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Title: What if Magus died in 600 AD? (Part 1) - Chrono What-Ifs
Post by: MS04 on March 10, 2020, 10:27:25 am
Hey, all! Here's the next part of my Chrono What-If series, with this one being slightly longer and probably a lot more interesting. This one discusses the idea of Magus being properly defeated by Frog in 600 AD after his battle, and what would happen if he wasn't around to become the Prophet of Zeal. Let's begin!

We start right after the battle with Magus. "Your skill with the-", Magus says before a final attack from Frog with the Masamune, wounding him beyond recognition. "Cyrus... You have been avenged!" Frog shouts out in victory before going back to Magus. "And you, fiendlord, have you stopped the creation of Lavos?" the amphibian demands. "What?! I didn't create him, I simply was planning to summon him! He has dwelt within the Earth for...", Magus is only able to muster up the strength to say these words, before he falls to the ground, defeated. The scene then plays as normal, just without Magus saying anything.

Once the party wake up in 65000000 BC, Frog realizes he is now human, undoing the spell that Magus put onto him in 590 AD. The plot remains the same until the party enter the portal to 12000 BC, and encounter the Queen. Instead of the Prophet/Magus declaring the three as evildoers, the party warns her of the dangers of Lavos, which she doesn't believe, and Dalton then defeats the party with his Golem. Schala frees them as usual, but since Magus doesn't catch them, the trio sneak out of Zeal via a secret passageway hidden behind a bookcase in Schala's bedroom, although all entry to Zeal via the Skyways is locked off, due to rumors of more evildoers. The plot actually changes up a little this time, considering the absence of the Prophet. Melchior isn't banished to Mt. Woe in this timeline, but instead heads to Algetty to warn the Earthbound of the Ocean Palace and the disastrous aftermath that may occur, which is when Crono and the gang encounter him in this time. Things resume as usual until the Ocean Palace.

Just like in the original timeline, only Schala, Queen Zeal, the Gurus and Janus are aboard the Ocean Palace, making the trek pretty easy for our heroes. Lavos still awakens, and sends the Gurus and Janus to their current times. The party still attempt to fight the beast, but are defeated. Before Schala and Queen Zeal can get killed by Lavos, Crono sacrifices himself again. Since there are 4 people in the Ocean Palace like in the regular game, one has to be left behind. While Schala initially wants to, Queen Zeal, seeing how wrong everything has went with Lavos, decides to stay and sacrifice herself. Schala doesn't become a party member this time around like in my first what-if where she stayed alive, so there's only a total of 6 this time.

I think that's enough for today, folks! I'll see you all another time, for the second part. Once again, feel free to suggest more what-if scenarios I could do!
Title: Re: What if Magus died in 600 AD? (Part 1) - Chrono What-Ifs
Post by: Lavos, a one-eyed tick on March 10, 2020, 10:06:51 pm
This sounds really cool! Wouldn't not being actually locked out of Zeal undo the need for the Epoch, though?
Title: Re: What if Magus died in 600 AD? (Part 1) - Chrono What-Ifs
Post by: MS04 on March 11, 2020, 03:54:37 am
I've changed it up so it all makes sense now. I'm currently working on the second part.