Project ZEAL

Scene 9 - War Pigs (Leebot)

Medina, Capital of the Mystic League 1021 AD.

The man glided into the room, each step carefully measured, and stood before the Warchief's desk. "What do you need me to do?" he asked.

"We've received a communiqué from a soldier of Porre," the Warchief explained. "He says that Porre has embarked on some 'unethical' projects in the Dorino area. He's made it clear that he's only telling us this because he's morally outraged by what's being done there, although he hasn't made it clear exactly what, and that he's still loyal to Porre."

"How can you trust him?"

"We did some research on this man. Our informants tell us that his name is Norris and that he's the captain of the Black Wind division. Apparently, he's known for speaking out against some of Porre's practices, so it seems likely he's telling the truth."

"Hmph," the man grunted. "Well, you've piqued my curiosity. But, tell me this: Why do you need me?"

"For one reason, we believe the mission has the best chance of success if we send in as small a force as possible -- one person if we can manage it. This isn't meant to be an all-out attack, we just want this person to go in, determine what exactly they're doing, and stop them. A single person has a much greater chance of getting behind enemy lines than a platoon. So, we got the most capable individual we could find who'd work for us. That's you."

"You said 'For one reason.' Is there another?"

"Well, it's..." the Warchief started.

"It's because you're a demihuman," the Warchief's lieutenant, Marton, a Guardian refugee -- a human -- cut in. "The Mystics believe it'll make you more loyal to us. You also have the peculiarity among demihumans of being able to pass as a human -- as long as no one looks too closely at your eyes."

"Or turns off the lights," the man expanded.

"Yes, well, we've prepared a couple items to cover both aspects," Marton replied. "For your eyes, we've obtained a pair of 'sunglasses' from El Nido. These glasses are tinted to block out the sun, but they'll also work to prevent people from noticing that your eyes are, well..."

"Prismatic," the man filled in, having explained his multi-colored eyes numerous times.

"Right. For your other... peculiarity, we've had the magicsmith craft this talisman for you," he said, handing both the pair of sunglasses and a glowing talisman to the man. "This talisman gives off a constant glow, and when worn, causes the wearer to glow as well. This means that if anyone asks you why you're visible in the dark, you can explain it with this talisman. You'll also have to use your own discretion when comes to your abilities; there aren't many humans who can use magic without elements."

"It looks like you were really counting on me accepting this job," the man commented. "Luckily for you, I'll do it. For my fee, I only request that I get to keep anything useful I find. Anything else, you can have. Agreeable?"

"Quite," the Warchief replied. "Talk to the armsmaster for any supplies you'll need. I'll make sure he gets the message to give you whatever you need. Good luck."

After the man nodded and left, Marton turned to the Warchief and said, "I told you he'd do it. The mission's as good as a success; Backer never fails."

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