nightmares and am going after the dragons' blessings.

Gah...being Lynx is fun. I don't wanna turn back into Serge.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on August 12, 2009, 02:35:06 pm
@Katie Skyye: The master copy, such as it is, is a batch of HTML files being written in
a programmer's text editor (it's a lot easier to go from minimal HTML to BBCode than
it is to do the same with a word processor file). The only flowchart is in my head.
Well, okay, there is a textfile containing some ideas for fleshing out the
characters who got little or no development in CC and some notes on what I'm intending
to do with Magus, but they're...not binding, I guess you'd say.

Oh, and good luck with the dragons. (

In other news, I keep getting distracted from working on the script, but I should
finally be having Magus meet Kid tonight.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on August 12, 2009, 02:38:59 pm
Ah, thanks. Just wondered, because I know this is going to get really complicated later on...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on August 12, 2009, 03:20:22 pm
In other news, I keep getting distracted from working on the script, but I should
finally be having Magus meet Kid tonight.
As in you'll have it posted or completely written? Or both?
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on August 12, 2009, 04:06:31 pm
As in, I left off just before that the last time I was working on it. :lol: However, it's possible that I might finish the segment tonight--I'm really just re-writing an early draft, with ~150 more lines to go over--and if that's the case, I'll be posting tomorrow. (Basically, I have at least something for all of the Magus-branch scenes up to the meeting with Harle in the Temporal Vortex tower. It's after that that things are going to get scary.)
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on August 13, 2009, 08:28:00 pm
Well, here it is--Magus' long-awaited first appearance in Chrono Helix, and
the first portion of the script written nearly entirely from scratch. Hopefully I
didn't mess anything up too badly. Stage directions are of necessity rather more
complete here than in previous chapters.

Sorry I'm late, since Thursday isn't early in the week by even the most optimistic of definitions.

9a. Guldove - Magus/Guile Branch

Max recruits: Serge, Leena, Guile. (Kid is temporarily out of the party until the
      end of this segment, and this branch is not available unless Guile was the
      Viper Manor guide.)
Recruitable: Kid, Magus.

Inner Room, Doctor's House, Guldove (Another)

   If transportation is the only
   problem, there may be a way.

[Everyone turns and looks at him.]

   I may be able to get something
   brought here from the
   continent within a few hours.

   You can?!

   So long as the item is no
   larger than a man can easily
   carry, it is possible.
   However, my success will
   depend on how effectively I
   can grovel. Now, if you will
   excuse me, some preparations
   are required...

[Guile leaves the doctor's hut]

Leena:                      | Korcha:
   I hope he's telling the  |    Ya think he can
   truth... Not that I LIKE |    really do it?
   Kid all that much, but   |
   seeing her die like this |
   would just be...wrong.   |

   So far, Guile's always
   delivered on his promises.
   I think we can trust him.
   (Although I do wonder what
   grovelling has to do with
   anything... Who--or WHAT--
   is he going to ask for help,
   and why did he dodge out
   without talking about it?)

[Picture fades out.]

Outer Room, Doctor's House, Guldove (Another)

[Picture fades back in. Doc is sitting on the stool in
the corner, and Korcha is tapping his foot impatiently.
Serge is standing in the foreground with his arms folded,
staring at the floor.]

   Your friend's been gone for a
   long time, hasn't he.

   Maybe we should go look for
   him. (I just hope he hasn't
   been eaten by whatever he
   was going to grovel to...)

[But before anyone can leave, Guile enters the room.]

   Didja get it?  What took ya so


   Even on the continent, it
   takes a few hours to find a
   hydra and extract its Humour.

[Magus enters behind Guile. He still looks very much like he did in his
CT days, right down to the cape and the pointed ears.]

   If he'd asked anyone else for
   help, you'd still be waiting.

[Magus tosses the bottle of Hydra Humour to Doc with apparent negligence.]

   Whoa!  Can't ya be more
   careful with that?  Who the
   hell are ya, anyway?

   Call me Magus.

[Doc examines the bottle]

   Yes... YES!
   This is the real thing.
   Looks like I've got
   work to do.

[He leaves with the bottle.]


   Will you be going back right

   If you're afraid that I'm
   going to take you up on that
   ill-thought-out offer of
   perpetual slavery...don't
   worry. I don't enjoy your
   company that much. No, I'm
   not going back right away.
   After spending most of the
   afternoon tracking that
   damned hydra for you and
   then teleporting all the
   way here from that
   misbegotten swamp in
   southern Porre, I think I
   deserve a decent meal and
   a little rest.

[He takes a step back toward the door, then pauses and glances back
over his shoulder.]

   And don't forget, Guile: you
   OWE me for this.

[He leaves.]

Leena:                            | Korcha:
   His manners are even worse     |   What a prick! Why'd'ya let him
   than a certain other           |   talk to you that way?!
   person's...                    |

   (Never mind his manners--I
   couldn't even open my mouth
   while he was here! It was
   like the entire room suddenly
   got really cold... Wait a
   minute--MAGUS?! Wasn't that
   the name of some legendary evil
   sorcerer up on the continent?
   I'd swear those stories are
   really old, though--maybe
   he just decided he liked the
   name...? I could believe he
   was evil, though. Whew.)

   Um, Guile, who was that man,

   ...He is the greatest mystery
   I have ever encountered.

   (Just what we need--more
   mysteries... Can't say that,
   though, or Guile will sulk.)

   What do you mean?

   Ten years ago, when I was new
   to the wandering life, I met
   him under the eaves of a
   forest not far from Porre: a
   highly-trained mage who could
   remember nothing of his past,
   not even his own name. All
   he knew was that he was
   looking for something. And so
   it remains, even to this day.

   (Poor bastard... Somehow, I
   don't think pitying him would
   be safe, though.)

   And you've been hanging out
   with him since then? He doesn't
   seem like the easiest guy to
   make friends with.

   He can be difficult, yes.
   Nor would I claim that he
   is exactly a friend. But
   I have found, from time to
   time, that he is a useful
   person to know.

[Doc re-enters]

   You used the Humour? Is Kid

   Yes, she has passed the critical
   period. There are no signs of
   complications from the poison.
   The girl has held up well,
   but only thanks to that man...

   You, with the red bandana,
   you are Serge, correct?

   Yeah, that's me.

   She would like to speak with you.
   It will be a little while longer
   before she falls asleep from the
   Will you speak with her, dude?

   Yeah, sure. (After all this,
   I'd feel a bit silly saying

Inner Room, Doctor's House, Guldove (Another)
[Serge goes into the back room]

   Hehe, you've become
   bloody handsome while
   I was out of it.

[Unfortunately, the graphics aren't good enough for us
to actually see Serge rolling his eyes!]

   Give me a break. Are you
   feeling better?

   Eh, it's kind of like I've
   been on a three-day bender--
   got a headache the size of
   one of yer bloody coconuts,
   and I feel limp as a noodle.

   I think you're kind of lucky
   if your worst problem is a
   headache--and how would you
   know what spending three
   days drunk to the eyeballs
   feels like? (Okay, so I've
   had a hangover myself. Once.
   And got so thoroughly scolded
   for it I wished I was dead.)

   That's none of yer bizzo--
   you ain't me mother!

   Okay, okay, I was just

   ...So what did you want to
   talk to me about?

   Well, the doc told me some
   of what's been going on
   while I was asleep, and...
   y'know, that guy who got the
   antidote...I'd like to thank

   I don't know if that's a good
   idea--he's a little hard to
   deal with. (Understatement of
   the century--I don't think I
   want to be in the room if she
   and that Magus guy decide to
   have a fight...)

   What, you think it's okay for
   me just to take 'im for granted?

   Of course not, but--

   Then I guess I'll just have to
   break the doc's orders and go
   find him meself!

[Kid starts to get up, but Serge puts his hands on her
chest and pushes her back.]

   Do you want to have a relapse?
   I'll go. (Proving once again
   that I am a total sucker. Oh,
   well, I still owe her one.)

[Note that there's no way that Serge can leave Guldove at
this point, even though he's about to be allowed out to
wander around--he has no boat yet.]

Left Tower, Guldove (Another)

[Magus is standing on the balcony-thing around the shaman's
tower, on the opposite side from the walkway granting access,
staring out to sea. He turns around when Serge walks up to

   What do you want?

   Kid wants to talk to you.

   Kid...? Oh, of course, the
   girl. And I suppose you won't
   leave me alone unless I
   indulge her whim.

   Um, I wouldn't have put it
   quite that way... (There is
   one good thing about having
   this guy around--he makes
   anyone else look polite and
   friendly by comparison! I'll
   just show him where Kid is
   and quietly leave the room...)
[Magus now tags along after Serge, although he doesn't--yet--
appear as part of the party on the menu screen.]

Inner Room, Doctor's House, Guldove (Another)

[Serge enters first. Magus begins to follow a moment later,
but freezes in the doorway, staring at Kid.]

   Magus, this is--

Magus: [interrupting]
   You! I know you, but...

[He shakes his head in frustration]

   Well, I ain't never seen you
   before in me life. Just wanted
   to say "thank you", that's all.


Doc:  [From offscreen]
   If you two dudes are done in
   there, let her get some rest--
   she isn't completely recovered
   yet. She needs to rest until
   tomorrow morning.

[The scene fades out.]

Left Tower, Guldove (Another)

[Fade back in. It's sunset. Magus is at the railing again,
and Guile is standing beside him.]

   So, is Kid really...?

   I don't KNOW, damn it all.
   It's like that time in Guardia.
   I think I knew someone LIKE her
   once, just as I once visited
   somewhere LIKE that place.

[Magus shakes his head]

   Whoever that other person was,
   I...valued her. My heart leapt
   when I saw that girl...and
   sank again the moment she
   spoke. It felt almost as though
   Time or Destiny were playing
   some kind of sick joke on me.
   I could have blasted her from
   existence in that moment.


   Don't worry, my grip on my
   sanity hasn't yet slipped that
   far...although my capacity for
   rage sometimes disturbs even
   me. Will you continue
   travelling with them once they
   leave here?

   That is my intention, yes.

   Hmph. Leave me alone, will
   you? I need to think.

[Again, the scene fades out.]

Outer Room, Doctor's House, Guldove (Another)

[As the scene fades back in, Serge is talking to Korcha, Doc, and Guile,
making elaborate hand gestures in the process.]

Serge: that's the story.
   (Whew. My throat's dry.
   I didn't realize things
   were getting so

   "Where Angels Lose Their Way"
   --That sounds far out, dude.
   Got any idea what it really

   Not a clue...unless it's...

Kid: [from offscreen]
   Should be the place where it
   all started, don't ya think?

[She enters from the ward area, all dressed and
ready to go.]

   Where it all
   mean Opassa Beach? (I guess
   that kind of makes sense. I
   mean, it was after I woke up
   there that everything
   started to go freaky...)

   Got any better ideas? Anyway,
   I'm tired of sticking around
   here. Why don't we head out?
   We're supposed to be headed
   for the Sea of Eden, ain't we?

   I'll ferry ya back to Termina
   --just come by my boat and ask.

[Korcha leaves the room. Kid is automatically recruited again--there's no
point in letting the player refuse her here.]

Guldove (Another)

[When the player approaches Korcha and speaks to him,
intending to leave]

Magus: [From offscreen]

[He enters the area from the direction of the shop-tower
and walks up to Serge et al.]

   I'll come with you.

   ~~~We'd be glad to have you. |   ~~~Um, I don't think so.
                                | Magus:
                                |    I wasn't offering you a choice.

[Either way, he joins the party, producing the typical rename screen,
etc. At this point, one of the major reasons I insisted on having six
people nominally in the party even if only three are allowed in combat
comes up: Magus is downright obsessed with Kid, and if the player tries
to put her in the party without him, he will automatically grab the last
non-combat slot (and also vice-versa--put him in a party without her, and
he'll drag her into that last slot). Hey, it makes my life as a scriptwriter
just that little bit easier, okay?]

The matter of why Magus is still called Magus when he can't remember his name
will be dealt with in a later optional scene in Termina, which will also cover
some stuff about Guile's past and how the two of them met.

And no, Serge doesn't have the Astral Amulet...yet.

Anyway, the next bit I'll be covering will be the conventional "Save Kid" route
through the Hydra Marshes. I'm not quite sure how long it's going to be yet,
because I haven't decided whether I'm cutting Razzly entirely or leaving her
rescue in even though she won't be recruitable.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on August 13, 2009, 08:37:39 pm
So, according to all this, if you had Guile as the Viper Manor guide, this means it's theoretically the same as choosing not to save Kid if the guide was Nikki, am I right?

As in, now you go to Termina, Glenn advises you to visit Radius, and the like?
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on August 13, 2009, 08:54:35 pm
It's closer to what happens if you choose to save Kid in the original version of events (Korcha, not Macha, ferries you to Termina, and you can't recruit Glenn) but yeah, we more or less rejoin the normal script for a while after this and go visit Radius. The next significant variation happens on board the Invincible, which is where Serge gets the Astral Amulet.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on August 13, 2009, 09:18:52 pm
Actually, I'm not sure if it would be in that case.

After saving Kid through the HW Hydra Marshes option, and reaching Termina, she reveals she learned back at Guldove that Lynx is at Fort Dragonia. By saving her early, which would be in this Guile path, she won't.

I'm sure this causes things to go different as the save Kid events.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on August 13, 2009, 10:34:44 pm
Now that I look at it, that's going to require some changes, yes, but I think it can be handled with a few carefully chosen lines. I'll figure it out one way or another when I get there. Worst case, that section will again be different from either of the other branches.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on August 13, 2009, 11:20:15 pm
Oh man--that was brilliant. You really captured Magus's character well--he kinda comes off as an asshole, not some flowery magician. Brilliant. I have no idea where this is going, but this is getting mighty exciting.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on August 14, 2009, 04:33:53 pm
OH WHAT?! No Razzly...? So how do you do that tearful scene on Water Dragon Isle without her in your party?

I understand why you're cutting her out, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea in the medium-run.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on August 14, 2009, 09:03:03 pm
@mav: Thanks. Magus--as opposed to Guile or even Magil--has always struck me as both damnably
proud and intent on pushing away anyone who might infringe on his emotional isolation. Despite
being one of his many groupies, I would have no interest in meeting the Blue-Haired One in
real life, because I'm pretty sure he'd come off as a prick. :lol:

@Katie Skyye: Actually, I think I can slip most of Razzly's character arc in without making
her a PC. If I leave the rescue scene in, the logical thing for her to do if she's unable
to join the party is head back to Water Dragon Island. Assuming that it takes her a while
to get there, it wouldn't be impossible for her to arrive at about the same time as the
party. Nothing wrong with having a touching NPC moment, right?

(Guess it's decided, then--I'll be leaving Razzly's rescue in.)
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on August 16, 2009, 10:15:41 pm
Now that I look at it, that's going to require some changes, yes, but I think it can be handled with a few carefully chosen lines. I'll figure it out one way or another when I get there. Worst case, that section will again be different from either of the other branches.

If you want a suggestion, do it the same way it's done in the don't save Kid path: They learn thanks to Glenn's conversation with the Flower Seller.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on August 17, 2009, 09:16:21 am
It is going to end up having something to do with Glenn, but I'm not quite sure how yet. And it may end up happening that way in the normal Save Kid path as well, because I hate how the original has her drop one brief mention of it in the middle of screens of other text--I missed the mention of Fort Dragonia the first time I played CC and ended up having to resort to a walkthrough after flailing around a lot trying to figure out what came next.

But right now, I have something like 400 lines of Steena and Direa infodump to crawl through. ::sigh::
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Post by: alfadorredux on August 23, 2009, 08:59:23 pm
By the Entity, what a pain! Discovering that this sub-chapter was on the order of 1500
lines long, I ended up splitting it yet again, so this is only the first half, covering
everything up to and including the return to Home World. If the Steena/Direa part looks
odd, it's probably because I took a machete to it and slashed out all the stuff about
Fort Dragonia and the Dragon's Tear that Serge (and the player) would have absolutely
no interest in at this point--it'll be re-inserted later, in some form, after it's
become clear that they need to go to the Fort.

9b. Guldove - Save Kid route

   Max recruits: Serge, Leena, Nikki. (Kid is not in the party, and this branch is not
       available if Guile was chosen as the Viper Manor guide.)
   Recruitable: Luccia, Skelly (as of the moment Korcha's boat becomes available--see
       "early side-stuff")

Doctor's House, Guldove (Another)

   Alrighty then!
   I'll come along with ya.

   Thanks. (Especially since
   we would be stuck here
   without his help--I'm
   pretty sure there's no
   way to get anywhere from
   Guldove without a boat.)

   ...By the way, do you even
   have a clue where to start


   Hey, do ya?

   Give me a minute--I'm
   trying to think!

   Tsk, that's what I thought.
   Where in the world should
   we start...

   Well, I think there's still
   a hydra in the Hydra Swamp
   in my world, or at least,
   everyone says there is...
   but I still don't know how
   to get back. (Dammit, I
   just wish everyone would
   stop LOOKING at me like
   this! I'm not a genius--I
   don't know what to do

   All we have left is that
   girl's amulet...
   Damn, what are we gonna do!?
   If only we had some kinda clue!
 [Demi-human Female]

   Maybe you should go see
   the shaman?
   The shaman might be able to give
   you some clues from that amulet.

   That's right.
   The shaman...

Leena:                      | Serge:
   Shaman? Excuse me, but I |    What's a 'shaman'?
   don't think I've ever    |
   heard the word before.   |

   The shaman inherits the power
   of the Dragon God and governs
   the village.
   They're like a mayor or chief.
   The shaman might know
   something, although I can't say
   for sure. It's worth a try.

   (Yeah, it does sound like this
   shaman person might be able to
   help--worth a try, anyway.)

   We'll continue this outside.
   Let's decide what to do
   at the boat.

Guldove (Another)

[A shadow cat appears as they leave the building]


[It becomes an ordinary cat]

   Oh, you're...
   Luna, from Mel's place.

[Mel grabs the cat]

   Oh, hey...
   That Mel...
   What is she up to?

   What's up?
   It's just a cat.
   Strange guy.
   Come on, let's get

   (Am I being paranoid? After
   seeing those creatures Lynx
   had with him at Viper Manor,
   I have a hard time believing
   that anything is 'just a cat')

   We need to get goin' as soon
   as possible, but you probably
   need to equip yourselves, right?
   I'll be waitin' here.
   Call me when you're ready to go.
   We haven't got much time,
   so hurry.

   Yeah, I know.

   If you need to see the
   shaman, go down this way.
   Take the ladder to the second
   floor of the merchant tower
   and go left. There's a tower
   called the Dragon Shrine.
   Compared to Termina, this is a
   small village, so you shouldn't
   have any problems of getting

   Thanks for the directions.
   (No thanks for the advice,
   though. Who does he think
   he is, my mother?)

[If they talk to the girl near the top-center
of the docks]

   Dear sirs, you're
   travelers, right?
   Although I hesitate to do so,
   I have a favor to ask of you.
   I received this bone from
   a trader, but I would like
   you to set it adrift in the seas...
   I'm sure its real owner
   would like to have it
   returned to nature...

   So, can you fulfill my request?
   ~~~OK, I'll do it               |    ~~~Sorry, I can't help you
Serge:                             | Serge:
   (It's a weird request, but not  |    Why don't you ask someone
   difficult.)                     |    to take you on a boat trip?
                                   |    I have other things to do.
[Girl]                             |
   Why thank you!                  | [Girl]
   Here it is. Please              |    That's what I thought...
   take good care of it.           |    I'm stumped. There's no point
                                   |    releasing it from the village,
   [Member] received               |    because it always drifts back.
   Pelvic Bone.                    |
Skelly: [if he's present]          |
    Then maybe this is where
   Yeah, you need guts             |
    it wants to be. (I'm glad
   to get through life!            |
    I didn't say yes. I don't
   Hey...!?                        |
    need any more weird in my
   That's right!                   |
    life, and a boomerang bone
   My favorite dish is             |
    is definitely weird.)
   Termina's famous                |
   squid gut pasta!                |
Serge: [if Skelly is present]      |
   (I should have known it         |
   would be something to do        |
   with him.)                      |

Orlha's Pub, Guldove (Another)

[Serge walks into the pub, where Doc is slumped over
the bar, talking to Orlha. I was going to make some
changes to this section, but after I finally tracked
down a Youtube video of it to get the stage directions,
I decided it would be inappropriate.]

   ...Another life is about
   to slip through my hands...
   just like before.
   Nothing has changed at all
   by studying medicine...
   Man, I am so powerless...!

   ...So are you going to just
   give up on this life?
   That's not the case, is it...?
   If you don't, who else
   will help her back from the
   edge of life and death?


   I don't know your past.
   Living bound by the past
   is a very painful thing.
   You need to face reality
   head on...
   Running away isn't a sin, but
   it accomplishes nothing.

   But I...

   One thing is different
   from the past, you have
   the heal.
   Everyone in the village
   recognizes that.
   Don't suffer by yourself...
   If you give up now, you will never
   be freed from your past.

   Now go...
   Don't let it end without
   doing something first.

   I have done them a discourtesy...
   I am a failure as a doctor, but I
   must do what I can.
   Thanks, Orlha...

Doc's Clinic, Guldove (Another)

[If they return to the clinic]

   This is the best I can do
   without the antidote.
   Now, it is a matter of how
   long the patient can hold
   Please don't give up hope.
   We will do best that we can...

   And we'll do our best too.
   (I just hope we come up
   with something that works.)

Dragon Shrine, Guldove (Another)

Shrine Maiden:
   Welcome to the Dragon Shrine.
   I am Steena, a shaman
   serving Village Chief and
   High Priestess Direa.

   I'm Serge, from Arni, and
   this is Nikki.


[If Leena is in the party]

   Excuse me, Serge, but aren't
   you forgetting someone here?

   Oh, and this is Leena. (Oops.
   I have a feeling I'm going to
   be in trouble over that one


   I presume that you have come to
   this shrine seeking assistance?
   Please don't hesitate to ask
   Chief Direa for guidance...

   Yeah, we've been having a little

   ...You possess a young but
   gentle air about you...
   Hmm? There is an odd
   wind that is whirling about.
   I have heard that such wind-
   bearers appear at times, but...

   Well, maybe it's got something
   to do with my being from
   another world--well, sort of.
   There was a 'me' in this
   world, but apparently he's
   ...Do you speak the truth?
   That you are already dead
   in this world...?

   As I understand it, yeah.
   I was told that, ten years
   ago, there was a time where
   I could have lived or died,
   but for some weird reason,
   the world split in half. In
   this world, I died, but in
   the other one, I survived...
   (Which is kind of obvious,
   really, or I wouldn't be

   Anyway, the real reason
   we're here is, we need
   some Hydra Humour to save
   our friend's life. I think
   I know where to find a
   hydra in my world, but
   first we need to get
   there... Please, help us!

[Serge drops to one knee in front of Direa]

   (I can't believe I'm doing
   this... But it's for Kid.)

   Hmm, I see...
   So that's why you have an
   odd air about you.
   As for a way to return to your
   original world, I do not know.
   But there are always reasons
   why such phenomena occur...

   (Here we go again. I just
   hope she gets to the point
   faster than that weird Prophet
   guy at the manor.)

   The Land of Genesis.
   Your only key may lie there...
   The key that connects
   your world, to this one.
   ...Shall we say, it is a
   '"Dimensional Distortion"'
   of sorts?

   Yes, but where is it?

   If events in your
   world are different
   from events here...
   It may be possible to
   save the girl, stricken
   with the Hydra poison.
   That is if the extinct Hydra
   still exists in your world...

   (ARGH! Isn't that what I just
   said?! I'm starting to wonder
   if these two are listening to
   me at all!)

   The Land of Genesis...
   I have no idea where it
   may lie...

   (Thank you for finally getting
   to the POINT, even if you don't
   have anything helpful to say.)

   But...all phenomena
   have their reasons...
   I feel that there is some
   other will acting behind this...
   something other than the fact
   that you are dead in this world.

   I've been thinking ever since
   I heard about that that there
   had to be more to it. I mean,
   I can't be the only person
   who's alive in only one of the

   What I need to know is,
   assuming I can find the "Land
   of Genesis", how do I get back
   to my own world? I don't think
   just finding the place is
   going to be enough, somehow.

   I believe that there is a '"key
   item"' that you need to make
   the jump between worlds.
   Something that matches the
   missing piece of the puzzle.
   Something powerful enough to
   send Serge back, who is
   a missing piece of this world...

   A..."key item"...

   Something powerful... Or maybe
   just something important?
   Something that would remind
   you of all the reasons why
   you need to get back there?


   Kid's amulet...

[Serge stands up and bows to Direa.]

   Thank you.

[He turns to face Nikki]

   You, too, Nikki. Let's go.

Guldove (Another)
   Are you ready to go?
   ~~~Not yet                 |   ~~~Ready any time
Korcha:                       | Korcha:
   Hey, someone's life        |    Are you really sure?
   depends on this.           |    Don't ya dare tell me you
   Hurry up will you!         |    want to come back later!
                              |    Think about it really carefully.
Serge:                        |    Are you positively sure?
   (And it's going to help    | 
   Kid if we get killed       |   ~~~I'm ready                 |    ~~~Sorry, just a little longer
   'cause we left here        |                                |
   unprepared?)               | Serge:                         | Korcha:
                              |   (I'm starting to wonder      |    Then get yourself ready.
                              |   what I'd have to say to      |    Someone's life depends on
                              |   convince this guy!)          |    you, so hurry up!
                              |                                |
                              | Korcha:                        |
                              |    Alright, we're off.         |
   Do you think I don't
                              |    All of you get in the boat. |
   know that?!

Termina (Another)

[When they dock in Termina, the docks' overseer is not
pleased to see them.]


   Who said you could dock
   that thing there!?
   Get that thing out of
   here, right now!

   Hey, don't be such a hardhead.
   It's not like we're robbin'
   from anyone.
   Besides, nobody else is
   dockin' here, right?

   That's not the point!
   What I'm trying to
   say is...

   Here, keep it.

[Korcha gives the overseer something]

   You can't bribe me
   with some...

   Th-The delicious scent and
   this subtle texture...!
   This must be the famous,
   rare drink of Dragonians,
   the '"Dragon's Glory!"'

   (I thought this might
   happen, so I snagged some
   from my ma's kitchen.)

   I'll give you special
   permission this time.
   But next time I might
   not be so easy.
   When that happens...

   Don't worry.
   I'll get some more for you.

   Very well.
   Heh heh heh...
   You're pretty quick
   for a kid.

[The overseer leaves]

   (Heh--that was almost worthy
   of Kid. I didn't know Korcha
   was that sharp.)

   If you don't hurry, that
   girl's gonna be dead.
   What do you need?
   ~~~Return to Guldove             |    ~~~It's nothing
Korcha:                             |
   Whoa, whoa!                      |
   Aren't you in a hurry!?          |
   Are ya sure you want to return?  |

Serge:                              |
   Look, Kid's life depends on      |
   this--we need to be absolutely   |
   sure we're prepared!             |
Korcha:                             |
   Okay, okay, I'll take ya back.   |
   This once.                       |

[If they speak to the boy in the upper bridge-type area near the

   Hey, weren't you
   on Korcha's boat the
   other day? I'm jealous...
   How was the ride?
   ~~~It was great!          |   ~~~It was terrible!
   Just as I thought!        |    Huh!?
   Umm, one day,             |    Really?
   I want to build a         |    That's weird...
   ship just like it.        |    I wonder if the saying
                             |    '"Ships are not what [/I]
Serge:                       |    they seem,"' is true...
   I'm sure you will. (He's  |    I gotta do some
   so enthusiastic about     |    research on that...
   that glorified canoe...   |
   I can't bring myself to   | Serge:
   tell him the truth,       |    Try actually RIDING a few
   though.)                  |    boats before you make up
                             |    your mind about them. Korcha's
                             |    boat is tiny--it can't handle
                             |    heavy seas very well.
                             | [Boy]
                             |    You think so?
                             | Serge:
                             |    I've fished off a lot of
                             |    different boats, so I know
                             |    a bit about them.
                             | [Boy]
                             |    Hmmm...
Opassa Beach (Another)

   So this is Opassa Beach.
   Where angels lose their way...
   I wonder if it's true
   that the flow of time
   has split in two?

   I'm pretty sure this has to
   be it--the Shaman's "Land of
   Genesis". It's here that
   everything started going weird.

   Serge, let's
   just get on with it.
   I don't have time for a
   leisurely walk on the beach.

   Give me a moment--I need to
   find the exact spot... (Where
   was it that I woke up after
   I fainted? I think... Here.)

[Serge walks over to the exact point of the dimensional
distortion and the greenish circle-y thing appears under
his feet.]

   This has got to be it. (Or
   at least, I don't see what
   else it could be--it sure
   LOOKS freaky enough to be
   a path between two worlds.)

Leena:                    |
   Hey...                 |
   Hey, Serge, are you
   What is this?          |
   sure this thing is
   It's kinda scary going |
   in this thing...       |

   It might be dangerous--I
   don't know. But we have
   to take the risk. Come on.

[Nikki--and Leena, if she's present--walk over to stand near Serge.]

   (So I guess this is the
   moment of truth. Now, what
   did I do with Kid's amulet?)

[Serge holds the amulet up, and we see the transition FMV for the
first time.]
Opassa Beach (Home)

   (Ugh. I don't think I'm ever
   going to enjoy going from one
   world to the other. Still, at
   least I didn't pass out this

   It felt like my
   body spit in two.

   Man, that was weird.
Leena:                              |
   So we made it to the             |
   So I guess this is the
   other world, right?              |
   other world. Funny, it
   Are you sure, Serge?             |
   doesn't look all that
   I still find it hard to believe. |

[Serge moves away from the transition point and looks at one of
the cliffs.]

   This is my world, all right.
   See? I made this mark here
   when I was twelve. (And I
   really, really hope the
   world wouldn't just go crazy
   around us like that for no

   Anyway, let's get going. We
   have a hydra to find.

In Part the Next, we will have Razzly, Beebas, Dwarves, Hydras, and havoc. Unfortunately,
it's going to take longer than this bit did, because there are a lot of lines marked as
being for "Member", which I'm going to have to re-write for Nikki and/or Leena.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on August 25, 2009, 07:22:35 pm
   The Land of Genesis.
   Your only key may lie there...
   The key that connects[P][A HREF="helix09-save-b.htm"]Guldove--Saving Kid, Part II[/A]

[A HREF="helixscriptindex.htm"]Index[/A]
   your world, to this one.
   ...Shall we say, it is a
   '"Dimensional Distortion"'
   of sorts?

What just happened there...? I'm sure that was a mistake.

Anyway, good work, again! I pretty much have NOTHING useful to say, I'm just here for encouragement! This is epic stuff!
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on August 25, 2009, 11:02:19 pm
Great stuff! Serge has some good backbone here; I like it. Though one thing did really trip me up:
   That Mel...
   What is she up to?

   What's up?
   It's just a cat.
   Strange guy.
   Come on, let's get
Apparently I don't remember this scene...what's going on? Is it just some cat? And when he says "strange guy" who's he referring to? I dunno if you can clarify since this was from the game, but I'm just curious...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on August 26, 2009, 09:41:28 am
@Katie Skyye:  It looks like somehow the footer chunk from the HTML version got pasted into the middle of the text. Oops.

@mav: I think "strange guy" is referring to Serge, who must have reacted somehow to seeing what looked like one of Lynx's cat-shadow-critters. I don't remember the scene either, but it's definitely in the script.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on August 26, 2009, 02:16:24 pm
I guess I'll have to try and find a video of that scene, cause it sure sounds wacky.

Anyways, this was a great read; you've done a great job developing Serge's character, through his words, his thoughts, his actions. I'm very impressed. Keep it coming.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on September 07, 2009, 09:28:54 pm
So here we have dwarves and hydras and Razzly (oh, my!) Enjoy.

9b-2. Guldove - Save Kid route (Part 2)
Max recruits: Serge, Leena, Nikki. (Kid is not in the party, and this branch is not
       available if Guile was chosen as the Viper Manor guide.)
Recruitable: Luccia, Skelly (as of the moment Korcha's boat becomes available--see
       "early side-stuff")

[Note: If there is a problem here, it's that if Leena wasn't recruited (and the player
hasn't detoured to pick up one of the other optional characters--even without the use
of the boat, Luccia at least should be accessible by going overland from Termina and
through the forest), the party will at this point consist only of Serge and Nikki,
and getting through the Hydra Marshes with only two people might be a tall order for
some players.]

Entrance, Hydra Marshes (Home)

[They speak to the guy at the entrance to the marshes]

[If Leena is present]

   Oh, you're with Leena.
   Well, I'm sure you'll be OK
   if she comes along, hehheh...

   What do you mean by that!?


   (Does this guy have a death
   wish? But I agree--Leena will
   probably scare all the poor
   monsters in here to death.)

[Note: Some references below to "the 3 of you" have
been removed without my bothering to mark them]

   You want to go further
   into the forest, right?
   Well, if it's you guys,
   I'm sure you'll be OK.
   Do you have some kind
   of business here?

   That's right.

   ...Hmm, I won't ask you
   what it is. I can tell by
   the look on your face that
   it's something important.
   Here, go on through.
   I'm sure you can handle

[He steps out of the way.]

   Before you enter here,
   I'll give you a word
   of advice...
   The marshes are like a
   maze full of poisonous
   monsters. Be prepared!

   We've already prepared the
   best we could.

[A dwarf (or a beeba? script not clear) shows itself briefly,
deeper inside the swamp]

   (Huh? What was that?)

Leena:                         | Nikki:
   Serge, why are you standing |    You know, I don't think
   there staring into space?   |    the hydra's going to
   We've got a hydra to find,  |    pop out and fall on you
   remember?                   |    if you just look for it
                               |    long enough.

   Um, yeah. Sorry. (Must
   be seeing things.)

Tree Branch Area, Hydra Marshes (Home)

   Guys, get down!
   Something's coming!

[They get buzzed by the Wingapede]

   Man, what was that thing?
   It's huge!

   (Ugh, I didn't count on
   there being giant bugs in

Beeba Stomping Grounds, Hydra Marshes (Home)

[The Beeba sticks its head out, then returns to hiding]

Leena:                     | Serge:
   Am I seeing things, or  |    (Huh? What the...?
   was some weird yellow   |    That thing's uglier
   creature with a parasol |    than the giant bugs!)
   standing there for a    |
   moment?                 |

[A little further on, the Beeba returns and blocks their path]

   This beeba no place
   for humans, beeba!
   Go away! Beeba off!

   Sorry, but that isn't
   an option.

   If you beeba good and walk
   away, I will let you go.
   Beeba gone!

   Serge, I don't think it's

   You beeba too persistent...
   I will beebavenged!

   (Oh, fer cryin' out loud--
   as though the other monsters
   weren't enough of a nuisance!)

[They fight it.  When the party wins--]

   I beeba sorry! Here! I give
   you this! Please forgive beeba!
   This beebas flute that is
   handed down in the beeba
   family. It beeba magical! It
   calls Wingapede! It makes
   Wingapede beeba good Wingapede!
   It is best beeba used in a
   "wide open space!" Well, I'll
   beeba seeying ya!

[Serge receives the Beeba flute, and the Beeba ducks out. Serge
looks down thoughtfully at the flute in his hand]

Leena: [if she's present]
   Well, that was...nice of it.

   Magical, huh? (Why do I have
   the feeling there has to be
   a catch?)

   We won't know until we test it
   out. Why don't you try blowing
   it, Serge?

[Serge does that, and nothing happens. The Beeba reappears]

   This beeba the wrong place!
   This isn't the '"wide open space"'
   I was talking about!

[It leaves again]

   I was hoping that it would
   at least make a cool sound--
   something I could use in my
   next composition--but no
   such luck, I guess.

   You know, that beeba critter
   was being just a little too
   helpful for my taste.

Leena:                      | Nikki:
   Kind of paranoid, aren't |    You're overthinking
   you?                     |    things.

   (I hope that's all it is.
   Really, I do.)

Wingapede Platform, Hydra Marshes (Home)

   A wide open space...maybe
   we should try the flute

[Serge blows the flute and a pissed off Wingapede shows up]

Leena:                          | Nikki:
   Uh-oh, it doesn't look very  |    Oh, hell, it's coming right
   happy... Sorry, Serge, guess |    for us! Serge, I guess you
   you were right for once when |    were right about that beeba
   you said there was something |    guy after all. Sorry.
   fishy about that flute.      |
                                | Serge:
Serge:                          |    That's okay--so long as you
   ("For once"? Ouch! She's no  |    remember this the next time
   different from the Leena     |    I get paranoid.
   from my world, even though   |
   she HASN'T known me all my   | Nikki:
   life!)                       |    ...

[They fight the Wingapede, and defeat it, but the platform has been
weakened by the battle...]

   Maybe it's my turn to be
   paranoid, but the middle of
   this thing doesn't look
   like it's in good shape. I
   think we'd better not try
   to walk on it, okay?

[Of course, if they do step on the weakened center of the
platform, it gives way and lands them in the cave-like area

Cave, Hydra Marshes (Home)

[They drop from above and bounce off the Pentapus]

   Man, sure didn't expect to
   find a space this size down
   here--or a monster this big!

   It makes a nice cushion,
   though, if you don't mind
   that it's a bit rubbery.

Leena: [if she's present]
   And slimy. Ick!

   I'm surprised it didn't
   wake up when we hit it.

   Guess we got lucky, for
   once. Hey, is that a
   cage over there?

   Looks like it.

[A flutter of motion from the cage.]

   ...There's something inside.
   (Damnit, I don't know what to
   do! Every moment we spend here
   brings Kid that much closer to
   dying, but the critter in the
   cage is probably in trouble


[If they speak to the fairy in the cage on the other side of the room]

Encaged Fairy:

Leena:                     | Nikki:
   This is...a fairy? I've |    Hey, is this a fairy?
   heard of them, but I've |
   never seen one before.  |

   Whatever she is, she isn't
   going to survive much longer
   in there. Let's get her out.

   Wait right there...
   My darlings
   Do you think you can walk out
   of here alive?
   ...And with my dinner too?
   Come to think of it...
   It's been years since I wrapped
   my sweet tentacles around
   succulent humon flesh...!
   You'll make a fine main course
   to go with that delicious fairiii
   You should consider it an
   honor to be the dinner
   guests of Madam Pentapus!

   (Ugh--you have GOT to be kidding
   me! We've got to waste time
   fighting a stupid monster with
   a speech impediment at the
   bottom of this hole?!)

   Let's just get this over with.

[They defeat the Pentapus and release Razzly from the cage]

   Thank you for rescuing me!
   You are kind of strong for
   human-folk! I was surprised!
   Let me introduce myself...
   My name is Razzly!
   I come from Water Dragon Isle.
   I think you can tell by just
   looking at me, but I'm a fairy!
   I guess you could say it's
   fairy obvious! Tee-hee-hee!

[Serge shakes his head]

   (If she's going to make puns
   that bad, I vote we stuff her
   back in the cage.)

Leena:                             |
   I've heard of that island.      |
    You know, I overheard
   The old fisherman in my village |
    these two guys talking
   sometimes spoke about it.       |
    while I was in Termina--
   But he says that because of the |
    the other Termina, that
   strange dry spell we've been    |
    is. Seems that the water
   having lately the island's      |
    on the other world's Water
   water source has dried up!      |
    Dragon Isle has dried up.
   I wonder if it's the same       |
    Think the same thing might
   thing in this world?            |
    have happened here?

   Huh? Our water source
   has dried up...?
   This world...?
   I don't understand what
   in Fairy Godmother's name
   you are talking about!

   It's kind of complicated.
   Look, try not to worry about
   it too much. I'm sure your
   island's fine. Anyway, if
   you're going to be okay now,
   we need to find that hydra.
   If there's even one here.
   (We've wasted way too much
   time here.)

   There sure is a Hydra
   in this forest. I saw it
   with my fairy own eyes!
   But that's when those
   big-noses caught me and
   threw me in here to
   become Pentapus bait!

   Anyway, I'll be fine.
   Now that I'm out of
   the cage, I can fly
   back to my island. It'll
   take a while, but that's
   okay. Thanks fairy much
   for helping me, and be
   fairy careful!

[Razzly exits, flying straight up through the hole in the cavern's ceiling.]


[If they do all this too late to save Razzly]

[Razzly dies]


Near Hydra Pool, Hydra Marshes (Home)

[The party is surrounded by dwarves]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Halt, humans! We cannot
   permit you to advance
   any further!

   The Hydra is the tutelary
   deity of this forest,
   hi-ho! Without it, this
   forest will die...

   I hate to say it, but that
   isn't our problem. (I wish
   there were some other way
   to save Kid's life, but...)

   Should you still wish to
   advance, you will have to
   get by us! Prepare for
   battle, wicked humans!

   (Here we go again...)

[Battle. When the party wins]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Too...strong... Are we
   unable... to stop them...?

   (I'd like to tell them that
   we're sorry, but, well, I'm
   not really sure I am. I mean,
   we're disrupting their way of
   life, but we're not doing it
   because we're selfish!)

   Hey, Serge, the hydra must
   be just up ahead, so let's


[When he reaches the edge of the screen, however, he pauses and takes a look over his
shoulder to where he last saw the dwarves, and shakes his head before continuing on.]

Hydra Pool, Hydra Marshes (Home)

[The hydra is behind the chieftain, submerged in the pool]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   You befouler of
   the forests...!
   Human vermin!!!
   Prepare to receive
   the anger of nature
   that you so deserve! Hi-ho!
   O great Hydra!
   Hear my voice!
   Turn on these
   wretched humans...
   Teach them how the
   forest, no...our
   planet... is pained
   by their existence!
   Hi-ho, Hydra, away!

[They fight and defeat the hydra]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   What do you humans
   intend to do with
   our mother planet?
   Not thinking of the
   down trees like
   there's no tomorrow!
   Burning the forests
   to make your towns
   even bigger!
   And all for what?

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Do you think that you
   are the only ones who
   live on this planet!?
   Do you even know the
   works of life-forms
   other than yourselves?
   Hi-ho!? Hi-ho!?

Leena:                           | Nikki:
   What are you trying to say?   |    I know that everyone--
   That letting our friend die   |    everyTHING--has a right to
   would have been better than   |    live. But there are times
   letting the hydra die? That's |    when only one of two creatures
   stupid!                       |    can survive.
Serge: [making a sharp waving gesture in front of his face]
   Saying that Kid's life is
   worth less than your hydra's
   is just selfish. (I can't...
   I don't... We did do the right
   thing, didn't we? Or at least
   not the wrong thing.)

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Don't kid yourselves!
   You are just hairless
   apes! Or worse, hi-ho!
   You are nothing more
   than freaks of-of-of

[The chieftain flees. Serge checks the hydra and gets the Humour]

   [Member] received
   Hydra Humour!

Entrance, Hydra Marshes (Home)

   Funny, there doesn't seem
   to be a single dwarf
   anywhere. I wonder where
   they went...?
   Who knows? Let's get going.
Termina (Another)

   That's the stuff we needed to
   save that girl, huh!?

   I think so. (If it turns out
   we got the wrong hydra bit
   after all that, I'm gonna
   tie a rock to my ankles and
   jump off the dock!)

   Then there's no time to lose!
   Full speed ahead!
   ~~~Return to Guldove
   ~~~Wait just a minute

Guldove (Another)

   Let's rush that over to the
   doctor right away.
   C'mon! You guys hurry too!

   We're hurrying, we're
   hurrying! (He COULD take
   into consideration that
   we've been wandering all
   over the place fighting
   dwarves and hydras while
   he sat in Termina
   twiddling his thumbs...)
Doc's House, Guldove (Another)

[Minor unmarked amendations were made to Doc's dialogue where he originally
should have used a contraction but didn't.]

   ...Oh, it's you dudes.
   The patient's strength is at
   its limit. Without the antidote...

[Serge holds up the flask of Humour]

   I think this is what you're
   looking for.
   Can this be!?
   Hydra Humour...but how?


   We'll discuss that later.
   As long as we have this, making
   an antidote will be easier than
   catching a wave!
   We can save the girl with this!!!

   (Oof. We got it right, then.)

   We'll prepare an antidote
   right away. Nurse, help me with
   the preparations! Stat!

[Demi-human Woman]
   I have no idea where in the
   world you found this...nor do
   I know who you really are...
   But now isn't the time to
   ask such questions.
   You've done your part; now
   you can leave the rest to me.

[He leaves]

   You heard the doc;
   we've done all we can.
   Just trust him and wait.

[They wait in the outer room. Time passes.]

Leena:                 | Nikki:
   It's getting pretty |    Hmmm, normally I'd be
   late...             |    getting out my guitar
                       |    to warm up for the
                       |    evening concert about now...

[The doctor enters]

   Doc, how is she?
   Will she be alright?

   (He took the words right
   out of my mouth. Again.)

   Yes, she's passed the critical
   period. There are no signs of
   complications from the poison.
   The girl's held up well,
   but only thanks to you dudes.
   You've done the impossible by
   finding the antidote...
   I still can't believe it...

   You, with the red bandana,
   you're Serge, correct?

   That's me.

   She'd like to speak with you.
   It would be a little while longer
   before she falls asleep from the
   Will you speak with her, dude?

[Serge nods]

   Of course I will.

   I'll be in the room next door,
   so call me when you need me.
   And don't forget that even
   though the poison is gone, she
   hasn't completely recovered.
   ...Well then,
   catch you later, dude.


Inner Room, Doc's House, Guldove (Another)

[Serge approaches Kid's bed]

   Hehe, you've become
   bloody handsome while
   I was out of it.

[Serge blushes]

   Give me a break.

   I don't know all the details,
   but I heard what happened
   from the doc.
   Looks like there's been a lot
   goin' on while I was asleep...
   I guess it proves that you can
   take care of yerself now, eh?

   You're saying that I couldn't,

   So next time some bloke like
   that Karsh jumps ya, I should
   just stay away, eh?


   Heh. Thought that might be
   yer answer.

   ...Oi, Serge.
   Ya did good, mate. Why don't ya
   look cheerful for a change?

   Well, excuse me for being
   worried about you! (I can't
   tell her about the dwarves
   and the hydra... She isn't
   the sort of person who
   would let something like
   that bother her, so she'd
   just think I was being silly.
   And anyway, I really WAS
   worried. I mean... I kind
   of... I'd hate to lose a

[He blushes again.]
   Ha, I would've been alright
   without any antidote at all!
   Now I owe ya one...


   ...You're welcome.

[She falls asleep]

Doc's House, Guldove (Another)

[much later]
Korcha: how it is, Doc.
   ...A world different from
   our own?
   That's far out, man...!
   That there really is
   such a thing...
   And you dudes are from this
   other world, I presume?

   No, actually I'm the only
   one who's from that world.
   People just keep tagging
   along with me, for some

   Another world...
   So I suppose some things are
   slightly different.
   The Hydra Marshes are a
   good example of this.
   Otherwise we would have never
   found a Hydra in this world.

   (Not to mention my being
   dead here and alive there...
   Or should that be vice-versa
   right now?)

   Parallel worlds, never to cross
   each other, yet existing
   alongside one another...

   I wouldn't think too hard about
   it. I've already given myself a
   couple of headaches.

[Demi-human Woman]
   Well, we've got some good
   headache medicine if you
   need any.
   But he's got a point, doctor.

   Kid's life has been saved.
   I don't think we need to think
   about anything further for the
   time being.
   Well, I guess you're right...
   I can't find an answer to this
   by thinking about it on my own.

   (Nice to know I'm not the only
   one who's confused.)

   It's pretty late.
   We've been talking for
   quite some time...
   Let's call it a night.
   One good day's rest should be
   enough to let her get up and
   hang ten.

[Normally, Mel would sneak in and steal Kid's Elements here, but
as I'm cutting her as a PC, I don't see any use in including the
Element Hunt in the plot. The next morning, Serge, Nikki, Korcha,
and (if she's been recruited) Leena are waiting in the outer room
of Doc's place when Kid walks in from the ward area and stretches.]

   So, we were talkin' 'bout
   goin' to the Dead Sea to
   look for the Frozen Flame
   right before Lynx's little
   surprise caught up with me,
   or have we changed plans?

   So it's "we", now?

   Bet yer arse, mate. I
   figure, if I stick with ya,
   I'll catch up with Lynx
   again sooner or later--and
   use his own hydra venom on
   him. Stuff hurts like a
   stone bitch when it's in
   yer system.

   (She really wants to make
   Lynx hurt. I hate to think
   what he must have done to

   The Dead Sea, eh? I can
   take ya there, but there
   ain't no way inside.

   Lynx got in, so there has to
   be a way. Maybe there's an
   underwater passage through
   the barrier, or something like
   that--a place where people
   wouldn't normally look.

   Or we could just go after
   Lynx and Viper and their mob,
   if we can figure out where
   they got to.

   I think...maybe we should
   start in Termina. It's the
   most likely place to find
   news. If no one knows anything
   about where Viper and Lynx
   went, then we can try the
   Dead Sea.

   Sounds like a plan to me,
   mate. So when do we leave?

[Kid (re)joins the party--no, I'm not giving the player the option of refusing her
in this branch, either. There isn't any point, because from this point on, there are
no special scenes that I know of written specifically for a party that never recruited
Kid, as there were in Viper Manor.]

   Anyway, I said thanks to
   Serge, but not to the rest
   of you blokes.

Leena: [if she's there]
   That's okay. Don't mention

   Leaving a pretty girl in
   distress would ruin my image.

   Heh, you're a sly dog, you
   are. Korcha,
   I heard that ya helped
   in the search, too.

   It was nothing.

   Well, thanks for
   nothin' then...

Anyway, the next posting should be the continuation of both this and the Magus/Guile branch,
from the departure from Guldove to the end of the chapter, but I have to sort out which bits
of it are still important.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on September 08, 2009, 09:11:50 pm
Good job though--thankfully this portion of the game is fairly straightforward. You even managed to keep things in check with more than a handful of characters. I can't wait for what's around the corner.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on September 09, 2009, 08:13:55 pm
Thanks, mav. It's nice to know that someone is still reading this.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on September 09, 2009, 08:15:56 pm
I am, too! I'm surprised there aren't more people (vocally) supporting this, it's really well done. As before, Serge is developing into a likable character. Take that, silent protagonist!
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on September 09, 2009, 08:22:10 pm
Well, I too read this, it's just that never even once have I taken the Save Kid route before, so I don't know what to think of this redone version.

Maybe once you post the other, or even Guile's, then I may have something.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
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I should probably apologize--like most fanfic writers, I am an attention whore. (
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on September 11, 2009, 10:20:53 pm
And rightfully so: this fanfic has really given CC a whole new feel. I wouldn't mind seeing this as a game or an audio drama...or even a wicked flash series. Hell, I'm willing to read it, so that really says something about its quality!
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
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You're gonna make me blush, mav! ;)

Anyway, I've had this finished for a couple of days, but was thrown for a loop yesterday
by a family emergency and ended up not posting.  Enjoy.

9a+b. Guldove - The Aftermath of Saving Kid, One Way or the Other

Max recruits: Serge, Leena, Kid, and either Guile and Magus or Nikki and Luccia.
Recruitable: Luccia, Skelly (see "early side-stuff")

Guldove (Another)

[The group has just spoken to Korcha at the docks.]

   At one point I thought we were
   doomed for sure, but it looks
   like it's all settled now.

   All that's left is to take you
   guys back to Termina, right?
   My job ends there.
   Ya get a special discount price
   of 300G for the round trip.
   Sorry, but I need to make
   a livin' too.
   Haha, you're pretty
   damn shrewd, eh?
   I shouldn't have
   thanked ya earlier.

   I think we can manage 300.

   You want to go back to Termina?
   ~~~Not yet                      |   ~~~Yep, back to Termina
Korcha:                            | Korcha:
   Take your time there's no rush. |    OK, let's go.
   You probably won't be coming    |    Heh, it was nice knowing ya,
   back here anytime soon anyway.  |    but this is good-bye.
   I'll wait here for you until    |
   you're satisfied.               |
   Gimme a holler when you think   |
   you're ready to go.             |

Termina (Another)

   Here we are in Termina.
   You're on your own from

   Thanks for all your help.

   Heh, it was no problem.
   Kind of fun, actually.

   (Guess the memories of
   worrying about Kid have
   already faded from his
   mind.) See you around,

[They've taken maybe two steps away from the boat, when Serge stops dead in his tracks,
listening to the sound of two people arguing floating down the dock.]

   ...And I cannot explain their
   completely complete absence,
   Peppor. Where could the
   General have gone in the
   short time we were away?

[Enter the Shaker Brothers from the direction of Termina proper. Both of them are waving
their arms animately and paying little attention to their surroundings.]

   Well, it's pretty clear
   it wasn't Termina. So
   where do we try next?

   Give me some time to
   think. Not at the manor...
   not in Termina... I haven't
   the faintest of faint ideas!

   So should we--

[He walks right into Serge.]

   Hey, watch where you're

   It was YOU as ran into HIM.
   Ya never change, do ya?
   Pair o' morons!

Nikki:                     | Guile:
   So, Kid, you know these |    Are these acquaintances
   guys?                   |    of yours?

   I was about to ask the
   exactly exact same thing!

   Uh, Solt...

   Yes, Peppor?

   That guy I just walked
   into... Does he look like
   Serge to you?

[Solt leans forward to examine Serge more closely]

   I do believe he does! How
   unusually unusual!

   (Oh, hell, are we going to
   have to fight these two
   idiots again? Maybe I can
   distract them.) So, um,
   why aren't you guys with

   Sir Karsh...has disappeared.

   We've been shaking our tails
   all over El Nido, but we
   haven't found a single sign
   of Sir Karsh, or of General
   Viper for that matter.

   A thought occurs to me,

   (That's unusual.)

   Yeah? Let's hear it.

   Do you think that the General
   and Sir Karsh might be happier
   with us if we brought him
   Serge and his party as our

   Sounds good to me!

Magus:                         | Kid:
   It seems that El Nido does  |    The first two times we
   not lag behind the rest of  |    kicked yer arses weren't
   the world in terms of the   |    enough for ya?
   quantity and quality of its |
   fools!                      |

[Everyone pulls weapons, but the fight is interrupted before it can start.]

   Solt? Peppor? What are you
   two doing there?

[Glenn enters from the same direction that Solt and Peppor did, earlier.]

   Sir Glenn?

   Where have you two been?
   I have been looking all over
   for you since I found Karsh's

   Apparently, they were looking
   for Karsh, or, failing him,
   for the General.

   When we couldn't find anyone
   at the manor, we came here
   to Termina...

   Then we went south to Arni...

Peppor: [if the standard Save Kid route was taken]
   After that, we swung out to
   Marbule, but they just threw
   rocks at us...

   We were thinking of trying
   Guldove next.

   We were?

   Did you not think of asking
   the Lady Riddel?

   I'm afraid, sir, that the
   General has forbidden us
   to speak to her.

   (I'll give them this: they
   may be dumb and incompetent,
   but they're honest and loyal.
   Maybe that's why Karsh keeps
   them around.)

   You could have asked her
   maid to pass a message.

Nikki:                       | Guile:
   That makes me wonder if   |    There speaks the voice
   there's something you and |    of experience.
   Riddel aren't telling     |
   people...                 |

   No such thing, I assure you!
   But regardless of how you
   had chosen to contact her,
   Riddel could have told
   you that Sir Karsh has
   gone with Sir Lynx and the
   General to Fort Dragonia.


   Fort Dragonia... Ain't that
   near the lava field on the
   other side of this island?


   Blonde braids...
   A blood red blouse...
   That sounds like the
   description of that
   thief from the Radical

   And that red bandana...
   He is just like the ghost
   Karsh was describing.

   So what?
   Ya wanna take us on
   or somethin'?
   Sorry dorry, but we're
   in a bit of a rush....
   to that Fort Dragonia
   of yers...

   What business do you
   have at the fort...?
   That makes me even
   more suspicious...
   I will draw my
   sword if needs be...

   Whoa, there, calm down!
   Can't we settle this
   without fighting?

   If you are enemies of the
   Viper Clan, honour demands
   that I take you into custody.

   If yer Viper Clan's in bed
   with that Lynx, we're yer

[Serge facepalms]

   (She's so devious about some
   things, but Lynx makes her
   lose her cool completely!)


[And now Riddel enters]

Guile:                        | Nikki:
   I begin to wonder if there |    Last time I saw this many
   is something particularly  |    people crowded into this
   attractive about this dock |    little space was when Miki
   at this time of day...     |    and I were arguing about
                              |    that dance number...

   I am so glad that I caught
   you before you left!

[Riddel notices Serge, Kid, et al. and does a double-take.]

   But you are...?!

   Stay away from them, please,
   Miss Riddel--they may be

   Were you intending to fight
   them? They have not so much
   as raised a hand against you.
   Dario would not have--

   Leave my brother
   out of this!

[Then Glenn shakes his head.]

   I am sorry, Miss Riddel.
   That was not appropriate.
   It is only that I am
   compared to him so often...
   I don't care if ya draw
   yer sword or what, but I
   ain't stoppin' for ya.
   See ya!

   All right.
   Forgive me for my
   rash behavior...
   Come to think of it,
   I really have no interest
   in who you are.
   Really, I only want to
   know the truth of what
   is happening here.
   I shall follow my own way
   to find the truth.

   (You and me both. I'd invite
   him to join us, but that
   sword-waving thing makes me
   a bit nervous...)

   If you intend to
   go to the fort, I would
   offer you a word of advice.
   When you get on your boat,
   first head north, and then east.
   You should find a small
   island there.
   A retired dragoon now
   lives there.
   Find him and ask for
   his advice.
   There are many frightful
   rumors about that fort,
   you know. You never know
   what to expect there.

   Thanks. (I could sure use
   some good advice right
   about now!)

   Lady Riddel, let me escort
   you back to the manor. Shaker
   Brothers, you're coming too.

Solt & Peppor:
   Yes, sir!

[Exeunt dragoons and Riddel, leaving Serge's party alone with Korcha.]

   All we need to do now
   is to find a boat!
   Let's git a move on it!
   You guys need to
   cross the sea?
   Then I might, just
   might, think about
   lending you my boat.
   With two conditions...

   Ha, with that clunky boat
   of yers, I don't think we're
   gonna survive a round trip.
   But I guess this ain't the
   time to be picky.
   So, Korcha, what are yer
   First, if you ever find the
   Dragon Tear, give it to me.

   Um, if you don't mind my
   asking, why?

   You'll have to talk to the
   shaman about that. I'm not
   supposed to tell outsiders
   about it.

   (Well, at least he gave me
   a straight answer...)

   The other condition is...
   O-Once all this ruckus
   is over...
   I want ya to...
   Mumble, mumble...
   What was that?
   Stop mumblin' and
   speak up.
   I can't hear ya.
   I a...
   I want ya to be my wife!

   (Please tell me I heard that
   wrong. Or that he was kidding.)

   What...did you
   just say?

   I said,

   (And explosion in

   Oi, Korcha!!!
   Don't mess with me!
   I'm gonna kick yer arse
   so hard you'll kiss
   the moons!

   I'm not joking!
   To tell you the truth,
   I, um...
   That it...
   It was...
   love at first sight...

   (If Kid believes in love at
   first sight, then I'm a

   Oi, ya know who I
   am, don't ya!?

   (Poor Korcha. Even I couldn't
   answer that one with more than
   "sorta". I mean, she still
   hasn't said much about where
   she's from or why she's after

   Yeah, you're some kind of
   thief, ain't ya?
   Don't ya worry.
   I don't care about your past,
   and I don't want ya to feel
   We can wait until all
   this fuss is over.
   So, please...

   (This should be hilarious,
   but somehow I just don't
   feel like laughing. In fact,
   it kind of ticks me off.
   It's almost as though I'm...
   jealous?! Of KORCHA?! No
   way! It's... Kid isn't...
   I'm not... ARGH!)
[Serge shakes his head]

   (Okay, gotta calm down.
   Deep breaths, right.)

   this is none of yer business.
   It's me own problem!

   I wasn't going to say
   anything. Honest! But now
   that I AM talking, we DO
   need the boat. I won't
   force you to do anything,
   though. (For one thing,
   I'd never pull it off!)

   OK, understood!
   But this ain't somethin'
   I can agree to on a whim.

   I'll consider it.
   Until I settle the score
   with Lynx, that is.
   That's about the best I
   can promise.
   I can't guarantee you
   anythin' more.
   Alright, that's all
   I need for now.
   OK, I'll lend you the boat.

   We'll take good care of it,
   I promise. Now, what was
   that guy Glenn saying about
   an island...?

Guile:                          | Nikki:
   I believe he said we should  |    Something about some old
   consult an ex-dragoon living |    guy living on an island to
   on an island to the north-   |    the north-east that we
   east.                        |    should talk to.

   Hey, you be careful with
   yourself from now on.
   Just remember that your life
   is not just your own anymore.
   You're carrying my
   Brrrhh! (Goose bumps!!!)

   Okay, okay, I get it. (I
   wonder if he realizes what
   Kid would probably do to
   him on their wedding night?
   She isn't the sort of
   person who goes along with
   being forced into anything.)

   OK, then I'll be heading
   home now. Remember that
   I'm just LENDING you my boat!
   Don'tCHA dare sink it!
   Take care!

Leena:                          | Kid:
   So now that we have a boat,  |    So, mate, we goin' straight
   should we go straight to     |    there, or stayin' in Termina
   that island, or stay here    |    for a bit? Or maybe we should
   for a little while? I'd like |    go back to Guldove to ask the
   to do some shopping.         |    Shaman about the Dragon Tear?

   (Why am I always the one who
   has to decide?)

Next will be the Leave Kid to Die route, then some early-game side-stuff (writing the
conversation between the two Leenas should be interesting, anyway, and then there's the
bit about how Guile and Magus met...), and then on to Hermit's Hideaway.

Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on October 04, 2009, 01:52:17 pm
I've been too busy to be around as often as I'd like, but I just had to stop by to say that chapter was fantastic. A good touch of humor when we needed it. I have a feeling the next chapter is gonna blow us all away...

Keep it up.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Mr Bekkler on October 04, 2009, 06:08:22 pm
I really need to get serious and start reading this, and I really hope you get to finish it all the way to the end. But I've put it off cause I want to start a new Cross playthrough and read this as a companion piece.

...And cause Beyonce had one of the greatest Cross playthroughs ever!
(couldn't resist)

I'm curious if you're interested in putting your version into the (or maybe just a) game itself, or videos, or perhaps just leave it as is.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on October 05, 2009, 04:25:20 pm
I'm still reeling with shock from having appeared on the front page. :)

@mav: Thanks, but as you may have noticed, the higher people's expectations, the more nervous
I get that I'm not going to be able to live up to them. :lol:

@Mr Bekkler: When I first conceived of Chrono Helix, it was intended as a script for a mod.
This was back, er, before Squeenix decided to sic Rabid Attack Lawyers on the community,
however. I doubt I could get enough help now to pull it off, and it really isn't suited to
a one-man mod project--too long, and I'm not good enough at 3D modelling to produce a Magus
that would satisfy me and fit within the constraints of Chrono Cross' programming framework.
(I'd also want Dario as a PC, later on, but that would be easier--someone had it almost
done at the time of the C&D, as I recall. And there were some other things I wanted to do
that fall outside the scope of the script.)
Animating it is an interesting idea which I hadn't considered. It's probably not practical,
alas, at least not for me. I can see how it might be done, by importing the existing Cross
models into Blender and then making use of its facilities, but given my skill level with
Blender, it would take forever.

That being said, if anyone wants to attempt either project, I have no objection; you may
consider Chrono Helix to fall under the Creative Commons Attribution + Non-Commercial license,
with the caveat that I don't own the portions of the script that are taken directly from
Chrono Cross and so can't give you permission to use those.

Finishing it...eheheh...  In terms of chapters, I'm not quite a third of the way through
the Cross script. In terms of lines of text, I suspect the worst is yet to come. But I
do hope to finish it eventually, and I intend to keep plugging away.

Current status: The weather here for the past few days has had me bedridden (nothing serious,
just painful: I sometimes get nasty migraines from fluctuations in the barometric pressure,
and being a NEET and all, I can afford to sleep them off), but I'm on the last hundred lines
or so of the let-Kid-die route, and should be able to post within the next couple of days.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
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And so, here we have the next part--the "Who needs Kid when you can have Glenn?" route
through chapter 9. I hope I made Serge seem emotional enough without dragging him out
of character.

9c. Guldove - Dump Kid Route

Max recruits: Serge, Leena, Nikki. (Kid is not in the party, and this branch is not
       available if Guile was chosen as the Viper Manor guide.)
Recruitable: Glenn, also Luccia, Skelly (as of the moment Korcha's boat becomes available--see
       "early side-stuff")

Doc's House, Guldove (Another)

   Hey, wait a minute!
   She's your partner, ain't she?
   Aren't ya gonna do anything?

   ~~~...There's nothing we can do |    ~~~I'll find a way to save her
Serge:                             | [This choice feeds back into the
   It isn't like I WANT to         | standard Save Kid route--another
   abandon her, but I don't see    | double-refusal thing.]
   how we can help. You heard the  |
   doctor: she needs Hydra         |
   Humour, and there are no        |
   hydras. (Please, Korcha,        |
   Nikki, ANYONE, please come up   |
   with an idea that will let us   |
   save her...)                    |

   ...Hold it right there.

   What now?

   You've got no right to keep
   that girl's amulet.
   Leave that thing here.

[Serge looks down at the amulet]

   (I could argue. I mean, it
   really isn't his decision to
   make--Kid gave the amulet to
   ME, not him. But I... It's...
   Okay, guess I'd better admit
   it. I feel guilty.)

   What's wrong?
   Hurry it up.

[Serge hands the amulet to Korcha.]

   Serge handed over the
   Astral Amulet.

[Korcha walks over and puts the amulet on the dresser-thing at the back of the room.]

   Tsk, this is disgustin'.
   ...It's turnin' out to be a
   baaad day.

[Korcha leaves the room]

   (That's the understatement
   of the century.)

[Serge kicks the wall]

Residential Tower, Guldove (Another)

   What do you want?
   Ya need something from me?
   I don't want nothing to
   do with you.
   Get outta here.

   (I want to scream in his
   face that HE couldn't figure
   out what to do either, but
   that wouldn't get him to
   help us, damn it all!)

   You've got something to say?

   ~~~I need to borrow your boat     |    ~~~......
Korcha:                              | Korcha:
   Lend you my boat?                 |    Ha, it's got nothing to
   Ha, no way!                       |    do with me.
   Why should I lend you my boat?    |    You're distracting me by
   Sorry, pal, go find someone else. |    standing there.
                                     |    Will ya hurry up and get
[Korcha turns his back to Serge]     |    out of the room?
 [Macha]                             |
[Conversation ends--everything else to the end
   Hold it right there!!!            | of the section goes with the other choice.]

[Macha enters. Everyone--including Korcha--turns to face her.]

   Why are you here? You said
   you were goin' shoppin'!?

   (Whoa, that's his MOTHER?
   They don't look at all alike.)

Korcha's ma:
   Don't ya start arguin' with me!
   Aren't ya gonna help your
   friends when they need you?
   I thought you were actin'
   strange when you came home,
   but I don't remember raisin'
   my son to be so inconsiderate!

   (Ouch, she's ten times scarier
   than Leena ever was!)

   O-Oh leave me alone!
   These guys ain't no
   friends of mine!
   In the first place, this has got
   nothing to do with you, ma.
   Why should I lend my boat to
   guys who abandon their own
Korcha's ma:
   Hey, wait a second.
   After overhearing that,
   I can't let ya give up
   on your partners.
   Hmm, I don't see that
   blonde girl in red.
   What happened to her?

Korcha's ma:
   So what's goin' on?
   I'd like you to tell this
   ol' lady your story.

Serge: [staring at the floor]
   Kid--the girl in red--she's
   at the doctor's. She's...
   she's been poisoned, and
   there' way we can...
   get the antidote... (I am
   NOT going to break down and
   start crying like a baby!
   Come on, Serge, be a man!)

   We could MAYBE get it from
   the continent, but there's
   no time--she's only got a
   couple of days. I want to
   help her, but I don't know
Korcha's ma:
   ...I see.
   That's why she isn't here.
   That explains why you were
   upset when you came back...
   You're a helpless boy
   aren't ya?


Leena:                         | Nikki:
   "Helpless" about covers it. |    Aw, give him a break--
                               |    it isn't like anyone else
Serge:                         |    had any ideas.
   Hey...!                     |
Leena:                         |
   You've needed my help since |
   the moment you landed here. |
   Sounds pretty helpless to   |
   me.                         |
Serge:                         |
   (No matter which world I'm  |
   in, she doesn't change.)    |

Korcha's ma:
   This boy only said he doesn't
   know what to do. Don't ya think
   that's a natural response?
   You were just sayin' that out
   of spite. What would you have
   done if you were in his shoes?
   Come on, speak up, Korcha.

Korcha:, well...

   (I almost feel sorry for
   Korcha. Almost.)
Korcha's ma:
   You see?
   You're just the same.
   Now apologize to this boy.

   S-Sorry about that...
   I just lost my temper.
   It's okay, I guess. None
   of us are really at our
   best right now. (And if Kid
   were here, she'd make some
   smartass remark about how
   we're acting... Damn it!)

Korcha's ma:
   Good, that's settled.
   Now that ya understand,
   go help these kids out.
   H-Hey, that's a completely
   different story, ma.
   I can't lend them my boat...

Korcha's ma:
   Don't be such a miser.
   Just lend them a boat or two.
   If you're so worried about the
   boat, just tag along with them.
   It's that simple, Korcha.

   You say a boat or two, but...
   That's the only one I have.
   Besides, I've got nothin'
   to do with...

Korcha's ma:
   You're such a blockhead.
   Then I will borrow that boat.
   You never stay put, so it's a
   good time to do your chores.
   Go take care of Mel while
   you're at it.
   Do you understand?

   Oh gawd! You gotta be kiddin'...

Korcha's ma:
   Now, what is your name,
   young man?

   Serge. I'm from Arni...sort of.
Korcha's ma:
   OK then, Serge, nice
   to meet ya!
   My name is Macha.
   You can call me ma or
   Macha, or whatever you like.

   (If I called HER "ma", my real
   mother would probably disown
   me... Well, maybe not--Mom's
   pretty laid back--but still...)

   I'll be waitin' at the docks.
   Call me when you're ready to
   leave the village.
   By the way, Serge.
   You should go see the
   village shaman.
   You look like you are lost,
   and she might be able to help
   you get back on your path...

[Note: Again, the recommendation to see the shaman and collect information that the
player isn't yet interested in, about Fort Dragonia and the Dragon Tear. Splitting that
infodump up and adding part of it to the early side stuff (and the rest probably to
some chapter after the Lynx-Serge bodyswitch) is one of those things that I still
have to look at.]

   I don't think there's anything
   she can do for me unless she
   has some Hydra Humour.

   The only way I can think of
   to help Kid at this point
   is to finish the job she came
   to El Nido to do in her place.
   To do that, I need to find a
   man named Lynx, and the best
   place to start looking for him
   would probably be Termina, not
   at your shaman's.

Leena: [if she's present]

   ROCKIN'! Yeah, that's the way
   to go, all right.

[snipping a bit of stage business about the Tropical Paradise frame here, and
some departure prompt stuff/Macha giving directions to the Dragon Shrine]

Dock, Termina (Another)


   By whose permission
   are you docking that
   boat there!
   Get that thing out of
   here, right now!

   You got a problem with that?
   Ya don't see any other boats
   needin' to dock, do you?

   That's not the point!
   What I'm trying to
   say is...

   Ah, cut the jive-talk!!!

[The screen shakes]

   Y-Yes ma'am...

[The overseer walks away]

   (I was right--she IS scary.)

   OK, we're in Termina.
   Do what ya need to do!

   Thanks for the ride, ma'am.
   We appreciate it.

Gate, Termina (Another)

[Glenn is perched on a crate at the lower left of the screen, talking to the
flower merchant.]

   The general and his men are
   headed for Fort Dragonia.
   There has been word that
   the major power of the East,
   Porre, is up to something
   They seem to have heard
   the rumors of the
   Frozen Flame in El Nido and
   are coming to investigate.

   (So the General went to Fort
   Dragonia...isn't that some
   kind of ruin on the other
   side of the island? And I bet
   Lynx is with him. But...Porre?
   Never occurred to me before,
   but why aren't they running
   Termina in this world the
   way they are in mind? Did
   they come to my El Nido
   because of the Frozen Flame?)

   My, then that means the
   Porre army might invade
   this town any time now.
   I wonder if we will
   be alright...

   Yes, that is why we
   are moving to the fort
   for a while.
   That fort is far from town
   so it is not used normally,
   but it has good defenses.
   I was ordered to remain at
   the manor and protect Miss
   Riddel, but...
   She felt very uneasy about
   the way General Viper
   was acting before he left,

   ("Uneasy"--yeah, I'll bet!
   As far as I could tell, Lynx
   was completely running the
   show that night, and he
   tried to kill her!)

   What are you going
   to do? Aren't you going
   to get in trouble if
   you leave the manor?

   Still, I cannot stop thinking
   about it, so I am planning to
   infiltrate the fort by boat.

   (So he thinks something isn't
   right, too...)

   Are you sure about that?
   If worse comes to worst,
   you might be discharged
   from the Acacia Dragoons.

[Glenn jumps down from the crates]

   Yes. I will act in accordance
   with my faith, even if I have
   to break military regulations.
   I must go.
   Ma'am, I will come back to
   buy flowers from you when
   I return!

   Take care!

[Glenn climbs the crates to the upper level and vaults over the barrier to the
left, leaving the screen.]

   You know, Serge, you really
   have some luck. So are we
   going straight to Fort

   I guess so, if we can find
   someone to take us there--
   I'm pretty sure it can't
   be reached overland, so we'll
   need a boat. Hopefully
   Macha will be willing to
   help us.

   (I'm coming for you, Lynx,
   you bastard!)

Dock, Termina (Another)

   Sorry to bother you again,

   I wouldn't've stayed around
   if you were a bother, boy. So
   have you figured out where
   that Lynx fella went?

   He's probably at Fort
   Dragonia with General

   Viper? You know, there's
   a rumour going around that
   he has the Dragon Tear.

   The what?

   You'd have to ask the shaman--
   about all I know is it's
   sacred. And I heard that
   taking it to Fort Dragonia
   might be a bad idea.

   Why is that?

   Don't know much about that
   either. Like I said, talk
   to the shaman. But they say
   Fort Dragonia is a ruin
   of the extinct Dragonians...
   People say they conducted
   strange ceremonies, and
   most folks from Guldove
   won't go near the place...
   You gotta wonder what
   they're up to with the
   Dragon Tear there.
   It gives me the chills.
   Also, you've got to go through
   Mount Pyre to get to that fort.
   You're gonna need to get there
   by boat...


   I know!
   You can borrow this boat.
   Just a little farewell gift
   from me.
   Don't worry!
   That brat son o' mine's not
   gonna use it for anythin'
   good anyway!

   Thank you--we'll take good
   care of it. (Okay, so maybe
   I AM sorry for Korcha. Just
   a little bit.)

   Serge borrowed the boat
   from Macha!

[Glenn enters from the lower right]

   I need to borrow a boat...
   Oops, you're just
   a tad too late.
   I just lent this boat
   to someone else.
   Ask this boy here.

   I need to borrow a boat...
   I am trying to get to
   Fort Dragonia.

   Fort Dragonia!?
   Wow, what a coincidence!
   These boys have some
   business there, too!


[If they gave Glenn and Riddel the bellflower at the cemetary]

   You are...
   You are the young man
   that gave us the bellflower...
   Thank you again.
   Miss Riddel greatly
   appreciated your kindness.

[Serge rubs the back of his head]

   It was nothing, really. (I'd
   almost forgotten about that--
   so much has happened since
   that it got pushed right out
   of my mind.)

   You two already know
   each other?
   What great timing!
   On the road you need a
   companion, in life you
   need kindness.
   Join in with them on their
   trip to the fort.


   But what business brings you
   to Fort Dragonia...?
   And that red bandana...
   It all seems similar
   to some ghost Karsh was
   telling me about.

   (Damn it all, did Karsh tell
   every single dragoon about
   that ghost thing?)

   I don't know about you, but
   I don't believe in ghosts.


   Ahh, you city-folk try to make
   things too complicated!
   That's got nothin' to do
   with you, right?
   This poor boy's got his own
   problems, too!!!
   Why don't ya ask him his
   story to pass time while
   you're travelling?

   Uh, y-yes...
   I guess you are right.

   So what will it be?

   ~~~Don't let him join        |   ~~~Let him join
Macha:                          |
   Serge!!!                     |
    We'd be glad to have you.
   Why are you tryin' to leave  |
    (After all, we can use all the
   this poor boy out?           |
    help we can get!)
   Don't ya need all the        |
   help you can get right       |
   now?                         |
   I mean, he even looks        |
   like a knight!               |
   Be a good boy, and take      |
   him with you!                |

Serge:                          |
   ("Looks like a knight" isn't |
   much of a recommendation,    |
   after what the Acacia        |
   Dragoons have put us         |
   through. On the other hand,  |
   if I argue with Macha, I     |
   know she'll make me feel     |
   sorry...)                    |
   Okay, okay, we'll take him   |
   with us as far as the fort,  |
   but after that, he's on his  |
   own. (He's admitted he works |
   for Viper--how can we trust  |
   him?)                        |

   Thank you...
   I have a suggestion before
   heading to the fort.
   When we get on the boat,
   first head north and then east.
   You should find a small
   island there.
   A retired Master Knight
   of the Dragoons named
   Radius lives there now.
   When me and my big brother
   were young, he used to look
   after us quite often.
   We should go ask for
   his advice before going
   any further.
   There are many frightful
   rumors about that fort.
   Who knows what to expect
   Glenn joined your party!
   Then I'll be headin' home.
   That mischievous son of mine's
   probably starving back home.
   Be careful out there.
   If you ever need something,
   stop by Guldove again!

[Macha jumps off the dock and begins to swim away. Nikki waves.]

   Thanks for everything!
   (So, all that's left to figure
   out is whether we go back to
   Guldove to talk to the Shaman
   about the Dragon Tear, to that
   island to talk to this ex-
   Dragoon of Glenn's, or skip
   them both and go straight to
   Mount Pyre. Hmmm...)

And that finally marks the end of chapter 9 proper. The next posting will be early
sidequest/character development/miscellaneous scene material that could take place at any
point between acquiring Korcha's boat and the confrontation at Fort Dragonia (well, okay,
some of it also requires the Astral Amulet, and some bits would continue to be available
later, but you get the idea). Damnit, I have got to figure out how Skelly ended up
the way he is...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on October 08, 2009, 06:23:18 pm
Heheh, I think you have a knack for fitting these characters together within your current framework; Skelly will be no exception.

Anyhow, this was a pretty good read. It didn't seem strange, all the characters sounded natural, and the plot definitely seems to be headed in the right direction. Great job.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on October 08, 2009, 09:18:41 pm
When it comes to critique and compliments, I have not an original bone in my body. I'd end up repeating what mav already said.

But just to let you know, I'm still reading this, and it's awesome. ;D
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on October 18, 2009, 08:29:49 pm
Thanks for your feedback, guys.

Since this pseudo-chapter is once more turning out to be a lot longer than I had expected,
I will be splitting it into two (possibly three) posts.

Early Sidequests

Recruits: At this point, the player will have one of three core groups of
            PCs, depending on the path that was taken through chapter 9--
                        plus any or all of the three available optional characters (Leena,
            Luccia, Skelly).

++++++++++++++++++++++++PART I: Magus and Guile++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The Dragon's Tail, Termina (Another)

[The following sequence occurs should they spend the night at the Inn in Termina
with Magus and Guile in the party at any point before the conversation with the
child-ghosts in the Dead Sea. Naturally, it can only happen once.

After "lights out" at the inn, instead of going straight to the next morning,
we're taken to the bar. Magus is sitting alone at one of the tables, with a
glass of wine in his hand and an empty bottle in front of him, when Guile walks
in and does a double-take.]

   I did not expect to find you

   And why not? Am I not as
   much entitled as the next
   man to drink myself

   I remember the last time
   you did that. It took us
   nearly three months to pay
   for the damage you caused
   to the tavern before you
   achieved unconsciousness.


   Is it Kid?

   Among other things. Her
   presence keeps reminding me
   that I am...hollow.

   That is not the word I would

[Magus slams his glass down on the table.]

   You understand nothing. And how
   could you? You chose to throw
   your past away, whereas I--

   We do not know what you chose.
   Not even now. Tell me, do you

[The scene fades out, then back in again. We are now in a clearing in the forest
somewhere--the presence of evergreen trees suggests, however, that this is not
El Nido. The clearing is occupied by Guile (ideally, his model should be somewhat
different from the normal in-game one, with shorter hair and different clothing,
although he should still have his mask, but creating a second model for just this
one scene might be considered Too Much Work) and two rather scruffy-looking men
armed with daggers--a couple of pirate models from the Invincible would probably

Guile: [backing away]
   I keep telling you that I have
   nothing of value!

   Why should we believe ya?
   That mask looks like it'd
   be worth a pretty penny all
   by itself! Solid gold, innit?

[Guile looks to one side, then the other.  Seeing no way out, he brings up his

   Not smart, pretty boy.
   If ya'd just done what
   we told ya to, we might've
   let ya live.

[The bandits are closing in on Guile, daggers raised, when Magus walks out of the woods.]

   Damn, another one!

[Bandit 2]
   Hey, check out those ears!

[Both bandits laugh]

???: [actually, Magus, but he hasn't been tagged with that name again yet]
   ...You're annoying me.

[The bandits laugh again]

   So what're ya gonna do
   'bout it?

[Magus raises his hand and points at them. As purple lightning leaps from his extended
fingers and strikes them, the bandits stop laughing and fall over unconscious...or dead?
It's hard to tell.]

???: [that is, Magus]

[He prods a bandit with the toe of his boot.]

   That was m-magic, was it not?

[Magus freezes in place]

   I suppose it was. Is that
   so unusual?

   Yes, it is. I have never
   seen true magic before,
   only sleight-of-hand. But
   perhaps it is more common
   where you are from--you
   look like a Mystic, and
   there are few such in
   these parts. May I ask
   your name?

   I can't remember.

   You...have lost your memory?!

   So it appears. I awoke a short
   time ago under a tree not far
   from here. I have no idea who
   I am, how I got there, or even
   where this place is. All I know
   is that I am searching for

   Well, I can help you on one
   point, at least. We are in
   Fiona's Forest, somewhat
   north of the city of Porre.


   Do you know it?

[Magus shakes his head.]

   I don't know. The name is
   vaguely familiar, but that
   might only mean that I've
   heard it before...or that
   I'm so desperate that I'm
   inventing memories. Heh.

   I will guide you to the
   city, if you like--I was
   going there myself, so it
   will be no hardship. I have
   heard that there is a new
   Magic Guild starting up
   there. Perhaps one of its
   members will know you.

   Better than wandering among
   the trees until I starve, I
   suppose. Lead on.

[They begin to head for the far side of the clearing together, but after a few steps,
Guile pauses.]

   Even if you cannot remember
   your name, I will need
   something to call you.

   Have you any suggestions?

[Guile walks a circle around Magus, examining him from every angle.]

   ...Magus. That is what I shall
   call you.


   I hope I did not offend--

[Magus makes a waving-away gesture.]

   No, quite the contrary. It
   feels...right. Does it mean

   It was the name--or possibly
   the title--of one of the great
   mages who fought in the Mystic
   War, four hundred years ago.
   Little is known of him, but I
   have always somewhat admired
   that little.

   You're interested in magic,

   I wish to study it, but I
   have been having some trouble
   finding a teacher. It was my
   hope that the Magic Guild
   would be able to help me,

[He looks at Magus, who shrugs.]

   Hmph. I'll consider it, but
   first, let's find this "Porre"
   of yours.

[The scene fades out as they leave the clearing, and we return to the bar. Guile is now
sitting at the table with Magus.]

   It will be ten years ago
   as of next spring...

   And in nearly a decade, I
   have found absolutely
   nothing. I don't even know
   what I was searching for,
   on that day.


[Magus turns quickly to face him.]

   What? You've found something?!
   Tell me!

   We met a most extraordinary
   old man while we were burgling
   Viper Manor. I suspect he may
   be relevant, but I cannot say
   for certain.

   Even a hint would help. Go on.

   If you return with me to the
   inn, I will tell you as much
   as you want to know. You have
   had enough to drink for one

   Very well.

[Fade out, and we're returned to next morning at the inn.]


Termina (Another)

[Variations on Guile and the fortune teller...]

[Fortune Teller]
   Sir Guile, how did it go?
   Did you find the item?

   Guile, what have you been
   up to this time?

   I merely made a small wager
   with this person--nothing
   that you need concern
   yourself with.

[Guile makes a waving-away gesture]

   Did you bet anything you don't

   (There's got to be a story
   there, but I'm not about to
   interrupt them to ask what
   it is.)

   I assure you, I have learned
   my lesson about that. Now, if
   I may proceed to settle matters
   with this lady...?

[Fortune Teller]
   Believe me, I'm quite content
   to wait if I may do so in the
   company of such fine young
   men...but you no doubt have
   better things to do with your
   time. So how went your
   adventure at the Manor?


[If the party picked up the required Element at
the manor]

   See for yourself, ma'am.
   Here is proof of my intrusion
   into Viper Manor.
   I ask that you give me
   my reward, as promised
   at the conclusion of our bet.

 [Fortune Teller]
   It is my loss this time.
   Here is the reward I promised.
   Take it away!

   Guile received
   Bronze Rod!

[If they didn't get the Element]

   ...Ma'am, I have
   lost this time.
   I was able to penetrate
   into the manor, but...

 [Fortune Teller]
   Don't start whining!
   A promise is a promise.
   Now, take off your mask
   and let me see your face.

   I guess I have no choice...

 [Fortune Teller]
   M-My word!!!
   I see, so that's what
   it was...
   These old bones have
   just shaved an hour
   off their life-span...

   (Now I'm curious as to what
   he's hiding under there. Too
   bad he was standing with his
   back to the rest of us.)
   Ma'am, I have learned that
   the world is full of
   I will be joining their journey
   for a while. Take care, and we
   might engage in another high-
   stake gamble again.

 [Fortune Teller]
   You bet!

[The fortune teller leaves]

   Did I correctly understand
   that you made a bet...about
   your ability to carry off a

   What of it?

   ...You are impossible.

[Guile bows]

   Were I not, I would not keep
   such company.


[If they retrieved the Element by going back to the
Manor after Guldove, the conversation starts from

 [Fortune Teller]
   Sir Guile,
   the deadline has
   already passed!
   ...Ma'am, this time
   I have lost.
   I have found the item
   in question, though it
   was too late...

[then pick up the previous version of the scene
from "Don't start whining!"]


[If they ask the fortune teller for Magus' fortune]

[Fortune Teller]
   W-what is this? Who ARE

   ...If I knew that, I doubt
   I would be here asking you
   stupid questions. Well?

[Fortune Teller]
   You...are searching for
   something, are you not? You
   will find it, I think, but
   when you do you may wish that
   you had not. There is more,
   but it is shrouded in darkness,
   and I can make no sense of it.
   I have never seen anything
   quite like this before.

[The fortune teller steps back, shaking her head]

   ...But what will I find?
   Myself, or the thing I was
   searching for on that day...?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++PART II: Recruiting Skelly++++++++++++++++++++++++

Isle of the Damned (Another)

   Oh man...!
   I don't know which
   bone is which...
   Ahh, I'll just connect

   (Okay, but don't blame me
   if you come out looking even
   weirder than you already do...
   Ah, well, at least he has a
   positive attitude.)

Hydra Marshes (Another)

   There's something on the ground.
   [Member] found
   Good Backbone.
   Now I remembah!
   I had really good
   It must've been from my
   grandma's upbringin'...
   That's right!
   I was raised by
   my grandma!
   I wonder how she's
   I bet she's worried sick...

   (Come to think of it, I
   wonder how Mom's doing? I've
   been gone for a while now...
   I hope she's okay.)

Water Dragon Isle (Another)

   I found this thing at the dried up
   waterfall. It's kinda creepy, so I'll
   give it to you for free!
   Oh, no thanks needed.

   (Aagh, more bones...but from
   the looks of it, I'd have to
   stuff them down his throat to
   get him to take them back.)

   Ahh, don't mention it.
   I have nothing to do with it now,
   so seeee yaaaa!!!

   [Member] was given
   Sturdy Ribs.
   Yeah, I had a pretty
   good physique.
   Did I ever tell ya
   I did acrobatics...?
   That's right!
   I used to be a clown
   in the circus!

   I could believe that.
   (Although I've never actually
   seen a circus, just heard
   about them... Is there even
   one in El Nido?)

[Variable location]

   The foot bone's connected
   to the leg bone...
   The leg bone's connected
   to the knee bone...

   No offense, but I think you
   should keep your day job.

   Alright, alright, I'll
   shut up...
   But seriously,
   thanks a lot guys.
   I'm finally in one piece now.
   I'm sure we'll meet again,
   somewhere, someday...
   One of these days, I'll
   return the favor.

   Um, okay. (I can't imagine
   what kind of help we could
   get from a skeleton clown,
   but okay--you never know.)

Skelly's House, Termina (Another)

   That clock hasn't moved
   for ages..?

[Skelly enters the house and pretty much runs across the floor
to where his grandma is sitting]

   I-I'm home!!!

   That voice...?
   Could that
   be you...?

   It's me,
   I've come back home!

   Ohh, Skelly...!
   Come over here and
   let me hug you!

[Skelly crouches down in front of her chair for a hug]



   Hmm? Skelly,
   why are you so thin?
   Haven't you been
   eating well?

   (You're kidding me--she can't
   tell?! Talk about being in
   denial... I mean, even if
   she's completely blind, she
   should be able to tell there's
   no skin between her fingers
   and his ribs...)

   Grandma, I don't know how
   to break this to you, but...

   It's alright, it's
   alright, Skelly.
   I'm just so happy
   that you are back.
   It must have been
   very hard on you.
   Don't leave again,


   Ohh, don't cry so much.
   My clothes are going
   to get all wet.

   (Um, he doesn't have eyes,
   so what's he crying with?

   ...On second thought, I'd
   rather not know.)

   I'm not crying because
   I'm sad. I'm crying
   because I'm so happy.
   You always told me,
   '"Don't hold back tears
   of joy."'



[If Serge tries to talk to them without
leaving the house first]

   Ahh, to have Skelly come
   back home to me...
   The gods must have
   answered my prayers...
   Ohh, I thank the heavens
   with all my soul...
   Could you leave me with
   grandma for a while...

   Sure--you guys must have a
   lot of catching up to do.
   (And it'll mean I have one
   less bit of Weird following
   me around. Skelly may be a
   great guy, but on top of
   Lynx and alternate dimensions
   and the Frozen Flame, he's
   a bit more than I can deal
   with right now.)


[After Serge leaves then returns]

   Nyak-nyak-nyak! Thanks man!
   Thanks to you guys, I can
   hang with grandma again.
   Ask me if there's anythin'
   I can help ya with!
   ~~~Please                       |    ~~~Not now

Serge:                             | Serge:
   Well, we could use another      |    We appreciate the offer--
   person to help with monsters    |    maybe later, okay? (Sorry,
   and such. (And Skelly is        |    Skelly, but I need every bit
   strange enough that just        |    of normality I can get right
   having him there may confuse    |    now.)
   some monsters into running      |
   away!)                          | Skelly:
                                   |    Alright.
[System]                           |    Come back when ya need me!
   Skelly became the life of your  |
   party!                          |
[Skelly joins, etc.]               |

That's all for today, folks. The next post will probably consist of the Viper Manor /
Luccia's Recruitment sidequest material (~350 lines to date, and I haven't even gotten
as far as Luccia yet!), and possibly the Leena and Leena Scope Out Guys scene. I don't know
when it will be ready, though--this damned cold has me all messed up...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on October 20, 2009, 11:28:49 pm
Very interesting--I dunno how all this Guile/Magus stuff will play out, but I'm intrigued. One minor error though:
   So it appears. I awoke a short
   time ago under a tree not far
   from here. I have no idea who
   I am, how I got there, or even
   where this place is. All I know
   is that I am searching for
Should be "nor", right? It's an arbitrary error, so whatever. Good stuff, keep it coming!
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on October 21, 2009, 09:26:01 pm
Yes, looking at it, it probably should be "nor". I'll correct the master copy.

I'm not entirely sure where the Magus/Guile thing is going to end up going either, but one of the things that frustrates me about Chrono Cross is that there are often these great gaping holes where there should be character interaction and backstory. I'd like to plug some of those holes, and am trying not to create new ones. (Right now, I'm trying to deal with a scene that started as Nikki asking Luccia about Marcy, and has since expanded into dealing with how Zelbess died and why Viper and Fargo had that falling-out. Damned thing keeps taking on a life of its own. I just hope I can keep it to a reasonable size--this is supposed to be a script for a game, not a movie!)
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on October 21, 2009, 10:10:59 pm
I just hope I can keep it to a reasonable size--this is supposed to be a script for a game, not a movie!)
Maybe both, if we're lucky--but you didn't hear that from me!

Anyhow, I agree that there were many missed opportunities in Chrono Cross, especially for character development. And at times we were often left with minimal development and very limited interactions. With so many characters and so many different agendas, you'd expect more interaction and bickering, but instead you get virtually nothing. I like the fact that you're not just using this as an excuse to inject Magus into the CC environment; instead you're using Guile to reveal aspects of Magus to us (and Magus) and you're shedding more light on Guile through Magus. I think you're doing a great job filling in what CC created. I can't wait for the next bit.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on October 25, 2009, 08:45:32 pm
Maybe both, if we're lucky--but you didn't hear that from me!

Did you say something, mav? (

Seriously, though, I gave my permission for people to use this thing, and I meant it.


Oy vey... I did not expect to end up doing 850 lines' worth of Viper Manor, but
between Magus and Luccia and Nikki, things kind of got a bit out of hand...

Anyway, before I begin, a few notes on accents: I've assigned Zelbess the same accent as
Irenes has, which is sort of based on a German accent, but I've toned it down somewhat by
cutting the number of meaningless umlauts. Specifically, Zelbess uses T for unvoiced TH,
D for voiced TH, but a-umlaut only where an English word has an A representing the sound
corresponding to the German a-umlaut (essentially, short e, like the vowel in bet), and
o- and u-umlaut not at all.

I also kept Luccia's accent, which seems to be loosely based on Russian. She uses V for
W and D for voiced TH, but leaves unvoiced TH untouched, and makes a few specific word
substitutions ("wot" for "what", "vone" for "one). It's possible that there are other
substitutions that would be appropriate, but I have only the vaguest idea of what a
real Russian accent sounds like. I just hope she isn't too hard to understand, because
she does a lot of talking here.

(Yeah, I took a couple of years of German back when I was a student, and have done
some reading on linguistics. What's your point? (

++++++++++++++++++PART III: Back at Viper Manor, and Recruiting Luccia++++++++++++++
Mess Hall, Viper Manor (Another)

   Now where did that
   slacker go? Can't let
   him outta my sight...

   Slacker? You mean the
   dishwasher? (Come to
   think of it, wasn't he
   acting suspicious when we
   were here before? Or am I
   getting him confused with
   someone else?)
Luccia's Lab, Viper Manor (Another)

[Assuming that they come here before going up to the roof.
The "dishwasher" is in the cage trap that connects to the
treasure room.]

   Luccia isn't here.
   She might be on the
   roof terrace.

   More importantly...
   Could you let me
   out of here?

   Um, okay, I guess. (Mind you,
   I don't know why he's in here,
   but I wouldn't even leave Lynx
   in Luccia's trap. I mean, who
   knows what she might do to him?)

[Serge opens the door to the cage, and the dishwasher steps out and
starts heading for the door, but he stops and turns before getting all
the way there.]

   Hah haha ha...
   I'm still new around here.
   So, I got lost and ended up
   in here by mistake.
   Don't worry. I wasn't snooping
   around or anything...

Nikki:                       | Guile:
   Sure, man--it isn't our   |    What you were doing is
   problem even if you were. |    none of our concern.

   (I'm glad I let him out.
   I hope he robs Viper blind.)

   Well, take care.
Riddel's Room, Viper Manor (Another)

   Oh my goodness...
   That night...
   You are the ones who...


[If Kid is in the group]

   Yeah, that would be us.

   You...shielded me with your
   own body...

   Eheheh... Pretty stupid thing
   for me to do, really, but all's
   well that ends well, right? Ya
   doin' okay?

   I am...still a bit shaken,
   but otherwise well.

[Kid nods]

   Stay away from that Lynx from
   now on, ya hear me? He's bad


[If Kid is not in the group, Glenn must be, so...]

   Glenn, I had thought you
   would be on your way to Fort
   Dragonia by now.

   The only boat I could find
   belongs to these people, and
   they wished to make a detour.
   However, I am confident that
   we will soon be on our way
   to the fort.


   I had not expected to see
   any of you here again.

   We were hoping to find some
   clues about Lynx. He...did
   go with the general, right?
   (Urgh, this would be such a
   great time to find out that
   he came back here and we
   have to deal with him before
   we've had a chance to

   Despite what happened that
   night, my father refused to
   part from him. They did
   indeed leave together.

   For Fort Dragonia.

   Yes. I scarcely dare hope...
   Do you think you will be
   able to talk some sense into
   my father? Ever since Lynx
   appeared, he has been...

[Riddel bows her head]

Glenn:             | Nikki:                   | Guile:                        | Kid:
   Miss Riddell... |    I hate to disappoint  |    That is not our intended   |   Like I said,
                   |    a pretty girl, but... |    task, although the nature  |   Lynx is bad
                   |                          |    of Lynx's hold over Viper  |   news.
                   |                          |    is certainly mysterious... |

   We'll try if we get a chance,
   but I doubt your father is
   going to be all that interested
   in talking. (I can't believe
   I'm being this nice to the
   daughter of a guy who wanted me
   dead...but none of that was
   Riddel's fault.)

   I understand, and am glad you
   are even willing to make the

   There is not a single
   thing I can do...
   except pray for
   their safety.

Library, Viper Manor (Another)

[Belthasar will not be here if Magus is in the party. If Guile isn't also with
them, nothing in particular will happen--the room will just be empty.]


[If Magus and Guile are both there, however...]

   Prophet! Are you here? There
   is someone to whom I would
   like to introduce you.

[Guile's head moves as he looks around the room.]

   How odd. I wonder if he has
   quarters somewhere else in the

[Guile turns to face the rest of the party]

   My apologies, Magus. The old
   man has a quality about him
   that somehow reminds me of you,
   and I had thought he might be
   a countryman.

   ...There is the scent of magic
   about this place. I caught a
   hint of it on the lower floors
   of the building, but it is very
   strong here.

   The old man did show us a kind
   of illusion when we were here

[Magus walks around the room, stopping a couple of times to
look at stuff. He ends up in front of the desk. The others
watch him.]

   There are a number of residues
   here, but the strongest seems
   to belong to some sort of
   detection spell. Whoever cast
   it wished to be warned of the
   approach of a specific person.

[He turns to face the others again.]

   I think this "Prophet" of
   yours may be missing because
   he doesn't want to meet me.

   Wha'? But he doesn't even know

   We don't know that. He might
   have reason to fear me, or
   he might not wish me to
   regain my memory...or this
   might all be a simple mistake.

   (He's pretty relaxed about all
   this--more than I would be--but
   I suppose he's had practice.)

   My apologies. This time, I
   truly thought that--

   You may indeed have found
   something of use. I will have
   to return here when time
   permits, and take precautions
   not to alert this "Prophet"
   before I can question him.
   If he truly holds a clue to
   what I have lost, I will
   NOT let it slip through my

   (I take it back--the expression
   on his face right now is scary.
   I sure wouldn't want to be that
   Prophet guy when Magus does
   catch up with him.)

   We've wasted enough time here.
   Let's go.


[If Magus isn't in the party, the Prophet will be in the room, and
we get the normal set of interactions.]

   General Viper has headed
   for Fort Dragonia
   to the southeast.
   The 4 Devas and most
   of the dragoons have
   accompanied him.

   I guess that explains why
   it's so quiet here...


[I think this is what you get if you speak to him a
second time.]

   It will be quite
   difficult facing the
   Porre military here.

   So Porre will be coming here?
   (That's weird--I thought the
   General worked for them.)

   I believe so. The Porreans
   are among the many people
   interested in the Frozen
   Flame. If they knew more
   about it, they might not
   be so eager...

Neo Epoch Room, Viper Manor (Another)

[If Magus is present, he does a double-take upon first entering the room.]


[He walks up to the Neo Epoch and touches its side]

   This is...

[For a moment, nothing more happens. Then--]

Serge: what?

   I'm...not certain, but I think
   I may once have been familiar
   with a similar machine. A
   larger one. But where and when,
   what it was called, what it
   was used for, and who built
   it...all of that seems to be
   lost along with the rest.

   I'm sorry.

   I don't want your pity, boy.

[He looks at the Neo Epoch again]

   Whoever placed this here may
   have some of the answers I
   seek. One way or the other,
   I WILL learn who I am.


[If Magus is not there, Nikki automatically is, so...]

   What is this? Some kind
   of transport? I wish I
   could show this to Miki--
   there has to be a way we
   could use one of these in
   a show.

Roof Terrace, Viper Manor (Another)

[When they arrive on the roof, Luccia is bent over, staring into the pondlet]

   Dat Lynx! His little fight
   vith those children damaged
   my experimental subject! I
   vill have to start over.
   Perhaps I vill program de
   next one vith an aversion
   to cats!

   Um... If we damaged anything
   important when we were up
   here before, we're sorry.
   (I just hope she doesn't want
   one of us to fix her whatever-

[Luccia looks up and notices them for the first time]

   No, no, I do not blame you.
   It is Lynx's fault entirely.
   If only HomoSap flowers
   vere not so delicate, I
   could have kept it safe in
   a cage... But you did not
   come here to speak of dis.
   If you vish to converse, I
   vill be in my lab.

[She walks away. Serge looks down at the pond and scratches the back of his head.]

   (...It just looks like an
   ordinary flower to me.)

Luccia's Lab, Viper Manor (Another)

[If they didn't visit the lab before finding Luccia on the rooftop, the "dishwasher"
won't have been let out of his cage. I'm too lazy to go and dredge for video reference,
but I assume Luccia lets him out near the beginning of this scenelet.]

   Vot are you doing?
   Hah haha ha...
   I'm still new around here.
   So, I got lost and ended up
   in here by mistake.
   Don't worry. I wasn't snooping
   around or anything...

   Well, take care.

   (I hope he realizes he wasn't
   being very convincing. I
   wonder why he's really


[If they did let the dishwasher out before, the scene begins at this point.]

   Vot is it you vant?


[If Nikki is in the party...]

   I'd like to talk to you
   about Marcy.

   Marcy? Vot is your interest
   in the child?

   I think she's my sister.

   Sister? Ah, then you vould
   be Nikki.

   How did you know? Marcy
   doesn't even remember me.

   I have not spoken vith Marcy
   of her family. Indeed, I have
   barely spoken to her at all.
   Your mother felt it best dat
   she not know I had an interest,
   after vot happened. It might
   have...attracted attention.

   (That's weird--if no one's
   supposed to know Luccia has
   anything to do with Marcy,
   why did the Prophet send Nikki
   to her? How did he know?)

   You knew my parents, then.

   I knew Zelbess, your modder,
   and dat all too briefly. Your
   fadder, I have never met.

   I don't remember him very
   well myself--just impressions.
   He was a big man, with a
   booming laugh, and the bluest
   eyes I've ever seen.

   Dat matches de descriptions
   I have heard, yes.

   I'm getting sidetracked here.
   Tell me about Marcy.

   Do you know...vot happened
   to your modder?

[Nikki shakes his head.]

   No one would tell me much.
   She was kidnapped, I think,
   she and the baby, and my
   father left to look for
   them...and never came back.

   She vas taken by Porre. Dey
   considered the opportunity
   to study a half-demi-human
   child invaluable. Viper tried
   to protect your family, but
   he failed.

Leena:                        | Kid:                    | Glenn:
   "Half-demi-human"? Are you |   Whaddaya mean, "half- |    "Half-demi-human"? You cannot
   saying that Nikki is...?   |   demi-human"?          |    possibly mean...?!

   Yeah, my mother was a mermaid.
   It never made much difference
   to me--I swim really well,
   that's all. But I usually don't
   tell people about it. It makes
   them look at me funny, and
   that's Not Cool, you know?

   So what happened? Zelbess got
   captured by Porre, and then...?

   She vas taken to a lab on the
   mainland. Dat is vhere I met
   her. I vas barely out of
   school den, and Zelbess...
   she befriended me. She vas
   a varm soul. I sent a message
   to General Viper for her, but
   after dat, everything vent

[The scene fades out, then back in again. We are now in that mainland laboratory
Luccia mentioned, a grey room full of cages. Zelbess (really Irenes' model with
a different surface texture) is slumped in the centermost one; the others are empty.
After a moment, Viper and Luccia enter the screen, heading for Zelbess' cage.]

   I am surprised that they let
   you get a message to me.

   The demi-human herself is
   of little interest to de
   scientific community. It is
   her daughter my superiors
   vish to study.

   Little Marcy...

[They arrive at Zelbess's cage.]

   Zelbess... Zelbess, can you
   hear me? It's Viper--I'm here
   to get you out.

[Zelbess raises her head slowly]

   V-viper? Luccia? Oh...

[Luccia opens the cage]

   Come. Ve have little time.

   I will not leave wit'out

   She is under guard--if ve go
   after her, ve vill be caught!

   Den go. I'll do dis alone.

   WE'LL do this. I mean, I know
   if it were Riddel, I would...

[Viper flushes and looks away.]

   T'ank you for helping me,
   Luccia. You have done more
   dan I had däred hope.

[Luccia shakes her head]

   Very vell. I vill show you
   vhere Marcy is, since you
   seem villing to stand here
   arguing until the guards come
   if I do not. You are a fool,

   All pärents are foolish, I

[The scene fades out again.]

Luccia: [while the screen is black]
   Viper vas able to decoy
   the guards avay from Marcy
   for a short time, and
   so ve vere able to take her,
   but de alarm vas raised
   soon aftervard.

[Fade in--this time, we're in a nearly featureless grey corridor where the lighting
is flashing ominously red. Zelbess, with a bundle in her arms, is fleeing along it
toward an intersection at the far end, with Luccia bringing up the rear.]

   ...Nearly dere... Ve
   need to turn right...


[Zelbess reaches the intersection and turns to the right, but before she can proceed
along the intersecting corridor, we hear the sound of a gunshot, and her body jerks.
She collapses to the ground, still holding Marcy. Luccia skids to a stop practically right
on top of her as Grobyc enters from the left-hand corridor.]

???: [Grobyc, but we don't know that yet]

   You are my brodder's...
   Vho gave the order to
   deploy you? You are not
   complete yet!

???: [Grobyc]


[Luccia bends down and picks up the baby. Grobyc aims a weapon at her.]

   Put dat down, you stupid
   meat-robot! You did not even
   shoot de right person! Dis
   child is a decoy--de merwoman's
   true offspring is probably
   miles from here by now!

???: [Grobyc]

[Grobyc shakes his head spastically, staggers from one side of the hallway to the
other, and then sits down in the middle of the floor with his head sagging against
his chest.]

   Dey vill need a more robust
   logic routine for dat one,
   I see...


   Hush, little vone. You vill
   be back vith your fadder soon.

[Norris enters from the far end of the left corridor and stops dead. (If Marcy is around
a year old, Norris would be about eighteen, so the timing is just barely possible.)]

   What happened here?

   My brodder's fool machine
   shot de mermaid vithout first
   checking to see if she vas
   carrying de right baby!

[Norris shakes his head.]

   I thought that maybe it wasn't
   a very good idea to use that...
   creature...but I'm too junior
   to argue with my orders. You
   say this is the wrong infant?

   Does she look part mermaid to

[The scene fades out once more, and we are returned to Luccia's lab at Viper Manor.]

   Vith Viper's support, I vas
   able to make de lie stick, but
   I vas no longer velcome in
   Porre. Viper invited me to
   El Nido, and Marcy has grown up
   here at the mansion.

   But my father--

   He vent a bit mad after he heard
   Zelbess vas dead. He turned my
   lie back on me, said Marcy vas
   not his child, argued vith Viper
   about it, and left the manor. I
   do not know vot happened to
   him after dat.

Kid:                            | Glenn:
   And let me guess--ya haven't |    If Marcy knows any of this,
   told Marcy any of this,      |    she must hate her real father.
   have ya?                     |    She all but worships General
                                |    Viper.

   I thought it best dat she
   not know. Porre may still
   be interested in her, and
   dis makes it less likely
   dat dey will find her.

   (But I bet no one's thought
   much about how Marcy feels
   about not knowing. Poor kid.
   She probably makes up stories
   about what happened to her
   family, the way I did about
   Dad after he disappeared...)

   So you let her think she was
   abandoned?! I... I...

[Nikki is shaking as he speaks.]

   I don't know what to say to
   you. I just don't. You saved
   Marcy's life, but then you
   pulled something like this...

Leena:                            | Kid:                     | Glenn:
   Nikki... You can't undo what's |    Let it go, mate. Keep |    Luccia's actions have
   already happened, but so long  |    tryin' to talk to yer |    not been entirely
   as you and Marcy are both      |    sister--that's all    |    honourable, but harming
   alive, there's a chance you'll |    ya can do.            |    her will not help Marcy.
   be able to patch something     |                          |
   together, right?               |                          |

   I suppose you're right...
   but it's going to be a
   while before I stop being
   pissed off about this.


[Urgh, that took forever! Anyway, moving right along, if Nikki is not in the
party or the above lengthy expository scene has already taken place, the
following occurs...]

   ~~~We could use your help.    | ~~~Um, nothing. Sorry
   Would you like to join us?    | to bother you.
Luccia:                          | Luccia:
   Sigh...                       |    Dä... I guess I should
   Vith my HomoSap experiment    |    get out more often and
   so badly damaged, I really    |    gather research material.
   do not have any research
   I can do here. I guess        | Luccia:
   the time is right.            |   
Vith my poor HomoSap too
                                 |    traumatized to bloom, dere
Luccia:                          |   
is little for me to do here.
   I am sure I can find some     |
   interesting research material |
   if I tag along vith you.      |
Luccia:                          |
   I vill join you.              |
   Ooh hoho hoho!                |
 [System]                        |
   Luccia assimilated into your  |
   party.                        |

And that's all for this time, folks. Still to come: Leena and Leena discussing the merits of
the male PCs, Glenn's trophy-related flashback, infodumping shamans, and some miscellaneous
odds and ends.

Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on October 26, 2009, 07:35:51 pm
And that's all for this time, folks. Still to come: Leena and Leena discussing the merits of
the male PCs, Glenn's trophy-related flashback, infodumping shamans, and some miscellaneous
odds and ends.

It's great how the Leenas can meet each other and not completely explode. Instead, they insult Serge.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on October 27, 2009, 07:32:31 pm
Heh. They're not going to spare the feelings of any of the other male PCs either (and Another World Leena is going to chew up a few males who haven't yet joined the party, too). Fortunately, they're going to go off alone to do it--otherwise, I'd have to write the scenelet where Magus blows up the dock to shut them up. :lol:
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Well, there's a bit less stuff this time, but Leena still got awfully talkative...

+++++++++++++++PART IV: A Tale of Two Leenas+++++++++++++++++++++

Cape Howl (Home)

[I assume this is what happens if you go to look at the gravestone
with Leena in your party and she sees that, in this world, it isn't
Serge's--I've never actually recruited Leena, so I don't know for sure.]

   You really are
   Serge, aren't you...?

   So you believe me now?

   I guess I have to. The
   evidence is right in front
   of me.

   (About time.)

   You're alive in this world,
   living a normal life with me.

   (With the other her, anyway...
   although there really isn't
   much difference between them
   that I can see.)

   But in the other world,'re dead...
   And I'm living a different
   life without you...

   It can't be that different.

   How do you know?

   Because you're too much like...
   the other you. (Aack, it's
   impossible to talk about this
   in a way that makes sense!
   My head feels like it's about
   to explode!)

   That's strange. I mean, you
   and the other me are friends,
   right? I would have thought
   that that would be important
   enough to affect me somehow.
   Then again, you wouldn't know
   that there was any difference
   between the two worlds just
   from looking at the sea or
   the sky... They look the

   Yeah, I guess they do. One
   fisherman more or less
   wouldn't be enough to
   affect something that big.

   So tell me, Serge.
   How's it going with
   the me in this world?


   Have we kissed yet?

   Kissed?! (Why is that the
   kind of thing girls always
   want to know about?)

   Well? Well?

   Come on!
   Tell me!

   We're just good friends.

Arni (Home)

[In the interest of keeping track of who's who, I'm going to label
the Leena from Home World LeenaH, and the one from Another World
who's been travelling around with Serge, LeenaA. It might be a little
harder to follow the dialog in the actual game, although I never remember
getting confused when Norris was talking to Norris... Anyway, Serge and
Co. speak to LeenaH, who is still at the end of the dock, with LeenaA
in the party.]

   Serge, where have you been?!
   Your mother's been worried
   about you--

[She turns her head and sees LeenaA.]

   You' Is this some
   kind of joke?!

   I wondered that too, at
   first, but everything that's
   been happening is just too
   weird to be funny.

   Weird? You mean like Serge
   disappearing RIGHT IN FRONT
   OF ME and staying gone for
   days on end, and then walking
   up to me and saying "Hi" like
   nothing much happened?

   Whoa, there, it isn't like I
   MEANT to disappear, okay? And
   there's been a lot going on--

   A lot of WHAT?! Nothing's
   changed here except for you
   being missing, so where were
   you that had "a lot going on"?

   It's...kinda complicated...
   (Man, I know she just does it
   because she worries about me,
   but I get awfully tired of the
   yelling sometimes...)

   If it makes you feel any
   better, I was with Serge just
   about the whole time he was
   away, and he wasn't goofing
   off or hiding just to annoy
   you. Not even close.

   He was with YOU? Oh, that's
   just great. Serge is mine, you
   hear me?!

   (Damn, they're going to fight
   over me, aren't they? I can
   just see them each grabbing one
   arm and pulling until I come
   apart in the center like those
   straw dolls Leena had when we
   were kids...)

   Serge, I thought you said the
   two of you were just good

   Um... As far as I'm concerned,
   we are. Leena might have other
   ideas, though.

   So you're dumping me now, is
   that it?!

Kid:                          | Glenn:
   Ya know, ya might just get |    Please permit us to
   some answers if ya'd SHUT  |    explain...
   UP for a sec.              |

[LeenaH looks at Serge, then at LeenaA, then back at whoever spoke.]

   Okay, but this had better
   be good!

   Well, it happened kind of
   like this...

[Scene fades out, then back in again (to represent time passing) while Serge
waves his arms expressively.]

   ...So that's about where
   we're at now.

[LeenaH looks at LeenaA again.]

   So you really ARE me.

   More or less, anyway. Say,
   would you mind showing me
   around? This Arni's GOT to
   be different from mine, and
   I'm curious to see exactly

   You haven't asked Serge
   about it?

   I have, but Serge is a
   GUY--he doesn't pay attention
   to the right kinds of things.
   And besides, he doesn't seem
   to like to talk much.

   (Is it really my fault if I
   think it's safer to keep my
   mouth shut than open it and
   get my ears blistered?)

   Well, okay, then--let's go.
   Although I don't know how
   interesting you're really
   going to find this.

[The two of them depart together, leaving the rest of the party staring after

Guile: [if present]
   ...The ways of women are
   perhaps more mysterious than
   anything else in this world.

Nikki:                   | Kid:
   So what do we do now? |    So they think we're just
                         |    gonna stay here while they
                         |    wander around?

   Why don't we go to my place and
   have a rest? I'm sure they'll
   find us there eventually.

[The scene fades as they walk away, and we're taken to the inside of the hut
where LeenaH lives, just as the two Leenas enter.]

   That was...kind of weird. So
   many little things that aren't
   quite right, like the Records
   of Fate...

   Do you mean that they still
   work in your world?

   Exactly... Come to think of it,
   a lot of the things that are
   different here...

LeenaH: your world, the Records
   of Fate told people to do stuff

   Pretty much.

   So anyway, about Serge...


   He hasn't...come on to you,
   has he?

[LeenaA shakes a bit, as though she's laughing.]

   Oh, no, no, and even if he had,
   I wouldn't have encouraged him.
   I mean, he's a sweet guy, but
   at first I thought he was a bit
   crazy, you know? This total
   stranger, babbling about knowing

   I guess I can understand that.
   He's a bit of a wuss, too--he
   barely argues with me even
   when I ask him for something
   completely unreasonable.

   Um, do you...have anyone?

   A boyfriend, you mean? No,
   there's no one in my Arni that
   I'm interested in. One of the
   reasons I went to Termina with
   Serge was that I was hoping to
   have a chance to meet some
   people, but so far all the
   boys we've come across have
   been losers.

   Seems to me that there was an
   okay-looking guy or two with
   you when you got here.

   Okay-LOOKING, maybe, but once
   you get to know them, their
   personalities are kinda...


   Well, which one would YOU go
   out with? If Serge wasn't
   around, I mean.

[The following short segments are used only if the PC being discussed has been recruited]


   Well, there's...Guile,
   wasn't it?

   I'm not even sure Guile is
   all that good-looking. I mean,
   who knows what he's hiding
   under that mask? He might
   have scars, or--

   (Giggle) Or no eyebrows, or

   Or something. And he's a
   drunk, and a mystery fanatic,
   and... I just had a horrible

   What? Tell me, tell me!

[BTW, don't take the next couple of lines too seriously--they do not reflect
my real beliefs about the characters, or my future plans for them, but they did
strike me as the sort of silly idea that Leena x 2 might come up with.]

   Well, with the way Guile
   dresses... I wonder if he's
   interested in women at all.

   I see what you mean--it's
   kind of flamboyant, isn't it?
   And it shows off his chest.
   Do you think he's in love with

   It would sure explain a lot,
   but I can't see ANYONE being
   in love with Magus. I mean,
   okay, there's something about
   him that draws your attention,
   but, well, brrr.

[She shudders theatrically]

   Yeah, I'll say. Most of the time
   that Serge was talking, he was
   staring at the horizon, but he
   did turn around for a few
   seconds, and it felt like he was
   staring right through me. He IS
   good-looking in a weird kind of
   way, but I can't imagine having
   him for a boyfriend. It feels
   like that kind of attention
   would just slide off him.

   We don't have a place in
   whatever world he lives in--
   and I think that's probably a
   good thing.


   I thought Nikki was kind of

   He's got a good singing voice,
   too...although it didn't
   impress that monster he was
   serenading when we met.

   He was singing to a monster?!

   Yup, he seemed to think he
   could convince it to get out
   of his way.

   I guess that means he isn't
   all that bright.

   Yeah, but that isn't the real
   problem. He's also got this
   total sister complex...

   Oh--cross him off the list,
   then. Guys like that are
   never quite... Well, you

   Yeah, I do.


   How about Glenn?


[LeenaA shakes her head]

   Glenn is supposed to be three
   years older than Serge, but he
   doesn't FEEL any older, if you
   know what I mean. It's like he
   doesn't want to grow up. And
   besides, he's an Acacia

   I thought they were the bad

   Exactly--so dating Glenn isn't
   going to happen, and it wouldn't
   even if he didn't hang his sword
   straight down between his legs
   like he's trying to compensate
   for something.


   I guess that leaves Skelly...

   You're kidding me, right?


[End of optional-sectiony things]

   Didn't you meet even one decent
   guy anywhere? One that didn't
   join up with you?

   Hmmm, let me see... Korcha's
   too young, a loser, and fixated
   on Kid, Lynx is a demi-human
   and Really Evil...

   What about the dragoons?

   Most of them are sort of
   interchangeable, except maybe
   the Devas. I don't want a guy
   that doesn't stand out.

   Well, what about the Devas,
   then? Karsh and...Zoah, I
   think it was.

   Karsh has a thing for Riddel,
   General Viper's daughter--I
   could tell that just by
   looking at him when she was
   around. I don't think I
   could pry him away with a

   You really have been having
   rotten luck, haven't you?
   And Zoah?

   Zoah...not a chance. I mean,
   he has a nice body--you can
   tell, since he barely wears
   any clothes--but he hides
   his face under a helmet.

   Hides his face...I wonder

   Probably he's got hideous
   scars or something.

   You know, you almost sound
   like you WANT him to be that
   way. On the inside, he might
   be quite a sensitive guy.

   Bet you wouldn't say that if
   you ever met him. Say, why
   don't you come with us? It
   would be great to have
   someone around to talk to.

[LeenaH shakes her head]

   I'd take you up on that if I
   could, but Grandma needs me
   here. She isn't well, you know.

   She's worse here than she is
   in my world, then. Drat.

   ...You know, Serge is probably
   missing me by now.

   Yeah, knowing him, he probably
   is. Sometimes he's too much of
   a nice guy for his own good.

   Hey! What do you mean by that?

   Oops, sorry, I didn't mean it
   that way. Honestly. I mean,
   it's natural that Serge would
   be interested in you, since
   you're me.

   ...Serge always looked to me
   like he was more interested
   in Kid.

   Kid? You mean the girl in

   That's her.

   My true rival has appeared.

[LeenaA turns to stare at her.]

   You...really do like Serge,
   don't you?

   Given the alternatives, can
   you blame me?

[Both of them shake with laughter as the scene fades out and we're taken to
Serge's room the next morning.]


[If Leena was never recruited and the party speaks to Home World's
Leena, the conversation is much shorter...]

   Where have you been!?
   You had me worried sick!


   That disappearing trick wasn't
   very funny, you know! What did
   you think you were doing?!


   Don't you DARE ever put me
   through anything like that

Kid:                           | Nikki:
   Say, mate, does this sheila |    Serge, I keep telling you,
   ever let ya get a word in   |    you need to learn how to
   edgewise?                   |    treat girls.
Serge:                         | Serge:
   She winds down eventually.  |    Give me a break, Nikki.
   (Sometimes she even does it |    (It isn't like Leena's a
   before I go completely      |    normal girl. She's...well,
   deaf.)                      |    I'm not really sure WHAT
                               |    she is, but not normal.)

   Hmph. If that's how you're
   going to be, I'm not speaking
   to you for the rest of today.

   (I wonder if she'd extend that
   a bit if I told her I'm actually
   going to enjoy the peace and

And that's all for this time, folks! One more side-stuff segment before we finally get to the
next chapter...

Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on November 06, 2009, 11:01:14 pm
Hahahaha, oh man, the conversation between the Leenas was hilarious; I could definitely see that happening. Those were two pretty solid stories. I gotta say that the humorous segments are working out perfectly. The only typo I noticed was by Glenn in the Recruiting Luccia segment.
   Miss Riddell...
And maybe another one:
   You are my brodder's...
   Vho gave the order to
   deploy you? You are not
   complete yet!
I don't know how that'd be pronounced. I know what you meant, but since wh makes an h sound, the v shouldn't replace the w, right?

Fantastic work. I'll try to stop by more often to give you more feedback.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on November 07, 2009, 08:20:38 pm
@mav: With the Leena conversation, I was trying to recapture a bit of the mood from the
slideshow ending from CT. I think I got that at least mostly right.

Thanks for pointing out the typos. I think Luccia's line is going to become "Vhat fool gave de
order..." Because of the very problem you mentioned, I was bending over backwards not to use the
word "who" in her dialogue, but I guess I missed that one.

(Edit: Upon looking back over the text, I discovered that Luccia's speech is riddled with little
errors where I failed to apply her accent consistently. Arrgh...)
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on November 14, 2009, 08:51:27 pm
So here we have the last section of the early-game-optional-stuff. I have no idea where the
Zippa/Zappa chunk came from, except that it struck me as a bit odd that Serge wouldn't react
to finding out that the two of them are Karsh's I figured I would take the
opportunity to toss in some foreshadowing.

[I was going to put the flashback involving Glenn, Dario,
Karsh, and the trophies here, but after re-reading it, I
decided there really wasn't much I could do to improve on
the original, and there's no point in copying the entire
thing verbatim from the CC script.]


+++++++++PART VI: Chasing Rainbows...++++++++++
Zappa's Smithy, Termina (Another)

   Do ye know about this?
   There is an amazin' material
   called the '"rainbow,"'
   that can be forged into
   very fine items.
   When we were young, we went
   out to search for ourselves,
   but never found it...
   We've stopped searchin'
   when Karsh was born.
   Children are far more valuable
   than any treasure, ye know.
   But that man hasn't been shut
   down yet. Who knows when he
   might yell out that he's goin'
   back on his search.

   Whoa, wait a second here!
   KARSH?! You're HIS parents?!

[Zappa looks up from his forge]

   Aye, that we are. Why're ye
   so surprised?

   Um, it's just that he doesn't
   look anything like either of
   you. (I can't tell them that
   it's because they seem way
   too nice to have that crazy
   axe-waving bastard for a

   Heh, ye've met him, ah take
   it. Truth is, he looks like
   Zippa did when she was a
   lass--her hair was that same
   shade of purple when ah
   began a-courtin' her.

   Aye, and flattered ah was to
   have the attention of one
   of the Four Devas, e'en if
   he was a big lunk built like
   an anvil.

[Both of them laugh.]

   You were a Deva? (This is
   getting weirder and weirder.)

   Aye, back in the day, 'twas
   Viper, Garai, Radius, and me
   that made up the group. That
   was afore ah lost my eye in
   the wars on the continent.

   We were right proud when Karsh
   managed to follow in his old
   man's footsteps.

   (This guy...and Radius, too...
   I wonder how my world's Radius
   ended up in Arni, and why I
   haven't heard about any of this
   before now. So, them, and Viper,
   but...) Garai? I don't think
   I've heard of him...

   He was the best of us, but he's
   been dead now for many a year.

   And his son Dario vanished some
   few years ago, just afore he was
   to marry Lady Riddel. So

   I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
   bring back bad memories.

   'Tis nothin', lad. We're well
   over it now, although Karsh...
   well, the lad took Dario's death
   hard. They were friends, after

   Hmmm... (Karsh doesn't seem like
   the kind of guy to take ANYONE's
   death so hard he'd still be
   moping about it years later. I
   wonder what happened...?)


+++++++++++PART VII: Oh, Nikki, you're So Fine!+++++++++++

Magical Dreamers Ship, Termina (Another)

[This only happens if Nikki is in the party, of course]

   The concert's been postponed,
   Nikki's acting strange...
   I just want to pack up and
   hurry out of Termina, for
   crying out loud.

   Sorry 'bout that--something
   came up.

   Argh! Nikki, you idiot, where
   have you been?!

   Whoa, there! I can explain!

   Not until I'm done yelling
   at you!

[While Miki shakes her finger at Nikki and stomps her feet expressively, and Nikki
sort of hangs his head...]

   (I guess she's his version
   of Leena...)

[Miki finally winds down]

   Pant, pant... Don't you
   EVER do anything like that
   again! Do you have any
   idea how worried I've been?

   (Yup, definitely his Leena.)

   I'm sorry, okay? Sheesh.
   Anyway, I found her.

   You mean...?

   Yeah, Dragoon Deva Marcy
   really is my little sister.
   She doesn't want to believe
   it, though. Seems no one
   bothered to tell her that
   her family might still be

   Oh, Nikki...

   Hey, it's no big deal. I'll
   just have to keep trying.
   Sooner or later, she'll
   harmonize with me--she won't
   be able to resist.

   Well, you always were the
   optimist of this outfit. In
   your place, I'd probably--

   --have Marcy eating out of
   your hand already. It took
   you less than two days to
   pry me out of my shell,

   That was a long time ago.

   Yeah, when the Marbule
   chieftain handed me over to
   your father, we were about
   the same age Marcy is now...

[Miki shakes her head a bit.]

   Anyway, Nikki, are we FINALLY
   going to do this stupid gig?
   I'm getting really tired of

   Um, can you just...bear with
   me for a while longer? Things
   have gotten complicated, and
   I'm kind of hip-deep in
   centaurpedes right now...

   Why am I not surprised? Okay,
   we'll do things your way,
   since you're useless on stage
   when your heart's somewhere

   I'm sorry--I'll make it up
   to you.

   You still owe me three silk
   scarves and a pound of
   chocolates from the last time
   something like this happened...
   Oh, never mind. But Marcy had
   better get it through her head
   that she's got the best, most
   loving big brother in El Nido.

   And I have the best big sister
   in the world.


   (Whoa, didn't see that coming
   at all...)


PART VIII: Of Dragon's Tears and Bored Shamans

[Serge and the others enter the Dragon Shrine in Guldove. If they haven't been
here before (that is, if they followed anything other than the standard Save
Kid route through Chapter 9), some introductions will take place...]

Shrine Maiden:
   Welcome to the Dragon Shrine.
   I am Steena, a shaman
   serving Village Chief and
   High Priestess Direa.

   I'm Serge, from Arni.
   My friends and I have some
   questions for you.


[If they were here previously, Serge says...]

   I'm sorry to bother you both
   again, but I have some more
   questions. Oh, but first I
   should thank you. Because
   of what you told me, I was
   able to find some Hydra Humour
   and save my friend.

   It is our purpose to provide
   guidance to those in need of
   a path. We are happy that our
   advice brought about a positive
   outcome to your difficulty.


   What knowledge do you seek
   of us?

   I'd like to know about the
   Dragon Tear.

   The Dragon Tear... That is
   quite a long story.

   El Nido has long been called
   "'The Land Where the Dragons
   There are islands named
   after Dragons...and numerous
   Dragonian ruins and artifacts.
   You may have encountered
   some of these already.
   The most famous are the islands
   of the Sky Dragon, the Earth
   Dragon, and the Water Dragon.
   And the ancient ruin,
   '"Fort Dragonia,"'
   that lies to the east.
   Of the many Dragonian ruins,
   Fort Dragonia is one of the few
   that is still fully functional.

   (Fort Dragonia, where Lynx is...)
   What does that have to do with
   the Tear, though?

   The key to activate
   this ruin is the
   '"Dragon Tear"'...
   It was given to our ancestors
   by the extinct Dragonians as a
   symbol of our friendship.

   (Then if Lynx has the Dragon
   Tear... Oh, man, just what we
   need: more complications!)
   Um, I hate to ask this, but...
   why don't you still have it?

   It has been passed down
   through successive shamans,

   It was stolen and taken away
   from Guldove by an unknown
   Their intent is unknown, but
   if they plan to activate the
   ancient ruin, a great
   disaster shall come about.

   Our people have been
   searching for it, but...
   we have found no trace of it.

Kid: [if present]
   Lynx must've taken it!

   (It couldn't have been anyone
   other than Lynx, or Viper, or
   someone working for them. No
   one else would have any use for
   the thing that I can see,
   unless...) So the ONLY thing
   the Dragon Tear does is activate
   Fort Dragonia?

   If it has another use, it has
   not been passed down to us.

   In legends, the Tear is often
   confused with another artifact
   called the "Frozen Flame", but
   of that I know even less.


[If Kid is present...]

   The Frozen--! But Lynx said
   it was in the Sea of Eden!
   That bloody liar!

   Whoa, calm down! She just said
   that people get the two mixed
   up, not that this Tear thing
   IS the Frozen Flame!


[If Magus is also present...]

   What does this "Dragon Tear"
   look like?

   It has the form of a blue
   sphere with a complex inner
   structure. The sphere is
   half-covered by a thin shell,
   also blue, which rises to
   three points of differing

   Then it is not the Frozen

   Wha-- Wait just a sec, mate!
   Are ya sayin' you've SEEN the

   The Frozen Flame? I must admit
   to being somewhat uncertain of
   that. The image in my mind is
   blurred... I may merely be
   remembering a picture.

   Then it's from...before?

   More likely I read about it
   late some night and then
   forgot about it afterwards.

   So what does it look like?

   It is a flat object the size
   of a man's head, orange or
   red in colour, with a circular
   base from which several
   irregular wavy spines point
   up and out. Also, it is all
   of a piece, with no separate

   (Which makes the Dragon Tear
   the wrong color and the wrong
   shape. I'm not sure if that's
   good or not. Hey, wait a
   minute...!) Doesn't the Dragon
   Tear sound an awful lot like
   the thing Viper had on his
   desk when we snuck into the

   Now that ya mention it, mate,
   it sounds exactly like.

   Well, I guess that means there's
   no chance Lynx ISN'T headed for
   Fort Dragonia. (But why did I
   feel like the Tear was pulling
   at me?)


Kid:                            | Glenn:
   So what happens if Lynx      |    If I may ask--what are the
   uses this Tear and activates |    potential consequences if Lynx
   Fort Dragonia?               |    were to activate the fort?

   It would certainly bring
   disaster to this world...


   Nod... That is correct.
   This Dragonian ruin is a product
   of their '"crystal of wisdom."'
   Its power is unknown, yet much
   too powerful for any human.
   If the ruin were to be
   activated by chance, it would
   emit uncontrollable power...
   All would surely end in disaster.

   (Somehow, I don't think they're
   kidding. Oh, hell, how did I
   get mixed up in all this? But
   if...if it could be that bad,
   then someone has to stop Lynx
   and Viper. I just wish I could
   be sure we can pull it off.
   The fate of the world... That's
   a pretty big responsibility!)


[If Kid is present]

   Relax, mate. She'll be right,
   I tell ya! The world ain't
   gonna come apart just 'cause
   of that bastard Lynx, 'cause
   I ain't gonna let it!

   (I wish I were that confident.
   Hey, wait a sec...) How did
   you know that I was worried?

   We've been travellin'
   together...nearly a week now?
   And yer face is an easy one
   to read.

   ...Oh. (I still can't figure
   HER out at all.)


   You are right to be concerned.
   Since the Dragon Tear was
   stolen, we cannot deny that this
   threat may become a reality.

   Not if I can help it.

Kid:                             | Nikki:
   So we're still goin'? Beauty, |    Are you sure you really want
   mate. Not that I ever doubted |    to do this?
   ya.                           |
                                 | Serge:
Serge:                           |    Actually, I'm scared out of
   (I don't get it--why am I so  |    my mind, but I can't just
   pleased that she thinks I'm   |    wait around, either.
   doing the right thing?)       |

[Serge bows to Direa.]

   Thank you for taking the time
   to see us, ma'am.

   May your journey be blessed
   with the guidance of the 6 great
   Dragon Gods...

And that's all the sidestuff for now, folks! I'll be posting the Hermit's Hideaway chapter next.
(And I'm going to have to start working in alternative lines for Luccia and Skelly from now on.
And try to keep Magus from stealing the show again (at least until we hit the whole body-switch/
stabbing scene). Urgh.)
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And that's all the sidestuff for now, folks! I'll be posting the Hermit's Hideaway chapter next.
(And I'm going to have to start working in alternative lines for Luccia and Skelly from now on.
And try to keep Magus from stealing the show again (at least until we hit the whole body-switch/
stabbing scene). Urgh.)

If only Magus still had his memories, he'd completely own Lynx in Fort Dragonia. (also I hated that level, but it had good music)
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Post by: alfadorredux on November 15, 2009, 08:27:20 pm
A Magus with his abilities intact would be able to take out Lynx with a single Dark Matter, yes. (Even in his amnesiac state, he's probably going to try something like that, although all I have for that scene is a very early draft that's going to have to be changed to make it work with the script as it now stands.) He'd also completely unbalance the early game, though, so he isn't getting his entire memory back until quite late.
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This was a relatively short chapter in which Glenn, rather than Magus, came close
to stealing the limelight. Damn characters, can't control them, can't have a
story without them... ;P

Hermit's Hideaway - Meeting with the 'other' swordsman...

Recruits: At this point, the player will have one of three core groups of
        PCs, depending on the path that was taken through chapter 9--
                plus any or all of the three available optional characters (Leena,
        Luccia, Skelly).

[Reconstructing this was a pain--several lines used in the versions of these
scenes where Glenn is not present are missing from this part of the
Compendium's version of the script (they're in the raw text dumps at the end,
but don't show up in the section marked out for the chapter or in the
Lost Lines section--they're just kind of in limbo). I think I've found
all the missing bits, though, thanks to YouTube and the people who've posted
Cross playthroughs there.]

Hermit's Hideaway (Another)

[The party arrives on the island, only to find it...somewhat
charred around the edges.]

| Luccia:                              | Kid:
   What on earth happened!?
|    Dere is evidence of combustion... |    Arrgh, that Lynx! Looks
   Could Lynx have done     
|    Vhat happened here? Did Lynx      |    like the bastard really
|    arrive before us?                 |    didn't want us to talk
|                                      |    to this ex-dragoon guy.
   Zat'z correct.
   Hmm... Maybe not?

[Harle appears. Serge shakes his head.]

   (Not HER again.)

   Ze correct answer iz,
   I did zis under
   Monsieur Lynx's order.

Kid: [If present]
   I knew that bastard had to
   have something to do with it!

   Salut, Serge.
   Did you miss moi?

   Um... (If I tell her the
   truth, she'll probably light
   into me... Hopefully, someone
   will interrupt before I have
   to say anything.)


[If Glenn is present]

   What have you done
   with Radius!?

   (Huh? Oh, of course he would
   know her--he lives at Viper

   Ooh lah lah...
   You're all fired up.

   Tell me!!!

   Tsk, tsk, tsk!

   Excusez-moi, Serge,
   but do you want to know why
   I burned zis place to ze ground?

   ~~~Tell me                    |    ~~~Not really...
Harle:                           | Harle:
   Well, first of all to         |    Ahh, oui?
   teach you all a lesson...     |    You are no fun.
   And second of all to get rid  |
   of zat geezer who livez here. |
   He iz an ally of ze Acacia    |
    Sorry, but I didn't come
   Dragoonz, and I hear he'z     |
    here to show you a good
   quite skilled.                |
    time. (Ulp! Maybe I should
   I waz disappointed to see     |
    have phrased that a little
   zat ze geezer izn't here.     |
   I wonder where he went?       |

                                 | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                 | [If Kid is present...]
[If Kid is present...]           |
                                 | Kid:
Kid:                             |    Ya lost your mind, mate?
   Lynx ain't gonna be impressed |
   that ya can't even kill one   | Harle:
   old man.                      |    Clearly, Serge seez zat I
                                 |    have more charm zan you
[Harle gives her a Look, but     |    will ever possess--non,
doesn't say anything.]           |    mon Serge?
                                 | Serge:
                                 |    (I wonder if they'll leave
                                 |    me out of this if I whine
                                 |    pathetically enough? Of
                                 |    course, I'm not really much
                                 |    good at whining, either...)


   And one more t'ing, Serge.
   Monsieur Lynx gave moi
   one more order.
   Zat iz to slow down
   your pursuit.

   (Lynx actually cares that
   we're following him... Does
   that mean he thinks we're a
   danger, or just a nuisance?)

   Here I go!

[Begin combat. During the fight...]
   Enfin... Take all
   ze time you wish.

[As the fight ends--line altered because of pseudo-French so bad
I thought it was going to give me hives.]

   Mon Dieu!

   You've vanquished moi!

[After the fight]

   Ooh lah lah...
   You really are strong,
   trés fort, Serge.

   Um... I try. (Why does the
   first girl to ever give me
   a compliment about my strength
   have to be HER?)


[If Kid is present]

   Pleaze, Serge.
   Turn back now.

   She iz not'ing
   but bad luck!
   She will bring
   not'ing but misfortune
   to your life.

   "She"... You mean Kid? I'd
   say she's brought me pretty
   GOOD luck. (What is it about
   them, anyway? Why do she and
   Kid seem to hate each other
   so much?)


[If Kid is not present]

   Well, zat'z all ze
   fun for today...!

   (That was supposed
   to be FUN?!)

   Au revoir, Serge.


[Harle disappears, and Radius arrives]

Old Man:
   Are you one of
   Lynx's minions?

   Um, no, we're--


[If Glenn is present]

   Radius, you are safe!
   Is that you, Glenn?
   It's been a while.
   You seem well.
   I am glad
   you are


[If Glenn is not present]

Old Man:
   Actually, I see that you are not.
   It must have been that munchkin
   that just flew away.

   I'm not sure I'd call her a
   munchkin, but yes, she's the
   one working for Lynx, not us.
   (What's a "munchkin", anyway?)


   Miss Riddel had informed me
   that Lynx and the general
   were heading to Fort Dragonia.
   I played it safe and went
   into hiding for a while...
   And it looks like Lynx did
   pay me a visit.
   I'm sure the general has
   no idea what happened here.
   Lynx is the one behind all this.

   I'm not so sure I'd give Viper
   the benefit of the doubt. He's
   still working with Lynx even


   Never mind. (If I told him
   that Lynx came close to
   poisoning Riddel with hydra
   venom, he probably wouldn't
   believe me, anyway.)

   I had a feeling
   something like this
   might happen...
   That is why I made
   sure to build a sturdy
   stronghold underground.
   I believe it should
   still be intact.


[Again, if Glenn is present]

   Lynx must be
   plotting something.

   (Thank you,
   Dragoon Obvious.)

   By the way, Glenn...
   Who are these people?
   Oh... They are...

   We're after Lynx. I'm Serge,
   from Arni, and these are my

   Well, no sense
   standing out here.
   Please, come in.


[And if he isn't]

Old Man:
   Are you here to
   ask me questions?

   Um, yeah, I guess we are.

Old Man:
   Come, there's no
   need to be shy.

Haven, Hermit's Hideaway (Another)

[If Glenn is not present]

   I see...
   So you have met
   Miss Riddel and Glenn.

   Yes, that's right.

   I haven't seen either of those
   children in ages. It's good to
   know that they're both well.


[If Glenn is present...]

   I see.


   You were a dragoon,
   weren't you?

   Yes, I once wielded a sword
   as a proud member of the
   Acacia Dragoons.
   Glenn's father, Garai, the
   blacksmith, Zappa, and I used
   to tear up the battlefield.

   But that was a good
   fifteen years ago...
   When Garai lost his life on
   the central continent, I vowed
   to become his sons' guardian.
   I officially retired four years
   ago, after Dario received his
   father's sword, the Einlanzer.
   I have been here ever since,
   living a carefree life away
   from the rest of the world.

   (I wonder why my world's
   Radius went to Arni instead
   of ending up here...? Maybe,
   when this is all over, I'll
   ask him.)

   However, Dario is
   no longer with us...
   Life is so unpredictable...

   It was then that Lynx
   approached General Viper.
   He spoke of the legendary
   treasure, the Frozen Flame,
   which is able to heal all
   illnesses and fulfill any dreams.

Magus: [if present]
   For a price. Why do I suspect
   he forgot to mention that part?

   I do not know what this
   man Lynx is plotting...
   But I believe General Viper
   intends to overthrow the
   nation of Porre with the power
   of this legendary flame.
   Porre is a nation governed by
   militarism and has brought on
   suffering to many people on
   the central continent of Zenan.
   Perhaps the general envisions
   a bright and peaceful world,
   much like Guardia was at one

   Is he planning to find
   the answer as to why we have
   continued to hurt and kill
   each other since antiquity...?

Magus:                      | Leena:                 | Nikki:
   Heh. How naive. People   |    Why we hurt and     |    People are afraid of
   kill each other because  |    kill each other...  |    other people who aren't
   one person desires a     |    I wish I knew.      |    like them...but it can't
   thing and another stands |    Maybe then we       |    be that simple, right?
   in his way. The wants    |    could make it stop. |    Still, it doesn't seem
   involved may be complex, |                        |    to me like that's something
   but the outcome is easy  |                        |    we need to ask this "Frozen
   to understand.           |                        |    Flame" about.

   In any case, I no longer
   wish to involve myself
   in any conflicts.
   Besides, there is no way
   I would want to face
   General Viper in battle.
   Young one, should you
   plan to engage in battle
   with Lynx, beware...
   He is a fearsome man.

   Yeah, I know--we've already
   tangled with him once, and
   came pretty close to getting
   ourselves killed. But even
   if we don't follow him to
   Fort Dragonia, he's going to
   come after us eventually.
   He's...interested in me, for
   some reason. ("Assassin of
   Time", "Chrono Trigger"...
   I still don't understand
   what any of that means!)

   Anyway, thank you for your
   information and advice. (I
   don't know how much use we're
   actually going to get out of
   that history lesson, but I'd
   rather learn something useless
   than not know something

   I suggest you rest here
   for the night and leave
   in the morning.
   There are many cursed
   spirits wandering the
   seas around here.
   Rumor has it, they attack
   ships and suck the souls
   out of humans...


[If Kid isn't present]

   (Ghosts again... I wonder
   if they're real ones this
   time...? I'm not sure I
   believe in them anymore,
   since my own stint as a


[If Kid is present]

Guile:                        | Skelly:                | Nikki:
   Ghosts...interesting.      |    I'd heard there was |    We passed through the seas
   I had heard that there     |    a ghost ship near   |    near Mount Pyre on our way
   was a ghost ship wandering |    Mount Pyre--heck, a |    to Termina, and the fog was
   these waters--indeed, I    |    couple of people in |    really spooky. They say
   was even considering       |    Termina asked me if |    there's a ghost ship that
   investigating it after     |    I was from there.   |    hangs out there, and I can
   Viper Manor, until events  |                        |    believe it, even if we
   got away from me.          |                        |    didn't meet it.

   A ghost ship?
   Hah! You tryin' to scare me!?
   Don't make me laugh.
   Do not take the sea
   lightly, young lady.
   Mankind knows only
   but the land and the
   surface of the sea.
   No man can truly know
   what hides beneath
   the waves.

Next we will have the ghost ship chapter, which I expect to be rather longer (especially
since Magus gets another scene near the end of it, and so do Nikki and Fargo).
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Both chapters were damn good. I think your version of Zippa and Zappa are much better than the originals: we finally get to see some more depth and history to these characters.
   It is a flat object the size
   of a man's head, orange or
   red in colour, with a circular
   base from which several
   irregular wavy spines point
   up and out. Also, it is all
   of a piece, with no separate

The wording here seems awkward, but I think I get the gist of it.

I liked the Radius stuff too--everything was written well. The "Dragoon Obvious" bit gave me a good laugh. Keep up the good work--I'll keep stopping by to read these.
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I all but tore my hair out over some sections of Magus' remarks during the conversation with the shamans--it was surprisingly difficult to get what I wanted him to say into the correct speech register, so I'm not surprised that some of it came out sounding awkward. (Damned show-stealing son-of-a-boss-villain...)
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Regardless of what I nitpick, this has easily been one of the greatest Chrono fanfic I have ever read. Keep up the great work.
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@mav: Actually, I appreciate the nit-picking--I'm trying to do this right, and since I have no beta reader for it, you guys are the first people other than me to see it.

Anyway, I'm currently, mmph, roughly halfway through the first part of Chapter 11. Damned ghosts...
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Woot, I'm looking forward to it!

Now, how would this ever be executed? Would you ever put this in a heck-a-cool-kind of Chrono Cross?
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Right now, I'm concentrating on getting the script finished--I'm still only around a third of the way
through. I'd love to see it someday as the hack it was originally intended to be (or as the animation
that someone else here proposed), but the only way that's going to happen now is if someone else
decides to take the ball and run with it, so to speak--it's too big a project for me working alone,
and I'm not really proactive enough to be a good team leader, sad to say.
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And here is most of Chapter 11. I'm not entirely pleased with how I ended up
ending Nikki's sub-scene, but oh, well. Complex structure ahoy. Why was this
the only chapter they tried to do right...?

11a. From Pirate Ship to Ghost Ship - A mariner's worst nightmare...

Recruits: At this point, the player will have one of three core groups of
            PCs, depending on the path that was taken through chapter 9--
                        plus any or all of the three available optional characters (Leena,
            Luccia, Skelly).

SS Invincible (Another)

[While sailing through the fog around Mount Pyre, the party
encounters a large and seemingly deserted ship.]

Guile:                    | Nikki:                   | Glenn:                      | Kid:
   Is this...?            |    Think this is the     |   Could this be...?         |   Guess this is
                          |    ghost ship?           |                             |   the "ghost ship".
Magus:                    |                          | Nikki:                      |   Heh. What a
   The "ghost ship",      | Kid:                     |    I guess it's that ghost  |   joke.
   apparently, although   |    Maybe. What would     |    ship, although I thought |
   it seems rather solid. |    anyone else be doing  |    it would...feel weirder. |
                          |    out here in this fog? |                             |

[The first person who spoke vaults out of Korcha's boat
and onto the ship.]

Guile:                     | Kid:                         | Glenn:                   | Kid:
   Aren't you coming?      |    Gonna go lookin' fer      |    We must investigate   |    Hey, Serge,
                           |    ghosts, are ya, mate?     |    this. If it truly is  |    are ya just
Magus:                     |                              |    a ghost ship, then    |    gonna sit
   Hmph. I suppose there's | Nikki:                       |    it is my duty to the  |    there until
   no point in sailing     |    It's safer than sailing   |    people of El Nido to  |    the fog lifts?
   around blindly in the   |    blindly into those rocks. |    see it dealt with.    |
   fog. We're probably     |                              |                          | Serge:
   lucky we haven't taken  | Kid:                         | Nikki:                   |    Okay, okay, I'm
   the bottom out of the   |    Rocks?                    |    Well, it's probably   |    coming. (But
   boat already.           |                              |    safer than sailing    |    I'm getting
                           | Nikki:                       |    around in this fog    |    kind of tired
Guile:                     |    Can't you hear them?      |    any longer. But if we |    of these side
   You always were...      |    There's something more    |    run into any ghosts,  |    trips... Why
   pragmatic.              |    than this ship sticking   |    you can go first.     |    can't we just
                           |    out of the water, not     |                          |    leave this
Magus:                     |    too far from here.        |                          |    thing alone?)
   Only in contrast to a   |                              |                          |
   certain mystery-loving  |                              |                          |
   madman.                 |                              |                          |

[They climb up on deck]

   This...doesn't look very
   ghostly somehow. (Why would a
   ghost ship bother with furling
   the sails, or running out the
   anchor? No, this is a real
   ship whose crew are worried
   about running aground in the
   fog. The question is, who
   does it belong to?)

[I think it's whoever is in second position in the party that speaks the next line.]

Kid:                        | Leena:                | Skelly:              | Nikki:
   Oi! Is this thing        |   Doesn't seem like a |    I've never met    |    Could this really be
   really a ghost ship...!? |   ghost ship to me... |    a ghost before... |    a ghost ship...?
Guile:              | Glenn:            | Luccia:                 |
   What is this...? |    So this is     |    Is dis a ghost ship? |
    A true ghost ship would not
                    |    the infamous   |    ...Highly illogical. |
    be nearly so well-maintained.
                    |    ghost ship...? |                         |

[The pirates appear, surrounding them]

   (Oh, man, I don't think I'm
   going to like this... I wish
   we'd just stayed with our
   boat instead of trying to

   Make way for Cap'n Fargo...!

[Fargo arrives]

   Arg! Ya seem ta be a bit young
   for one of Lynx's subordinates.
   Well, who cares!?

Leena:                  | Kid:             | Glenn:
   I don't understand.  |    So what're ya |    I think you may have
   What do you want?    |    gonna do?     |    made a mistake...but
                        |                  |    first, please explain
                        |                  |    your intentions toward
                        |                  |    us.

   That's up ta you...

   Up to us? (Damn, I feel
   like a parrot.)

   But first thing's first...

   What is yer intention?

   OUR intention? What do
   you mean? (Oh, great,
   ANOTHER nutbar.)

   Don't play stupid!
   We know you're tryin' ta
   get ta Mount Pyre!
   We saw General Viper's and
   Lynx's ships anchored nearby.
   Are ya tryin' ta deliver them
   a message? Is that it!?

[Again, I assume that this next line is spoken by the second party member.]

Kid:                        | Leena:                          | Skelly:
   That's a load of bull!   |    No, no, no, you're mistaken. |    Whaddaya sayin', man!?
   We don't work for them!  |    We're actually after them.   |    Don't associate us with Lynx!
   We're out to get 'em!    |    They're our enemy!           |    He's our enemy and we need
   Get in our way and I'll  |    E-N-E-M-Y!                   |    to find 'em!
   kick yer arse so hard,   |                                 |
   you'll kiss the moons!!! |                                 |
Nikki:                       | Guile:               | Luccia:
   You surely don't believe  |    Sigh...           |    Sigh...
   that we are their allies? |    That is untrue... |    Dis is vhy it is so difficult
                             |                      |    dealing vith imbeciles like you.
Glenn:                         |
   You do not have             |
   After we kill Lynx,
   the facts straight.         |
   I may just come back
   We, too, are in hot pursuit |
   and do the same to
   of Lynx. Do not hinder our  |
   you fools.
   mission to Fort Dragonia.   |
   Huh? Are ya serious?
   Explain yerselves.

   That...may take a while. (How
   many times have I told this
   story so far? Must be at least
   half a dozen. Feels more like
   a hundred, though.)

[Fadeout for explanation, then back in.]

   I see...
   So that explains why
   you're after Lynx.

   Don't ya know you're
   riskin' yer lives?
   Don't ya recognize
   the danger associated
   with Lynx?
   He's a monster...
   A cold-blooded monster...
   An incarnation of death...

   Um, I think that's a BIT
   of an exaggeration--

   To be frank with ya,
   we've had our share of
   encounters with Lynx, too.
   But that was a long time ago...
   Ever since then, we've
   had ta disguise ourselves
   as this ghost ship.

   (Is this guy even listening
   to us?)

   So you're gonna face Lynx, eh...?
   That's easy to say, but...
Kid:                    | Leena:           | Luccia:             |
   Cut the crap and get |    But what...!? |    Speak your mind. |
   I'm not scared of looking
   to the point!!!      |    Huh!?         |                     |
   death in the face. Been
                        |                  |                     |    there, done that, got the
                        |                  |                     |    T-shirt, you know?
Nikki:          | Glenn:            | Guile:                     | Magus:
   What are you |    Who are you to |    Why the potential       |    If you have a point,
   doing?       |    question our   |    death of a few total    |    make it before I sink
                |    resolve?       |    strangers bothers       |    this miserable tub.
                |                   |    you so is as mysterious |
                |                   |    as how you came to      |
                |                   |    tangle with Lynx.       |
   Bring out our

   Aye-aye, Cap'n Fargo!

   (Why do I have the feeling
   I'm not going to like this,

[One pirate descends the stairs in the foreground]

   I just wanna see if you
   youngsters can match up
   to the likes of Lynx.
   Just makin' sure
   you're not all talk.

   In other words, you're going
   to test us. (Probably with
   something sharp. Ugh. Here we
   go again.)

   Looks like they're ready.
   Let's see what you can do!

[The pirate who went below returns, bringing a few monsters,
which the party fight and defeat]

Kid:                           | Glenn:
   That was a test? Heh. A     |    It may be rude of me to
   baby could've handled that. |    say so, but that was a
                               |    waste of our time.

   (I guess I must be getting
   stronger--before this all
   started, I would have had
   serious problems handling
   those critters, but that
   was a breeze.)

   Just loosenin' ya up!
   Time ta get serious!!!

[Serge shakes his head]

   (I should have known.)


[A giant parrot-creature appears, and they engage it in combat as
well. Once it is defeated...]
   '"Not bad, mateys...
    We'll meet again."'
   ...Is what he said.

Luccia:                         | Nikki:               | Guile:                     | Kid:
   Interesting... Dere vas no   |    You speak Parrot? |    What an intriguingly    |   Guess this
   variation dat I could detect |    You know, I think |    bizarre conversation... |   ship really
   in de bird's cries, so how   |    you've been out   |    How can you tell what   |   IS crewed
   did dat man turn dem into    |    here too long.    |    the bird is saying?     |   by birdbrains.
   language?                    |                      |                            |

   (Somehow, I don't think I
   WANT to know how or why
   that guy talks to that

   Stronger than I expected.
   You got me blood boilin'.

   I'm next!!!

   So the truth is that all
   that stuff about Lynx was
   just an excuse--you wanted
   to fight us yourself all
   along, and the tests were
   just to see if we were good
[They fight Fargo. As the combat begins...]

   Jolly ho!
   Up and at 'em!

[Later, when they've whittled him down to critical status...]

   Now that smarts...!

[When the party wins]

   Not bad...
   But keep in mind,
   we be pirates!

   (What the--? I feel faint.
   What's going on?

[Serge collapses]

Leena:                  |  Kid:                     | Glenn:
   Serge, what's wrong? |    Serge! You okay, mate? |    What is going on?!

   It's a tranquilizer made
   from jellyfish stingers.
   You lubbers will sleep
   for a while.

Magus: [if present]
   I'll...kill you...
   for this...

[The rest of the party collapses as well, and the screen
fades out. Against the black screen...]

   Well, that's that!
   Arg! Stick these land-
   lubbers in the hold!
Hold, SS Invincible (Another)

[FMV: Serge dreams of the panther attack that almost killed
him when he was a boy.]

[They wake up in the hold]

Leena:                    | Kid:                       | Nikki:
   Are you okay, Serge?   |    Bloody double-crossin'  |    Oh, man... I've written
   You look kind of sick. |    pirates... I guess this |    songs about being in
                          |    is the brig.            |    prison, but I never wanted
                          |                            |    first-hand experience!

   Ugh, my head feels like it's
   going to explode. That
   jellyfish stuff is vicious.
   (I hope everyone gives me a
   few minutes before asking me
   what comes next, 'cause it's
   difficult to think when I
   hurt this much.)

Skelly:                 | Kid:                 | Glenn:
   Hey, I think there's |    You hear anything |    There are some odd
   something going on   |    funny, mates?     |    sounds coming from
   outside.             |                      |    the hallway...

SS Invincible (Another)

[Meanwhile, on the deck...]

 [Pirate] [walking aimlessly around the deck as he speaks]
   Standing watch ain't easy...

   What's up with
   the fog today...?

   You can't even see
   the water out there...


   I-I-I ain't scared...

[The ghost ship appears out of the fog behind him, and ghosts
begin to materialize above the Invincible's rail. The unfortunate
pirate turns. As the screen fades out--]


Hold, SS Invincible (Another)

[Back in the hold]

Magus:                       | Kid:                      | Nikki:
   Odd. This entire area now |    I tell ya, something's |    Guys, I think we're
   smells of...necromancy?   |    goin' on!              |    about to have visitors!
   Why do I...?              |                           |

[A skeleton enters, conveniently leaving the door open behind
it. After the party fights and defeats it--]

   I guess that proves that
   there's something really
   wrong here. (Like that
   isn't obvious.)

Leena:         | Kid:                       | Glenn:
   No kidding! |    You can say that again, |    I agree.
               |    mate!                   |

   We should probably have a
   look at what's going on
SS Invincible--Lower Level Hallway

[Pirate (the one just outside the closet they were
being held in)]
   Looks like you're alright.
   I thought you were goners
   when that monster went in.

[Again, this is a second-person-in-the-party line.]
Kid:                        | Leena:                      | Skelly:
   Ya think the almighty    |    Oh, they were nothing    |    Nyak-nyak-nyak...!
   Kid would go down        |    against the likes of us! |    I'm the bone!
   that easy!?              |                             |
                            | Leena:                      | Skelly:
Kid:                        |    So, what was that thing? |    Anyway, tell us
   Anyways, what the bloody |    What's going on?         |    what's goin' on here!
   hell is goin' on here!?  |                             |
Nikki:                 | Guile:              | Glenn:
   Heh...              |    ...Did not even  |    My dragoon training is
   Easier than playing |    break a sweat.   |    a lot harder than that.
   the bass.           |                     |
                       | Guile:              | Glenn:
Nikki:                 |    Tell me...       |    Do tell me...
   By the way, what's  |    What is going on |    What is happening
   going on?           |    here?            |    here?
Luccia:                  |
   My being here vill    |   
Hmph. We're not as weak
   be pointless if       |   
as your pathetic confederates.
   ve are defeated.      |
Luccia:                  |   
Now, explain what's going on.
   By the vay...         |
   Vot is going on here? |

   Arg... Sorry, but
   I don't know, either.
   Before I knew what was
   goin' on, I was attacked...
   Go ahead...
   I won't stop ya...

SS Invincible--Lower Level Hallway

   There's a note...
   '"Key duty is a
    big responsibility!"'

   (Let me get this straight--
   they lock each other out of
   parts of their own ship?
   These guys are crazy! I just
   hope that one of them knows
   where this key is...)


[If Kid is present]

   (Or maybe...)

   Kid, do you think you can
   pick this?

[Kid looks down and shuffles her feet]

   I doubt it. I, um,

   Sorry, I couldn't hear you--
   what was that?

   I SAID, I've never been any
   good at that lock-pickin'
   stuff. It's always been
   easier to steal a key, or
   climb up to a window. Sorry,

   (Now she tells me.)


   You wanna know who's
   in charge of the key?
   I dunno.

[Not sure which pirate this is--presumably the one at the far
end of the lower floor hallway. After the party deals with whatever
ghost or skeleton is bothering him...]

   Phew... Thanks for the help.
   Huh? Who are you?

   Um... (Oh, boy, gotta think of
   something fa--)

   Oh yeah... You're the land-lubbers
   we threw in the hold, but how did...
   I guess it doesn't matter now.
   So, where do ya plan to go?

   (Oof. Maybe they're really not
   such bad guys... What am I
   We're trying to get up on deck,
   but there's a locked door in
   the way. Do you know who has
   the key?

   A key?
   I have no idea
   who has it...

   Thanks anyway. (Oh, great.
   guess we're gonna have to
   keep on looking.)

Crew Quarters[?], SS Invincible

   H-How'd you guys get out!?
   Get back in the hold!
   This sucker's mine!

   (I don't mind letting him
   fight it himself if he wants
   to so badly, but I can't ask
   him about the key like this...)

[The skeleton that was sort of hovering near the far end of
the room attacks the pirate, who fences with it. If/when
Serge et al. defeat it--]

   Tch...I could've taken
   that thing myself, you know...

Kid:                     | Nikki:
   Yeah, sure you could. |   Well, bursting your bubble
                         |   isn't my job.

   Do you know where the key is?

   Huh? A key?
   Sorry...I don't have it.

   (Oh, hell, how many more
   people are we going to
   have to ask?)

Galley and Saloon, SS Invincible

[The party enters and sees a pirate sprawled on the floor]

Leena: [if present, otherwise Serge says the line]
   Hey, are you okay?

   It got me!!!
   It's right there, waiting!!!
   Dammit all!

   Huh? Over where?

[if they approach the stove, we have 'nother boring undead battle.
Then, if they speak to the pirate again afterwards--]

   Do you know who has the key?

   A key?
   Sorry, I'm not in charge.
   Dammit all!

   Then can you at least tell
   us how to get around the
   mess in the hallway? (I'd
   like to get off this tub
   before it burns to the
   waterline, but we're not
   exactly making great
   progress...and it would mean
   leaving these guys for the
   ghosts. Damn it to hell!)

   Go through that
   vent, dammit all!

[Bizarrely, there is text here in the CC script that
suggests that the galley pirate (or the fat guy in the
saloon) could have the key. I'll believe it when I see
(at the very least) recorded video showing it.]

[Upon trying to exit the saloon after crawling through
the vent from the galley--]

   Arg! Don't just stand
   around, ya land-lubbers!
   Help out!!!

   (These guys aren't very good
   fighters... Funny, I would have
   thought pirates HAD to be able
   to fight.)

[After Yet ANOTHER boring undead fight--]

   It's probably too much to ask
   for, but do YOU know where the
   key is?

   I'm sorry, but I don't
   have it, and I don't know
   who does.

SS Invincible--Upper Level Hallway

   By the powers...!?
   How did you guys get out!?
   Ah...forget it, we have more
   serious matters to worry about...

   (This is really starting to
   get repetitious.) We're trying
   to get up on deck. There's a
   locked door in the way down
   below. Can we get through here,
   or do you know where the key
   to the other door is?

   You can't get through here--
   the skeletons stuffed one of
   the ship's boats into the
   entryway, and we're having a
   devil of a time getting it
   out. The key, though--

   Aye, mateys!
   Who's on key duty?
   Oh, I am.

   Finally. (I could kiss this
   guy, but he'd probably take
   it the wrong way.)

[Serge goes over and takes the key from the pirate.]

   There you go. With that, you
   should be able to get up on
   deck by going through the
   arsenal downstairs and making
   yer way up from the outside.

   Please, go help the captain.

   (I doubt that Fargo guy needs
   our help that much, but we'll
   go have a look, I guess.)

[Serge returns downstairs, uses the key, etc.]

[Skipping the bit with the "vitamin drink"]

Deck, SS Invincible (Another)

[They reach the deck]

   Just in time, mateys!
   Look out!!!

[Another battle with ghosts ensues]

Magus:                           | Nikki:
   We need to find the source of |    Man, it doesn't seem like
   the necromantic magic and     |    killing these little guys
   attack it, or it will just    |    is helping us much. We
   continue to spawn additional  |    should try to find the
   ghosts.                       |    leader.

   You're probably right, but
   where do we look?

   There're too many of 'em!
   Arg! You call
   yerselves sea-dogs!?
   Show some spirit!!!
   Cap'n, look out!!!

[More ghosts appear. Two of them engage Fargo.]

   Mateys, go help the cap'n!

   Get yer...
   ghostly hands...

   OFF ME...!!!

[He finishes those ghosts off]

   (I had a feeling he could
   take care of himself.)

   Looks like we got
   a big one comin'!

   A big one? You mean...!
   (I guess the boss monster
   is coming to us!)

[Fargo heads for the wheel, but collapses before
reaching it.]

   (Damn, me arm...)

   Are you okay? (Funny, I
   thought this guy was

   Yer name's Serge, eh!?
   Go take the wheel!

   ~~~Aye-aye, Cap'n!              | ~~~But I've never done it before

Serge:                             | Serge:
   You're the boss. (I just hope   |    (I don't like to argue with a
   I don't screw up--I've never    |    captain on his own ship, but
   tried to handle a boat of       |    I've never handled anything big
   this size before, especially    |    enougn to have an actual wheel
   in unfamiliar waters!)          |    before, I've never seen a chart
                                   |    of this area, and there's the
Fargo:                             |    fog--)
   I'm countin' on ya!             |
                                   | Fargo:
                                   |    No time ta fuss!
                                   |    When I tell ya to do it,
                                   |    YOU DO IT!!!

                                   | Serge:
                                   |    (Ulp!) Aye-aye, sir!

   Keep yer heads high, mateys!
   Don't forget we be pirates
   aboard the S.S. Invincible!!!

   (Except that I'm not a
   pirate! Hell, I think I'd
   rather be a ghost--at least
   then I wouldn't have to
   worry about getting hanged!
   Of course, if we get killed
   here, I won't have to worry
   about anything ever again...)

[Serge goes to the wheel]

   Man yer stations!
   It's time ta show these
   monsters what we're made of!!!

   Aye-aye, Cap'n!!!

Magus: [if present]

Nikki: [if present]
   The name of this ship is
   the S.S. Invincible...!?
   That means...!
   Keep yer head high!
   They're comin'!!!

[Attack of the Discount Dead Head: five for the price
of one! Once the party defeats it--]

   Looks like the sea's
   back to normal...

   You said you were headin'
   to Fort Dragonia to go after
   Viper and his men.

   That's right.

[Note: Fargo moves and gestures a lot while he gives this
speech, but it's difficult to make out some of what he's
doing from the videos available, so I've decided not to
mark his actions.]

   Let me give ya
   some advice.

   We're listening.

   Mount Pyre is a fiery hell.
   Without any protection against
   fire, you'll lose strength fast.
   I suggest ya go see the
   Water Dragon for his
   divine protection.

   Although I haven't heard
   much about him recently.
   I wonder if that dragon's
   still alive...

   I haven't heard much about
   the other dragons, either.

   Um... (Okay, so you don't know
   where this dragon is or even
   if it's still alive, and you
   expect US to find it? We might
   be better off seeing if we can
   get some asbestos underwear...)

   And those monsters
   we just beat...
   What's goin' on nowadays...?

   I tell ya, even the sea seems
   ta have changed its nature...

   It's probably because
   we human folks have
   come around...

[Another second-group-member line, I think...]

Kid:                       | Leena:                         | Skelly:
   Yeah...yeah...          |    Hee... Didn't think pirates |    Why do I have ta hear
   I don't need this mushy |    had a sentimental side.     |    this from a pirate...?
   talk from a pirate.     |                                |
Nikki:                         | Guile:               | Luccia:
   ......                      |    You are a pirate, |    Vhy must I hear dis
   Please...not from a pirate. |    are you not?      |    from a pirate?
Glenn:                      |
   I never thought I        |
   I'm surprised that someone
   would hear something     |
   so foolishly sentimental
   like this from a pirate. |
   would become a pirate.

   In the name of Davy Jones...
   What have we done...?


[If Magus is present in the party--meaning that the player
took the Guile/Magus route through Viper Manor and Guldove,
and also that Kid is likewise in the party, and Glenn
and Nikki are not...]

   Y'know, if the Water Dragon
   no longer exists in this

Guile:                             | Serge:
   You are thinking that it might  |    Do you think that in my
   be in the other one.            |    world...?

   Exactly. You're pretty sharp,

   But when I woke up at Opassa...
   there didn't seem to be any way
   back. Well, okay, I wasn't
   looking for one, but still...


[If Leena is present...]

   Serge, I wonder about
   you sometimes.

   It wasn't exactly obvious what
   was going on, you know. Give me
   a break. (Ugh, for a moment
   there, I had a flashback to
   when we were four, and--no, I'm
   not even going to think about


Guile:                          | Luccia:
   That suggests there may be   |    Perhaps dere is something
   another piece to the puzzle. |    else ve need to have.

   Well, I was thinkin'...

[She pulls out the Astral Amulet. Magus instantly
seizes her wrist.]

   This was created in Zeal! Where
   did you get it?!


[If Guile is present]

Guile: mean the magical
   kingdom that vanished more than
   ten thousand years ago? How can
   you tell?

   This's the royal
   arms of Zeal. I... I was...

   Damn. DAMN. For a moment, I
   could almost remember, but now
   it's gone again.

[He shakes his head in frustration.]

   (I'd almost feel sorry for
   the guy, if he were a little
   less of a vicious bastard.)


   I don't know about any place
   called Zeal. Sis--the woman who
   looked after me when I was
   small--gave me this. And the
   Shaman in Guldove said that it's
   got part of what we need to
   cross the dimensions.

   It has a power, certainly,
   although it isn't of a type
   that I recognize.

[He lets go of her wrist. Kid rubs her maligned appendage.]

   You could at least say you're
   sorry for givin' me these
   red marks, ya know.


   (That guy? Not a chance.
   Apologizing would mean
   admitting he did something
   wrong. Huh? Did she say...?)

   Hey, wait a minute--when did
   you have a chance to talk to
   the Shaman in Guldove?

   When we first got there and you
   were snorin' yer head off, ya
   bloody fool!

   Okay, okay. (Man, between her
   and Leena...)

   Anyway, take it.

[Serge receives the Astral Amulet.]

Guile:                              | Luccia:
   But if this Amulet has only      |    If dis Amulet has PART of vhat
   PART of what we need...          |    we need, vhere is de odder part?

   That would be...Serge.

[Everyone turns to look at poor Serge.]

   Well, he's FROM the other world,
   ain't he? That makes him a link
   between here and there, and
   that's what she said we need.


[If the player took any other route through Viper Manor and
Guldove, this happens instead.]

   Do you...
   have any children?
   What kind of question
   is that...?

   (That's what I'd like to

   Children, eh...?
   Yeah, I do.
   But it may be
   more appropriate
   to say I did...

   I had two children,
   but they both died...
   That was long, long ago...

   If my son were still
   alive today...
   why, he'd be 'bout
   yer age...

   I'm sorry...
   Don't worry 'bout it, matey.
   That was a long time ago.
   But...why do ya ask?
   I-It's nothing...
   I just felt like
   asking, that's all...


[If Luccia is in the party]

   Your children vere Nikki and
   Marcy, vere they not?

   How did ya know those names?
   Who are you?

   My name is Luccia.

   Then yer the one who--

[Luccia bows her head]

   Yes, I am the vone that
   failed to save Zelbess.

   (Wait a minute, is she
   saying that...!)

   And dis young man is--

   I don't want ta hear it!

   Viper told me you vere a
   stubborn fool--

   Please, stop it, both of you!

[Fargo and Luccia both turn to look at him.]

   It's okay, honestly. It doesn't
   matter. I've done without a
   father all these years, so why
   should I need one now? I just...
   wanted to know, and now I do.



   I am beginning to vonder if
   dere is some scope for a genetic
   study here... Very vell, I vill
   say nothing further.



[If Luccia is not in the party]

   (Huh? I just realized--the
   two of them don't really look
   alike, but they both have
   those really, really blue
   eyes... It's kind of weird.)


   Well, alright.
   Take care of yerself.


And that's all for this time, folks. The remaining part of this chapter
is mostly stuff taking place in Guldove if the player chose not to save
Kid and then went back later. Fortunately, while I've got a batch of
"Member" lines to deal with, it's a lot shorter than this was.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on December 17, 2009, 04:29:12 pm
   But when I woke up at Opassa...
   there didn't seem to be any way
   back. Well, okay, I wasn't
   looking for one, but still...

If Kid is in the party, then they'd have saved her, correct? Which means that they'd have gone back to Home World, so Serge would already have the amulet and know how to get back...

...I think. I just got through this part the other day, so it's fresh in my mind.

...I started over in CC again. I'm doing it by the book this time! Getting every item!
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on December 17, 2009, 05:37:10 pm
That is if Guile was chosen as the Viper Manor Guide, meaning she was saved without having to go to Home World, courtesy of Magus.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on December 18, 2009, 06:32:20 pm
-_- Forgot. Sorry.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Yourgingerestfan on December 18, 2009, 06:40:40 pm
Uh at this , I never really gave it a look before but ...its actually really well written , I only read this page however , I will read the rest , I wanna see what you did with Leena and Harle :)
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on December 18, 2009, 08:10:27 pm
@Katie Skyye: Don't worry about it. I should probably draw a diagram to help everyone keep track. (

@Yourgingerestfan: Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the rest.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on December 19, 2009, 04:01:56 pm
Oh jeez, this is starting to get heavy--that diagram would definitely help me out, if I was observant enough to know if/when something is wrong...

Anyway, another great chapter. This is one of my favorite parts in-game and in your script; well done. Once again, I didn't find anything wrong--nothing seemed too out of place (except for the word necromantic, but it's a word, so who cares) or rushed. Great job. You're getting more fans. :D
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on December 28, 2009, 08:35:07 pm
@mav: I'll try for the diagram when RL has calmed down a bit.

And here is the second part of chapter 11 (which should have been done several days ago, but I've
been having a really rotten time of things in Real Life lately). The first chunk can happen only if
the player chose not to save Kid; the second is a prelude to Water Dragon Isle. Enjoy.

Doc's House, Guldove (Another)

[Because this scene can occur only if the player chose
not to save Kid, Glenn and Nikki logically must be present

   Kid should be here,
   shouldn't she?

Luccia:                  | Nikki:
   It has been too long. |    Oh, no, you don't
   De hydra venom vould  |    think she's...?!
   have killed her.      |

[Serge crumples slowly to his knees.]

   I... It... She can't...
   (Damn! Damn, damn, DAMN!
   I... I should have... but
   what could I have done?
   Only a miracle could have
   saved her, and the world
   doesn't work that way...

[Serge slams both fists against the floor, and bows his head.]

Leena:                      | Nikki:
   Whoa, Serge, stop that!  |    Man, I am so sorry.
   It isn't your fault, and |    There's nothing we could
   hurting yourself won't   |    have done, but that doesn't
   bring her back...        |    make it any better, does it?

[Kid enters from the outside, wearing a white dress rather
than her usual outfit]

   ...What're you guys
   all doin' there?

Serge: [looking up]

   Oi, it's been a while, eh?
   But what's with the astonished
   look on yer faces?

   Um, well, when we came in here
   and didn't find you, I kind
   of...jumped to a conclusion. (I
   feel like such an idiot now...
   but at least I'm a relieved

[Serge stands up]

   So where were you, anyway?
   And why are you dressed
   like that?

   Oh, I complained about this
   sissy gown, but then they hid
   me own clothes somewhere to
   stop me from tryin' to escape...

   (She must still have been
   awfully weak to let them get
   away with that...)

   So I had no choice but to
   take a walk around the
   village lookin' like this.
   Anyway, what's up with you
   Didja come back because you
   were worried about me?

   Uh, something like that.

   Heh, I ain't gonna drop
   dead from such a weako
   poison like that...!
   But, I guess it was a
   pretty close call this
   time, eh...

Luccia:                            | Nikki:
   But vhere did you get de Hydra  |    We thought Lynx's poison
   Humour to neutralize de poison? |    would kill you. Where did
   It has been proven dat dere are |    you find a cure?
   no such creatures left in El    |
   Nido.                           |

   Sorry, I haven't the
   foggiest idea, either.
   The doc will be back
   this afternoon, so
   let's ask him then.

[I think we probably get a fade-out-and-in at this point, but I never found a
video I could use to check]

   You are here to ask
   me how I was able to
   neutralize the poison?

   There's nothing to lose by
   knowing how, right Doc?

   It was a coincidence...
   No, it was probably an
   act of fate.
   After you left the village,
   a young man came to visit me
   upon hearing of the patient's
   condition from a villager.
   He had brought a certain
   item with him.

Leena:                       | Nikki:
   "A certain item"? Then    |    You don't mean he
   somehow, this man had...! |    actually had...?

   Yes, it was Hydra Humour.
   He happened to have a vial
   of it with him at the time...

   (That's some coincidence...
   unless that "young man" got
   the Humour from Lynx...but if
   he was working with Lynx, why
   would he save Kid? Maybe it
   really WAS a miracle.)

   Hey doc, who was that guy?
   Do you at least know his name?

   I am sorry.
   I do not know...
   He only told me that he
   '"came from the mainland."'

   ...Came from the mainland?
   Tsk! At least give me a chance
   to thank him! Sheeze!
   I hate being in debt to others!

   Calm down, okay? We'll find
   him. Mainlanders aren't all
   that common in El Nido.

   I don't have time to run all
   over the islands looking for a
   bloke who didn't have the brains
   to give the doc his name!
   Ah, hell!
   When I find him I'll...!?
   Wait, that's not what I wanna do.

   That is all that I know.
   In the end, I proved useless
   as a doctor.
   It is not something that
   could be forgiven, but I
   offer my apologies...

   Hey, wait doc.
   What's with the formality?
   No matter what else
   happened, you're the one
   that made the antidote,
   It would've been useless
   without you, even if we did
   have the right stuff.

   ...Thank you, Kid.

   Oi, stop that.
   I'm the one that should be
   thankin' you.
   No worries, doc!
   Well, the only thing that bugs
   me is the guy that brought
   that...humour, was it?

   Hehe... I guess I caused
   you blokes a heap of
   trouble, too!

Leena:                | Nikki:
   Well, now that you |    Hey, it isn't that unusual
   mention it...      |    for me to worry about a
                      |    lady...but Serge might have
                      |    had it tough.

   I'm no good at this...
   But thanks.

Serge: isn't like we
   really did much except
   worry. And we're glad to
   have you back in one piece.
   (Well, until she does
   something else risky,

   So, what are you dudes
   planning to do next?
   Do you intend to continue
   on your journey?

   That's right, we've still got
   things to take care of.
   We'll be leaving by tomorrow.
   Serge has got a lot of
   problems that need to be

   Well, we were supposed to be
   heading for Mount Pyre, but
   someone suggested we go look
   for the Water Dragon first...

[The screen fades out, then back in again, while Serge waves his arms expressively.]

   ...I see.
   So that's what's been goin' on
   while I was snoozin' away here.
   You say Viper and his mob are
   headed for Fort Dragonia, heh?

   As far as we know, yes.

   Didja hear?
   Fort Dragonia's the oldest
   ruin that the Dragonians
   left on this planet.
   From what I hear, we
   need the '"Dragon Tear"'
   to activate the fort.

   Why would we want to
   activate it?

   Oi, did yer brains fall out
   while I was snoozin'? WE
   wouldn't, but Lynx would, and
   he already has the Tear, if
   the Shaman was tellin' me
   the truth.

   Don't ya remember, Serge?
   It's that blue orb that was on

   [there's a line missing from the script here--probably "General Viper's desk."]

   A blue orb...
   ~~~Was there such a thing?      | ~~~Yes, I remember
Kid:                               | Kid:
   What, you don't remember?       |    Great, so I don't have
   Gawd you're hopeless...         |    to waste me breath
                                   |    explaining it then...

Serge:                             |
   I had other things on my mind,  | Serge:
   okay?                           |    (I KNEW there was something
                                   |    weird about that blue thing!)

   ...I cannot believe it!
   The general has the
   Dragon Tear... But why?

Luccia:                      | Nikki:
   So Lynx has been planning |    I guess that means they were
   to activate de ruin all   |    always planning to mess around
   along.                    |    with Fort Dragonia.

   There's no doubt about that.
   In any case, we can't just
   sit back and let this happen.
   An impenetrable fortress
   surrounded by rough terrain...
   And I hear it is also sealed by
   the powers of the Dragonians.
   Is the general trying to stop
   the Porre military with it...?

Skelly:                        | Nikki:
   Porre isn't easy to stop.   |    I don't know much about
   Sounds like he's trying     |    Porre, but that sounds
   to start a war, and I'm not |    more like he's trying to
   joking!                     |    make them angry. Why
                               |    would he do something so
                               |    stupid? It could start a
                               |    war!

   (A WAR?! Oh, man... As though
   things aren't already bad

   Even I don't know that,
   but I wouldn't say that
   it's not a possibility...

   The General can't truly be
   intending to do such a thing--
   he takes his position as a
   guardian of El Nido seriously!
   Lynx must have tricked him.

   (He really believes in the
   General, I guess.)

   We have to go to Fort Dragonia
   NOW and put a stop to all this!

   The fort's in the middle of a
   lava field, though. Getting to
   it's going to be tough going.

   That Fargo guy did suggest
   we ask the Water Dragon for
   help. I guess that means we
   go to Water Dragon Island.

Leena:                            | Nikki:
   But the spring on that island  |    Funny, I heard there was
   has dried up. Would it be that |    no more water on that island.
   way if the dragon were still   |    And no one's seen the dragon
   there?                         |    in years.

   If we cannot obtain the
   dragon's help, we will have to
   conquer Mount Pyre without it.

   Wait a moment! Since when has
   the spring on Water Dragon
   Island gone dry? I was there
   just a couple of weeks before
   all of this started, and
   everything seemed fine...
   although we didn't go past the
   beach, of course. The fairies
   don't like humans intruding in
   their territ--

Leena:                          | Nikki:
   So in your world, the spring |    But that was in the other
   is still there?              |    world, right?

[Serge facepalms]

   I'm sorry, I forgot. (Damn,
   I'm stupid sometimes.)

   But still, if we could find
   a way to get back there, we'd
   have a chance of getting the
   Dragon's help, right?

   Dragons, eh...?
   This is gettin' bigger
   by the minute.
   But I think this
   problem can be easily
   taken care of!

   Do you mean you've found a
   way for me to get back?!
   (She's joking--she has to
   be. I mean, I've been running
   all over the islands without
   finding out anything new, and
   she has the answer just drop
   into her lap here in Guldove?
   Not likely.)

   My amulet...


   Yeah, my Astral Amulet.
   It's the other key to
   solving our problem.
   along with you, Serge.

   I don't know if you've heard from
   the shaman, but you need lots of
   power to cross the dimensions.
   She said it was something
   about the powers of hope
   and will.

   According to the shaman,
   this amulet has that sort
   of power.
   Normally, I would've just
   thought she was crazy,
   but this time, maybe I
   oughta listen to her.

   This amulet alone ain't
   enough to cross dimensions,
   We need the other key to make
   the connection between this
   world and the other world.

   I'm not sure I got all that,
   but I think you're saying that
   you want to use me as some kind
   of dimensional homing pigeon?

   Not sure I'd have worded it
   exactly that way, mate, but
   yeah, that's the idea. We need
   someone that's not supposed
   to be in this world that's
   the link to a world that was
   severed 10 years ago...
   The missing piece of the puzzle.

   In other words, me.

   That's the lowdown.
   The rest is up to you,
   We need to first get that
   '"divine protection"' or
   whatever from the
   Water Dragon.

   It might not be absolutely
   necessary, but it would be
   safer...which is fine by me.
   There're songs I haven't
   written yet, so I can't die
   chasing Lynx around.

   Well, I don't know
   about you, but...
   I probably don't need
   no Dragon's protection
   to get me through hot
   water! But that's me...

   (Heh--yeah, that's Kid. I'm
   glad the hydra venom didn't
   do her any permanent damage.)

   We gotta head to the
   '"Land of Genesis."'
   The place where this all began!
   Only you know where that is.
   Before we go, I'll leave this
   in yer keeping for a while.
   But, don't ya dare lose it
   on me!

   Don't worry, I won't. (I
   wouldn't dare.)

   Serge received the
   Astral Amulet.

   Alright, let's go
   to the place where
   this all began!

   (Where this all began?
   ...Opassa Beach, I guess.)

   Kid has [re]joined your party!

Opassa Beach (Another)

[Urgh. This bit happens if the player took the don't-save-Kid route
(and then went back to pick her up and get the Amulet) OR the
Guile/Magus route through Guldove, and so the party has never
been to Opassa with the Astral Amulet before. If they took the
standard save-Kid route, they've already had a variant on this
conversation, so nothing happens when they reach the beach.
And of course, if they didn't go back to Guldove for Kid, they
don't have the Amulet and can't access the portal.]

Glenn:                     | Magus:
   So the way to the other |    One wonders why a dimensional
   world is here.          |    portal would be hidden in a
                           |    place like this.

   If it's anywhere, it's here.
   This is where things
   started going weird.

Glenn:                | Magus:
   Shall we go, then? |    We're wasting time.

   What do you expect
   us to do now, mate?

   Give me a moment--I need to
   find the exact spot... (Where
   was it that I woke up after
   I fainted? I think... Here.)

[Serge walks over to the exact point of the dimensional
distortion and the greenish circle-y thing appears under
his feet.]

   This has got to be it. (Or
   at least, I don't see what
   else it could be--it sure
   LOOKS freaky enough to be
   a path between two worlds.)

   An open seam to the world...
   A wormhole that
   traverses dimensions...
   The world's callin' you,
   Callin' the lost piece
   of the puzzle...

   (That sounds really disturbing

[He holds up the Amulet]

   All right, here we go.

[FMV: world-swapping]

Opassa Beach (Home)

   That was it!?

   I guess so. We'll know
   for sure when we get
   to Arni.

   We're in that other
   world now, right?
   That wasn't such
   a big deal.

Arni, Dock (Home)

[If they approach the old man at the end of the dock and speak
to him--]

[Old Man]

   Oh, it's you, Serge.
   Great day, huh?
   How's your day been?

   Things have been kind of
   strange for me lately, but
   that's okay. Um, anyway,
   sorry to wake you up, but we
   need a favour.

[Old Man]
   What kind?

   We need ya to take us to
   Water Dragon Isle.

[Old Man]
   Water Dragon Isle?
   Well, it's not too far,
   so I'm willin' to take
   you there for 100G.

   ~~~Forget it             |    ~~~Yes, take me!

Serge:                      | Serge:
   (I'm strating to think   |    (It isn't really that much
   it would be better to    |    money, and I don't want to
   go straight to Mount     |    head for Mount Pyre without
   Pyre.)                   |    the Water Dragon's blessing...)
[Old Man]                   |
   OK. Call on me           |    Serge paid 100G.
   anytime you want         |
   to get off the island.   | [Old Man] 
   As you can see,          |    Great!
   I don't have much to do. |    Shall we get going?
   Huaaaaaaaah...           |

And that's it for this time, folks. Next time, we'll be seeing the dwarves (and Razzly) again.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: mav on December 30, 2009, 08:47:09 pm
Nice. That was a good chapter: not too long, not too complex; just right. Keep up the good work!
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Post by: alfadorredux on January 14, 2010, 08:32:35 pm
Geh. I think this is the longest single section that I've posted so far, but it would have
been a real mess to break this in the middle. Keeping Razzly's story more-or-less intact
without allowing her to be recruited was surprisingly hard, and I'm really not
sure that I pulled it off successfully (doubly so since I don't think I've ever even
recruited her, making my grasp of her character kind of limited).

Oh, and did I mention that there appear to be no YouTube videos that cover Water
Dragon Isle without Razzly in the party? (The campfire scene is there, but that's
it.) So take the stage directions in those bits with a little salt.

There are a lot of double-optional sections here. And I don't think the optional characters
got nearly enough lines. Grrr. On the bright side, Magus only got one line and so wasn't
able to steal the show the way he usually does.

On to Water Dragon Isle - In search of the dragon blue...

Recruits: The same as the last couple of chapters, except that players
            following the don't-save-Kid path may now have her back--and if they
            haven't, I don't think they can get to Home World anyway.

Water Dragon Isle (Home)

Leena: [if present]
   This is completely different
   from what I remember this
   island being like! I guess
   this really is another world.
   The water is so clear...

 [Old Man]
   Hoho, it's been a while since I
   visited this isle, but its beauty
   never fades.
   But there's something strange...
   I don't see any of the fairies that
   usually dance around the pond.


 [Old Man]
   Oh, pardon me.
   There's a small village of
   fairies on this isle.
   It should be just beyond this pond.
   I don't know what brings you to
   this isle, but it's best to ask the
   fairies to learn about the place.

Leena:                          | Kid:
   I always thought the fairies |    D'ya think they'll tell
   were just a legend... I      |    us where we can find the
   wonder if they can tell us   |    dragon?
   about the dragon.            |

   Well, they didn't mention it
   the one time I talked to them,
   but I didn't ask, either.

 [Old Man]
   In the meantime, I'll be 'round
   here fishing.
   This pond is great for fishing.

Water Dragon Isle, Fairy Village (Home)


[If the party rescued Razzly from the Pentapus, she enters the
screen a bit behind everyone else.]

   The village...
   Fairy-ville is...
   W-Why did this...
   everyone... No.
   No, it can't, it can't be...

   Are you okay? Um, sorry--I
   guess that's a stupid
   question... (I mean, if I
   went back to Arni and found
   it like this, I'd be freaking
   out too...)

   You are...the humans I met
   in the Hydra Marshes... Did
   you do this?!

   We only just got here ourselves.


Kid:                              | Glenn:
   Say, those guys with the       |    Those creatures in the helmets
   thimbles on their heads...     |    don't appear to be fairies.
   they aren't fairies, are they? |    What are they?

   I think they're dwarves from
   the Hydra Marshes, but I don't
   understand what they're doing
   here. I've never heard of anyone
   except the fairies living on
   this island.

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Hmph, just when I thought it was
   a rarity to see humans on this
   remote isle, you all hi-ho along.
   Look at this isle...
   It's beautiful, a perfect
   fit for our new home!
   Too good for these damn fairies.
   You humans taught us that the
   world is built on the dead bodies
   of other species...
   Now, hi-ho away with you...
   along with the fairies...
   to the deeps of the sea!

[The dwarf chieftain walks away into the caves]

   (So they're trying to steal
   this island from the fairies,
   because they can't live in the
   marshes anymore.)

Serge: [only if he killed the Hydra]
   (Is this...
   my fault?)


[If they speak to the blue fairy near the center]

 [Blue Fairy]
   They killed everyone...

   (Damn it, I don't know what
   to say! It's... I can't bring
   the dead back to life!)


[If Razzly is present, she flutters over]

[Blue Fairy]
   It's Razzly...!
   You are alright?

   Uh-huh, I'm alright.

   These humans save me.
   ...Where is Rosetta?
 [Blue Fairy]
   The dwarves took her
   into the cavern...
   Quick, Razzly...
   Rosetta needs your help!


   My older sister. She told
   me not to leave the island,
   and I'm fairy sorry now
   that I did.

[Kid looks away]


   (What's Kid thinking about?)


 [Gold Fairy]
   Hey, wake up...
   Please...answer me.
   Why...? Why, oh, why...?


[if Razzly]

   You are alive. But, but,
   everyone...everyone else is...

   Why did everything have to
   turn out this way?

   (I wish I knew. I thought I
   was doing the right thing,
   with the Hydra, but now...
   I saved Kid, but so many of
   the fairies have died...)


Water Dragon Isle Sanctum, Upper (Home)

[This first bit takes place when they first confront the
dwarf chieftain after entering the caves. If Razzly was
saved from the Pentapus, she always enters the screen
from behind, as though she's following the party, just as
each story-conversation begins.]


[if they didn't save Kid, making this the first time
they've met the dwarves]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   I will not tolerate any humans
   trespassing beyond this point!
   Defy me and you will face the

   This is the fairies' land,
   not yours!


[if they did save Kid and kill the Hydra]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Hmph, I knew you'd come.
   Now we must confront you fools
   once again...
   I suppose this is fate...
   This ends now...
   With your death!
   Die, human scum!!!

   (What does he think killing
   us is going to solve? It
   won't bring the hydra back
   to life...

[either way, combat. afterwards...]


[If they didn't kill the Hydra]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Grr... Such strength.
   It seems I've underestimated
   you humans...
   This will not happen a
   second time!


[If they did...]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Krr... What strength.
   I can not allow our clan
   to be defeated here...
   Next, the next will be your last!
   Come after us, humans.
   If you want to save the fairies!


Dwarf Chieftain:
   Retreat! Tallruf, Bearduf!

[The dwarves jump off the ledge and into the pool
at the base of the waterfall]

   (I'm surprised they're tall
   enough not to drown...)

Water Dragon Isle Sanctum, Lower (Home)

[upon reaching the bottom and speaking to the dwarf chieftain]


[If they didn't save Razzly]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Humans helping fairies?
   You surprise me!
   However, there is no way I can
   allow you to leave here alive.
   You will pay for not heeding our
   warnings...with your death!

   (Somehow, after Lynx and the
   dragoons and the ghost ship and
   all the other ridiculous stuff
   that's been going on, this guy
   doesn't frighten me very much.)

[I'm skipping the attempt-to-escape lines]

[Combat. When the party wins...]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Grrh, such strength...
   Are we to be driven off
   our land once again?
   Is there no land on this planet
   where we can live in peace?
   Oh, Goddess of Fate, why are we
   dealt such a hand...
   Are humans really the greatest
   species on this planet?
   These heretics of evolution,
   these destroyers of
   the planet...? Ugh...

Magus: [if present]
   "Greatest species on the
   planet?" Heh. We're more like
   the planet's bastard step-

Guile: [if present]
   Being able to destroy a forest
   does not make a fire greater
   than a tree.

Nikki: [if present]
   Not all humans are alike,
   you know.

Luccia:                      | Kid:                        | Glenn:
   Ve should go and speak to |    Hey, mate, we've got a   |    Perhaps we should
   de dragon--I cannot vait  |    dragon to talk to. Let's |    find the dragon...
   to examine it.            |    get on with it.          |

Leena:                       | Nikki:
   Hey, wait a minute, isn't |    I think that's a fairy,
   that a fairy over there?  |    over in the corner. Before
   Is she...okay?            |    we go, we should see if
                             |    she's all right.

   I will be fine. The other
   fairies, are they alright?

   Well, the dwarves do seem
   to be gone. I think they've
   done as much damage here as
   they're going to. (I can't
   bring myself to tell her
   that most of the other
   fairies are dead...)

Kid:                         | Nikki:
   We'll be back to help ya  |    We came here to talk to
   after we've talked to the |    the dragon, but we'll be
   dragon, okay? Won't be a  |    back for you when we're
   minute.                   |    done. Just try to hold
                             |    yourself together until
                             |    then, okay?

   What is happening...
   to this island?


[If they did save Razzly]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   So, you've made it this far,
   but you will not find us so easy
   to defeat!
   We will settle our scores here
   by avenging the extinct Hydra
   and our dying homeland
   with your death!

   (I don't see why he thinks he's
   going to do any better this time
   than he did the last one, but...
   I hate that this really is all
   our fault...)

[Combat. When the party wins...]

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Grrh, such strength...
   Are we to be driven off
   our land once again?
   Is there no land on this planet
   where we can live in peace?
   Oh, Goddess of Fate, why are we
   dealt such a hand...

   You're being fairy silly. Why
   don't you go home? The baby
   hydra in the marshes needs
   someone to look after it.

   Um, wait a minute. Baby
   hydra? There was a little
   one there too?

   You left too soon, but I saw
   it: the baby hydra crawling out
   of its mother's body. It was
   alive then, but I don't know
   how long it will last--it's
   fairy young and fairy alone.

Dwarf Chieftain:
   A Hydra whelp!?
   There is still hope
   left in that forest...
Dwarf Chieftain:
   Still, you killed the Hydra.
   Nothing you do can change that.
   But passed time will not return.
   We, too, cannot advance
   forward, trapped by our past.

   (No, we can't undo the killing.
   I thought I was doing it for the
   right reasons...)

[Serge turns his head and looks at Kid]

   (I guess I still do. I don't
   want to lose her. Not for
   anything. We've been through
   so much together...)

Dwarf Chieftain:
   We will return to the
   forest once again.
   Farewell, humans.
   We, too, have sinned.
   For this sin, we must make
   ammends for the rest of our

Dwarf Chieftain:
   Some day...let us hope that we
   children of the planet can live
   together in peace...

   (Right now, the idea of things
   going back to being peaceful
   again seems like such a far-off

[In the meanwhile, Razzly has fluttered over to where Rosetta
is lying on the floor...]


[If they got here quickly enough]


   That's her sister?
   Poor thing...

   ...Ooo, is that you,
   You were alright...
   Yes, yes...
   It's me, sis.
   ...It's Razzly.
   I've finally made it home.
   the village, everyone's...
   Why are there...humans
   on this island?
   Razzly, did these people
   bring you back here?

   Yes, they found me
   in the forest. If it wasn't
   for them, I would've been...

   So, these people saved you...
   Ow, agh...

   !? Sis, it's alright!
   Please, hold on to yourself.
   I'll be here with you...

   Do you...need any help?

   That's fairy nice of you,
   but I think we'll be all
   right. Go talk to the
   dragon--that's what you
   came here for, isn't it?
   And thank you. I couldn't
   have fought the dwarves by
   myself, so if it wasn't for
   you, I wouldn't have made
   it down here.


[If they were too slow and Rosetta is dead]

   No, no...
   This can't be! Rosetta!
   Answer me, please!!!

   Damn, if only we'd gotten
   here a little bit quicker!


Water Dragon Isle Sanctum, Dragon's Room (Home)

[I've made minor corrections here and there to the Water Dragon's
speech without marking them. Isn't there a single game translator
who understands how to use the second person singular?]

[As the party moves a few steps forward into the room--]
[Water Dragon]
   Welcome, son of man
   Now, come to me

   (Oh, great, now I'm hearing
   voices... I hope there really
   is a dragon here somewhere, or
   I'm going to have to go back
   to Guldove and have Doc examine
   my head...)

[when they reach the water's edge]

Water Dragon:
   ...Thou need'st not explain.
   I know already what thou
   seekest here.

   (It reads minds?!)

Water Dragon:
   There is naught to be
   surprised about.

Water Dragon:
   It is but a trifle for we
   '"Sleeping Dragons,"' who have
   dwelt upon this land for ages...

   (I don't think I like this.
   I hope we won't need to be
   here long.)

Water Dragon:
   Mount Pyre, the land thou
   seekest, is home to the
   '"Fire Dragon."'
   Unless thou dost quench his red
   blazes, it will prove a
   difficult journey.

Water Dragon:
   Take this, son of man.
   My breath can freeze even
   boiling lava...

   Member has been bestowed the
   Ice Breath.

   Thank you.

Water Dragon:
   Take my subordinate as well...
   It shall be useful in holding back
   the Fire Dragon of Mount Pyre...
   Member has been bestowed the

   (An element? Well, whatever.
   It looks a bit odd, though.
   Do we even have anyone who
   can use it?)

[As the party turns to leave, the screen fades to
black, and on it, the following text appears]

   Wilt thou change this world...
   Or wilt thou change thyself?
   Wilt thou live on with
   thy mother planet...
   Or wilt thou turn thy back on the
   planet and tread another path?
Water Dragon Isle, Fairy Village (Home)

[When the picture fades back in, we are outside again]

   They said that they
   '"were chased out of the
   forest by the humans."'
   And they drifted
   down to our island...
   so the humans are to blame!!!

   I'm sorry that all this
   happened, but--

   Because of you humans, our village,
   our friends have been made victims!!!
   Why can't humans live in harmony
   with nature? Why do you continue
   to act the way you do?
   Don't you see what the outcome of
   your choices will be in the future!?

   (Sigh. I could talk myself
   hoarse, but I don't think they
   would listen--they can't hear
   anything except their own
   feelings right now. I remember
   being kind of the same way
   after Dad disappeared.)


[If Razzly is present, she's hovering near Serge and co.]

   Razzly, you're a fairy--
   what are you doing with
   those humans?

   These humans helped me.
   They saved my life! Not
   all humans are bad.

   They're murderers! If it
   weren't for the humans,
   everyone would still be

   That's silly! The humans
   didn't tell the dwarves to
   come here, and the dwarves
   didn't have to kill anyone!
   There's a lot of space here
   on this island--they could
   have just asked for some of

   How can you side with THEM?!

   (This is getting ugly... We
   should get out of here before
   we stir things up any more...
   but would looking like we're
   running away make things
   worse? Argh!)

[A mob of fairies is forming on the crescent island.]

   We need to get rid of them
   before they do any more damage!

   (If they actually did try
   to fight us, it would be
   a joke--they're not strong
   enough to beat up a five-
   year-old...but I don't want
   to hurt them!)

[Razzly positions herself between the other fairies and the humans,
with her arms spread.]

   Don't do this!


   Move, Razzly!

   I won't!

   Then we'll go through you!

   C'mon, mates! We have to
   do somethin'!

[The party pulls out their weapons.]


[If Rosetta is still alive--]

   Stop, all of you, please!

   You, too Rosetta?

   The humans did drive the dwarves
   away. The least we can do is let
   them leave here in peace.

[Razzly lowers her arms.]

   Them...and me.


   All the time I was trapped in
   that swamp, I wanted so badly
   to see all of you, but I can't
   stay here with things the way
   they are now. It would just
   mean more fighting.

   You're crazy! After what
   happened to you, you're going
   to leave again?!

   I'll be sad to see you leave
   again, but I understand why
   you feel you can't stay. Still,
   remember that this is your
   home. If you come back, I'll
   welcome you even if no one
   else does.

   Sis... (Sniff)

   But everyone still has to
   agree to let Serge and the
   others go.

   Oh, fairy well, we'll let
   your precious humans leave,
   but they'd better never come
   back. We never want to see
   any of them again, or the
   dwarves either! If more of
   us die, then... Then...


   Kid, are you okay?

[Kid staggers and faints. The screen fades out as the rest of the party
converges on her.]


[If Rosetta didn't make it--]

   Please, no!

[The fairy mob charges forward, and it looks for a moment like something
nasty is going to happen, but Serge drops his swallow, grabs Razzly,
and pulls her out of the way.]

   Get off our island!

   And take that traitor
   with you!

   Let's go. There's nothing
   we can do here except
   make things worse.


   I'm not saying you need to
   come with us! (This is her
   home, after all.)

   No, I think I should leave.
   Things are fairy bad here
   already, and I don't want
   to make them worse. So many
   hurt... So many dead...


[Kid collapses]


[The screen fades out as he moves toward her.]


[If Razzly is not present]

Rosetta: [if present]
   A very sad tragedy, triggered
   by the acts of humans.
   We have lost so many of our
   people and loved ones.
   Although our village has been
   saved, no one here thinks
   kindly of man...
   I am extremely sorry,
   but please leave the island
   as soon as you can...

   Yes, get out of here before
   we have to make you!

[At this point, Kid faints]

Campfire, unspecified location

[This scene takes place if Kid is in the group, and regardless
of whether or not Razzly is alive (unlike in CC, where this
scene didn't trigger if Razzly had been rescued)]

[FMV: the burning of the orphanage]

[Kid wakes up and looks around]

   ...Where am I?
   I fainted, eh?

[She pulls out the Astral Amulet and looks at it. On the
other side of the fire, Serge stirs.]

   Oh, good--you're okay. I was
   kind of worried. Fainting just
   isn't like you. I didn't expect
   you to snap out of it in the
   middle of the night, though.

   Did I wake you up?
   I had a bad dream.

   It happens to everyone. (I've
   been having a few of my own
   since this mess started.)

   Seein' that fairy's eyes
   filled with tears over
   losin' her friends...
   That must've triggered
   memories of me own past.

[Serge walks over to sit with her by the fire]

   Was it...that bad? (Argh, that
   sounds stupid, but I don't want
   her to clam up! This is the
   first time she's offered to talk
   about her past.)

   I was an orphan...
   I was abandoned
   when I was a baby...

   There was someone who took
   me in and raised me as if I
   were her own little sister...
   I'm alive here today
   thanks to her.

   There were a lot of others
   like me at Sis's place,
   she was always makin'
   strange stuff...
   We didn't have money,
   but we were all happy.

   Up until that Lynx bastard...
   came and shattered our
   happiness to pieces!
   Lynx raided our house,
   burned it down, and
   kidnapped Sis!
   never came back...
   Since then, I've wandered
   the world and experienced so
   much pain, just to get by...
   No one was there to help me.
   I was always alone.
   If you ask me, the idea of
   guardian angels watchin'
   over us all the time...
   that's a load of rubbish.

   (So THAT'S why Kid's hunting
   Lynx. That part makes sense
   now...but it gives me more
   questions, too. Why did Lynx
   attack an orphanage? Was Kid's
   "Sis" important to him somehow?
   It can't have been just because
   she was looking after a bunch
   of random kids...

   Hmm... "Always makin' strange
   stuff"... Could "Sis" have been
   a researcher or something? But
   that almost makes it more
   mysterious... What did she
   create that Lynx wanted?)

[Kid stands up]

   In this world, the underhanded
   always gets the last laugh.
   Only the ones who don't think
   anything of hurtin' others
   are the ones who get blood-
   stained fortunes.
   The ones who kill,
   the ones who devour,
   they're the ones who survive.
   That's the only rule
   of this world.

   The great species of mankind...
   our wonderful world,
   filled with love and happiness...
   Don't make me laugh!

   (Well, people are people...
   Some are good and some are
   bad... but I don't think she
   wants to hear that right now.
   Just like the fairies COULDN'T
   listen to us, because they
   were hurting too much.

   ...I don't think I should try
   to hug her, either, even if I
   kind of want to.)

   But if that's how it is,
   that's fine with me.
   As long as I'm alive,
   there ain't no goin' back.
   I'll abide by this world's
   rules, and do what I gotta
   do, despite the rotten hand
   of cards I've been dealt!

   (Yeah, that's more like the
   Kid I thought I knew.)

   I'll make sure that bloody
   bastard pays for what he's
   I will get even...!
   No matter what it takes!!!

   And we'll help. (Even if I
   didn't want to strangle some
   answers out of the bastard,
   seeing her in that kind of
   pain... It hurts me, too.)

[Pan up and away from the campfire to the moons, then the
screen fades out.]
Water Dragon Isle (Home)


[If Razzly is still alive, she's waiting for them near
where the boatman should be.]

   Razzly, right? Figured you'd
   be gone already.

   I didn't want to leave without
   saying good-bye to all of you--
   that would have been fairy rude!

   So, um, where are you going to

   I think...back to the Hydra


   (I can't come right out and ask
   her if she's crazy--that WOULD
   be "fairy rude"--but I want to.)

   I want to help look after the
   baby hydra. And the dwarves...
   maybe I can make things a little
   better between us and them. I
   think it's worth a try, anyway.

   Heh. Guess you've got more
   patience than me. If I were
   you, those guys would be on
   their way to the moons already.

   Anyway, good-bye and good luck.

   Thank you, and if any of you
   are ever near there again, it
   would be fairy nice if you
   said hello!

[Razzly flies away, and the party looks around.]


Guile:                 | Nikki:                  | Kid:
   It appears that our |    Isn't the boatman    |    Where's the old guy
   transportation has  |    supposed to be       |    got to? Does he expect
   vanished.           |    waiting for us here? |    us to swim back?

Leena:                    | Serge:
   We are kind of late... |    He may have given up on us
   Maybe he went back to  |    because we're so late. (If I
   Arni.                  |    really have to, I guess I can
                          |    swim as far as Opassa--I've
                          |    heard of people doing it before,
                          |    on dares.)
[Old Man]
   I figured you'd be coming
   back, so I set the boat out.
   Are you all safe?

   We're fine--we were just a
   little surprised that you
   weren't here when we arrived.

[Old Man]
   Oh, many pardons.
   It didn't look like you'd be coming
   back before sunset, and I had to
   return before it got dark.

   Well, since you made it back here,
   I guess you did what you needed to do?
   ...But you guys look a little gloomy
   for it to have gone well...

   Maybe someday I'll tell you
   the story. Right now I've...
   got stuff to think about.
   (And it'll be easier to
   explain all this when it's
   over with and there aren't
   any more surprises left.)

[Old Man]
   No second thoughts?
   Then let's head back to the village.

The remainder of this chapter is about half as long as this and mostly involves confronting the
Dragoons on Mount Pyre. Then we get to the really interesting bit: re-writing the body-switch
scene, which is going to differ quite a bit if Magus is present. No, I still haven't gotten
around to that diagram. (Sigh)
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on January 14, 2010, 08:52:27 pm
Oh, and did I mention that there appear to be no YouTube videos that cover Water
Dragon Isle without Razzly in the party? (The campfire scene is there, but that's
it.) So take the stage directions in those bits with a little salt.

Do you mean as in 'save Kid path' but not in current party? Or just simple 'don't save Kid path'? Since I'm sure there are at least of the latter.

Then we get to the really interesting bit: re-writing the body-switch
scene, which is going to differ quite a bit if Magus is present.

Great, now this is getting closer to... that. Actually, I've been wondering about it for quite some time. Considering how the changes you have been doing are, it may finally solve a few doubts I currently have.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on January 14, 2010, 09:23:21 pm
Oh, and did I mention that there appear to be no YouTube videos that cover Water
Dragon Isle without Razzly in the party? (The campfire scene is there, but that's
it.) So take the stage directions in those bits with a little salt.

Do you mean as in 'save Kid path' but not in current party? Or just simple 'don't save Kid path'? Since I'm sure there are at least of the latter.

I wasn't able to find any of either. Admittedly, it's quite possible that I didn't look as hard as I should have--it was two weeks ago now and I don't remember how much effort I put into searching beyond the playthroughs I normally draw on for recorded sequences. So if they are out there, you can put my not finding them down to my being lazy.

Then we get to the really interesting bit: re-writing the body-switch
scene, which is going to differ quite a bit if Magus is present.

Great, now this is getting closer to... that. Actually, I've been wondering about it for quite some time. Considering how the changes you have been doing are, it may finally solve a few doubts I currently have.

We'll see how things work out. I do have a very early draft of the scene with Magus present, but it's going to need a re-write, since it has him being much too concerned for Kid.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
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Ugh. Lots of Glenn and Luccia optional sections in this one (and a bit
for Marcy and Nikki, as well). And Kid gets a bit snippy in spots, but
I hope not too much so. This chapter has been hell. :(

Doc's Clinic, Guldove (Another) - If you didn't pick her up

[If they took the don't-rescue-Kid path, then didn't go back for her]

   ...Hola, dudes.
   Did you come back to
   see the patient again?

   Well, yes, if she's able
   to have visitors. (This
   might be the last time...)

   I'm sorry, but you're too late.
   She's no longer in the village.
   She has gone on alone.

   Gone on...alone?! Are you
   saying that she DIED?

[Serge shakes his head]

   (I knew it was going to happen,
   but I didn't want to believe

[He does Kid's rats-I-failed-to-steal scuffing kick]

   Whoa, whoa, don't
   jump to conclusions.
   She's alive and well!
   The poison has been
   completely neutralized.

   Then she's okay? HOW?!
   I thought you said you
   couldn't get the antidote!

   Shortly after you left, a young
   traveler who happened to have
   Hydra Humour visited the village.
   Thanks to him, we were
   able to save her life...
   After the poisoning
   was neutralized,
   she waited a few
   days for you.

   But it appears it wasn't
   in her nature to wait.
   She left a few days ago
   on a merchant ship that
   stopped by the village.

   (I'm surprised she even stuck
   around for those few days.
   She was in such a hurry to go
   after Lynx...)

   But she IS okay, right? She
   won't get sick again from
   leftover poison?

   Yes, she is indeed healthy.

   I wonder where she went.
   After Lynx, or...?

   Probably. She's kind of
   obsessed with him. (I guess
   that means we'll be running
   into her again sometime
   soon, because I'm not going
   to stop now--not before I
   find out what a "Chrono
   Trigger" is, and why Lynx
   says I am one.)

   She didn't tell you where
   she was going, did she,

   I'm afraid not, although
   she did appear to be searching
   for someone--perhaps this
   "Lynx" you mentioned?

   That's all I know.
   Good luck and try not to
   take too many risks.

Mount Pyre, Second Area (Another)

[The party discovers that the Idiot Brigade has been waiting
for them...]

   They're really here!
   Th-This time, let's shake
   it to them for sure!

   I'll do my best, Peppor!

   Not you two again. (It's
   almost as though they're
   following us around.)


[If Glenn is in the party]

   Glenn, I don't suppose you
   can order them to just get
   out of the way...?

   I can try, I suppose, but--

   Our orders from Sir Karsh
   are absolute!

   We're sorry, Sir Glenn, but
   we were specifically ordered
   to stop anyone from coming
   through here--even fellow

   (Sigh. So much for that bright

   I guess that means we're doing
   this the hard way.


   Let's shake it.
   Get ready...!
   To shake it...!
   As Peppor would say.

[Battle. During the combat, we get the last (? I think)
installment of Elements 101, which I'm snipping on the
grounds that it isn't worth messing with it just to add
yet another comment to the effect that S+P are idiots.]

[After the Idiot Brigade has been flattened yet again--]

   S-Shake it outta here!!!


Mount Pyre, Final Area (Another)

[After a quick look at the faux Fire Dragon that's poking up out
of the floor of the cave--]

Skelly:                | Guile:                | Nikki:               | Kid:
   Huh? That's weird.  |    It appears to be   |    I think I'm glad  |    What is that
   Why is that thing   |    stuck. A failed    |    that that thing's |    thing? Looks
   stuck in the floor? |    teleport, perhaps? |    stuck.            |    like it's stuck.

[As they attempt to cross the bridge, a small, spear-toting dragon

Mini Dragon:
   Hey! Hey, lad!
   Wanna challenge me to a fight!?
   C'mon, whaddaya say!?

   Will you let us through if
   we don't fight?

Mini Dragon:
   Well, lad, you see, I'm
   all alone in here, and
   the last batch of people
   to come through weren't
   much fun...

Kid:                          | Nikki:
   Look, mate, we're kinda in |    "I'm not letting you
   a hurry. If ya mean "no",  |    through if you don't
   just say it so that we can |    fight" would have
   get on with things.        |    been enough.

Mini Dragon:
   Since you understand that,
   what are you waiting for?

[They fight and beat the Mini Dragon]

Mini Dragon:
   Hey! Not bad, lad!
   I'm sure I'll see you again.

   (Why do I have this weird
   feeling he was going easy
   on us?)

[As they reach the other side of the bridge]

Man's Voice:
   That's far enough!!!

[Enter the Acacia Dragoon Devas]

   So you made it this
   far, huh, junior?

Kid:                      | Serge:
   His name's Serge, not  |    ("Junior"?! Give me a
   "Junior", ya dipstick! |    break.)

   HAH! In the name of the
   Acacia Dragoons, you
   ain't gettin' past here!!!

Magus:                  | Kid:                        | Nikki:
   Was that supposed to |   We kicked yer ass before, |    Get out of our way--
   impress us somehow?  |   and we'll do it again!    |    it's Lynx we want.


[If Glenn and/or Luccia is present]



   Is that you, Glenn!?


[Luccia only]

   Is that you, Luccia!?
   What are doin' here
   with these guys?



   You're with Luccia!
   Hey, hey, hey!
   What the hell is
   goin' on here!!!?



   Why are you with
   these bozos!?

   (WE'RE bozos? Why do I have
   to take that from a guy who
   dresses like him?)
   Please, Karsh, we
   need to get through.
   I need to see...
   I need to see for myself
   what is happening!
   Even if that means
   leaving the dragoons...
   You call yourself
   a dragoon!?

Kid: [if present]
   At least he's usin' his
   brains instead of lettin'
   Lynx lead him around by
   the nose!



   Luccia, what
   the hell are
   you doin' here?
Luccia: [if Glenn is present]
   Being a dragoon is no
   concern of mine.

   I only act according to
   my own personal motives.
   You understand?

   HAH!? Sure, yeah,
   I get it.
   You are a selfish one.

   (I would have said "crazy",
   but maybe he's never actually
   been in her lab...)


   In the name of the
   Acacia Dragoons, you
   ain't gettin' past here!!!



Kid: [if present]
   Not unless you're hiding an
   army in yer back pocket!
   'Cept I suppose ya don't
   have pockets... What a
   bummer! Don't worry, we'll
   kick yer asses anyway.


[If Glenn and/or Luccia is present--one line for each situation]

   I don't care about
   you, Glenn!
   I don't care about
   Glenn or Luccia!

   I don't care about
   you, Luccia!

Serge: [if Luccia is present]
   (And here I thought Luccia
   practically raised her...
   What a brat!)


   And Serge!!!!!!
   I HATE YOU!!!!!!
   I hate your friends, your
   mom, your dad, your
   grandma, your grandpa,
   your great-grandma, your...
   I HATE THEM ALL!!!!!!
   I hate you! I despise you!

   (Man, what did I do?)


[If Nikki is present]


   And I ESPECIALLY hate YOU!!!!!
   I don't have a family, and I
   don't have a BROTHER!!!! I want
   you to die at the bottom of a
   HOLE somewhere so I don't have
   to look at your stupid FACE


Leena:      | Kid:                    | Serge:
   Nikki... |    Hey, mate, you okay? |    Nikki...?

   It's alright.

   But really shouldn't
   say things like that.

[Marcy starts to get red in the face]


   (That almost made her sound
   like the guy with the helmet,
   except a lot squeakier. I
   think my ears are ringing.)

   It is too my business! You ARE
   my sister, even if you don't
   want to be, and I don't want
   my sister screeching at people
   like a drunken groupie!

   Like a WHAT?! Oh, never mind--
   I'm going to shut you up


   Gah hah hah!
   Looks like she
   can't stand you.

   (It took him this
   long to figure that

   Well, then...
   It's time for you to die!!!

Magus:                    | Nikki:
   You think the likes of |    I'm not going to let
   YOU can kill us? Don't |    Marcy kill me. It might
   make me laugh.         |    matter to her someday.
[Battle. I'm snipping the various lines that the dragoons have during
the fight--mostly just insults from Marcy and variations on "Take this!"
from the other two.]

   There's no way I'd lose!?

   (You'd think he would have
   learned his lesson after Kid
   and I wiped the floor with
   him at Cape Howl...)

   Karsh, IT IS

[Zoah leaves]

   W-wait a moment! Almost time
   for what? (I don't like the
   sound of this--are they really
   going to activate the fort?)

   I'll get even for this!

[Karsh leaves]

   Nah, nah, na-na-nah...!!!

[Marcy leaves.]

   (Damn it all... I guess
   we'd better get moving.)


[Harle appears]

   (Oh, no, not her AGAIN. Still,
   I guess this does prove that
   Lynx is here somewhere.)

   If you proceed any further,
   zere will be no
   turning back, non?
   Even so... You still
   wish to go, Serge?
   ~~~Keep going                |    ~~~Give up now
Serge:                          | Serge:
   Stop NOW? After everything   |    (Maybe they'll let down
   we've done to get here?      |    their guard a bit if they
   You have to be kidding me.   |    think we aren't really
   And besides, I still have    |    coming. If we're going to
   questions that only your     |    tangle with Lynx again,
   boss can answer. (Not to     |    we may need all the help
   mention that we have to      |    we can get!)
   get the Dragon Tear away     |
   from them and stop them      | Harle:
   from activating the fort!)   |    I know you
                                |    are lying...
Harle:                          |    But, merci...
   I see...                     |    Just don't die...
   I won't stop you.            |
   But...                       |
   Don't die...                 |

[She leaves again.]

   (I don't get it. Why does
   she care what happens to

So from here we head onwards to the body-switch scene. Surprisingly, Chapter 13 is quite
short...but of course all that means is that it's going to end more than twice as long
before I'm done with it.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on January 31, 2010, 08:53:31 pm
This chapter was both easier and more difficult than the previous one.
Easier, because it's shorter and I wasn't dealing with a character that
I know little about. Harder, because it's such a damned vital
chapter, one of the things on which the whole script is likely to be
judged. I hope I did okay.

Surprisingly, while Magus got his moment in the sun, this turned out
to be Serge's chapter more than anything. Which I suppose is as it
should be.

13. Fort Dragonia - Ancient dragons' dream in ruins...

Recruits: The same as the last couple of chapters, except that players
          following the don't-save-Kid path may now have her back.

Entrance, Fort Dragonia (Another)

[FMVs: Aerial view of Fort Dragonia, followed by a flashback to Serge's dream
from the very first chapter.]

Leena:                   | Kid:               | Nikki:
   Serge, are you all    |    You okay, mate? |    Are you okay?
   right? You look pale. |                    |


   (This is weird. From the
   outside, it looks so much
   like the place I dreamed
   about, but I know I've
   never been here before.
   It must be just a coincidence.
   Or at least, I hope that's
   all it is. I don't want to
   see the end of that dream
   in real life!)

Nikki:                     | Kid:
   Well, so long as you're |    You'd better not slow
   sure.                   |    us down!

Upper Floor, Fort Dragonia (Another)

[They emerge from the elevator. Serge looks around and puts a
hand to his forehead.]

   This... This is...

Guile:                       | Kid:                          | Glenn:
   Something truly IS wrong, |    "Fine", my arse. "Fine"    |    I admit that this place
   it appears. Do not try to |    isn't s'posed to look like |    is disturbing, but your
   convince us otherwise.    |    ya saw a ghost, mate. Now, |    reaction to it seems
                             |    spill it: what's goin' on? |    extreme. What is bothering
                             |                               |    you so?

[Serge lowers his hand, shaking his head.]

   It's just that it's so weird.
   I dreamed of this place, back
   before everything began.


[If Kid is present]

   Wait a sec! Didn't you tell
   me once that you dreamed...

   (Oh, hell, I guess there's
   no way not to say it now.)

   ...About you and me trying to
   find our way through some
   fortress, and me stabbing you.


[If she isn't]

   That must have been some
   dream... Or more like a
   nightmare? About this place?

   Yeah, this place, and me,
   and Kid... In the dream, I
   end up stabbing her.

   (At least Kid isn't here.
   That's enough to make me
   hope that that nightmare was
   just weird, not prophetic.)


Luccia:                           | Magus:                       | Nikki:
   And you have not been to dis   |    None of the magic arts    |    And you're sure that
   place before? I do not believe |    to which I have access    |    this dream of yours
   in prophecy. It is...          |    allow a man to foretell   |    was happening here?
   unscientific.                  |    the future. I don't think |
                                  |    it's possible, as such.   |

[Serge shakes his head]

   I know it doesn't make sense,
   but I'm sure that this is the
   place in my dream. I remember
   the elevator, and what must be
   the last crystal we have to
   mess around with, and that
   platform over there, the round
   one with the design in it--it's
   some kind of magic transporter.
   When we use it, we'll be taken
   up to another platform, with
   these big double doors, and
   on the other side is...


Serge: whatever makes me
   stab Kid. That part's kind
   of blurry, though.

Kid:                       | Glenn:
   So all I have to do is  |    But since Kid is not
   make sure ya don't get  |    here, none of us
   near me with a knife,   |    should be in any danger.
   right? 'Cause I'll be   |    Or would you prefer to
   mad as a cut snake if   |    turn back?
   ya say we're turnin'    |
   back over this!         |

[Serge shakes his head again]

   No. No, we're not turning back
   because of something that
   MIGHT happen. Especially not
   when something even worse
   MIGHT happen if Lynx activates
   the fort, and...well...I don't
   see anyone else trying to
   stop him.

Kid:                            | Nikki:
   That's the spirit! I tell    |    Yes. Like you said to
   ya, she'll be right, even    |    Macha, this is what Kid
   if yer dreams say different. |    would want us to do.

   (I really hope that they're
   right. It's just...I have this
   ugly cold feeling in my gut...
   No, get a grip. It's just
   because of that dream...and
   a dream is all it was. Not a
   prophecy. I have to believe

Upper Doors, Fort Dragonia (Another)

[FMV: At the doors, Serge has another flashback to his dream.]

Guile:                           | Glenn:
   So... We have seen it all.    |    It appears that everything
   The crystal, the transporter, |    is exactly as your dream
   and now the double doors.     |    suggested it would be, Serge.

   Not quite. In my dreams, the
   fort was full of monsters, not
   human dragoons. (I just wish
   I knew if that's enough of a
   difference to matter!)

Kid:                             | Nikki:
   We're goin' on, right, Serge? |    So we're going in?

[Serge nods]

   Yeah. Let's deal with Lynx
   once and for all. (In fact,
   I wouldn't put it past Lynx
   to have sent me that dream.
   ...Except how did HE know,
   then? I mean, he might have
   predicted I'd follow him here,

Kid:              | Glenn:
   C'mon, mate!!! |    Let us go.

Top Level, Fort Dragonia (Another)

   We've been expecting you.

   You have? (Don't tell me he
   IS saying he sent me those

   It was inevitable that you
   would try to stop us.

   (Which tells me pretty much
   nothing, but I'm not going to
   come out and ask, either.)

   I have nothing personal against
   you, but anyone who hinders our
   plan must be eliminated.
   I am rather sorry about that...

   Not as sorry as I am.


[If Glenn is present]

   What is going on here?

   This need not
   concern you now.
   One day, you will


   ("One day you'll understand..."
   Does he think we're just kids?)


[Battle with Viper]

General Viper:
   Care for some warming up
   first, eh? Then come now
   lads, I will take you on!

General Viper:

[When Viper is defeated...]

   Hah hah hah...
   You are a worthy opponent...
   But let us see how you do now.
   I shall give it my all...

   (You mean we're going to have
   to do all this AGAI--wait a
   minute, what's Lynx doing
   with that knife?!)

Glenn: [if present]
   General, behind you!

[Lynx stabs Viper in the back]



   (Okay, I knew Lynx is crazy, but
   I did NOT expect that! Why get
   rid of Viper before us? The old
   man wasn't even trying to stop

   You were extremely useful
   in helping me make my way
   around these islands.
   I appreciate your help,
   However, I no longer
   have any need for you.
   This fort shall serve as
   a fine grave marker for
   you and your dragoons.
   May you rest in peace.


[Viper collapses]

Kid:                       | Glenn:
   You're just SCUM, Lynx, |    General Viper... A great
   turning on your friends |    man, and you killed him
   like that!              |    for nothing! You deserve
                           |    death, Lynx!

   Now, let this be your
   final resting place
   as well.

[Combat with Lynx. When the party wins...]

   You're more trouble
   than I thought...
   But do you really
   think your skills are
   superior to mine?

   Seems to me (pant) we
   just proved it.

Kid: [if present]
   Sore loser!!!


[If, on the other hand, Kid was not present, she enters the room
at this point.]

   Hold yer sea horses!!!



[This bit is only used if they didn't save Kid and didn't
go back for her, presumably.]

   You're alive!!!

   I told ya I have more
   lives than a cat!
   No time for chit-chat!


[If they did know she was alive...]

   (I should have known she would
   come after him--after Lynx.
   Even without us.)


   You ain't gettin' away
   with what you did, Lynx!!!


   Serge, have you ever
   questioned who you really are?

   What do you mean? (Is this
   more of that "Assassin of
   Time" stuff?)


   What has been the significance
   of your existence up until now?
   On that ominous day 10 years
   ago, the boundary of space and
   time was torn, and part of me,
   in fact, died...

[FMV: the prowl of the panther]

   And what does that have to
   do with me? Ten years ago,
   I'd never even met you. Why
   are you interfering in my

[Serge moves forward a bit. Kid comes up beside him and shakes her head.]

   You cannot defeat me,
   This is because denying me
   is the same as erasing
   your very existence.

   Don't be taken in by
   his rubbish, Serge!!!
   This guy's full of it!

   I agree: I existed just fine
   before I ever met you.

   We'll see about that.
   There are two sides
   to every coin.
   Life and death......
   Love and hate......
   They are all the same.

   What'd you say!?
   Talk some sense, will ya!

[FMV: The Dragon Tear flares, and Serge and Lynx swap bodies.]

   (Ugh... Wh-what was that?
   What's happened to me? I...
   dizzy... Like I'm trapped
   in a dream... Is that why
   I'm seeing myself from
   outside myself?)

["Serge" is kneeling on the floor. Kid drops down beside him.]

   What's wrong!?

   Ah... Uh... (Why can't
   I talk?! It's like my
   mouth won't work...)

   What have you
   done to Serge!?

   (Why is she looking
   at me? And where did
   Lynx go?)

[Serge looks down]

   (Hey, wait a minute--these
   clothes! If I'm wearing
   these, it means that I'm...
   That I'm...

   NO!!! How could this happen?!
   Is this what all that crap
   Lynx was spouting was about?

   I can't let him get away
   with this! But... if I'm
   in his body... that must
   mean he's in mine, and...

   Oh SHIT! He's going to hurt
   Kid! My dream... that's what
   that stupid dream meant all
   along! But how do I stop him?
   They all think he's me, so if
   I attack him, the others
   will... KID will... Argh!)

[He claps both hands to his head and shakes his entire
upper torso from side to side, as though trying to get
rid of something that's clinging to him.]

   You alright!?

["Serge" stands up and nods. Kid gets up too.]

   I'm fine...
   I'm just fine,

   W-wuht--! (Damn, damn, DAMN!
   I know there's not much chance
   I can stop him, but there's no
   chance at all if I can't talk!)

   What are you doing,
   Now's your chance,
   Kill him!!!

   I know.

   Kuhd... (That almost worked!
   Have to keep trying...and keep
   her away from the real Lynx!)

[Kid walks toward "Lynx", who backs away.]

   This is the end of
   you, Lynx!!!
   Say yer prayers!


[If Magus is present...]

   Wait, you fool! Something
   is wrong here.

   If ya think I'm gonna hold
   off on killin' him just 'cause
   YOU think something's a bit

   That may not be Lynx.

   (! Did that cold-blooded
   bastard actually figure this
   out?! I don't believe it!)

   What are you babbling about?!
   That proves it--the reason you
   don't remember who you are is
   that you're crazy! Kid, are you
   going to listen to this two-bit
   amnesiac magician when Lynx is
   right in front of you?

   Nuh-uh! Ah-eh-eee-- (Damn! I
   still can't...!)

   I ain't listenin' to any more
   of this! Not now!

[She lunges at "Lynx"]

   You impulsive little idiot!


[Battle: "Lynx" versus "Serge", but I'm pretty sure the next bit happens
even if "Lynx" wins (possible in a New Game+)]
   You did it,


   Now finish him.
   What's wrong?
   Settle it once
   and for all.


   Here, hand me your dagger.
   I'll finish him off, if you
   can't do it yourself.

   N-nuh! (No, Kid, don't give
   him your knife! Don't...)

["Serge" walks over and takes the dagger from Kid]

   Watch this, Kid...
   I'll avenge Lucca for you!
   Die, LYNX!


[If Magus is present, he raises a hand]

   I somehow suspected you
   wouldn't be amenable to

[Purple lightning begins to crackle around his
extended fingers.]



   What, Kid?
   He's your foe,
   isn't he?

[Kid turns to face "Serge". Magus, if present, ditches the purple
lightning and lowers his hand.]

   How do you know
   Lucca's name?

Magus: [if present]

   What are you talking
   about, Kid...?

   Not once did I ever
   mention Lucca's name
   to you, Serge...


Magus: [if present]
   Fool. Not only could you not
   hide your aura, but you were
   given away by a slip of the

[Kid takes a step back]

   Don't tell me you're...!?

[FMV: "Serge" stabs Kid]


[If Magus is present]

   That girl was the only link
   I have found with my past.
   How DARE you interfere?!

[A bolt of lightning flashes from Magus' hand.  It misses striking "Serge" only because the
latter teleports out of the way.  A glowing sphere is sent in the opposite direction, and
Magus goes down on his knees.]


   Huh. Stronger and more stubborn
   than I would have expected...
   Not all that bright, though,
   seeing as you left the girl to
   bleed her life out on the floor
   so that you could attack me--or
   is your wounded pride more
   important to you than her life?
   Hmmm. I wonder who you really
   are...? Not that it matters,
   since you're going to be written
   out of the story now anyway.

   I'll rip...that tongue...from
   your head...


Skelly:                             | Guile:                    | Nikki:
   What the...?! This isn't funny!  |    I cannot believe this! |    Serge, have you gone crazy?!


["Serge" flings a ball of dark energy at the second (or third, if Magus was the other)
party member, knocking him/her over]


[If Magus wasn't present]

   You, too!!!

Member: [yeah, this one time, I'm using it]

[And now the remaining party member gets the same treatment]


   This is the end of the
   road for you, Kid.

[He grabs Kid by the hair(?) and hauls her up]

   Y-You're Lynx...
   ain't ya!?

   Heh heh heh...!
   I'll send you
   to see Lucca.

   Nguh... (Damn it, why? WHY?
   I can barely move...helpless...
   can't stop him... Damn you,
   Lynx! If you hurt her, I'm
   going to track you down and
   kill you even if it takes the
   rest of my life!)

[Lynx draws his knife hand back, then changes his mind and drops her]

   I'll finish
   you off later.

   (Was that bastard trying
   to lead me on?!)

[He walks over to Serge, who is still lying on the ground]

   Look at yourself,
   I mean, Lynx!
   Heh heh heh...
   The enmity is growing!
   The only thing pure in
   this world is enmity!

   (Is he saying that making
   me feel this way was the
   only thing he wanted all
   along?! BASTARD!!!!!!!!)

[Magus is still on his knees, off to one side]

   So you...think you know...
   about you, Lynx?
   It seems...I'll have to...
   teach you...a lesson.

[Lynx ignores him.]

   Well then, the time has
   come for the curtain to fall.
   Your services are no
   longer needed.
   Even your very existence
   is worthless...
   Farewell, Serge.

[Lynx walks over to the pedastel and picks up the Dragon Tear]

   Finally, I have the key.
   The key to the gate of Fate!
   The time has finally come for
   the Frozen Flame to awaken!!!

   GrrRRRR! (He means it! He's
   just going to walk away!
   And... "Gate of Fate"...
   awakening the Frozen Flame...
   I don't know what he's talking
   about, but I don't think it's
   good. Well, I'm not going to
   let him do it! It's the last
   thing I can do...for Kid...)

[Lynx vanishes and reappears floating above Serge.]

   Come to the Sea of Eden,
   Should you wish to end
   your dream of 10 years ago...

   RRRRARGH! (Oh, yeah, I'll be
   there! You can bet your life
   on it, Lynx!)

[Lynx holds up the Dragon Tear. There's a flash, the room shakes, and the dragon statues
around the edges disintegrate. As the room continues to waver, Lynx delivers one last

   Now, let love bleed!
   Darker and deeper
   than the seas of hell!
   Heh heh heh...!


[If Magus isn't here, we cut directly to the FMV, but if he is...]

[Lynx vanishes. Once he's gone, we see Magus struggle to his feet.
Kid is lying on the floor in the middle of a pool of blood. Serge is
unconscious, hanging in midair and wreathed about with purple
lightning. It--and he--are gradually fading into transparency. Magus
looks up at the dangling Serge, and shakes his head.]

   Too late to pull that apart
   now--disrupting the spell
   would probably just lead to
   him being split in two. But
   the girl...

[He limps through the wavering room toward Kid.]

   Healing isn't my specialty,
   but I should at least be able
   to keep her from bleeding out.
   How ironic for me to be saving
   her life AGAIN...

[He has just about reached her when there is a bright flash that obscures the
entire screen for a moment. When it fades, Kid is gone, leaving behind only
the puddle of blood.]


[He turns around and staggers back over to Serge]

   There's no time... If I leave
   to search for her, and find
   nothing, you'll be gone by
   the time I get back. And if
   I let you BOTH get away, I'll
   never get the answers I need.

[Magus grabs onto Serge's legs. There's a crackling noise, then they both
become silhouettes that slowly fade into nothing, taking the rest of the
screen with them.]


[FMV: Kid at the beach]

And there it ends. Next time, we get to see Serge talk Magus out of killing
Harle in a fit of pique...

Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on February 01, 2010, 08:33:41 pm

Awesome. I can't wait to start reading all the Lynx chapters--providing, of course, that Lynx gains control of his voice. It was my favorite part of the game, after all! :D

Haha, there needs to be a TVTrope for this. Instead of "Instant Awesome Just Add Ninja," it's "Instant Awesome Just Add Magus." Even though I would never have pictured him working as a character in this game, he fits really well.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: skylark on February 01, 2010, 10:19:16 pm
This is beyond awesome. You've got a better knack for these kinds of things than I do.

Makes me wonder if Kato is reading this... >_> :P
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on February 01, 2010, 11:17:15 pm
Ah, so instead of Pip, it's Magus!

Well, it was interesting, though I guess my doubts will remain unanswered...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on February 02, 2010, 09:55:38 am
Aw, shucks.  ::blushing::

@Katie Skyye: Don't worry, poor Serge gets control of his voice back in the next chapter. It may see him trying to impersonate the real Lynx for the Porreans, especially given that they've only met twice. Of course, I haven't gotten that far yet.

Adding Magus to anything makes it awesome because Magus is awesome. (::cough:: Um, sorry, got carried away there for a bit.  :oops:)

@skylark: I suppose it's remotely possible that Kato could be lurking here, assuming that the Infamous Kato CE Post was real. Man, now I'm getting nervous again.  :lol:

@Acacia Sgt: I ended up deciding to write Pip out. There is no way I could possibly give all 44 of the original PCs a satisfactory level of treatment, and Pip didn't have much of a role in the main story. Sorry if that disappoints you.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on February 02, 2010, 06:31:47 pm
No, I'm not disappointed, just noted how in the original it's Pip who is also present while Lynx, and in here, it's Magus.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on February 04, 2010, 08:42:47 am
::blink:: It is? I didn't think you kept any of the already-recruited characters during the transition from Serge to Lynx in the normal game, but I've never actually had Pip at Fort Dragonia with me, even when I've bothered to recruit him...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on February 04, 2010, 03:57:43 pm
No, it doesn't. Just the fact he will be present in both parts... like Pip, except without having to re-recruit.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on February 11, 2010, 08:39:12 pm
@Acacia Sgt: I didn't think you could re-recruit anyone you already had as Serge after becoming Lynx
either (although I would assume that Pip, like Skelly, falls into the class of characters you can
recruit during either segment).

Yup, this was another short chapter. Magus once again got quite a bit of screen time, but that's
easier to justify with only four characters to worry about...

14. Temporal Vortex - Where lost souls wander...

Max recruits: Lynx-Serge, Magus.
Recruitable: Sprigg, Harle.

Temporal Vortex

[The screen flickers back into view, and Lynx-Serge appears, lying unconscious
on the right side fo the first area of the Temporal Vortex, near Sprigg's
house. If Magus was present in the previous chapter, he's there as well, lying
near Serge; otherwise, Serge is alone.]


[If Magus is there, he wakes up first, and gets to his
feet. He turns around slowly, examining their surroundings.]

   ...This place is ridiculous.

[He prods Lynx-Serge with the toe of his boot. Serge stirs a bit, but then
subsides again, so Magus repeats the treatment.]

   Wake up. I'm not
   carrying you.

[He prods Serge one more time. This time, the latter sits up.]

   Hmph. Just so that I can
   confirm what I sensed back
   there--you ARE Serge,
   aren't you?

[Serge nods.]

   (So when he said all that
   stuff to was just
   a guess?)

   Good. I'd never seen two
   people's auras get exchanged
   that way before--or at least,
   not that I can remember--so I
   wasn't sure. Do you have any
   idea where we are?

[Serge looks around, then shakes his head.]

   (In trouble, maybe? This place
   looks like a little kid got
   hold of some paints, and
   decided to paint the world.)

   Cat got your tongue?

[Serge shakes his head again.]

   (Oh, hell... I guess I can't
   spend the rest of my life as
   a mute. Lynx didn't seem to
   have any trouble running MY
   mouth, so maybe if I take it

   Nuh. Buh s'har' t'tawk. S'like
   muh mout's t'wron' shape.

   (Huh--that actually wasn't too
   bad. I mean, it wasn't perfect,
   but I could mostly make out
   what I was saying. I guess I
   just need to practice. And

   It probably is--but work on it.
   Right now, you sound like
   you're drunk.

   You din--DIDN'T have to come
   with me to whar--WHEREVER this
   is, you know.

   (Ugh, this guy is such a PAIN.
   You'd think he thought he was
   going to die horribly if he
   said one thing that was nice,
   or even just polite.)

   You're right--I didn't.


   (How do you even ANSWER him
   when he says something like
   that? I mean, I could tell
   him to blow it out his ear,
   but no one else made it here
   with me, and if there are
   monsters around, I might
   need him to help fight them.)

   This isn't getting us out of
   here any faster. Get up.

   (Sigh. I guess that's one
   thing we can agree on.)


[If Magus isn't there, Lynx-Serge wakes up alone.]

   (Ugh, that was some nightmare.
   That fort, and...Kid... Wait a
   minute, my hands are... But if
   I'm in Lynx's body, then it was
   all real, and Kid... Oh, man,
   what am I doing just sitting
   here?! I have to help her!)

[He gets to his feet, then stops and looks around.]

   (But where do I even start
   looking for her? This isn't
   Fort Dragonia--even I can
   tell that much. Hell, I'm
   not even sure it's part of
   the real world--it looks
   like a little kid's scribble-
   drawing! Still, that does
   look like some kind of building
   over there. Maybe there's
   someone there who can tell me
   where this is.)

[He takes a step or two toward Sprigg's place, then stops again.]

   (If I can talk to them. Hell,
   I forgot about that part. Okay,
   deep breaths. Maybe if I try
   to speak really slowly and

   Heh...huh...suh...see. She.
   She sells. Sea shells. By
   the. Sea shore. Okay. Just
   have to remuh--REMEMBER to
   go slow, and move my tom--
   TONGUE a bit differently.


[At this point we have the sequence of play with branch -> fruit falls ->
Sprigg unlocks her door so that she can run outside and get it -> the party
sneaks into her house while the door is open.]

Sprigg's House, Temporal Vortex

[Lynx-Serge (and Magus, if present) has just entered and is standing in the middle
of the floor when Sprigg returns.]

   'EY YOU!!!
   Wot are you doin'
   in me 'ouse!?

   (Oh, great going, Serge--make
   the first person you meet here
   so angry at you that...she?...
   won't explain anything.)

   Sorry to intrude, but I was
   hoping that you could answer
   some questions, like, um,
   where are we exactly?

   I figured you for another
   wanderin' spirit...
   'ow many yearz has it been
   since a physical bein'
   wandered into this world...?
   Very strange indeed...


[If Magus is present]

   I'm not sure that I would
   dignify this place by calling it
   a "world". It doesn't appear to
   be anything more than a pocket
   dimension at best.

   (A pocket...what? On second
   thought, I don't think I want
   to know badly enough to ask.)

   An' wot would you be knowin'
   about pocket dimensionz...?
   Ah, I know that face! You're
   the one young Guile brought
   to the Guild not long before
   I ended up 'ere! "Magus",
   wozen't it?

   And you would be...Sprigg, I

   You two...know each other?

   We met once, briefly.

   So wot bringz you to me strange
   little world?

   A man named Lynx thought this
   would be a good place for Serge
   here to visit. I just tagged
   along because I wanted some
   answers. Unfortunately, all I
   seem to have found are more


[If Serge is alone...]

   This world? So this
   really isn't part of
   the real world?

   Sorry--I've been stuck 'ere
   for a long time with no one
   to talk to but meself, so I
   ramble a bit. No, this izn't
   part of the real world. I
   don't really know what it iz,
   other than 'ard to get out
   of. I've been lookin' for a
   way back to the real world
   for a long time.

[Serge scuffs his foot.]

   (Damn it, this is just so
   messed up! I have to get
   back to Kid! I can't just
   stay here looking for a
   way out! Argh!)

   Are you all right,

   I'm just frustrated. It's...
   everything's going wrong all
   of a sudden, and I can't do
   anything about it!


   Rightly so, the world
   is controlled by chance
   and chaos.
   Anythin' can 'appen
   as quick as a wink.
   Nobody knowz.
   Somethin' you 'ave today
   may be gone tomorrow.
   Just like this berry
   I'm 'oldin'.

   Important stuff, irreplaceable
   stuff: all theze may come to
   'arm with superlative eaze.

   And wot'z frightenin' is...
   There be absolutely no meanin'
   to wot 'appens in our
   daily livez...

Magus:   | Serge:
   Hmph. |    (No meaning? Does she really
         |    believe that?)

[Sprigg climbs the ladder to the upper platform.]

   Meanin' is non-existent.
   No matter wot'z born,
   lost or changed...
   It'z beyond calculation.
   There be no one or nothin'
   watchin' over you...
   Such is life.

Magus:                           | Serge:
   So much the better. I don't   |    (That's like what Kid...)
   need some...cosmic Entity...  |    But isn't meaning something
   to help me up whenever I fall |    we can MAKE, if we try hard
   down. I prefer to make my own |    enough?
   meaning--and my own luck.     |

   You young'unz are such

Magus: [if present]
   It's better to act and get
   no result than to do
   nothing and arrive at the
   same conclusion.

[Sprigg climbs into the hammock and lies down.]

   I'm goin' to bed.
   I suggest ya rest up, too.

[Fadeout. The next morning, when the party tries to leave...]

   Just a second there.
   I give ya a place to
   sleep, and you're leavin'
   without a word of thanks?

   Um, sorry. Didn't
   mean to be rude.

Serge: [if Magus is present]
   (Or I didn't, anyway. What
   Magus meant is anybody's

[Sprigg jumps down from the hammock.]

   I'm comin' with ya.
   I have a feelin' I can
   get outta 'ere if I
   tag along.
   Besides, ya won't be
   able to make it inside
   that tower alone.
   I'll open it for ya.

   You mean...that tower up
   above? If the way out is
   through there, why haven't
   you used it before?

   Tried that a few timez, but
   it'z a maze in there. I'm
   hopin' you'll have an eazier
   time figurin' it out.

   Sprigg joined ya party!

Tower, Temporal Vortex

[When they enter the tower, Harle is there, on the upper level, waiting
for them.]

   You are très late, non?
   Come on, Monsieur Lynx,
   let'z go.
   We don't have ze time
   to be dawdling here.
   We may truly get
   lost in time.
   I can't afford to
   lose you just yet.

   ~~~I'm not Lynx...!       |   ~~~Am I Lynx...?
Harle:                       | Harle:
   You are no longuer        |    Exactement.
   Serge.                    |    You are now Monsieur Lynx.
   You are Monsieur Lynx.    |    You are no longuer Serge.

   I don't believe that! I may
   LOOK like Lynx, but I know
   who I am. I could never do
   the things Lynx has done.

[Harle jumps down to the lower level]

   Allons, regarde-toi!
   Just look at yourself...
   Who in zeir right mind
   iz going to believe you
   are Serge?
   C'est simple.
   If everybody, except for
   yourself, sayz zat you
   are Monsieur Lynx...zen...

[Harle jumps back up to the higher level again]


[If Magus is present.]

   What nonsense are you spouting
   now? Altering someone's body...
   even erasing his memory...
   those things do not change his
   spirit, his SELF, one iota.
   Identity isn't something that's
   manufactured by the people
   around you--if it were, I would
   be a far different person.

   This man has made it clear
   through his actions that he
   is Serge, not Lynx. Stop
   wasting our time with this
   garbage; my patience is
   wearing thin.

   Ah, oui, ze other Monsieur
   Lynx warned me about you--ze
   stubborn mage. But zair are
   many who would say you are not
   in your right mind, non? And
   so you do not count.

[Magus shoots straight up off the floor and pulls his scythe. Floating level with
Harle, he draws it back as though preparing to swing.]

   Spare me your insults and your
   pointless prattling! If you
   intend to fight us, then do so.
   If not, get out...or you may
   find yourself shorter by a head.

   Uh, Magus? That's enough.
   (Not that I like the crazy
   clown girl, but...)

[Magus looks down.]

   You DARE to command me?!

   (Oh, boy--this is going to be
   like trying to haul in a shark
   with a rotted fishing line.)

   I just think that maybe we
   ought to get out of here first,
   that's all. You can always kill
   her once we're back in the real

   (I can't believe I just said

   Hmph. Well, perhaps you're
   right. She got here somehow,
   so she might also know where
   the exit is.

[He puts the scythe away and drops back to the floor.]

   Say your piece, clown, but don't
   expect me to laugh.

   Ooh la lah, you are a rude one,
   non? In any case, my business
   iz not with you, it iz with
   Monsieur Lynx.

   I keep telling you--I'm Serge!
   (Why won't she LISTEN?!)

   So you still insist on this
   ...identité, do you?


[If Magus isn't there, this section continues along its normal course...

   You are Monsieur Lynx!
   It'z az simple az zat.
   Zat iz who you are!
   C'est la réalité!
   If you try and go against
   Réalité will surely
   crush you.
   Réalité will kill you.
   And réalité will continue
   to go on az if not'ing
   ever happened...
   From yesterday to today,
   and from today to tomorrow.
   Réalité marchez on...
   Leaving your crushed
   body behind...

[Lynx-Serge moves forward into the middle of the lower level]

   ~~~But I'm Serge!          |   ~~~I'm...Lynx...?
Harle:                        | Harle:
   Ooh la lah...              |    Bravo, c'est exact.
   So, you still insist zat   |    You are Monsieur Lynx...
   you are Serge, oui?        |

   This is a load of bullshit!
   LOOKING like Lynx doesn't make
   me Lynx. (Why is she making
   such a big deal out of this?
   She shouldn't care if I call
   myself Serge, Lynx, or... or
   Scholtenheim Reinbach VII!)


[Harle teleports down to near floor level, then begins to walk up the wall as
though gravity for her is at a 90-degree angle to what everyone else is getting.]

   Regarding your mémoire
   az zis Serge...
   You may be able to rewrite it
   if you use ze Dragon Tear.

   Why would I want to? (Argh...
   I suppose asking her to make
   sense is pointless.)

[Another teleport. Harle walks back down the wall again.]

   In réalité, you died
   10 yearz ago in ze
   other world.
   How can you say for sure
   zis iz ze real you?

   For the fifth time, WHY DOES
   IT MATTER?! If I'm dead, and
   this is some kind of dream,
   then it doesn't hurt anyone
   for me to treat it like it's
   real. And if it is real, and
   I have every reason to believe
   it is, I could do a heck of
   a lot of damage by treating
   it like a dream!

[Another teleport, and up the wall.]

   Maybe for you it
   is évident, but...
   I wonder if you ever
   really were Serge...?

   (I guess I'm going to have
   to just grit my teeth and
   wait her out. Sooner or later,
   she's going to either attack
   or leave, and if she leaves,
   we can try to follow her.)

[Down the wall... Excuse me, I have the theme from the old, old Spiderman
cartoon running through my head now. Argh. "Spiderman, Spiderman/Does whatever
a spider can/Spins a web, any size/Captures thieves just like flies..."]

   what waz zis Serge?
   A figure, a shape?
   A spirit?
   A soul?
   Where waz zis Serge?

Serge: [if Magus is present]
   (I'm starting to think I
   should have let Magus take
   her head off.)

[Harle vanishes, and an illusion of Serge appears on the upper level instead]

   Who am...
   Who are...
   You're not me.
   I'm not you.
   I am reality...
   You are...

   (HE'S reality? I don't think so.
   But I'll give him this: he isn't
   me. Just like I'm not Lynx.)

   (...Have I really been walking
   around all this time with that
   dorky expression on my face?)

[Illusion-Serge wanders out through one of the upper-level doors.]

   Now, open the door
   to reality only.
   One mistake, and you'll
   never make it back
   to the real world.

   So which is the door to reality?

Magus:                          | Sprigg:
   Try following that illusion. |    That'z the part I
   That girl must have created  |    could never figure
   it for a reason.             |    out.

   (Sigh. Okay, I guess we follow
   that thing and hope it wasn't
   Harle's idea of a joke.)

Escheresque Area, Temporal Vortex

[They emerge from the tower into another nonsensical area, where
Harle is waiting for them.]

   How boring...
   Fine, I understand
   how you feel.
   Let'z head back to
   Harle joined your partie!

   So you do know the way out.

   But of course! I would never
   be so foolish az to let myself
   be stranded here.

   (Was that supposed to be
   insulting, or...? Damn it,
   normal girls like Kid are
   complicated enough--this
   one makes no sense at all.
   The only thing I can figure
   out is that she has a big-
   time crush on Lynx, but then
   why is she following ME

Hydra Marshes (Home)

[After they jump into the hole at the end of the designed-by-Escher area,
the Hydra Marshes waver into view, and the party appears on the end of a

   We are back to réalité.
   Doez zis place look familiar
   to you, Monsieur Lynx?
   Do you need moi to tell
   you where we are?

   ~~~No, I already know     |   ~~~Yes, tell me
Harle:                       | Harle:
   Ahhh, you remember.       |    Tsk, tsk, tsk...
   Then let'z leave zis      |    You don't remember?
   forest marshez at once.   |    We are very close to your home.
                             |    We are in ze Hydra Marshes.
                             |    You remember now, non?
                             |    Although I do not know if
                             |    ze Hydra still existz.

                             | Serge:
                             |    Let's not talk about the
                             |    hydra. (Near MY home, she
                             |    said...but she also called
                             |    me "Monsieur Lynx" again.
                             |    Does that mean Lynx is
                             |    from Arni? I've never heard
                             |    of demi-humans living in
                             |    our village...)

   I'm finally back in
   the real world!

[Sprigg bounces around a bit over the course of her next couple
of lines.]

   A world with substance...
   Even the water and
   air is different!
   This is great!

   (I guess I don't blame her for
   enjoying herself--if I'd been
   stuck inside a scribble-drawing
   for who knows how long, I'd
   probably go a bit nuts after
   getting out too.)

   It's time to pahr-tay!
   Let's have a toast to our
   return into the real world!
   Listen, old lady... You are
   not getting any younger.
   Try to control your emotionz.
   And zere iz absolument no
   time to be partying!
   We must hurry along.

Magus: [if present]
   I agree. We are wasting time.

   Wot's your problem, lass?
   It's been yearz since I've
   been back to the real world.
   You sure are a buzz-kill.
   ...So anyway, where to now?

[Lynx-Serge ponders.]

   (Damn, where DO we go? I need
   to find Kid and...Lynx..., but
   I don't even know for sure if
   we're in the right world or

   Ooh, Monsieur Lynx...
   You seem worried about
   zat Serge character.
   Do you still remember?
   Ze place where it all started...
   '"Where Angelz Lose Zeir Way"'...

   (I guess maybe that IS the
   place to start. If the portal
   still works, it doesn't matter
   which side of it we're on
   right now...)

   Where Angels......... WHATEVER!
   It has a bad ring to it.
   So wot exactly is it?
   A gate to anodder world......
   Somet'ing like zat.

   Wot!? Are you sayin'
   there's another dimensional
   distortion in this world!?
   Very interestin', indeed!
   So, where is this place?

   Opassa Beach. It isn't very far
   from here, once we get out of
   the swamp.

   Let'z just get going! But first,
   we must leave zis forest.

[Sprigg jumps back down to rejoin the rest of the party, and for a moment,
the dimensional distortion leading to the Temporal Vortex appears. Then it
fades away.]

   Wot the...?
   It disappeared...
   Wot's goin' on?


[If Magus is present]

   The dimensional discontinuity
   shrank in on itself and became
   inaccessible. It almost reminds
   me of...

   Of what?

[Magus shakes his head]

   Something else that's fallen
   through the gaping hole in
   my memory, apparently.

   However, I have an unpleasant
   suspicion that this may turn
   out to be...prophetic.

   What do you mean?

   I mean that we may not
   find anything at Opassa
   when we get there.

   You're saying that you think
   we're trapped in this world.
   Whichever one it is. (But he's
   just guessing, right? Except...
   he's a good guesser. He's proven
   that. Oh, man...)

   Let us say that I will be
   pleasantly surprised if I turn
   out to be wrong.

And that's all for this time, folks. In our next episode: closed gates, maternal recognition, and
geezers with vicious walking sticks...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on February 16, 2010, 09:13:44 pm
And another short chapter. Magus stole even more screen time, but not
as much as I was afraid he would. Sprigg may have gotten a bit short-
changed, though.

15. The Lost Portal - Isolation of people from the world...

Max recruits: Lynx-Serge, Magus, Sprigg, Harle.
Recruitable: Radius.

Serge's House, Arni (Home)

[If they go to Arni before going to Opassa]

   I wonder where
   my son wandered
   off to?
   Well, I guess
   boys will be

   (I should tell her, but...why
   would she believe me? And
   besides, she doesn't seem all
   that worried. Which is good,
   because it may take me a while
   to track Lynx down and sort
   this out.)

   Oh my.
   A demi-human
   in our village?
   I strongly advise you
   to be on your guard.
   The village folks
   don't take too kindly
   to demi-humans.

Serge: you for your
   advice, ma'am. (That's right,
   isn't it? People in Arni
   started getting funny about
   demi-humans around the time
   Dad disappeared...)

Opassa Beach (Home)

[Player attempts to use the Astral Amulet. Serge "assumes the position",
then shakes his head as nothing happens.]

   Wot's wrong, Lynx?
   Don't tell me the dimensional
   gate won't open...!?

   It isn't funny--and I keep
   telling you, my name is
   SERGE. Not Lynx.


[If Magus is present, he crouches down to examine the spot in the sand where the
portal should be, then shakes his head and straightens up again.]

   There IS something here, but
   it's closed down so tight that
   I don't think a sand flea could
   get through, much less a human

   An' how would ya
   be knowin' that?

   At some time, I must have
   studied...not these dimensional
   portals, but something LIKE
   them--similar enough that I
   can detect this one's energies.

   (Why would he have studied
   something like that? I mean,
   what could possibly be out
   there that's LIKE a dimensional
   portal without BEING one? He...
   was he working for Lynx, during
   the time that he doesn't
   remember? No, that makes no
   sense--they'd never get along,
   and anyway, Magus was on the
   continent until Guile called
   him to Guldove...)


   Of course it won't open.
   Ze missing piece to zis
   world haz been found.
   Zere iz not'ing we can do.
   You are now just an
   unwanted piece.

   You mean... I was able to
   cross over before because I
   was dead in the other world
   and alive here, but now that
   Lynx has my body, the portal
   doesn't recognize me as "Serge"
   anymore? (Is that why she's
   been spouting all that garbage
   about me being Lynx?)

Magus: [if present]
   No, I'm fairly certain that's
   a red herring. The distortion
   should have responded to my
   prodding, even if we couldn't
   pass through it. Something
   external seems to be holding
   it shut, but the source of the
   energies involved isn't here.
   We need to find that source.

   Very interestin'...
   What are ya gonna do now,
   'ow about we go explain
   your situation to your movver?
   We may be able to find
   somethin' out.

   (My MOTHER? Why would she know
   anything about any of this? But
   I don't know what else to do...)

   I guess we'll go to Arni, then.

Arni (Home)

[As soon as they enter the line of sight of the old man at the edge of
the village...]

 [Old Man]

   Huh!? Demi-humans...!?
   What do you monsters
   want from us!?

   Excusez-moi, geezer!
   What kind of attitude
   iz zat!?
   I will kick your derrière
   to ze moon, if you talk
   to mon Lynx comme ça!

   Harle, calm down. It doesn't
   matter what he thinks of me.
   Let's just finish our business,
   and leave.

 [Old Man]

   (This feels so wrong...and so
   ugly. I've known Grandpa Timon
   all my life, and he's a nice
   guy. I didn't think there was
   anyone he hated enough to call
   a monster to his face.]

[If they speak to Leena (out on the dock?)]

   W-Who are you...?

   Leena, it's me, Serge.
   (I know it's a long shot, but
   we've known each other since
   we were little kids...)

   WHAT!? Serge!?
   That's a lie!!!
   W-What the heck
   is going on!?

   Well, it's kind of a long story,
   but the short version is that a
   demi-human stole my real body,
   and stuffed me into his. (Oh,
   man, that sounds lame...)

   I'm sorry, but
   I don't believe you.
   How am I supposed to
   believe you're Serge
   when you look like that...?
   I'm sorry.

   I told you, this is--
   Oh, what's the use. I give up.
[If they speak to Una]

   W-W-Who or what
   are you...?
   What do you want?

   Una, you're probably not going
   to believe me, but...I'm Serge.

   WHAT!!!? No way...!
   You're Sergey!?
   Give me a break...
   Our Sergey is human!
   Read my lips!
   He's not a demi-
   human like you!
   You're full of it!

   What shall you do,
   Monsieur Lynx?
   Nobody in your village
   believez zat
   you are Serge.

   Of course we
   don't believe you!
   Everyone in this village
   knows Sergey! We're not
   gonna be fooled by a bunch
   of demi-humans like you!
   I don't know what you
   jokers are up to, but just
   get the hell outta our village!

   (I could probably convince most
   of them if I had a while to work
   on it, but everyone's so dead-
   set against talking to a demi-
   human that I'm going to have a
   hard time getting the chance.
   Damn it all... Hell, I'll bet
   this is probably Lynx's fault.

[If they talk to the random kid who wanted the komodo scale(?)]

   WOW! You sure are
   strange lookin'!
   Are you a cat-man?
   Y-Y-You're not gonna...
   bite my head off or scratch
   me to death, are you?

   But I'm not
   afraid of you!
   I'm big and strong!
   Besides, my Sergey
   will protect me!

   Hmmm... I see...
   Serge would do
   zat for you...?
   If zat iz ze case,
   zen you are safe.
   No one will be able
   to hurt you.

   I know!
   Hah! So there!

   Don't worry, I wouldn't want
   to hurt you anyway. (Man, even
   the kids... But I suppose most
   of them have never even seen a
   demi-human before. They've
   never been to Termina, or even


[If Magus is present...]

   I've never before travelled
   with someone who inspires
   greater fear than I do.

   And you are missing ze
   attention, are you? Wanting
   zem to cower before you, ze
   great mage, and not before
   mon Lynx?

   If I needed them to fear me,
   I could have them out of their
   minds with terror quickly
   enough. But this is much more

   (I wonder if Guile's ever been
   brave enough to tell this guy
   that he's weird?)

Serge's House, Arni (Home)

   Who might you be?
   May I help you?

   Um... Hi, Mom.
   I'm home.

   What did you just say...!?
   You're Serge...?

   On the inside, anyway.
   (I guess it really IS true
   that a mother always knows
   her children. She's the first
   one who didn't see it all
   happen who's even let that
   thought cross her mind.)

   Please explain to me exactly
   what is going on here...

   I'll try, but it's a really
   long story. (And it gets longer
   every time I tell it--how many
   times has it been now?)


   I see... So that man told
   you to go to the Sea of Eden.

   Yeah, well, he also told me
   my existence was worthless.
   I'm not sure I want to believe
   anything he said...but it's
   our only lead right now,
   unless we can get back to the
   other world.

   I really don't know about
   dimensional distortions or
   about the other world.
   But if, like you say,
   something big is really
   on the verge of happening...
   It may have all started
   14 years ago...
   On the night of the storm...
[Flashback. The screen fades to an image of the Sea of Eden overworld map,
with some terrible weather going on in the foreground.]

   That night, your father, Wazuki,
   and his friend Miguel set out
   to sea, despite a storm...
   It was an emergency...

   They were swallowed by the high
   waves and lost consciousness.
   When they came to, they found
   themselves inside the Dead Sea...

   A place where no living creature
   dares enter. I don't know what
   he saw or what happened, but
   that incident changed your father.
   And your father's friend, Miguel...
   That was Leena's father.
   He never returned...

   Back then, that place
   wasn't called
   the Dead Sea...
   Yes, I believe they called it
   the '"Sea of Eden"'...
   That was 14 years ago.

[We return to present-day Arni.]

   ...14 years ago... I was the
   emergency, wasn't I? They were
   trying to get me to the witch
   doctor in Marbule.

   Yes, that's right. I'm surprised
   you remember. You were still so
   young back then...

   Leena asked me about it over and
   over again. For years. Because
   Dad wouldn't tell her about it.

   (...Not that I could help her
   much. I remember a bit about the
   storm, but not where we were
   when we came out of it. I sure
   as heck don't know what happened
   to Leena's dad. Did he die
   there, inside the Dead Sea? Dad
   always said he got washed
   overboard in the storm, but Dad
   was starting to act weird by

   Are you the ones everybody
   is talking about?

[Everyone turns to face Radius as he enters]

   No...this can't be...
   Are you Lynx!?
   You're still alive...!?

   You...know me? (I'll probably
   get the answer faster that way
   than if I try to explain that
   I'm really Serge...)

   Step outside,
   For I, too, was once a
   valiant member of the
   Acacia Dragoons!
   I must put a stop to you!

   (Wait a minute, Lynx was
   involved with the Dragoons in
   this world, too? And was it
   the Lynx who did this to me,
   or is there a this-world Lynx

   Geezer, I wouldn't
   show off like zat.
   Zat iz if you want
   to live...
   Do not underestimate
   ze power of Monsieur Lynx.
   One blow and it'z off to
   ze other world wit' you!

   Harle, I wish you would stop
   threatening people every time
   they say something about me
   that you don't like--

[Radius crouches down and puts his hand on his cane and such a way that you'd
think it was a sword and that he was about to do a Himura Kenshin impression.]

   Now step outside!

   (Sigh. I get the feeling he
   isn't going to talk until
   we get this over with...)

[Battle with Radius. Afterwards...]

   I do not sense any
   malice in your attacks...

   That's because I'm not really
   Lynx. I'm Serge. This body...
   is something the real Lynx
   did to me.

[Radius shakes his head]

   Look, why don't we tell you
   the story and let you judge
   for yourself? (Not that I
   WANT to tell it again, but...)

   That might be best.

   So it all started when...

[The screen fades out, then in, as Serge gestures

   Another world...and
   the General is still
   active there?

   General Viper? Well, he was
   "active" up to the point where
   Lynx stabbed him in the back.
   I suppose it's possible he
   might have survived...

Magus: [if present]
   He was still breathing when
   I followed you into the vortex.

[Radius turns away and begins rubbing his chin as he speaks]

   Here, the general
   has been missing for
   the past 3 years...

   Because of something
   Lynx did?

   Lynx was the one who organized
   the trip that Viper and the
   bulk of the Dragoons' officers
   were on when they vanished. Lynx
   never returned either, and there
   is nothing in particular that
   suggests he was responsible for
   whatever happened, but it is

   (I'll bet it WAS Lynx.)

   So where were they going?

   To the Dead Sea.


[Radius turns back to face the party again.]

   I shall accompany you!
   We may still have a chance
   to save the general and
   Riddel in the other world.

   Um, sure. Glad to have you.
   (He probably has a better idea
   of where to look for information
   on the Dead Sea than we do.)

   Zut! This geezer
   iz only going to
   get in ze way...

   Radius joined your party!

   First, we must
   head to Termina...
   and gather news about
   General Viper's
   disappearance from
   this world.
   Don't worry, we will
   find a clue to return
   to the other world.

   I'm not worried. (One way or
   the other, I WILL get back
   there. No way am I letting
   Lynx run around with my body
   for one second more than I
   have to.)

[If they speak to Marge again]

   There are people out there
   who won't judge you
   by your appearance.
   Just keep your head up
   and do your best.
   Understand, Serge?

   Yeah, Mom, I'll try.
   (At least she didn't tell me
   to make sure to brush my
   teeth every night while I'm

And that's it, folks. I'm hoping that the next chapter will be another short one,
since half of the original is devoted to optional characters that I've decided to cut...
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"I wonder if Guile's ever been
   brave enough to tell this guy
   that he's weird?"

Love that line!
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::snicker:: Well, would you dare tell Magus to his face that he's weird?

<attention_whore_fanfic_writer>And it's nice to know people are still reading this. I'm always a little worried when I end up posting two chapters without anyone saying anything in between.</attention_whore_fanfic_writer>
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Of course people are still reading this. We're just now getting into the interesting parts. :P
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Are you accusing what I've produced so far of being uninteresting?  :lol:

Seriously, though, I'll try not to disappoint you. ;)
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I meant gamewise. Gamewise! :shock:

Mouth - 0

Foot - 3 :P

In all seriousness, though, one question. Will this offer at least a bit more closure than what we were given in the game?
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Closure? At least a bit more--there certainly won't be any doubt of who it is that Schala's trying to get back together with, but I haven't decided if showing Schala and Serge meeting up after the credits roll would be a good idea or not. Hopefully I'll have made a decision one way or the other by the time I get there.
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And here we have Norris' introduction to the party. I'm not entirely happy about how the
bits inside Viper Manor turned out, though... Oh, well.

I'm also making some assumptions about the timeline, and the relationship that Porre has
with both El Nido in general and the Viper Clan in particular. I don't think it
materially contradicts anything in the game to assume that El Nido was originally an ally
of Porre rather than a subject nation (a mutual assistance treaty would have been more
than enough to drag the Viper Clan, and thus the Acacia Dragoons, into any wars that Porre
might have been fighting on the continent), and the Porreans moved in to fill the power vacuum
created in Home World when Viper disappeared, but...

16. Termina - Knight or day...?

Max recruits: Lynx-Serge, Magus, Sprigg, Harle, Radius.
Recruitable: Norris (giving us a full roster again).

Note: This chapter experienced a wholesale slaughter of scenes and lines
involving Funguy, Van, and Mojo.

Fossil Valley (Home)

[As the party enters, two Porrean soldiers spot them from a little
deeper into the valley.]

 [Porre Soldier]
   Check out that guy's face!

 [Porre Soldier]
   Our investigation is done.
   Let's get the hell outta here!

 [Porre Soldier]
   I wanna go back
   to Porre!!!

Magus: [if present]

   (What the...? I know Lynx looks
   scary, but I didn't think it was
   THAT bad. What's going on?)

Termina (Home)

[As they enter...]

 [Porre Soldier]
   H-How dare you have the nerve
   to return to this town!
   Get out of here!

   Looks like the young 'un's
   an unwanted guest here, too.

   I guess so. (Whatever the real
   Lynx did to these guys must have
   been really something...and even
   so, I think they're a bit crazy.
   I mean, the first batch was
   scared, this guy was mad, so how
   is the next one we run into
   going to act?)

   Humanz are very
   selfish, non?
   To t'ink that they used to
   bow their headz down to curry
   favor wit' Monsieur Lynx!
   they're alwayz searching
   for someone or somet'ing
   to lay zeir blame on.

Magus: [if present]
   Convincing oneself that one
   was not responsible for events
   means that one doesn't have to
   feel guilty about whatever
   happened. That makes placing
   blame a profitable passtime
   for the weak of mind.

[If they speak to the soldier blocking off the dock area...]

 [Porre Soldier]
   Can it be you,
   Sir Lynx!?
   You are safe, sir?
   Where have you been
   all this time...!?

   Um... It's kind of a long
   story. (That didn't sound very
   Lynx-like, but this guy's so
   happy to see me that I don't
   think he's going to care. I
   don't get it. Do the Porreans
   like Lynx, or not?)

 [Porre Soldier]
   We have set up a temporary
   military dock beyond this
   Nobody may pass without
   permission from Commander
   Norris...not even you,
   Sir Lynx.
   Commander Norris is at
   the ruins of Viper Manor.
   Please report your current
   status to him immediately!

   Very well. (Yeah, that's more
   the kind of thing Lynx would
   say. Anyway, I guess our next
   step is to go to Viper Manor
   to talk to this Norris guy, and
   hope that he's a Lynx fan too.
   ...Or maybe not. I might be
   a bit of a disappointment if
   he is. Damn, this is all so
   complicated. Is it better for
   me to pretend to be Lynx,

Zappa's Smithy, Termina (Home)

[They enter the smithy to find Zippa and Zappa standing by the
forge. If they attempt to speak to them...]

   that should do it.
   This here forge has always
   had a fire since aulden times.
   'Tis sad to see it without
   its blaze.

[Zappa half-turns to face the party]

   Mah apologies...
   Closing this shop for
   mah own selfish desires.

   No, no, it's okay, really!
   We're the ones who're butting
   in... But I have to ask: is
   something wrong?

   Nay, 'tis just mah
   own foolishness...

Zappa's wife, Zippa:
   Ah've had to listen to ye for the
   longest time, and ah dinnae want
   to hear ye say it's foolish now!
   Never mind that, dear,
   so ye're really goin'?

   Now that ah dinnae have
   the shop no more, likesay,
   it's time to finish what
   we started long ago.

   What you started...? Do you
   mean that you intend to go
   off and look for "that"?

   Radius, ye old reprobate!
   Mah apologies, ah didna see
   ye there.

   'Tis good to see ye agin!
   Ye havena passed through
   Termina in years! Not since...

[She bows her head]

   Since...they went missing.
   Yes, I know. I'm hoping that
   these young people and I may
   finally uncover what happened
   to them.

Zippa:'re headed for the
   Dead Sea. Radius, if ye find
   out aught aboot our Karsh--

   Quiet! Ah'll not give up on our
   son walkin' in through that door
   'til his body's in our hands.

   If I find out anything, I'll
   let you know.

   ...I don't want to give up on
   them either. Young Glenn had
   such a future in front of him...

   (I'd forgotten--Glenn was
   Radius' foster son, wasn't he?
   If he's one of the missing...
   no wonder Radius wanted to
   come with us!)

   Ah wish ah could be of more help
   to ye...

   Ye stay here and wait
   for Karsh's return.
   It's already been 3 years...
   These years haven't
   been too good to us.
   Our best patrons,
   the Dragoons, disappear,
   the Porre military gets
   on our arses...
   Well, since we've had such
   bad luck 'til now, ah'm sure
   things'll be good here on out...
   Our son's probably fine as well...


   I...hope so too. (Okay, so he
   dressed weird and wanted to
   haul me in to see General Viper.
   And he didn't have much in the
   way of manners that I ever
   saw...but for all that, he
   wasn't that bad a guy, and he
   sure as heck didn't deserve
   whatever Lynx did to him in
   this world...)

[Speaking to them again will cause them to turn away from the forge]

   Ah'm guessin' ye're no
   from around here.
   Do ye ken a thing called
   the '"rainbow"'?
   It's a superb material that
   can be forged into anythin'.
   Ah'm thinkin' of searchin'
   for this rainbow.

   I'm sorry--I haven't heard
   anything about a material like
   that, but if I find something
   out, I'll be sure to let you
   know. (Why not?)

   Ye'd be doin' me a great favor
   by bringin' me news of such,
   lad. Perhaps I can be of use
   to ye in turn. Here, let me
   give ye a wee token.
   Use this anytime, and ah'll
   find ye and do mah job,
   anywhere ye are.
   ...Ah give mah word!

   [Member] received
   Smith's Spirit!

[If they speak to Zappa again afterwards]

   Call me anytime ye like.

[If they speak to Zippa...]

   Ye're all travelers,
   aren't ye?
   Have ye seen our
   son anywhere?
   His name is Karsh.
   He's a pretty rough
   character, but he's a
   good boy.
   It's tough havin' a son
   who's a knight.
   Ye never know when he
   might just come back as
   a ghost in armor...
   Ah wonder what could've
   happened at the Dead Sea...
   If ah could see mah son again,
   ah dinnae ask fer anything else.
   Oh, ah'm sorry to make ye
   feel blue. Well, if ye ever
   find him, just tell him to
   come back for a little while.

   If we meet him, we'll be sure to
   tell him to drop by, ma'am. (A
   ghost in armor...brrrr. I...
   hope Mom doesn't end up having
   to think that way about me.)

[if they speak to Zappa afterwards with Radius in the party]

   It's been a while...
   How fares the village?

   You need not worry
   about the village...
   There are bigger things
   to concern us.

Viper Manor (Home)

[When they reach the main yard, the party pauses outside what used to
be the big double doors leading to the foyer.]

   I believe it has been
   4 years since I retired
   from the Dragoons...
   Time sure does fly...
   I was shocked to hear of
   Dario's death 3 years ago...
   And now, the general
   and the others are

   What I don't get is how this
   manor could have fallen apart
   so completely in only three
   years. When we came here, I
   expected to see the grounds
   overgrown, and maybe a few
   holes in the roof and the
   gates off their hinges, but

   It'z been this way for a
   while, from the lookz of it.

   When Porre took Termina two
   years ago, they shelled the
   manor, even though there was
   nothing here by then.
   The manor is in
   a shambles...
   I took the liberty
   of conducting my own
   investigation, but
   I have discovered
   All I know is that
   a man named Lynx
   approached the general
   and has involved him
   in some kind of incident.
   The only difference

   between this world and
   the other one you talk
   about is that here,
   something happened to
   the general 3 years ago...

[...The last few lines of the speech above were re-written on the grounds
that the original looked like something Babelfish spat out--what were
they thinking?]

   I just hope that this
   Norris fellow knows

   Me too. (Right now, it would
   almost be handy if I really
   WERE Lynx, because then I
   might know what happened. Of
   course, if I were Lynx, I
   probably wouldn't care...)

   I know not'ing.
   I waz not involved
   wit' ze plan.

   (Radius looks like he's
   trying to stare holes in

   I do not find
   it amuzing!

Interrogation Room, Basement, Viper Manor (Home)

[As the party enters, Norris turs to face them.]

   Sir Lynx!
   It has been a while, sir.

   (I guess that means he's a Lynx
   fan. I think I'll keep quiet
   and see if he spills something

   (...Wait a minute, wasn't this
   guy working as a dishwasher at
   the other world's Viper Manor?
   Does that mean he was a spy?)

[Norris glances quickly from one side to the other (looking at Serge's

   As you can see, the
   manor is in shambles.
   There is still no sign of
   the general or the others.

   We are still investigating
   the area, but it appears that
   the Frozen Flame is not here.

   (Oh, damn, better say

   I would be very surprised
   if you had found it here,
   Commander Norris.

[Norris scratches his head(?)]

   Sir... Are you really
   Sir Lynx?
   You seem different
   than I last remember...

   Um, well... (Damn! Guess I
   blew it somehow. If he pulls
   his gun, we're going to have
   to make a run for it... There
   are a lot more of them than
   there are of us.)

[Radius moves to the front of the group.]

   You are correct.
   This man is not Lynx.

   (Is it really a good idea to
   tell him that? But I guess we
   can't undo it now...)

[Norris leaves off scratching his head]

   Excuse me, sir, but
   who might you be?

   I am Radius,
   a dragoon.
   Although I have been
   retired for 4 years.

   So you are Radius, one
   of the former 4 Devas!?
   It is an honor to
   meet you, sir!

   (Okay, so he likes Radius,
   too. Maybe he's just an

[Norris shakes his head]

   I believe you, sir, but...
   It is still hard to accept
   that this man is not Sir Lynx.

   He may look like Lynx, but
   his spirit is of another.

   That is...
   quite strange
   if I may say so.

   You're telling me. (Is it just
   me, or does Radius seem to be
   taking over here?)

   (...Why do I care? It isn't like
   I wanted to be in charge in the
   first place. Keeping everyone
   headed in the same direction is
   like herding cats. If Radius
   is willing to do the job, he
   can have it for all of me.)

   It is up to you what
   you want to believe.

   So, what business did
   you have with Lynx?
   Have you uncovered anything
   about the disappearance of
   the general?
   You will be doing us
   a great favor by telling
   us what you know.

[Norris nods.]

   Very well...

[Fadeout to a black-and-white version of the El Nido map, over which the
following text appears:]

   It was actually Sir Lynx
   who approached us about
   the existence of the
   Frozen Flame in El Nido.

   Being from the main continent,
   we had doubted its very existence,
   so I was sent to El Nido
   Archipelago as a spy.

   I had narrowed down the
   location to Viper Manor,
   but it appeared as though
   General Viper and his men
   were in search of it as well.

   Eventually, I was called back to
   Porre, but it was then that
   I heard General Viper and his
   men had disappeared and that the
   manor had been destroyed as such.

   I heard only recently that there
   is good evidence the general and
   his men headed to the Dead Sea.

   The Dead Sea is an ocean
   located to the east,
   surrounded by coral.
   It used to be called the
   Sea of Eden, but even then,
   not many dared enter.
   We investigated the area,
   but to no avail.
   We could find no entrance.

[Fade back to the former interrogation room]

   I knew Lynx had to be
   mixed up in this

   It is you, Sir Lynx,
   who wished to change
   this distorted world
   using the Frozen Flame.

   I'm not Lynx, remember? Anyway,
   did Lynx ever tell you WHAT he
   wanted to change using the
   Frozen Flame? Did he say how
   this world was "distorted"?

[Norris shakes his head]

   I am, in the end, only a mid-
   ranking officer. I have no
   idea what the true Lynx told
   my superiors...but it must
   have been highly persuasive
   for them to have been willing
   to break their longstanding
   treaty with the Viper Clan
   and interfere in El Nidan
   affairs directly. However,
   all I know of his plans derives
   from rumour.

   Changing the world... (Man,
   Lynx is just full of it. Change
   the world by using magic? What
   right does he have to do such
   a thing?)

[Harle bounces over to stand nearer to Serge]

   Ooh la lah!
   Such grand dreamz,
   Monsieur Lynx!

   Hold your tongue.


   (I'll give Radius this:
   he can handle Harle better
   than I can.)

   The Dead Sea...

[Radius leans forward]

   That ocean was called
   the Sea of Eden until
   3 years ago...
   This may just be the
   clue we were looking for.
   Once we uncover Lynx's plans,
   it should be easy enough to
   counter them.

   I hope you're right. (Even if
   there aren't any clues there
   about Lynx, we can probably use
   the Frozen Flame to reopen the
   gate to the other world...
   assuming that the Frozen Flame
   really exists. Kid seemed pretty
   sure, though. For now, I'll
   trust in her.)

[Radius straightens up again.]

   Are you planning to
   go to the Dead Sea?

   That's the idea.

   There is no way to
   get in there.
   We searched all over
   for an entrance, but
   to no avail.
   No one knows anything
   about it, either...
   Yes, I doubt you will
   be able to get in.
   I'm sure the demi-humans of
   Marbule know something about
   this, but they detest humans.
   Especially those from the
   main continent.

   And ya think they might be
   willin' to talk to another
   demi-human like our Lynx, or
   maybe to a Mystic like me?
   Well, I suppoze it'z a theory.

Magus: [if present]
   If we can't find an entrance,
   we'll simply have to make one.
   I'm not about to let a mere
   growth of coral stand in my

   May I join you

   I want to know.
   I want to know if the
   Frozen Flame really exists,
   and about everything that
   has happened here.

   Um... Okay, sure. We can always
   use more help. (I just hope we
   can trust him...after all, he
   is Porrean.)

   What about you?

[For some reason, Harle's next two lines were repeated (with slight variations in her accent)
in the original script.]

[Harle nods]

   Hm? Moi?

   But of course!
   I will follow this
   Monsieur Lynx!!!
   Ze odder one iz no
   longuer Monsieur Lynx.

   (Every time I think I've made
   sense of this girl, she goes
   and confuses me again... Does
   she REALLY think the body is
   more important than the person
   running it...?)

[Norris nods again.]

   There is a military boat
   docked in Termina.
   Let us use that.

   Norris enlisted in your party.

[Pan upwards, and then we're suddenly on the docks in Termina.]

The Dragon's Tail, Termina (Home)

[If they drop by the bar with Norris in the group...]

 [Porre Soldier]
   That guy Norris
   sure is cocky.

   (I think I feel a disaster
   coming on...)

 [Porre Soldier]
   He's still young,
   but he doesn't hesitate
   to voice his opinion
   without any flattery.
   He never loosens up and
   doesn't seem interested
   in having any kind of fun.
   Now, he's the best of
   the Termina Division.
   Gosh, he's so elite.

   Commander Norris!

   Thank you for your
   Please eat and drink
   to your heart's content.
   Let us continue to fight
   together, from tomorrow on.

 [Porre Soldier]
   Yes sir!  Affirmative sir!

   (Now I get why Norris' men
   like him. He's quite a guy.
   But if he doesn't flatter
   people, he must have thought
   Lynx was...worthy of respect...
   Or was that just another act,
   like the dishwasher thing?)
Water Dragon Isle (Home) - If you never visited, don't have Razzly)

   Something's not right. I've
   never heard of there being
   any monsters on this island.

   The fairies always kept them
   under control... but in that
   case... The fairies of this
   isle have them...?
   Heaven forbid!

Doc's Clinic, Guldove (Home)

   Medical science has its limits.
   I don't have the power
   to save her...dammit!

   (So even in this world, the
   poor guy has just about the
   same problems.)

   Is there any way we could help?
   (We owe him for Kid--well, it's
   sorta him that we owe.)

   Thanks for the offer, dudes,
   but there's no one in the world
   who could help my current
   patient. Her condition isn't
   curable, not even by magic.

[If they try to get into the ward--]

   We're sorry...
   We can only allow family members
   of the patient into the backroom.
   Please understand...
   I'm afraid her family has
   already passed away...
   Oh, I'm sorry for
   troubling you, you're not
   even related...

   It's okay. I was just hoping
   that we could cheer her up a
   bit, but if she's too sick
   for visitors... (Poor girl,
   whoever she is.)

Next time, on to Marbule, the S.S. Zelbess, and a cat's eye view of life. (
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Acacia Sgt on February 24, 2010, 08:52:48 pm
Yeah, you got it right about the relations between Porre and El Nido.

The Dragoons fought in the Fall of Guardia, and since that was what got Viper promoted to General, it's safe to say they were working under Porre's side, since they had to win after all.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on February 26, 2010, 10:41:25 am
I was mostly afraid that I'd forgotten some random NPC line about Porre having ruled El Nido since time immemorial.
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on March 09, 2010, 08:29:08 pm
Another Really Long One here, and I can't make many significant cuts, so I'm splitting it
up. I'm expecting to end up with three sections of roughly equal length.

17. Marbule - The village of the demi-humans... (Part I of III)

   Max recruits: Lynx-Serge, Magus, Sprigg, Harle, Radius, Norris.
   Recruitable: None

Notes: Some material that appeared as part of this chapter in the original script
has been moved to the midgame-sidequests section, which will be released some time
around the time the characters regain access to Another World. And although it
technically doesn't belong there, I've moved the Radius/Garai flashback stuff into
the next chapter, since this one's already too long and the incident more logically
fits there. Oh, and I've stripped the umlauts from Irenes' speech in much the same
way as I did with Zelbess'.

Marbule (Home)

[Ash is wandering around near the bridge. If they speak to him...]

   I didn't expect any visitors
   in this deserted village.

   (Huh? Deserted? but if the
   demi-humans aren't here,

   Hello, my name is Ash.
   I'm an assistant to Sir Toma.
   We're here to investigate
   Marbule. If there's anything
   you'd like to know, feel
   free to ask Sir Toma.

   So where do we find this Toma
   person? (If he's in charge,
   maybe he knows something.)

   Sir Toma should be around
   here, somewhere.
   Oh, and don't pay attention
   to those nasty looking
   monsters walking around.
   There's nothing we
   can do about them.

   It is rather difficult to see
   something transparent as

   (I guess Norris hasn't run
   into any of those giant
   jellyfish you sometimes get
   south of Water Dragon Island
   yet. Must be nice, living on
   the continent and not having
   to put up with creatures
   like that...)

[Toma is the other guy wandering around the otherwise-deserted village,
and if they speak to him...]

The Great Explorer Toma:
   Hmm? Hey, what's up, guys!?
   Did you come here just
   to see the great explorer?
   Just kidding! Hah-hah!
   Hah haha ha ha...!

   Um, actually, we've got some
   questions we'd like to ask you.
   (This guy is gonna be a pain--I
   can tell that already.)

The Great Explorer Toma:
   Yeah? What's up?
   ~~~Ask about this village        |    ~~~Ask about the Dead Sea 
The Great Explorer Toma:            | The Great Explorer Toma:
   Marbule used to belong to the    |    The Dead Sea!?
   demi-humans at one point.        |    Nobody would dare
   Demi-humans were originally      |    approach that place!
   located up in the northern       |    I don't know the details,
   region, but after Porre's        |    but I've heard that the
   colonization,                    |    place is cursed by the most
   they were forced out of the      |    hideous dragon!
   mainland and ended up here.      |

                                    | Serge:
Serge:                              |    A...dragon?
   (...Is this guy going to get to  |
   the point sometime soon? I don't | Radius:
   need a history lesson, I need to |    There are legends about dragons
   know where the demi-humans are   |    all over El Nido. I see no reason
   NOW.)                            |    why this one should be truer than
                                    |    any of the others.
The Great Explorer Toma:            |
   But their bad luck continued.
    | Serge: [if he has the Ice Breath]
   Marbule, with its rich Element
   |    (But at least one of those
   resources, became the target
    |    rumours was true... What if this
   of Element hunters.         
    |    one is too? Can we handle a
   With nowhere else to go, most
    |    dragon?
   of the demi-humans left the      |
   village to work on the       
    |    ...Better not to think about it.
   Cruise Ship - S.S. Zelbess -.
    |    We have to try, so I won't let
                                    |    myself worry until the dragon's
Serge:                              |    frying my nose.)
   (Finally.)                       |
                                    | The Great Explorer Toma: 
The Great Explorer Toma:         
   |    You're the first people I've met
   They work as laborers and     
   |    who think that way. You'd make
   are treated like dirt.       
   |    good explorers. I intend to mount
   I feel really bad for them.   
   |    an expedition to the Dead Sea
   Anyway, that's why you have   
   |    myself one day.
   this ghost town here.            |
   The rooms are still furnished,
   | Norris:
   so feel free to spend the     
   |    Do you have any idea where we
   night if you're tired. Use   
   |    can find an entrance?
   the hut right by the entrance.   |
                                    | The Great Explorer Toma: 

Serge:                              |    Oh? So you wanna know how
   We appreciate the offer.         |    to get inside the Dead Sea?
   (Although I'm not sure he has    |    Rumor has it, there's only
   the right to offer us the use    |    one way...
   of someone else's house!)        |    '"Death's Door"'...
   Anyway, do you know where we     |
   can find this Zelbess?           | Serge:
                                    |    (Sounds ominous, but it isn't
The Great Explorer Toma:            |    like we have a choice.)
   Not exactly, but a ship that     |
   size is difficult to miss.       | The Great Explorer Toma: 
   It mostly plies the waters       |    The entrance is out there,
   in this area: east and south     |    somewhere...
   of the main island.              |    Unfortunately, even I don't
                                    |    know where this door is.
The Great Explorer Toma:            |    Hmmm... Let's see...
   That's about all I know.         |    Who might know...?
   If you have any other questions, |    Oh yeah!
   ask the sage aboard the Zelbess. |    Why not ask the sage aboard
                                    |    the Cruise Ship - S.S. Zelbess -?
   ~~~Ask about these monsters      |    ~~~What's new?
The Great Explorer Toma:            | The Great Explorer Toma:
   Oh, these creepy monsters?       |    Hmmm... What's new...
   I'm not too sure, but I believe  |    Oh yeah, I heard a rumor that
   they've been here a long time.   |    you can hear a woman crying at
   You can see them, but they       |    night. People think it's a ghost.
   have no substance.               |    I've been here several days now,
   You can't touch them, nor can    |    but I've yet to encounter
   they touch you. So there's no    |    this ghost.
   way to communicate.              |

                                    | Serge:
Sprigg:                             |    (Ghosts AGAIN?! Oh, man... And
   Heheheh. Monster ghosts. Just    |    after what happened on the
   wot this place needz to make     |    Invincible, I can't even say that
   it more homelike.                |    they don't really exist...)
Magus: [if present]                 |
   Hmph. I don't think they're      |
   ghosts, but they don't quite     |
   seem to be part of this          |
   reality, either.                 |
The Great Explorer Toma:            |
   I think people call them         |
   '"The Black Nightmare."'         |
   I guess they're like a           |
   bad dream. Maybe a song          |
   would wake them up?              |
   Hah-ha... Just kidding...        |
   Anyway, there's nothing          |
   we can do about 'em.             |
   Don't worry about it.            |

Serge:                              |
   (...Why does everyone else       |
   think this is funny? If there    |
   really is a creature out there   |
   that has nightmares powerful     |
   enough to make pictures that     |
   other people can see, I have     |
   this feeling that we're going    |
   to end up fighting it sooner     |
   or later. It just goes too       |
   well with everything else        |
   that's been happening.)          |

Witch Doctor's Hut, Marbule (Home)

[I think this only happens if you try to sleep here without first
asking Toma "what's new?"--I've never succeeded in triggering the scene myself.]

   You hear voices outside...
   ~~~Check it out
   ~~~Go back to sleep

[Assuming that they check it out, Serge exits the hut and sees a mermaid on the bridge.
She jumps off into the water as he approaches, and swims over toward the mini-waterfalls
coming from the cliff.]

The Great Explorer Toma:
   What are you doing
   up at this hour?

[Toma enters the screen from the right.]

   Well, you see, there was this

The Great Explorer Toma:
   A mermaid?
   A homecoming, maybe?

   (This guy really does love to
   hear himself talk.) If it was,
   I...don't think it was working
   out quite how she expected. She
   was crying.

The Great Explorer Toma:
   Hmmm... A mermaid returns
   in the middle of the
   night, crying...
   Actually, it could possibly
   be that mermaid who lost her
   singing voice...

   Lost her singing voice?
   (How can you lose just your
   singing voice? Seems to me
   that the whole thing would
   have to go at once...)

The Great Explorer Toma:
   Mermaids are known to have
   a beautiful voice and sing
   about love and happiness.
   But mermaids are forbidden
   to sing songs about holding
   grudges against humans.
   If a mermaid breaks the
   taboo, she will lose her
   singing voice.
   I don't blame her though,
   for all that's been happening
   in this day and age...

   (That's...really pretty awful,
   when you think about it. Losing
   something that important, just
   because you said--or sang--the
   wrong thing... Poor mermaid.)


[If they haven't yet been to the Zelbess(?)]

The Great Explorer Toma:
   You're heading to the
   Zelbess tomorrow, right?
   You should get some sleep.
   Oh, and don't forget to
   give your regards to Captain
   Fargo when you get there.
   He can be devious, so
   keep an eye on him.

   Wait a minute--did you say
   FARGO?! (No way can I imagine
   that crazy pirate running a
   cruise ship! I mean, what
   would he do with that ugly
   giant parrot of his?)

The Great Explorer Toma:
   Yeah. Do you know him?

   I've...heard of him, that's all.
   But I didn't think his ship was
   called the Zelbess...

The Great Explorer Toma:
   Fargo named it after his wife,
   or so I hear. They say he lost
   his spirit along with her, but
   if that's true, I'm glad I
   didn't meet him while she was
   still alive...


[If they've already been to the Zelbess(?)]

The Great Explorer Toma:
   So, did you see Captain
   Fargo on the Zelbess?
   Was he up to his old tricks

   I...guess you could say that.

The Great Explorer Toma:
   He never quits.
   Well, it's gettin' late and
   I don't want to keep you.
   So let's hit the sack, shall we?


[Either way, Serge turns and heads back toward the hut, and Toma wanders off in
the opposite direction.]

???: [that is, Irenes, still over by the waterfalls]
   The Cruise Ship
   - S.S. Zelbess -?

[Fadeout. When everyone emerges from the hut the next morning, Irenes is waiting

???: [Irenes]
   Excuse me,
   son of man.

   Um... (Is she talking
   to me?)

   Will you be boarding
   the Zelbess?
   Take me with you.

   I don't see why you would
   need our help getting
   there, but okay.

   Let us go.

[She ducks under the water and swims away.]

   Who does zat fish t'ink she
   is? She had best stay away
   from Monsier Lynx, or I will--

   Calm down, please. (Man, you'd
   think the mermaid asked to marry
   me or something...)

Captain's Quarters, SS Zelbess (Home)

[As the party enters, the camera pans over to Fargo and Irenes,
who's standing on the balcony.]

   It's been quite some
   time, Irenes...
   You've grown up...

   You have not
   changed at all...
   You are still here
   drowning in memories
   of the past...

   (Guess that means
   they know each

[Fargo turns away from Irenes.]

   What do you know...!?
   I lost everything
   when I lost Zelbess...

   Dat ist untrue...
   My sister left hope...
   A treäsure dat may one
   day bring humans and
   demi-humans together...

   You mean Nikki...?

   And his sister...

Serge: [if Nikki was recruited]
   (So Fargo abandoned them
   in this world too...?)

Serge: [if Nikki was not recruited]
   (Nikki? That singer who had his
   face plastered all over Termina
   in the other world? Is she
   saying he's half mermaid...and
   that blonde brat from the
   library at Viper Manor is
   Fargo's daughter?! I shouldn't
   be surprised about that last
   bit, I guess--they have pretty
   similar personalities.)

[Fargo turns back around.]

   That child died
   with Zelbess when

   You do not know
   anyt'ing, do you...?
   Or you refuse to know.
   You only remember the past
   which ist favorable for you.
   Luccia tried to save my
   sister Zelbess...
   But she was only able to
   save the baby... Marcy...
   Luccia felt responsible and
   has supported Marcy from a
   distance throughout her life.
   Look at you now...
   Where ist the old you, who had
   the passion and desire to build
   a new world with my sister?

   (Well, the version of him in the
   other world seemed to have
   enough passion for two, until he
   starting getting depressed
   talking about the dragons... Of
   course, Marcy is alive in the
   other world instead of having
   been caught in whatever happened
   to the Dragoons here...)

   I told you...
   The old me is dead...!
   Now what do you want!?
   I don't need to be
   lectured by you!

   (I'm surprised it took him that
   long to fly off the handle. I
   was almost starting to wonder
   if this was the same guy!)

   Let me get to the point.
   You have taken away the
   '"song"' of the demi-humans.
   In otter words, we would like
   you to free the sage...

   I see...
   But why?
   You know that song, too,
   don't you?

   Do not feign ignorance,
   You should know better...
   Only when the song is sung
   by one with special power
   can the effects be brought
   into full pläy.
   My sister, Zelbess, ist deäd, and
   you have täken away the sage.
   Marbule no longer hast its true
   power without dat song...
   Marbule is now a nesting ground
   for evil dream spirits...

   But so what?
   I don't want outsiders
   in Marbule...
   That suits me just fine.

   (Why is it any of his
   business? I mean, I thought
   Marbule belonged to the

   How much longer are you
   going to be stubborn?
   The Marbule you once knew
   ist no longer there...!
   You will only find a
   Open your eyes to reality...

   I'm not releasing the sage,
   no matter what you say.

   I will not beseech you.
   I will not give up on the
   restoration of Marbule.
   I will continue to strive
   to make my sister's dream
   come true...

   (I don't get it. What is going
   on inside Fargo's head? Because
   from where I'm standing, it
   looks like he's being a real

[Irenes departs. Fargo walks over to the rail to stare after her for a moment,
then turns to stare out to sea.]


[If the party now speaks to Fargo, and hasn't yet found the Sage...]

   Hey, you're a new face!
   Relax and stay awhile.
   This ship belongs to
   and I.

   (You have GOT to be kidding
   me. I think I preferred the
   other-world Fargo. At least
   he only attacked me with a
   cutlass, instead of trying
   to ego me to death.)

   I want everyone to
   enjoy themselves,
   courtesy of me!
   Stay as long as
   you like.

   Uh...thanks. (I guess we'll
   just go poke around a bit and
   see if we can find the Sage.
   Judging from what he said to
   that mermaid, I doubt Fargo
   would help us even if we told
   him who we were looking for.)

Hold, SS Zelbess (Home)

[As they enter, an elderly beastman carrying a mop and bucket is heading for the door.]

Old Man:
   Excuse me, but I need
   to get to work...
   Please let me through.

   ~~~Ask about the Marbule sage |   ~~~Let him through

Serge:                           | Serge:
   Um... We're trying to find    |    (No point in getting in
   the sage of Marbule. Do you   |    his way--there are plenty
   have any idea where he is?    |    of other people around
   (This guy's so old that if    |    that we can ask.)
   it wasn't for the mop, I'd    |
   think he WAS the sage.)       | [The old beastman leaves, and this branch ends--
                                 | the remainder of the scene belongs to the other branch.]
Old Man:
   I don't believe
   he's here...
   Try elsewhere.
   Now please, I have
   to get to work.

   And you have no idea
   where the Sage is?

Old Man:
   I'm afraid not. Now
   could you please let
   me go do my job?

   Okay, okay.

[The old beastman leaves.]

   It is rather odd that no one
   appears to know where the Sage
   can be found. I would have
   expected him to be well-known
   and respected by the other
   demi-humans--after all, he was
   their leader.

   I guess we'll just have to
   keep looking.

SS Zelbess (Home)

[When they leave the beastmen' closet...again, the old man is talking
to the crewman by the divider between the rest of the ship and the Grand Slam.]

Old Man:
   I have to mop the floors.
   Let me through.

   Alright, go.
   Don't slack off!

[The crewman lets the old beastman through. As the door is closing behind him, he
turns and speaks to the party.]

   That old man used to be
   the leader of Marbule.
   But now he's down in the dumps,
   moppin' the floors of the Zelbess.

   Wait, you mean
   HE'S the Sage?

   It makes a sort of sense. If he
   is no longer willing to take
   responsibility for the other
   beastmen--or anything else--he
   would not want to admit his
   identity to outsiders.

Magus:                            | Sprigg:
   Meaning that we'll have to     |    Soundz like it might be
   pin him to a wall and strangle |    'ard to get 'im to tell
   the location of Death's Door   |    us about the Dead Sea.
   out of him--it's unlikely that |
   he'll give it willingly.       |

   We have to catch up with
   him again first.

   Excuse me, but what's on the
   other side of this door? Why
   is it guarded?

   Through this door is the
   '"Grand Slam,"' a world where
   the weak are victims of the strong!
   Power is justice!
   Just what the captain preaches!
   Anyway, I'll let you through if
   you get the captain's permission!

   (Oh, great. Well, that means
   there's only one choice, unless
   we want to fight our way past
   him...and I don't want to do
   that if there's any other way.
   I mean, he's just doing his job,

   I guess this means we go and
   see Fargo.

Bar, SS Zelbess (Home)

[As Our Heroes position themselves in front of the stage, Sneff steps out.]

   Ladies and gentlemen,
   welcome to Sneff's
   ffantastic magic show!!!

   (A magic show? Guess it's all
   part of the entertainment for
   the people on the cruise.)

   Is there anyone in the audience
   who would like to volunteer
   ffor this next trick?

   How about you,
   young lady?

   Who, me? does seem
   like fun...but...
   You're not going to
   slice me in two, or stick
   knives into me, are you?

   (KNIVES?! Oh, man, it shouldn't
   bother me so much, given all the
   fights I've gotten into since
   this started, but the thought of
   seeing her getting holes poked
   into her by another human being
   is just...)

   (And I am NOT going to let
   myself think about how much I
   would like to see him just cut
   her shirt off!)

   Noffing to worry about,
   young lady...
   You're in good hands
   wiff Sneff.
   Now, please step up
   to the stage.

   Here goes nothing...!

[Jill mounts the stage and positions herself facing Sneff]

   Now, what is your name?


   (Jill, huh? Well, I guess it's
   as good a name as, say, "Kid",
   or "Leena", or even "Harle"...
   all of whom are going to kill
   me if they catch me looking at
   Jill. Urgh.)

   Well, let's start offf
   wiff someffing simple.
   Jill, you are going
   to walk on air!

   (That's SIMPLE? Wish I'd known
   that when we were poking around
   Mount Pyre...heh...)

   You're ffeeling lighter,
   Jill... Very...light...



[As Sneff finishes doing the finger-snapping thing, a small pinkish explosion/cloudy thing
erupts at Jill's feet, and she floats a little way up off the stage.]


   And now, ffor
   the main event!
   You will now
   become a chair.

   (A chair? Ooookay.)

   You will be able to
   wiffstand any weight!




[As Sneff finishes doing the finger-snapping thing, we get another small pinkish
explosion/cloudy thing, and Jill is floating on her back. A random guy in pirate
costume enters the stage from the wings. He waves his cutlass above and below Jill.]

   No strings!

[The guy in the pirate costume sits on Jill.]

   She's even able to support
   a ffatso like him!

   (And she's doing it while
   floating in midair, too! Maybe
   this guy's the real thing...)

[The pirate guy gets down again and walks back off the stage.]

   OK then, it's about time
   we brought Jill back!




[Another finger snap/pink cloud, and Jill rotates back upright and is placed on her feet.]

   How was it, Jill?

   Ummm... It felt like I had
   no control over my body...
   But it didn't hurt one bit!
   It was very strange...!

   Fank you very much
   ffor your assistance.

[Jill leaves the stage]

   You're a phony!!!
   You and her probably
   had this all planned out!

   You don't believe
   in magic...?
   Looks like I have
   someffing to prove to you.
   Step up to the stage!

[Jack steps up onto the stage.]

   Yeah... Go ahead and
   do what you want.
   I know there's a trick!!!

   You're a real live wire!
   What's your name?

   It's Jack!

   Well then, Jack...
   Seeing as how restless and
   irritated you are, here's
   one of my ffavorite tricks!
   I will turn you
   into a cat...!
   I call it...
   '"Cat on a Hot Tin Rooff!"'




[Fingersnap/pink puff, and Jack is now a cat.]

   (Why are people staring at me
   all of a sudden? Do they think
   he tried this on me and I got
   stuck halfway?)

   So, what do you fink?

[Jack backs away]

   Don't be affraid.
   I'll change you
   back to normal.




[Fingersnap/pink puff, and Jack is human again.]

   Do you believe me now,

   (Bet HE never messes with
   a magician again.)

[Jack leaves the stage]

   Fank you very much
   ffor your assistance.
   I hope everyone
   enjoyed the show.
   That's about it ffor
   Until next time!

[Sneff leaves as well.]

Magus: [if present]
   Interesting. If he has the
   level of magic required to
   perform such a transformation,
   why did he not use it in the
   first part of the act...?

   Heh. So that boy figured out
   how to uze it after all.

   What do you mean?

   Oh, nothing, just an old
   woman'z ramblings.

   Okay, whatever. Let's go
   talk to Fargo.

And that's all for this time, folks. In our next episode, Our Heroes get a cat's eye look at life...
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: skylark on March 09, 2010, 09:53:13 pm
Hmm... Serge seemed a bit of a perv back there...

*Looks back into a few moments of his parody.*


As if I'm one to talk.. *cough*

Nice. :P
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: alfadorredux on March 10, 2010, 09:25:16 am
Serge is, one hopes, a healthy teenaged boy. It's only to be expected that he'd have at least a little interest in, er, perverted stuff, at least when there isn't anything more important around to command his attention.  :lol:
Title: Re: Chrono Helix (script)
Post by: Katie Skyye on March 10, 2010, 06:52:12 pm
"(Why are people staring at me
   all of a sudden? Do they think
   he tried this on me and I got
   stuck halfway?)"

Lol! Awesome. Before I played this game I did go and check out all the characters on the encyclopedia, and Snefff... O_o He creeped me out a bit, but after meeting him in-game, it was like, "Oh, ok, he's not such a creeper." Not that I put him in my party, but he's not so bad. ^^'

I'm rambling. Nice segment!
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Heh. I figured that since half the chapter is really just a fetch quest in disguise, I might as well have a little fun with it. (

Sneff really isn't the most charismatic of the Cross PCs, is he? Oh, well, at least he has an Actual Plot-Related Reason for being in the game, unlike some of the others. (Just don't imagine him singing "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth", or you may be traumatized for life...)

(And I really must get around to reading your 'fic as well...)
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True! Sneff actually has a reason for being there! Which reminds me: are you going to include Draggy, or is he out?

Aww, thanks. :D
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@Katie Skyye: Draggy is definitely out. So are Janice and Turnip, for that matter. 20-22 PCs
(I'm still not entirely decided about Leah and Orlha) is more than enough for me to deal with.
(Still haven't gotten to your Marcy story--sorry. I don't seem to read much fanfic these days--
guess I'm too busy writing it.)

Anyway, in this installment, Serge discovers that a cat's life isn't all mice and fresh tuna...

17. Marbule - The village of the demi-humans... (Part II of III)

Captain's Quarters, SS Zelbess (Home)

[If the party speaks to Fargo after having found out where the Sage is...]

   Excuse me, young man,
   but we need to get
   to the Grand Slam.
   The Grand Slam, eh...?
   So you're out for blood...
   Tell me, where did you
   folks come from?

   Most recently, Marbule.
   (That should get his

   What...? Marbule...?
   What are you doing here,

   We're looking for the Sage of
   Marbule. He has some information
   that we need.

   Well, well, well...
   I'm sorry, but there's no one of
   that sort aboard the Zelbess.
   Plus, I don't want strangers
   ruining my fun on my ship.
   Sorry... I can't grant
   you access.


[If Magus is present...]

   We had hoped not to attract
   too much attention, but if
   the only way that we can have
   a few moments' conversation
   with the Sage is to kill you

   (Ulp!) Magus--

   Should zere not be some more
   subtle way to persuade le
   bon capitaine?

   Subtlety is wasted on vapid
   fools like this one.

   Don't have much of a sense
   of humour, do you, son?

[Fargo wanders off down and leftward as Magus speaks his next
line, and lights himself a cigar.]

   I don't find obstructions
   amusing, and I doubt very much
   that I am any relation to you
   whatsoever. Do you have any
   last words before I kill you?

   MAGUS! (Oh, hell, if he goes
   into attack mode, there's no
   way I'm gonna be able to stop

   Heheheheh. You know, the two
   of you are the funniest thing
   I've run into all week. You'd
   make a much better comedy team
   than those two idiots old Sneff
   picked up. Okay, here's what
   I'm going to do...


[If Magus isn't present, Fargo just ambles casually across
to light that cigar.]

   But that wouldn't be
   fun now, would it?
   The foundation of the
   Zelbess is entertainment.
   What do you say you
   try your luck?

   Try our luck? What do
   you mean?


   There's a casino
   down below.
   If you win, I'll give
   you access to the Grand Slam.
   But if you lose, how about you
   give me your boat docked by
   the entrance?
   Well, what do you say?

   ~~~Let's do it!            |    ~~~No, thanks
Serge:                        | Fargo:
   ...Norris? It's your boat, |    Had enough?
   so I guess you have the    |    I'll take you on anytime!
   final say.                 |
Norris:                       |
   It's my government's boat, |
   and it wouldn't be the     |
   first time I've lost one   |
   in the line of duty. We    |
   won't get any further if   |
   we don't talk to the Sage, |
   and this seems to be our   |
   best chance. Do it.        |
Serge:                        |
   Thanks. Okay, we'll take   |
   you on, Captain!           |
Fargo:                        |
   Good.                      |
   That's the spirit!         |
   I'll meet you down         |
   at the casino!             |
   Don't chicken out now...   |
   Hah hahahaha!              |
   [Fargo leaves the room.]   |
Casino, SS Zelbess (Home)

[They have to have challenged Fargo for these scenes to occur. When the
party first enters, Sneff is spinning the compass-thing...unsuccessfully.]

   Not again...!!!

   Give it up, old man Sneff.
   You don't have what it takes.
   Just keep doing your shows,
   that's all.

   One of these days, I'm gonna
   slap your dirty fface wiff
   a wad of cash and get the
   hell offa this ship!

[Sneff leaves.]

   Um, if you don't mind my
   asking, how long has he
   been aboard the Zelbess?

   Two years, seven months and
   eleven days... or is it two
   years, eleven months, and
   seven days? Either way,
   that old man has built up
   quite a debt from this casino.
   So now, I own him.
   I suggest you don't let
   the same happen to you!

   (Give me a break--we're close
   enough to Marbule that I could
   swim back there if I wanted to.
   Well, probably. I could do it
   if I still had my own body, but
   I don't know how well Lynx

   Excuse me, everyone... May I
   have your attention please...
   I need to have a private
   game with these folks.
   Would you mind leaving
   us alone for a while?
   I'll clear any debts
   you may have.

   Are you serious, Captain?

[Fargo nods.]

   Did I stutter?

   (I just realized--not only does
   he not stutter, he doesn't talk
   like the other-world Fargo
   either. Is the other Fargo's
   pirate accent a put-on? And if
   it is, why?)

   The captain is G-O-O-D!
   Better watch it!
   Take it easy on 'em,

   Hah hahahahah!

[The other three gamblers leave.]

   Thanks everyone.
   I'll be done soon.

   OK then, let's begin.
   The usual, Captain?

   Yes, '"Sudden Death."'
   The rules are simple.
   Press the x Button after
   the dealer spins the compass.
   We'll alternate turns.
   The pointer will stop on
   north, east, south or west.
   Should the pointer stop on
   south, where it stands now,
   you lose.
   Simple game, isn't it?
   Just don't make the pointer
   stop on south. It's a game of
   luck rather than skill.

   It sounds to me as though skill,
   in the form of timing, might
   actually be rather important.

   Nah, the pointer spins too fast
   for that. Look, if you don't
   trust me, how about, after the
   pointer starts spinning, I don't
   put my hands on the button until
   you tell me to?

   The fact that you make the offer
   suggests that, if you're
   cheating, you're doing it some
   other way.

   Cheating? Not a chance. There's
   no fun in winning at a rigged
   game, my boy. Hahaha!

   (He sure laughs a lot. I'm
   starting to think that Norris
   is right and he does cheat.
   The question is, how?)

   Heh heh...
   You're up.
Fargo: [if the spinner lands on anything but south]
   ...Luck of the devil...
   Here we go.

[Eventually, Serge et al. will blow it, because at this
point, Fargo can't lose. When the game inevitably goes

   Hah hahahah!
   You've got a ways to go
   before you can beat me!!!

[Fargo walks around the table until he's face-to-face
with Serge.]

   Well then, it looks like
   you owe me your boat.
   Don't hold a grudge.
   I won that game fair
   and square.
   I guess that means you'll
   have to swim back!
   Hah hahahaha!

[Fargo leaves the casino and returns to his cabin.]

   Something's not right. He's
   too confident about winning.
   No one's that lucky.

   I agree, my boy, but if he
   really is cheating, the
   mechanism isn't an obvious one.

[Norris walks over to where Fargo was standing while
they played and bends down to examine the equipment

   Nothing odd here. And he wasn't
   communicating with the operator.

   Gee, thanks. The captain just
   really is that lucky, that's

   Let's look around some more.

Inn, SS Zelbess (Home)

[As the party enters, the demi-human desk clerk climbs
down the ladder behind the counter.]

   Ohhh... Sorry about that!
   ...Didn't realize I had
   a customer.
   Please do excuse me, hehe...
   So, what can I do for you?

[The inn's resident cat tries to climb up.]

   Don't go up there!!!

[The party huddles together off to one side]

   Wait a minute--aren't we right
   below the casino?

   Two floors down. Whatever's
   up the ladder would be right
   below it.

   And that demi-human was up
   there in the middle of the day
   instead of manning his
   desk... If Fargo came along
   and noticed him slacking, he'd
   be in trouble, unless...

   Unless Fargo was the one who
   ordered him to be up there in
   the first place. I agree, my
   boy--this is definitely

   Suspicion izn't proof. The
   deskman could just be lazy,
   and willin' to risk gettin'

   We need to get up there, but
   how? (The ladder's right out in
   the open--there's no way we can
   do this inconspicuously. We'd
   have to be cats or something.)

Bar, SS Zelbess (Home)

[The party has to have seen the first version of the show
and been to the inn for this scene to occur. When they
take up their position behind the table, Sneff enters.]

   Ladies and gentlemen,
   welcome to Sneff's
   ffantastic magic show!!!

   How about we start offf
   wiff my "Cat on a Hot Tin
   Rooff," today?!

   (! If he turns us into cats,
   we can wander all over the
   ship without anyone paying
   any attention to us.)

   Do I have a volunteer
   ffrom the audience?

   You ffolks must be
   new around here...
   Would you like to volunteer?
   ~~~Sure              |   ~~~No, thanks
Sneff:                  | Sneff:
   Excellent!           |    That's too bad.
   Please step up       |    Then, ffor my card trick...
   to the stage.        |
                        | [Nothing more happens on this branch--the
Serge:                  | rest of the scene takes place only if the
   (Here goes nothing.) | other one is chosen.]

[The party climbs up onto the stage.]

   Are you ready!?

   Yes. (He'd better not
   screw this up!)




[Fingersnap/pink puff, and the party are all cats, who
run down off the stage. If Magus is in the party, he
becomes a purple cat, a la Alfador.]

   Mreow! Come on, everyone, now's
   our chance!

   Where do you think
   you're going!?

[Sneff attempts pursuit, but...


   Ooooh nooooo!!!
   I strained my back!!!

Dressing Room, SS Zelbess (Home)

[I think this is what we get if we enter the dressing
room through the low gap in the right-hand wall of the
bar after being becatted, but before getting the handle...]

   Hey, Sneff,
   you alright?

   Maybe you should take
   it easy, Pops?
   You're not getting
   any younger!

   SHUT UP!!!
   I still got it!!!
   Yeah, yeah...
   But, Pops, you can't
   perform your magic now
   that your back's out!
   Plus, what are you going
   to do about those people
   you transformed into cats!?

   (Ulp! When I stepped up onto
   that stage, I never thought
   about getting stuck like this!
   Being a cat for long enough to
   poke around is one thing, but
   being a cat for the rest of my
   life, or at least until I get
   my real body back from Lynx...
   Mind you, having Lynx get stuck
   as a cat might not be a bad
   thing. And besides, Sneff's
   back should heal eventually.
   So I guess it's really just
   one more annoying delay.)

   I'm sorry, ffolks.
   Actually, there's absolutely
   no trick behind that magic.
   An old troll gave me a
   mysterious berry during
   my travels, long ago.
   She was saying someffing
   about the Bend of Time...
   Anyway, affter I ate the berry,
   I was able to transfform people
   into cats.

   And just who doez he think
   he'z calling a troll, meow?

   Meow? I mean, Sprigg, that
   was you?

   Heh. Picked that berry up at
   the Bend of Time and didn't
   know wot it did, so I waz
   lookin' for someone to try
   it on, and he waz the first
   human I found, meow.

   Why not try it yourself, meow?

   Becauze I could tell it waz
   magic, and ya don't try strange
   magic out on yerself. If it
   had turned out to be somethin'
   nasty, I might have been able
   to fix it for someone else,
   but probably not for meo--ME.

Magus: [if present]
   The Bend of Time... I know I've
   heard that name before...

   I wish I could change you
   back to your human fform,
   but my achin' back...
   I'll need to lie down a bit,
   so you'll have to stay that
   way ffor a while.
   I hope you understand...

   Meow! (Best I can do right
   now--sorry, Sneff.)
Captain's Quarters, SS Zelbess (Home)

[Also while becatted, I presume]

   Now why is that threesome
   looking for the sage...?
   I don't like the fact that
   they arrived here on a
   Porre boat, either...
   Who are they...?

   Meow! (So did he want our boat
   so that he could trap us here,
   or just so that he could get a
   better look?)
   Hello there, kitty...

   She sure loved cats...

   ("She"? He couldn't be talking


   You would look into
   the mirror and say...
   '"How I pity you, mirror,
    for man does not see you
    as the mirror that you are."'
   Did I see you as who you
   were back then?
   And is that my true
   self I see now?
   What would you think of
   me if you saw me today...?
   ...Aboard this ship,
   cheating people out
   of money...
   Without you here,
   everything is meaningless...

   (Hoo boy, I thought this guy was
   more cheerful than the other-
   world Fargo, but this is a lot
   more depressing than just
   blubbering about missing

Magical Dreamers Ship (Home)
[Crossing over to the other ship while becatted, the
party sneaks into Nikki's dressing room and sees...]

   The song of the demi-humans...?
   I've heard rumors about it,
   but does it really exist...?
   That song can save
   Marbule, right?

   (Save Marbule? From those
   freaky ghost-monster-things?)

   The only one who may know
   about the true powers of
   dis song may be the sage.
   However, Fargo...
   knowing so, will not return
   the song...or rather
   the sage...

   (So they're in the same
   boat as we are, I guess.)

   Wouldn't it make sense if
   the sage just sang the song?

   The sage ist no longer
   physically able to sing...
   He ist much too old for dis, and
   all the labor he hast endured...
   Only you can sing dis song.
   Will I be able to perform
   such an important song...?

   Ja, of course.
   For you are...
   Oh, it ist not'ing.
   In any case, there ist
   not'ing to worry about.
   Will you do it?

   (Bet she was going to say
   "half-mermaid" there. Or
   should that be "merman"?)

   You seem to feel really
   strongly about this.
   Plus, I want to know
   more about the song...

   T'ank you...
   I am glad you accept.
   I believe the sage can
   be found outside a place
   called the '"Grand Slam."'

   You know...
   For some reason, the more
   I look at you, the more
   nostalgic I feel...
   Have we met somewhere before?

   Perhaps we have...

   (I guess I'll take pity
   on her and distract him.)


   What are you doing here...?
   Are you without a family?
   Oh, then you're just like me.

   (Well, my father did run away,
   just like his, so I guess I do
   kind of understand...but at
   least I've still got Mom. I
   can't imagine what it would be
   like if she was dead.)

[He rubs himself against Nikki's ankles.]

   Come on, Nikki, cheer up.

   So you like me, do you? ...I'd
   rather have a cat than a
   groupie any old day.

Above the Inn, SS Zelbess (Home)

   Pop's at it again...

[We see the demi-human spin the magnet contraption, affecting
the compass in the casino above. In the casino...]

   Why me!?
   This happens to me
   every time I start
   winning big!!!

   Hah hahaha!!!
   Too bad, old man!
   You have to learn
   when to quit!

   I wanted to buy some
   cat ffood ffor those ffolks...

   Cat food...?
   For whom?

   None of your beeswax!

   M-My back...

[Back in the hidden room...]

   (There's fresh fish all over
   the place in El Nido, and he
   wants to buy us cat food?! I
   guess his heart's in the right
   place, but he could at least
   spring for some nice tuna, or...
   This is weird--why do I have
   this sudden craving for a patty
   made from ground beef, covered
   with cheese and served on a

   Um... I guess this means we've
   found out how Fargo's cheating.
   The question is, what do we do
   about it, meow?

   That handle doesn't look all
   that firmly attached. Once the
   demi-human leaves, we can
   probably just walk right up to
   the machine and pull it off.

[The demi-human suddenly notices that he's under feline


   Don't scare me like that...

   Guess he haz a guilty
   conscience, meow.

[The demi-human leaves, allowing the party to steal the handle
from the magnet-contraption]

   Lynx received
Dressing Room, SS Zelbess (Home)

[When they talk to Sneff after having gotten the crank...]

   You had me worried sick!!!
   I had to lie down a bit
   because I strained
   my back running...

   (I'd apologize if he
   could understand me...)

   I'm able to stand up.

   I'm not 100% better
   yet, but...
   I fink I can
   change you back...

   (Oh, good. This whole four-
   legged thing was starting
   to get a bit old.)

[He steps up onto the table/stage at the back of the room]

   Ladies and gentlemen,
   welcome to Sneff's
   ffantastic magic show!!!

   I have to start offf like
   that to concentrate.

   (Okay, whatever--I'm not
   going to argue with his

   Anyway, here we go...

   Are you ready!?




[Fingersnap/pink puff, and Serge et al. are back to normal.]

   How odd--it feels like I
   still have a tail.

   You merely imagine
   it. Humanz are so

   That's a load offf
   my shoulders...
   I better stop using
   that magic.
   Listen, I'm very sorry
   you had to put up
   wiff being a cat.

   It's okay, really. It was a
   very...educational experience.
   (Come to think of it, where's
   the handle from that machine?
   I had it in my mouth... Oh,
   there it is, in my pocket.

   Iff there's anyffing
   I can do to make it up
   to you... I would like
   to help, but...
   Due to unfforeseen
   circumstances, I'm
   fforced to stay on
   this ship...
   Please do come by again
   iff you're ever around.
   The least I can do is
   offfer you a cup of tea...

   Thanks, we'll keep that in mind.
   (Wonder how long it's going to
   take him to earn his way off
   now that Fargo can't cheat

Yes, Serge, you can has cheezburger nao. (

One more installment to finish off the chapter, and then it's off to deal with the Masamune...
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Replying to myself again... I'm getting lonely here. ;(

Anyway, after this, we shouldn't need to return to the Zelbess again for
a while...

17. Marbule - The village of the demi-humans... (Part III of III)

Captain's Quarters, SS Zelbess (Home)

[As the party enters, they find Fargo, who's standing out on the
balcony, talking to Nikki.]

   I can't allow you to
   go to the Grand Slam.

   But why?
   I really need to talk to
   the sage about teaching
   me the song...!
   Or else...that
   beautiful island, Marbule,
   will be gone forever!
   I can't just stand here
   and do nothing...!

[Fargo turns to face Nikki.]

   You don't understand...
   True beauty is found
   within a dying entity.
   Therefore, I will watch over
   Marbule when its time comes...
   Furthermore, you and I
   have a contract.
   For the time being, you
   are in my possession.
   What am I supposed to do
   should anything happen to you?
   That would be a great
   financial loss for me...

   So you're saying
   I'm nothing but a
   mere object...

[Fargo turns back around]

   If that is what you
   think, so be it.

   (I don't get it. Why does he
   want to hurt Nikki--his OWN
   SON--so badly? What HAPPENED
   to this guy when his wife died?)

[Nikki turns to leave, but in doing so, he notices something.]

   Th-That dressing table...
   It looks exactly like
   my mother's...!

   (And Fargo kept it? Right in
   plain sight? You'd almost think
   he WANTS Nikki to find him out.)

[Nikki walks over to look at the item of furniture in the lower right corner
of the room.]

   There's even that scratch
   I made when I was a child...!
   Wait a minute...!?

[He turns to face Fargo]

   Could it be that
   you are my...

   (Bingo! Let's see you eel your
   way out of this one, Captain


   (Huh? He isn't even trying
   to argue...)
   The gentle and caring
   father I used to know!?
   You're my father,
   aren't you!?
   But why are you participating
   in such dubious acts!?

[Fargo turns to face him again]

   I am no longer the
   father you once knew...
   I lost everything when your
   mother, Zelbess passed away...
   Including myself...
   Laugh at me all you want.
   Pity me if you wish...
   But remember this,
   Nikki, man is not as
   strong as you think.


[Fargo turns away again, and Nikki leaves.]

   I don't get it.

   You would not: you are
   far too young.

   Such nonsenze!

[If they speak to Fargo...]

   Do you folks want to
   challenge me again?
   You know you can't
   beat me.
   ~~~Let's do it!           |    ~~~Forget it, then

Serge:                       | Fargo:
   This time, we'll kick     |    Hehehe... That's smart.
   your ass! (Damn, I almost |
   sound like...Kid...)      | Serge:
                             |    I just need to get ready,
Fargo:                       |   
that's all. We'll be back.
   Oh really!?               |
   You folks never learn...  |
   I'll meet you down there. |
Casino, SS Zelbess (Home)

   I thought you might
   have chickened out.

   Not a chance. (Not this time,
   when I know we can win.)

   Monsieur Lynx will kick your
   derriere until you kiss the

   Ha ha ha! You're confident,
   even after being defeated--
   I like that.

   OK then, I'll go first...
[If the handle's gone, the pointer stops on South the very first time.]


   "Impossible"? If this truly is
   a game of chance, then either
   side should be equally likely
   to lose.

   Interesting little
   item you got there...
   So I guess you found me out.
   I lose...heh heh...
   As promised, I'll give you
   access to the Grand Slam.
   Of course, you'll get your
   boat back as well.

[On his way out of the room, Fargo stops beside Serge]

   But how did you get
   a hold of that handle?

   Heheh, that'd be tellin'. D'ya
   really think we'd give up our
   secrets to the likez of you?
SS Zelbess (Home)

   The captain gave me the
   OK to let you through.
   But I'm warnin' ya!
   You might not make it
   out alive!

Magus: [if present]
   Hmph. I doubt you have anything
   back there that would present
   us with a serious challenge--
   this boat isn't big enough to
   hold a dragon. Or even just a

   Thanks--we'll be careful.
   (What exactly IS this Grand
   Slam thing anyway?)

Grand Slam Entrance, SS Zelbess (Home)

[After following the elderly demi-human around for a while...]

Old Man:
   Yes, what is it?
   Why are you following me?
   As you can see,
   I am quite busy.
   I do not have time
   for a game of tag.
   ~~~Where's the Dead Sea?   |    ~~~It's nothing
Sage:                         | Sage:
   The Dead Sea...?           |    If there is nothing in
   Why do you wish to         |    particular, please leave.
   enter the Dead Sea?        |    There is no point in you
   Do you realize humans      |    hanging around here.
   have stolen our land       |
   along with our legendary   | [Branch ends. If the party speaks to him again and selects
   treasure?                  | "yes", the conversation resumes from the next question.]
   Humans will do anything
   for profit, no matter
   what the cost.
   The demi-humans aboard
   this ship are living
   We have lost all sense
   of pride, with no dreams
   for tomorrow.
   We just cling to the
   mercy of humans every

   Pleure moi donc une riviere
   de larmes! Zey kick you and
   you lie down and take it, is
   zat it? If you are too weak
   to fight back, zen you
   deserve zis.

   Be quiet.

   I am so tired of travelling with
   all these geezerz... Monsieur
   Lynx, why must we stay with zem?

   It'z punishment for your
   sinz, belike.

   (I can't think of a polite way
   of saying "you're the one who
   insisted on coming along," and
   we might still need her, so I
   guess I'll just keep my mouth

   This isn't about you, girl.

   Sage of Marbule, I am sorry
   that humans have done you such
   injury, but we are not all

   You are...Radius, the headman
   of Arni.


   And tell me, where was Arni
   when we were driven from our


   You claim that you are not
   all alike, and yet you humans
   all seem to have one trait in
   common: you consider members
   of other races to be little
   more than cattle. You are only
   interested in us for as long
   as you find us useful, and if
   we get in your way, you crush
   us without mercy.

   Why must we demi-humans
   lend a hand to humans?
   What will you do if
   I refuse...?
   Will you go as far as
   using brute force?
   ~~~Of course!              |    ~~~Let's talk it over...
Sage:                         | Sage:
   I see...                   |    Heh heh heh...
   Then prepare yourselves... |    So you wish to
                              |    avoid conflict?

[Combat begins]               |    You also need the
                              |    courage to defeat others
                              |    to get through life.
                              |    Do not forget.
                              | [End of branch. The rest of the scene takes place
                              | only if the fight does.]

[Combat ends]

   I sense that you are quite
   serious about entering the
   Dead Sea...

   (Is he saying that he wasn't
   fighting us seriously? Oh,

   Could it be that you are
   carrying the burden of fate
   for the human race, no,
   for all life-forms...?

   Um, I wouldn't go quite that
   far... (I have a hard enough
   time being responsible for
   just me, never mind the entire

   Let me give you this...
   I am sure you will be able
   to put it to good use.
   But just remember...opening
   a new gate also brings
   forth a new misfortune.
   Do not forget.

   [Member] received
   Fiddler Crab!


[If Magus is present...]

   Hmph. Philosophical twaddle.
   There is no such thing as fate.
   I refuse to believe in a
   construct that would render all
   of my actions meaningless.

   I gather that free will is
   extremely important to you.
   A very human form of
   stubbornness. Are you
   truly a Mystic, or...?



   There is an area near
   the Dead Sea where the
   tides are different.
   Use that item there.
   Nature will take
   over from there.

   ("Where the tides are
   different..." I think that's in
   the southern part of the reefs,
   not quite facing Marbule. I've
   never been there though...or
   at least, not when I wasn't
   out of my mind with fever.)

[Nikki enters--not through the door to the rest of the ship, but from the outside, as though
he climbed down the side of the hull.]


   I knew I'd find you here...
   You know the legendary
   song of Marbule, right?
   I want you to teach me
   the song...

   Why do humans have
   to be so selfish?

   (Here we go again.)

   That song only has a place
   in the hearts of demi-humans.
   Why should I teach you the song?

   (I guess he doesn't know that
   Zelbess was Nikki's mother...
   or is this just another one
   of his tests?)

   Irenes asked me...

   Heh... I see that
   she has not given up.

   But it's not only
   because she asked me to.
   I personally have a great
   interest in that song.
   A beautiful song, originating
   from a beautiful island...
   I'm not 100% sure I'll be
   able to pull it off...
   But if it means I can save
   someone through my song...

   (Wow... Humility isn't something
   I would have expected from him,
   but I guess he takes his music
   seriously after all.)

   There was once a man
   just like you...



   (...I could believe that,
   I guess.)

   ...My father!?

   Ahhh, so you are his son...
   I guess history does
   repeat itself.
   I had high hopes
   for that man.
   High hopes that he would one
   day tear down the wall between
   demi-humans and humans.
   But look at us now.
   The walls seem even higher.

   (I doubt there were any walls
   between Zelbess and Fargo when
   they...come to think of it, HOW
   did they? How are mermaids put
   together down there?)

   Don't speak badly
   of my father...
   No one understands
   the pain and suffering
   he's going through!
   Even though he has built up
   this lively place, he screams
   in sorrow alone, within his
   dark, deep self...
   But I can hear him!
   His screams of despair,
   which no one else can hear...
   or wants to hear...

   So you can
   hear him, too...


   I beg of you, please...
   I bet if my father
   hears that song...

   (I think it's going to take a
   lot more than just a song to
   sort out this world's Fargo.)

   I am sorry, but I have
   other areas of the ship
   I must mop...


   ...While I hum
   myself a song...

[The Sage leaves. Nikki stares after him.]

   Then you'll...!?

[Nikki turns back to speak to the party for a moment.]

   I saw the way you
   fought back there.
   I've been looking for
   tough guys like you.
   It would be an honor
   if we could talk inside
   my ship.

   Um...yeah, sure. (An honor?
   That's a bit much, isn't it?
   And anyway, do we have time
   for whatever it is he wants?)

[Nikki leaves.]
Casino, SS Zelbess (Home)

[As the party enters, the compass is spinning to a stop.]

   What's goin' on!?
   What's up with old man
   Sneff today!?

   Ever since the captain
   lost, Sneff's been on
   a winning streak!

   (That's because Fargo can't
   cheat anymore, or at least not
   until he fixes that magnet-
   thing or I give him the handle

[Serge pats his pocket.]

   Jackpots galore, baby!!!
   This is why I can't
   stop gambling!
   Lady luck is wiff me
   today, baby!
   Now I can pay offf my debt
   to the dirty captain!!!

[He turns to face the party.]

   Oh, it's you!