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Re: Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams (script)
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Author's Note: There we go. With the trouble at Zenan Bridge behind them, the group plus their charges head into the Zenan plains towards the city of Truce. But just what is with Lark's sudden change in attitude towards Schala?

All I will say for those who didn't read the spoilers on my Sounding Board topic, things will get worse before they get better.


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Re: Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams (script)
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Greetings, Sir Leviathan, Final Fantasy?

BTW, didn't Masa, Mune and Doreen know Schala?


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Re: Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams (script)
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Greetings, Sir Leviathan, Final Fantasy?

BTW, didn't Masa, Mune and Doreen know Schala?

Trying to be intentionally vague. They know her, hence Mune's line of 'Hey, she looks different again...'

As for the rest...

Check the Summon List on my Sounding Board. It's on page 2.

Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that I couldn't come up with anything more appropriate for a giant snake/dragon made of water. I considered Undine, but that wouldn't have really fit.

Also, it's Lady Leviathan, thank you very much. :P


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Re: Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams (script)
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I always thought Leviathan is male? And in Final Fantasy IV it is surely a male creature/something.
XD But it doesn't matter since it's not ordinary creature.

Quote from: skylark
Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that I couldn't come up with anything more appropriate for a giant snake/dragon made of water. I considered Undine, but that wouldn't have really fit.
Maybe you can try Cthulhu, hehe.

Kidding. I was not complaining about Leviathan, it is perfectly OK.

Mr Bekkler

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Re: Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams (script)
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Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that I couldn't come up with anything more appropriate for a giant snake/dragon made of water. I considered Undine, but that wouldn't have really fit.

Maybe you can try Cthulhu, hehe.

I'm... so sorry...
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Re: Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams (script)
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Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that I couldn't come up with anything more appropriate for a giant snake/dragon made of water. I considered Undine, but that wouldn't have really fit.

Maybe you can try Cthulhu, hehe.

I'm... so sorry...

I take offense to that.

*Crab-Walks away*



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Re: Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams (script)
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10. Zenan Plains- Onward and Forward

[Zenan Plains]

(We see the large expanse of the plains before stopping at the group. The carriers move ahead of them.)

Rupert: Well, it should be smooth sailing from here. Still, we had better stick close until we reach Truce.

Glenn: As long as we don't run into any more of those warmechs. Seriously Schala, what the hell were you thinking back there?

Schala: .........

Lark: .........

Reika: Hey, come on. You know it's not nice to pry.

Lark: Let's just get this job done.

Schala: .......

Rupert: Did I miss something...?

(Reika rejoins the party at this point. Rupert rejoins as a Guest.)

(After passing to the second screen...)

Schala: ......I remembered something when I saw that thing.

Glenn: Wait, really?

Schala: There were others with me when I started. They were the closest I ever had to family...

Reika: Uh oh. I think I know where this is headed...

Schala: We got separated by that... thing. For all I know, they could be dead.

Glenn: Well, that explains it.

Lark: .........

Schala: When I saw it, that time flooded back. I couldn't just let it go without doing something...

Lark: And that justifies it?

Reika: Lark!

Lark: You put us all in danger. You put our clients in danger!

Schala: I...

Glenn: What the hell, man? It's done. Let it go.

Lark: .......

Lark: Fine. Just don't do it again.


(If Schala learned about the Purge of Medina from Jessica, the conversation changes...)

Lark: You put us all in danger. You put our clients in danger!

Schala: And you're any judge? How do we know you wouldn't have done it yourself?

Lark: And how do you figure that?

Schala: I know you were involved in the Purge.

Lark: !!!

Schala: If Dalton had been on that bridge, you would have done the same thing, wouldn't you? So don't try and claim the high road with me!

Lark: .......

Schala: .........

Lark: Tch... We don't have time for this. Let's just keep moving.

(This scene is required for the Love Story Across Time trophy.)



Glenn: That was... Yikes.

Schala: .....

Reika: I've never seen him like this before.

Rupert: He's a volatile one, isn't he?

Glenn: Schala. Don't let it get to you, alright?

Schala: I won't.



(After a short montage of the city, we see the caravan at the North Exit. Laura and a group of knights await them.)

Laura: Our messenger birds are quick. It's good to see that you made it.

Rupert: As agreed, three carrier's worth. Half for the city, half for the Guard.

Laura: Very well. If any important officials of Porrean demeanor happen to disappear in the next few months due to a certain insurgency, the Guard may be willing to look the other way.

Laura: As for the rest...

(Pan to the party for a bit.)

Laura: I was not expecting to see them again so soon. I trust you all will keep quiet of our involvement in these matters.

Glenn: Eh. Bribe a few officials, snipe a few witnesses. It's all good.

Schala: Not the words I would have used...

Laura: *ahem* Yes...

Laura: Well, from the commotion of the bridge's collapse, it seems you'll be stuck in our company for a while. The Porreans have closed down the harbor for some distinguished guests, who will apparently be here for some time.

Laura: While she may need some time to entertain our guests, the Governess has been quite anxious to meet those with the skill to escape from Porre's depths. I suspect that we shall meet again soon. By your leave.

(As Laura and the knights leave with the caravan...)

Rupert: A job well done... more or less.

Schala: Will this city be alright without the bridge?

Rupert: Considering their prey has already slipped through their grasp, I doubt the Porreans would have kept the boycott running even if the bridge had been spared. As it is now, there would be no real difference between now and the past few months.

Schala: .....

Rupert: I realize it's not really my place, but it was probably a good thing that you broke off to attack that warmech. I fear that machine would have had no trouble following us. Your actions may have saved far more lives than you realize.

Rupert: Anyway, you have all performed admirably. As promised...

[Received 10,000G]

Rupert: I am afraid we must part ways here, but we will keep an eye out. Stay well.

(Rupert leaves the party.)

Reika: *kicks Lark*

Lark: Ow! The hell was that for?!

Reika: You heard what the guy said. You owe somebody an apology.

Schala: Reika...

Lark: .......

Lark: Whatever...

Glenn: Where are you going?

Lark: Out. I need a drink...

(Lark leaves the party.)

Schala: ........

Glenn: Forget about him. If he wants to be pissy, that's his problem.

Schala: Do we have any lodgings?

Glenn: Even better. We have our own HQ right outside of the city.

Reika: Let's go. Lark may have been a jerk about it, but he had the right idea. I'm tired.

Glenn: It has been a long day. We'll get our bearings tomorrow.



(Black screen)

???: What do you think of me?

???: What?

???: You know what.

(Open to a view of desert sands. Pan down to a young man and young girl each around 15 years standing atop the outer ramparts of Medina.)

Boy: How many times have I mentioned you're strange?

Girl: *giggle* Come on! Can you give me a straight answer this time?

Boy: Yeesh, you're getting almost as pushy as Reika. It's annoying.

Girl: ...It's difficult, isn't it? Not having a choice in what you want.

Boy: ......

Girl: You don't have to do anything you don't want to. I'll make sure of it.

Boy: Ha! How are you gonna do that?

Girl: Trust me.

(Fade to black)

Girl: So, what do you think of me?

Boy: Heh. I think you're the weirdest person I've ever met.

Boy: Thanks...

Girl: *giggle*

(Returning to the present, we see Lark sitting atop one of the rooftops in Truce. He has already had a couple of drinks...)

Lark: Trust, huh...?

(Lark takes a drink)

Lark: If I knew what would've happened back then, would I have been as quick to...

(Lark tosses the bottle away angrily...)

Lark: Trust... What a load of shit...


[Zweibreicht Company HQ - Truce]

Schala: At least this place seems more in shape than the one in Dorino.

Glenn: Not that surprising, considering it's the main branch of our little operation. I'm gonna head out for a while.

Schala: Oh?

Glenn: Knowing Lark, he's probably going to be in a stupor right about now. Just making sure he doesn't cause any permanent damage.

Schala: Alright then. Goodnight.

(Glenn and Reika leave the party. As Schala enters the sleeping quarters...)

Schala: .......

Schala: Techno?


Techno: Schala!!

Schala: Gah! You nearly gave me a heart attack!

Techno: Things a have been going crazy over here! I've been trying to get a hold of you for a while now! What did you do?!

Schala: What do you mean? What's happening?

Techno: There was a heavy grade massive Recurrence earlier! Shook the whole damn building! What. Did. You. Do?!

Schala: ......

Schala: I got it...

Techno: Got what?

Schala: The machine that took Roas and the others away from us... I destroyed it...

Techno: !!!

Techno: So that's it...

Schala: ......?

Techno: You realize you just set Porrean occupation off by 500 years?

Schala: What?!

Techno: That thing was an original prototype, one of the first sent over. Since you destroyed it, their research and development was set back for some time...

Schala: But...

Techno: They still had too much in the way of other tech, and ended up conquering the world eventually anyway. Even still, things are nowhere near as bad as it was when you left. It's little by little, but you are making a difference.

Techno: And... there's something else you need to know. It's about Roas and the others...

Schala: Huh...?

???: Hey, if it's something important, I can probably tell her myself.

(A long pause......)

Schala: .......?!!!

Schala: What......?! But....!!

(Cut to Techno's Lab in Chronopolis. Standing behind Techno are Roas, Vathos, and Ninya.)

Techno: You said it yourself. You destroyed the warmech.

Techno: Because of that, they never died.

Schala: !!!

Roas: Heh. Given all we've been through already, you'd think I would have remembered that. Figures, doesn't it?

(Schala breaks down in tears.)

Schala: I... You're okay...! I'm so glad...!

Vathos: Woah, save the waterworks there, kid. You know Roas taught you better than that.

Ninya: Ignore him. No need to hold it in of you're happy.

Roas: *sigh* Heh...

(Some time later...)

Schala: Nobody else made it...?

Techno: Only a few, and they're barely holding down the fort as it is.

Schala: Fin...

Roas: Hey, don't get discouraged. You've only just started, right?

Schala: What will you be doing?

Roas: There are still things we need to get squared away. We'll meet up with you once we do. Just hold out a bit longer, alright?

Schala: Roas... I...

Roas: Schala, listen to me. No matter what happens from here out, we're proud of you.

Schala: .......

Roas: Good luck over there. Stay safe.

Schala: I will.

(Schala's image fades. Pan down the screen where two familiar figures are standing in the shadows...)



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Re: Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams (script)
« Reply #52 on: November 11, 2012, 01:58:58 am »
Author's Note: We're beginning to see results of Schala's changes to the timeline, and Lark is starting to turn into a belligerent douche. Maybe a few hours in the time-out corner will shape him up. I mean, it's not like that flashback had a thing to do with it or anything. Ha ha ha ha...


Next up is side stuff in the City of Truce and some of the surrounding area.


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Re: Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams (script)
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11. City of Truce - The Cogs Begin to Turn

(The next morning...)

Reika: So, are you going to be civil, now?

Lark: .....

Glenn: You've only got yourself to blame, this time. I didn't stock up on any hangover cures.

Lark: Ugh...

Schala: Good morning. Oh...

Lark: .....

Reika: Lark...

Lark: Alright, alright. I'm... Uh... *cough*

Reika: Are you even trying?

Schala: It's alright. It's his choice if he wants to be difficult. Do we have a liaison for Truce?

Glenn: That would be Vent, but...

Schala: You sound hesitant.

Reika: I take it he hasn't forgiven you, yet.

Glenn: It's not my fault! The guy's a douchebag when it comes to women, and the girl hired me to keep him away from her.

Schala: How charming.

Lark: Could you guys keep it down?

Glenn: No. So anyway...

Glenn: Vent's office is on the west side of town. You ready to get going?

(The others rejoin the party.)


[Truce Forge]

(An explosion is heard as soon as the party walks in.)

Overseer: And to think my brother gave you a letter of recommendation! Bah!

Zappa: Sorry boss.

Overseer: You're putting in too much power in the runes, boy! This is armorweave, not plate! You're in a new arena now!

Zappa: Hey guys!

Overseer: Don't ignore me, you little-

Zappa: Customers.

Overseer: Hmm? Ah. What are you here for?

Zappa: To bask in my awesomeness. What else?

Reika: Oh brother...

Overseer: How in the hells my brother put up with you is beyond me...

(Talking to Zappa...)

Zappa: Long time no see guys!

Glenn: It wasn't that long.

Schala: Have you settled in alright?

Zappa: It's me, remember? I'm Truce's newest, brightest star!

Overseer: Tch! You couldn't Runesmith your way out of a paper bag at this rate. Get back to work!

Zappa: Yeah, yeah...

(Talking to the Overseer...)

Overseer: So, what are you after?

1. What can you do for weapons?
2. I'd like to place an order.
3. You mentioned Runes earlier...

(Selecting #3...)

Overseer: You guys came from Dorino, right? Well, my brother's a bit old-fashioned, but I think he's too chicken to try this out. I call it Runecrafting! When armorweaving just isn't enough.

Glenn: Runecrafting?

Lark: Wait, I think I've heard of this...

Overseer: An old Mystic came by my shop a few years back and sold me these old parchments. What you do is craft these symbols into the armor, find someone with a strong Element affinity, and channel that power into the Runes. Too much power, and...

(An explosion is heard nearby...)

Zappa: *cough* Dammit...

Overseer: Control! How many times do I have to say it?!

Zappa: My bad!

Overseer: *sigh* I wonder if he really understands... His affinity is stronger than any I've seen, but his control is utter crap. You guys wouldn't happen to be the group my brother mentioned, would you?

Glenn: Depends. We might be.

Overseer: Well, I've heard of the kid's whole 'rush job' thing, but to be honest, if he can't make a rune without blowing it up, then I can't trust him with the armor. You guys might be waiting quite a while if you wan't something.

Overseer: Anyways... That's the gist of it.

Glenn: Hey, you okay, Schala?

Schala: I'm fine.

Schala: (I... I've seen those symbols before... but where?)


(Truce Pier)

(Fanfare can be heard.)

Lark: Ow...!

Glenn: Huh. Wonder what the occasion is?

Reika: That ship...

Schala: Huh? What about it?

Reika: Ummm... Maybe it would be better if we steered clear of this area, huh?

Lark: Why? Think you'll get recognized?

Glenn: That would mean that ship belongs to the Dragoons. They must be the guests Laura spoke of.

Schala: Dragoons...?

Glenn: You don't know? Actually, that makes sense. You've never been to El Nido before, have you?

Schala: Are they an army of some sort?

Glenn: You'll see.

Reika: I'm doomed...

(A large crowd has gathered by this point.)

FMV: Enter the Dragoons

(Two of the Dragoons approach the party.)

?????: Hey, you think these guys are...?

?????: It seems that way. They match the descriptions.

(Reika hides behind Lark.)

(Naming Screen: Gilbert)

(Naming Screen: Schwann)

Schwann: So, these guys are the famous Zweibreicht Company.

Glenn:  Huh. First the governess, now the Acacians. I didn't think we were making that much headway.

Gilbert: One cannot escape from Porre's prisons without hearing at least one story. Still, you don't seem all that impressive...

Glenn: What's that supposed to mean?!

Gilbert: Did I stutter?

Schwann: Gil...

Schala: You seem to have a lot of nerve, don't you?

Reika: Schala, don't rock the boat!

Gilbert: (Schala...? No, it couldn't be...!)

Lark: Hey, what's with the stare? I know she's hot, but...

Schwann: You alright, Gil?

Gilbert: I'm fine. Let's be off.

(Gilbert leaves, but Schwann stays a bit longer. Reika hides behind Lark again.)

Schwann: I know it's not my place, but if you guys are gonna drag a VIP around, the least you could do is make her look inconspicuous. Marbule may have closed itself off, but it would still mourn if something happened to its daughter. See ya!

(Schwann leaves.)

Schala: VIP? What did he mean by that?

Reika: Ha ha ha ha... About that... It's nothing, really.

Glenn: I wouldn't call being the daughter of Marbule's Sage nothing.

Reika: Glenn! What the hell?!

Glenn: What? It's not like you could've lorded that over her forever. We'd have to tell her eventually. I guess now seemed as good a time as any.

Lark: This is Reika we're talking about, remember?

Glenn: Ahh. Right.

Reika: *sigh* You both suck...

Schala: If you're such an important person, why join a mercenary group?

Reika: Because! *poses* Love has no obstacle! Duh!

Lark: Oh, for crap's sake...

Glenn: Okay, that's enough standing around. Let's get to the liaison so we can find some clients.

Reika: .....again, you both suck.


(Outside the city, if you try to enter Guardia Forest or Manoria Forest...)

Lark: What. The. Crap...?!

(We pan up to an entire flock of Nu crossing the path... and subsequently blocking it.)

Glenn: Huh. This is new.

Lark: *groans*

Schala: I... Think it's safe to say we won't be able to get past this.

Lark: Screw that! I want to see what's over there!

Reika: Lark, we can come back later- (Lark jumps into the fray.) -and he's not listening.

Schala: I'd give him about ten seconds.

(Lark attempts 'swimming' across the crossing.)

Glenn: I call five.

(Lark tries to push forward, but is eventually carried off-screen by the river of Nu.)

Glenn: Yep. Guess who's paying our next tab?

Schala: Dammit.

(Lark emerges from the side bushes.)

Lark: Alright... That sucked. This time, I'll get it for sure!

Reika: Unbelievable...

(Reika and Glenn drag Lark off-screen.)

Lark: Wait, I can do this! Guys, let go!

Schala: *sigh*

(Schala notices a sparkle on the ground.)

Schala: What's this?

[Discovered a Nu Starter Set!]

[Recieved 1 Health Potion, 1 Power Tab, 1 Magic Tab, and 1 Speed Tab!]

[A Nu Hiding Spot has been found!]


(Truce Mercenary's Guild Liaison...)

Vent: *sigh* Welcome to the Mercenary's Guild. How can I... Oh. It's you.

Glenn: Yes, it's me. We need work.

Vent: We're closed.

Glenn: Your sign says 'Open'.

Vent: Apparently you're hard of hearing. We don't serve your kind.

Glenn: That's too bad. It seems I'm going to have to write yet another strongly-worded letter to the Headmaster in Choras.

Vent: ..........

Vent: Fine. Like I give a crap...

Schala: Well, he's certainly a charming guy, isn't he?

Glenn: Well, he's a self-entitled creeper, but he' the only guy who would take the job here, so it's kinda out of our hands.

Vent: I'm standing right here!

Glenn: Fantastic! You keep doing that.

Vent: ...Parasite.

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Re: Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams (script)
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12. Manoria Cathedral - The First Battlefield - Part 1

(The following four Missions should be available at this time:

1. Iron Overload
2. Bloodfang Redeux
3. Wrath of Gonzalez
4. Freelancer Fracas

Once these Missions have been completed...)


[Zweibreicht HQ]

Lark: Look, all I'm saying is that you need to watch your tells. You'd be up more than 500G if you did.

Schala: And what would these tells be, exactly?

Lark: Well, your breathing quickens a bit when you get a good hand. A true observer doesn't look just at their opponent's face.

Schala: What are you...?

(Schala turns beet-red.)

Schala: Y-you shameless bastard!

Lark: Doesn't make it any less true. Also, a flustered opponent is more prone to making bad calls.

Schala: Who asked you, anyway?!

Glenn: Well, it's nice that those two are getting on again. Relatively speaking, anyway.

Reika: I guess you don't need to put them both in the time-out corner now.

(A bird flies into the room, perching atop a pole.)

Lark: Jeez, I hate it when they do that!

Schala: Did we get a message?

(Reika removes the note from the carrier pigeon and lets it free.)

Reika: This is...

Glenn: What? What?

Reika: We've been summoned to the Governess' estate!

Lark: Are you serious?

Schala: Wait, this soon? I thought we'd end up waiting longer.

Glenn: Let me see that!

Glenn: .......

Glenn: Oh man... This is authentic! If this pans out...

Lark: Alright! We've finally hit the Big Time!

Schala: I don't know about this. Isn't the Governess originally from Porre?

Lark: Normally, I'd agree. But our dealings with the RD have proven that at the very least, she's a sympathizer.

Schala: That's true.

Reika: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!

[Vastor Estate]

(At the front gates...)

Guard: State your business.

Lark: We are here at the request of Lady Vastor.

Guard: Let me see that...

Guard: ........

Guard: I'm gonna need to confirm this. Wait here.

(After a short time...)

Laura: You made it. I will escort you to Lady Carmillia. Follow me.

(Inner Halls)

Laura: I believe this goes without saying, but please mind yourselves in front of the Governess.

(A pause)

Lark: What? Why's everyone looking at me like that?

Schala: Why indeed?

Glenn: Just keep it under control, Lark.

Reika: This whole thing could be a bust if you start flirting again.

Laura: *sigh*

(The large doors open, letting the party into the large audience chamber. Sitting on the throne is Governess Carmillia Vastor. Gilbert and Schwann are in the room as well.)

Laura: The Zweibreicht Company, Milady.

Carmillia: So these are them? Hmmm... They certainly aren't what I expected at all.

Lark: What is it you wish of us, Milady? If it is within our power, we will do our best to assist you. *bows*

Carmillia: My, so formal. Your are just full of surprises, aren't you?

Schala: (Am.. Am I seeing the same Lark, here?)

Carmillia: Very well. As you can see, we have drawn up an alliance with the Viper Clan of El Nido. What I am about to speak of must not leave this room.

Carmillia: It is no secret amongst us that Emperor Dalton is a despot. Although there is no sure way to remove him from power yet, at the very least we should be able to stifle what might he already has. Off the coast of Manoria, there is an off-shore laboratory known as the Aquarius Labs. Although unconfirmed, sources indicate that a new weapon is being cultivated.

Schwann: Great. As if they didn't have enough of them already.

Carmillia: From what we have been able to gather, this weapon has the potential to dwarf all of Porre's current armaments.

Lark: And you want this weapon for yourself, I take it.

Carmillia: You catch on fast. The problem is that not only is the weapon still in its testing phases, we have no intel on the inner workings of the complex itself. Both of these will take quite some time to deal with.

Gilbert: So what will you have us do in the meantime?

Carmillia: Officially, the Dragoons are here to discuss terms for our alliance. Unofficially, they will aid in the Dreamer's insurgency against Porre. As will the Zweibreicht Company.

Glenn: So keep doing what we've been doing?

Carmillia: After what happened with Zenan Bridge, would it really be so strange that those wanted in the Homeland ended up fighting with the insurgency?

Glenn: Good point.

Lark: ......

Carmillia: That's what I thought. Now, if there is nothing else...

Lark: I have a couple of questions, if you would.

Carmillia: Oh?

Lark: You mentioned the Homeland. Is Guardia not your home?

Glenn: Hey, what are you doing?

Carmillia: An odd question... Although I suppose it has merit. I may rule Guardia, but it is still a state owned by my birth home of Porre. I realize this may not be easy to believe, but it is because I love my home that I hate what Dalton has done to it. It is for that reason that I hope to one day overthrow him. So is that all?

Lark: Just one more. Suppose you succeed in overthrowing Dalton. What kind of world would you create?

Carmillia: .........

Lark: After all, there have been too many who have suffered under Dalton's regime.

Reika: Lark...

Carmillia: .......Ah. I had not noticed it earlier. So you are...

Carmillia: Yes, of course that would be a concern to you. Do not worry. Your people will be taken care of when the time comes.

Lark: ...........

Lark: Very well. That is all I needed to know.

Carmillia: If that is all, then I ask that you all head to Manoria Cathedral to speak with Rupert and his men. Also, until we will be able to begin the operation, the Archives will be open to any who need them.

Laura: Milady! If I may interject...

Carmillia: .........

Carmillia: Permission granted. Make it quick.

Lark: ........

Gilbert: ........

Laura: I know these are our allies, but is it really wise to allow them access to such sensitive information?

Carmillia: .......

Carmillia: Your concern is noted, but unnecessary. We cannot afford to have suspicions now at this juncture. Am I understood?

Laura: Y-yes, Milady.

Carmillia: In that case, this meeting is adjourned. Please be off.

(The others bow and leave the chamber. Outside...)

Glenn: Geez, you might have screwed us over back there, Lark!

Lark: There were things I needed to confirm.

Gilbert: A shrewd move, but necessary. I underestimated you.

Glenn: What? What's going on?

Lark: We'll discuss it back at HQ.

Schwann: And that would be where?

Reika: Huh? You're coming with us?

Gilbert: We've been all but ordered to work together, so we may as well pool our information.

Schala: That's a good idea.

Gilbert: I will rejoin you all shortly. I would like to peruse the Archives before we leave.

Laura: ........

(A soldier walks up to Laura...)

Guard: Captain, the Governess requires a word with you. She sounded terse.

Laura: ....Yes, of course.

(Laura heads back into the chamber as the group leaves. Schala notices the guard locking the door behind him and running.)

Schala: (What on earth...?)

Schala: Guys, I think I'll catch up with you later.

Lark: Huh? Why?

Reika: Lark. Don't be rude! She probably just has to use the latrine.

Schala: !!

Glenn: Now who's being rude?

Lark: Oh... right. *cough*

Reika: Though you probably should have asked Laura where the bathroom was...

Lark: *dragging Reika away* Okay, that's enough. We'll see you outside.

(After they leave...)

Schala: *sigh* For crap's sake, Reika... Still probably as good an excuse as I could find...

(Schala heads towards the big door and listens in. Inside the audience chamber...)

Laura: What is it you wanted from me?

Carmillia: Tell me something. What exactly were you thinking with your outburst earlier?

Laura: My... outburst? You mean the Archives? I was only trying to-

Carmillia: Help? All you did was embarrass me. What gave you the idea to even think of questioning my decision?!

Carmillia: If you ever try to undermine my authority again, I will have you flayed and sent to the stockades. Do I make myself clear?

Laura: But sister-!

Carmillia: *stands up angrily* SILENCE!! YOU KNOW BETTER THAN TO EVER CALL ME THAT!!!

Laura: ........

Carmillia: *huff* *huff*

Carmillia: How many times must I remind you of this? You. Are. A. Bastard. Child. You will always be a bastard child. The fact that we share the same blood at all disgusts me.

Carmillia: The only reason I even allow you to exist is that you are at least a halfway competent soldier. But do not misunderstand me. You can always be replaced. All I need is a good reason. Are you going to give me that excuse?

Laura: N-no. Forgive me, Milady.

Carmillia: Tch. Pathetic. *turns her back* Now get out of my sight.

(Back to Schala, she hears the door unlock and bolts.)

Laura: *sigh*


Laura: ?!

Laura: Who's there?!

(In the hallway, Laura corners Schala...)

Laura: What are you doing?!

Schala: !! Ummm... C-could you tell me where the facilities are...? I seem to have gotten lost...

Laura: ......You were listening, weren't you?

Schala: *sigh* That obvious, huh?

Laura: Hmph. I suppose you would have found out sooner or later from the gossipmongers anyway, so I'll let this slide.

Schala: ......Why would you take that kind of abuse?

Laura: Any issues between the Governess and I are between myself and her. It is not your place.

Schala: ........

Laura: Your friends are waiting for you.

(Laura leaves...)

(Heading into the Archives...)

Schala: You're still here? I thought you might have finished by now.

Gilbert: There are a few more documents I need to look over. The last few hundred didn't offer as much as I'd hoped.

Schala: Wait, few hundred?! Since the meeting ended?!

Gilbert: Well, my colleagues say I've always been able to process information quickly.

Schala: I can't tell wether or not to be impressed or frightened...

Gilbert: ........

Gilbert: (The body has matured, but the resemblance is still uncanny. With her name as well...)

Gilbert: (This can't be a coincidence...)

Schala: Are you feeling okay...?

Gilbert: My apologies. You just remind me of someone I met briefly a long time ago.

Gilbert: Go on. I'm sure the others are waiting for you.

Schala: All right.

(At the front gates...)

Lark: Took you long enough.

Schala: Sorry. There was something I needed to check out.

Lark: Really?

Schala: It's... about the Governess.

Lark: Ah... So you think something's off, too.

Schala: ???

Lark: Come on. We'll discuss it back home.

Schala: Right.

(At this moment, Schala is jostled by a strange man.)

Masked Man: Ahh, my apologies miss. Did I startle you?

Schala: N-no...

(The Masked Man looks Schala over.)

Schala: W-what? What do you want?

Masked Man: Truly an enigma, this one...

Lark: Hey, you bothering her?

Schala: Let's go. I don't think I want to be here any longer...

(Lark and Schala leave the Masked Man to his musings.)

Masked Man: It's just as he said... I supposed it's to be expected.

(The Masked Man then seems to disappear into the shadows.)

(Back in the Archives...)

Gilbert: .......

Gilbert: I received your letter, but still... I never thought I'd ever see you again like this.

(The Masked Man emerges from the shadows.)

Gilbert: So, what do you call yourself these days?

Masked Man: I haven't quite decided yet.

Masked Man: .....I ran into her outside.

Gilbert: I see. Did she recognize you?

Masked Man: No. In fact, I wager she was rather put off... Though I supposed I could have made a better first impression.

Gilbert: So...

Masked Man: I want a second opinion. I'd rather not trust the word of that old fart.

Gilbert: ...I believe it's her. Even though she has no memories of back then.

Masked Man: Heh. Sounds familiar.

Gilbert: Given how things ended, I think it's for the best.

Masked Man: It's amazing how two hundred years can change a person, isn't it?

Gilbert: Indeed. I suppose in your case, it's only been six. Everyone always wondered where you disappeared to.

Gilbert: You couldn't let it go, could you?

Masked Man: With the way things ended... No. No I couldn't.

(As the Masked Man prepares to leave...)

Masked Man: Humanity suits you, Grobyc.

Gilbert: It's Gilbert, now.

Masked Man: Your old name, I take it?

Gilbert: .....

Masked Man: Must be nice to go back...

(With that, the Masked Man disappears back into the shadows...)



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Re: Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams (script)
« Reply #55 on: February 07, 2013, 03:50:10 pm »
Political intrigue at this stage of the game? Already? Things seem civil between Lark and Schala, but will that change in the coming months?

Something big is on the horizon. But what it means for our team, they have no clue. And finally, the last of our potential party members has shown himself. And of course, a secret is revealed that I think all of us saw coming a mile away. :P