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Writers' Bible - Character Subplots

The purpose of this document was to aid writers by explaining characters paths and subplots. Character biographies were reserved for a different document. Here's the original!


Amy Millian

After coming into contact with the Frozen Flame (which thusly disappears in what appears to be the flash of a Gate) in El Nido 1025AD, Amy's lower body strength is vastly increased and Gaspar eventually chooses her to join his group of heroes. Where-ever Hunter goes, she will tag along.


He's had trouble with relationships in the past--a lot of trouble. He's apprehensive about approaching others, and is often found to be intimidating, so others rarely approach him. Maybe he'll have some luck once he gains the trust of others. Maybe not.

At the end of this story, if he hasn't found purpose, I plan to have him "throw himself to the winds" in desperation (jump into a phenomena which will send him to a random dimension, leaving his fate to chance).

Hunter Deschain

After coming into contact with the Frozen Flame (which thusly disappears in what appears to be the flash of a Gate) in El Nido 1025AD, Hunter's upper body strength is vastly increased and Gaspar eventually chooses the demi-human to join his group of heroes not only because of his contact with the FF, but because of a forgotten prize Hunter has been carrying around with him for some time. He will be tormented by the companionship of Amy.

Jack Nova

In the begining Jack doesn't want to be a part of the Zeal Project and asks that he be sent back to his own time to think things over. He quickly realizes that he needs to be a part of the project, because he can't stop thinking about what he's seen and because by contrast, village life seems so bland. Later he begins to to think that he needs to save the rest of his village from thier dull existence.

However, he is shunned when he displays some rudimentary magic to them during an attempt to display to them the kind of life they can be leading. So he leaves home for good vowing never to return. At the end of the story after peace is made with the Zealians of the Zeal dimension, Jack is the lone dissenter, and he travels to the Zeal timeline as a sort of a wandering profit in the hopes that he can lead the earthbounds in a rebellion.

Juan Z. Gerard

Juan will be in and out of the End of Time, having personal training with Spekkio. He will begin to cultivate his magic potential alongside his martial arts artlessness. He'll occasionally stroll back to Keystone to deal with matters of his homelife and make decisions. He'll eventually take a liking to Rashelle Tujaas, who charges him with the courage he needs to forge his own path in life. When she is abducted, Juan sort of subscribes to the dark side for awhile, eventually recovering her alone as she is taken to a place in Keystone to jog her memory. The two will eventually return to 1023 A.D., as Rashelle died in the original timeline anyway.

Rashelle Tujaas

Rashelle will be one of Gaspar's confidants, as her tactical expertise will be critical in avoiding Nanashi confrontations and planning missions. She will be paired with Juan to balance out skill; while the two disagree on most things at first, they learn much from each other. Rashelle becomes more introspective due to Juan's influence, and begins to admire him. Rashelle is constantly bothered by the fact that she should have died, and that her evolution as a human being on Gaspar's assignments is making her not wish to return to the 1400s and continue her past life. At one point, Rashelle will be kidnapped by the Nanashi and undergo a rigorous interrogation. Juan will proceed to unlock his darker side, and when the Nanashi take Rashelle to her former home to jog her memory and abuse her family, Juan will personally seek them out on the authority of Gaspar and fight for her. She will eventually leave with him for 1023 A.D., realizing that she must match the courage she's given him to find his own path in life.


She'll be very lost and confused for a while, and eager (almost desperate) to form bonds with others. She'll likely develop a degree of hero worship towards Argus (and maybe Gil) thanks to his impending rescue of her.


Argus Dorian

Participant in ZEAL's dimensional experiments, until he personally witnesses the destruction of a dimension brought by ZEAL's meddling. Sabotagoes one of ZEAL's next experiments, and is thrown in prison, with his magic severly limited.

After participating in the jail break, he is brought to the End of Time where he gladly joins the efforts to thwart ZEAL's experiments in Keystone, and the dimensional experiment project altogether. He fights to the end, whether it's his or ZEALs.

If he can get his hands on a Dreamstone object of sufficient power (not sure if this is going to happen sometime down the line in the story or not yet) he might be able to permenantly break the seals. The Masamune or the Mammon Machine may be of use in this endeavor.

I think it's a bit early in the story to really plan much more (or in much more detail than that). I also don't know how the relationships between the characters are gonna work out, that'll have to be discussed between the authors.

Naomi Maruyama

At some point in the near future, Naomi will be kidnapped by agents of the Council to force her mother into doing their bidding. The capitivty will be short lived, however, for Gaspar's Chosen will stumble upon her in their travels. Naomi will insist upon following her rescuers, but whether they will trust her remains unclear.

Nasreen Ferdows

Nasreen will be pushed with each subplot farther into Project ZEAL due to her immense shadow magic capability due to a genetic freak mutation. She will eventually, as in the last couple subplots, be assigned to assassinate outright one of the heroes via major temporal distortions, but the thought of Roget will prevent her from doing such a thing. At this point, the element that stopped her, Roget, will refuse to leave the Project in an attempt to escape. However, he activates the Project ZEAL Gate for her, allowing her to escape; she flies a subplot with Gaspar's heroes, but is recaptured. She is liberated before the final fight.

Roget Parrion

Roget will become more sensitive to the matters of Project ZEAL as it goes on; he will not undergo major changes until the last couple subplots. He will eventually fall in love with Nasreen Ferdows. When she refuses her orders, he is asked to try and escape with her, but refuses. He comes to regret this, and it racks him daily until he unites with her towards the end.

Sessimine Maruyama

Sessimine's connections to the royal family will arouse the suspicion of the the Council, leading to the abduction of her daughter. In compliance with the the Council's demands, she will most likely travel to Keystone in search of a rogue temporal scholar who recently eluded their grasp. However, Sessimine's main focus throughout the story will be the Crown v Council subplot.

Magness Dimension (Dissolved)

Kaeru (Glenn)

After being left behind by Gil & Flea, Glenn will be, in essence, looking over Gaspar's shoulder as more information on the ZEALians comes in. He sees this as his purpose, seeing as ZEAL interfered, manipulated, and eventually destroyed his home timeline. Being one of the first of Gaspar's Heroes, he will perhaps obtain some advanced Magical knowledge from Spekkio. He will eventually travel back to the Middle Ages to further research on Gaspar's findings of ZEALian interference there because he most knows about the time and places (even though there are differences between his Middle Ages and the old & new Toma Keystone Middle Ages).

Unknown Dimension

Serian Rendath

Serian is from the 2300 A.D. ravaged by Lavos, one of a group of survivors known as the Tyrans. They were mutated genetically due to the debris from Lavos' shell, becoming vastly more intuitive and slightly physically deformed. After their supplies in the war against the Lavos spawns have started to run out, Serian is sent to the mainland to try and garner equipment, but he is attacked by a Lavos spawn there. Miraculously, he is able to defeat the beast, and Gaspar sees this show of power, transporting him to the End of Time to fight against ZEAL.

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