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Title: A New Beginning
Post by: Lavodox on December 08, 2006, 03:06:21 pm
Hello everybody, this is my first fanfiction submitted to the CC and it's based off a dream I had last night about CT...enjoy! :D  Note...this takes place in the Lavos timeline at first, but changes to the keystone timeline.

Chaper 1: A Seemingly normal afternoon

It was a sunny day in 1999 A.D., just a day before the terror known as Lavos would surface and cause the Apocalypse. A man named Maxus was out in his garden watering his plants, watching everybody talk busily in the sunlight of Arris Dome. He looked up to see his wife walking over to him, smiling brilliantly.
   "Emilia!" he cried out, "Good morning! Did you have a nice sleep, dear?" Emilia nodded sharply and said, "Yes, hon, I was just going to a mall to buy some groceries." Maxus nodded, thinking about going to Bangor Dome to Arris Square to celebrate Guardia's 2000th anniversary.
       "Hmm...I think I'm going to go to Arris Square, dear. His wife, Emilia, smiled slightly and nodded, her black hair swaying with the wind, "Okay, hon, just be back by lunch"
       "Alright, sweetie, will do." As Maxus turned and walked over to his hover car and started it up, he had no idea his life would soon change completely.
      As he drove away, he turned on to his favorite radio station and listened to the news.
"Today we learn that another tremendous tremor shocked the city of Medina today, which leaves its citizens posiively frightened. Hopefully we don't see too many more of these, but I doubt that we won't."
     Maxus turned off the radio and sighed, wondering why the quakes have gotten so violent lately. He shook the question off his chest and continued driving towards Arris Square.
     5 hours later, after he was done with his business at the 2nd Millenial Fair, he was driving back to his dome, hurriedly, having missed his lunch. Suddenly, time seemed to freeze, as did Maxus' car. He shut it off and walked out, stunned by what just happened.
     Then, a figure clad in white appeared in a flash of light, making Maxus stumble. The figure approached Maxus, an said in a mystical voice as he walked out, "Do not be afraid, Maxus. I have come here to warn you about the threat of a being called Lavos. Tomorrow he will destroy the world and nearly all of it's inhabitants. I want you and you alone to escape this world of desolation."
     Awestricken, Maxus looked up in confusion, then a look of panic started to grow on his face.
"What...what must I do, enlightened stranger?" The figure looked at him with a glint in his glowing eyes and said, "You must look where you live, the answer lies there, in the form of a scroll, Maxus, NOW GO!"
    As the figure disappeared, and time resumed, Maxus suddenly ound himself home.
"I-I must find this scroll at all costs!" he said as his face grew red with sweat and tension.
    "E-EMILIA!" he yelled as loud as he could, "Have you seen a scroll anywhwere?" His wife didn't respond, and he started to feel anxious. He looked everywhere through the house, and finally found her, downstairs, laying on the ground, a bloody mess, holding a scroll in her dead hand..
    "EMILIA? EMILIA?! EMILIA!!! WHY??? WHYYY!!!" After he stopped crying over her death, he took the scroll and opened it. He examined it to find it was an arcane magic scroll forged for one lucky enough to find it. Maxus asked the mystics about it the next day, and he discovered it would take him to an alternate world.
"H-how is this possible, sages?!"

"Maxus...we came from a timeline known as the keystone timeline. It's a timeline of a bright future, one whose future is not ruined or destroyed by the terrible threat of Lavos. We come from the future of the keystone timeline."
     As he listened, Maxus was astounded by what hwe was hearing.
"How far into the future, wise sages?" he asked

"Exactly 1,301 years, Maxus. Stay with us in Medina. There is nothing left for you here in Truce Dome, so come...we must depart."

The next day, after a restless sleep, Maxus found the three sages in a hurry. As he watched them hurry around and pack their stuff, Maxus looked at them questioningly.

"Uh...what's the rush, guys?" When Maxus looked at them, their faces were wide with terror.


Maxus immediately grew panicked and felt like hurling...but he couldn't. Right when he ran to the bathroom, a devastating quake shook the house, and it grew larger and larger, not receding, until, right outside their window, a spiked creature with a funny thing that looked like it's mouth was right outside.

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Post by: justin3009 on December 08, 2006, 05:13:27 pm
That's actually kinda of interesting. 
ruined or destroyed by the terrible threat of Lavo
You mean Lavos >_>  Other then that, I like this.  XD
Title: Re: A New Beginning
Post by: Lavodox on December 08, 2006, 05:15:39 pm
yay! This is the best fanfic review I've ever gotten! ^_^ :D
Title: Re: A New Beginning
Post by: Lavodox on December 11, 2006, 03:04:00 pm
Chapter 2:Deja Vu?

As Maxus ran for the door, the sages took the scroll from it's sitting place and opened it, studying the ancient language, apparently trying to speak a spell.

"S-sages...hurry!" Maxus yelled as Lavos screamed into the air, piercing the silence with it's horrible screech. As he watched the sages, sweating frantically he heard what appeared to be lasers emit from Lavos. He screamed, wanting it to stop.
     The destruction, the screaming, he couldn't handle it.
"STOP IT!!!" He finally yelled, then...all was silent, and his surroundings...were intact. The spell had worked.
    The head sage breathed a sigh of relief, then fell to his knees, his breathing terribly labored from the spell.
" I am...finished with...the spell...and have saved at least one...innocent life...I may rest in peace.

"But...before I die, Maxus, let us tell you our names." As Maxus listened closely, he began to realize he had just escaped a terrible fate.

"My Bolthosaur. My brother...Belthasar, he gave me this idea."

"Maxus looked strangely at the white bearded sage, "Belthasar?"

As Maxus looked at him, the old man died, his eyes glazing over at last. Giving a sigh, Maxus looked over to the two sages, who said their names were Gospair and Malcheir. They also said, they,too had brothers, and they all came from the kingdom of Zeal, which ceased to exist many eons ago.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake violently again, which made Maxus gulp and grab the two sages.
     He sprinted away from the site, running with the two sages as fast as his legs could carry him. He looked back to see to see Lavos had risen.

"LAVOS?! I thought he didn't exist here!"

"Hehe...did Bolthosdaur say that? He does...but, observe...", Gospair said. As Maxus watched Lavos rise, he noticed seven unknown figures approach the beast, taking out weapons and battling the beast.

"WHAT?! What are they? Are they MAD? They'll be slaughtered!"

As he watched, he noticed the fighters growing tired. Maxus narrowed his eyes and truned to the sages and said,"I'm sorry guys, but I'm going to join them. I have a weapon that will help them. It was passed down my family line after being discovered about 999 years ago. It's called the Muramasa."

Gospair turned to him and said, " as you wish, wielder of the Muramasa. With that,Maxus charged toward the beast, his eyes ablaze.
      If he didn't hurry, his fate would repeat itself, he knew, deep down, so he screamed and
ran at the beast, his white katana gleaming in the wind. JIRAIYA
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Post by: XcyrusX on December 11, 2006, 05:33:51 pm
I like it so far! LoL i never talk about Cyrus's sister Cieres.  : )

O and he has the Murasume Sweet!
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Post by: Lavodox on December 12, 2006, 10:20:57 am
Chapter 3: The Power of Maxus

As he approached the foul beast, he used his hi potions to heal everybody. They gave him a look of gratitude, and the red haired boy said, "I don't know who you are, stranger, but thank you for joining us."

"Haa problem." Now that they were healed, they began vigorously casting spells on the beast. Maxus noticed a little...thing assisting Lavos, and ran straight for it, blade lowered at his side. As he reached it, he screamed loudly and sliced the blade through the air.
       The little thing appeared to fine, but all of a sudden it just fell apart, green blood seeping from the beast.

"HAI!" Maxus screamed triumphantly, his blade raised high. He moved back with the group and listened to them introduce themselves as they dodged Lavos' attacks. The frog introduced himself as Glenn, the purple robed Blue haired man's name was Janus, heir was also a robot whose name was Robo, and three women whose names were Ayla, Marle, and Lucca.
        The red haired man, he seemed to be the leader here, and apparently he was. His name was.....Crono.
As they struck at the beast, suddenly a rain of some sort fell upon them, and brutally wounded them, as Maxus kneeled there, breathing with labor, he felt an anger so deep , he knew it was to be used against the beast, Lavos.
        He stumbled to his feet and screamed, thrusting his katana into the eye of Lavos, then taking it out and slashing the form of an M on it. Then suddenly his hands glowed, and he felt power flow through him. He instinctively knew now, what he was doing. He closed his eyes and relaxed, as a beam started to form on his hands, filling him with life, and it overflowed into the others as well.
       As they got back onto their feet, they also started to get ready for an attack of some sort. But when they seemed ready, right when they were about to hit him, Maxus unleashed his anger in the form of a colossal beam of fire that completely engulfed Lavos. As he was screaming in agony, Lavos' body was collapsing on itself, completely on fire.
      Completely exhausted, Maxus collapsed to the ground, and laughed with triumph, just before feeling himself being picked up and carried away.
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Post by: justin3009 on December 13, 2006, 04:56:44 pm
XD!  I like this.  Is chapter 3 the last chapter? ;_;  If so, it's so short yet so interesting XD
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Post by: Lavodox on December 15, 2006, 03:02:02 pm
Chapter 3: A New World?

When Maxus came to, he found he was in a room with an open curtain and a bare wall, with some stairs leading down. He yawned, and brushed away the blankets, standing up and folding the bed.
     As he entered what appeared to be a mix between a living room and a kitchen, he was greeted by a woman who was cooking breakfast.

"Good morning. My son Crono found you and brought you here. He's at the moonlight parade" Maxus looked at her with question.

"The Moonlight Parade?" Crono's mom nodded, "Yes, it's to celebrate the end of Guardia's millenial fair, and to celebrate Crono's quest to save the future."
     Maxus listened to her and realized, that this place was somehow...different from where he was from. He looked around for a while, then told Crono's mom that he was going out to find him.
     She nodded and resumed her cooking. Maxus walked out of the house and before him was a beautiful plain. He opened his mouth with awe and walked along a path till he walked into a square, illuminated with lights and market stands. He suddenly recognised some of this merchandise from an antique shop he's been to, but those models were far older, dating back to 1000 A.D.
    Then he realized, he was taken back in time to 1000 A.D. His eyes widened, and he wondered how this time was different from his. He thought about it as he walked in the square, searching for Crono.
    He saw a machine up ahead, and Crono was beside it. He approached his and waved cheerily, seeming bright and happy about Crono's success at defeating Lavos.

"Hello, Crono. What are you doing here?" Crono remained silent for a moment, then raised his head as he heard Maxus speak.

"I...I just said goodbye to my friends, except Marle and Lucca, who live here in 1000 A.D. How do you enjoy 1000 A.D. so far?"
     Maxus shrugged, giving a slight chuckle.

"From what I've seen, Crono, this time is better than my time. It's more peaceful,though the technology in 1999 is more advanced."

Crono nodded and turned to face him. He examined Maxus, seeming to notice something interesting about him.
     " sort of look like me, Maxus. You...I think you're my descendant." Maxus looked at Crono with a shock in his eyes.

" wonder I have such skill with a blade, like you. I wield the Muramasa, which has helped my family perfect the art of swordplay."
     Crono smirked and slapped Maxus on the back, "Maxus, how'd you like to live in my time. You may return anytime you wish to your original time, but will live here. How does that sound?"

Maxus smiled broadly, "I think that is a great idea, Crono. I also think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, my ancestral friend."

The End
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-claps-  Btw it's chapter 4 >_>
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It is not. I checked myself. It is not chapter 4. not.another.word.

It's over.SHHH! 8)
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I'd better post this. I always forget about submissions here.
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Woot Great Job! *Claps* *Screams like a Girlie Man*
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*screams like a girlie man*

lol, I liked that last one.
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But in all seriousness, who would like to see a chapter 4? Anybody? I'm only going to offer this one time...anybody who loved my fanfic gimme a **** yeah!  8)
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Oh sorry for the late response i had gone on a computer diet now im back.

<Trying to get the grades up> :x

I would love to see another installment WOOT!
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Chapter 4: The Search

As they walked back, Marle and others showed up. She grabbed Crono by the arm and dragged him out of the square entirely. They chased them to Lucca's house, where the Epoch was being kept.As they reached the house, a huge hangar was now a part of the house, for the Epoch. They entered it and looked around.
    Maxus commented, " this hangar new?" Ayla banged on the walls, "It firm and strong, make nice shelter."
As they looked around, they noticed the Epoch and started walking towards it. Chrono looked towards everybody and said, "We're going to rescue my mom!" He walked with strange determination towards the winged time traveling machine and pressed a button, making a platform lower, for people to board. They all walked a board and took seats.
    Maxus admired the interior of the machine, the wisdom of Belthasar showing off splendidly. He got curious when he saw a red button and asked, "what does that button do?" Chrono was about to ansdwer when Maxus pressed it. He felt a sudden thrust and the ship disappeared.
    Maxus was blinded by orange lights as they traveled. Chrono looked over and glared at him, smacking him in the face. Maxus asked, "What was that for?!" Chrono continued to glare at him and said, "Never ever...ever just press a button without knowing what it will do...never."
    Maxus nodded, the light starting to recede. As he viewed his surroundings, he viewed a wet and icy land, that was only a mile or two away. He also noticed three huts.
    Magus, who had remained silent the whole time, finally startled everybody by chiming in, "home..."
Chrono ahhed, "This is 12,000 B.C. Maxus, a great civilization once was her, but it was destroyed a day or two ago. We were witnesses. The name of the civilization was called Zeal."
   Maxus listened with intent. He was profoundly interested in Zeal. He was told that the people there had magic powers. He wished to discover Zeal, knowing that there was a way to go back to the past. He thought quickly and decided on it. He had to do this, though he hated to rid them of their..."artifact".
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i wonder what artifact? :roll:. just playing. keep on writing this peice of art.
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Chapter 5: The great civilization

As they weren't looking, Maxus walked up to Marle, who was wearing her pendant at the time.
He snatched it from her neck and swiftly ran off, the whole group chasing after him. He thought to himself, 'What have I gotten into??? Will this even work?'
    He put the pendant around his neck, and plunged a hand into his pocket. He searched and found what he had been looking for. A pair of hi-tech glasses that could spot time portals. He put them on and typed in, 12,001 B.C.
    He looked at the crosshairs and it pointed towards a nearby bush. Maxus walked over to the bush and raised up the pendant, saying, "Here goes nothing." As he held it up, a portal appeared, as if from nowhere, and Maxus walked through it. He beheld darkness, and waves of time seemed to ripple around him, and when he next saw light, he was standing on a massive continent.
     He looked up, and beheld a floating Land. He assumed this was Zeal and saw a strange monument nearby. He found that it was a teleportation device, as when he stepped on the strange markings at the center of the monutment, he was whisked upwards, onto another teleporter. He gazed in awe below him, and looked forward, watching people do their daily business in this magical continent. He walked to the first "town" which he didn't yet know was called "Enhasa".

To be continued.
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hopfully maxus duzzent get beat and slapped up by marle when she gets a hold of him. this gonna be great. keep writing this . this ishh is great. :D
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Maxus walked in the entrance and watched as everybody walked around, and looked peaceful. There seemed to be an aura of magic all around the place as he walked around. He talked to some of the citizens, who told him the name of this town is Enhasa.
     When he asked what the power source of Zeal was, they replied, "The source of our magnificence is the Sun Stone, which powers all our machines and keeps the continent afloat." He thought for a moment and knew what he had to do.
      He rushed out of Enhasa and headed towards Zeal Palace. He had to have a talk with Queen Zeal, or disaster would follow, one year from now. He passed the lively town of Kajar, in which, citizens were measuring a colorful shell, and walked into all the teleporters, reching the palace threshold at last. He said to himself, "The stone must NOT be replaced!"
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Post by: Cyrus Knight on March 27, 2007, 11:54:19 am
lol, dude that's pretty good. But in my own opinion it needs some more length... umm, no actually what's the word.. uhhhhhhhh... god dammit, DETAIL. I got it. It's really easy to read but that's not a bad thing! I would say explain more.

Over all I give it a 5 out 5. Great work...
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I've just noticed, every chapter gts shorter and shorter...I'll fix that quickly,'ll see...
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Chapter 7: The Fatal Error

As Maxus entered the great palace of Zeal, he beheld grand architecture at it's finest. He walked around the palace and beheld people talking, scattered around the corridors of the massive palace.
    He walked north, up the stairs, where two creatures were sitting, one whining about how he wanted to be the wind. His brother calmed him and said, "You will be brother, you will be."
     He watched the two brothers converse, and after they were finished, he walked forward, and beheld a woman, whom he assumed was of royalty, walk to a really hi techish looking door and holding up a pendant, opening the door.
    He mimicked what she had done earlier with Marle's own pendant, and the door opened before him. He walked through and hid behind a pillar, beholding two women conversing.
   "Mother...Why...why must we give up the sun stone and use this new energy? I get a horrible feeling every time you mention the creature the energy comes from. I urge you to reconsider...please" The girl sounded pleading, and tears fell from her eyes.
    The older woman looked down at her with dearest concern and said, "Schala dear, I'm sorry, but I want to achieve immortality. How else will we do it? The sun stone gives us power only a little at a time..." The woman shook her head and sighed.
    It was then that Maxus chose his time to enter. He walked to the huge carpet and kneeled. The older woman blinked in surprise and called out "GUARDS!", but Schala proclaimed, "Wait! Let the man stay...this could be very important...".
    Queen Zeal frowned and sighed, proclaiming, "NEVER MIND!". Maxus grinned and stood up, looking very serious now. He spoke very solemnly to the two figures of royalty and said, "My majesties...I bring grave news of the future if you abandon the use of the sun stone. Your empire will be destroyed in exactly one year if you switch over to use Lavos."
   The queen's eyes widened with surprise when she heard the name Lavos, and she asked, "How do you know that name, stranger?" Maxus replied, "my time was nearly destroyed by that freak of nature..." The queen nodded and thought carefully...and Schala looked over with a grateful smile on her face.
   The queen raised her head from though and said, "I will not risk this kingdom my late husband built from scratch. I won't switch to Lavos. Now...OFF WITH YOU!"
    That was the last thing Maxus heard beforte being transported back on the frozen landscape of the ground, right beside the Epoch. He boarded the Epoch and pressed the coordinates for 12,000 B.C.
    When he arrived, he was shocked to see that the huge blizzard of the Ice Age was still roaring through the landscape. He found Crono and crew shivering, waiting patiently for Maxus.
    Crono said, " have you done?!" Maxus looked up and his eyes widened to see a floating palace above the sky...Zeal...
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*Sigh* I'm afrad I just might have to shut down my writings if this is unpopular. If nobody does in the next few days...I'm afraid I won't have a choice... :(
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I'm pretty sure it is popular, it's just half of the compendium members are dead.
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Post by: Lavodox on April 16, 2007, 10:04:52 am that case, next chapter, feedback would be much appreciated :)
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Just remember this. No matter If only a couple people read it. at least you know that theres a couple people out their that enjoy your writing. Thank you. (including, me)

P.S. And if you want you can read my stories.

*Chrono Cross A Twist In Time*
*Chrono adventures* i added alot more to it!
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Chapter 8: The new future.

As Maxus beheld the floating palace of Zeal above them, Ayla said, rather untimely, "Big palace sill floating...why it still here?" Frog remarked, "What...what is this, Maxus?"
    Maxus shook his head in disbelief. He suddenly thought of something...he looked around, trying to find Janus, but he was no longer there...he screamed out, "JANUUUS!!!". He fell on his knees, gasping with disbelief, "Never mind that for now...we must return to our own time. It will be interesting to see how I've changed the future."
    As they entered the Epoch, Crono couldn't help thinking how he should've kept a better eye out for him. He thought, 'Darn! Now we have to look for Janus...but then again, maybe he is happier where he is...with Schala at last.
     As they warped out of the era, they beheld the familiar bright flash of coours before them, and before they knew it, they were before a land full of green...1000 A.D. But something didn't fit...back in 12,000 B.C., at the moment when a change in time was visible, the Ice Age was still raging...but that would've meant it had gone on raing for an inexplicable amount of time. Apparently it stopped a few centuries earlier, probably around 500 A.D.
    As they thought about this dilemma, a realization came over them...they needed to see how much the civilazation on Zeal has incresed since then...but this time, they will come together.
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I wonder how they changed the future. just kidding. kepp writing.
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Just remember this. No matter If only a couple people read it. at least you know that theres a couple people out their that enjoy your writing. Thank you. (including, me)

Yeah, and also consider people don't always have the time/convenience to respond.

Possible advice: maybe give the reader a little more to chew for each chapter, even if that means taking more time than normal
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maybe give the reader a little more to chew for each chapter, even if that means taking more time than normal

I agree.
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Chapter 9: The immortal Zealians

As they looked around, they noticed many towns around here that seem to have bloomed into glittering metropolis's. They looked in dismay at the size of technology. This was the technology of the Earthbound ones. It seemed amazing. Crono and party assumed that the Earthbound ones learned the secret of Zealian power, and started to study it further, leading to a great leap in technology. This was good, because Maxus just might have made a better future, but still, it wasn't the same era they had known. Crono had said he had missed the old homey towns, and now they were completely foreign to him.
      The vast expanse of futuristic cities was beneath them, sitting on a carpet of green, lush forests everywhere. Now they began to head for the most advanced continent of this era, Zeal. As they went skyward, they saw the palace, quite a bit more collossal then they last saw it, anti-grav vehicles everywhere. Frog widened his eyes with awe, as did everybody else.
     No...the civilzation of Zeal was FAR from being dead. In fact, it was making advancements every day. It was remarkable, an amazing sight for the grup of comrades. They had a LOT to discover before they ventured any further...
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flying cars. soon there will be robotic dog walker's. lol.
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I love it.  It's getting better and better each chapter.
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Chapter 10: The Shocking Fall

Chrono and company landed near the palace of Zeal, finding that it had grown immensely since the last time they had seen it, ages ago. As they walked up to the palace, they were overwhelmed by the abundance of the colossal building. They looked around in awe, and entered. As they walked through the corridors, they found the palace completely preserved, and that those healing springs were still in use. They walked down the corridor, and noticed Janus, looking very different now, but his smirk still intact. He didn't seem to recognize them, and he walked past. As they continued their walk down the golden corridor, they reached the throne room, due to the help of Marle's pendant. They kneeled before Queen Zeal and they smiled at them. She still looked young, apparently showing she was immortal. She said to them, Welcome...welcome to my kingdom. They got back on their feet after properly re-introducing themselves. the Queen looked at them, her face wise with a millenium. She stood up and led them to a banquet hall, where they sat and ate for the entire night. When they woke up. they found themselves in a royal bedroom. Shortly after they woke up, they heard an ominously familiar rumble. Maxus and co. thought to themselves (Thouh in different variations...), WHAT?! It can’t be. They looked outside, and noticed far down on the ground, a little blip rising from beneath the carpet of green. Maxus rushed everybody outside to the Epoch, and everybody boarded. They flew high above the Earh and Zeal and watched the beast. He had returned. They waited in anticipation. Then all of a sudden, it happened. Lasers of energy pierced te sky, and shot through Zeal. They could hear the people screaming from a thusand miles away. But it didn’t end there. After the initial beam, the continent started to blow up, occasional flames issuing from the continent. After the continent fell into the sea, they saw a gigantic tidal wave bury the land in water. But after the continents of Medina and Zenan were buried, Lavos let out another destructive salvo of lasers. The remaining continents that were on the surface were obliterated by the lasers, the true horror of a future destroyed...reborn. Maxus screamed loudly, waiting for Crono to start up the Epoch. He cried aloud as they warped out of the era, returning to an era when Lavos had not destroyed the earth again. Maxus’ nightmare...was not over.
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Oh yeah! What do ya think of that chapter?
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er...You posted that 47 seconds after you posted the chapter.  You got to remember that the Compendium is a ghost town nowadays.  But I liked this chapter, although short in length it was still pretty good.
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Greetings everybody, I am officially back from my long hiatus. I am now ready to continue the epic saga of Maxus. So you may all sigh in relief if you are a big fan, and if not, come on and take a look at the story I'm making here, cuse I'm officially back in business!
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Chapter 11: The Unexpected Revival

Maxus was weeping horribly. His mistake in going to Zeal alone didn't work out as he had planned. He cursed himself for wanting to resurrect the great technology of Zeal. He remained silent after he had spent his tears, watching the time pass as they travel forward in time. Crono had changed his mind, and was curious as to how this might have affected the future of his world. So tey had traveled forward to see what exactly had been altered. He looked outside and said as he saw a bleak atmosphere, "We're here..."
    The crew had landed on the charred and black remains of Choras. They were right next to what used to be the tomb of Cyrus, Frog's old friend. As Maxus looked around, he beheld for the first time what would've been his his timeline. He quietly stated, "Is this...our future...guys?" They quietly shook their heads no and reboarded the Epoch after Frog was done crying over the tomb of Cyrus.
    As they zoomed across, they noticed something they never expected to see...fresh grass...not black...but green. Everybody looked in confusion at it, but they dismissed it as nothing, since it was too far to tell. Though, ultimately, Crono decided to check it out. As they landed, they saw a large grey mountaintop, loking very ominous to those who had originally journeyed to face lavos...Death Peak...where the vile fiend had rose from the ground, causing magma to corrode around it, eventually creating this foul mountain, where Lavos Spawn would be born.
    As they looked up, they heard an awfully familiar voice, "The black howls so fiercely...even after 1300's still so strong, giving the people fear and despair." They quickly pivoted around to see Magus, his eyes closed and his arms crossed and on his chest. He opened his eyes and saw them staring at him. He said, " escaped him did you? Must've been convenient for you to travel centuries forward to see the aftermath of his power."
     Marle stepped forward and said, " that you?" He stepped forward and said, "My name is Janus, not Magus, and I've been living on Medina for 1300 years now, never aging, and cursed to live forever to see others live and die. After the beast destroyed Zeal, it caused a gigantic tidal wave which sunk Medina and Zenan to the ocean for over 1200 years. Then, one century ago, we began to see land rising out of the sea. Many people journeyed there to discover that this land was not destroyed. it was livable, as was Zenan. When we ventured over here, we found a whole city that was intact. was three. They were...Medina, Porre, and Truce."
    Marle seemed to be awestruck by these revelations and after a moment of silence said, "Let's head to Medina. We need to discover how everyone is faring who survived." Everybody unanimously agreed with her. Janus smiled and said, "Good...when we reach Medina, There's somebody I'd like you to meet."
    Marle said as everyone agreed, " take care of the Epoch...we'll meet you at Medina. Oh, and don't put a scratch on it, alright?"
Maxus smiled, "You've got it, Marle."
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Oh my god. I love this fanfic!!!!!! It's Brilliant! cant wait until you write more!
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Chapter 12: The Headqurters of the SG

As Crono and the others walked across the plains of Medina, which were full of vitality and life, they began to approach a large dome, which towered over them, showing the power of people who died centuries ago. Janus floated to them and said, "Now, a warning, the technology of today has given birth to non-organic evil. Be warned of one who calls himself "Johnny," for he is one evil being who plans to create a world of where only robots rule. He is collaborating with the FATE supercomputer to achieve this goal. Now come, let us enter."
    Now that the talking was finished, before they proceeded through the entrance to Medina, Crono asked, "Why does he want a nation of steel, Janus? What will this solve?" Janus sighed and said, "I cannot tell you...ask the Guru of Reason to know your answer."
    Now Crono entered, along with the crew of six to accompany him. As he looked around, he saw gigantic beams that were supporting the large megalopolis of Medina. There were cars on roads, houses everywhere, everything on a sacle the party of six had never ever beheld in their lives.
    Crono had to say, "Wow! This is what a futuristic city looks like?" While Janus acted like this was completely normal. Janus led them to a taxi, which they slipped into. It must've been quite a crowd, with a prehistoric woman,a mage from the Dark Ages, a man from the middle ages, an inventor, a man with red hair, and a big clunky robot, all together in one large taxi.
    All the taxi driver had to say was, "Where may I take you today, folks?" Janus responded, "Hello, Frank...I'd like to take these people to The Leader." The taxi driver flashed a smile and said, "To HQ it is..." They sped off towards a hulking, collossal building, overlooking the other structures. As they approached, Ayla couldn't help but notice a man holding up a woman for her purse. She responded to this by saying, "That man like reptites, he very mean."
    Crono also noticed convenient stores throughout the city, though one particular store stuck out, called Oxxo. He examined it closely, when all of a sudden, a beam lit up the sky, right above the titanic building that was a few miles before them. Crono watched as a familiar Time Machine floated down into a little hole in the center of the top of the building. He smiled and said, "Looks like Maxus has it covered after all...not bad for a rookie member."
    Finally, they reached the parking lot of the HQ of the Silver Gunners. They parked in between two yellow lines and stopped. The taxi man said, "That'll be 500 G, please." Janus gave him a 500 G bill and headed inside along with all the other members of the crew. But before Crono did, he couldn't help but think...where would this new adventure lead him???
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Chapter 13: The Battle for the Scorched Lands

As Maxus landed, he looked down from the heavens to see a bustling city full of people going about their business. Maxus thought to himself, 'Hmm...looks interesting down there. Maybe I can explore later, if I have enough time.' He shut off the Epoch and opened the hatch, jumping out and closing it. He was greeted with a giant metallic gleam from the building he was in. He walked around in the brightness of the daylight, wondering where he should start with his tour, when all of a sudden, time froze, like it had when Maxus was coming back from Guardia's Millenial Fair. He gasped as his adrenalines kicked into action. He stood still, closing his eyes, until everything was normal again.
      But unlike last time, people seemed to notice it as well. But one nearby person said in reaction to Maxus's surprise, "Don't worry, son. It's only The Leader." Maxus was now certainly very curious about this "leader" individual that this man had mentioned, and assmed he must be up these stairs, so he walked up what seemed to be 90 flights of stairs, gasping in exhaustion before he finally noticed the elevator. He walked in, and pressed a button that said 110.
      Maxus waited anxiously, and reached the top floor, exiting out of the elevator. Strangely more quiet than the other floors, this one had a strange aura about it. He walked cautiously around the area, pivoting around from time to time. hen finally, he reached a significant looking door that surely led to the enigmatic man himself. He pushed on the door, only to have it open before his eyes. It creaked loudly as it slowly swung it's hinges open, and before him lay a man who was wearing a black cloak, similar to one Maxus had seen before. He gasped, his eyes widening. He exclaimed, " This is all because of you. Everything that has happened is because of you!" He pointed at the man, and he simply chuckled.
      "Well...I had no choice. You are the only one who can lead us to The War. Your skills as a General would be immense. YOU are the only person who can establish the Kingdom of Dalton...MY Kingdom!!!!" The man now threw aside his cloak to reveal a man with Brown Captain Hook Curls, with a black and orange suit on. On his face, the details were more distinct. He had an eyepatch on his right eye. He smiled and said, "Who else could've made you meet the three brothers of the three Gurus, thereby unleashing a change so great upon Zeal, that it would change the Kingdom, no, the world, forever. Who else would hunger so much that he would send his robots to battle you at this very moment? Hahahahaha!"
      Maxus growled in anger, teleporting to the city, which was bustling with activity. Apparently, Dalton was not the leader. He would pay for his continued treachery! Maxus would make certain of that. Maxus ran across the city, asking people if they had seen a group of strange people. They all said they didn’t, but Maxus knew he would see them sooner or later.
     As He continued his search, he came across an odd store that was named Oxxo.
‘Odd name’, Maxus thought. He entered the store and walked to the counter, leaning forward and asking the person standing there, “Have you seen a couple of strange folks-” Then suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder. A shiver went up his spine, as he turned around swiftly. Crono, Marle, Ayla, Lucca, Robo, Frog,  and Janus stood before him. Maxus breathed a sigh of relief and walked them outside, telling them all that had occurred at Silver Gunner Headquarters.
    “ Dalton again? He no good. He a bad man.” Ayla remarked. Crono also had something to say, “If what you say is true, then he shouldn’t be far from the city. Perhaps we can warn The Leader about this impending danger. Come on, guys, we have some work to do.”
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I'm not finished yet. I'm not a wench!
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well...I'm afraid since nobody else is paying attention to this, I suppose it's time to close shop on this story. I'll give people two days o respond. Two days. If it's me, please tell me before the time has expired, or I'm locking this topic. Thank you. :)
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I still read them, I just don't feel like posting half the time when i'm at school XD
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I still read them, I just don't feel like posting half the time when i'm at school XD

Exactly keep up teh good work!
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Heh...from now on, I vow to look at VIEWS, not REPLIES. That way, I shall remain assured! =^w^=
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Heh...from now on, I vow to look at VIEWS, not REPLIES. That way, I shall remain assured! =^w^=
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Chapter 14: The Bird of War

As Crono and his gang rushed towards the hulking architecture known as the SG HQ, A sudden explosion rocked a faraway skyscraper. Three other explosions followed, and the screams of townsfolk were heard everywhere. Maxus flew into a panic, and he ran ahead, his adrenaline flowing. He flew into the door of the building, running swiftly towards the stairs, the interior of the building deathly quiet. In less than two minutes, his adrenaline had taken him to the floor he had visited prior. He anted, wiping the perspiration off his forehead and taking a breather.
     As he sat there, still panting, Crono and Janus caught up to him, the others far behind them. Suddenly, as Crono approached Maxus, a door opened and ut stepped a familiar man whom Maxus had never met, but Crono had always known. This man, this person, was rumoured to have taken part in a strange experiment centuries earlier, orchestrating the creation of his own archipelago. His name...Belthasar. Crono's eyes widened and when Belthasar saw Crono, he froze for a moment, standing there. He smiled, turning back to the door and beckoning them both.
     Maxus got back on his feet and followed Crono and Janus into the room. Janus looked around, the splendor of the Leader's office always surprising him. once Crono, Maxus, and Janus sat down at a desk, belthasar said, " three have finally come. Your fates...are entwined. Your destiny is fast approaching. You are the three who will save us from the scourge of Dalton once and for all. Now listen. The only way to accomlish this is either you destroy Dalton, or head to the origin of this mess. You will have to fight with us now, you three. Your friends...I will send them back in time. That way, they will never die. Now then, it's time for us to get ready fo-" Suddenly, a gigantic rumbling shook the building, and another gigantic explosion came from very nearby. As Belthasar looked up, he noticed a gigantic ship, armed with the latest technology in warfare. Crono must've seen it, too, because he grabbed Maxus and ran down, but Belthasar stopped them, "No...that's not necessary, Crono." He walked to his desk, grabbed a remote, and pressed a red button. The ground oened by their feet, and a familiar, yet upgraded Epoch stood before them.
     " the Neo-Epoch." Said Belthasar. Janus smiled as his leader showed his colours true. He walked over to th ship, opened the hatch, and said to Belthasar, "Go on in, Sire." Belthasar nodded, walking over to the Epoch and sitting in. Maxus, Crono, and Janus followed, closing the hatch behind them. Belthasar pressed a few buttons in his cool machine, and the Epoch dropped. Janus, and Maxus clung to the seat, but Crono acted like this was just another walk in the park. As it fell to the ground, belthasar pressed another button and the Epoch maintained stability, shooting forth through the sky. As it did, Crono caught a better glimpse of the huge warship, Blackbird. Surely, that's where Dalton was hiding. As they flew overhead, they heard a booming voice, which seemed to emanate from the Blackbird, "Maxus, Crono, Janus, OLD MAN!!! I will get my vengeance on all of you! Especially you, Crono! I won't forgive you for beating me, millenia ago!" A beam shot out of the Blackbird, destroying a few buildings in an attempt to ground the Neo-Epoch. Maxus sweated nervously, and Belthasar narrowly dodged the beam, probably aiming to destroy the Blackbird with a superpowered beam of it's own. Belthasar clicked on a fe more buttons, and a ray shotfrom the Epoch, aimed specifically at the weak wing of the supership. As it made contact, a bang could be heard, the wing in flames now, severely damaged.
     The four of them watched as the wing exploded into flames, and the Blackbird plunged toward the sea. As they watched it fall, however, They saw a little blip falling toward them. They saw Dalton, his face red with fury and hatred. He landed on top of the Epoch, crawling over to the hatch and pounding on it. It was regrettably made of glass, and the hatch shattered. Dalton was now able to reach them.
     As he lay there, panting, Dalton said, "I...will never...give up. I...must summon...the golem boss..." He coughed up some blood, as he made some hand signs, a portal suddenly appearing. As it appeared, a large figure appeared. It was purplish and looked pitiful. As it formed on this plane, Dalton was suddenly sucked into the portal, his last scream being, "NOT AGAIN!!! I'll GET ALL OF-" The portal disappeared, and the beast laughed. But it started to slip off. As it feell, the four really wondered what kind of an idiot Dalton truly was.
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Well, my comrades, it has been 2 years since my very last post. The time of waiting is over. I shall start posting my precious chapters again. This story still has a way to go, yet.
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Whoa, another time traveler returns from a great expedition! Welcome back!
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Man...I need some suggestions. I think I've hit a rut in the story...any ideas?