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Title: [5000] Detailed plot summaries of Another Eden and Final Fantasy Dimensions II
Post by: ZeaLitY on September 14, 2020, 12:28:21 am
These games are supposedly what became of Chrono Break. Another Eden was written by Masato Kato and contains his vision for the game, while the rest of the Chrono team (Sakaguchi, etc.) ended up putting their ideas into FFDII. Unfortunately, we can't find good plot summaries anywhere to actually theorize what the games would've been if they were still in the Chrono franchise.

The APKs can be found on Google and emulated on one's PC (no need to buy/play them on an Android device, I think...)
Title: Re: [5000] Detailed plot summaries of Another Eden and Final Fantasy Dimensions II
Post by: Acacia Sgt on September 14, 2020, 02:00:03 am
For its worth a plot summary of Another Eden seems to be in the works in TV Tropes.

Done only up to Chapter 6 of the game so far. Though no idea if it's still in progress or long stopped.
Title: Re: [5000] Detailed plot summaries of Another Eden and Final Fantasy Dimensions II
Post by: Boo the Gentleman Caller on September 14, 2020, 10:10:54 am
I didn't write up a full synopsis, but I did do a summary of Another Eden somewhere around here. I played through the entire 1.0 storyline because it was the closest thing to a Chrono game we could possibly have; they've since added several modules/expansions that continue the storyline, though, and those I haven't played.

I can try to write up what occurs up to 1.0, but it will be a little while.
Title: Re: [5000] Detailed plot summaries of Another Eden and Final Fantasy Dimensions II
Post by: ZeaLitY on September 14, 2020, 11:10:39 am
Jeez, so it's still updating, These mobile RPGs are like their own little world, separate from everything else. I can't really wrap my head around it. Yeah, anything you can throw out would be cool.
Title: Re: [5000] Detailed plot summaries of Another Eden and Final Fantasy Dimensions II
Post by: Boo the Gentleman Caller on September 14, 2020, 02:23:25 pm
Here's a writeup. Just a reminder, the game is broken up into "parts" -- here is the synopsis for the first part.


The Synopsis:

Chapter 1: Dawn Rises in Baruoki.
Adopted siblings Aldo and Feinne live in the Present Era of 300AD, having been found in the Moonlight Forest and adopted by the kindly Mayor of Baruoki Village 16 years prior. This era is one of unrest, with much of the human realm (based largely in the capital city of Unigan City (and Miglance Castle) fighting a war with the violent beastmen of a neighboring land.

The humans of this era take for granted the existence of Prisma, elemental magic objects that make everyday life comfortable and easy. This Prisma is made up of four magical elements: earth, fire, wind, water.

As the story begins, Aldo is tasked by his sister Feinne with getting the Mayor a new cane as an anniversary gift for adopting them. While obtaining the cane, does a variety of tasks around town, including finding his pet cat Varuo (the two end up falling outside of space-time and finding themselves at the Gallery of Dreams, a mystical clocktower that can summon allies across space and time, introducing the gatcha element of the game).

Upon returning to town, Aldo finds the town under attack by beastmen, who are searching for Feinne. Among these enemies is a giant beastmen clad in gold armor, Vares, who is revealed to be the right-hand of the Beast King. Aldo rushes home to find that Feinne has already been taken, and that the Mayor has been injured in the attack. Aldo gives chase.

Aldo pursues the beastmen to the hills outside Baruoki, where he faces the Beast King in combat. The Beast King mentions wanting Feinne for her powers before crushing Aldo. However, a mysterious voice calls out to the fallen Aldo, revealed to be Aldo's sword, which is actually a sentient, ancient sword of great power known as the Ogre Rancorem. The weapon offers to help Aldo, and Aldo zealously agrees. With the Ogre Rancorem, Aldo is able to fight back against the Beast King, but it isn't enough; Aldo is once again defeated.

Chapter 2: Pursuit: The One Waiting in Moonlight Forest.
Aldo awakens to find that the beastmen and their captive Feinne have fled into the Moonlight Forest. He also finds that the Ogre Rancorem has reverted to a normal sword, but regardless continues his chase.

In his pursuit, Aldo navigates the dimly-lit Moonlight Forest. He quickly begins making ground against his enemies, but is confronted once more by Vares, allowing the Beast King time to escape with Feinnes. Vares transforms into a Beast but is defeated, and after being questioned by Aldo reveals that the Beast King believes Fienne will be the savior of the beastmen. Vares is then able to summon powerful Chimera minions, allowing his escape.

Aldo, recognizing that the Chimera are too powerful for him to face alone, flees. He is quickly cornered, but a strange blue portal opens and pulls him in.

When Aldo emerges from the portal, he finds himself in a high-tech airport floating high amongst the clouds. He is attacked by a human girl, Amy, who accuses him of being an enemy: dangerous artificial human constructs known as a Synth Human. The misunderstanding is quickly resolved, however, and Amy is revealed to be a hunter of these Synth Humans - humanoid robots who are in a constant war against the humans of the time...

...which is revealed to be 1100AD (800 years into the future), in an era known the Far Future. Aldo learns that this is an era when much of the planet's surface is destroyed, with humanity now living on flying islands. This is ultimately due to an ongoing energy crisis in which much of the once-prominent elemental Prisma has slowly become inert, replaced by a new form of energy called Xeno Prisma.

Amy invites Aldo to her home, the bastion city of mankind: Elizon, the Shining City.

Chapter 3: Elzion: Echoes in the Sky.
Aldo and Amy travel across the flying airport, eventually encountering a pink android girl named Riica, who is under attack by Synth Humans. They rescue her, and she joins the group. Learning that Aldo is from the past, Riica kindly offers to help him find a way home.

The party soon reaches the city of Elzion, which is a massive megapolis encased within a protective bubble. The city has a multitude of corporate skyscrapers, green parks, and schools (including the elite campus known as the IDA School, which plays a part in several of the side campaigns).

Amy takes Aldo and Riica to her father Za'ol, a talented weaponsmith who is tasked with helping fix the Ogre Rancorem sword. Amy also reveals that she has intel from her mission at the airport: the leader of the Synth Humans army, Galliard, is hiding out in the Industrial Ruins outside Elzion. Amy decides to investigate, but Aldo and Riica are persistent in aiding her.

Soon after leaving Za'ol's weapon store, the trio runs into Amy's friend Sebastia, who reveals that she found a Sound Orb -- one that just so happens to contain a recording of Amy's mother singing. Amy reveals that, on her birthday ten years prior, she and her mother were attacked by Synth Humans, leading to Amy's mother's death. Sebastia is about to give the Sound Orb to Amy, but before she can do so, the Sound Orb is stolen by a robed robot. This robot is revealed to be Galliard, who has an interest in human knickknacks and has other Sound Orbs just like this one at Route 99; as he flees he taunts Amy and challenges her to come find other souvenirs of her dead mother.

Aldo, Amy, and Riica travel to Route 99 and encounter Galliard once more. He reveals a second Sound Orb and plays it, revealing it to be a second orb from Amy's mother. Galliard muses that Synth Humans collect human artifacts because they envy human memories, as Synth Humans are constructs who only have data - data that is easily erased or replaced. Amy and her friends fight Galliard to retrieve the second Sound Orb, only to discover that this Galliard is a fake.

The group takes the two Sound Orbs back to Elzion, where Amy plans them together and learns that they were meant to be her birthday present ten years ago. Amy is touched and vows to continue fighting to make the world a better place.

Witnessing these events, her friend Sebastia offers to help them reach the Industrial Ruins so they can confront the real Galliard hiding there.

Chapter 4: Roar in the Ruins: Rise of The Synth Humans.
Aldo and his friends travel to (and into) the Industrial Ruins, where they eventually find Galliard talking to a female-like Synth Human named Helena. They overhear Galliard discussing the threats of time quakes, once warned against by someone named Professor Chronos. They discuss that the Professor was correct and that space-time is being stretched too thin, and that the world will likely soon end. Helena urges Galliard to work with humanity to stop this from occurring, but Galliard refuses. He then discovers the heroes, who try to flee.

Galliard quickly catches up to the heroes aboard his motorcycle, forcing the group into battle. They manage to defeat Galliard, who warns them as he lies dying. He explains that the Xeno Prisma used to power Elzion is unstable and will cause a massive timequake that threatens the world. With his last breath, he then asks Helena for forgiveness. A distraught Helena refuses to fight the heroes and mourns Galliard's death, so the heroes refuse to fight her and leave the Industrial Ruins.

Chapter 5: You're Gone?! Our Lost Future.
Aldo, Riica, and Amy return to Elzion and celebrate the defeat of Galliard. During this celebration, Za'ol returns the now-repaired Ogre Rancoremto Aldo. However, their celebration
is cut short when the inhabitants of Elzion suddenly begin to fade from existence one-by-one (including Za'ol and Amy), followed by Elzion's buildings and then even Elzion itself...

Aldo helplessly and confusedly watches as the timeline warps and changes around him, and both Elzion and the entire world turn to apocalyptic ruins. Aldo now stands along atop the ruins of a destroyed world.

Suddenly, a mysterious voice states that "history has been rewritten." An enigmatic specter of blue fire, the Phantom, appears to Aldo and explains that the timeline was altered at some point in the past, bringing about this new, apocalyptic future. The Phantom opens a wormhole in time and motivates Aldo to travel back in time to save Elzion and its inhabitants. Aldo zealously agrees to save the Far Future and enters the time portal.

...As Aldo travels through time, he witnesses a memory/flashback to when he and Fienne were children. In this memory, while exploring the Moonlight Forest, Fienne meets a kindly beastfolk girl, Altena. Fienne injures her leg, and Altena uses healing magic to heal her leg...

Aldo emerges from the portal at the Zol Plains, a lush valley of dinosaurs and prehistoric flora. Riica emerges just behind him, as she was not erased when the Far Future timeline was erased. Before they can make sense of where they are, the duo is then attacked by a T-Rex, and upon defeating it learns that it had also been attacking a young boy named Veron. Veron invites them back to his village.

Aldo and Riica are both unsure why Riica was able to survive the erasure of her timeline, although Riica does admit that she has enigmatic ghost data. Before heading to Veron's village, Aldo examines the repaired Ogre Rancorem sword and finds that Za'ol's repairs have been undone due to the erase of the future timeline.

Chapter 6: Salamander Encroached Upon from Another World.
The two travel across the Zol Plains and reach Veron's home of Ratel Village. There they are able to make sense of their surroundings and find that they are in the far past of 30,000BC, in an era known as the Antiquity.

This era finds the world freely utilizing magic, with humankind largely led by power-hungry King Palsifal and his masked aide, the future-seeing Oracle. This era also sees a unique blend of magical cities and prehistoric villages. While exploring Ratel Village, they also learn that the era has elemental protectors of the planet / deities known as Eidolons, one Eidolon for each kind of magic element: earth, fire, wind, and water.

Upon catching up with Veron, he explains that he was in the dangerous Zol Plains because he has ill feelings regarding the nearby Nadara Volcano, which has been reacting strange lately. He asks Aldo and Riica to go seek out the Eidolon of Fire, Salamander, at Vasu Mountain and see if the Eidolon can help.

The heroes traverse the Mountain and reach its heart, where they find Salamander -- who has some sinister black smoke coming from it. Riica examines Salamander and recognizes that the black smoke is due to corruption, turning it in to Dark Salamander. The Eidolon then attacks the heroes, who manage to defeat it. The elemental deity reverts to normal and thanks them, but explains that the evil that corrupted him was only a small amount of the evil's true power, and that a great disaster looms before them. Salamander asks Aldo and Riica to travel to Palsifal Palace, where he detects some sort of disturbance.

The pair descend the mountain and explain things to Veron, who tells them that they will have to cross a great lake - and pass through the floating city of Acteul - on their way to Palsifal Palace.

Chapter 7: Acteul: A Figure on the Water.
Aldo and Riica continue travelling west in the hope of reaching the Palsifal Palace, the capital of the land. En route, however, the party visits the water city of Acteul mentioned by Veron. There they encounter the Oracle face-to-face. The Oracle cryptically mentions the Tower of Time, a strange tower on the western coast before departing.

Chapter 8: Palsifal Palace: Heed the Wishes of the Oracle.
Upon reaching Palsifal Palace, King Palsifal is revealed to be working with the Oracle to climb and utilize the Tower of Time, which has the ability to rewrite history. Aldo learns that the destruction of Elzion he witnessed in the Future Era was actually the result of timeline changes by King Palsifal and the Oracle, for their own nefarious means.

Upon the advice of the Oracle, King Palsifal orders Aldo captured and thrown into an underground marsh / prison: the Man-Eating Marsh.

Chapter 9: Fear the Man-eating Marsh: Lord of the Abyss.
Now trapped in the prison/swamp, Aldo encounters Cyrus, a human-frog samurai from a faraway 'eastern land.' The two join forces and escape the underground marshes and decide to travel to the Tower of Time to confront the King and the Oracle.

Chapter 10: Tower of Time: Peering into the Embryo's Dream.
Also, Riica, and Cyrus travel to the Tower of Time, which they find as a strange, techno-organic tower of unknown technology. They enter and battle through the tower and ultimately reach its top floor, where they find a gigantic chamber full of robotic heads. These heads act as quantum computers and have the ability to peer into every potential timeline and infinite future and project them back to the viewer.

At the far end of the room they find the source of the power to rewrite the timeline: the Visus Embryo, a bio-organic supercomputer of giant, embryonic baby heads, which works in tandem with the other robotic heads that project potential timeline alterations.

Aldo uses the Visus Embryo to undo the changes to the timeline and restore the Far Future, then destroys the Visus Embryo to ensure no one can use it ever again. The Phantom reappears to Aldo and his friends, thanking him for restoring the Future Era and the original timeline. It reveals that the timeline, now fixed, is "once more headed towards destruction."

A confused Aldo confronts the Phantom, who reveals that it wants the space-time continuum destroyed, and that something within the repaired timeline, the Xeno Prisma, causes time quakes that grow in intensity and expand the universe at a faster rate until its energy rips space-time apart, destroying the very fabric of reality. The Phantom, calling Aldo "Kit of Chronos," explains that the future in which Xeno Prisma is created requires the existence of Elzion in the Future Era, and that is why it manipulated Aldo to restore the timeline and "save" this lost future. Before Aldo can react, a space-time distortion appears and pulls the heroes in against their will.

Chapter 11: Spacetime Rift: Lost in Time.
Aldo, Cyrus, and Riica awaken to find themselves in the strange Spacetime Rift, a floating construct akin to a cobblestone alley. Recalling their confrontation with the Phantom, Riica mentions that there is a researcher in the Future Era named Professor Chronos, and wonders if Aldo being referred to at the "kit of Chronos" has anything to do with him. Despite their musings, they have no choice but to explore the strange Spacetime Rift.

Lit by streetlamps and full of unique denizens, this place somehow exists outside of space-time and has a room with pillars of light that can lead Aldo to various points in history. Aldo finds that one of these pillars of light leads to Baruoki Village in the Present Era. Content that the Future has been restored, Aldo and his friends decide to travel to back to Present Era of 300AD.

Chapter 12: Homecoming and Dark Clouds Gather: Ogre Rancorem Roars.
Upon returning to Baruoki village, Aldo finds that the war between Miglance and the beastmen has escalated into all-out war. While battling through beastmen troops headed to Miglance Castle, Aldo learns the truth regarding his magical blade, the Ogre Rancorem: it is cursed and is using Aldo to see all life destroyed. Hoping to break the curse, Aldo battles an ogre-like manifestation of the sword and is successful. Ogre Rancorem is not defeated entirely, but the cursed persona of the blade is put to sleep long enough for Aldo to continue to use its' power.

Chapter 13: Fight to the Death: Miglance Castle is Burning?!
The heroes continue on to Unigan city, only to find that the beastmen and the Beast King have stormed Miglance castle. Aldo and his friends battle through the castle and encounter the Beast King upon its' topmost tower. The Beast King has the human King Miglance cornered, claiming that beast men can truly harness the elements and are the true owners of the planet.

As the Beast King prepares to slay King Miglance, Amy appears and rescues the human King. She reveals that her memory is fuzzy (due to her timeline being erased and then restored), but that she was able to utilize a wormhole to travel from the Future to the Present with the goal of reuniting with and aiding Aldo.

With King Miglance saved by Amy, Aldo is free confront the Beast King once and for all, demanding to know where Feinne is. They battle, but the Beast King is bested by the powers of Aldo and the Ogre Rancorem.

Upon his defeat, the Beast King teleports in a mindless Fienne and his beastwoman sister, Altena (who is actually revealed to be a childhood friend of Feinne's, their friendship kept secret due to the tensions between humans and beastmen). The Beast King and Altena explain that Feinne's consciousness/memory has been sealed by beastmen magic, and that she has some unknown power within her that can control all elemental magics on a cataclysmic scale. As a result, he desires to unleash Feinne's power to destroy mankind.

Via flashback, we then learn that the Beast King, then known as Guildna, encountered Feinne as a baby in the Moonlight Forest, moments before they were found and adopted by the mayor of Baruoki.

With the current fate of Feinne now known to Aldo, Altena refuses to allow more bloodshed, convincing her brother that they should all depart. The sinister Beast King Guilda, a mind-washed Feinne, and Altena then teleport away and escape.

Aldo, Cyrus, Riica, and Amy regroup, King Miglance thanking the team for helping turn the tides of the war by defeating the Beast King Guildna. However, before they can celebrate, a massive time quake occurs. Fearing the threats of the Phantom regarding the end of the universe, the group decides to return the Future Era and try to discover just how Elzion and Xeno Prisma are connected.

Chapter 14: Return to Elzion: Reflections of Professor Chronos.
In Elzion, the group is able to learn that Professor Chronos and his family disappeared 16 years ago, and everything related to his project, Xeno Project, were classified. They receive permission from the leader of Elzion, the Administrator, to travel to the Xeno-Domain, a space station connected to Elzion via space elevator and the source of Xeno Prisma.

Chapter 15: Call from the Stars: Xeno-Domain.
The heroes battle the automated security of the Xeno-Domain, now rogue, and eventually find the living quarters of Professor Chronos and his family. There they meet a holographic representation of the kindly Professor.

Chapter 16: The Truth About Chronos: Family Portrait.
The holographic Professor Chronos first explains that Aldo (named Eden at birth) and Feinne (originally named Celine) are his children from this Future Era. With corporate backing by the massive and secretive KMS organization, his project studied a substance called Xeno Prisma, a form of Prisma discovered 400 years prior in 700AD. Because the planet was facing an energy crisis (with normal Prisma going inert), he hoped that his project could use Xeno Prisma to solve the growing energy crisis.

Professor Chronos and his team discovered that, although Xeno Prisma had potential to be a great power source, it had the unfortunate side effect of destabilizing space-time and causing time quakes. Despite these risks, the KMS corporation ignored these risks and proceeded with the utilization of new Xeno Prisma-backed power all across the planet.

Professor Chronos, recognizing that Xeno Prisma would ultimately destroy the universe, devised a backup plan and began investigating a safer, natural Geo Prisma. He created a prototype Geo Prisma, calling it an Alpha Prisma. This Geo Prisma seemingly needed an organic host, so he installed it within his newborn Aldo. After Feinne was born, she received a slightly more developed version of Alpha Prisma. His goal was for Aldo and Feinne to save the universe from the eventual threat of Xeno Prisma.

With his origins now revealed, Aldo and his friends traveled to the core of the space station where they discover two massive Prisma: enormous research samples of both Xeno and Geo Prisma. They are already extremely unstable, and after a battle with boss-level automated security robots, both Prisma become destabilized and break down.

The Phantom then appears, relishing that Aldo's efforts were ultimately futile and that the Xeno Prisma has started destroying space-time.

Chapter 17: Cataclysm: Escape the Great Timequake.
This results of this is made apparent as a temporal distortion and rip in space-time appears in the sky over every era, connecting all points in history to a fifth dimension beyond time called the Corridor of Time Layers, where all timelines and possibilities touch. Time quakes erupt from the spatial anomaly, and a ghostly version of the Oracle appears to Aldo and advises him to travel to the Corridor of Time Layers and use his Geo Prisma to stabilize space-time enough to buy them more time. With the help of the Administrator and an old teleportation device, Aldo and his friends are able to enter this enigmatic dimension.

While traveling through the Corridor of Time Layers, they encounter ghost-like apparitions, revealed to be minions of the Phantom, and witness as multiple timeliness overlap and layer. They ultimately encounter the Time Later Distortion, a living entity and embodiment of the time quakes.

Aldo and his friends defeat this entity, but the Phantom appears and once again gloats that they are too late. Despite having stopped the Distortion and the time quakes, the Phantom and its minions pull a massive floating island through the wormhole and deposit it into the Antiquity Era, with the intent that its destruction would act equivalent a final time quake capable of ending reality.

However, the elemental Eidolons of the Antiquity Era come together to stop the floating island and the temporal distortion, sacrificing themselves and shattering into elemental shards -- revealed to be the origin of the elemental Prisma seen utilized in the Present Era (and that this event was destined to occur and create the Prisma).

The Phantom relishes his victory as the Corridor of Time Layers begins to collapse and form a Dimensional Vortex, the chaos capable of slowly swallowing the entire universe. The Phantom's goal now complete, all he has to do is wait for the Dimensional Vortex to destroy space-time entirely.

Aldo and his friends are seen running back towards the Corridor of Time Layers entrance as it begins to collapse around them...

Chapter 19: Twilight of the World: The Shores' End.
Five days later, Aldo awakens alone on a small, floating island, still in the Future Era. This island is inhabited by humans, who have mostly shunned technology and live a simple life of farming. As he explores the island he laments that he failed in saving space-time, and it is only because of the Antiquity Era's Eidolons that the universe hasn't been completely destroyed just yet.

Aldo is soon reunited with Amy, Cyrus, and Riica, who have been searching for him the past five days. They reassure Aldo that even though the Dimensional Vortex was ultimately created to destroy space-time, there is still time to stop it before it consumes the universe.

Chapter 20: The Riftbreaker Embarks! Designation: Synth Hydra.
The heroes return to the Spacetime Rift and are urged to revisit the Future Era, where the Synth Humans have started showing more aggressive efforts to destroy mankind.

Upon returning to the Far Future and confronting the Synth Humans, they learn of the Synth Human's secret weapon: a conscious, flying battleship called the Riftbreaker, also known as the "Synth Hydra" due to its multiple weapons (each weapon also with its own persona). The Synth Humans plan to utilize the Dimensional Vortex, still connecting all eras in space-time, to travel back in time and alter history in their favor.

Aldo and Amy encounter their old Synth Human enemy, Helena, now despondent after the death of Galliard. Since that time, she has changed her outlook and no longer believes in the fight against mankind. As a result of her turn, Aldo manages to recruit Helena, who decides to helps them sneak aboard the Riftbreaker before it can travel back in time.

The group battles through the battleship and confronts its core personality, defeating the airship. As it falls to crash to the ground, Helena flies down to try and stop its descent, seeing a vision of Galliard that gives her the strength to stop the Riftbreaker from being destroyed entirely.

Aldo and his friends then work with a part-producing group called "Natural" to fix the Synth Hydra. Helena leads the repairs, and the living ship is inspired by the kindness of Helena and her human allies. It has a change of heart and resolves to aide Aldo and friends in saving space-time, becoming their personal vehicle. Due to its ability to fly, the Riftbreaker can utilize the space-time anomaly in the sky at will, meaning the heroes no longer have to use the pillars of light at the Spacetime Rift to travel through time.

***NOTE: With the flying Riftbreaker aiding the heroes, the party now has the ability to explore several new locations and side quests.***

Chapter 21: Tower of Stars: Behind the Mask of the Oracle.
The party uses the Riftbreaker to travel through time and return to the Antiquity Era, as it has the earliest access in the timeline to the Dimensional Vortex. However, they find that the Dimensional Vortex is protected by air currents and sort of black miasma that is fatal to both machines and humans. Aldo recommends tracking down the Oracle at Palsifal Palace, as he clearly knew much more than he let on and may know how to stop the Dimensional Vortex.

Arriving at the Palsifal Palace, the party confronts the Oracle, who reveals that he is Professor Chronos from the Far Future. He explains that the Xeno and Geo Prisma he was experimenting with, when they reached maximum energy output, created a wormhole leading to the Antiquity Era. He then devised a plan to stop the creation of Xeno Prisma and save all of space-time -- but in doing so he would have to manipulate events in the Antiquity Era so that his Far Future never came to be (as his Far Future is responsible for the utilization of the Xeno Prisma). He felt sorrow in this decision, as he knew that erasing his timeline would erase everything he knew and loved from history, but it was necessary to save space-time. He decided to bring his children when he traveled back in time, knowing that they would be separated from their native timeline and would still be able to exist even with the destruction of the future.

He says that he has more to say, but that time is running short. He asks Aldo to meet him at the Tower of Stars. The party travels there, defeats it's guardian giant Earth Golem, and navigates the secret passages and labyrinthian interior of the Tower.

Upon reaching the top floor of the Tower, Aldo and his allies find the Oracle and his robotic aide, Galliard the 2nd. The Oracle admits that the Tower of Time (where the Visus Embryo was) was his time research laboratory, while the Tower of Stars acted as his laboratory for elementals. He explains that he wanted to created a special alloy using both Geo Prisma and the power of the elemental Eidolons. He explains that his research bore little fruit until the Eidolons sacrificed themselves to stop the time quakes, and their remains - the radioactive fragments of elemental energy - gave him the breakthrough he needed. He continues, admitting that the radioactive fragments are so dangerous that he is slowly dying from radiation poisoning, but that they should lose their radioactivity after ~20,000 years and eventually be useful to mankind (which is by the time of the Present Era of 300AD). The Oracle then gives Aldo the fruits of his research: the Geo Metal.

Suddenly, an angry King Palsifal appears, having been listening to the Oracle's confession. Angry that he gave up everything (his "life, marriage, and kingdom") in pursuit of power (due to the Oracle's manipulation), he strikes the Oracle down. The despondent King Palsifal, having given into despair and longing for everyone to feel the pain and despair he feels, transforms uses magic to transform into an armored monster and attacks Aldo and his heroes.

With King Palsifal dead, Aldo rushes to the side of the side of the dying Oracle. The Oracle explains that when he and his children (young Aldo and Fienne) entered the wormhole to travel from the Far Future to the Antiquity, a surge in temporal currents blew into the wormhole and separated him from his children. He explains that he had no way to reopen the wormhole and was trapped in this Era alone, having no idea where his children ended up.

He tells Aldo/Eden how proud he is, and that he wishes they could've met under better circumstances, and that he wishes he could've also seen Feinne/Celine one last time. He apologizes for deceiving Aldo and putting him through so much trouble, but is grateful that Aldo stopped him from erasing his timeline (at the Tower of Time) and saving the millions of lives that would have been erased. He begins to offer help that will help Aldo enter the Dimensional Vortex, but is unable to and passes way.

The Oracle's aide, Galliard the 2nd, then gives the party the info the Oracle was unable to. He gives Aldo a Primeval Gem that should be able to dissipate the dangerous miasma surrounding the Dimensional Vortex, along with a short history lesson. He explains that thousands of years before even the Eidolons came to exist, the forces of Chaos and Order clashed. This clash created a Dimensional Vortex that dispersed Chaos throughout the Universe, while Order coalesced into magical stones like the incredibly rare Primeval Gem.

The party returns to the Riftbreaker and gives the living ship the Primeval Gem, but the Riftbreaker admits that it will take some time to analyze the stone before it can implement the gem's powers into the ship.

Suddenly, the Beast King's minion, Vares, appears, having traveled through time to deliver a message: Feinne's power is growing and nearing its' apex, and soon Feinne will be the savior of beastkind and will destroy the humans forever. He admits to toying with Aldo, taunting him to try and rescue Feinne.

With the Riftbreaker needing time to use the Primeval Gem, and knowing that the Geo Prisma within Feinne was created by Professor Chronos to help humanity, Amy convinces Aldo that now is the time to rescue Feinne once and for all. Riica also muses that the Geo Prisma is likely nano-technology, and that its use (or misuse) could have unknown consequences.

The party travels back to the Present Era and readies to storm the Beast King's Castle.

Chapter 22: Infiltration: The Beast King's Castle! Altena's Tears.

Chapter 23: Storming the Dimensional Vortex! Echoes of the Phantom.

Chapter 24: Chronos' Umbra Falls! Hear the Darkness Roar.

Chapter 25: Time Grieve...Fly! Mourning Kyros.

Chapter 26: Friends: To Another End of Time.

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This is...hilariously on the nose, like wtf? I thought we'd have some vague links we'd have to prove out, but this is kind of ridiculous. I feel like even the vague parts can be boiled down to "Kato is for SURE either talking about this era or that from the original series."

It's like you can almost play adlibs with this thing and just substitute Chrono series terms for the bolded parts. Yeesh. I wonder if this is like his personal revenge against the cancellation.

Like, if this is supposed to be Phantom:


Looks kind of like FATE? And can this thing at the bottom be anything other than the Dragon God:


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Post by: Boo the Gentleman Caller on September 15, 2020, 09:32:13 am
Oh man, you've only just scratched the surface. It really is so incredibly blatantly obvious.

...there's even a Lucca-lookalike in the game named... wait for it... Ashtear.


And in reality, it's not a bad game at all. The game gives you mandatory, story-based characters, and then you earn gatcha currency (which can also be bought with real currency) to draw from a pool of like 100+ optional NPCs (each of which has a back story and 3 or more side quests related to their personal mission).

For a long while I played entirely free-to-play without spending a dime, and not once did I feel it. I did end up spending like $40, though, because I got a lot of playtime out of the main campaign and felt like Kato and company deserved it. I haven't played it in a long while due to IRL commitments, but the story seems to have veered into new eras revolving around the origins of the Ogre Rancorem, the living blade that the main protagonist uses. As well as something/someone known as a Goddess of Time. Not to mention that there are entire side campaigns that have nothing to do with the base scenario.

Also, since I'm thinking about it -- this game does acknowledge a multiverse and alternate timelines, some of which are visited in sidequests, which they call "time layers." They also use a different colored wormhole/space-time portal than the normal time travel. Just an observation.
Title: Re: [5000] Detailed plot summaries of Another Eden and Final Fantasy Dimensions II
Post by: ZeaLitY on September 15, 2020, 10:47:04 am
Would you consider that sword the Masamune?
Title: Re: [5000] Detailed plot summaries of Another Eden and Final Fantasy Dimensions II
Post by: Boo the Gentleman Caller on September 15, 2020, 01:42:22 pm
I haven't played any of the main scenario that involves the sword's origins, but the parallels are there: it's a living sword that can be good or bad, and is only currently evil because it's corrupted. It also turns into an ogre.

It feels a bit more like the Masamune of Cross rather than Trigger.
Title: Re: [5000] Detailed plot summaries of Another Eden and Final Fantasy Dimensions II
Post by: Acacia Sgt on September 15, 2020, 06:18:02 pm
I'd say, it's a good thing that Another Eden is a full-fledged game in its own right. Playthroughs of it are not hard to find. Like so:

Making a summary out of them shouldn't be too hard.
Title: Re: [5000] Detailed plot summaries of Another Eden and Final Fantasy Dimensions II
Post by: Boo the Gentleman Caller on September 16, 2020, 11:56:23 am
Spent some time updating the synopsis in my post above. New chapters detailed, and some previous summary reworked.

I need one more sit down session to articulate the events remaining and we should have a complete summary of the main scenario. When I manage to play the game again I'll capture the additional campaigns that occur after this one.
Title: Re: [5000] Detailed plot summaries of Another Eden and Final Fantasy Dimensions II
Post by: Boo the Gentleman Caller on January 08, 2021, 01:25:37 pm
I've picked this back up again and aim to get it done soon.

Changes made:
-I have broken down the plot into the actual chapters of the game
-Cleaned up some formatting and typo's
-Gave additional context to several Chapters
-Added the events of Chapter 21

Once this is done, I have a few ideas to help this effort, which include:
-Expanding and re-working the first few chapters (since I did those from memory while the rest was written by revisiting a playthrough)
-Making this the detailed storyline, while I'll write a much more plot-friendly, condensed version for those not wanting so much detail