Project ZEAL

Scene 32 - Intercepted (Claado Shou)

[OOC - This is the introduction piece for my third character, whose name, location, and characteristics I'd rather not divulge for some time. But at least you can hear what he's about to say.]

Year: Unknown
Place: Unknown

It had been a long time - the longest time he could ever remember, even stretching back into the days before the Apocalypse - that he had stayed in one place, let alone a place of such cramped, and yet so spacious, design. It was one thing to be placed in a cage...it was quite another to be trapped within a place you never had the urge to leave.

His name was of no significance now. His place of birth, date of birth, and all other information pertaining to his distinct identity - erased. He remembered them, of course...who wouldn't remember their own past? But he was the only one. All of his friends, all of his comrades, those of his blood and heritage...a side-effect of his doom was his total enclosure from the outside world. That meant his life, forgotten.

There was no worse fate than being forgotten - and, he thought, I have suffered many fates.

Looking at the red walls of his home, he recalled a day when Zeal was still a center of prosperity and forgiveness. He remembered a world of pleasure and commerce, where trade was as commonplace as fresh air and black magic had not yet been conceived. It was all for the bettering of the society as a whole - an undrugged utopia, a conglomerate of peoples realizing that if they strayed from the path of goodness, they would fall to ruin.

One person failed to realize that, however...and it was pretty obvious, in hindsight, that she had never endeavored to be forgiving, only prosperous. And she did become that way...ensuring her own death and the death of all her people.

But there was one thing that the Queen would never steal, never destroy - me, he thought, his fingers shuffling over a ream of papers, each sheet filled with the scribbles of his life, lest he forgot as well. I am invincible in this place, he realized, a smile growing on his face. I will be remembered.

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