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Chrono Trigger: Legacy of the Masamune (Working title)
« on: July 11, 2012, 11:25:12 pm »
This is a very rough draft of a Chrono Trigger screenplay. This is how I would like it to be if Hollywood got a hold of it. I cast a number of British and American Actors (mostly british for the middle ages) It's a long shot that something like this will ever be made. It spans 3 movies, movie 1 covers all the events from the beginning to when Frog gets the Masamune or the battle with Magus, I havent decided yet. The 3rd movie will cover either from the battle with magus or when the group returns to the Prehistoric Era to Crono's death and the 3rd movie will span from Crono's death to the end. Id like to hear your judgements and such.

A note: Crono will not speak, if this project was to come to fruition I would get an unknown Mime actor to portray him, so without further ado, here is Chrono Trigger: Legacy of the Masamune in a few minutes



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Re: Chrono Trigger: Legacy of the Masamune (Working title)
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2012, 11:59:01 pm »
We open on a sunny afternoon, it seems as if there is a celebration in the town of Truce, Truce is a small town, surrounded by water to the south, forest to the north, and more plains to the east, where a bridge can be found that takes you to the other kingdoms of the world. The shot eases into the window of a small home, in it we see a boy, the red haired teenager named Crono. He has clearly overslept as his mother has to wake him up.

Crono’s Mom: Crono! CRONO! Wake up! You’re late for the Millennial Fair! Don’t you want to see your little friend Luccas new invention!

Crono wakes up looks at his clock and bursts out of bed. He scrambles for his clothes. Cut to downstairs where Crono’s mom is cleaning some dishes. Crono runs down and grabs a wooden sword from the closet.

Crono’s Mom: Crono honey, why are you bringing the sword? You aren’t going into the forest again are you?

Crono waves his arms frantically, before miming that Luccas training Robot will be an attraction at the fair.

Crono’s mom: Oh, gotcha, just be careful and stay out of that forest!

Crono runs out of his house and bolts to the fair. He runs up to the gate and pays the middle aged balding ticket keeper

Ticket Keeper: Enjoy the fair my lad!

Crono nods his head, and continues in. Upon entering we are shown wonders. All sorts of food stands, magicians, and people dressed up in various historical costumes. It is a sight to be seen. Crono runs to get a Heckran steak, which is a delicacy in Truce. However Crono smashes into a slim blonde girl and knocks her over. Crono quickly helps her up and starts apologizing with body language.

Marle: Ouch, watch where your going…Marle feels around her neck. Oh no! My..My Pendant! My Family Pendant is gone!

Marle frantically searches around for it, she has tears building up in her eyes. Crono walks to the upper right and finds it, before handing it over to Marle.

Marle: That’s it, that’s my pendant! Thank you so much!

Marle hugs Crono and grabs his hand.

Marle: looks like I owe somebody a soda.

Crono blushes and the two walk over to a Soda table, Marle orders two sodas for herself and Crono. Crono chugs his down and belches.

Marle: he he, Oh I’m sorry I didn’t get your name

Crono whispers into Marles ear.

Marle: Well Crono, my name is Marle.

We see a montage of the two enjoying the fair, scenes that include them fighting Luucas fighting robot, eating food, dancing at the Jurassic age attraction of the fair and all that jazz. An announcement is heard on the P.A

P.A: Ladies and Gentleman, Lucca and Taban have just completed preparations for their newest invention, please Shuffle In.

Marle and Crono walk into the pavilion where Lucca and Taban are seen putting their tools away.

Lucca: Crono, good to see that you woke up on time for once, oh who’s your friend there?

Marle smiles and introduces herself to Lucca

Marle: My name is Marle, you must be Lucca, Crono has told me quite a bit about you.

Lucca wipes the grease off her hands and shakes Marles hand. Taban is seen in the background talking to Crono.

Marle: So, How exactly do you know Crono?

Marle has kind of a jealous look in her eyes, Lucca laughs out loud.

Lucca: Crono and I have known each other since we were kids; He was the weird quiet kid who would always be running around smacking imps with his wooden sword that kid is like a brother to me.

A look of relief is seen in Marle’s eyes, and she begins to laugh with Lucca. Once the crowd settles Lucca takes the stand.

Lucca: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to bring to you, for the first time ever. The Taban Telepod!

Lucca and Taban pull a sheet off of the covered domes, revealing something that looks like alien technology. Taban flips the power switch and we see a luminous blue light in the center, much to the amusement of the people in attendance.
Lucca: Step right up and be the first person aside from myself to try out the Telepod! Who will it be?

The Crowd goes wild each person yelling “Me” “Me”, however Lucca chooses Crono, who jumps into the right pod. Both Taban and Lucca go over to two switches in the middle and prepare to pull them

Taban: Ready Lucca?

Lucca: Ready Dad! Remember to count down with us ladies and gents.

All: 3….2…..1.

Crono is engulfed in a blue field of electricity, he then disappears and reappears at in the left pod, a thunderous boom is heard and all the electricity shoots out the top.

Lucca: And wala!

The Crowd goes nuts with cheers and applause

Lucca: Do we have a second volunteer?

More people volunteer, but Marle stands above all and is chosen.

Lucca: Okay, let’s get ready!

Marle walks into the right pod, and prepares to be warped, the same countdown ensues. 3….2….1 something different happens, there is a loud boom and electricity starts shooting out of the center and the left pod blows out. Suddenly the crowd, Lucca and Taban are silent, but the right pod begins vibrating.

Lucca: Marle get out of there!

Marle screams and tries to run out, but a small blue vortex opens up everyone looks in awe at the vortex, including Marle, but it expands and sucks her in, before closing back up to its original small size and stays that way.

Taban: Okay, everybody leave, we apologize for the technical difficulties and you will all be permitted to return as soon as we have fixed it.

The crowd leaves, muttering amongst themselves in shock and worry. Lucca, Taban and Crono remain.

Lucca: Oh no, what are we going to do!?! What the hell are we going to do!?!?

Crono shrugs his shoulders in an iunno motion.
Taban: We are in a lot of trouble! Did you two have any idea who that was?

Crono and Lucca both look at each other, Crono has no clue.

Lucca: Who was she exactly?

Taban: That was princess Nadia, you know THE KINGS DAUGHTER!

Crono and Lucca stare in shock.

Lucca: Oh no, we have to get her back or else we all have a meeting with the guillotine! What are we going to do?

Crono pulls out his Wooden Sword and approaches the portal.

Lucca: Crono, what are you doing.

Crono frantically points at the portal miming that he is going to go in.

Lucca: Crono, are you sure you want to do this? For all we know that portal will just lead to the middle of the ocean, or into another dimension. Are you willing to risk it?

Crono shakes his head signaling yes.

Lucca: Okay, you go in first, I will stabilize the portal and come in after you, okay?

Crono gives thumbs up and dives into the vortex. It opens up and closes, taking him away. We are then treated to the opening credits. Showing various moments in history from the Cronoverse, We see cave etchings of the reptites demise, we see a wonderful color painting of Zeal crashing down, we see the battle between the humans and Magus’s forces in 600 AD, along with some shots of the future.

Written By Otto Pataki

Directed by TBD

Based on Characters created by Square Enix.

Desired Cast

Possibly a new comer mime actor for Crono

A teenage Blonde as Marle

Any short slim girl as Lucca

Hugh Laurie/Eliah Wood/ Daniel Radcliffe as the voice of Frog

Michael Fassbender as Magus

Beth Phoenix as Ayla

Billy West as the voice of Robo

Wallace Shawn as the Chancellor

John Cleese as Melchoir

Stephen Fry as The King of Guardia

January Jones  as Queen Leene

Ian McKellen as Gaspar

After the credits we see the time gate open up and drop Crono in the forest, he looks around in confusion, but is confronted by 3 green  imps.

Green Imp leader: Well well well, Look what we have here boys.

Green Imp 2: Are you lost kid? Oh well your going to be lost in a second!

Green Imp 3: Mammas gonna be looking for you forever, ha ha ha!

The 3 imps go to attack Crono, but Crono manages to draw his wooden sword, he smacks the lead imp with the hard base of the sword, before swinging it at the other two imps, who slowly back away

Green Imp 2: Well, this kids got spirit!

Green Imp 3: Yeah, he don’t wanna die.

Green Imp Leader: Should have thought of that before coming into our woods.

The 3 imps attack again, they knock Crono down and begin clubbing him with rocks, but Crono fights them off. Crono then goes all out and breaks the arm of the 2nd imp, and manages to impale the 3rd imp on the wooden sword


Green Imp Leader: You are really going to get it now kid, come on boys lets get him…Oh no!

The Green imp leader sees the dead 3rd imp.

Green Imp Leader: Ohh your dead YOU HEAR ME PUNK YOUR DEAD!

Crono jumps up into the air and brings the wooden sword down hard on the Lead Imp, shattering the blade into pieces and possibly killing the Lead Imp, Crono then runs and throws the handle at the 2nd imp, hitting his broken arm.

Green imp 2: OWWW!

Crono keeps running, avoiding other blue imps, evil birds and the round possum like creatures called Roly’s. Crono reaches the exit to the forest but is confronted by more Imps, plus the Imp with the broken arm.
Green imp 2: That’s him! He killed our leader and my brother!

The Imps close in on Crono, but suddenly Lucca appears and shoots all the imps with her air pistol. It isn’t much of a weapon but the Imps run away after the 2nd imp loses an eye.


The cowardly imps run away and Lucca meets up with Crono

Lucca: You just can’t leave those Imps alone eh Crono?

Crono shrugs and lets out a sigh of relief. The two then exit the forest and enter Truce.

Lucca: Well, this is home, but its a lot…darker than before. Lets check out the shop, maybe we can figure out what’s going on.

The two go to the shop and see a knight buying a blade.

Knight: Strange looking kids, are you some of Magus’s clan?

Lucca: Magus?

Knight: Ah, the must be from Choras, lucky to be tucked all the way down there.

Lucca: uhhh. Yeah we are from Choras, just getting some weapons in case of an invasion.

Knight: Ha, so now you have a military. Good day lassie, laddie.

The Knight leaves and Crono and Lucca begin talking.

Lucca: Magus? That’s the guy who nearly destroyed the world in 600 AD? Hmm very strange.

Crono walks over to the front desk, he sees a newspage that states the date, the date is 600 AD. He grabs it and shows it to Lucca.

Lucca: Oh my….

Crono and Lucca turn white.

Lucca: I’ve discovered the secret to time travel!

Shopkeep: You better discover what you wanna buy soon! Otherwise get the hell out of my shop!

Lucca: Sorry, we’ll take this paper.

Crono sees a large blade hanging on the wall, he points and does a slashing motion.

Shopkeep: Ah, you want the sword? That will be 500 gold.

Lucca: Well, we don’t have your average money, we have about 450g, but its from the fu…Choras and we also have some silver pieces.

Shopkeep: Eh, gold, silver its all the same in the end. Atleast you aren’t robbing me like the Kingdom is.

Lucca:What do you mean by that?

Shopkeep: Oh you think that Knight paid for what he ordered? I gotta forge 20 swords, 5000 Arrows, 50 bows, 20 axes and 40 maces. Oh and a lot of armor. Here, you kids can’t just wander around without armor, not these days. I got a few old pairs of Leather Armor you can have for free.

The shopkeep opens up a storage chest and tosses 2 pairs of leather armor to Crono and Lucca.

Lucca: Why thank you.

The shopkeeper wanders around the store, stacking things and replacing price tags. Doing what a middle aged storekeeper does.
Shopkeep: Eh, No problem, stuff has no value anymore. The army doesn’t want it anyway, neither do the citizens.

Lucca: Why not?

Shopkeep: For one, Magus’s soldiers use a lot of magic, mostly fire. Leather does not do well in that field, neither does bronze or iron but it doesn’t melt to the skin as quickly. Poor soldiers, I saw a guy get blasted with fire breath, he survived it but succumbed to infection 3 days later.

Lucca: Hmm, do you know the formula for steel?

Shopkeep: Ha Ha, yeah right. Nobody does except that bastard chancellor. But he claims its too important to share when the enemy has been capturing so many blacksmiths. Also, claims the war is not at a drastic enough point. I don’t get that at all, Cyrus is dead, we aren’t even training our soldiers well anymore! Its just, heres a sword, swing it like this go die. Theres something strange about the chancellor these days.

Lucca grabs a piece of paper and writes something down, she then hands it to the shopkeeper.

Shopkeep: whats this?

Lucca: The formula for steel, just don’t tell anyone I gave it to you.

Shopkeep: Are you mercenaries?

Lucca shifts her eyes.

Lucca: No, you didn’t see us okay?

Shopkeep: Sure thing….

Lucca and Crono run out of the shop. Outside we see Lucca sitting on a stump and Crono practicing with his new sword.

Lucca: I..I cant believe I did that.

Crono looks over at Lucca, confused as to what she did wrong.

Lucca: Cause and effect Crono, whatever circumstances kept the chancellor from sharing the secret of steel was a part of history. I….I changed history, anyway, lets go find Princess Nadia and get out of here before we do any damage. I wonder where she could be.

Crono looks at the newspaper, his eyes bug out a little bit and he shows it to Lucca. The headline states that the Queen has returned, but its not Queen Leene, its Marle.

Lucca: Hm, strange. Let’s go check the castle out.

The two travel into the woods that surround the castle, sneaking past the monsters. However they snap a twig, causing a Blue Eaglet to notice them, it swoops down and attempts to strike the two, but Lucca easily does away with it using her Air Gun, but the loud air gun drew the attention of some imps.

Imp: Hey! That’s the kid that ruined our plan!

Lucca: Oh please, what are you Imps doing so close to the castle, shoo shoo!

The Imps proceed to whip rocks at Lucca.

Imp: Shut up vile human, what do you think we are a bunch of dumb animals?

Lucca covers behind a tree and loads a red cartridge into her air gun, while Crono goes after the Imps, cutting them down with his new blade. Two of them try to run but are each stopped and burned by Lucca’s air gun which was turned into a flamethrower by the red cartridge, the two Imps run while screaming in pain.

Lucca: Wow, it really works.

Crono looks at Lucca in shock and awe.

Lucca: Oh, it’s a little thing my dad whipped up for me. A lot of the times I go deep into the woods to study and test my inventions. Sometimes I lose track of time and night falls, that’s when the bad creatures come out. So I need something with a little punch.

Crono is still in shock, Lucca starts walking towards the castle, Crono shakes out of his shock and follows her. The two are walking and Crono taps her shoulder, points to the red cartridges and ask how they work in mime.

Lucca: Oh its simple, basically this is a chemical reaction between the substance in the canister and humid air, that’s why it has to be air tight in this pressurized canister.

Crono has no idea what Lucca is talking about

Lucca: its just basic chemistry.

Crono and Lucca reach the castle doors and are greeted by two tall guards. Each holding a halberd and wearing light armor

Tall Guard 1: Hmm, Strange kids…

Tall Guard 2: State your names and business before stepping further.

Lucca and Crono stand still

Lucca: We are mercenaries from the far away land of Choras, hoping to find some work in this tough time of war.
Tall Guard 1: Bleck, Sellswords, be gone with you!

Tall Guard 2: Wait, we may have a task for these youngsters yet. Follow us.

The two guards lead Lucca and Crono to the King.

King of Guardia: What have we here? Two prisoners of war wishing to beg for mercy? Two homeless children looking for refuge?

Tall Guard 2: No my lord, these are two Mercenaries from Choras looking for work.

King of Guardia: Ha! That was my 3rd guess. Either way there is not much in terms of work. Tough times you know. However I do appreciate your wanting to help, even though it is for money, I also must congratulate you on crossing the waters from Choras, only a brave or stupid soul would do that.

Lucca: Huh?

The King shoots a dirty look at Lucca

King: Well, you surely must know Magus’s has given direct orders to destroy any boats passing through the oceans.

Lucca: Ohhh yeah, well we found a safe passage.

The King looks intrigued

King: Oh really? Perhaps you would like to share this information?

Lucca: Il have to discuss it with my boss, Crono come here for a second.

Crono and Lucca move aside, Lucca whispers into Cronos ear.

Lucca: I’ll distract him while you go look for Princess Nadia.

Crono nods

Lucca: I will share with you, but my boss would like to meet the Queen, he is a great admirer of her power.

King: Well I suppose, go up the right tower all the way to the top.

Crono goes upstairs, while Lucca talks to the King.

Lucca: Well its quite simple, we departed Choras at night, going south east. We pass the great waters with caution, our archers keep watch for the whole duration of the trip, rotating with another set of archers every 3 hours. After awhile we come in northwest, but as not to seem hostile we divert east and end up near Truce Canyon, the Imps are quite troublesome but nothing too much in terms of a threat.

The King stares in disbelief.

Lucca: Uhh that’s not without saying that we were attacked a few times I mean…

We cut to Crono walking up the stairs, he enters the King and Queens bedroom. He approaches the two maids and signals that he wishes to meet the Queen.

Maid: Well, seeing as you are up here without any wounds or guards chasing you, I take it you have permission. You may meet the Queen.

Crono walks to the bedroom, we see Marle in royal garb sitting in a tall throne like chair.

Marle: Ah Lowly peasant, what is it that you require?

Crono looks on in confusion.

Marle: *Laughs* haha oh Crono, its just me Marle. For some reason these people think I’m their Queen. Oh well I’m not complaining.

Crono laughs and walks closer to Marle, who jumps into his arms.

Marle: Oh Crono, I’m so glad to see you, I didn’t know what was going on, how I ended up here. But somehow, some way I knew you were going to come and save me, come on lets get out of here.

Crono and Marle go to leave, but suddenly Marle clutches her stomach.

Marle: OWW.. for some reason….I feel… insides are on fire…ugghhhh Crono Help Me!

Crono goes to grab Marle’s hand, suddenly Lucca enters the room.

Marle: I’m in so much pain, WHATS HAPPENING!?!?!

Marle then slowly vanishes, much to Crono and Lucca’s dismay.

Lucca: Oh no!

Crono jumps up and down, in fear.

Lucca: Cause and effect Crono, Something, Somehow happened to Queen Leene. Now before Princess Nadia got here, the Queen was missing. I would imagine efforts to find her would be endless. BUT! They thought Princess Nadia was the Queen, therefore ceasing worry about the real Queen Leene. Search Efforts would be halted and the Real Queen Leene would undoubtedly meet whatever fate awaited her. Where could she be?

 Lucca then has a “Lightbulb” Moment

Lucca: Of course, If I remember the stories my mom used to read to me.

We see a montage of oil paintings, each one describing Lucca’s words as she recollects these childhood stories.

Lucca: When the Queen was kidnapped, Knights searched everywhere. Truce Canyon, Poore, the beaches, camps for Magus’s men. They couldn’t find her anywhere. But then, a Mighty Warrior named Glenn looked in the most obvious place, a place where nobody would suspect the enemy…The Cathedral! Of course, the story says Magus’s men took over the Cathedral, and (using magic) managed to disguise themselves as humans. It was only the Great Warrior Glenn who was smart enough to see through the Mystics and ended up saving the Queen. Crono, lets check out the Cathedral, there is a good chance we can save Queen Leene.

We cut to Crono and Lucca down stairs.

King: Ah, so how was my Queen? Is she everything you expected?

Crono and Lucca look at eachother.

Lucca: For sure, anyways it has been quite awhile since we said our prayers. We must go to the Cathedral.

King: Ah yes, Prayers are the key to blessing. Go along, feel free to stay in the Knights barracks while you’re here, our chef makes quite the Stew. Even I the King dine on it!

Lucca: Yeah, we will come back later.

Crono and Lucca leave the castle. we see them walking through the forest and talking.

Lucca: Lets just hope were right about this Crono, good thing you got that new blade, and we have this leather armor, better gear up because we are in for a fight.

Crono shakes his head, and puts on the leather vest and draws his sword. He checks the sharpness on it, and gives a thumbs up. The two reach the end of the forest. We see the Cathedral, which is slightly elevated from the ground and has long steps. The two slowly walk up them. They eventually reach the front.

Lucca: Okay Crono, are you prepared? We could die right here, right now. But we have to try, for the sake of the future. If we mess up, and survive we could all be part Imp…

Crono growls in anger and the two enter the Cathedral. It seems to be normal, nuns everywhere.


The nuns all look confused, some disgusted.

Nun: Missy, please leave if you are going to speak in such an aggressive tone.

Crono calms the situation down, mimes to the nuns that Lucca is crazy, the nuns understand and let them in. they go to the front of the Cathedral.

Lucca: I thank you for covering for me, but you didn’t have to make me look crazy…

Crono shrugs his shoulders, he didn’t know what to do.

Lucca: Now what do we do, I mean even if the story was true these monsters wont just reveal themselves…what did Glenn do?

The two sit and think, but suddenly Lucca remembers.

Lucca: Of course, the pipe organ!

Lucca goes to the organ and plays a gospel tune on the Organ, the nuns merely look on. She stops after a few seconds.

Lucca: Ah Crono, it was a good try lets go home, hopefully Truce is still there when we return.

Crono and Lucca get up and leave but are halted.

Nun: Come back here you little brats!

The two look back, they see 4 angry nuns.

Nun: We were getting a little hungry anyways, girls lets show them who we really are!

The 4 nuns transform into Naga-ettes, disgusting snake-woman creatures, they attack the two insantly upon changing. Crono swings his sword at them, Lucca draws her air gun.

Naga-ette: Resistance is futile, if you put your weapons down we will make it quick and wont cook you alive.

Crono slashes the Naga-ette, knocking it back into the wall. Lucca pulls out her hammer and smashes another on the head, killing it.

Lucca: The only thing futile, is your resistance. Give up the Queen or you 3 freaks are dead.

Naga-ette: Well Well, you two are going to be more trouble than we thought, girls come up here. We have company.

4 more Naga-ettes come up the staircase and get ready to attack; they corner Lucca who is trying to load her fire cartridge in. Crono attempts to get to her but is busy with the other 3. Lucca drops the cartridge.

Lucca: Crud, I could use some help!

Lucca pulls out her hammer and swings, but the element of surprise is not on her side this time and she is disarmed, she pulls her airgun out and fires, injuring but not killing one, the two reunite in the middle of the Cathedral.

Lucca: Well what now?

Suddenly a green figure crashes through the window, it quickly cuts down 3 Naga-ettes with relative ease, we see an anthropomorphic frog. The Frog smashes another Naga-ette with the handle of his blade, knocking it back he then uses his long tounge to pull it back onto the blade. Crono and Lucca take out two more, while the frog fights the last one. The Naga-ette smacks the Frog away. And runs behind a bench.

Naga-ette: You pesky little frog, your blade is no match for the mighty Yakra, he’ll crush you…crush you like this piece of tin!

The Naga-ette grabs the fire cartridge, and crushes it.

Lucca: Everybody get down!

The 3 drop to the ground quickly and the Naga-ette bursts into flames. Letting out a terrible shriek it tries to run out the door, but falls dead before it can open it.
Frog stands up and sheaths his blade
Frog: Lower thine guard and thou'rt allowing the enemy in.

Crono and Lucca stand up and approach the Frog.

Lucca: Eek, you can talk?

Frog stares at Lucca, he seems almost offended.

Frog: Yes malady and it appears you also are blessed with the gift of speech…
Lucca: I’m sorry…what do we call you?

Frog: Frog is fine, tis all I am after all, what do I call you?

Lucca: Well my name is Lucca, and this is Crono.

Crono shakes Frogs hand

Frog: Pleasure to meet you two, but I don’t recognize thy garb.

Lucca: We are from Choras, *laughs* you know, a couple of mercenaries.

Frog picks up Lucca’s hammer, he examines it and throws it to her.

Frog: Hmm, I didn’t know steel was so easily obtainable in Choras, why it was only a few weeks ago that I was there visiting my friend Toma, they were still tinkering with thy idea of steel…tell me where are you really from..

Lucca: Well, we are from…nevermind that all I can tell you is we are on your side.

Frog rolls his eyes and continues into the Cathedrals basement.

Frog: Assist me if you must, but don’t let thy guard down. I won’t be saving your backside   

The 3 enter the basement, they sneak around the poisonous snakes slithering along the floors, they approach a big staircase, they walk down it and into a room, but the rooms doors lock and 3 large bats come down, however they are done in with relative ease.

Lucca: Ick, I hate bats

Crono slashes the final bat, killing it. The 3 continue on, reaching the end of a long hallway, they enter a large wooden door.

Lucca: Is that?

They see the chancellor, performing some ritual on the Queen. She is tied down and he has a bottle of dark brown liquid.

Chancellor: Anna pimeyden läpi veressä, anna pahan tihkua ulos ihohuokosia. Tulla yhdeksi viha, irrottautua oman ihmismuodossa. Tule hirviö sisällä!  On aika muuttaa n. ..
(Finnish for: Let the darkness flow through your blood, let the evil seep out your pores. Become one with the hate, separate yourself from your human form. Become the monster within! It is time to change n..)

The group draws their weapons and charge in.
Frog: Hey, let thy Queen go!

Chancellor: Huh? Ugh, that pesky Frog is back, wait here Queen.

The Chancellor places the bottle down.

Chancellor: Oh, it seems you brought a few hors dourves, with you.

Lucca: Your crimes are unforgivable! You will get the axe for sure, so surrender quietly or face death Chancellor!

Frog: Tis not the Chancellor, thou is a fake!

Frog slashes the ”Chancellor” along the chest, revealing a yellowish brown underskin.

Chancellor: CHANGE!!!!!

The Chancellor morphs into a large, disgusting creature, known as Yakra. He then charges at Crono, who is quick enough to dive out of the way, but before it runs into the wall the Yakra turns and tramples over Lucca and headbutts Frog. Frog quickly recovers and jumps next to Crono.

Frog: Crono, on 3. 1...2...3!

Crono and Frog rush at Yakra, crossing over in an X pattern and slashing his legs, causing him to drop down under its own weight. We see that Lucca has recovered, and has a red cartridge loaded into her Air Gun.

Lucca: Get ready to fry freak!

Lucca blasts the Yakra with fire, burning it severly. All seems done and the 3 regroup and go to save the Queen, but the Yakra quickly gets up and headbutts Frog into the wall, causing debris to fall and trap him.

Lucca: Frog are you okay!?!

Frog: Keep up your guard!

Lucca turns around and sees the Yakra running at her, she swings her hammer and it connects with Yakra’s face. Yakra does a 180 and is met by Cronos sword, slashing into its forehead. The Yakra then skitters over to Queen Leene.

Yakra: I will eat your precious Queen!

Yakra goes to chomp the Queen, but Frog uses his tounge and pulls her out of the way, causing Yakra to bite down on the stone bed, shattering his teeth. Yakra screams in pain as its teeth fall out.

Lucca: Crono, use that spinning slash attack you have been practising.

Crono shakes his head, saying no

Lucca: Crono DO IT! He’s stunned!

Crono finally does the spin slash attack, he rushes forward and begins rotating really fast, cutting the Yakra up, but that isnt enough, the Yakra soon begins to recover and spikes start emerging from his back, Lucca in a moment of desperation, fires her flame attack at Crono’s sword, superheating it and making it more deadly, in fact it is so hot that the Yakra bursts into flames. Crono finishes it off with a swift slash to the neck, the Yakra falls down dead.

Lucca: HA HA! We did it!

Crono drops his sword, as the heat made its way to the handle, he blows on his hands.

Lucca: Sorry Crono, I promise to get you some of my welding gloves next time we need to do that.

Crono rolls his eyes, then laughs a little bit.

Frog: While this victory is sweet, please save the pleasantries for I am trapped under this pile of rubble!

Lucca and Crono walk over and start helping Frog they pull off the big piece of rubble on his leg and help him up. They check on Queen Leene.

Frog: Queen Leene, wake up!

Lucca walks over to the stone bed and picks up the bottle the Yakra was holding.

Lucca: Naga-ette bromide? Hmm I shall have to take this for further examination.

A muffled noise is heard from a chest. Lucca opens it up and its the real Chancellor.

Chancellor: Ugh, thank you. I could not stand to be locked in that box much longer, especially while that monster was besmirching my name! Is the Queen okay?

Frog shakes the queen a little bit. She wakes up.

Queen Leene: Fr..Frog? saved my life! Thank you.
Frog: Don’t thank me, Crono and Lucca were a big help, who knows I could have been crippled or worse if they werent here.

The Queen gets up, she approaches Crono and Lucca

Queen Leene: Thank you both, so much. Lord knows what would happen if I were to perish, you 3 must be hungry, let us return to the castle to dine with the king.

We cut to the castle, the Queen is returned safely, the King thanks our 3 heroes. The Chancellor is back in his chair.

King: Well, I cannot thank you sellswords enough, and Frog, despite our differences, you have proven yourself as a hero to us all. I would like to invite you to dine with us, and shack up in our barracks.

Frog turns his back on the King

Frog: I need not your charity, nor do I need the Kingdom. You banished me to the woods like an animal, thats all I am to you isn’t it?

Queen Leene: Frog, wait!

Frog: No, I’m treated as such, I will live as such. Just do not expect anymore help from me!

King: Hmph, what would Cyrus think of his attitude.

Frog: With all due respect, Cyrus was a brave man, and a respectful man. Something you can never be.

Frog walks out of the castle

King: Good! Leave this Kingdom and never return! Infact, if you ever come to this side of the bridge again I will have you imprisoned!

Lucca and Crono look on as Frog walks out.

Lucca: deserve more respect than this.

Crono and Lucca look at the king in disgust.

King: I offered him shelter and food. Which is more than I would ever offer to someone who could have been a spy of Magus. Nevertheless we shall dine and celebrate. He isn’t going to take all the credit, Crono, Lucca meet us downstairs when you are ready, we are having meatloaf and potatoes. Chef does a great job.

King leaves and goes downstairs, Queen Leene approaches Crono and Lucca

Queen Leene: Please do not hold King in a negative light, this war has been so hard on him, especially since our strongest warrior was killed in battle, Oh rest in peace Duke Cyrus. Anyway, we must dine, why don’t you two go wash up and meet us downstairs, and bring that girl who was mistaken for me.

Queen Leene leaves.

Lucca: Well, Princess Nadia should be alive and well, lets go get her. I’m sure she is parched after this whole ordeal.

The two reach the upstairs and see a bright light in the kings room, the light then changes into the shape of Marle, a flash is seen and she is back in the same position. Marle breaths in a large breath of air.

Marle: Crono...Lucca? whh..what just happened.

Lucca: You ceased to exist for a bit there, but we fixed that.

Crono shakes his head in a uh huh manner.

Marle: Ohh, Ohh thank you both.

Marle hugs the two hard and long.

Lucca: Well, Princess Nadia, lets get you fed and get you home.

Marle:Please, do not call me Nadia, My name is Marle. Come on lets eat.

We cut to the dining room, Knights, archers, and all the important people are eating with the King, Queen and Chancellor.

King: So, Choras has a military now?

Lucca: Oh no no, Choras has a militia, we have a few members of the community volunteering to defend our town if Magus makes his way over, Crono and I are in charge of training and Marle here is the head of the project.

King: Ah, very good. You know once Magus is done with Guardia and Poore, its only a matter of time before he destroys Choras, he has already been attacking Dorino. They are a weak village so if we don’t intervene soon, they might not survive. Therefore we have prepared some more homes for the refugees of such a tragedy.

The group continues eating while talking.

Lucca: Your Majesty, you seem like such a kind caring King, I mean I have never met  royalty that would take in refugees in such a desperate time of war. I cannot see what Frog is referring to when he says otherwise.

The King drops his fork and seems upset.

King: I don’t..want to talk about that Frog...Excuse me.

Everyone at the table gives the 3 a dirty look.

Lucca: I..I aplogize for being rude, please tell that to the King. We shall be going to spend the night on our ship, It wouldn’t be polite to stay after ruining his majesty’s appetite. Excuse us.

The 3 leave the castle and we cut to them in truce canyon. They are standing by the blue portal.

Marle: So how do we get back?

Lucca: Stand back for a second.

Lucca pulls out an empty flame cartridge and tosses it into the portal, which opens up and absorbs the cartridge.

Lucca: I would assume this gate will take us back home and not to another timeline, so lets go.

The 3 jump into the gate, we see the inside of the gate, its all blue and wavy. Then suddenly we see a flash, and the 3 are back at the fair.

Marle: Home sweet home!

Crono wipes sweat off his brow and sighs.

Lucca: Crono, why don’t you take Marle home, I am sure The King is worried sick. I have to get this thing fixed up.

Crono nods and leaves with Marle

Marle: It was nice meeting you Lucca, and thanks for helping Crono save me.

Lucca smiles and begins examining the machine, Crono and Marle exit the courtyard. The two begin to walk home.

Marle: So, Crono what do you do for fun?

Crono shows his sword, he then makes a swinging motion.

Marle: Ah, so you are a swordsman, is that what you want to do when you grow up?

Crono does a military salute, showing that he wants to be a Military Swordsman.

Marle: Oh so you want to be a Military Swordsman eh? Well thats not an easy job Crono, in fact Daddy has been talking about the slow conversion of Swordsmen to Riflemen and something about mechinizing our forces to keep up with Poore’s military. Meaning you might just have to learn how to shoot like Lucca to get a spot in our army.

Crono shakes his head in disbelief.

Marle: Hey, if you don’t believe me ask him yourself.

Cut to the two nearing the Castle Gates, the gates open up and they enter the Castle. Upon entering they are confronted by the present time Chancellor and 4 Guards

Chancellor: Well, well, well It seems the kidnapper of the Princess has decided to turn himself in, Guards arrest the spiky haired boy!

The Guards pull Marle away and point their blades at Crono. Marle stamps her foot down.

Marle: Stand down!

The guards reluctantly back up.

Chancellor: What are you doing? I have authority over this child, Seize the spiky haired boy immediatly or face court marshall.

The guards grab Crono’s arms and legs, he tries to fight out but gets knocked out, fade to black.

Crono wakes up in a prison cell, we see a blurry image of a lifeless prisoner being removed from the second bed. The image fades out again. Cut to the court room, where Crono is talking to his lawyer.

Lawyer: Just keep your mout shut, I think we are looking at a minimum scentence of 3 days in jail and a maximum scentence of...death

Crono looks terrified.

Lawyer: Don’t worry Crono, thats only if I really mess up the case...which I most likely wont.
The Judge bangs his hammer.

Judge: Order! The court is now in session, taking the stand first is The Chancellor.

The Chancellor takes the stand, he pulls out a series of papers.

Chancellor: Now, I am sure we are all thinking; how could an innocent child of Truce kidnap the beloved princess? We have not the poverty problems of Choras, nor the unfair monarchy of Poore. What could possibly trigger this? Well, I for one suspect that the child we know as Crono is a spy!

The crowd gasps loudly, we see the Lawyer roll his eyes.

Chancellor: Thats right! I am sure we all know of the impending conflict with Poore, the fact that we a merely steps from total war with our longtime neighbours! They are scared! They are ruthless, so they send in this child to sweet talk the princess into being his friend, he takes her into the millenial fair and snatches her away!

Judge: What evidence do you have that he is a spy Chancellor?

The Chancellor sips his water and continues.

Chancellor: Well, Crono has not lived here all his life, he was born in Poore! He immigrated here!

The courtroom patrons begin rambling amongst themselves, the Judge smashes his hammer and calls for order.

Chancellor: I will bring a few witnesses, Mr.Brookland please.

Mr Brookland, an older man steps up.

Chancellor: Mr Brookland, you have been Crono’s neighbour for quite some time, please describe what the young man does in his spare time.

Mr.Brookland: Well, that young boy likes to play with swords, infact I don’t think I have ever seen Crono without his sword.

Chancellor: Ah Ha! The boy always carries a weapon, in fact when he was arrested we confiscated a rather large Bronze Blade from him! Now, being of Porreian descent, he seemed to be carrying the sword in wait for just the right moment to pull it on the Princess, Even though it could take years, I bet he was thinking to keep that sword on him so that when the slightest chance arrises he can use it to grab her, I rest my case!

The Chancellor takes his seat and Cronos Lawyer steps up.

Lawyer: Now, I have spoken to Crono personally and I have witnesses to confirm his answers to my questions. I have also spoke to his mother. Although He is of Porriean descent, Crono’s mother is a pure Truceilite! In fact, Crono was born in Poore, but immigrated here after a mere 4 weeks. He also never knew his Porriean father, therefore he was never exposed to any Porreian propaganda. Crono also claims that he was unaware that Princess Nadia was any royalty as she at first tried to conceal her identity. Therefore Crono is innocent. I rest MY case.

Crono’s Lawyer walks back, and the Judge hits his hammer.

Judge: We will be taking a 1 hour recess while I come up with a verdict, I have heard all I need to hear.

We cut to the back room Crono is in, with his Lawyer.

Lawyer: Don’t worry Crono, you werent in the wrong at all, I think you are going to be okay.

We return to the court room, where the judge is going to give his verdict.

Judge: Although Crono should have recognized the Princess, he was unaware of who she was due to whatever circumstances. Therefore it would be unfair to penalize him, however I will scentence him to spend the weekend in Jail and a Fine of 1000 gold pieces for possesion of an unregistered Blade, you have 30 days to pay the fine or you will face 30 days in jail. Your Jail scentence is effective immediatley, you will be let out on Monday morning.

The judge smashes his hammer. And we cut to Crono in prison. He is reading a book on swordplay that his mother brought him two guards enter.

Guard 1: Ha, you think your getting out of here kid? We have a special plan for you, just wait, we have an old guillotine that still works in the back.

Guard 2: That wouldn’t be any fun, we would rather you put up a fight! Make it look like you were actually a Porreian spy, so that we can be honored with medals and riches! In fact, woopsies I dropped my sword in the cell, oh whats that, he grabbed it, he is a threat. Better take care of him.

The two guards go in to kill Crono, Crono pleads at first for mercy, one of the guards swing at him and misses. Crono rolls under them and grabs the sword, Crono gets up and gets in a defensive position.

Guard 1: Well, I didnt expect him to be this stupid. Kid, you may be good with a sword, but we are Guardia’s finest!

The first guard gets into a duel with Crono, he makes a few well placed swings, but Crono counters them with ease. The second swordsman interferes, but Crono kicks him back and continues dueling the first guard, the first guard slugs Crono in the mouth, but this just makes Crono mad, Crono slashes hard, shattering the sword to bits. The Guard backs up in fear, until he realizes that he has a deep gash across his chest, then he falls. The second guard tries to sneak up on Crono, but a loud Bang is heard, the guard falls down dead. We see Lucca in the doorway, with her new an improved Peashooter.

Lucca: Like the Frog said Crono, Lower your guard and your letting the enemy in, come on Crono, lets get out of here before more guards come. Marle’s waiting outside.

Crono and Lucca run out of the jail area, they go up the stairs to the Guards office, the Guard is knocked out cold, clearly taken out by Lucca’s hammer. Lucca grabs a dossier on the desk and flips through it.

Lucca: Sorry I know this is inappropriate, but the boys at the tech club would die if I showed up with this. The Dragon Tank, Guardia’s newest in military defense. looks like the King is finally allowing Technology to flourish in our military. Lets go.

Crono and Lucca exit the prison, they are running across a bridge, but suddenly a loud engine is heard, it is so loud it shakes the bridge.

Lucca: what the?

Crono and Lucca slowly proceed across the bridge, they are greeted by the Chancellor

Chancellor: You two really thought you could escape? Lucca, you had such a fine future in the Guardian Military Science Division, you threw it away for this peasant? 

Lucca pulls out her gun.

Lucca: This peasant is my best friend, let us past or I will blast you!

Chancellor: *evil laugh* oh I don’t think you are in any position to make threats, bring it out!

We hear the loud engine again, suddenly the Dragon Tank emerges from the shadows, its eyes glow and a loud rev is heard.

Chancellor: This is your last chance! Surrender yourselves or die a slow burning death at the hands of the Dragon Tank!

Lucca shoots the Chancellor’s hat off, the Chancellor does not budge.

Chancellor: Very well, goodbye.

The Chancellor leaves, the Dragon Tank’s mouth opens up and blasts Crono and Lucca with flames. Lucca unloads on the tank but to no avail, the tank ceases blowing fire and starts revving its engine again, suddenly with a burst of speed it jets forward, Crono and Lucca jump off the side of the bridge and grab on, the Tank backs up and starts charging energy.

Lucca: Crono, got any ideas?

Crono whispers into Lucca’s ear.

Lucca: Of course, if we get rid of the wheels it wont be able to run us off the bridge.

Lucca and Crono jump up, Lucca super heats Crono’s sword and he slashes the wheels, destroying them.

Lucca: HA! Try running us off the bridge now!

Some strange mechanical arms come out of the back of the tank, two of them holding replacement wheels, the arms start to replace the wheels, Crono attempts to cut the arms off, but the Tank sprays more fire, and deploys Missiles from the body, the Missiles blow Lucca off the edge of the Bridge. Crono goes to help her up, the tank rushes him again but he quickly jumps up and stabs the head. Stopping it dead in its tracks. We cut to inside the Dragon Tank, 3 Soldiers are squished in, operating it.

Soldier: Damn, the A.I is out, we gotta go manual.

Soldier 2: We, we weren’t trained on manual, I only know how to fire the Missiles and use the flamethrower!

Crono helps Lucca up, the two destroy the wheels again.

Soldier 3: Ah, the wheels are destroyed, wheres the repairs?

Soldier: I don’t know how to manually repair, I am trying to see if I can reactivate the A.I. In the mean time fire all Missiles.

Cut back to Lucca and Crono

Lucca: Are you done yet?

Suddenly, 20-30 missiles are deployed, the all go after Crono and Lucca, Lucca shoots a few out of the air and Crono slashes some, but there are too many and they start to run. The Missiles follow them.

Lucca: Hmm Heat Seekers. Hang on Crono.

Lucca throws one of her fire cartridges at the Dragon Tank, it lands under it and she takes a lucky shot at it kaboom, the Tanks in flames, but its insulated to protect against fire, we here a mic crackle.

Soldier: Your going to have to do better than that science queen!

Lucca: Oh don’t worry, your in for a surprise.

All the Missiles suddenly turn back and go straight for the tank.

Soldier 2: AH NO!

All the Missiles make contact, blowing the tank to bits, we see the 3 soldiers holding onto eachother in between the gap where the small section of bridge used to be.

Soldier: Help us! Were gonna fall.

Lucca: Oh I’m sorry, I’m just a science queen, la la la la.

Lucca and Crono walk over the 3, using them as a bridge. We cut to Crono and Lucca running through the main corridor of the castle, they reach the exit but are confronted by 8 guards and the Chancellor.

Chancellor: That’s it kids, your mischief ends here. Seize them!

The guards close in on Crono and Lucca.

Marle: HALT!

Marle walks down the stairs, she is armed with a crossbow.

Chancellor: Princess Nadia, don’t be brash, you can’t possibly operate a crossbow with any precision.

Marle fires a bolt right at the Chancellor, hitting him in the shoulder. The Chancellor screams in pain and Marle quickly loads another bolt.

Marle: You guards stay back, that was just a warning shot, the next one will be much more grave!

Marle runs down and meets Crono and Lucca and the 3 storm out of the castle. They are running through the forest, followed by a small platoon of guards and the Chancellor.

Chancellor: Kill the other 2 and knock out the Princess!

The 3 reach a dead end, they all prepare to fight the guards but suddenly a magnetic storm starts behind them and a Gate appears.

Lucca: A gate!

Marle: Perfect timing!

Lucca: Are you sure? I don’t know where it goes, and if we will ever return.

Marle: Hey, I’m lucky if I don’t get sent to Choras for what I pulled!

Lucca: Lets go then.

Crono nods and the 3 jump into the gate, we see the blue wavy imagery and boom! We cut to a dark, rusted out room. Water drips from the ceiling.

Lucca: Where are we?

Marle: Beats me.

Lucca walks up to a computer console and turns it on, it loads up. We see a nice futuristic logo. We then hear a choppy, crackly voice come out of it.

Computer: Welcome to the Bangor Dome, please enter the password to enter this fine residence.

Lucca finds the date on the Computer and then shuts it down.

Lucca: The Year 2300, hmm that explains all this technology. Is this what cities and towns become?

Marle: It may just be an abandoned town, like Dorino back in the year 658, when the storms ravaged their land and made the town uninhabitable, My Ancestor traveled by ship to help the refugees personally. Paintings depict mass erosion of the land and houses sinking, mass flooding. Sadly only half the town got out alive, some of them were too proud of their heritage to leave. Ancient Journals state that the Mayor’s last words were “I was born here and I will die here, storm or no storm. All those who are leaving denounce their heritage and will not be allowed to return when this blows over.”

Lucca: Sounds like the only thing that blew over was his house.

Crono and Marle give Lucca a dirty look.

Lucca: (in a sarcastic tone) What, too soon?

The 3 open the exit and see the hell that their world has become.


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Re: Chrono Trigger: Legacy of the Masamune (Working title)
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2012, 08:32:47 pm »
Welcome to the Compendium!

It looks very hastily written over all -- the most important thing I could recommend is taking some time to breathe and clean your grammar and punctuation before presenting a project. In any case, practice makes perfect! And I think it's always good practice to write at length.

I like your use of the phrase "shoots a look." Creative phrases like that always spice up a piece. Find out where that came from and do more of it!

It would be interesting to find out what motivated your deviations from canon. I imagine every writer is tempted to do this in fan fiction to one degree or another, and I think it's one of the keys to artistic growth. Dig around to discover the why behind these things, and you'll have learned much about yourself and your aspirations.


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Re: Chrono Trigger: Legacy of the Masamune (Working title)
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2012, 09:17:20 pm »
Welcome to the Compendium!

It looks very hastily written over all -- the most important thing I could recommend is taking some time to breathe and clean your grammar and punctuation before presenting a project. In any case, practice makes perfect! And I think it's always good practice to write at length.

I like your use of the phrase "shoots a look." Creative phrases like that always spice up a piece. Find out where that came from and do more of it!

It would be interesting to find out what motivated your deviations from canon. I imagine every writer is tempted to do this in fan fiction to one degree or another, and I think it's one of the keys to artistic growth. Dig around to discover the why behind these things, and you'll have learned much about yourself and your aspirations.

My slight deviations from Canon are to spice it up for the big screen and to ad depth to more of the supporting cast and to generally pan out the film because if I didn't it would be a little shorter. We also know very little about the world aside from the main plot in Chrono Trigger, so I added a bit more. I know that there are alot of minor errors but I figure I'll look over it when its done, and then I revise. I just wanted to get the opinions of the masses on the over all story, direction and adaptation.

Also, thoughts on who I have cast would be nice. 


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Re: Chrono Trigger: Legacy of the Masamune (Working title)
« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2012, 10:22:36 pm »
ANNND I just realized who would be perfect to direct.

Alex FUCKING Proyas.

AKA the director of I Robot, The Crow and Dark City (which he also wrote and produced) this guy is great with Sci Fi and Noir.


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Re: Chrono Trigger: Legacy of the Masamune (Working title)
« Reply #5 on: July 17, 2012, 09:40:20 am »
It's good that you envision Chrono Trigger as a film.  Of all Square/Enix's properties, I think Chrono Trigger would translate into film the best.  There is a certain genuineness to that story that I think would appeal to film-going audiences all over the world.  (Many of the Final Fantasy games veer off into a kind of mysticism that often overshadows the characters and translates poorly outside of Japan.  Squaresoft used exactly that kind of storytelling in their feature film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and moviegoers rightly panned it.)  The foundation of any successful fantasy film are unique and endearing characters given interesting things to say and do.

To be honest, you haven't given us that foundation here, and I say that not to be mean or to dissuade you from continuing work.  You clearly have a love for canon Chrono Trigger.  So much so that what you have written is essentially the game, (i.e. Spiky-haired kid beating things up with his sword.) all the way down to Crono being a mute.  While that last might please purists, I can tell you the vast majority of moviegoers would laugh at the very idea of a miming protagonist, and not in a good way.   Are we supposed to care about a hero who can't communicate effectively except through his friends?  That works okay for an old-school video game since Crono is essentially you, and his dialogue is eschewed in favor of what you the player would say in his shoes.  (He is not literally mute.)  That doesn't work for a film.  The audience isn't holding a controller.  A compelling character has to be able to stand on his own.  Otherwise, we have Sigourney Weaver repeating the computer's suggestions in Galaxy Quest.

You need to break yourself free of the video game before you can understand what the story of Chrono Trigger is.  Put yourself into Crono's shoes.  You're holding a sword, not a controller.  You find yourself in a land that is both familiar and alien.  A beautiful girl you just met at the fair has disappeared, and you don't understand why.  Now put yourself into Lucca's shoes and understand things from her vantage-point.  She also needs to stand on her own to be a compelling character, otherwise we have token smart-chick with glasses that likes to hit things with her hammer.  Archetype.  Both of them understand that while they each have skills beyond the ordinary, they are not invincible and know that one bad or foolish decision will get them killed.  (Like swatting down a missile with a sword strike?  Not smart.)  In a real adventure there are no minor encounters.  You don't win battles by pushing a button and you don't have a bird's-eye view of the action.  Sorry if I sound like a broken record, but I can't stress this point enough.  The moment you start seeing these people as real and not sprites on the screen is when your writing evolves to a different level.  I think you may surprise yourself when that happens.  It's a good feeling.

I won't nitpick every little thing that needs improvement.  Just take my general suggestions to heart and you can determine that on your own.  Another thing that always helps is to read what other people have written.  (You'll be hard-pressed to find a skilled author who isn't an avid reader.)  It just so happens that I'm writing a novel based on Chrono Trigger.  If you haven't seen what I've posted, I think reading those introductory chapters will give you a firm grasp on how to translate a video game into something moviegoers will want to see.  It deviates from canon in several places, but never strays far from the core story – an important thing to remember.,8739.0.html,9376.0.html

I hope this helps.


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Re: Chrono Trigger: Legacy of the Masamune (Working title)
« Reply #6 on: July 18, 2012, 05:26:15 pm »
its a work in progress. I am going to see how Crono acting in mime goes and if it fails I guess I can give him a speaking role


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Re: Chrono Trigger: Legacy of the Masamune (Working title)
« Reply #7 on: July 19, 2012, 12:31:44 am »
I've seen silent protagonist successfully done in a movie once... sadly the movie itself eludes me.

I remember thinking it was brilliant how they managed to get all the dialogue away from the character without making it obvious...

Point is, it CAN work, but it will be extremely difficult.


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Re: Chrono Trigger: Legacy of the Masamune (Working title)
« Reply #8 on: July 22, 2012, 02:28:12 am »
Lucca: My god….

Dust storms and bone crushing hail ravage the land. All that remains of the world is numerous destroyed cities and domes, just outside the Bangor dome is a skeleton grasping some wires on a broken console. The skeleton looks to have suffered severe head trauma. The Hale is dying down.

Marle: Poor guy, he was just trying to find shelter.

Lucca: Looks like something fell out the sky and crushed his skull, I would assume he died instantly.

Crono sees a trashed car, he goes over to check it out and sees the bones of one adult, and 2 kids. Each with bullet wounds. He waves to Marle and Lucca and they come over. Marle has tears coming out of her eyes and Lucca opens the car door.

Lucca: Seems like this was his wife, and kids. I guess she just lost hope and didn’t want the kids to suffer. I need to get to a laboratory of some sort; hopefully there is a gate around here somewhere because this place is really depressing. Maybe there’s another standing dome somewhere amongst this ruined world…I also want to know what the hell happened here. Lets go.

Crono,Lucca and Marle begin to walk south, we see a lot of disturbing imagery wrecked cars, bodies being picked clean by rats, the bodies of creatures that may have once been human but are no longer that. Broken swords, guns and axes are strewn across the wretched fruitless soils. What used to be the roads and sidewalk are now gravel and dust. We see a few bloody sleeping bags, smashed robot parts and a few tattered ponchos and coats.

Lucca: *shivering* Crono, grab those before we freeze to death.

Crono lifts the clothes up, and out from under it appears a strange creature that is liquidy and has a terrifying face. It spits acid at Crono, he blocks it with his sword, but the sword melts. Lucca goes to hit it with her Hammer, but the being grabs it and whacks Lucca in the head with it. Marle fires her Crossbow at it, but the bolts go right through, the thing jumps at Marle and expands, but a man comes to the rescue and whacks it with some sort of baton, the baton is seemingly electrified and zaps the creature, causing it to explode.

Man: Come on let’s get out of here!

Crono grabs Marle and the Man picks up the unconscious Lucca, they run through the now thickening dust.

Marle: How do you know where you’re going in all this dust?

Man: Well, this is either the way to the Trann Dome, or we are going to end up in the ocean, the sun is going down we have to hurry.

The man is met by 4 of his friends, they are all wielding various weapons, mostly makeshift, we then see the Trann Dome entrance. More men wait near the entrance, an older man with a rusty revolver opens the doors to the dome.

Old Man: Hurry up! The storm is gonna get bad!

Two of the Dwellers get blind sighted by a strange mutant, it is 8 feet tall and looks wretched. It lets out a terrible screech and grabs one of the men by the throat, the 2nd man starts hacking away at the mutant with a fire axe, but it does nothing. The Mutant begins to salivate and is about to take a bite out of the poor soul, Crono sees this and rushes to the aid of the men, Crono then jumps up and jams his damaged sword into the arm of the beast, causing it to release the dweller. The dweller runs away, so does Crono but not without signaling the second dweller to run.

Dweller 2: No! This ones mine!

The dweller goes to swing at the mutant, but something grabs its weapon, a second mutant arrives at the scene. The Dweller lets go of the axe and runs away, but it is met by a third mutant that catches him, and many more are seen in the distance, the Dweller lets out a terrified scream as the other two mutants close in, grabbing him by each limb. The last image we get is the mutants fighting over the man like children over a stuffed animal, the door to the dome closes and we hear a loud scream of agony.

Old Man: Quick, arm the sentries!

The man who saved Crono, Lucca and Marle hits a switch and we hear machine gun fire coming from the outside.

Man: I just hope we jury rigged those things well enough to last the night.

Lucca comes to, Marle helps her up. Crono is seen looking through the piles of scrap metal to find a replacement for his sword.

Old Man: Hey, you aren’t a member of the Trann Dome, you are not free to take weapons from us.

Man: Hey, back off Dad! This kid sacrificed his blade to save Max, let him take one piece of scrap to defend himself.

Old Man: John we can’t be giving away our resources like this. The kid is a hero and a remarkable Swordsman, but I am sorry, we cannot spare any of our scrap.
John: Hmph, stubborn old man.

Old Man: Hey, you don’t like it why don’t you just go to the Arris Dome and sit with Doan.

John runs out.

Old Man: I’m sorry; my name is Kyle by the way and thank you for helping us. I wish I could spare some scrap for ya, but we are almost down to stripping pieces from the structure here.

Lucca: Maybe we can trade?

Kyle: Trade? What do you have that we don’t we have some old guns, swords and other weapons. We are more than fit to defend ourselves. Water is rationed and thanks to the Enertrons we don’t need food, not that there is anything other than human meat, we won’t stoop down to the level of the Bangor Dome inhabitants. The only reason we left this place today was because our radar picked your movement up.

Lucca searchs for her hammer, which Crono picked up for her on the way over. She then loads a fire cartridge into her gun.

Lucca: What if I told you I could forge this scrap metal into better weapons?

Kyle: Ha! The art of blacksmithing is long lost little girl.

Lucca walks over and grabs a large piece of scrap, she begins to forge a blade out of it using the fire and her hammer, we cut to her dropping the crude sword in front of Kyle.

Lucca: Now, if you let my friend here have one piece of scrap metal for a sword, I will make all sorts of weapons for your people. If not, we will be on our way.

Kyle picks up the sword and runs his fingers down the blade, he is impressed by the craftsmanship and nods his head, before walking away. Lucca gets to work.

Meanwhile Marle and Crono are sitting on some pipes, chatting.

Marle: You know, being here actually made me appreciate home. Its just so sad, how did this happen? Was it pollution? Was it War? If it was war I will do everything in my power to prevent Daddy from waging war with Poore.

Crono agrees, he then looks to his left for a second at a rat, the rat scuttles away. Marle is suddenly closer to him than before.

Marle: You know, throughout this entire ordeal I knew I was going to be okay because you were by my side. I am sure my father would love you as a son when we get things sorted out. There is nothing Daddy respects more than a man who can wield a blade, in his heyday he was top of his class in swordplay. Man am I tired, maybe we should get some sleep? We still have those rags we found in the wasteland.

Marle makes a bed out of the rags they found and she lays down in it, Crono lays down next to her and they fall asleep. Meanwhile Lucca is working on an arsenal for the patrons of the Trann Dome. John approaches her.

John: Hmm, fine craftsmanship especially given the materials. However, you are at a loss.

Lucca: How so?

John: Half the things out there aren’t exactly affected by swords, or guns. We merely use these weapons to fend them off. Those mutants out there are nearly impossible to kill, last time we managed to kill one it injured 3 of our men, paralyzed one and killed 5 more. A word of advice, they are scared of fire, in fact they are mortified by it. I guess all the chemicals in their bodies are flammable, because once a guy threw his cigarette at one and it burst into flames. The thing ran into the ocean to put itself out, where the powerful tide took it away, oh and it was still burning. So whatever you plan to do, fire is your friend.

Lucca checks her belt, there is 10 Flame Cartridges left.

Lucca: There is no shortage of friends here.

John looks at Lucca’s belt.

John: I have the feeling you aren’t from around here Lucca. I mean, your weapons are well forged, you have a gun that isn’t rusted. You know things, things nobody else knows. So tell me, your from the future aren’t you?

Lucca smiles.

Lucca: No, I am from the past. The Year 1000 AD, I figure its fine to tell you because well, there is no cause and effect here.

John: Hmph, you are lucky to live in a time before the Big Fire happened.

Lucca: Big Fire?

John: That wonderland you saw outside? Its because of the Big Fire in 1999. I don’t know what caused it, as I only have read pieces of journals that were sealed in scrapped cars. All I know is a big hole ripped in the middle of the world, and we were plagued by firestorms and massive earthquakes. I also read somewhere that these quakes caused the Chemical Weapons plant in to crumble, washing 1000s of harmful chemicals into the water, which combined with the radiation from the nuclear weapons that accidentally deployed. Volcanoes erupted, the toxic water flooded cities, the atmosphere was clouded up with toxins and smoke, blocking the sun. Find a way to stop the Big Fire or don’t even bother trying to help us. Because, these swords are WORTHLESS TO US!

John throws a sword across the room.

Lucca: Look, I don’t know how to stop this Big Fire, if it was a natural disaster then there may be nothing I can do to prevent it.

John: Hmph.

Lucca: If I can learn more about the Big Fire, maybe just maybe I can look into stopping it.

John: I have always hoped to make it to the Arris Dome, that’s where the surveillance database is, a wanderer came in here once. Pale white, nonsensical and such, I assumed that he had narrowly escaped death. No, he watched the stuff on the database. I don’t know what he saw, but he threw himself into the ocean a few days later. I could never find enough volunteers to come with me; nobody wants to go through Lab 16. Awhile ago a man named Doan took half of the Trann Domes inhabitants and led them through it, my mother and sister included. We received a radio transmission a few weeks later stating that they made it, but the loss was tremendous. Doan was hoping to go to the Proto Dome, where much of the pre-fire technology is rumored to remain untouched, and recently we have been detecting large energy signatures from it.

Lucca: Hmm, I see. Well I guess I know my next stop.

John: Your serious? I mean getting to the Arris Dome is one thing, but a gang of psychotic robots guard the remains of Lab 32, a guy named Johnny B. will rob you of all your goods and send you either under the bridge or back where you came, unarmed.

Lucca: Technology is on my side, I just need to avoid the things that knocked me out before.

John pulls out his Shock Baton

John: Electricity, their molecular structure can’t handle it, well that’s what Dad says. If I touch them with this thing they burst, they also lose the ability to corrode you on contact.

Lucca: Well, I guess if I can find source of power in the wreckage outside I can rig some sort of shock device.

John hands the stun baton to Lucca

John: Take it, but promise me you will do anything in your power to stop the Big Fire.
Lucca: I will John. I will.

John: Goodnight Lucca.

John leaves the room and Lucca continues with her work, she looks at a sword she made, then at the shock baton.

It is morning, the darkness is slightly brightened to grey, the dust seems to have settled for now and the monsters have retreated back into the wrecked cities. We see the rats claiming the bodies of those who did not survive the storm.

Kyle: Well, I hear you kids are planning to go to the Arris dome, well if you make it send us a transmission. I don’t understand why you don’t just stay here, you may be able to fight the mutants, but the Acid Phantoms will be your downfall.

Lucca pulls out a sword and hands it to Crono. Crono tests the weight, runs his finger across the blade and gives a thumbs up.

Lucca: Push the button on the hilt and touch the tip of the blade to the metal floor.

Crono does just that, and we hear the sound of small electric bolt, a few of the barefoot patrons jump as they got a small electric shock from the bolt.

Lucca: Those Acid Phantoms aren’t going to be a problem anymore, I managed to modify John’s shock baton so that it can charge its electric power, the longer Crono holds the button down the more powerful the electric shock. Also, I found a few batteries in some of the electronics around here I used some to increase the efficiency of Crono’s sword and I was able to make a few things work around here. It turns out that this place was merely running on emergency power supply, that power supply was about to die out, when that power died all the doors would have opened up and stayed open, letting whatever in. I recharged the emergency power supply, but we must get to the Arris Dome soon in case their power supply is nearing its end too.

Kyle: We thank you for everything you have done, just remember to cross Lab 16 with caution, and stay out of there at night.

Marle: Don’t thank us, we should be thanking you. If your son didn’t save us we would have certainly perished in that storm. 

John enters the room.

John: Well, I guess we could do some trading with you before you go, even though you pretty much saved all of our lives.

Kyle: Yes, John has lots of medicine that he has scrounged from the wastelands, of course we have no food to give you, but if you feel weak the Enertron will recharge you, but you will feel no relief of hunger pains. I am sure you have grown as numb to it as we have.

Lucca pulls out a handful of gold coins.

Lucca: We could use some tonic, in case one of us is terribly injured.

John pulls out 4 bottles of tonic, he takes the gold coins.

John: What the hell are these? Oh, there gold so I guess they have value to us, we could throw them into the Sentry Guns or use them to fix the wiring. Here you go.

Lucca hugs John, as does Marle, Crono shakes his hand and the 3 bid farewell to the inhabitants of the Trann Dome, we cut the to door slamming shut and we see the wasteland. Wind is minimal, the dust has settled and the hail has ceased. The only thing happening with the weather is the slight snowfall.

Marle: Well this is nice…

Lucca and Crono shoot Marle a dirty look.

Marle: What? I mean, compared to last night it is. All the hail has stopped, the dust isn’t clogging up my windpipe, and there isn’t a mutant grabbing at my hair. Just snow, like our winter festival.

Lucca: Well, in comparison to last night I guess your right…lets get to the Arris Dome, I don’t know how much time we have left until nightfall. It could be 30 minutes or it could be 5 hours. Either way lets Atleast try to make it to the Bangor Dome.

The 3 travel the wastes, the air is more clear and we can see much more of the world. Bones everywhere, people who have been handcuffed to light posts that only recently perished.

Lucca: What sick being would have done this?

Marle: I don’t know, but this poor man.

The gang continues to traverse the wastes. More post apocalyptic imagery. Then they reach Lab 16.

Lucca: Lab 16…

Marle: How are we going to do this?

Lucca: Carefully, quietly and quickly. I think the sun is starting to go down, of course its hard to tell with all this dust.

This scene I am not too sure about, but let me know. remember, this is strictly a work in progress