Ozzie Pants

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General Information

Chrono Trigger

Used by: All
Defense: 45
Effects: Causes Chaos, drains HP

How to obtain:

Disgusting pants that reek of Ozzie.

Chrono Cross

Used by: All characters
Effects: Defense +13, causes Afraid, Confused and Darkness
Materials: 1 Denadorite, 10 Fur
Sell: 9310g

How to obtain:

Ozzie's striped undershorts. (But you can wear them on your head if you prefer...)

Japanese Equivalent

Japanese: ビネガーパンツ
Translation: Vinegar Underpants

Name Origin

They're Ozzie's, so they have his name. Vinegar is Ozzie's name in the Japanese version of the game. Yes, "Pantsu" sounds like pants, but it nearly always refers to underwear. No wonder the side effects are so bad!



Ozzie Pants

From: Accessories (Chrono Cross)
From: Armor (Chrono Trigger)